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Intelligence-impact UAV UNDELA-INSKY (Belarus)

The recent exhibition of armaments and military equipment MILEX-2017, held in Minsk, has become a platform for demonstrating a large number of Belarusian developments of various classes and for various purposes. The enterprises showed already known models and new developments, and also showed original options for the development of existing projects. So, the company "Indela", which has already managed to gain fame thanks to its work in the field of unmanned aviation, introduced the reconnaissance-strike modification of the aircraft INDELA-INSKY.

It should be noted that the helicopter type INDELA-INSKY itself is not a novelty. The development of this project started at the beginning of this decade. By 2014, the equipment passed the necessary tests and, based on their results, was recommended for mass production. Together with a promising drone were created and put into a series of various devices and instruments necessary for its operation and expansion of the range of tasks. Thus, the UAV modification presented a few days ago is another development option for an existing project, which implies obtaining new opportunities.

Exhibition sample reconnaissance drone UAV/ center]

In the basic version, the INDELA-INSKY drone is a compact helicopter with a classical layout, carrying a gyro-stabilized platform with a set of optical-electronic systems. In this configuration, the device is able to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance. This allows it to be used for a variety of purposes and as part of various operations, during which it is necessary to monitor the ground or surface situation, control the movement of people or transport, etc. Also, the first version of the project provided for the possibility of installing special equipment for studying the environment or transporting small loads.

Not so long ago, the design office of “Indela” implemented a proposal relating to a significant expansion of the “duties” of the drone. As a result of the latest modernization, the UAV is able not only to monitor ground objects, but also to attack them with its own weapons. For objective reasons, the upgraded device does not have a uniquely high firepower and has limited ammunition. However, the presence weapons in combination with other characteristics can give the drone certain perspectives.

Intelligence-shock modification of the INDELA-INSKY UAV was first shown last week at the MILEX-2017 exhibition. In one of the shops, at the stand of the developer, there was a full-size model of a drone with the additional equipment necessary for the transport and use of weapons. For greater effect, the combat vehicle received camouflage coloring, while the basic version of the vehicle was still shown in white.

The upgraded drone is still part of the aviation complex INDELA-SKY. In addition to it, several other means of different purposes are used in the complex. The project provides for the possibility of transporting all elements of the complex with existing modes of transport. After arriving at the place of work, a certain preparation of all main systems is required, which takes no more than 15 minutes. After its completion, the complex can perform its tasks.

The device INDELA-INSKY in the base configuration

The standard equipment of the unmanned system includes two INDELA-INSKY aircraft with their own optical instruments, the ground control station INDELA-GCS, the container for the INDELA-CS UAV, as well as a set of various communications equipment, devices for preparing for flight and servicing equipment, etc. . The transport device and the control station are made in the form factor of standard containers, which simplifies their transportation.

INDELA-INSKY UAV is a relatively compact and lightweight helicopter with remote and automated control. The machine is built according to the classical scheme and has the ability to transport the payload. The composition of the latter is determined in accordance with the objectives of departure. In this case, in all configurations, the device must carry a gyro-stabilized platform with optical-electronic devices.

All the main devices of the device are placed in a rather large fuselage with characteristic external contours. With its shape, the fuselage can resemble the corresponding units of the manned vehicles. Distinctive features of the device INDELA-INSKY is the presence of a large lattice on the upper nose piece, necessary for blowing the radiator. Behind her is the second smaller air intake. Also, two ventilation grilles are on the sides. A tubular tail boom is mounted on the fuselage, reinforced with a pair of struts. The tail consists of a keel and an asymmetrical stabilizer. Used ski chassis simple design, assembled from pipes.

The aircraft is equipped with a rotary-piston type gasoline internal combustion engine. Take-off engine power - 26 kW (more 34 hp). Fuel consumption declared at the level of 5-8 kg / h. The engine is connected to the transmission, which drives the propellers. Also, part of its energy is transmitted to the generator, which produces a current of 27 V with a power of 400 W. The generator is used as an energy source for special equipment.

The drone is built according to the classical scheme. In the upper part of the fuselage is placed a full-fledged main rotor hub with all the necessary control devices. The main rotor is equipped with two blades and has a diameter of 3,17 m. On the tail boom to the left is a two-blade steering screw of small diameter. To him torque is served by a shaft passing through a tubular beam.

Intelligence-impact UAV UNDELA-INSKY (Belarus)
Optical Electronic Equipment Unit INDELA OGD-20HIR

Under the bottom of the fuselage is proposed to mount a block of optical-electronic equipment such as INDELA OGD-20HIR. It is based on a gyro-stabilized platform, on which several optical instruments are fixed. A video camera with a resolution of 1920x1080 is used as a daily surveillance tool. There is an optical magnification 20x and digital 10x that can be used together. At night, an infrared camera with an uncooled sensor can be used. Unlike a video camera, this device has only a digital zoom 2x and 4x. To determine the distance to 1500 m, the optics unit can use a laser range finder. Automation is able to stabilize the optical axis of the cameras, as well as independently monitor the selected object.

The INDELA-INSKY UAV has a total length of slightly more than 3 m with a height of 1346 mm. The base of the ski chassis is 1,18 m, which simplifies take-off and landing, and also provides protection for the optics unit. Own weight of the device - 90 kg. The payload can weigh up to 25 kg. The same amount accounted for fuel. Maximum take-off weight - 140 kg. In this configuration, an unmanned helicopter can stay in the air for up to five hours. Maximum speed - 70 km / h, rate of climb - 2 m / s, static ceiling - 1500 m.

It is obvious that the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle with a developed set of optical-electronic equipment allows us to solve a fairly wide range of tasks. However, in this form the machine has limited potential in the context of combat use. As a result, in the latest version of the project it was proposed to use their own weapons. It is noteworthy that this did not require serious processing of the original project.

On the sides of the fuselage, next to the rear landing gear, a couple of additional planes with curved down tips appeared. On the latter are fixed mounting hardware for installation of compatible type. Pointing weapons is made by moving the entire aircraft. The sample of the UAV shown at the recent exhibition was equipped with two rocket-propelled grenade launchers with a thermobaric warhead of the shot. With such weapons, the device can attack targets at ranges up to 1700 m. At the expense of 9-kg of the warhead, manpower, light fortifications, and some armored vehicles are destroyed.

Operator workplaces

As follows from the available data, reconnaissance and combat modification INDELA-INSKY for the search for targets and guidance of weapons uses only standard optical devices. Thus, the reconnaissance vehicle turns into a shock with a minimum of design changes.

The drone complex is controlled by the ground station INDELA-GCS. In the container with a length of 4,3 m and a mass of not more than 1435 kg all necessary equipment is placed, as well as three operator workplaces. The container is equipped with retractable masts with antennas. The operator’s workplace has two liquid-crystal monitors for data output. There is also a remote with a set of controls. The control station can monitor the operation of aircraft, both by operator commands and in automatic mode. In the latter case, the UAV is carried out along a given route.

The INDELA-GCS station is equipped with its own 7 kW power generator and fuel tank. Comfortable calculation work is provided by air conditioning and heater. There is a filtering installation. It is possible to work at air temperatures from -45 ° C to + 65 ° C.

The transport container INDELA-CS is a multipurpose device designed for the transport and maintenance of unmanned vehicles. In a partially disassembled state, it includes two small-sized helicopters. For loading and unloading equipment container has its own winch. Also provides for the installation of a separate gas station. There are compartments for the transport of spare parts and tools, as well as 220-liter fuel tank. An empty container weighs 1,8 t, dimensions are 2,3x2,25x4,3 m.

Operator Interface

According to reports, the INDELA-SKY unmanned aircraft complex with the INDELA-INSKY aircraft passed all the necessary tests a few years ago, and went into mass production for a long time. Intelligence-shock modification drone was created recently. According to press reports, at the time of the MILEX-2017 exhibition, a prototype armed helicopter was undergoing factory testing. Thus, in the foreseeable future, testing and refinement of equipment will continue, after which interesting development can be offered to potential buyers.

The new modification of the already well-known serial unmanned aerial vehicle was presented only a few days ago, because of which information about possible purchases of such equipment is not yet available. Nevertheless, one can try to assess its prospects and draw certain conclusions. First of all, it should be borne in mind that the design office of “Indela” is a well-known manufacturer of UAVs and has already established itself as a developer of good complexes. This fact is quite capable of having a positive impact on the future of the new version of the INDELA-INSKY project.

In the basic configuration, the Belarusian helicopter-type drone is capable of solving only surveillance and reconnaissance tasks. It must be admitted that the relatively large remote-controlled helicopters cannot be compared in distribution with aircraft-type equipment, however, in this case too many samples with similar characteristics are on the market. Thus, the INDELA-SKY complex has to face competition, however, even in such a situation, it was able to enter mass production and reach operation. Nevertheless, the emergence of new competitors with higher characteristics can adversely affect the future of the Belarusian project.

UAV in INDELA-CS shipping container

A new version of the existing project implies the addition of existing equipment with jet weapons. In this case, the UAV is able not only to find the target, but also independently destroy it. To date, many countries have created a large number of UAVs capable of carrying weapons of one type or another, but in most cases we are talking about aircraft-type vehicles. Armed unmanned helicopters are not yet widespread.

As a consequence, the new version of the INDELA-INSKY UAV, having entered the market, does not paint to face serious competition due to the absence of a large number of direct analogues. An interesting project gets a chance that you definitely need to take advantage of. Moreover, with a particularly successful set of circumstances, the company “Indela” may even become a leader in one of the directions of development of unmanned aircraft. Positive emotions from leadership, respectively, will be complemented by new achievements of an economic and productive nature.

At the same time, the project of reconnaissance-impact UAV based on the serial INDELA-INSKY is not without flaws. The main problems associated with the combat potential, due to the relatively small payload of the machine. She can take on only 25 kg of cargo or weapons, which leads to a noticeable reduction in possible ammunition. At the MILEX-2017 exhibition, combat UAVs were demonstrated with weapons in the form of only two rocket launchers. Apparently, the device simply can not lift a greater number of such products. As a result, after making a couple of shots and destroying no more than two targets, the drone will be forced to return to install a new weapon.

The complex in position: on the left is the INDELA-CS container, on the right is the INDELA-GCS control station

It should be noted that such restrictions are far from all cases can be a serious problem. It is unlikely that helicopter-type UAVs will be used by the operator as a means of attacking serious fortifications or large armored vehicles. The use of impact machines against unprotected equipment or improvised shelters, in turn, will give the desired effect without the need to attract serious and costly impact funds.

The specifics of the market for unmanned aircraft complexes is such that, even with all the limitations, the reconnaissance-impact modification of the INDELA-INSKY apparatus is capable of attracting the attention of various potential customers. First of all, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus can order such equipment, trying to update the material part of the troops while supporting domestic manufacturers. In addition, the possible emergence of export contracts. It cannot be excluded that the power structures of Russia will become the customer of such products.

The latest developments of the Belarusian industry, including those presented at the recent Minsk exhibition, are of particular interest in the context of the development of their own design school and the approaches used in their creation. So, with a small interval, several promising UAVs were presented with the possibility of carrying weapons. At the same time, one of them, made in the form of a light helicopter, is especially interesting even against the background of foreign analogues. All this demonstrates the desire of the Belarusian industry to develop new areas and offer customers samples of equipment with characteristic features and serious differences. It is possible that not all new developments will go into series and enter into service. Nevertheless, even in this case, the development of promising areas should continue.

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      Freeloaders - as Central Asians in the USSR.

      Well, some really want to lose their last ally. Where is the intellectual level!

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