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Riot provoked by US soldiers in Afghanistan

Several cities in Afghanistan at the same time covered by riots, which were caused by provocations of American soldiers. This week, on Monday, the soldiers burned dozens of religious books - and among them several copies of the Koran. Thousands of Afghans, learning of this, came out with protests on the streets. President Hamid Karzai urged citizens to calm down, and at the Pentagon they immediately apologized. However, the Afghan protesters did not stop the apology.

Anti-American slogans sound in Kabul. In the American guards, and at the same time, and local police, fly shoes, empty bottles, stones. In response, the guards opened fire. However, angry protesters shooting is not frightening, but provoke. And this is despite the fact that there are already reports of dozens of wounded and several dead - in Kabul, Jalalabad and the province of Parwan. Markets burn, protesters trash government buildings.

Once again, the cause of the unrest was the actions of American soldiers. On Monday at the Bagram airbase, Americans burned about sixty Muslim religious books, among them several Korans seized from the prison library, which is located near the airbase.

The charred remains of books were discovered by scavengers. The military began to make excuses: that the prisoners used these books to send messages to each other (they made notes on the pages). However, the demonstrators are not satisfied with the explanations.

Protester Khan Gul shouts: “Death to US puppets, their death to agents who invited them to our country! They violate all the laws of this sacred land and its people. Death to America! ”

And Belyan Khan says this: “We are here to express our indignation. They burned the holy Quran. Nobody will tolerate this! ”

Afghans do not accept official apologies from the US military leadership. General John Allen, commander of the international security assistance forces, used a beloved American excuse. He said that there was a monstrous mistake, which in Washington is very regrettable.

He also said: “Everyone should understand that these are only isolated cases. No need to draw conclusions from them about our attitude towards the Afghan people. We fight side by side with the Afghans, we believe that their country deserves a happy future. Therefore, I offer my deepest apologies. ”

His apologies were joined by US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. A written statement was circulated by the Pentagon. In it, the head of the department promises to personally investigate the incident, as well as punish all those responsible.

While the US embassy in Kabul is closed. His employees are not advised to go into the city. Angry Afghans, however, found someone to vent anger on. Protesters set fire to a building in Green Village, where foreign workers lived over 1500. Now there is no place for workers to live.

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  1. Aleksey67
    Aleksey67 23 February 2012 11: 33
    There, about 3000 Afghans would have “pulled up” to the airbase in a short time, but the police blocked the roads. In general, for Afghans, this is a "serious slap in the face" from stupid ... (well, you understand wink ) After the American pastor did this in the United States, the UN mission was captured and defeated and one of the hostages was cut down in his throat. We are waiting for the development of events.

    ..."Some brought old hunting rifles, some, despite the fierce cold, cast stones at the base fence for several hours from the slings, shouting: "Down with America!" and similar slogans.
    The number of crowds reached 3000 people. Police blocked the roads leading to the base to prevent new protesters from arriving from more distant places, said Parwan Provincial Police Chief General Muhammad Akram Bekzad. At least 12 civilians were affected by rubber bullets fired by coalition soldierswho participated in the protests, said Bagram District Police Chief Haji Abdul Aziz. NATO officials confirmed that “non-lethal weapons” were used against the crowd. "...

    But it touches, "they close the doors of the stable from which the horses have already fled":

    ... "Allen stressed that NATO is concerned about what is happening, promising that in the next two weeks, all 130 foreign soldiers in Afghanistan will be instructed on how to distinguish sacred texts, how to store them and how to handle them."
  2. Sergh
    Sergh 23 February 2012 11: 35
    At first, without having finished reading, I thought the amers were specialist, but in the end it became clear. Yeah, now the amers will get in full, hurt for the most holy place, now they are pitchforks!
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 23 February 2012 11: 51
      Quote: Sergh
      Yeah, now the amers will get in full, hurt for the most holy place, now they are pitchforks!

      I can’t add to my post already. Found about the answer to the pastor:

      ... "When last year the American Pastor Terry Jones burns a copy of the Qur'an, there has been a surge in violence in Afghanistan. As a result of the unrest in the southern city of Kandahar, nine people were killed and more than 80 were injured. In the usually peaceful northern Mazar-e-Sharif, a crowd seized the UN mission building... Seven foreigners were killed, and one of them was cut his throat. "...

      Evidently the Russian national habit of "stepping on a rake" was passed on to the Americans wink
    2. Kuzbass
      Kuzbass 23 February 2012 14: 07
      Received an offer! To pull out a dozen ICBMs in the USA, and to apologize during the flight, they say a mistake came out, we wanted to go to Kura! But, as it turned out, it happened.
    3. Uralm
      Uralm 24 February 2012 04: 39
      Well, there are amers amers. An hour for every Qur'an burnt, at least one American soldier will be blown up
  3. Igor
    Igor 23 February 2012 11: 39
    The Taliban will soon have a large replenishment in manpower.
    PISTOL 23 February 2012 11: 50
    The main thing to catch up with all other Muslim countries is that the Taliban began, the Americans should be punished in love for such acts !!!
  5. SIA
    SIA 23 February 2012 12: 00
    These are empty bottles, and soon Molotov cocktail will fly. The Yankees will be burned wherever they see it.
  6. in4ser
    in4ser 23 February 2012 12: 01
    Russia needs to cooperate with the Taliban !! the only way Afghanistan is freed from YUSA !!! Although they are dumped in theory from there, but with such outbreaks they can come back and sit there for another 40 years !!!
    There will be order with the Taliban !!!
    So, that you need to slander the USU cohesively, while cleverly not making enemies !!
  7. SIA
    SIA 23 February 2012 12: 02
    Arlington will soon add new places.
  8. mechanic33
    mechanic33 23 February 2012 12: 08
    American marauders get bored without violence, and they did not come to bring "light and joy to people"
  9. Slayer
    Slayer 23 February 2012 12: 10
    Yes, they provoked the specialist in every way, the Abama promised to withdraw the soldiers, now there is a reason to linger
    1. SIA
      SIA 23 February 2012 12: 44
      Let them get them out of there, until they brought in new CARGO-200.
  10. Max79
    Max79 23 February 2012 12: 24
    It’s time for the Wahhabis and radicals to understand who their real enemy is! The vector of aggression should clearly be turned against the one who violates this world. This will be at least fair. This is the second case of burning the Koran. It is time for radical Muslims to think! Do they all do right? And is Syria and Iran now the enemy for them !?
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 23 February 2012 12: 34
    Not respecting the Qur'an will place even those who doubt in the ranks of the US opponents. The Americans once again showed their disrespect for the enemy
    1. SIA
      SIA 23 February 2012 12: 46
      Which turns into losses for them. And every loss is a cobblestone towards Obama. And preferably in the head.
  12. freedom
    freedom 23 February 2012 12: 50
    Following the creature mocked at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Where the hand of amers is, there is dirt, violence, blood and suffering. Burn these ghouls with a hot iron!
    1. dok
      dok 23 February 2012 13: 19
      Support. good
  13. Nechai
    Nechai 23 February 2012 13: 14
    Quote: Igorek
    The Taliban will soon have a large replenishment in manpower.

    You're right. The usual provocation. Pursuing many goals, including this one.
    Quote: in4ser
    Russia needs to cooperate with the Taliban! There will be order with the Taliban !!!

    Yeah ... They crave (OWN!) to direct including in Russia!
    Quote: Max79
    It is time for the Wahhabis and radicals to understand who their real enemy is!

    Yes, they understand everything! For cynicism and corruption, who will surpass anyone is another question. Their enemy is all that they can not control. Religion is both a flag and a smoke screen that helps in the realization of the pursuit of world domination! It is vital for mankind to stop playing too many universal people and obscurantists of the Middle Ages. The sooner the easier and easier it is to do it! Otherwise ... I don’t even want to think what might start happening!
  14. ars_pro
    ars_pro 23 February 2012 14: 01
    How interesting =) IMHO now two options come out of everything: 1. The political elite did not expect such a turn, the thing is clear that they are accustomed to excusing themselves with a muzzle in their pocket, it is possible that the amers will now remember everything, most likely, but this time they they will have to work hard for their analysts to calculate actions in an uncontrollable impulse, the process of consolidating Muslims can cost them more than they imagine, 2. This is still a specially prepared action, one of the options for multi-trip and a controlled process, on the one hand, the fleet is withdrawn from the bay , with another law enforcement to transform the ground forces.

    Further we will look at what the unexpected and thoughtless action of John and Bill in the fate of America will bring.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 23 February 2012 23: 21
      Not some men, this is not a special action to transform the ground forces, this is stupid, there is an unpredictable puncture of several shameless boobs. Before the election, Obama now doesn’t really need squabbles with Afghanistan, especially since he has already announced the return of soldiers home.

      Moreover, in this situation, the accusation of immoral crime rests with the amers, one might even say, as fomenting a religious ... if the amers wanted to stay, they would have found another reason where they would have come out, completely pure and unpunished. So what is seen here is just that fatal incident that no one was waiting for!
  15. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 23 February 2012 14: 17
    Burning the Koran ... - the American feels more and more freedom, freedom from all rules and decency ... - this is a clinic ... ... it will backfire on their "nation", in the end ...
  16. sichevik
    sichevik 23 February 2012 14: 33
    But unless in Afghanistan amers provoked riots. In my opinion they provoke riots around the world. Soon the earth will burn under their feet everywhere. Oh, quickly.
  17. Slayer
    Slayer 23 February 2012 16: 46
    Yes, they no longer have anything sacred, they already burn the culture and religion of the whole "world"
    TERMINATOR T800SK 23 February 2012 23: 40
  19. Aleksey67
    Aleksey67 24 February 2012 16: 56
    The rats ran from a sinking ship:
    After burning several copies of the Koran by the US military, the anger of the local population grows in relation to foreigners, including this happens in the Bundeswehr area of ​​responsibility in the north of the country. The Bundeswehr leadership has already responded to large-scale protests - German soldiers are fully and prematurely withdrawn from a military baselocated in Talokan in the north of the country. It was originally planned to free this camp only in March.

    Who's next?
  20. Uralm
    Uralm 24 February 2012 17: 26
    America in Afghanistan! It's like a pig against a dinosaur! but pig amers
    Story. Alexander the Great. Britons were generally bullied there.
    Afghanistan with a centuries-old culture and the Americans, whom under the Macedonians did not even think they would ever be. A crowd of bandits, upstarts. History puts everything in its place. God gave a chance, but stupidly eat and think that the most intelligent ?!