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Ocean Monsters. Last pier

This post is not about the United States and not even the great warships. The post is devoted to respect for yourself, your stories and his people! Why do they so relate to their history, their monuments, to the education of pride in their history and the armed forces?

And why do we do everything to ensure that the same Americans (and ourselves) do not respect us?

"Arizona" (eng. USS Arizona) - one of the ships of the US Navy, located in Pearl Harbor Bay on December 7, 1941 and destroyed by the Japanese aviation. (34 photos)

19 was launched on June 1915 of the year in the USA.

During the Japanese air raid, the battleship was attacked by four powerful air bombs.
Once in the nasal compartments and breaking through several decks, they exploded deep in the hull of the ship, where shells of shells for the main caliber and tons of fuel were located.

From the explosion a wave reared, comparable to the tsunami. The battleship "Arizona" split in two and sank within a few minutes. Of the roughly 1400 on board, only one in nine managed to escape. 1177 people died.

Currently, the remains of the ship, located at the bottom of the bay, turned into a museum of military glory.

Launched in 1942 year.
Entered 1943; written off in 1990 year.

1944 year
Written off 24 March 1949.
August 24, 1951 re-entered service as an artillery support ship, participated in the war with Korea. Was part of the Atlantic fleet USA.
Written off 25 February 1959 of the year.

Korea 1952 year.
Some time was used in the North Atlantic, and then transferred to the US Pacific Fleet.

28 April 1984, the Iowa was upgraded and re-commissioned.

October 26 The ship was finally decommissioned and transferred to 1990 on January 12, in Newport as a museum ship.

"New Jersey"

Launched on December 7 1942 of the year. Entered 1943; removed from the fleet in 1991.

The battleship served as a support for aircraft carrier connections in the Pacific.

Written off in reserve 30 June 1948 of the year. 21 November 1950 of the year returned to service to participate in the conflict with Korea. Newly written off 21 August 1957 of the year.

He also participated in the Vietnam War in 1950 — 1975 and in the war in Lebanon in 1983 — 1984.

Sent to reserve 9 September 1991.

In 1999, the battleship New Jersey was turned into a naval museum.


Launched 29 January 1944 of the year. Entered 1944; removed from the fleet in 1995.

The battleship served as a support for aircraft carrier connections in the Pacific.

2 September 1945 in Tokyo 9: On Tokyo time, the Japan Surrender Act was signed on board the Missouri.

After the war, was written off and used as a training ship.

10 May 1986, the battleship was upgraded and re-commissioned to participate in the Gulf War.

4 May 1998 was transferred to the Pearl Harbor Museum.


Launched December 7 1943 of the year. Entered 1944; written off in 1991.

The battleship served as a support for aircraft carrier connections in the Pacific. Written off July 1 1948. 3 March 1951 of the year returned to service to participate in the war with Korea.

October 22 1988 of the Year Wisconsin was modernized and took part in the Gulf War.

The 30 of September 1991 of the year was written off again (however, it is still in reserve).

12 February 1998 was turned into a museum ship.

Project Evaluation

When creating Iowa type battleships, American designers and engineers managed to achieve a fairly harmonious combination of weapon characteristics, speed, and protection. During various conflicts after the Second World War, the battleships showed themselves well as ships of artillery support.

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