Fair elections are an honest choice for everyone.

Fair elections are an honest choice for everyone.Each of us makes many decisions throughout life. We constantly make choices, preferring one solution to another.

We have been asked since childhood about which profession we will choose as adults, or what our second half should be.

As a psychologist, I can say that the best results are achieved by someone who, while making decisions of this kind, listens more to himself and less - to those around him, no matter how much authority they may have.

As a political analyst, I can add that if we want to live life to the fullest and feel free, we must follow this rule for any choice in our life, including the choice of the head of state.

So what is the election? And on the topic of the day, also "fair elections"?

From my point of view, any election (from the heads of local governments to the election of the President) is a political tool given so that each of us can express our preference for any of the candidates, based solely on our own understanding of who is the most worthy and able to secure our interests.

It sounds very simple, understandable and obvious to everyone. But for some reason in life we ​​are guided by logic and analyze options, and the choice of a political leader (of any level) is sometimes made more emotionally than balanced. Why it happens?

In psychology, there is such a term as “reflection”. This is a form of thinking about your actions, standing between the stimulus and the reaction. According to the theory of behaviorism, the "stimulus-response" formula is inherent in all animals on earth. But only a person is inherent understanding of their actions.

I didn’t just wise up and give an example from my favorite science of psychology. This formula is directly related to the principle that underlies our choice. Professionals responsible for the election race from each of the candidates, it is well known.

Therefore, in all election campaigns, there are fully so-called political technologies that affect the human psyche and are based precisely on psychological tools.

Knowing these methods very well, I try myself and urge everyone to make their own choices - cold, without emotions, without looking at the populist slogans that we daily impose through the media and social networks; even pragmatically, asking myself: “If I choose this, then how will it affect me personally and my loved ones, what specific benefits will bring me?”. And when I choose a politician, I first of all analyze his candidacy from the point of view of significance in politics, as well as his desire, ability and motivation to solve my problems and the social environment in which I am.

I think that in a society in the process of elections, especially elections to the authorities of its representatives, these mechanisms should work, based on responsibility for the decision made, for their choice in favor of a future for themselves and their children.

Today, going into the emotions and routine of daily affairs, we have ceased to betray this great importance. Therefore, today we have only emotions, stress and nothing constructive on the political field. In this state (and in my opinion such is the state of the majority of our citizens), you will not make a good choice. Plus technology, plus manipulators and pacifiers of various stripes, just swinging the situation. It is necessary to calm down and soberly make your choice, listening only to yourself, believing only in yourself.

There is one correct phrase: "The people deserve the power they choose." And if each of us makes his own choice, not giving in to numerous provocations and not becoming a puppet in the hands of political technologists, this will be an honest choice.

I will do just that.
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  1. grizzlir
    16 February 2012 07: 55
    I was even confused. I read it carefully twice, I can’t believe it. The first article on this site in recent years, on the topic of elections, where there are no eulogies in support of Putin.
    1. +4
      16 February 2012 08: 44
      Wait a bit, in the comments below they will correct this malicious error laughing
      1. +1
        16 February 2012 09: 12
        There will be no boast, the tranche is delayed wink
  2. 0
    16 February 2012 08: 15
    Mikhail Leontiev said well about the elections, in Pozner’s program, he simply rolled out this idiot fellow



    Really the gods turned away again
    For the homeland of resistance, the time has come,
    Banderlogs gathered in the square in Moscow,
    And the outcasts ruled the ball dirty.

    McCain that uninhabited in Vietnam,
    And with the roof that had come down a long time ago,
    When in captivity sat in a deep pit,
    It is waging war with Russia all the same.

    Gaddafi’s fate, he prophesies to Putin,
    Repeat the Libyan scenario in Russia,
    He wants Russia, like the USSR,
    To destroy - to dismember and destroy.

    Mistress Hillary cheeky and swine
    Russian pokes his nose
    I’d better deal with Monica Lewinsky,
    Yes, with the "invaders" would solve the issue.

    “Echo of Moscow” - well, just Lorelei,
    So squeals, strainedly sings so
    Calling the country to death sooner
    Like the mouthpiece of all enemies, lies mercilessly.

    But banderlogs, grantmasters, hirelings
    Must understand in the end
    In the square they are all called bandits:
    McCain, and some Germans.

    And no matter how the curtain is closed,
    The outcome of all the fuss is known to all
    Knowingly their card will be a bit,
    Tandem stood in their way, as before.
  3. Owl
    16 February 2012 08: 56
    A competent article, happy lack of agitation.
  4. Miha_Skif
    16 February 2012 10: 03
    For some reason, it always seemed to me that Western political technologies in Russia would not work, would not bring significant results. In the language of proverbs, "the people are dark, but wise." Undoubtedly taking into account some rational criteria when choosing, we mostly assess the charisma of the future national leader, the ability to unite, "to lead."
    A striking example is Volfovich. He managed to adapt "political technologies" to Russia. Based on naked populism, but possessing at the same time a kind of "charisma", he and his party have already steadily gained their 10-15 percent. This is his ceiling. He occupied the niche of a "political jester", and, in general, rightfully takes his place. Neither Mironov nor Prokhorov, in my opinion, have sufficient leadership traits. Zyuganov has been trying to take advantage of the "Soviet legacy" from the very beginning. And he succeeds. He also gets his stable interest. But, not having enough "charisma", it seems to me that he should not count on more. He doesn't need this.
    Putin, especially at the beginning, when he first appeared in the political firmament, did not look like some kind of strong figure, but rather seemed like a "dark horse." But he showed up, and the further, the more a certain "inner core" is manifested, a certain integrity of character, which also attracts people. By the way, I don't see such "integrity of character" in Medvedev.

    And in general, look what our political stars have "speaking" surnames.
    -PUTIN and -Zyuganov! -Germans -Ryzhkov -Bulk !!! -Zhirinovsky good
    All the same, the unknown Higher Forces that keep Russia have a very good sense of humor!
    1. grizzlir
      16 February 2012 13: 27
      Surname analysis:
      In 40% such names are of Russian origin, in 5% - Belarusian, in 5% - Ukrainian, in 25% come from the languages ​​of the peoples of Russia (Tatar, Mordovian, Bashkir, Buryat, etc.), in 20% they have Jewish roots, in 20% are Russified variants of Latvian surnames. These surnames almost always come from the name, nickname or profession of the distant ancestor of its carrier, and in 57% of cases - on the male line and in 40% of cases - on the female.
      The meaning, origin and history of the surname:
      Putilo, Putyay and Putyata are ancient Russian non-church names that were very common in past centuries. But where they come from is a mystery! It is possible that Putila, Putyay or Putyaya was the name given to a child who was born on the way, during the move. There is another suggestion: the child was called so because he was 'confused' in diapers, lying with his hands and feet tied. The latter interpretation is less likely

      Yeah, speaking a surname, which is probably why they minus you.
      1. Miha_Skif
        16 February 2012 13: 52

        I’m even afraid to analyze the etiology of the names of Zyuganov and Navalny. Accuse the bride of what.

        And if you recall the Deputy Prime Minister, who is now putting things in order in the military-industrial complex (Rogozin - Rozgin), then the situation with the names becomes generally anecdotal
        1. grizzlir
          16 February 2012 14: 29
          I totally agree with you good
  5. Miha_Skif
    16 February 2012 13: 04
    Someone minus? Does someone not like it? But in essence there is nothing to answer? bully
  6. 755962
    16 February 2012 13: 13
    Elections are a serious thing, the main thing is that it would not be like in that joke. "Precinct election commissions started working on Monday.
    may know the results of the elections ahead of schedule. "
    1. 0
      16 February 2012 14: 09
      No, it doesn’t work, now we’ve decided on the European version: Media + DOS-style attack - show over 9000 times one time and water the others with mud. Voter choice will be obvious.
  7. vladimir64ss
    16 February 2012 14: 04
    The article is faded (I wonder what technology he used), but the comments are funny, We were zombified, zombied but not zombified.
  8. Evgen2509
    16 February 2012 14: 17
    If you don't need to listen to anyone, then where do you get information from - through personal acquaintance? And if he is not, then who will listen to? It is not clear - I put "-". We must LISTEN. You need to listen to information from DIFFERENT sources, and the more, the better. And on the basis of this, make decisions with YOUR head.
  9. Samnite
    16 February 2012 20: 30
    So the fact is that on March 4 there will be no elections, but there will be a farce, an imitation of elections with a previously known winner.
    1. +1
      16 February 2012 22: 16
      Obvious advantage in favor of one of the candidates - is this a farce? Longing for intrigue?
  10. 0
    16 February 2012 22: 13
    “The people deserve the power they choose.” Sounds like a sentence.
  11. suharev-52
    16 February 2012 23: 37
    I would like to remind everyone who is going to go to the polls on March 4. Arriving at the polling station, remember that together with the president, you choose the prime minister and the government. Two candidates voiced, and information is available, with whom they were going to work. The remaining hollow-bones have one demagogy. So, the choice is yours, gentlemen, officers. I have the honor. Sincerely.
  12. rate 60
    17 February 2012 00: 22
    http://mironovboris.livejournal.com/3141.html послушайте умного человека,которого боится Хутин
  13. Odinplys
    17 February 2012 18: 11
    Returning home from the swamp, the wife of one of Putin's opponents ... screams indignantly from the doorway ... Izya ... I was walking down the street with a white "sharrrick" but they called me a whore ...
    Izya in reply ... how many times did I speak to not go where they know you ...
    We already know all of you well ... gentlemen evil spirits ...
    Correctly said the Russians, think before you vote .... not a single vote for the swamps ...
    PUTIN is our president ... !!!
  14. rate 60
    21 February 2012 16: 11
    Vote for Khutin correctly

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