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What is the optimism of "optimists"? Blurs and crap from the authors of the series

What is optimism "Optimist"? Blurs and crap from the authors of the series

The film is positioned by the authors as supposedly built on "real events". And if so, then it should correspond as much as possible to how everything really was. Even if it is artistically represented by factography. In reality, the film, allegedly based on the "realities" of that time, is pretty stuffed with blunders, nonsense and nonsense, sometimes reaching the category of "bullshit". And most importantly, the reliability of many scenes and events is far from historical reality. But it is in the details, as they say, that the devil is hidden ...

The film begins with the presentation of the audience during the American exhibition, which was held in Sokolniki in July 1959, the main actors. Deputy Foreign Minister introduces "the best employee of the US Department of Foreign Affairs," Rutu Laumane, with "the head of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee," Valentin Vareinikov (although at that time his position was officially called the head of the International Department, and in the nomenklatura world of liberty, admitted, but oh well), as well as deputy section of the International Department Grigory Biryukov, who is under the auspices of his “boss”.

Laumane says that it is necessary, they say, to create in the Foreign Ministry a division of young people who know the Western world, the habits of foreigners, you need to teach diplomats to communicate with their colleagues "in a new way." Without thinking twice, Laumane during the exhibition chooses a certain trinity of people wandering around the hall, and, as it turns out later, takes them to the newly formed division - the Information Analytical Group (IAG), which she conceived and heads. It seems that at that time there was a shortage in the diplomatic department with young and trained personnel. For almost 15 years how the war ended. 10 years MGIMO works. What is the problem?

Well, ok: “created”, “scored” ... And what do we see?

Muratov is a graduate of MGIMO, who graduated with honors. Born into a family of diplomats in France, he spent his childhood there. And for some reason, engaged in "young African democracies." Why not france?

After the army, Leonid Korneev served in the Maritime Trade navy USSR. Nothing is known about his education. Why? At the same time, he is represented as allegedly an "indispensable specialist in Cuba and Latin America." What hangover did he suddenly become so ?! Well, he was in Cuba, most likely in passing, like a sailor. Well, I knew one of the Cubans from an orphanage. And where does the whole of Latin America?

The next is Golub. He is generally a Sinist. And here is the Western world, which Laumana talked about when she discussed with the deputy minister the need to create a new unit?

In other words, they took young employees, two of whom — Golub and Korneev — hardly met such an understanding at all. Golub has never been abroad; he has no experience with foreign diplomats. Although Korneyev had been, but as a seaman of the merchant fleet, this is a completely different field. Yes, Muratov was born and raised in France, but this does not mean that he is well aware of the world of diplomats. It is doubtful that Muratov could have been taken at MGIMO and then at the Foreign Ministry because of his biography.

In the series, there are constant discrepancies. At the beginning of the 1 series, Andrei Muratov demonstrates his knowledge of English (“at the level”). However, later during a meeting with an American group in nature, this trinity declares that none of them can speak English. A question arises regarding Golub: what language did he give when he entered MGIMO? This obviously could not be Chinese, which he owns. At the same time, it is not clear which language at MGIMO was taught by Muratov (although, apparently, English?), If he was fluent in French before entering university. He would have to be given a different language to learn, and maybe two. It is not clear which university he graduated from the sailor and whether he finished the university at all — this is not mentioned anywhere — and how he ended up at the Foreign Ministry. Is it right from the American exhibition ?!

And, according to the authors, they can teach their more experienced colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work "in a new way" ?! Hmm ... In general, the IAH is a division with some unintelligible functions, and what they do is often unlikely to be the responsibility of such a structure. For some tasks, these guys simply replace the operational diplomatic departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And it is not clear for what purpose. These “eagles” are going to teach diplomats how to “properly” communicate with their colleagues, and at the same time learn the basics of the game of golf using a book! And what, the diplomats themselves could not have thought of such a book to read? And why are IAG employees during working hours interested in playing golf? It turns out that recently a senator offered to play golf at an employee of the Soviet embassy in the USA! And he refused. Therefore, in Moscow, IAG urgently learns the basics of golf in order to write a kind of “memo”, the place of which is clearly in the bin. To urgently and remotely educate the rude-diplomat of this game, or what? In general, some nonsense. It seems that the events did not take place in the 50-60 years, when Soviet diplomacy accumulated experienced and knowledgeable personnel, but in the 20-30 years, when appointees came to the Commissariat “from the plow”, who wiped snot with a sleeve.

The main events in the film date back to 1960, when Biryukov was "banished" to the Foreign Ministry because of an actual international scandal. After such a serious offense, which he committed against a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, he definitely had to be restricted to go abroad. Therefore, in the Foreign Ministry he would have nothing to do. And he goes abroad as if nothing had happened, and not only in the socialist countries. Even with his patron, Vareinikov, this would hardly have been possible. Biryukov is seriously demoted and appointed as the head of the IAG - instead of Laumane, who turns out to be (“the best employee of the American department”) he only performed the duties of the head of this group. Why would she have such a distrust? And a whole year! Unclear…

The new head of the IAG understands that he actually got into the poorhouse. Whether it was worth creating such a group in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a big question! At least not for young and promising guys. Usually, the misdemeanors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sit in such a poorhouse. And here they take young “optimists”, who speak brilliantly foreign languages ​​and still have no sins, and declare them to be such a superpower capable of solving tasks that the rest of the diplomatic department staff allegedly cannot do. Hmm ...

Biryukov urges to engage in "real business", and not to compile reminders that no one reads. Certainly he is right. And it is here that the authors of the series draw this ill-fated YAG into such matters, to which its employees would hardly be allowed.

One of the real historical events reflected in the series was the destruction of the American U-2 aircraft that took place on May 1. However, the events are presented not too authentically, and the main thing is puzzling the further fate of the colonel-pilot who commanded the flight of high-altitude fighters. Yes, our pilot was killed, because of the poor organization and the absence of a “friend-foe” identification system on the plane, the missile was hit. However, the colonel’s fault in his death is not perfect. Nevertheless, the honored pilot, hero, participant of the war, behaves like an impressionable girl - rushing about, sprinkling ashes on her head, almost crying. And this is a combat officer who must have seen quite a few deaths.

They want to transfer this colonel, husband Laumane, to an astronaut detachment as an instructor. It seems to be "resolved." However, the medical board rejects the pilot. Well, it would seem, what problems? After all, not an astronaut, but only an instructor. Nevertheless, his commission from the army. Why?! A person with such merit and qualifications would definitely find a place to apply his strength and knowledge. The authors of the film, however, removed it from the army. He begins to freak out and complex and drives himself to suicide. But you couldn't even shoot yourself in the head - I missed! Here you have a military officer ... And then he ends up finishing life bills, cutting his veins.
Why did the filmmakers have to exhibit the Soviet officer in such an unattractive form?

Well, let's say the authors of the films decided to lead the story about the IAH, which in reality did not exist in the Foreign Ministry. But why do they talk about her as a group, then as a department? In spite of the fact that it is not spoken directly anywhere, but in a number of moments it turns out that the IAG seems to be subordinate to the Department of Foreign Policy Information, the chief of which is P. Shuyko. About this advocate of secrecy and at the same time a talker who revealed (only after a small glass of rum - a chronic alcoholic?) Important secret information, will be discussed later. Therefore, there can be no other department in the department. But the confusion goes on throughout the film.
A strange story continues during a reception at the Cuban embassy. Laumane represents Korneev Shuiko - as if the first is not an employee of the Shuikov department. Moreover, she presents Korneev as almost a regular at receptions at the Cuban embassy and asks to introduce (!) Shuyko, who, for 20 years of work in the Foreign Ministry, must have been here more than once with the Cubans. Well, some kind of nonsense ... Even greater nonsense: Shuiko without any hesitation reveals top secret information to the Swedish diplomat about the downed American pilot. According to the authors, apparently, this is possible. After that, they would inevitably have to be removed far and for a long time to some almshouse worse than the YAG. But no! He is afloat! "Valuable shot!" Why is it valuable?

Further. The Swede urgently tells the US ambassador such important classified information. What makes an American who has just 15 minutes to transfer information to the embassy? Instead of going and just calling from the Cubans to his embassy, ​​for some reason he is trying to leave in his car! Well, I would call, the State Department warned, and then go to your embassy! That would be so entered an experienced diplomat. And here ... In general, the next dog's crap from the authors of this “thriller” ... Well, do they really not have enough imagination to come up with something more reasonable and believable ?! And so on throughout the film.

By the way, the storyline relating to the actions of the special services (both Soviet and American) in the film sometimes looks utterly unintelligible and does not correspond to the realities. In addition, the Soviet secret services are constantly shown by the authors in an unsightly form.

Take, for example, the famous story of the sailors of a self-propelled tank landing barge, which the authors of the film cheekily distorted. It concerns an emergency that occurred in January 1960, when this vessel was broken off from mooring by hurricane wind and carried off into the open ocean without radio communication. On board this barge were four conscripts: A. Ziganshin, F. Poplavsky, A. Kryuchkovsky and I. Fedotov. Drift lasted 49 days. In the most difficult conditions, the soldiers could not only survive, but also preserve human dignity. When they were discovered by an American aircraft carrier, they were extremely exhausted and were on the verge of life and death. The Americans were amazed that the Soviet soldiers and in this state retained human form and self-discipline. The aircraft carrier delivered the rescued servicemen to San Francisco, where they were met by the Consul General of the USSR — a picture of those rescued with him was printed in those days in many newspapers of the country, posted on posters in cities of the USSR. Then the servicemen were sent to New York, where they met with representatives of the Soviet embassy and rested for a week in the country. N. Khrushchev sent them a government telegram, where he noted their courage and heroism. From New York, they sailed to Europe, and then they were taken to Moscow. Upon returning home, they were given a solemn reception, they were awarded orders of the Red Star and received wide acclaim.

And against the background of these facts, the authors of this ill-fated series decided to show how the "evil" and "cruel" Soviet security officers were going to torture these guys and beat out some evidence from them. And only thanks to personally to Comrade Biryukov, this kind and sympathetic person, as well as to the young employees of the YAG, the “vile plan” of the Soviet special services was thwarted. The authors of the series decided to change the names of the characters. What for?! And instead of the truth, it turned out not only politically, but also a socially distorted picture.

Incredible events constantly occur with the main "heroes". Golub is preparing to join the party. And asks to check his comrades on the knowledge of some materials. But, apparently, the authors of the script do not know that before becoming a member of the CPSU and get the cherished red book, it’s necessary for 1 to be like a candidate for a year. And it is just before admission to the candidates that numerous and rigorous interviews are held. And for Golub what, the exception is made? And in general, why would he be taken to the party, for what merit? Just because the authors decided to build on this intrigue with the loss of party membership? Simply and easily…

Further, according to the storyline, theft of Golub’s membership card results in a situation where he cannot refuse to arrange for an exit visa to become a person who, as a result, becomes a defector and a traitor to the Motherland. A very serious scandal in connection with which all the participants in this event would have to get thoroughly "on the horns." Golub is arresting the KGB on suspicion of committing at least an official crime. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the head of the 1 department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nikolai Chernykh, appears and lets off everything on the brakes without any consequences for both Golub himself and Biryukov, whom he slandered (and his explanation is just pale babble!), And at the same time the barmaid, riding on someone else's winter house right from the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (!). Golub immediately released. Yes, not just released, and subsequently appointed the head of the YAG! Although they should have immediately expelled him from the party and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In general, a fantastic nonsense! Unbelievable! I do not think that the competence of the representative of the state security bodies in this serious department is the opportunity to resolve this kind of scandal.

During the first meeting of Biryukov with Cherny, it turns out that they had studied somewhere together. I wonder where did they study together? It is known that Biryukov graduated from the Higher Party School. At the same time, Biryukov considers Chernykh a promising foreign intelligence officer, who should have already headed the KGB residency in the UK. To which Black responds to him that, he says, here he is, in his words, “among the papers,” that is, to put it mildly, he is engaged in “garbage” along the line of counterintelligence. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was engaged in counter-intelligence support of the Second Main Directorate of the KGB, which seconded its officers to the diplomatic department as officers of the existing reserve. It is such an employee that Black is represented. It should be noted that the first (regime-secret) departments in the Soviet departments were in charge of secret clerical work and the protection of top secret information from foreign intelligence services. Counterintelligence officers, who conducted undercover and operational work, sat under their "roof," as well as under personnel units. In the course of the film, Black demonstrates this kind of work. Even in the first series, it turns out that Ruta Karlovna is Black's secret agent and mistress, with whom she holds intimate meetings at the "secret" (more precisely, secret) apartment. However, when Shuyko talked about, that is, he actually committed at least an official crime, she says nothing to her supervisor at the evening emergency meeting with him, and instead asks only to take her denunciation of Biryukov. Black and his agents work great! Know about this his superiors in Lubyanka, would not demolish his head, and certainly would flooded from the Foreign Ministry. And in the film - "peace and quiet."

Further. The counterintelligence officer informs Cherny that among the Americans who came to the meeting with the IAG staff there is a “recruiter” from the CIA. But the head of the 1 department, this fact somehow does not really shakes. He is almost indifferent. Moreover, counterintelligence somehow weakly reacts to this fact! In reality, the entire venue would be surrounded by dense, hidden observation. And here they just “informed” their “liner”. Haha

And to whom, as it turns out, is the interest of the CIA directed? It turns out, on the sailor Korneev! So he was already recruited during his stay abroad, long before working at the Foreign Ministry! Why are there to do the "white bone" of the special services? It turns out just to convey the conditions of conspiratorial communication. So he is a simple bonder, not a recruiter at all! But suppose that, indeed, the CIA wants to reestablish contact with him after a long pause and sends the recruiter to check whether Korneev will cooperate with them, whether he has not informed about the recruitment of the Soviet counterintelligence. But in that case, they should have had at least one long meeting, during which the recruiter could get at least some picture of the current state of their agent and the willingness to cooperate with the CIA. Instead, a very short contact and an unintelligible conversation, from which virtually nothing follows. And why is Korneev cooperating with them now? Because of the alleged "compromising", which the American intelligence officer scared the sailor? Hmm ... unconvincing. By the way, about the recruitment of Korneev. For what the hell do the CIA recruit some simple sailor? What is good for him? For the long term? Perhaps, but not likely. It is unlikely that he will be able to become someone in the USSR who is truly of intelligence interest. As a last resort on some minor roles.

As already mentioned, Vareinikov in the film is the head of the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU. The international department was responsible for maintaining a transparent and tacit connection with left-wing (communist, socialist) parties abroad, pro-communist and pro-Soviet international organizations, resistance movements, friendship societies. During the period indicated in the film, this position was permanently occupied by B.N. from 1955 to 1986. Ponomarev, who was among the leaders of the CPSU of the times of "stagnation", was distinguished by a frank anti-Stalinist position. In the 1960 year, Ponomarev was not even the secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, he became one only in the 1961 year, and in the 1972 year he was elected a candidate member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU. At the same time, the film shows the anti-Khruschev plot, which was actually led by the head of the department of the Central Committee and in which members of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU were involved. But the head of the department of the Central Committee could not and was not part of the Presidium, which later became known as the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU. How the “villain” Vareinikov and Ponomarev combine is unclear.

At a minimum, the scene of the arrest of the rebel members of the Presidium of the Central Committee by the security bodies causes a grin. The authors of the film, it seems, have absolutely no idea how this could actually be and generally could be so. As you know, conspiracies against Khrushchev were in 1957 and 1964. The first attempt for the conspirators was unsuccessful. The second - ended with the demolition of Khrushchev. In the summer of 1957, by a majority vote (7: 4) at a meeting of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Nikita Sergeevich was removed from his post as First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, and a collective proposal was prepared for a plenum of the Central Committee on this decision. Nevertheless, at the second meeting of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU, which Khrushchev demanded to hold, calling on his supporters, he managed to change the balance of forces in his favor (13 vs. 6). The failure of the conspiracy was largely due to the fact that Serov of the KGB of the USSR Council of Ministers Serov was on the side of Khrushchev, and during the extraordinary plenum of the first secretary of the Central Committee he supported GK. Zhukov, quite transparently hinted at the possibility of the use of force. Contributed and sluggish, cautious position Suslova, as well as avoiding the participation of Brezhnev. The plenum of the Central Committee declared the conspirators "anti-party group" and expelled them from the top party leadership, and after some time - from the ranks of the Communists. Only Voroshilov and Bulganin, who took part in the conspiracy, by a happy coincidence of circumstances and taking into account their profound repentance, got off with a slight fright and kept their posts, and not for long.

I can not get past the cars that are shown in the film. At ZIM - in 50-s a representative high-level car - rolls the "villain" Vareinikov. 28-47 MOS Number. Such a number could hardly have been at such a high-ranking party official. The MOS Series Office Management cars had numbers from 00-01 to 07-99. Then came the numbers of the Criminal Code of the Council of Ministers and the Directorate of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the RSFSR, regional party and Soviet organizations. And the number 28-47 could only belong to a taxi company. It should be noted that in the 60 year, the leaders of the Central Committee of its level had already moved at least to the new “Seagulls” (especially since this party official is almost represented as a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee), and ZIMs began to use including as a taxi, or even private cars.

Non MOS strictly quota. Nevertheless, we see that some head of the 1 department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is rolling around Moscow on the Volga with such an “untouchable” number. The number on the car of the Black MOS series says that its car belongs to the garage of the Central Committee of the CPSU, and not to any other organization or private person. Indeed, the Volga with the Moscow numbers were used in the work of the KGB officers, but only by the 9 of the Directorate, and who were personally guarding the high-ranking party officials. And he clearly did not belong to them.
Not to mention the attempt to remove Black by a car accident. Definitely the authors have little idea how this can be done. But what is shown in the film goes far beyond common sense. As a head-on collision was organized, it could not be carried out. Is that a heavy truck, like a jet fighter, dived abruptly in front of the nose of the Volga at the very moment when the driver turned away. Well, is it nonsense ... In addition, it is puzzling why Black had a folder with denunciations with him in the car if he and his son went to their parents?

Accidental murder of German journalist Gaby in Berlin in a telephone booth. The border guards (or the police) shoot machine guns at the crowd in one direction, and for some reason the bullet flies in the opposite direction. Is that possible? Well, at least such blunders could not be allowed!

And it completely kills the ending of the last series, where “gingerbread” is distributed to “optimists”. More or less clear and logical is the premise of Muratov in the Congo. The appointment of Ruta Karlovna as Deputy Minister - here I want to think about it. But the occupation of Korneyev’s chair, which had previously occupied Black, does not climb at any gate. It could not happen, because it could never happen. Under no circumstances. He does not have the appropriate education or experience in the special services. Even if he was involved in a counterintelligence operation to expose the perpetrators. Although not a single word was said about this during the film. Here is some kind of schizophrenia.

In general, I must say, the film, from which you expect some kind of young optimism - based on its name, the novelty of “thaw”, is replete with heroic acts of immoral, betrayal, meanness, betrayal, conspiracies, fights in the pub. An assassination attempt is being made on the basis of the assassination of a responsible officer of the KGB who is engaged in counter-intelligence support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And without the inevitable consequences in this case ... Probably, against this background, driving the car in a “subdued” state seems to be the least evil. Is it really about this had to make a movie? Well, then why call the movie "Optimists"? Would call "Bastards". More would correspond to the invoice submitted by the authors.

Apparently, the authors decided to fantasize about this and came up with their own version of "real events." But why? It turned out very unconvincing, even in terms of artistic intrigue. Well, there must be at least some logic and common sense when writing scripts! Yes, and historical books would be useful to read ...

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  1. Army soldier2
    Army soldier2 12 May 2017 15: 30
    It is impossible not to agree with the author of the article.
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 12 May 2017 16: 10
      In one amazing incomplete schoolboy (because it’s already big, but glues itself toy cartons from cardboard, and not models, but anyway) over-aged and also stupid people drove into the tank design bureau to teach professionals how to properly design tanks. And they made this show for people with a scraped brain. It seems that films are being shot at our place with the same level of development. The plots and the rest of them correspond.
      1. jjj
        jjj 13 May 2017 14: 05
        In fairness, even before showing the viewer, they warned that this film is a parallel reality that is not a reflection of real reality. These are some fantasies on the topic. Therefore, I did not look. Of course, every artist has the right to his own vision. It’s a pity that most of the modern “artists” have strabismus.
        But another thing is dangerous in this film. Most viewers take the show at face value and believe it. And how the impact on the audience occurred is not important for customers
    2. alekc73
      alekc73 13 May 2017 15: 07
      The series is generally not bad, but outweighs the desire to spoil the Soviet system. Stamps of modern cinema: scum from the organs spread rot for good people, high-ranking communists, all wolves by nature well, and all the women ... That’s such a movie.
  2. Kibl
    Kibl 12 May 2017 15: 39
    Modern Russian cinema almost sucks, with the exception of a couple of films. A low level of directing, horror with the scriptwriters, and I’d better not say anything about the actors. But it seems that Russian filmmakers are fulfilling someone’s order to denigrate the history of Russia and the USSR, and even at public expense. at the end I was killed by the position of the channel RUSSIA 1, it must be on May 9 this year again showed the slag "Stalingrad" F. Bondarchuk. This is a pure anti-Soviet film, a spit in the history of the Battle of Stalingrad.
    1. intuzazist
      intuzazist 12 May 2017 16: 29
      And the new “28 Panfilovites” ?! It would be better if "Liberation" were shown ..........................
      1. Sling cutter
        Sling cutter 12 May 2017 23: 07
        28-Panfilov’s is a more or less decent film, but the new “Quiet Don” is vomit!
        He took the disc, reviewed the old version - elegant, sharp and modern, and the selection of artists is a masterpiece !!!
        There is absolutely nothing to say about television series, except for how difficult it can be called a dull haun.
        Especially some thread of vysery about SMRSh, partisans, reconnaissance groups to search for Stalin’s son is a hat such that it becomes not a shame, but some kind of hatred for these “masterpiece” directors, pah, damn it!
        And the main "strike force" on May 9th was the "penal battalion."
        I’m even afraid to think about what my grandfathers would do with the "creators" of such "masterpieces" am
  3. xomaNN
    xomaNN 12 May 2017 15: 50
    It’s not a historical film, but fun fellow And it was even fun for me to watch the series, the costumers dressed the characters quite on time. YAG was fantasized, of course. And wedged real events in passing. ... If you noticed, a whole stream of series about the USSR in 20-30-50-60 of its years rolled out for inspection. wassat
  4. Aaleks1974
    Aaleks1974 12 May 2017 15: 57
    Honestly, I try to never watch our series about the era of the USSR, it seems that they were shot in Hollywood, judging by the abundance of cranberries in the plots. Absolute no respect for the viewer.
    1. kunstkammer
      kunstkammer 12 May 2017 22: 21
      it seems that such films are stamped per young generation. And they should cause only one thought:
      if such bastards were held in high esteem in the USSR, now their time has come.
  5. Buffet
    Buffet 12 May 2017 16: 11
    Well, maybe this article is more relevant on Kinopoisk, and not here?
  6. iouris
    iouris 12 May 2017 16: 15
    Withstood half of one series. A Latvian with a Lithuanian name, married to a hero-pilot, working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the set that indicates the incompetence of the scriptwriters. Actors and interiors are not able to convey the spirit of the era. The modern generation is not able to understand how the Soviet people qualitatively differed from the citizens of the Russian Federation. I think that with this "minister of culture" a decent Russian film may accidentally appear, but not more than once every ten years and not on a historical topic.
    1. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev 12 May 2017 22: 36
      The modern generation is not able to understand how the Soviet people qualitatively differed from the citizens of the Russian Federation. The abundance of "cranberries" in the plots and behavior of the characters in the films of the Soviet period cause their absolute rejection and disrespect for the viewer.
  7. Chifka
    Chifka 12 May 2017 16: 40
    Having worked for 26 years in the police, I can’t watch modern fairy tales-series on this topic physically. Always "killed" a series about the streets of broken lanterns. In which 3 (!) Operas worked in droves one at a time (!!) slaughter for a week (!!!), while reporting on the results to the General (!!!). Who in the subject, he will understand. In our province, there are dozens of cases for one opera, plus escort of those suspended ... Campaign in St. Petersburg in the late 90s is generally rare.
    1. Glory1974
      Glory1974 12 May 2017 17: 53
      Having worked 26 years in the police, I can’t watch modern fairy tales-series on this topic physically.

      You noticed that police do not watch TV shows about cops. Doctors don't watch Interns. The military does not watch the "soldiers." Teachers spit from the "School". The list goes on. The conclusion in my opinion is unambiguous: professionals in their field immediately see falsehood and crap, and therefore do not look.
      it means that the directors are driving frankly, I’m not afraid of the word "bullshit", designed for the idiots. Therefore, according to opinion polls, fewer and fewer people watch TV.
      1. AID.S
        AID.S 13 May 2017 22: 03
        Quote: glory1974
        Doctors don't watch Interns.

        Perhaps when once. My half, a doctor, enjoy watching Interns. Specifically, this series is quite high quality in the actors and script.
        1. Glory1974
          Glory1974 14 May 2017 23: 30
          Specifically, this series is quite high quality in the actors and script.

          May be. But in my opinion the trend is obvious.
  8. moskowit
    moskowit 12 May 2017 16: 44
    And I, a happy man, do not watch this crap! And to those who say: “I clicked, clicked all weekend, I have nothing to watch ...” I suggest reading Shakespeare in the original or studying something ...
    1. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev 12 May 2017 22: 42
      Quote: moskowit
      read Shakespeare in the original or learn something ...

      "... read Shakespeare in the original ..." - that's cool.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Starover_Z
        Starover_Z 13 May 2017 00: 11
        Quote: evge-malyshev
        Quote: moskowit
        read Shakespeare in the original or learn something ...

        "... read Shakespeare in the original ..." - that's cool.

        I reached the point in reading comments to this point and inspired from the past -
        In Soviet stagnation, the textbook “History of the CPSU” somehow fell into the hands of.
        "Killed" postscript, in principle constant in essence to reprinted books, -
        "Nth edition, revised and supplemented!"
        Corrected HISTORY !!! Finish ! And bumped into memory!
        And now, with current films, History is specifically “corrected”!
        1. AID.S
          AID.S 13 May 2017 22: 19
          Quote: Starover_Z
          In Soviet stagnation, the textbook “History of the CPSU” somehow fell into the hands of.
          "Killed" postscript, in principle constant in essence to reprinted books, -
          "Nth edition, revised and supplemented!"

          Have you read the book?
  9. midshipman
    midshipman 12 May 2017 17: 07
    I fully agree with the author of the article and the comments. Modern films made at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation disgrace our country, distort history and teach viewers to hate the country. I can say that they checked me for almost a year (1978) to instruct me to head the State Institution in one of the nine Defense Ministries. Moreover, there were handrails from members of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Regional Party Committee. In such historical films, there must be concurrence. Their fault will be if events for budget money are shown unreliably. After watching this film, I, too, remained upset (to put it mildly). I have the honor.
    1. iouris
      iouris 12 May 2017 21: 24
      Quote: midshipman
      After watching this film, I, too, remained upset (to put it mildly).

      Chagrin is not the emotion that is appropriate in this case. As a rule, not an artistic but an ideological goal is pursued. Formally, there is no ideology in the Russian Federation. “Lack of ideology” means the absence of an ideological apparatus, and this creates the conditions for the planting of an ideology that promotes the interests of TNCs. The money of the "ministry of culture" does not smell, but the "budget" origin of finances, on which "works of art" are sculpted, is far from obvious. Perhaps the State Department and USIA changed tactics and started financing the production of the necessary films directly in the Russian Federation. The necessary personnel are already trained and educated.
  10. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 12 May 2017 17: 14
    Muratov is a graduate of MGIMO, who graduated with honors. Born into a family of diplomats in France, he spent his childhood there. And for some reason, engaged in "young African democracies." Why not france?

    Not so simple. ©
    In fact, this appointment is the only one that can be justified in any way. For the west of North and Central Africa + Madagascar are the former French colonies.
  11. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 12 May 2017 22: 06
    I agree: the name "Bastards" is more consistent with this film. And the slogan for this film will be - bastards get the best posts!
    And further. These are directly prepared modern "effective managers". Did not notice?
    1. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev 12 May 2017 22: 48
      Quote: kunstkammer
      These are directly prepared modern "effective managers". Did not notice?

      I agree and noticed.
  12. den-protector
    den-protector 12 May 2017 23: 00
    If such pseudo-cinema is shown on federal channels, then this means it is beneficial for someone. You must admit that in Russia there is unspoken censorship and an unspoken order for such "cinema pornography." Who benefits from the blackening of Soviet history, especially the era of Stalin I.V., the idealization of the "thaw", the debilitation of the population and especially youth? Most likely from hucksters and their henchmen in power in order to reformat the consciousness of the population.
  13. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka 13 May 2017 00: 02
    Author, what do you want from creative people? Knowledge of reality? Ability to use publicly available information? Do not wait. These "creative personalities" are just hackers who make stupid films for OUR ACCOUNT. Where does the GDP look?
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Altona
    Altona 13 May 2017 07: 42
    Quote: xomaNN
    And it was even fun for me to watch the series, the costumers dressed the characters quite on time. YAG was fantasized, of course. And wedged real events in passing. ... If you noticed, a whole stream of series about the USSR in 20-30-50-60 of its years rolled out for inspection.

    I also looked at the scenery and costumes, but the truth was that in some cases there is vintage modern furniture and instead of cast-iron in some bathrooms there are plastic knees of the 70s. According to the film, it can be said that it looks more like a dude like Vaudeville. One could include musical numbers, and not just obscene verses in the person of Vitorgan-Sobchak-Pokrovsky. He was also touched by a dissident, who wrote an evil libel about the "resettlement of many peoples" and worried that his little book was sent to the stove instead of the United States. Also a lot of questions were raised by the French pilot, who came to the USSR to bargain about the fate of his brother. And if such a request had been received, then the brother would probably have been rehabilitated immediately, without delay, and even the hero of the Union would have been slapped. But no, you have to make dances with tambourines, look for a deal. And lo and behold! It was almost immediately that Muratova was extradited, almost to all Frenchmen, whom we oh and oh, crushed in the camps. Pure nonsense. It turns out that the Soviet repressive machine in French knew only C'est la vie (this is life). And chalk in the camps of anyone who said "Merci." In general, the series looks like an operetta, without reference to events. I was surprised by an American journalist with a Russian-English name, then he is a cynical American, then an impressionable Russian, giving material about the rescued sailors. Bohemia walks strangely, everything seems to thump, but in the morning Volgin reads the news soberly, and Vitorgan-Pokrovsky is hung over. In a word (or rather two), a cool film.
  17. Altona
    Altona 13 May 2017 07: 43
    Quote: den-protector
    If such pseudo-cinema is shown on federal channels, then this means it is beneficial for someone.

    A government order of this means that such garbage is removed with budget money.
  18. Altona
    Altona 13 May 2017 07: 49
    Quote: iouris
    As a rule, not an artistic but an ideological goal is pursued. Formally, there is no ideology in the Russian Federation.

    Just as it is. It turns out that not rockets and tanks held the world, but corrupt and treacherous light elves like Korneev and Biryukov. Surprised Biryukov so simply and having walked "in the name of bright ideals" who surrendered his patron Vareynikov to Khrushchev. If we were to “save the world”, then having deposed Khrushchev and risen much higher in office, doing this would be much easier and easier to manipulate the “old comrades”. But no, we urgently plant a “corn” board No. 1 to save another corn-men who threatened the whole world with a thermonuclear bomb. Some kind of sur.
  19. Altona
    Altona 13 May 2017 09: 02
    Quote: moskowit
    I suggest reading Shakespeare in the original or learning something ...

    We read sometimes. Why not?
  20. sergo1914
    sergo1914 13 May 2017 13: 42
    Specially went to the branch to recount the serialomanov. People! Here's how you can spit, curse, fight ... in the comments, but keep watching? Like a famous hedgehog crying, but continued to eat cacti. Press other buttons on the remote controls. Our and Latvians rod tanks into the playoffs of the hockey world championship, the Champions League this year is AWESOME! Champion's tread of football SPARTAKA (still waiting !!!). What series? Download Barcelona - PSG or the Juventus Champions League playoff game with the fantastic BUFFON. Series - for housewives and old farts ... ov. Who are you all?
  21. Altona
    Altona 13 May 2017 15: 37
    Quote: sergo1914
    People! Here's how you can spit, curse, fight ... in the comments, but keep watching?

    Nobody swears, and the series, for example, I watched on duty.
  22. tochila
    tochila 14 May 2017 00: 13
    Stupid craft !!! Sorry for the time spent! I will not continue to watch! Abomination!
  23. Music
    Music 15 May 2017 10: 39
    And I noticed that the Volga grill "whalebone" actually appeared after 65 years ..!
  24. Eustace
    Eustace 15 May 2017 14: 34
    I don’t watch TV shows on TV at all, the scenarios are ridiculous, ingenuous and primitive. Viewing them is a waste of time. Designed for housewives with education below the plinth.