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Open War Cold: US and China in the Pacific

Starting in November 2009, the United States regularly boasts the news on the construction progress of the new USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier (CVN-78). Such attention to the new ship, among other things, is due to the fact that the Gerald Ford is the lead aircraft carrier of the project of the same name. CVN-78 and its sisterships will have the same dimensions as aircraft carriers of the Nimitz type, but radically new avionics will reduce the complexity of all work by 30%. Thanks to this, the crew of the ship will be able to be reduced by at least five hundred people, and in the long run by all 900. Thus, the total crew of the head aircraft carrier (crew and flight wing) will be only 4660 people. In addition, new ships will be able to carry up to 75-90 aircraft of various types. The lead ship of the project is planned to be commissioned in 2015, and the cost of it will exceed $ 5 billion. It is expected that all the costs of finance and time will be more than paid off - Gerald R. Ford will serve for half a century. It is curious that two Betchel A1B reactors will be able to operate without “refueling” before the planned withdrawal of ships from the US Navy.

Open War Cold: US and China in the Pacific

And here, a few years before the start of the service of the new American aircraft carriers, comrades from the Middle Kingdom publish very, very remarkable news regarding their weapons. Back in the 70s, China began research on anti-ship ballistic missiles. The very concept of this weaponsHaving infiltrated beyond the borders of the PRC, it was repeatedly brainstormed and rejected because of its futility. In all countries where they learned about the Chinese development, they came to the conclusion that a ballistic missile cannot hit moving targets, such as ships in general and aircraft carriers in particular. In addition, the Chinese planned to install on their DongFeng-21 (DF-21) - this designation received a rocket - non-nuclear warheads. Of course, even a kinetic "pig" weighing a kilogram in 600, descending a ballistic trajectory, can make a solid hole in the deck of an aircraft carrier, but it must first be guided with appropriate accuracy. And here mobility of goals again arises, as the main minus of the concept. However, twenty years after the start of work on the DF-21, the next rocket of the family, as the Chinese said, successfully passed the tests and was put into service. Finally, recently there was information about the next ballistic RCC - DF-21D. It is alleged that it has a range of three thousand kilometers and sufficient accuracy.

How exactly the Chinese managed to bring the range to the stated limits, there are no particular questions - both the USSR and the USA passed this stage many years ago. But how accurate the DF-21D is provided ... In general, there are more questions on the rocket than answers. The situation is similar with the versions regarding the nuances of application. So the whole DF-21 family may not turn out to be super-successful products, in which revolutionary new solutions have been implemented, but a banal, even if very interesting, bluff. In addition, in Washington’s military-political views, carrier-based strike groups (AUG) are given the role of a “long arm” mobile and strong enough to solve most of the arising tasks. If the DF-21 still does not turn out to be an entertaining propaganda move, then the States risk in the event of a conflict with China very well “get their hands on”. But the United States through the fault of the enemy did not lose their aircraft carriers since the Second World War.

And yet, if China does not actually have such missiles, which are said, why does it want them so? The fact is that in the post-war period, the Soviet and American naval fleets dominated the Pacific. After the collapse of the USSR, American sailors remained “alone” and began to seriously annoy the Chinese. For the time being, the Celestial Empire could only look at the "self-propelled pieces of America" ​​flickering not far from territorial waters, but still beyond them. Until now, China has been able to act more or less actively only at a small distance from the coast, but now there is a tendency to move away from such a “leash”. However update fleet - It’s not a quick business, and something needs to cover the coastal areas. The DF-21D missile is perfect for this role, if it, of course, really has the characteristics that are called in open sources.

It seems that the Pacific Ocean risks becoming a new arena for the next arms race. Only this time, not the USSR but the PRC will “chase” with the Americans. But this is a start: over time, for understandable reasons, Russia, both Korea and Japan, can join this race. True, the most likely participants in a potential race, although they are increasing their weapons, do not serve the intention to actively oppose anyone. China, as usual, reiterates the protection of maritime borders, and the United States, according to US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Michel Flurnua, "does not seek to contain China." And as an enemy of the Celestial Empire, they also do not consider. Nevertheless, ship connections, including AUG, regularly go from the American continent to the western part of the Pacific Ocean, and these ships try to track in every possible way on the Asian coast. Yes, and new American ships are increasingly being sent to serve in those fleets that serve in the Pacific. It turns out a sort of "cold war Punchinello" - it seems to be there, but its like no.

So far, the Pacific arms race looks something like this. The US is building the lead aircraft carrier of a new project and is preparing to lay the second ship. China announces the creation and staging on duty of a new ballistic missile with anti-ship designation. In turn, the United States has been developing a new unmanned aerial vehicle for several years already, capable of operating from aircraft carriers and at a great distance from them. China intends to create new anti-aircraft missile systems that can deal with all types of existing and future aircraft, and so on. In principle, the essence of the "competition" is already clear, only the dates and details are questionable. For example, the love of Americans for drones brings to the leading roles the means of electronic warfare, and the emphasis on aircraft carriers directly provokes the enemy to develop their anti-ship missiles.

Looking at the latest American experience, one can understand why countries need a good fleet - from Midway to Iraq, ship-based airplanes have always played an important role in battles. And during World War II, most of the battles for the island were, at least, with a significant participation of the fleet. And it is precisely the battles for the islands that may in the future become a hot topic in the western Pacific. This may be a hypothetical landing of Chinese troops to Taiwan, which is predicted is not the first decade; this may be a conflict over the possession of islands located in the East China Sea (China and Japan have long been unable to agree to whom they should belong). In addition, there are deposits of oil and gas in the South China Sea. And on the territory where these deposits should be, several countries claim: China, Vietnam, the Philippines and not only. So far, fighting in this region has not reached, but clashes have already occurred. In particular, last year, Chinese warships prevented the Vietnamese research vessel from passing into the disputed area. Hanoi, said a formal protest and demanded that Beijing will no longer try to go into the water area.

If it comes to active clashes for these deposits, there is already reason to believe that China will win. Firstly, today the Chinese Navy is one of the best fleets of all of Asia, and secondly, the construction of new ships continues. As a result, the later the conflict begins, the more forcefully the enemies of the Middle Kingdom will have to face. And here you can again return to the American aircraft carriers. Of course, the US is not going to war with China - if only because of its resource mobilization capabilities. But the Americans can drive closer to the emerging “fight” of one or the other AUG to indicate their concern. And it’s not profitable for them to allow China to get into their hands all these disputed territories, and this is not only a matter of hydrocarbons. If the Chinese settle in the South China Sea, it will be easier for them to “get” American bases on the island of Guam.

It should be noted that US Navy already has experience of intimidating China with its aircraft carriers. In 1996, before the presidential election in Taiwan, the Celestial Empire conducted a series of missile tests in the strait between the mainland and the island. In this way, Beijing hoped to “hint” Taiwanese voters that they should not cast their vote for a candidate who favors full independence. The then American President of the USA B. Clinton, also hinting, but already on the readiness of his country to intercede for the Republic of China, sent two AUGs to Taiwan. As a result, Taiwan's voters are greatly appreciated the steps States and chose the president, less nice Beijing. In turn, China began to develop a plan to counter a possible American threat. This plan eventually became the root cause of all the recent and ongoing construction of new ships. Only the official reason for the rapid acceleration of the development of the fleet was the need to protect their merchant ships and ensure the safety of international sea routes. New strategy in 2004, announced by President Hu Jintao. At first, few people took Chinese plans seriously, but an old satellite shot down in 2007 forced the skeptics to reconsider their attitude to Beijing's statements. Successes in the construction of the fleet can be commented as follows: the number of submarines carrying anti-ship missiles has increased almost fourfold over the past ten years. And this is only a quantitative growth, and in fact there is also a qualitative one - it consists in a significant increase in the share of new ships.

With the growth of defenses, the statements of the Chinese military have changed. The most "militant" of them had accused the US is that they are trying to lock up for the so-called China first island chain - it consists of the Japanese archipelago, Taiwan, the Philippines, etc. Moreover, most of the countries in the first chain have agreements with the United States on military assistance. Now the "Chinese dragons" intend to gradually oust the Americans from the region and squeeze them all the way to the Hawaiian islands. Napoleonic plans, do not say anything. American analysts are not yet inclined to regard the Chinese Navy as guaranteed winners of battles. On the contrary, they believe the PLA Navy (the Navy of the People’s Liberation Army of China) will not be able to emerge victorious from an open clash with US Navy. So, the only way to secure victory on the same islands of the South China Sea is to create the conditions under which American ships arrive in the combat area, as they say, to a closet analysis. Those. when the PLA already has time to gain a foothold on the islands. In the 2008 year began a series of war games under the title "Pacific Vision" in the USA. The enemy of the American army and navy in them was a kind of "almost equal rival." When a similar formulation somehow recall the Russian proverb "about gray speech ...." Americans do not want, therefore, to once again provoke the "gray dragon". Probably, they have reason for this.

But the US can not enter into an open confrontation with China - it prevents a number of economic problems. One of them was beautifully illustrated by the 2008 caricature of the year, in which a certain American character protested against the Beijing Olympics and demanded independence for Tibet. At the same time, both the T-shirt and the cap worn on the character, and even the flag with the slogan had a postscript “Made In China”. Indeed, the United States and China have very, very strong commodity-money relations. At one time, many productions were moved from America to the Celestial, where the cost of goods came out much lower. As a result, as Michael Reagan (president of the Ronald Reagan Heritage Foundation and the adoptive son of the ex-president) says, China holds the States with a death grip. And it concerns not only consumer goods. The same M. Reagan describes it in a similar way: the US has a growing budget deficit - almost a trillion a year. And what to do with it? China can buy it. Can. Moreover, he will do it. And by this, will even more tightly squeeze his hands on the American "throat."

States, of course, can reduce Chinese influence on their economies. But this requires again to raise its industry and again begin to produce at all the same, which at one time was transferred to Chinese factories and plants. And this business is not one year and not one trillion dollars. Will Washington be able to cope with the Chinese "grip"? But the most offensive, as M. Reagan argues, is different. Against the United States, China worked in much the same way as Ronald Reagan tried to influence the Soviet Union in the eighties. Here are his words: “They devalued their own currency, took ours and set the course that we see today - they do the same with America as Ronald Reagan did with the Soviet bloc - he put him on his knees. And it's time for our administration to see it. ” What can not argue with him, so it is in the last thesis.

It turns out that a very remarkable situation has developed in Southeast Asia. China, while it was possible, did everything to not only enrich itself "at the expense of others", but also to strengthen its political, military and economic influence, at least on the region. And the United States, in turn, in the pursuit of profits from consumer goods, “missed” the most crucial moment and themselves raised their own geopolitical “almost equal rival”. And, what is even more interesting and offensive, the United States now has many problems without China that need to be resolved as soon as possible. And the Celestial Empire, meanwhile, is building up its military power and making plans for the future. Will there be then in them such words as "Taiwan" or "Guam"?

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  1. Timoha
    Timoha 21 February 2012 10: 39
    at the same time and in our General Staff, let them scratch our turnips, instead of blaming their own tanks. and not only tanks.
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 21 February 2012 15: 52
      As Putin said yesterday, the RF Armed Forces will receive 2300 modern tanks in the coming years. The statement, frankly speaking, surprised me - it was recently said that there will be a total of 2000 for all aircraft. Honestly, the news is gratifying. It can be seen who needs to receive "on the hat" (or on the headset, or headset; it should be emphasized).

      As for the Chinese "scripts". Somewhat reminiscent of the Japanese "scripts" of the 30s - 40s of the last century. China would not step on the same Pacific rake, at the same time pulling the United States out of the economic crisis as it happened then.
  2. Kaetani
    Kaetani 21 February 2012 10: 46
    God forbid growth to China, let it go forward to the southern borders of the Pacific Ocean!
    The PRC’s policy will no longer allow abandoning plans for the development of influence on the Pacific Basin, and it’s even pleasant to feel from it.
    1. abyss 8
      abyss 8 21 February 2012 14: 42
      "God grant China growth, let it go forward to the southern borders of the Pacific Ocean!" - well, of course, and then the Russian Far East is just a stone's throw away! .. an amazing article: not a word about the Russian Pacific Fleet! Isn't Russia already a player in this region? What does the Russian General Staff think about the new American super-aircraft carriers and Chinese anti-ship "ballistic" missiles? It would be interesting to hear ... Rogozin's opinion would also be useful to hear ... and the main thesis: why is China being given so many advances today? What kind of Chinese "power" are we talking about? about it, if it exists, it will be possible to talk only when China DEMONSTRATES it in some small war with a serious adversary! and only then! today, Chinese power exists only in words.
  3. Victor
    Victor 21 February 2012 11: 06
    While America and China have the main priorities of hostility shifted towards each other, Russia should fully use its chance to restore the economy and the army in full, so as not to provoke anyone with its weakness.
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 21 February 2012 15: 56
      And at the same time seriously engage in the development of the Far East.
  4. Regul
    Regul 21 February 2012 11: 13
    Firstly, for any country you can rejoice if its actions are directed against the United States. Secondly, this is our partner and some kind of ally. But thirdly, if they eat America on their own, and this is quite within China's power, who is next? Something comes out that if we are with China, there may well be a war, if not with it, then too. Like it or not, I'd rather be mistaken. Although, according to Nostradamus, if I remember correctly, we will be on opposite sides of the barricade.
    1. Tatars
      Tatars 21 February 2012 14: 12
      Yes, which China is Russia’s ally? At any moment can make a stab in the back
    2. Ziksura
      Ziksura 21 February 2012 16: 11
      In the martial arts of the East, there is such a rule for those who entered the battle: "Lost, died, won, suffered." Where did it come from: ate Taiwan for breakfast, the USA for lunch, and Russia is scheduled for dinner? After even a successful, at least real (what will happen to the fleet, the PRC Air Force, in what "scenery" will all the industrial centers of China be), even after an economic war with the United States (the main market for Chinese goods), China will have to recover ..... Well, I don't know I will not live.
      1. Ziksura
        Ziksura 22 February 2012 13: 53
        China defeated the United States without loss ?????????? !!!!!!!!!!! Ndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ......... Minus, minus.
  5. Petrix
    Petrix 21 February 2012 13: 06
    Not only production, but also finance moved to China (the US government only serves international corporations). China + USA can be considered as one bundle. They can play a confrontation among themselves to justify the development of weapons. But the real goal is the battle for resources, but where are they? In Russia. Therefore, China is not as active as we would like, struggling with the American invasion of Africa and the Middle East.
    1. abyss 8
      abyss 8 21 February 2012 14: 46
      "But the real goal is the battle for resources, where are they? In Russia. Therefore, China is not as active as we would like for us to fight the American invasion of Africa and the Middle East." - absolutely right! USA - the world Leader and China - a country claiming the honorable 2nd place, are waging a war for resources around the world! the likelihood of war between them tends to zero! .. "resource-using" and the weak will be "wet in the toilet" at the same time! .. guess who it is? .. lol
      1. Ziksura
        Ziksura 21 February 2012 17: 03
        More stupidity had not been heard for a long time.
        1. China is not "claiming", but already the second economy in the world.
        2. Politically, in the shadow of the United States, any state is a comrade-in-arms of this marvelous power; state is either No. 0 or No. 6.
        3. For coordinated military aggression, huge resources are not swelled to create parallel structures and systems.
        4. The US does not need any China while there is a NATO bloc. In the Pacific, Japan and South Korea are wonderful allies.
        5. You do not correctly understand such a popular topic of the war over resources. The USA and China are not Ukraine; they have no problems with their acquisition. The most important factor is the control over them and, as a consequence, the possibility of manipulation with pricing. And they don’t share such things with anyone, here by definition there can be only one.
        6. The third world war with "weak" Russia is only nuclear and leave any illusions for articles from magazines like "Murzilka". And this is when the living envy the dead.
        1. abyss 8
          abyss 8 21 February 2012 19: 07
          "I haven't heard more stupidity for a long time" - but why do you offend people? lol
          1. firstly: the economy of the united European Union is MUCH more, secondly, Japan lags behind quite a bit! Compare the population and territory of China and Japan and do not grind nonsense!
          2. But what do you want? to be nude, and still claim to be on an equal footing? .... do you really want a lot? overtake the United States in terms of GDP, living standards and military power, only then claim to be something!
          3. show how you - the state that you represent, can conduct military operations .. then we will discuss something ..
          4. China may not be needed, but its market is very necessary! lol
          5. Ukraine, my dear, does not claim world domination or a "multipolar" world! feel the difference .. we all understand quite well ... manipulations with pricing put an end to the USSR ... so we also read something, sir laughing
          6. the third world may not be ... but in ten years, roughly, a million Chinese workers in Russia may raise the issue of greater "federalization" for them personally ... and here, indeed, the "murzilka" will turn out very funny and with some interesting cut of the eyes lol
          1. Ziksura
            Ziksura 21 February 2012 20: 02
            How old are you, son?
            1. Ziksura
              Ziksura 22 February 2012 10: 41
              Cons, smilies I see, there were no arguments and no. All six points from 19:07 exactly from "Murzilka" especially point number 6 from the category: drunk tourists seized the Eiffel Tower in Paris and declared it an independent territory - without military aggression, this is IMPOSSIBLE, tk. there is no legal basis for such "federalization" by peaceful means. No. 1,2,3,4 is this all about? Are you even able to understand what you read? # 5 - where is Ukraine? I just cited it as an example as the most famous country for which it is "expensive" to buy energy resources. Read carefully.
  6. 755962
    755962 21 February 2012 14: 37
    But the most offensive, according to M. Reagan, is different. Against the USA, China worked in much the same way as Ronald Reagan in the eighties tried to influence the Soviet Union. Here are his words: “They devalued their own currency, took ours and set the course that we see today — they are doing the same thing with America that Ronald Reagan did with the Soviet bloc — he put it on his knees. And it's time for our administration to see this. ”
    China is a good student. The trends of recent years speak for themselves. The wisdom of Chinese politics lies in unhurried, and therefore correct conclusions. And these conclusions are very beneficial for us. In the sense that they give some time to resolve both the military and economic problems in Russia. It is necessary to seize the moment.
  7. leon-iv
    leon-iv 21 February 2012 15: 38
    if you take the military unit.
    Then at sea, China, a young gopnik against heavyweight boxers (Russia, USA). Not that class. It will reach the level of the Russian Federation and the USA in 30 years. And this is not only in the number of ships, but in experience and traditions and the development of other weapons components. In the meantime, ears of Russian and European design bureaus are growing from all projects of Chinese NK and PL.
    And on a ballistic missile, these are no more tales, and all specialists perfectly understand this.
  8. ikrut
    ikrut 21 February 2012 18: 58
    The most paramount and paramount task of China is Taiwan and Taiwan alone. Until this problem is finally and irrevocably resolved for China, no other serious initiatives should be expected from it. Nowhere. Neither in the confrontation with the United States, nor in the Russian Far East. The Chinese are NOT at all what Westerners imagine them to be. And they think and act differently. And their motivations are different. Very strongly tied to the traditional values ​​and goals of Chinese civilization. An independent Taiwan with strong Kuomintang traditions is a potential source of instability and a threat to China's integrity. With the most monstrous consequences. The Russian Foreign Ministry understands this very well (but the USSR Foreign Ministry did not understand it very well because of its ideological "blinkering"). That is why they do not "twitch" strongly.
  9. leon-iv
    leon-iv 21 February 2012 19: 09
    over Taiwan 100% harnessed amers. And then begins the beating of infants with forces of at least 4 AUG against which the Chinese are not able to put up anything sensible. Even in the SA, the 3/4 exchange of the Tu-22M3 regiment was considered very good for removing AUG from the database (not drowning, namely removal from the database).
    So, China and its fleet have more precisely with 3 components of NK, PL and aviation.
    And as soon as the butting of China and the United States begins. India will quickly decide to restore the status quo in Tibet. No wonder they place the bulk of the Su-30MKI there wink
    1. ikrut
      ikrut 21 February 2012 19: 32
      Ess-but "harness". they are well aware that this is now the only way to destroy China as a competitor. That is why China does not go to Taiwan yet. He accumulates strength and waits for the yusy to burn themselves. Slowly buying up their assets. I don't think it's too long to wait.
      As for Tibet, it was never Indian. (India does not really care about Tibet, by and large). Well, at least in modern and recent history. And before - there were generally 2 kings per sq. Km :))
  10. black_eagle
    black_eagle 21 February 2012 19: 23
    Ballistic anti-ship missile ??? Give me two! A missile launched along a hinged trajectory at the initial and final phase of the flight is very vulnerable, you must admit it is not the R-36M and it is not launched from a concrete shaft. At the final section, she needs to be guided with something, that is, some Chinese should be sitting on a buoy with a laser illumination system or something else, so that she would not be shot down at the final section (Americans have Aegis in the AUG order), she should fly on hypersound and maneuver and the ship is still maneuvering, in short, the target is about 100X100 and moves 10-20 m / s, while not the fact that it is on a straight trajectory. I don’t know ... she’s dumb ...
    1. ikrut
      ikrut 21 February 2012 20: 04
      Why can't you adjust the warhead from the satellite? It is still difficult on hypersound, of course, but the Americans are trying to do something there. Why can't the Chinese? And the Aegis is unlikely to master a few mobile warheads with a bunch of decoys. He also hits the calculated trajectory. And you can also explode one nuclear one in the atmosphere, and then finish off the aircraft carrier with blanks from another missile, when the Aegis EMP shuts down.
      Although all this is from the field of idle speculation. of course:)))
      1. black_eagle
        black_eagle 21 February 2012 21: 35
        Satellites tend to constantly move in space, until the rocket reaches 3000, the satellite will be at the other end of the "ball", for today the maximum is to set the coordinates of a previously known point. To detect, detect and track the target (independently), alas, satellites have not yet taught
        1. Vldmr
          Vldmr 21 February 2012 22: 55
          It will take 10-15 minutes after the start to hit the target, AUG will not go far during this time, 10-15 km. Of course, you can’t do without homing, but at the start it’s enough to set the area of ​​AUG location, and then the missile will find the target from above. And the development of maneuvering warheads for ballistic missiles has long been underway.
          1. black_eagle
            black_eagle 21 February 2012 23: 06
            The warheads maneuver according to a certain mathematical algorithm, at the final stage of the maneuver the warhead goes exactly to the given coordinate, well, certainly not 10 meters, the most modern ballistic missiles KVO (circular probable deviation) at Trident 2 - 90 meters with GPS, at Bulava - 350 meters. And right away I want to say that if you "plug" Aegis with an atmospheric nuclear explosion, then why tempt fate and finish off the warrant with conventional weapons, there will already be no care, smack the second nuclear missile into the warrant!)))))))
            1. Vldmr
              Vldmr 22 February 2012 00: 06
              Cluster warhead, large target size. 90 meters is enough. At such speeds, even a 100 gram swept element will sew armor with a bang. The cost of the rocket I think will be 3 orders of magnitude less than the cost of an aircraft carrier. Several rockets will not be a pity to spend. In general, Iskander has a KVO with a guidance system of 5-7 m, and without it, 50-70 m (speed in the final section is 2100 m / s). So with accuracy, I think not everything is so bad. Anti-ship ballistic missile will relate more to the RMD and RSD. Rather than ICBMs.
              1. black_eagle
                black_eagle 22 February 2012 11: 45
                3000 km, wow "small" radius! Medium - yes, the Iskander is aimed at a certain point, but not at a moving target
            2. leon-iv
              leon-iv 22 February 2012 00: 28
              Where are the firewood about the KVO clubs? If from of sources then they are worth a penny on a market day.
              By the way, and on which part of the trajectory of the warhead maneuver?
              Threat on Ajis. To cover the order from the KO, Aigis is not suitable to look at the shape and direction of the antennas.
              ZY for VKO there is a completely different antenna economy
  11. Vldmr
    Vldmr 21 February 2012 20: 53
    Ballistic anti-ship missile - easy! There is only one problem, it is necessary to have a high-quality and numerous low-orbit intelligence group. And China is far from this, and other countries too. It is necessary in almost real time to track the position of the AOG for the initial target designation, at the final stage any guidance system (radar, television, thermal imaging) is suitable. The aircraft carrier has a large EPR (and in the upper projection it can not be significantly reduced due to the runway), it emits a lot of heat. The target is still that :))) A medium-range ballistic missile is an ideal candidate for the destruction of aircraft carriers. It is very difficult to intercept the warhead with modern means. The warhead will enter the atmosphere at a speed of about 3 km / s, and if it will still be with the WGM, split up 2-3 km to the target into a bunch of swept elements, then the runway will generally crash. :)
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 22 February 2012 00: 24
      ballistics is what trajectory so on ballistics and stones fly and bullets.
      Satellite constellation will not give 100% of the data center.
      And it turns out that at least 5 reconnaissance satellites should fall over the AUG base point. And AUG infection maneuvers and can kill satellites (if the SM-3 is finished to a digestible state). To do this, we need airplanes in the class of heavy bombers to carry all the electronic stuffing. yes + submarines for a salvo of anti-ship missiles at supersonic. For the time being, this is all fantastic for the Chinese. And photo-ass projects in our country are not bad at drawing warriors with burning eyes.
    DEATH UWB 22 February 2012 16: 22
    It turns out that a very remarkable situation has developed in Southeast Asia. China, while it was possible, did everything to not only enrich itself "at the expense of others", but also to strengthen its political, military and economic influence, at least on the region. And the United States, in turn, in the pursuit of profits from consumer goods, “missed” the most crucial moment and themselves raised their own geopolitical “almost equal rival”. And, what is even more interesting and offensive, the United States now has many problems without China that need to be resolved as soon as possible. And the Celestial Empire, meanwhile, is building up its military power and making plans for the future. Will there be then in them such words as "Taiwan" or "Guam"?

    and you don’t know how everything is being solved now, everyone is tied up, and everyone pretends that they are preparing for war — and there won’t be a war, for the first time in history, it’s not beneficial to anyone, I mean the last war
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 22 February 2012 16: 30
      Quote: DEATH USA
      and you don’t know how everything is being solved now, everyone is tied up, and everyone pretends that they are preparing for war — and there won’t be a war, for the first time in history, it’s not beneficial to anyone, I mean the last war

      The United States itself suggested to China how "revolutions are made", the sent gang of "specialists in democracy" bribes and fools the locals (students are the easiest to lead). Then a rally with any demands, a provocation (shooting at the police, smashing windows, setting fire to a car, you can blow up a grenade in a heap of demonstrators), the introduction of rapid reaction units under the slogan of "protecting the civilian population", demilitarization of the army and navy of the "undemocratic country", change of government by "fair" elections. If this is done quickly, and it is possible, then the rest of the countries will only "wash away".