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Operational pseudonym "Drake": Roman Seleznev claims that since 2008 of the year he worked under the protection of the FSB


At the beginning of 2017, the case of Roman Seleznev, a large Russian carder from Vladivostok, known as: TRACK2, aka nCuX, aka Bulba, aka Roman Ivanov, aka Ruben Samvelich, aka bandysli64, aka smaus, aka Zagreb, aka shmak, etc.

I can not refrain from video quotes classics [2]

21 On April 2017, the Seattle court convicted Roman of 30 years in prison (27 years plus three years he had already served time). In other states, the process of the case of Roman has not yet begun, there he could face life imprisonment for RICO law.

What I decided to stir up this topic?
1. Because of night cuts with the “Operator”, this is a clipping of the most important of our counter-dictatorship:

Fully can be turned here.
In addition to the complete ignorance of the Constitution of the Russian Federation (as well as the Constitutions of the RSFSR and the USSR), my subatdosh was lost in time and in reality.
Decided to punish the orphaned Maldivians, for some reason, passing by the minds and ears of almost Europeans "ne brothers":
SBU showed a video of the abduction of Russian troops (22 November 2016).
2. "Operator" and, probably, 90% of the citizens of our country are poorly aware of how everything was, and they don't even know the background.
3. "I am plagued by vague doubts" - but more on that at the end of the article.

So, let's start “to beat” the Operator, but it does not hurt.


In early July, 2014, the Secret Service discovered that Roman Seleznev and his family were resting in a five-star hotel in the Maldives. According to the agency interlocutors, Seleznev chose the Maldives because this state does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.

After receiving this information, the agents turned to US State Department officials, who had contacts with Maldivian law enforcement agencies. The head of the Maldives police agreed to help arrest the Russian, despite the absence of an extradition treaty.

The two agents of the United States Secret Service, arriving in the Maldives, drew up a plan, according to which the local police were to arrest Seleznev before he got on a plane to Russia. The Maldives authorities, according to this plan, Formally send Russians out of the countryand then transfer it to the Americans, who will deliver it by private jet to the island of Guam, which is in the jurisdiction of the United States.

At the last moment, the Maldives police stated that Interpol must issue a red notice to arrest Seleznev. The secret service hoped to avoid publicity, which would be caused by the Interpol publication of a request to search for a Russian at the request of the United States. As a result, agents sent a request to search Roman Seleznev in Interpol only when the Russian had already left the hotel and was on a small plane headed for the Maldivian capital Male, from where he was going to take the Transaero flight to Moscow.

The red notice to arrest Interpol looks like this (the character is different here):
Operational pseudonym "Drake": Roman Seleznev claims that since 2008 of the year he worked under the protection of the FSB

I could not find the original, but judging by the absence of significant scandals and blockade of the Maldives Tavkr "Admiral Fleet Of the Soviet Union of Kuznetsov ”, as well as the landing of Kadyrov’s special forces in the capital of Male, the small country of Divehi Rajzhe Dzhumuhuriyya (as the Operator suggested), the formalities were observed.

Quote: Operator
What is the specifics in the person of Roman Seleznev - the principle itself is important about the impossibility of issuing any of our citizens to a third party through the Interpol procedure (which the Russian Federation is).

Interpol procedure was followed.

How do I know if I received a red notice?
Interpol publishes some notices on its website. However it happens not in all cases. Participating countries may request to place a red notice in a closed system, which only law enforcement agencies have access to.In this case, you will learn about the existence of a red notice only if the authorities pay attention to this when going abroad. This may be followed by arrest and detention.

Compliance with arrest formalities

The arresting United States Secret Service agent Dan Swondner, speaking Thursday, 31 July 2014, at a court hearing in Guam. [...]
I did not arrest him in the Maldives. I did it only when he landed on Guam,
- Swondner quotes the local information portal at the court hearing. According to him, Seleznev was invited to the police department of the international airport of the capital of Maldives and handcuffed him.
Secret Service Agent does not consider this an arrestbecause, according to his statement
Seleznev could walk freely
the handcuffs were not behind him, but in front.

I pinned it myself up to hiccups. We must pay tribute to amerikosy: at least give Roman a rest, once "upоcheno ". Not exactly animals, it’s coming out. Could receive a loan right before the rest. After that, the Russians were taken to the plane chartered by the Secret Service. As Suondner explained,
Seleznev entered under American jurisdiction when the chassis broke away from the Maldivian land.

A small digression:
-Arder for the arrest of Roman Seleznev, a federal state court in Washington issued 2011 of the year in March.
Seleznev was arrested by a foreign government at the request of the United States and handed over to American representatives after he was expelled from this country, acting in accordance with its own laws,
- explained the representative of the US Department of Justice Peter Carr -
He was notified of his rights, and [Russian] consular services were informed of his arrest. These actions in no way contradict any agreements that exist with Russia.

-In 2013, the Maldivian authorities terminated a multi-year agreement with the Malay company, Nexbis, which supplied safety equipment. Instead, an American system of personal identification of passengers was established at the capital airport. PISCESprovided free of charge by US authorities.
And this very wide illuminated.

If someone on the wanted list drove into a country equipped with PISCES, there is practically no chance of leaving “just like that”. It has excellent protection against modified ears, forehead, eyes, hair, etc.

April 2014: Russian Foreign Ministry warns of the threat of detention of Russians abroad on requests from the United States.

- The US court (according to their legislation) is not at all interested in how the defendant ended up in the United States. They are on the "drum". I suspect that if the accused is delivered to the United States in parts (in the form of "Professor Dowell's Heads", for example) - they still carry out the process. A jury explain why.

United States Secret Service - USSS, founded in 1865 year as a department of the Treasury Department (its task was to combat counterfeiting that had spread after the Civil War) continues to investigate counterfeiting of American banknotes and everything related to finances, like in the United States, and abroad.

Example: in November 2016, Secret Service confiscated in Peru counterfeit bills worth 30 million dollars. If they didn’t cope (or again what a sex scandal), then real guys from the United States Marshals Service, who began to specialize in searching for fugitive slaves since 1850, could also connect.
They were allowed to form detachments and recruit any person anywhere to assist in the return of runaway slaves. Failure to cooperate with the marshal resulted in a fine of $ 5000 [of those of the nineteenth century] or imprisonment.


This is an American duraleks, supported by aircraft carriers, air force, army and paper dollar. I would not mind if the Russian also worked. Why not kidnapped and not returned under DURA LEX:

A lot of them...
And do not wet the Maldives (located next to Diego Garcia, by the way).

With pleasure I looked (in the dock) in the Basmanny court of Moscow such characters as: Avakov, Gerashchenko or Yaytsenyuk ...
And to the Operator
I propose to start with the exemplary punishment of the Maldives (so that others do not have a chance)
would suggest starting with Libya:
Free Illegally Detained Russian Sailors from Libyan Prison
(another 2 prisoner left for today).

Since he thinks
Quote: Operator
with dill rush is not necessary,
Let hurry with Libya, well, or with France:
French court released the ex-minister of the Moscow region Kuznetsov wanted by Russia.
Benefit under the guise of the election can be.

Quote: Operator
land assault forces and arrest
the entire Court of Appeal of Lyon [for example, but you can pest Oland at the same time, Miesтwounded him in the liver]
Quote: Operator
as criminals,
contributing to the plundering of the budget of our country (€ 400 million like?) and the embezzlement in the Basmanny High Court for a long time to deliver.


I will not prove anything and convince. I do not know and I do not judge. Just give the facts and information. Partially checked them, the rest - you can work. All the more: "From prison and from prison do not promise."

In the family of Roman Seleznyov, immediately after the arrest, they claimed[3]:
Quote: the wife of Roman - Anna Otiskon
I could not commit crimes because I owned a computer "as an ordinary user"

Quote: Roman's father - Valery Seleznev
his son is a “humanist”, and after the terrorist attack in Morocco, in which he miraculously survived, “he is in a state in which constant rehabilitation is necessary, his speech and hand finger movements are impaired”

PS # 1. The novel really suffered greatly during the terrorist attack in Marrakesh in 2011, after which his wife ran away with all the money.
PS # 2.The problem of Valeriy Seleznev’s statement with PS # 1, namely from the timing of investigations and accusations.

The investigation into this group has begun. back in 2006 year and lasted more than seven years. According to investigators, 5626 people all over the world used the services of the site. Of these, 39, including Roman Seleznev, are considered the leaders of a criminal group. According to the prosecutor's office of Nevada, it was he who created the automated system for selling data of stolen bank cards. From the computers of the popular restaurant Broadway Grill in Seattle December 2009 to October 2010 32 numbers of thousands of credit cards were stolen. Among the establishments that, according to the investigation, “cleaned” Seleznev, there are four restaurants in Washington state, New York Latitude Bar and Grill, a jewelry store in Maine, a zoo in Phoenix, Arizona, a bakery in Seattle, several cafes of the chain Mad Pizza and a supermarket in Idaho.

According to the Washington State Prosecutor’s Office, only from November 2010 to February 2011 Roman Seleznyov stole numbers of more than 200 thousands of credit cards and sold 140 thousands of them on carder sites, earning more than two million dollars. The servers he used to steal data were rented in Russia, Ukraine, and McLean, Virginia. If you believe the documents of the investigation, it is this server located in the United States that made it possible to collect the main evidence against the son of a State Duma deputy. In 2010, the US Secret Service launched an investigation into the hacking of a supermarket’s computer network in Idaho, where details of several thousand credit cards were stolen. Some of them then surfaced on the “hacker” Internet forum in Russia, where the user with the nickname Track2 traded with them. To the surprise of the investigators, the rest of these abductors were stored on a server in Virginia.In 2011 year prosecutors of three states at once - Washington, Nevada and Georgia - officially charged Roman Seleznev with computer fraud, network hacking, identity theft and money laundering.

Screenshot of the message left by Roman Seleznyov under the nickname bulba on one of the Internet forums.

Resources and were used by Seleznyov for the direct sale of the stolen cards. The “package” of 100 cards went for the price of 1300 dollars, the “package” of a thousand cards was eight thousand. The hacker promised buyers "high availability" of the data they sell, at various times calling the number in 95 of the percent of active cards for one "package." According to the law enforcement agencies of the United States, the son of the deputy earned about two million dollars online.

Screenshot of site as of May 2011.

The main points of the case are known to all, including from the grateful Roman's testimony.
One 11-page Roman's letter (link above) ends like this:
Today I am alive and I thank the Lord and the government of the United States of America. Before the arrest, I rolled down a very dangerous road. Thank you very much. RS

He has been selling dumps for a very long time, and is involved in the largest hacking of the Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Staples and Home Depot chain stores, where dump trojans were installed directly on cash registers and PoS terminals. Father - State Duma Deputy Valery Seleznev, after the arrest of his son, demanded the introduction of Russian sanctions against the Maldives.

For all the tinsel among the hundreds of court documents in the case of Roman Seleznev, there are some details that may seem interesting to the general understanding of the picture of how carding lives in Russia and the entire cybercrime world in general.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to get the full set of documents from the PACER electronic database on the case of Roman Seleznev (2: 11-cr-00070-RAJ case), it needs more than a thousand dollars at a service price. But colleagues have already pulled out the most basic documents from PACER, and Andrey Sporov (Andrey Sporaw)

laid out in open access and commented. Here are some of them:

All files in the archive:

Of particular interest are some of the facts mentioned in the memorandum of sentencing. It turns out that the Americans had already established in 2009 that Roman Selezne was hiding behind an online character under the nCuX nickname. 19 May 2009 held a meeting of US Secret Service agents, the FBI, and their colleagues from the FSB in Moscow, where they presented "significant evidence" of the suspect's hacker activities, including carding and other crimes. The Americans told their FSB colleagues about the suspect’s online nicknames and information about the real identity of Roman Seleznev, a resident of Vladivostok. But the attempt of international cooperation failed. According to the documents, “just a month later, 21 on June 2009 of the year, nCuX informed his accomplices in numerous underground forums that he was going out of business. Soon after that, nCuX completely disappeared from the Internet. ” After that, he created the new online personalities Track2 and Bulba.

One might think that in this case there is a fact of cooperation between the FSB and the criminal world of cybercrime, about which say "experts".

It is possible that it is. In the documents of the investigation it is noted that information about the actions of US law enforcement agencies "was brought to Seleznyov." Apparently, he had his own contacts in the FSB. The investigation records mention an exchange of messages between Roman and his accomplice from 2008, where Roman says that he "I received protection through law enforcement contacts in the department for combating computer crime of the FSB."

In 2010, Roman told another accomplice that the FSB knows his real name and works with the FBI. The American special services were afraid that because of the impossibility of Roman's extradition from Russian territory (this is prohibited by the Constitution of the Russian Federation), this criminal could remain unpunished forever, because he enjoys the patronage of law enforcement agencies and the FSB in Russia.

Therefore, a special operation in the Maldives was the only chance for Americans. Although Roman was checking American records all the time. PACER, watched the investigation against him, and did not travel across countries where there was a risk of being "under the hood". He flew only to where the Americans, in his opinion, could not get him, but here he still miscalculated.

Among the money confiscated from him are coins. Liberty Reserve worth about $ 17 million. Roman sold dumps primarily for LR. The investigation found that he had sold all the dumps for LR in the amount of $ 17 886 971,09. The investigation failed to establish how much money Seleznev had on Bitcoin and WebMoney purses, for which he also accepted payment, due to the anonymity of these systems. It is likely that after his release, Roman will gain access to these wallets. If they (wallets) survive of course:
-In May, the 2013 LR was destroyed by the United States, by the time it was closed, there were about 1 million users on the site (200 thousands - from the United States). During its existence, $ 6 billion (£ 4 billion) has been laundered.
-Bitcoin probably the next, but it already costs more than $ 1500.

Bitcoin is money, and money has always been used for both legal and illegal purposes.

Roman Zolotaryov (known online as Admin and Support), Konstantin Lopatin (Graf), Alexander Kostyukov (Temp and KLBS) and Sergey Litvinenko (Dorbik and Matador) are mentioned in the case materials. The group also included citizens of Ukraine, China, Great Britain, Romania and several Arab countries.

To date, the US authorities have managed to arrest 19 people from this list. Roman Seleznyov became 20.

Bloomberg sources described Roman Seleznev as one of the most successful traders in stories stealing credit card data. According to sources, this activity brought a good income for Seleznev: in particular, he owned two apartments in Bali worth about $ 800 000. Bloomberg also reported that on Seleznev’s mobile phone after the arrest, photographs were found in which he poses near the yellow Dodge Challenger SRT car against the Kremlin or that captured cash in the back of an SUV. According to federal prosecutors, Seleznev held more than $ 18 million in two bank accounts.

On the scandal with lawyers

Lawyers of Seleznev found a conflict of interest.

O too harsh punishment

Roman Seleznev with Anna and her daughter. Photo: AFP

1.This is an unheard of time, to which even such major hackers as the Ukrainian Roman Vega, who received 18 years, or the Americans David Keimez (sat down on 20 years) and Alberto Gonzalez, who stole approx 45 million credit cards with accomplices (received also 20 years).
2. As already wrote: Affectionate Hand of the American Themis sometimes impressive.
However, based on the explanation and calculation of the user @SBKarr, everything seems to be logical (not strong in the laws + there will be more courts) for those interested, from 30 years.
In principle, that's all that I wanted to convey to ... let's say, to the OPERATOR. Maybe someone else will be interesting to think about.

Now about
Quote: Opus
3. "I am plagued by vague doubts" - but more on that at the end of the article.

Retreat: I am not an American, not a Pindos, not a liberal, and, like the majority of Russian citizens, I do not like Americans. But in moderation and without fanaticism.


  • Is the information reliable that the Americans warned the FSB about the hacker manners of Roman? I think yes.

  • Did FSB-shniki use such opportunities and talents, of course, a gifted person? I think yes. And I would take advantage, and the Yankees enjoy

  • Would the curator (s) from the FSB allow further misbehavior to Roman while on the state service (and even doing such serious things)? I think a normal curator is not! It is simply not reasonable and stupid.

    You can also organize everything beautifully: case, court, term, change of name, place of residence, final equipment. And "work for the good of the Motherland", but neatly. There are many problems: elections are everywhere there, all sorts of NSA, Pettagons, SBU ... JOKE (in the style of the famous Rear Admiral Clown)!
    Americans are the same because of money zhadobnye, this is their essence. And the special services and Snowden, all sorts of viruses on the Iranian nuclear program, they themselves are up to nothing in such affairs.

  • How much money does a person need for happiness? It is not enough for me. Maybe Roman more. But after all it was possible to use a thread chairman of a thread? There are many Uzbeks in the territory of the Russian Federation who will not leave Mali for sure. Uzbek-worthy salary and work is not a communal enterprise, but in the sphere of high technologies, a lot of harm

Here is one more thing:
In the slogan “steal the loot” I cannot find anything wrong if the story appears on the scene. If we use the words: the expropriation of the expropriators, then why can't we do without the Latin words? (Applause)[4]

Uh ... Like the rivals of Wall Street, yes, all for. But if the "expropriation of the expropriators" (bank account) touches any of us?
As then? "Applause" and the landing of the RF Airborne Forces in Mali or for the other hand to reach out?
Operator - your opinion?
It is unlikely that Roman's pranks replenished the budget of the Russian Federation and contributed to the strengthening of the ruble (Ms. Nabibulina’s nightmare). Maybe whose personal budget replenished?

  • Somehow all is clumsy. Whether qualification is lost, or "dizzy with success" [5], or FIG knows. About this separately in copy-paste "Prisoners of Thor".

If the subordinate allows mistake or does not work well at all, his boss is sure that he himself has nothing to do with it. It’s just that a person doesn’t take his place, or he doesn’t have an internal stimulus, or he has long given up on himself, or doesn’t know how to separate the most important from the secondary and go in the right direction. Be that as it may, it is believed that the employee is to blame. So, let him understand his own problems.

For some reason, this story reminded D. Koretsky of the Operational Pseudonym: there, too, the competent comrades fouled up, and then sent to float freely.

A bit of history about papa deputy: In 2010, one bank complained about Seleznev to the Duma ethics committee, saying that it refuses to repay the loan "State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party does not return $ 33 million to Nomos-bank".
True or not - xs. But moral damage was not collected from the bank or the media.
As a legislator, Valery Sergeevich became famous as an author "The law of the male" - The draft law on the introduction of "paternal capital" for men who have several children from different women.

That's basically it.
Shl. In the title, I mentioned the operative pseudonym "Drake": please note that this is just my passage for the "herald". I did not want to offend neither Roman nor his relatives.
And maybe it’s not at all like this: there is no retainer / agent of the FSB Roman, and these are all mind games, probably not a completely healthy American mind.
It's just for fun. If offended - I apologize.
Always with you, even when you do not suspect it[6]

Original sources, links, quotes, as well as used photos and videos
[1] "Operational pseudonym", Koretsky Danil Arkadyevich;
[2] "The meeting place can not be changed," directed by Stanislav Govorukhin;
[3] State Duma Deputy Seleznev accused the United States of torturing his son, who confessed to cybercrime
[4] From the speech of V.I., the Lenin meeting of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee on this slogan that had already been fully formed (April 29 1918);
[5]Article by the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) I. V. Stalin in the Pravda newspaper in No. 60 of March 2 of 1930;
[6] So signed his publications "Humpty Dumpty";
Feds Charge Carding Kingpin in Retail Hacks

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      .If a person is arrested illegally, then the country must take all measures to release him,
      Aha. Schazzzz. Russia is not a party to the conflict. Therefore, Russia should not be pulled into all kinds of "liberation of its citizens." And is it still possible. Russia will not come to help. Until the family and friends of the arrested person take up arms. battle .And do not start a war with the United States.
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            I have seen such shots, but usually, well, they are boring in FIGs! wassat I don’t need a second heart attack ...

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          Quote: opus
          A dispute with an operator is just like a seed.
          We have a communication method like this.
          He understood, I understood.
          Banter like that. And the article is just what to think

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      it spreads with a nightingale already in prison in gratitude to the Americans who supposedly saved him from a further fall (I wonder where).
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    But! You just shocked me with this article. The reader, the Operator, in my opinion, wrote a not very true thought, that’s true .. What kind of “personal dislike” you had, how much time you “couldn’t even eat”, that you collected a lot of facts, conducted a personal investigation and after a certain time published not an article - a masterpiece! Learn, brothers, how to defend your innocence and your convictions!
    And you, the Operator, I can only advise - throw out the white flag, run to the nearest corner, get into it and look angrily from there ... wink

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      Quote: B.T.W.
      "The moral of this fable is this: where you stole, there you eat, there’s nothing to climb trees ..."

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      Quote: B.T.W.
      "The moral of this fable is this: where you stole, there you eat, there’s nothing to climb trees ..."

      The moral of this fable is that the thieves and swindlers around the authorities and having admin resources are not under the jurisdiction of either the Russian Federation or the Republic of Kazakhstan, and they are only afraid to get into the dock in the west., But when they get used to being outside the jurisdiction they begin to play pranks abroad. Once there, on a bench, as in the comedy, "The Caucasian Captive" begins to sing about the most fair and honest court of the West. At the expense of punishing the Maldives for the extradition of a citizen of the Russian Federation to a third country, there apparently did not follow all the legal formalities and subtleties, but for this it is probably unnecessary to land the marine corps, it is enough to prohibit direct flights and recommend that citizens of the Russian Federation not to relax in the Maldives.
  6. Niccola Mack
    Niccola Mack 6 May 2017 08: 04
    One interesting point:
    According to him, Seleznev was invited to the police department of the international airport of the capital of the Maldives and handcuffed him.
    The Secret Service agent does not consider this an arrest because, according to his statement, ...
    Seleznev could walk freely ....
    After that, the Russians were transferred to a plane chartered by the Secret Service. ...
    Seleznev entered under American jurisdiction when the chassis broke away from the Maldivian land.

    Seleznev came under American jurisdiction only after leaving the Maldives for airspace. Prior to this, all deportation actions must be carried out by the Maldivian authorities (as well as I suspect by law - informing about the reasons for detention and deportation, deducting rights and providing the opportunity to contact the Russian consul).
    That is, any participation of Yusovtsy in this matter (which is obvious) is a deliberate abduction of a person (kidnapping) with the complicity of the Maldivian authorities - there is no agreement between the Maldives and the United States on formal extradition. The direct basis is to issue a warrant of arrest for Citizen Swondner by the prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation (including Interpol).
    With the Maldives in general, the conversation should be special - right up to the breaking of diplomatic relations!
    Because in this case they violated their own and international laws.
  7. Reptiloid
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    I read in a book that there are open paths, and there are closed ones. However, there are circumstances when there is nothing left for a person to do but follow a closed path. (How else can one achieve the cherished goal ?? ... ...). Entering it ---- you need to be extremely careful.
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    Operator 6 May 2017 08: 35
    Thank you for responding so broadly, but the topic was not disclosed to you.

    "Seleznev was invited to the police department of the international airport of the capital of the Maldives and handcuffed him," i.e. Maldives police still detained Roman Seleznev and, according to them, notified the Russian consul.

    But you don’t know and don’t want to know:
    - Was there a request from Interpol to the Maldives police to extradite Seleznev to the United States;
    - whether the Maldivian legislation on the rights of accused foreign citizens was respected (the right to meet with the consul, the right to a lawyer, the right to hear cases in the prosecutor's office and the court, the right to appeal).

    Notification of the Russian consul about the detention of Seleznev was about nothing, it was possible to notify one second after the landing of the American aircraft’s chassis from the runway of the Male airport.

    Now, the analysis of the situation by points:

    1. Since the representative of the US Secret Service said in an American court that the service arrested Seleznev only after the American plane landed on the national territory of the USA (Guam Island), the service did not have Interpol’s request to extradite Seleznev to the United States.

    2. Consequently, the government of the Republic of Maldives also acted without the request of Interpol to extradite Seleznev to the United States. In this state, there are laws on human rights, the court, the Ministry of Justice, the prosecutor's office and the police. The Maldives does not have an agreement with the United States to deport defendants without request from Interpol.
    In order for the police to be able to detain any person in the Maldives, it is required to fully comply with the general rules established by law - the police conduct a preliminary investigation and apply to the prosecutor for a warrant, the prosecutor examines the case and issues a detention warrant, the police carry out detention, the detainee gets the right to a meeting with a lawyer and, in the case of his foreign citizenship, to a meeting with a consul, the case goes to court, which considers him in the presence of the accused, the lawyer and consul, taking It is a decision that can be appealed to a higher authority within a certain period, measured at least one day.
    The indicated procedure in the case of Seleznev was absent from the word altogether. Those. Seleznev in the Maldives was treated not as a person who has the right to a lawful investigation, but as an animal like a humanoid monkey. According to Anton, this is completely normal - any citizen of the Russian Federation is nothing more than a monkey.

    3. The Republic of Maldives is a member of the United Nations and as such has signed an international agreement on human rights (relevant Declaration). In the case of Roman Seleznev, this agreement was grossly violated. In case of violation of human rights by the state, this state bears responsibility, in case of violation of the rights of a foreigner, the state bears responsibility before the state of the person’s affiliation, which in turn has the right to apply the full range of enforcement measures - economic sanctions, blockade, war.
    If you do not apply one of these measures, then you can get into a situation of capture of any citizens of the Russian Federation by any foreign state at its whim, while our citizens will be treated like animals (following the example of the Maldives).

    4. Russians who committed crimes are also people and also citizens of the Russian Federation.

    5. Applying measures of coercion to a foreign state, it is necessary to be guided by the principle of "do no harm" and not to land, for example, amphibious assault in Tripoli for the release of two Russian sailors, since there is a great danger of their murder even before the assault on the prison.
    But the issuance of a recommendation by the Russian Foreign Ministry about the danger to life and freedom of Russian citizens in the Maldives, the cancellation of all Russian flights to the Maldives, the permanent naval exercises of the Russian Navy air defense ships in 13 miles from the Maldives coast on the route for reducing passenger aircraft to the only Male international airport do not violate one international pact, agreement or declaration.
    But there are also ways to help an opponent of the incumbent President of the Maldives win the next presidential election, or, for example, to land a marine corps to help the Maldives police in finding a suddenly missing Russian citizen (there is a Russian citizen, but the Maldivian government will change), etc. . etc.
    The goal is the official apology of the Maldives government and the payment of compensation to Roman Roman Seleznev’s family for the physical and moral damage from his illegal detention and deportation,

    6. This situation can be an example for all other states planning to deal with Russian citizens as animals.

    7. And there’s nothing to frighten a hedgehog (Russian Navy) naked railroad (US Navy) - if American ships sail to the area of ​​permanent exercises of Russian air defense ships, this will only accelerate the process of canceling all international passenger flights to the Maldives (and other sectors of the economy, except tourism, there are no local islands).
    1. Falcon5555
      Falcon5555 6 May 2017 16: 57
      The goal is the official apology of the Maldives government and the payment of compensation to Roman Roman Seleznev’s family for the physical and moral damage from his illegal detention and deportation,

      And they will ask us - why didn’t they detain them legally?
      Permanent naval exercises of the Russian Navy air defense ships 13 miles from the Maldives coast on the route for reducing passenger aircraft to the only Male international airport do not violate any international pact, agreement or declaration.

      Surely they are breaking something. In addition, they will ask us why the Russian Navy protects the criminal? Maybe he paid the sailors? Nothing shines from this except for going to rogue countries.
      1. Niccola Mack
        Niccola Mack 6 May 2017 17: 54
        And they will ask us - why didn’t they detain them legally?

        For God's sake - provide evidence to the prosecutor's office and the Russian court, which will decide!
        But the evidence is apparently tight - and on the basis for prosecution in Russia they do not pull !!!
        Once again, the fact that the Constitution does not provide for the extradition of citizens of the Russian Federation does not mean at all that he cannot be imprisoned for crimes committed abroad!
        1. Falcon5555
          Falcon5555 6 May 2017 18: 26
          For God's sake - provide evidence to the prosecutor's office and the Russian court, which will decide!

          As I understand from the article, the FBI and provided the FSB with a lot of information. Of course, they were framed “evidence”, I don’t know, but our prosecutors, the FSB and the police, if there was information about the crime, had to initiate a criminal case and collect evidence themselves. It is their responsibility to collect evidence. They could also request evidence from the FBI, and as I understand the article, they would have been provided to them.
          Once again, the fact that the Constitution does not provide for the extradition of citizens of the Russian Federation does not mean at all that he cannot be imprisoned for crimes committed abroad!

          Well of course!
          1. Niccola Mack
            Niccola Mack 6 May 2017 18: 37
            but our prosecutor's office, the FSB and the police, if there was information about the crime, had to initiate a criminal case themselves and collect evidence.

            It’s fundamentally wrong - the investigating authorities collect evidence and conduct an investigation only if the crime is committed against citizens of the Russian Federation, state, organizations, etc.
            Otherwise, someone must file a lawsuit in a Russian court - a private citizen of another state, the prosecutor's office, organization, etc. At the same time, they will judge him according to Russian laws.
            There are very few exceptions - international crimes such as genocide, war crimes, etc.
            1. Falcon5555
              Falcon5555 6 May 2017 18: 55
              It’s fundamentally wrong - the investigating authorities collect evidence and conduct an investigation only if the crime is committed against citizens of the Russian Federation, state, organizations, etc.

              Even if this is so, the victims probably included Russian citizens living in the west or traveling. In addition, as I understand it, if a crime against foreign citizens occurs on Russian territory, then the investigating authorities should work. If he hacked into networks and acted from Russia, then this is it.
              1. Niccola Mack
                Niccola Mack 6 May 2017 19: 11
                Even if this is so, the victims probably included Russian citizens living in the west or traveling.

                Need a statement, lawsuit, etc. (and here it is still not clear to whom). And we have different types of crimes - let's say a theft must be filed, but the murder is automatically investigated and the lawsuit filed by the prosecutor.
                And if a foreign citizen is killed, the prosecutor’s office will immediately investigate the matter.
                1. Falcon5555
                  Falcon5555 6 May 2017 20: 07
                  I see that you know something about the Code of Criminal Procedure, or you just looked through it, or by profession. I don’t understand the details of the CPC, but I think that the procedural nuances could be overcome, there would be a desire. If it were Navalny or the marshes, then they would have gathered at one point an investigation team of 150 people, turned on wiretapping, peeping, etc., would have found victims (for example, Russian or foreign banks that returned stolen money to cardholders) that were would be ready to write statements, and would have accumulated evidence for the court.
      2. Operator
        Operator 6 May 2017 18: 12
        Quote: Falcon5555
        Nothing shines from this rogue country

        Most importantly, you don’t tear your veins for the reputation of our state (it somehow outlives the Maldives’s opinion of itself), you better worry about yourself - what will happen if you are mistakenly kidnapped by mistake in some Turkey and deported as an animal to some Albania.
        1. Falcon5555
          Falcon5555 6 May 2017 18: 37
          The opinion is not of the Maldives, but of the whole world. I don’t want to look abroad as a person from a rogue country. And you? Have you been abroad?
          you will be kidnapped by mistake in some Turkey by mistake

          By mistake, they probably can, we must fight this, but not with air defense exercises.
          By the way, about Turkey. After BB2, our Black Sea fleet settled all sorts of pranks in the straits, seeking a favorable revision of the Montreux Convention. The result is Turkey’s rapprochement with the West and its entry into NATO. We will be naughty at the Maldives - well, they will join, for example, the United States as overseas territory, and / or they will arrange there their next base with an airfield. After that, who will arrange air defense exercises there?
          1. Operator
            Operator 6 May 2017 20: 03
            So far, abroad, compatriots like you who do not have their human dignity look like animals for slaughter.
            1. Falcon5555
              Falcon5555 6 May 2017 20: 24
              laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing
              “So far” “look”, but have you ever been there yourself - didn’t answer, how do I conclude that no! laughing laughing laughing
              1. Operator
                Operator 6 May 2017 22: 09
                I have traveled abroad on official business trips to the United States and Europe many times, and have traveled to Europe, Asia and Latin America dozens of times.

                As a diver, he visited the Maldives, but there corals and, accordingly, fish became extinct from the departure of the cold mineralized stream at the beginning of the 1990's. Coral islands gradually go into the ocean. And the Maldivians are dying of anemia associated with malaria.

                So do not you teach me.
                1. Falcon5555
                  Falcon5555 6 May 2017 23: 15
                  So do not you teach me.

                  laughing And why not me, actually? laughing And who taught you, huh? laughing This is what you are trying to learn. It is highly doubtful that you traveled abroad in some kind of free quality. Such nonsense was carried, which is simply ridiculous. And rude. Either I personally do not have “my human dignity”, or some kind of an indefinite circle of compatriots - either I am rude to me personally, or even to my compatriots. As a person who knows abroad only from the programs of Russia-1 and NTV. "look like animals for slaughter" laughing laughing laughing
            2. Zulu_S
              Zulu_S 6 May 2017 21: 42
              Imagine the situation that after passing a sentence by an American court, R. Seleznev was transferred to the Russian Federation to serve his sentence in his homeland. How much time will he spend in prison in Russia? Despite the fact that he pleaded guilty, and so on and so forth?
        2. Zulu_S
          Zulu_S 6 May 2017 21: 31
          Quote: Operator
          you better worry about yourself - what will happen if you are mistakenly kidnapped by mistake in some Turkey and deported as an animal to some Albania.

          I am absolutely sure that no one will know about this if you are not V. Booth, for example, or Roman Seleznev. You do not have a pope-deputy, or connections with special services - you are not interested in anyone.
          1. Operator
            Operator 6 May 2017 22: 14
            So this is what we are talking about: it is necessary to change the attitude of the Russian government towards Russian citizens, and not to lament about any trifle pot-bellied type of Maldivians.
  9. alicante11
    alicante11 6 May 2017 08: 45
    In this case, the opinion is twofold.
    First, of course, Russia has no right to let anyone take such abductions. And precisely the abductions, because the man was forcibly put on a plane on which he could be arrested. After all, they could have been sent to Russia, to Cuba, to the DPRK, and not to Guam. So the abduction was not necessary and otmazyvat amers and their litter. Do not care where the handcuffs are nicer, front or rear, with these subtleties to masochists. Therefore, any action against Mali would be justified.
    On the other hand, in this case, I can say "God save America." Because in Russia, this Persian would clearly manage to evade punishment. Adminresurs taxis everywhere. Well, in Robin Hood with dozens of green lemons on the accounts, I do not believe, excuse me. Moreover, in such a stupid one who leaves the only reliable harbor under his father’s supervision and sets off to “burn life” abroad. If only he would spend his "honestly stolen" in Russia, no, he also wanted to in Mali. With his money, you could have built your own five-star hotel - an individual one.
    Well, as for work on the FSB, we’ll see if it remains to sit - it means it didn’t work, if it was returned to Russia, then it really did work.
    1. avg-mgn
      avg-mgn 6 May 2017 11: 42
      about working for the FSB, let's see if it remains to sit - it means it didn’t work, if it is returned to Russia, then really "moonlighting".
      Well, then I gave a subscription, sits unequivocally and will sit without the right to parole.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 6 May 2017 08: 47
    The author tried to write a lot of text, make links assuming that this would only strengthen the article. Alas.
    Roman Seleznev with his family resting in a five-star hotel in the Maldives

    Question: "What ... did you suffer in the Maldives assuming that the United States has questions for you? The answer suggests itself. Children of our eternal deputies and officials are used to taking everything from life at once. And now the Foreign Ministry should rustle, but to no avail. In the current The United States’s situations will never be mitigated until ours grab the Americans in third countries, and, to be honest, I don’t feel sorry for him.
    1. avg-mgn
      avg-mgn 6 May 2017 11: 03
      The Foreign Ministry does not owe anything to anyone! Let the daddy hire a pack of lawyers and pull out a child reckless. You look, it will set a precedent, then it will be easier for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work on other stupid citizens of the Russian Federation. At least some benefit will be to Russia from the deputy.
  11. The comment was deleted.
    1. cost
      cost 6 May 2017 11: 17
      but for people like him they build wooden casinos in Crimea. And to have a rest safely, and left money in the Crimean budget.
      Why did the FSB drag in here? They would have closed it first. And if for the FSB he was "indispensable" - then he would press on the clave from Lefortovo
  12. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 6 May 2017 10: 43
    I personally on the drum, whether all the procedures were followed, but .... The thief must sit! Mr. Seleznev was convicted (according to the information in the public domain) of stealing funds from accounts, and it does not matter whose - he is a thief !!! If in his place a turner (self-taught programmer) Vasya Bulochkin, we would not have known or discussed, but here son of Seleznev himself - that's where the legs grow. As for (allegedly) his cooperation with the FSB - the usual show off before accomplices to raise authority, or the consequences of injuries sustained in a terrorist attack.
  13. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 6 May 2017 17: 51
    Outraged part of the title "Roman Seleznev claims that since 2008 he worked under the protection of the FSB"
    Not only that, the Russian Federation is accused of all mortal sins, and without foundation and evidence, or rather, the basis for the accusations is one, to denigrate the Russian Federation. So also the convicted thief declares that the acts committed by him are work on FSB? No, of course, the work of secret services is not a charity event, there is a possibility of interest in the accounts of specific individuals, but to add the theft and sale of bank card data to the activities of the country's special services is the meanness and betrayal of the country, it gives the desire to reduce personal punishment for slandering the state.
  14. borys
    borys 6 May 2017 19: 18
    There are two aspects to this story and they need to be clearly separated from each other. The first. Mr. Seleznev stole, so he needs a prison sentence. There is nothing to argue about. Second. Actions are
    The existing American services are openly gangster and in fact are an insult to Russia.
    There was a similar case in history during the time of Peter the Great. A certain infantry officer beat a batman
    officer for some fault. That is, for the cause. Naval officer for his subordinate is not
    interceded. Incident became known to Peter. Peter issued a decree according to which the infantry officer
    received a few days guardhouse. For punishing not his subordinate. Naval officer according
    the same decree was beaten by the batogs. For allowing an outsider to punish his subordinate.
  15. sgazeev
    sgazeev 7 May 2017 07: 08
    Yes, everything is correct, your health is more expensive. But sometimes, damn it, it hurts.
  16. Love is
    Love is 8 May 2017 22: 15
    Thank you for the article. Striking the WILL of the US government to bring to trial the investigation.
    I have not been to the USA, but my friends who visited there say that it’s easier to live there and easier because the laws work there. The conclusion is that people live better where society is subject to the laws, lives by the laws, and understands that its well-being is based on obedience to the laws.