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German media: anti-Russian hysteria is unlikely to decline

Anti-Russian hysteria in the United States in the near future is unlikely to decline, although it is irrational in nature, said columnist for the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Johannes Kun.

German media: anti-Russian hysteria is unlikely to decline

“Opponents of Donald Trump are confident that the“ double agent ”has become the head of the White House, and foreign secret services determine the policy of the new administration. Americans who adhere to such convictions call Trump a traitor and demand that the Justice Department put him in jail, ”the article cites. RIA News.

According to the author, “such paranoia is characteristic primarily of representatives of the US Democratic Party, whose candidate was defeated in the last election.” At the same time, he stresses that "speculation on the subject of Trump's ties with the Kremlin is based solely on conjecture and premonition."

The observer cites as an example the recent report of the US intelligence community on "Moscow’s interference in the presidential election." From his point of view, the document “used weak argumentation, and the constant references to the Russian media cast doubt on the professionalism” of the American intelligence services.

“There is no compelling evidence that the Kremlin is behind the hacker attacks on the servers of the US Democratic Party. (...) The obsession with Russia is largely connected with the stereotypes of the times of the Cold War, which marked the thinking of the Americans, ”Kuhn writes.

According to him, many are accustomed to consider Moscow as a “comic book supervillain” and there is no reason to hope that the situation will change soon.
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  1. The black
    The black April 14 2017 11: 30
    Moreover, it will only increase. The next year is the year of the election of the President of the Russian Federation, so all this Western riffraff their typical slime dishes, bears 2%, etc. they’ll climb out of their skin, so that the people in Russia will stir up.
    1. Thrall
      Thrall April 14 2017 11: 32
      "double agent" became the head of the White House

      ... and he has several faces smile
      1. The black
        The black April 14 2017 11: 37
        US policy - Trump listened to her daughter, daughter to her granddaughter, granddaughter to a bug, a love of a bug to Bill, he cheated on her with Hillary, Hillary recognized a Bug recruited ... laughing
        1. bouncyhunter
          bouncyhunter April 14 2017 11: 43
          The funny zoo turned out ... wassat
          1. BATUHAN
            BATUHAN April 14 2017 11: 46
            In the photo, the “poster” made of cardboard carries an obvious drug addict. On the reverse side stopudovo it says "YES marijuana"!
            The “neighbor” has a poster for Savchenko’s freedom.
            Surely next to the posters for the recognition of buggers.

            The assembly of de.bilov.
            1. tractor driver
              tractor driver April 14 2017 11: 56
              Surely next to the posters for the recognition of buggers.

              Put in = paste.
            2. barclay
              barclay April 14 2017 11: 56
              Quote: BATUHAN
              The assembly of de.bilov.

              And moral hoopoes. Everything would be fine if it were not for the fear that such individuals could fall into power structures and multiply.
              1. bouncyhunter
                bouncyhunter April 14 2017 12: 25
                Quote: barclay
                can get into power structures and multiply.

                Judging by the rhetoric - they have long been there! yes
            3. Alexey RA
              Alexey RA April 14 2017 12: 25
              Quote: BATUHAN
              The “neighbor” has a poster for Savchenko’s freedom.

              Hehe hehe ... the aunt burned down - Putin shpiginka! smile
      2. square
        square April 14 2017 11: 42
        Permanent links to Russian media make us doubt the professionalism of US intelligence agencies.

        So is the Russian media now the main source of American intelligence? Ready to work as an analyst there (well, of course, in the interests of the homeland).
      3. GRF
        GRF April 14 2017 11: 45
        At fangs have cheated?

        Although so, Trump beauty)
    2. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter April 14 2017 11: 35
      Ordinary Americans every day from all the media taldychut one thing: Russia-the enemy! Someone is bored and he thinks about the veracity of such a statement. And most agree that white is black.
      1. Max_1985
        Max_1985 April 14 2017 12: 07
        Well, after all, we are also told from all the media that the US is an enemy? Or do you think that our media are "correct" and the American ones are false?
        1. bouncyhunter
          bouncyhunter April 14 2017 12: 14
          Our media justify their opinion with real facts, while the American ones do not burden themselves with such facts, replacing the facts with “unnamed sources”. I agree, and we have enough paid, but not in that volume.
    3. vovanpain
      vovanpain April 14 2017 11: 43
      Yes, oh, this anti-Russian hysteria lasts from the time of Ivan the Terrible, then they get lyuli, calm down for a little while and again get hysterical and the words of V.S.
      We have networks and ravings. " repeat
      1. BATUHAN
        BATUHAN April 14 2017 11: 55
        In the time of Grozny, hysteria ended quickly and forever. angry
        And then everything as you wrote.
      2. GRF
        GRF April 14 2017 11: 56
        Why do we weigh so little lyuley?
        Maybe it’s time for us to take into account many years of experience and draw appropriate conclusions?
        Or are we so keen to go too far that we cling to the world with all our might?
      3. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA April 14 2017 12: 53
        Quote: vovanpain
        and the words of V.S. Vysotsky are recalled to these antics of madmen: - "And to the machinations of Bradni,
        We have networks and ravings. "

        These are their bad devils
        Muddy water in the pond
        Churchill came up with it all
        In the eighteenth year ...
    4. Vladimir 38
      Vladimir 38 April 14 2017 12: 00
      I agree in part that hysteria before the elections will increase. I agree that people can’t be badassed now. But what to do? In my opinion, our government does nothing or very little for the people. We are the largest state in the world in terms of natural resources and human potential. But at the same time in terms of living in 59th place. People are milked as they can, yesterday I listened to a tax specialist, real estate tax will be raised within 5 years to 2% per year. Same . Gasoline 92 36 r. Liter. Gender of the country are poor. At the same time, the president’s entourage, which came under sanctions, is exempt from income tax. ZP managers of state corporations 3 lyama in DAY. The unemployment rate is limited. (if I’m interested in explaining how our government considers it) The laws on “nepotism” have not been adopted, the laws have a lot of loopholes that are designed to rob. The roads are homogeneous. Komunalka from 20 to 50% of the salary. Credit rates are prohibitive. In general, the list goes on and on. Once he supported the current government. But if you objectively look at the thieves, he drives the thieves. The people are simply already silent cattle. In Tatarstan, 5000 people thrown who invested in new buildings (including my own brother). People went to the rally, closed everyone and wrote a fine. Appealed to the President of the Russian Federation. There are unsubscribes in RT. Although it was possible to adopt an elementary law, according to which the state (it issues a license to the developer) should guarantee that in case of force majeure it will pay or complete the house. So in such a mess, I do not consider it possible to vote for the current government. And there are NO alternatives. I used to think that yes, Putin is handsome in foreign policy, but now I look at the Donbas and understand that there are continuous unresolved hot spots around us, and here I began to mumble. But the worst thing is, of course, the bad thing in this situation, that there is no alternative to thieves, everyone arranged in such a way that there is no one else to vote for them.
      1. Max_1985
        Max_1985 April 14 2017 12: 12
        I completely agree with you, Vladimir! good
  2. kouldoom
    kouldoom April 14 2017 11: 33
    Mordar and doesn’t think you will stop at evil
  3. PValery53
    PValery53 April 14 2017 11: 35
    Hysteria in America and geyrop will fall sharply when and if the "exceptional" for their hegemony get on the ridge.
  4. Cutter
    Cutter April 14 2017 11: 35
    Well, let them consider a villain. EVEN a supervillain, will be more afraid. But the "double agent" the head of the White House is interesting! Fooled up ...
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 14 2017 11: 38
    , although it is irrational, the observer of the German newspaper believes

    What about the German media with their anti-Russian hysteria? Will it also grow, although it is irrational?
    1. Cutter
      Cutter April 14 2017 11: 48
      It will also grow until they say "fu" from behind the puddle
  6. Masya masya
    Masya masya April 14 2017 11: 48
    It will grow like a snowball ... and you are not afraid that it will crush them with the same ball ...
  7. iouris
    iouris April 14 2017 11: 50
    I mean, a nuclear war in Europe is unlikely to be avoided.
  8. NordUral
    NordUral April 14 2017 11: 51
    Zombies on the march.
  9. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov April 14 2017 12: 00
    D. law is not written. Democracy seems to be a self-excited system. And such systems should be rejected. By the way, I watched a report from Pyongyang yesterday, everything is clean, there are skyscrapers, they have a favorite property. What about us? Yes, we are moving forward, but not because of, but in spite of (corruption, incomprehensible liberal taboos, the rights of a bad person). Our liberals love to groan, oh, the RF is turning into North Korea. Maybe I'm wrong, but in this transformation I do not see anything wrong. A small country managed to confront “all progressive humanity”, liquidated its bastards, and gradually life is getting better there, even if its enemies at least shrink.
    1. Vladimir 38
      Vladimir 38 April 14 2017 12: 12
      Democracy is the power of democrats, no more, the key power here.
      1. sancho
        sancho April 15 2017 16: 02
        American Democrats!
  10. Shadow of darkness
    Shadow of darkness April 14 2017 12: 06
    According to him, many are accustomed to consider Moscow as a “comic book supervillain” and there is no reason to hope that the situation will change soon.

    This situation will only change with the disappearance of the Russians. If the Russians are not going to sink into oblivion, then they will be "supervillains" for the West forever. It is time to put up with this and not succumb to the illusion of changing this. Even with good treatment, the West will consider Russian savages with whom one always has to keep an eye out.
  11. evgesha
    evgesha April 14 2017 12: 13
    of course not decrease! as long as the mattress will buy shit democracy for their candy wrappers, and not for sound business
    democracy is an artificially created system. nowhere in the world (on Earth for sure) in one society there is no shit democracy. democracy is the super lies of Western civilization (?) based on the universal myth of the equal rights (!?) of people. there is no equality, there has not been and will not be. there is equal observance of conventions that have nothing to do with the fundamental laws of life.
  12. Havoc
    Havoc April 14 2017 12: 20
    Previously, everyone thought that all the attacks on the USSR (Russia) were due to the fact that we are “red, Soviet”, now everyone understood that everything is happening because we are Russians.
    1. mikh-korsakov
      mikh-korsakov April 14 2017 12: 33
      So maybe if all the same, who is to be the “Red Soviet” or just Russian, is it not better to become the “Red Soviet Russian”?
  13. Bomb
    Bomb April 14 2017 12: 45
    Another collection of rear-wheel drive.
  14. pts-m
    pts-m April 14 2017 13: 07
    Interestingly. How much they pay for participating in the demonstration. Probably ... with a poster -5 p, without a poster ... 2 p. And hto 2 posters snatched, probably in double size. Not life, but raspberries.
    1. Niccola Mack
      Niccola Mack April 14 2017 13: 30
      Probably ... with a poster -5 r, without a poster ..

      Something you modestly - now for such money and a pimple will not jump.
      Multiply by 20 in "Baku rubles" - it will look like the truth !!!
  15. snowball
    snowball April 14 2017 15: 07
    West makes fun: Western media: Russia includes -mode-and there are
  16. Benya Khokhlomoisky
    Benya Khokhlomoisky April 14 2017 16: 00
    There is a staff, that is - Putin put Trump Woffka to the kingdom, he was in such a hurry, the staff did not experience psychologist tests.
  17. Maz
    Maz April 15 2017 10: 10
    still, in Israel they are already choking.
  18. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff April 15 2017 13: 39
    Fortunately, there are few in the United States who are jabbering from the country's foreign policy: lazy activists, hipsters, LGBT people, some kind of “intellectuals” and simply mentally unstable people with paranoid syndrome.