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The new president of Kazakhstan promised to reconsider the placement conditions of the American THAAD

The President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae Ying, intends to reconsider the issue of deploying the American missile defense system THAAD, reports RBC Post ABC News.

According to Ina, he will take such actions to ensure that the system is placed in an acceptable way for everyone - Korea, the United States and China itself.

He noted that if the United States refuses to revise the agreement, "the benefits of THAAD will be limited" due to a sharp deterioration in relations between Seoul and Beijing.

The president also said that in order to resolve this issue, he is ready to visit the United States, China and even the DPRK.

"I am ready to fly directly to Washington," he said, adding that he would go "to Beijing and Tokyo, and under suitable conditions to Pyongyang."

The publication reminds that earlier “China, which is South Korea’s largest trading partner,” expressed concern that the THAAD system located in the republic could be used to “penetrate China and monitor Chinese flights and missile launches.”

10 took the office of President Moon Jae Ying in May; 41,1% of voters or 13,4 million people voted for him in the elections.
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US Force Korea / AP

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  1. Vladimir 38
    Vladimir 38 10 May 2017 15: 04
    Soon we can expect another change of the president of the South Caucasus)
    1. The black
      The black 10 May 2017 15: 08
      After such statements, it’s better for him not to sleep in hotels wassat..... especially if black maids
      1. Observer2014
        Observer2014 10 May 2017 15: 14
        The black
        After such statements, it’s better for him not to sleep in hotels
        In general, it is better to die immediately. am Only a potential tyrant refuses the best and most democratic aid on Earth bully laughing
        1. cniza
          cniza 10 May 2017 15: 29
          Quote: Vladimir 38
          Soon we can expect another change of the president of the South Caucasus)

          They can and kill belay , a game is not excluded, a game with China.
          1. dik-nsk
            dik-nsk 11 May 2017 06: 42
            Yes, I would have used Trump’s account in the place of the UK to rent the land for THAAD, otherwise the huckster sold something - pay it, I don’t like it — we will use the services of the Chinese comrades - they will come to an agreement with Eun
      2. cost
        cost 10 May 2017 15: 20
        After such statements, it’s generally better for him not to appear without protection at night in Harlem wassat ..... especially with cash
    2. Samaritan
      Samaritan 10 May 2017 15: 15
      The leader of South Korea elected a politician who called not to follow blindly the US course. The new president, Moon Jae In, is known to be an opponent of deploying an American missile defense system in the country, and Beijing calls Seoul no less important ally than Washington. Among the promises that Moon made before the election was to restore the "policy of sunlight" to the northerners, that is, start a dialogue on the nuclear program with the DPRK.
      Our man is peaceful and without Uncle SAM in his head ...
      1. viktor.
        viktor. 10 May 2017 16: 45
        Photo black and white, what is it for? laughing
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 10 May 2017 15: 53
      Well, they’ll transfer it to another, neighboring area, move the spine to 100 meters, but what will change?
  2. 210ox
    210ox 10 May 2017 15: 11
    Soon there will be an accusation of lack of democracy in the Republic of Kazakhstan .. And then .. "we are going to you .."
  3. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 10 May 2017 15: 11
    laughing in Washington he will be told: if you don’t take it, we will turn off military support)) in China they will be told: if you don’t take it off, we will turn off cash flow)) beauty wassat
  4. Blackmokona
    Blackmokona 10 May 2017 15: 24
    Only a person from the Liberal Party of Korea. So this, maybe he decided to pay Trump for Thad?
    social liberalism
    APASUS 10 May 2017 19: 50
    I don’t believe it!
    Not even because they (Koreans) can refuse, but because not many countries can dunk the USA in the guano. Americans do not forgive such attacks.
    Now the Americans will quickly become interested in the rights of demonstrators, the Korean’s failure to comply with currency regulation agreements, and hundreds of options ...............