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In Rybinsk launched the third anti-sabotage boat Grachonok of the 21980 project

The solemn ceremony of launching a new generation anti-sabotage boat “Rook” (project 21980) for the Russian Navy was held at the shipbuilding enterprise “Vympel” in Rybinsk, reports Department Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
This is the third boat built by the Vimpel shipbuilders.

After launching and carrying out mooring tests, the boat will make the transition to Kronstadt, where factory navigation and state tests will be held, after which the St. Andrew flag will be hoisted on the boat. It is planned that the boat will be part of the North fleet.

In Rybinsk launched the third anti-sabotage boat Grachonok of the 21980 project

21980 anti-sabotage boats being built for the Navy as part of the shipbuilding program and entering the fleets are an essential element in the activities that are carried out by the Navy Main Command to create an integrated system of basing ships and submarines at their points of deployment. This base system must be reliably protected. The function of such protection can effectively perform counter-sabotage boats such as "Rook". They are entrusted with the responsible tasks of the anti-sabotage service in the points of deployment of fleet forces, in the waters adjacent to the basing points and in certain sea areas. Along with the construction of ships in the far sea zone, the Main Command of the Navy will continue to pay attention to the development of ships and boats that ensure the safety of the coastal waters in the operational fleet areas
- said Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Navy for armaments, Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk.

The onboard armament of the “Rook” anti-sabotage boat includes: MTPU machine gun of 14,5 mm caliber, DP-64 anti-sabotage grenade launchers, DP-65A, Igla-1 portable anti-aircraft missile system.
The displacement of the boat is more than 138 tons, 31 length, meter, Width, more than 7 meters Maximum speed, 23 knot, Navigation distance, economic speed, more than 200 miles.

Earlier, in January, in the main closure of the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet, in ZATO Gadzhievo, the Navy flag was raised on two new anti-diversion boats of the 21980 Rook project built at Vympel JSC
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  1. Zibelew
    Zibelew April 28 2017 13: 19
    Already the 13th boat of the series
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter April 28 2017 13: 21
      Tagiryan hi Though tiny - but yours! Some mosquitoes are also needed. good
      1. Zibelew
        Zibelew April 28 2017 13: 31
        Hi Pavel hi And Vympel mastered the almost conveyor construction of the Grachat.
    2. cost
      cost April 28 2017 13: 21
      Big ship - a great sailing. I’ll add, not a fraction of sarcasm to the size of Grachenka
    3. Maksus
      Maksus April 28 2017 13: 46
      Soon we will write about each "zodiac". Where are the BIG ships ???
      1. Zibelew
        Zibelew April 28 2017 13: 59
        Quote: Maksus
        de BIG ships ???

        No big ones yet. Meanwhile, today at OJSC Zelenodolsk Plant named after A. Gorky "in the Republic of Tatarstan laid the third border patrol ship of project 22100" Ocean ".
        Displacement: about 2700 t.
        Main dimensions: length - 91.8 m, width - 14.8 m
        Maximum travel speed: around 20 nodes
        Cruising Range: About 12000 Miles
        Autonomy: 60 days
        Crew: 44 person
        one 76-mm gun mount AK-176M
        Two 14.5-mm MTPU machine gun installations
        The ship has a landing pad and a helicopter hangar
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 28 2017 14: 28
      Video to the news
    5. VALERIK_097
      VALERIK_097 April 28 2017 17: 47
      But some ki in Severomorsk set fire to the stern of the TKA-12 monument a week ago (maybe not in the subject, but on the eve of the Victory Day?).
      I, Not a liberal and not a democrat and not a judge of course, but the proposal is asymmetric, to find zaats, throw into the water from the pier and let them swim 14 meters to the shore. In water that has T_-3 Celsius.
      I personally knew A.I.Shabalin, the carp was the truth, but I still communicate with relatives.
      it is not His boat, but somehow foul on the soul.
    6. smart ass
      smart ass April 29 2017 10: 25
      Uraaa 6th us fleet in panic ran tail tail
  2. gabonskijfront
    gabonskijfront April 28 2017 13: 31
    What kind of dancing around the descent of this nerd, where are the bookmarks and descents of ocean ships?
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa April 28 2017 16: 41
      Quote: gabonskijfront
      What kind of dancing around the descent of this nerd, where are the bookmarks and descents of ocean ships?
      Million Dollar Question! - as the Yankees like to say.
      I got a strong impression that some ORNITOLOGISTS, and not sailors, made a nest in the management of shipbuilding!
      Damn, * feathered * they couldn’t even name the PEPO boat in a marine way, well, at least * skuas *, * water cutter *, * cormorant * finally ... They were born in boots, in boots and others they are forced to walk ... miserable! am
  3. Monarchist
    Monarchist April 28 2017 13: 54
    Purely hypothetically: the "yaps" sent saboteurs to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and they are "met" by such a cute "rookie". After the volley, the "non-strands" of those who want to skoda are reduced significantly.
  4. loginovich
    loginovich April 29 2017 11: 56
    Seven feet under the keel.
  5. The comment was deleted.