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Army Sniper Rifle Large-caliber KSVK / ASVK "Kord"

The end of the eighties in our country was very difficult. The collapse of the USSR was approaching, and many representatives of organized crime sensed this. They stocked the most modern small weapons, powerful cars and grenade launchers, as a result of being armed much better than law enforcement officers.

Army Sniper Rifle Large-caliber KSVK / ASVK "Kord"

That is why it became necessary to create a completely new sniper rifle, capable of piercing not only body armor, but also enemy vehicles at a decent distance. The events in Chechnya further confirmed this need - the troops also needed new sniper rifles that would ensure the destruction of the enemy even if they hit non-vital areas of the body. And several design offices closely engaged in the work on the creation of such weapons.

And such a weapon was created! M.Yu. Kuchin, Yu.N.Ovchinnikov, E.V. Zhuravlev and V.I. Negrulenko - employees of the design bureau of the Kovrov plant and specialists from the Degtyarev plant - presented to the experts a new SVN-98 sniper rifle (Negrulenko sniper rifle), made according to the “ Bullpap. That is, the magazine supplying ammunition was not between the trigger and the barrel, but between the trigger and the butt. This made it possible to significantly increase the length of the barrel while maintaining the same dimensions. And it really gave a good effect! If the total length of the rifle was 1350 millimeters, then the barrel had 1000 millimeters. Rifle barrel made quite massive to reduce recoil. Additionally, it was possible to reduce the impact almost in 2.5 times due to the muzzle brake. In addition, the butt plate provided with a special porous material, which significantly softened the impact. The barrel of the rifle turned out to be of a floating type - it was fixed in the receiver, but did not come into contact with the details of the rifle on the entire surface. The development of the new cartridge was led by VN Dvoryaninov, as a result of which a special sniper cartridge was created on the basis of the standard 12.7x108 mm cartridge.

Later the rifle changed its name to KSVK - large-caliber carpet sniper rifle. However, already in 2004, it was renamed once again - KAFP - a large-caliber army sniper rifle. Under this name it was adopted by the Russian army.

KAFW was designed to perform special fire missions. She beautifully hit lightly armored and unarmored military equipment. Openly located living force in body armor was beautifully amazed at a distance of one and a half kilometers!

As mentioned above, the rifle was performed according to the Bullpup scheme. The floating barrel, made by cold forging, was fixed by the console, without contacting the rest of the rifle over its entire length. It was supplied with a muzzle brake or a device that combined the functions of a flame arrester and a muzzle brake. The longitudinal sliding shutter made it easy to work without taking your eyes off the target. Of course, the trigger mechanism was allowed only shooting single shots. Rigid receiver box, heavy barrel and manual reloading contributed to improving the accuracy of the battle. The loading handle was located on the right. The fuse box, also located on the right, played the role of a lock on the receiver window cover. Cartridges are fed from a detachable box magazine that holds up to 5 cartridges. The intake neck is located between the butt and the pistol grip. Cartridges are thrown through a window located on the right side of the receiver. In the stowed position, the window is closed with a lid, in order to avoid the ingress of foreign objects that may cause problems when conducting further firing.

A special shock absorber made of porous material reduced the blow to the shooter’s shoulder during recoil. Also, KAFP is equipped with bipods attached to a special rod on the receiver. During carrying, they fold forward without hampering transportation. For carrying there is a separate handle located near the center of gravity of the weapon.

You can shoot a rifle as when using mechanical sights (rear sight and front sight), and when installing optical and night sights. The main sights are 1P71 and 1PN111 - night. However, it is possible to install sights PSO-1, POS-13х60 and POS 12х50.
Especially for use on the rifle ASVK was developed a special cartridge - 12,7СН, which has enhanced armor penetration and improved accuracy. In addition, it is possible to use regular cartridges - cartridge BZT-44, BZT-44М and cartridge BZ, equipped with a bullet B-32. However, the use of these cartridges can not provide high-precision fire at a long distance.

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  1. Superduck
    Superduck 12 October 2011 09: 45
    Yesterday, I literally talked with a security guard in the parking lot, who served as a sniper shooting instructor in the SSR. So he said that the armament had sights with a ballistic computer and a digital weather station built-in, with which in 88th year he shot this very ICS and shot at distances of more than a kilometer.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 12 October 2011 15: 39
      It was he - a specialist bent something or beguiled at 88 she had not yet been released

      In the late 1990s, the employees of SKB Kovrovsky plant E.V. Zhuravlev, M.Yu. Kuchin, V.I. Negrulenko and Yu.N. Ovchinnikov - specialists of the Degtyarev plant developed a large-caliber rifle SVN-98
    2. Almor
      Almor 7 November 2011 14: 35
      laughing Cool, now this technique is also very relevant and it is a pity that you can not get it even with permission ... fellow
  2. ytqnhfk
    ytqnhfk 12 October 2011 09: 51
    Well, when you talk with a knowledgeable person, you immediately understand that much in our country and in these "democratic times" the truth will not be told! Everywhere they write a range of no more than 800 m and in some places even 600m here not long ago 400m saw an aiming range and here you have more than a kilometer !!!!!! Encrypted as always!
  3. datur
    datur 12 October 2011 15: 55
    Well, why is it worse than English optics? and here you can put on the road.
    1. drinkins
      drinkins 7 November 2011 15: 10
      native! to whom it tries **, if everything was needed, would be in openwork.
  4. kesa1111
    kesa1111 13 October 2011 02: 57
    Good but just right handed. Current trends - symmetry under any arm.
    1. igog
      igog 30 July 2014 09: 50
      you don’t care, you won’t shoot from it, in any scenario
  5. sirToad
    sirToad 13 October 2011 14: 38
    That would shoot with this!
    1. Almor
      Almor 7 November 2011 14: 38
      laughing I agree, but it’s better to get hold of one so that you can get out of the arsenal (somewhere in the garage) and shoot ... fellow
  6. SIA
    SIA 15 October 2011 14: 59
    Quote: sirToad
    That would shoot with this!

    Yeah, elephants! You’ll hit him in the ass; he’ll tumble over his head for half an hour. smile
  7. sirToad
    sirToad 15 October 2011 15: 27
    at least let out a couple of stores on targets! last 15 years ago in the hands of a military weapon
    1. Almor
      Almor 7 November 2011 14: 40
      laughing ... then it's time for training ... laughing
  8. Almor
    Almor 7 November 2011 14: 42
    Competent "whip" and even with standard optics, the main skill is steel and a real opportunity to release steam am
  9. dred
    dred 18 November 2011 13: 19
    It looks so bad
    1. igog
      igog 30 July 2014 09: 56
      for you, and this will do. in the sense you are the target
  10. Dimka off
    Dimka off 24 November 2011 20: 47
    real St. John's wort))) rifle beast
  11. vrnfox
    vrnfox 29 November 2011 16: 19
    about the acquisition, I wound around mother Russia in Rostov lay ov-98 for sale 150000 if the memory serves me and in Moscow I saw a fucking 50 call barrels for only 600000 by the way in the USA it costs between 2000 and 6000 depending on what you want to buy a bolt or automatic
    about permissions up to the 60th gauge, the civil license of RoKh allows you to own any iron, and besides, what can the resolver tell you when they brought him with docks to register the guns on an elephant (any in the sense of a rifle but not a grenade launcher)
  12. nikolai55soot
    nikolai55soot 18 December 2022 13: 10
    For several years I have been offering the technology of ultra-long sniper shooting at distances from 3 meters to 000-5 meters or more. This is a sniper shot: a bullet-rocket that pierces the armor of armored vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and others.