Military Review

"Points" over Ü

Let us try to describe each case of the “Tochka” / “Tochka-U” complex as detailed as possible based on the photo and video evidence. And, of course, since I had the honor to be LostArmour’s map manager, satellite images from DigitalGlobe will be an important source.

Some grant-eaters from the "other" side have already tried to bring together all the launches, but we will try to do it more thoroughly. Especially with regard to location referencing, evaluation of combat effectiveness, and damage done.

About materiel


A tactical missile system “Tochka” / “Tochka-U” (hereinafter referred to as “complex”) has the designation 9К79 / 9К79-1, its missiles are designated 9М79М / 9М79-1 and have a range (from 15 to XNXXXXXNXXXXNXXX70-20-120-XNUMX). km

These modifications are distinguished not only by the flight range, but also by the layout - the stabilizers in the Tochka-U rocket are located closer to the instrument compartment:
"Points" over Ü

Yes, the rocket is structurally composed of separate compartments:

Of all the compartments, only the combat contains explosives. The remaining compartments serve the purpose of delivering the warhead and should not / cannot explode. That is why we can observe them in abundance in the fields of Donbass. Therefore, for example, there is no reason to say that the rocket worked non-standardly and generally "old-timers", pointing at the engines and the control surfaces of the rocket (as it is often done by not the most competent "Internet fighters").

In order to avoid confusion, I consider it necessary to clarify the indexes.

The missiles of the complex are designated 9М79М or 9М79-1 - a large number on the side of the hull. But just 9М79 (without the "M" at the end) is the designation of the motor compartment of the 9М79М rocket.

A similar technique are designated, for example, shells to the "Hurricane":

But on a more modern 9М79-1 it is already normal, deployed.

Still, for some reason, the same marking - 9М79 - is on trellis rudders of both 9М79М and 9М79-1 type rockets.

With comrades military do not get bored.

Missiles used in the complex, can carry several types of warheads (MS).

What can be in the warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and which were used in practice? Immediately we sweep aside the chemical, nuclear (deaciu Tobi Allah, which we sweep aside), as well as the MS with anti-radar homing head (as irrelevant). There remain two types: high-explosive fragmentation (GRAU index 9НХNUMXФ) and cassette (123Н9К).

A rocket with the 9H123F MS, when approaching the target, at a height of 20 meters, makes a turn, then the main charge is exploded. This is done for the most efficient use of the energy of the explosion of the warhead.

9H123K also carries 50 submunitions (suby, for short) 9H24 (316 fragments in each, the total number of fragments - 15,8 thousand). At the height of 2250 m, the central charge is undermined and the warhead is opened to effectively disperse combat elements. An undermining is initiated by the 9EXNNX radar altitude sensor, developed at Novosibirsk Scientific-Research Institute of Nuclear Physics (as a small world, however). After that, the submunitions fall freely and are undermined when they encounter the ground with a contact sensor.

Note. And in the 9H123K MS, and in 9H123F (despite the fact that it has the designation “F”, ie, high-explosive), the main factor in hitting the target are precisely the fragments (specialized attack elements). This is done in order to increase the area of ​​destruction, because the complex does not belong to the class of high-precision, the onboard inertial homing system of rockets, developed in 70-ies, as well as the system of topographic location, is not able to provide a circular deviation of less than 50 meters. Accordingly, there is no sense in a purely high-explosive (i.e. just stuffed with explosive) MF. Because those 150-200 kg of explosives that it could carry would most likely not go where they needed and would not cause the required damage.

For the same reason, by the way, the most frequently used ammunition for the MLRS BM-30 “Smerch” (in the Donbass so) is the 9М55К rocket with a cassette warhead; to compensate for large deviations due to the distance of the target to be hit from the launcher and to cover the maximum area.

This is what I? And besides, when we are shown these:

or even such:

pictures, saying that this is, de, a funnel from "Point-Y", then this is not true. Here, in the first case, there was an arrival of artillery shells of a large caliber, mounted on a high-explosive action, in the second - detonation of a whole warehouse of explosives, which could be caused, strictly speaking, by anything.

And 9K79 / 9K79-1 are light fragments over a large area. Accordingly, the purpose of the complex is to defeat unarmored targets and un-fossil l / s over a large area. Remember this.

In the armed forces of Ukraine, the complex is in service with a single unit: 19 RBR (missile brigade), military unit A4239, Khmelnitsky. On arms to 12 PU (launchers), divided either into three, or into four rocket battalions. The exact number of "live" combat missiles is unknown, if only because all of them are already overdue by at least 10 years, and the factory extension of the resource is not available for Ukraine. I believe that even the Ukrainian generals themselves do not know the exact number and prefer to use the products with the lowest age. According to some reports, on the 2014 year, the total was about 300 units.

It is reliably known about two areas of the starting firing positions (OP) of the complex: Kramatorsk airfield, Logvinovo-Kalinovka (they were nominated 2014 in late August - early September in order to "reach" Ilovaisk and its environs).

Having briefly recounted Wikipedia (crossed out) Having received all the information, we can finally consider each application case separately. Carefully, with a magnifying glass in hand.

Start list

I will allow myself to show some methodological voluntarism and will not follow a strict chronology of launches (especially since for the most part this is impossible to do), but for the beginning I will focus on the launches that are important for analysis.

Parts of the rocket that produced one of the most memetic pictures related to the war in the Donbass

Thanks to conscious citizens to determine the place of the fall will not be a problem (the caption in the picture: "Beloyrovka").

Let's try to tie using landmarks. I will not tie up the binding in detail (i.e. I will not show in which part of the region / region, where it is north-south, which cities / towns) I will give - below, in each case, the coordinates of the places of incidence will be given, everyone can make sure correctness of bindings, or on the contrary, criticize them.

Izi Consider the engine compartment [in fact, the engine plus steering compartment is here, sometimes the instrument section is also saved, but for brevity I will call all these remnants in the future “engine compartment”] closer on a more contrasting background:

Nothing special. Wand, by which you fly and you will not notice, considering the noise (yes, it will not be easy to search for them in Google Earth ...).

But the most piquant detail is this. As you know, cassette warhead missile complex carries exactly 50 submunitions 9Н24.

And all of them can be observed:

What a beauty! Clean field, ideal for counting and rating. It shows 45 + funnels from these very combat elements (a certain percentage of non-operational submunitions is common for any cassette weapons, especially for the 20 over-year over, as in this case). They are distributed in a circle with a diameter of approximately 300 m.

Note that the engine compartment, separated at an altitude of 2.2 km, fell in 400 meters west of the center of the lesion area. Moreover, the rocket flew from north to south. Those. the compartment went right in the direction of shooting. Did it happen under the influence of random factors or is it a deviation characteristic of all the missiles? The question hung in the air.

Here a fair question may arise, “but where did you get that you left this“ point ”? Yes, it’s just funnels from Grad!”. Fair. Take a look at the traces closer.

Their characteristic feature is the shape - the right circle. Unlike the barreled projectile (and most of the reactive, too) artillery, the 9H24 submunitions, due to the fabric stabilizing device, land vertically. And the area affected by splinters is equally directed in all directions, as a result of which one can observe a trace in the form of a regular circle. While flying at an angle fragmentation shells of artillery systems leave a characteristic fan.

These features are useful for verifying the remaining starts of the complex.

Yes, by the way, on the proof above the funnel taken from a nearby field. For looking at it, you can see the same picture - circles inscribed in a circle with a diameter of ~ 300 meters. Here, however, it is impossible to accurately calculate the number of combat elements (the bushes and the Krynka river are interfering), but the distribution density is similar.

Similarly, in ~ 400 m to the west there is a certain object a couple meters in length, looking like a wand on a contrasting background (although here it is possible to argue).

In short, I think these are traces of another “Point”. It is logical, on the video of the complex starts, you can usually observe the work of a pair of PUs:

Given this assumption, the picture is like this:

So what can we say about the combat effectiveness of the means used?

I think that I’m not going astray if I say that she doesn’t even strive, but simply EQUAL to zero. In milk launched, as they say. No damage was done, even civilians did not get into the houses (which the Ukrainian Armed Forces can do best), and from the point of view of propaganda, the benefits are clearly negative.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79М, n.

b / n: SH89466, n.

MS type: both cassette

Start Date: between 15 and 26 August 2014g. (based on DigitalGlobe pictures)

np: Whiteling

Coordinates: 47.7989949, 38.571732; 47.8027531, 38.5639268

Efficiency: bottom

Moving on.

Another important start-up to understand the overall picture is dated 4 September 2014. Place - g.Hartsizsk.

There is plenty of photo-video on it, I will give some:

By the way, here's the sub, which fell not on soft soil, but on asphalt. Scattering fragments acquired direction. Strange.

Designations of the type of rocket (cassette 9М79К):

The rags lying in the funnels are stabilizers of 9H24 submunitions.

In fact, the funnels are quite small, no more than a pair of handprints (moreover, the Google Earth distance meter reports 2-2.5 m), all the rest is the earth stretched by the explosion.

Window targeting system 9Ш129 on the side of the instrument compartment.

Parts (engine, front and tail compartments) fell near the stadium (I will not do a detailed proof, everything is obvious). Submunitions scattered throughout the park. Of course, it is impossible to count all of them because of the bushes and trees (brilliant green is the main enemy of the map-maker, I will report to you).

But here one can be convinced of the correctness of the assumptions regarding the previous launch considered (regarding, for example, the sizes of the craters from the subs, and how they look on satellite images). But the block deviation differs from the previous one. If there it was 400 m, then the engine fell side by side with the sub.

About efficiency. Who do they want to get to here? No idea. There are no repbases with the DPR technique either in proximity or not at a distance, checkpoints and other things are not observed either. Although the stadium probably also quite a goal. "Athletes running through it, due to their physical form, are potential fighters of separatist formations"! After hitting the ballistic missiles for sure.

By the way, where are non-collateral from Informnapalma and Bellingcat? They do not want to make any analysis with their colored rectangles, exposing #CynicalBanderaWar? Or they do not grant grants for this?

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1

b / n: SH915622

MS type: cassette

Start Date: 4 September 2014

np: Khartsyzk

Coordinates: 48.0487135, 38.1514084

Efficiency: "ballistic missile in the park"

Next - Donetsk. Fell 26 August.

The fact that this is a missile complex can be understood by the steering node (as well as by the color and radius of curvature of the hull remnants). It is interesting in that it has a completely destroyed hull.

In this regard, I assume that she had a high-explosive head. The 162 kg of explosives explosive kg should do something similar with the carrier, I think.

In addition, there are no traces of subs in the nearest district.

Startup Results

Rocket type: n.d.

b / n: n.d.

MSG type: high explosive (?)

Start Date: 26 August 2014g.

np: Donetsk

Coordinates: 47.949191, 37.7071086

Efficiency: no mention of civilian casualties was found; there are no repbaz / roadblocks in that area of ​​Donetsk. We conclude - the efficiency is low

One of the main areas of application of the complex in 2014g. was the mound Saur-Tomb. Directly on the mound, on the western slope, you can see three engine compartments (appear, according to the pictures, between August 4 and 15).

More photos of the first two:

In contrast, the third photographers deprived of their attention.

You can only set its type. The location of the stabilizers indicates that it is 9M79M.

The number is also deftly impossible to determine, sorry)

Calculate the funnels here is completely unrealistic. Not only due to the fact that the height is plowed up by artillery for every taste and caliber, but also due to the fact that in comparison with the other shells, the 9H24 subas do not leave any noticeable marks on the rocky soil of the mound.

The effectiveness of these strikes, I think, was not great. Although the equipment of engineering structures was difficult due to the nature of the ground, there were very few militiamen at Saur-Grave, and they were hiding in the basement of a more or less capital cafe building (and no trenches). I think a large number of small fragments of the missile complex did not cause significant damage to personnel. But, on the other hand, there might be an objection that the "Points" were used between 4 and August 15. A "Vostokovtsy" moved from the positions on the mound 11 August. Consequently, moved away because of the blows of the “points”. Also possible.

In short, nothing definite can be said.

Start Results

Type of missiles: 9М79М, 9М79М, 9М79М

b / n: SH89680, n.d., n.d.

MS type: first - cassette; the rest, apparently, too

Start Date: between 4 and 15 August 2014g.

Place: kurg. Saur-Grave

Coordinates: first and second 47.9212314, 38.7363768, third 47.9188156, 38.7380397

Efficiency: controversial

Much later, parts of another missile were found at the foot.

They appear between August 15 and September 5. Those. already after the retreat of the APU from the height and adjacent villages.

Exact positioning of the compartment:

You can try to compare the funnels between images for 15.08 and 05.09.

An area with tightly packed ~ 45 funnels in a circle with a diameter of 300 meters is highlighted. It is located in ... 400 meters to the north. Coincidence? I do not think.

For clarity, the gif, which compares pictures from 15.08 and 05.09. The funnels with all the signs of the subs are marked in red (fan-shaped, i.e., clearly barreled artillery, not marked):

We conclude - it.

General form:

Startup Results

Rocket Type: 9М79М

b / n: n.d. (the serial number that can be seen on the top cover is the serial number of the fuel compartment, not the rocket)

MS type: cassette

Start Date: between August 15 and September 5 2014.

Place: kurg. Saur-Grave

Coordinates: 47.927702, 38.7497771

Efficiency: zero

Most likely, these are not all the rockets that fell on Saur-Mogila and its environs. Surely they launched much more. This is just what got into the lenses.

To not get up twice. INFA from Komrad kloch4, the only picture, the engine compartment 9М79М. There is nothing else on it. It will only determine the place.

It is not far from Torez, on the outskirts of the village of Manuylovka.

Compare the background of the pictures.

Five dozen craters in this case, too, was not found. Most likely they all exploded in Zelenka (they are not in the fields), leaving no visible marks on the pictures.

There are no militia positions nearby.

Startup Results

Rocket Type: 9М79М

b / n: n.d.

MS type:

Start Date: between August 15 and September 5 2014.

np: Manuylovka

Coordinates: 47.9741367, 38.6730552

Efficiency: apparently no

In addition to Saur-Graves, in the same area, the rocket flew actively in the town of Snezhnoe.

The first fell there 23 August 2014g on the outskirts of the city in the direction of the Russian border. It was photographed from all sides 1000 and 1 times. I will not dwell on it in detail.

By the way, 50-craters for some reason, too, nowhere in the district there. This is strange. Probably, they are all somewhere in the private sector nearby, where, again, they can not be found using Google Earth.

And once again, where did they try to get it? According to the roadblock at the exit of the snow? But this is stupid. Or catch a Voentorg column? Riddle.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79М

b / n: SH89390

MS type: unknown

Start Date: 23 August 2014

np: Snow

Coordinates: 48.0153627, 38.7943554

Efficiency: no data to analyze

Also, a pair of rockets fell to the northern part of the city. It has been suggested that with these blows, the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to hit the Rembaz of the Snezhnyansky garrison, which was located either in Khimmash or in Snezhnyansky machine-building plant. If this is so, then they did not choose the best tool for this purpose. Whatever it was, in the end, hit the houses and gardens of local residents.

One dated 29.08.14 is also quite popular among photographers.

The number, however, so no one took a picture. In addition to the number of the steering compartment.

Video with the consequences. With the help of it you can mark the funnels and estimate the area of ​​the lesion.

Video from the second rocket dated the second of September. She fell, allegedly, a couple of hundred meters from the first. Here we take a word, because I honestly did not manage to make the binding in these narrow gardens.


Photo / video effects are not.

Start Results

Type of missile: 9М79М, 9М79-1

b / n: n.d., VG910840

MS type: cassette, unknown

Start Date: 29 August 2014, 02 September 2014.

np: Snow

Coordinates: 48.0584847, 38.7611282; 48.0593452, 38.7588108 (conditionally)

Efficiency: first - by, second - unknown

Next, we consider the direction of Lugansk

The first known use of the complex occurred on August 16 in Lugansk.

Launched right in the city, parts fell, as reported, on the territory of the former MOE training ground.

In the last photo (dragged from the forum militarizm-a) can be attached.

And again, there were no reports of large losses by the LC militia, significant damage to the infrastructure or the death of civilians from this type of weapon. Let me make an assumption that the point here is not in military censorship, but in banal low efficiency. Lugansk mercilessly fired from all calibers (from 82-x mortars to 152-x "Genocides", from "Grad" to "Smerch") from the end of June. The number of victims of civilians went up by hundreds (for example, only 18 July in Lugansk killed at least 20 people). By mid-August, all who wanted to live were hiding in basements. Against this hell, the arrival of such a “trifle” as 16 thousand of small fragments (if the warhead was a cassette), leaving no more destruction than the split fences and walls, most likely, just went unnoticed.

Ring from the head. Unfortunately, the reporters did not take pictures of the engraving of the MS type.

That, coupled with undetected by me in the pictures funnels from subs, does not allow to reliably speak about the type of warhead.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79М

b / n: SH89455

MS type:

Start Date: 16 August 2014

np: Lugansk

Coordinates: 48.5333381, 39.2834026

Efficacy: n.d.

After the failure of the operation on the blockade of Lugansk, namely, the loss of Novosvetlovka and Khryaschevatoe villages located on the Krasnodon-Lugansk highway, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine applied the Novovetlovka complex.

From several sources you can determine the number. Ш89816

Positioning of the motor compartment.

A field with traces of exploded sub 9H24 is observed a few hundred meters southeast (where the “Google Earth” logo is above).

I affirm that it is they, because:

Obviously, these are funnels, and not just any image noise (there are no traces on the previous images before 31 August, after they appear and do not disappear anywhere further).

Subnu 9H24 carry a relatively small explosive charge (compared to conventional artillery shells), which does not leave deep traces in the ground, but they have an unidirectional pattern of destruction by shrapnel. It is precisely this that can be seen ("slaps" and scattered ground) when comparing these traces with the artillery craters left earlier.

Finally, the number (as always, 45 +), and the distribution density (inscribed in a circle with a diameter of 350 m), and the distance from the missile parts (400 m from the center of the circle) indicate that this is exactly the submunition of the complex.
Given this, you can present the big picture.

But that's not all.

Half a kilometer to the south, still in the field, they gape another fifty exactly the same craters, unequivocally hinting that there was another rocket. There are no options, "our client."

The motor unit of this instance did not hit the cameras.

The general plan of application of the complex in the settlement Novosvetlovka.

Start Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1, n.

b / n: SH89816, n.

MS type: cassette

Start Date: before 31 August 2014g.

np: Novosvetlovka

Coordinates: 48.4840429, 39.524627

Efficiency: all damage elements in the fields, no traces of damage to the equipment / positions

Then, having retreated from the Luhansk airport, the Ukrainian Armed Forces used the same method - they launched at least one rocket of the complex for the object occupied by the VSN forces.

Exact binding can be made on a special airfield tractor:

There is no way to determine the area of ​​impact and evaluate the effectiveness - there are no suitable satellite images.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1

B / N: VG890343

MS type:

Start Date: 1 (2) September 2014

Location: Lugansk Airport

Coordinates: 48.4222732,39.3772209

Efficacy: n.d.

In contrast to the stingy information on the use of the complex in Lugansk, the impact on 22 August Rovenki is extensively lit and filmed.

The blow fell on the private sector and gas stations on the western outskirts of the city. Three local residents died (including a six-year-old boy, who was riding in a car with his family). They died because they were in the open. Another man died from his injuries (there were a total of 9 people injured).

Damaging elements

There are no comments, the moment of subov ruptures.

Detailed video review of the consequences.

The map shows all the funnels filmed on the camera and the location of the fall of the motor compartment. He fell east.

Sub, fallen on the asphalt. His fragments hit the car with the baby.

In contrast to the Khartsyzsk case, the fragmentation of fragments is equal in all directions.

One of those that fell next to the gas station.

The total removal of the affected area, its diameter, spread, the nature of the funnels, in a word, all the characteristics are similar to the previous cases.

Startup Results

Rocket Type: 9М79-1

B / N: VG810820

MS type: cassette

Start Date: 22 August 2014

np: Rovenki

Coordinates: 48.0724715, 39.3484837

Efficiency: exemplary punitive strike


Here the situation is similar to Lugansk. Any objects NM NMR in the next few kilometers there. For whom allowed? Go figure them out.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1

b / n: SH91565

MS type:

Start Date: 2 February 2015

np: Alchevsk

Coordinates: 48.465068, 38.7719965

Efficacy: n.d.

Extreme on the LC, this Logvinovo and surroundings.

One missile fell 13.02.15 in the district of height 238 (a couple of kilometers south-west of Logvinovo).

Most likely, this launch tried to suppress the artillery of the DPR.

There are three missiles in Logvinovo itself. Only one thing can say something specific about the date of application (judging by the report of Pegov, before February 15). For the rest, we will assume simply “February 2015”.

The first.

The second.

The third.

Neither identify the area of ​​damage, nor, as a result, assess the damage, then, of course, impossible. I think everyone understands why?

Start Results

Type of missile: all 9М79-1

б / н: 238 height - Ш91566; Logvinovo - n.d., VGHNUMX, n.d.

MS type:

Start Date: 238 Height - 13.02.15; Logvinovo - 15.02.2015, 02.2015, 02.2015

np: Logvinovo

Coordinates: 48.3816693, 38.3388358; 48.381769, 38.3467644; 48.3789846, 38.349908

Efficacy: n.d. But judging by the fact that Logvinovo was retained during the counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is still under the control of the BCH, then ...

Even more actively the complex was used during the Ilovaisky environment.

The engine unit, which fell in the wood between Noktorinerovka and Osykovo.

Binding block.

The search for funnels is still fun (and why am I the first to do this?). In 400 meters to the north, there are two “points” in the field at once.

Obviously fan-shaped (mortar, probably) did not single out:

The closest positions of the BCH were in the village of Novokaterinovka, about a kilometer away. There, with the 24 of August, there were entrenched DPR fighters along with the fighters ... we will say, north. Rather, formally, they came from the south ... Well, from the south-north =)

And both rockets, of course, missed. No credit.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1, n.

b / n: SH89828, n.

MS type: cassette

Start Date: between 29 and 31 August 2014 g

np: Novokaterinovka

Coordinates: 47.7385585, 38.1181061

Efficiency: hit the field

Closer to the village there is another instance.

This "cigarette" is not in the pictures for August 31. But there is a later (October).

It turns out that they applied it in early September, when the winds blew back.


Here they look a bit uncharacteristic. I think this is due to the fact that the photographs have been a month and a half since their appearance. During this time, the dust has settled, leaving only small holes visible at the site of the subov explosion.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1

b / n: n.d.

MS type: cassette

Start Date: Early September 2014

np: Novokaterinovka

Coordinates: 47.7292897, 38.1087506

Efficiency: a smaller part of the rock, a large - in the gardens. Nothing on the positions. Classic


Gas generator and steering machine (one of the four):

Steering wheels

This is a lot of a variety. Thanks to the burnt field, it is clearly visible:

Most of the subs went into landing:

Appears between 26 and 31 August.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1

b / n: n.d.

MS type: cassette

Start Date: 29-31 August 2014

np: Mnogopole

Coordinates: 47.8486214, 38.2374001

Efficiency: no

Let's dilute the story with a minute of humor

They leave, it means that the Ukrainian intelligence officers from the encirclement near Ilovaisk. Go through the fields. Look, and there Russian paratroopers stand, they shoot from artillery. Quickly hid in the bushes. Scout Taras took the phone, dialed into the headquarters.

-I'm calling a blow "Point-U"!

- You got it, we shoot! And you look through binoculars and adjust.

Taras corrected the binoculars of the rocket, the rockets fell, they all burned, the Russians panicked. Peremoga

Taras came out of the bushes, looked, "Yak garneau! Mykola, and why are you sitting, get out of the bushes!"

To him, in response, "That I would gladly, but ... Do you have a paper by any chance?" "What a greedy you are! But why should it be to you, hi lies in the bushes!"

"Well, you and history", the reader will say.

Well, I just retold the content of one very reassuming article from one poezreotichesky site. The article describes the glorious peremogi of the Ukrainian "Tochkrey". Link (read preferably with a hymn on the lips). And so it was written, they called, they said, they called the point and they all were helped:


But the fact is that this is not a joke (except, perhaps, stories about paper).

Near the village of Pavlovsk there were two northern 6-gun batteries of the D-30 howitzers (the option was that the battery was one, and these are the main and spare OPs). Obviously, paratroopers.

And after a couple of days, traces appear, uniquely identified by the above described characteristic features as a blow from two “Points”.

Namely, two circles on 300 meters with a diameter of 45 + funnels in each.

One rocket passed by.

Here is a possible engine compartment closer.

But the second hit the right place, hitting the target,

suppressing the battery and destroying at least one piece of equipment.

Trenches are visible, there may have been losses in l / s.

Here we must say important. Due to the excellent combat training of artillerymen of the north, as well as thanks to the complete incompetence of the Ukrainian command, ALL Ukrainian artillery during the ilovoisky and near-pilotage events (from August 24) was silent. Firstly, because when you drape hard to fire from ACS, and secondly, these same ACS (and not only ACS, any heavy fire weapons) were frankly not enough. Therefore, it will not be possible to find any craters in the positions of northerners - anyone who wanted from the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to show off their counter-battery skills immediately received an invigorating dose of 122 / 152 mm. Yes, and there were few willing (only one, to tell the truth - two 55 OABr batteries, all of which went to the militia).

And the positions near Pavlovsky are the only ones that have otvetka. And "this otvetkoy was Einsht ... Point-U".

Here you are. And who would have thought? Well, once a year and a stick shoots, how it seems.

Start Results

Type of missile: -, -

b / n: -, -

MS type: cassette

Start Date: 27 August 2014 (according to the reloading article)

np: Pavlovsk

Coordinates: 47.707697, 38.326864

Efficiency: could for once - the battery is depressed, at least one unit of equipment has been destroyed. L / s loss is unknown.

Next will be considered cases with unknown places of the fall of the motor unit.

Fell into the swamp.

All this screenshots from a single video.

So why give such video titles? How about write a town? Date Even the number is not removed. Creators, can you hear me? Do not do it this way.

Some kind of swampy hollow with a stream (usually this happens before a bet).

There are hundreds of such places in the Donbas. Find unreal.

But I found (do not ask how).

This is still the same Ilovaisky cauldron, not far from the village of Chumaki. As in the case of Novokaterinovka, it doesn’t appear in the 31 images of August (it arrived in early September).

Aiming for the field camp VSN. Missed half a kilometer.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1

b / n: n.d.

MS type: cassette

Start Date: Early September 2014

np: Chumaky

Coordinates: 47.7801417, 38.0967611

Efficiency: slip

After the publication of the article, one source (of course I will not call him) pointed to another possible place for the fall of the missile complex.

It is about the place between the village of Chumaka and the city of Novy Svet. Blow struck between 26 and 29 in August 2014.

Funnels available for counting (added later shot for better contrast):

Seem to be? Quite. Although the deviation of the compartment is quite atypical.

If so, then the consequences of this blow.

Pay attention to the minibus heavily hit by shrapnels and the Rapier front flap.

Although there was no photo-video block (as well as traces of submunitions, cloth stabilizers, etc.), I am still inclined to agree that it was just a dot hit.

It turns out that the blow to Pavlovsky was not alone in his success.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1

b / n: n.d.

MS type: cassette

Start Date: between 26 and 29 in August 2014.

np: Chumaky

Coordinates: 47.7912757, 38.0853778

Efficiency: good. Got to the right place, several units of automotive and engineering equipment were destroyed.

Finishing about the use of complexes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the region of Ilovaisk, I would put forward a small hypothesis. It is very likely that we can talk about attempts by the north to suppress the starting positions of the complexes. Judge for yourself.

Even 26 of August, the fields under Logvinovo-Kalinovka (actually the OP of the complexes) were completely “clean” - not a single response for them arrived.

And 13 of September (that is, when the entire ilovayskaya epic died down, and a good dozen missiles flew off) in these fields suddenly there are a large number (hundreds) of cluster sub-munitions breaks.

Where can they be there and who could leave them? I think it was the BM-30 Tornado (guess yourself whose). Which, in the region of the checkpoint Marinovka, in that very period (4-5 of September is the period of active work of the complexes), and you can see

The size of the holes in the ground, the direction of the exhaust from the missiles and the range (albeit at the limit, 68-70 km), in general, do not contradict this version. In any case, I see no contradictions.

Something like this could look like:

Again, this is pure "subjective" and an attempt to pull an owl on the globe of Ukraine. But there are no other explanations for what the northern “Smerch” did in the first days of September in the region of the checkpoint Marinovka

The names "Tochka-U" and "Ilovaisk" again became relevant in February 2015.

On the night of February, 14 was hit by a missile from a cassette warhead on the southern part of the city.

The blow fell on the object of power supply of the railway.

Comparison of pictures for December 2014 and the end of February 2015 allows to identify the places of breaks of some submunitions:

The propulsion unit fell east of the hospital.

Startup Results

Type of missile: 9М79-1

b / n: n.d.

MS type: cassette

Start Date: 14.02.2015

np: Ilovaisk

Coordinates: 47.9126747, 38.1982398

Efficiency: hit the infrastructure object.

Finally you need to highlight the really incomprehensible (not found by me and just "muddy") copies

The caption read: "At the border." Very foggy.

Signature - Ilovaisk, power lines.

Painstaking search results, alas, did not give.

Another one. Despite the detailed instructions on the location of this block (Novozaryevka), neither it nor the area with 50 craters were found in the indicated location. As in the nearest county.

Photos from the 02.02.15 press release

It is alleged that she got into the DKZHI trotyl warehouse, that's why it looks so bad.

I personally doubt it. For what purposes could the destruction of a warehouse of industrial explosives, which a priori could not cause much damage, could be necessary (they are located far from residential areas and, moreover, were repeatedly undermined, which, of course, excluded the possibility that military equipment could be located there / with DNR)? Yes, and the "point" (warehouses are almost on the line of contact and are available for firing any artillery).

In addition to all the above mentioned cases, at least one missile launch failure is known.

Of course, I'm talking about the famous video (with the name in the best traditions of Goebbels - the more impudent you are lying, the more willing the pans are to believe).

This happened on 24 (or 23) of August 2014 at the OP under Logvinovo. A detailed description of this case in itself draws on a small article.

Fields between Logvinovo and Kalinovka 26 August 2014, were extremely rich in artillery of great power.

Here you and 2 batteries Msta-S

By the way, these are our old friends - 1 GSADN 26 ABR, distinguished themselves under Slavic. In Slavyansk, by the way, in batteries, instead of the 6-laid ones, it was according to 5 and 6 SAU; then, at the end of July, both batteries are already 5-gun. And to the current moment, one of the batteries recognized as subsidized another ACS. Those. for the 2.5 month from intensive use three SAUs failed.

Also near the battery 27 REAP on BM-27 with a full tabir TZM-ok:

And even the battery "Smerch" (15 REAP), leaving some enchanting traces at the launch site (5-meter hole and scattered around the ground on 50 meters)

And the battery Msta-B 55 ОАБр is closer to Debaltseve:

But is not the point.

Attention was attracted by some uncharacteristic "response" funnel in SAUšek positions:

"And now, every hole in the ground will be examined with a magnifying glass?"

You are actually on the site LostArmor are, tovagisch. Get used to it.

But the photo from there (the fact that this is exactly the place can be understood by the direction of the shadows, by the characteristic scattered ground, and also by the fact that I drew these photos from the artillery page from this Msta-S battery: P)

Um "Point"? On the calendar, I recall, August 26, i.e. two days as the wind blows. What is it that turns out, the north pressed the Ukrainian artillery "Point-U"? Has the Kremlin dwarf raised his nuclear cudgel for the peaceful demonstrators on the children of 26 separate art brigades? # For the hagas?

Do not rush to conclusions, the patriot of the so-called, is not so simple here.

The fact is that with a careful study it can be seen that the fuel compartment is in the ground backwards (direction of stabilizers). In addition, the compartments in the ground are not stuck (as they look on the ground, we know well with you - read the sheet above). Yes, and with the compartment itself is clearly something "wrong":

And the casket just opens, just unwind the satellite image one day ago:

This is nothing but a launcher 9P129. Depressed from the famous video

A corrosive reader can himself compare the characteristic landmarks.

Pay attention to the particles of unnatural acid color on the field - traces of aluminum oxidized by ammonium perchlorate (burnt rocket fuel).

Yes, now it is better not to use bread from these fields. Although, what kind of bread is there, just here the line of contact passes right now.

And at all it was not a funnel, but a ground dug over with shovels.

In general, these are the very starting positions of the complex mentioned at the beginning of the article.

A soldier of the 19 RBR, who directly observed the explosion, confirmed both these guesses and the fact that the launcher was lost (was not repaired and left for spare parts):

Total in the fields can be observed: 152mm - 15 units. (a whole division! plus 6 units at that moment were under Popasna, which is nearby); 220mm MLRS - 6 unit; 300mm MLRS - 5 unit;

The radii of destruction of this whole economy:

I want to emphasize that this is not all the artillery that was in this sector (sector "Tse"). However, the forces described above, unlike the brigade ADNs, GSADN and READNs, directly obeyed the sector headquarters (suffice it to say that they received target designation directly from the headquarters). Then they are separate art brigades and regiments. Those. These are the forces that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could dispose of and promptly maneuver them - in contrast to the artillery groups of the brigades involved in the battles.

And if about “Points” and “Tornadoes” everything is clear, then looking at everything else, a question is brewing. After a day and a half, the “heat” will go out of the Ilovaisky encirclement, and the command of the so-called. The ATO holds some unprecedented forces on an ESSENTIAL secondary direction.

What is it all about? The unparalleled dullness of the Ukrainian generals who do not understand where these forces are more necessary at the moment? Impotence intelligence, failed to "detect" a couple of enemy BTGs who have switched the ribbon, and, as a result, a misunderstanding of the operational situation? The desire to put on a mince brainless Nazi patriots from a variety of do-it-yourself, sending them to suicidal output with a fight without proper fire support? The uncontrollable desire to bombard residential areas of Gorlovka, without being distracted by any intrusion? Or perhaps the most ordinary, classical, her majesty is Zrada?

Most likely, all together at once.

After all, as one of the consequences of the Murphy's theorem for Ukraine, even if zrady mutually exclude each other, they will all happen anyway.

Startup Results

Rocket Type: 9М79М

b / n: n.d.

MS type:

Start Date: 24 (23) August 2014

np: Kalinovka

Coordinates: 48.3743114, 38.3019876

Efficiency: SPENTED

All of the above parts of the missiles, together with the areas of destruction (those that could be found, of course), as well as the alleged parts, are combined into a Google map:

Summary plate (sorted by conditional dates):

From the table it can be seen that if at the beginning mainly 9М79М missiles were used, then at some point most of the launches are more recent 9М79-1. Is this due to an explosion when the 24.08 9М79М is launched? It may very well be.


The vast majority of missiles found on the map.
Found (analytically calculated) traces of previously unknown blows.
Topographic patterns of the attacks left by the complex were revealed (in the variant of the cassette warhead, the rocket unit falls in 400 meters from the center of the lesion area, the lesion area has a diameter of 300-350 meters, has characteristic funnels).
The facts show that the combat effectiveness of the complex in the hands of the APU is low. Individual cases (cases) of successful application do not affect the overall picture.

Incompetent farmerly propaganda inflated these weapons in the eyes of pots to the extent of vundervaffe, capable, in which case, to “give teeth to the aggressor” and other nonsense. However, this is the very type of weapon, the effectiveness of which is directly proportional to the combat training level of the crew (of course, it is inherent in any type of weapon, but here it is especially acute). But, since Ukraine has neither the ability to produce nor the capital of the complex’s missiles (and is not foreseen in the near future), then the possibilities for improving the quality of combat training using firing practice will be extremely limited (if not reduced to zero, to save scarce missiles). And this means that during the next serious exacerbation, the 19 RBR missile troops will again take up the old and most likely will not be able to give out anything other than launching rockets through the residential sectors of cities.

If, of course, by that time this problem does not disappear by itself due to the emergence of the DNR / LC armed forces able to cope with these missiles of anti-aircraft missile systems. Mine based;)

In the meantime, the RF IC procedurally fixes evidence on the use of the complex (I hope the materials, or a part of them, will be made publicly available, since interesting details are mentioned there), we can say that it was not possible to do:

It was not possible to find a clear classification features that allow to recognize the use of missiles with a high-explosive warhead. At the moment, it’s not even possible to say for sure whether high-explosive warheads were used at all. Those. An attempt to determine the type of warhead from missile debris and satellite imagery was unsuccessful. Only a cassette warhead is reliably detected when 45-50 funnels are clearly seen in the images.
Not found a clear logic of the direction of deviation of the block and sub in the process of falling (implicitly dominated by the deviation of the block to the right of the area relative to the direction of flight of the rocket). Probably, this is still a random process and it should not be.
Well, the maximum task is not completed. "Dark spots" in the application of the complex still remain (although they are an order of magnitude less).
Therefore, I urge all honest and decent people, democratic journalists, gay men and subscribers of the Tisk public to throw off photos and videos in the comments on the website, which could help in systematizing the use of the Tochka / U complex Donbass. This is especially true of poorly lit cases of use (not found on the map in this review, with a small number of photos, etc.) and photo numbers of rockets.
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