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The delay in storming Mosul is connected with the opening of humanitarian corridors

The pause in the storming of western Mosul is connected with the opening of security corridors to exit civilians from the city, reports RIA News a message from the commander of the 4 regiment of the 18 brigade of the 5 division of the Iraqi police Imad Khalaf.

The delay in storming Mosul is connected with the opening of humanitarian corridors

The reason for our delay in storming the Old Town quarter in Mosul is, firstly, and mainly due to the provision of safety corridors for families to leave. In these areas, there are still a lot of civilians, and at the beginning of the attack, many old houses will simply begin to crumble like houses of cards. Therefore, we want as many people as possible to leave,
told Khalaf.

According to him, "the positions of the 4 regiment are currently in the Bab-al-Tub area, adjacent to the Old Town quarter" in Mosul. Terrorists impede the exit of civilians, opening fire on all the runners.

At the same time, Khalaf noted that “often the militants themselves are trying to get out of the city under the guise of civilians carrying white flags.”

He also said that terrorists in Mosul lost their centralized leadership.

Most of the leaders of the IG (grouping is prohibited in the Russian Federation) were destroyed, the other part fled. Now they have the second and third level commanders. According to our information, these are weak leaders. They are scattered throughout the districts and they no longer have centralized leadership,
said Khalaf.
Photos used:
RIA News. Rafael Daminov

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  1. dnestr74
    dnestr74 April 13 2017 10: 56
    So that all the best and combat-ready units of the barmalei could go out.
    1. BATUHAN
      BATUHAN April 13 2017 11: 04
      Much there is hidden from understanding. Apparently there are right terrorists and wrong ones. Both of them are at war. Some are fighting with the Americans. Who will analyze them there now. Americans ruined several countries. There are essentially civil wars. And the geyropeytsy and sashashniki only add fuel to the fire. Yes, foreheads push.
      1. bouncyhunter
        bouncyhunter April 13 2017 11: 10
        Yes, the devil will break his leg himself, the mattresses themselves do not understand where whose barmaleis are, so they open corridors to filter "their" barmaley from "I myself." yes
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 13 2017 11: 10
      One hundred pounds that the Americans decided to send terrorists together with Israeli instructors from Mosul to Syria to fight the Assad regime.
  2. square
    square April 13 2017 10: 59
    What is bad in Aleppo is good in Mosul. The same media sing the praises of the liberators and no humanitarian catastrophe.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 13 2017 11: 08
    If the Western media would take apart what was going on in Mosul and seasoned with outright lies, as they did with Alepo, then the Americans would have to impose sanctions on themselves and declare themselves war criminals. That’s what “freedom of speech” means in American. I also see a speck in the prying eye, I do not see a log in my own.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket April 13 2017 11: 40
      Although they say that some of the terrorists from Mosul left in the direction of Syria, but their number in the city itself, judging by the video from there, is practically not decreasing and they offer serious resistance. But in any case, with US support or contrary to US support, Iraqi troops will take the city and this is in the interests of Iraq itself and Syria. Moreover, after the capture of Mosul, 50 Iraqi volunteers promised to help Assad’s troops.

      But of course the situation with refugees in Mosul can not be compared to the situation in Aleppo
  4. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh April 13 2017 13: 17
    The old city of Mosul is surrounded on three sides. The assault was postponed when it turned out that ISIS
    mined buildings around the edges. The buildings are with residents and they are not allowed to leave.
  5. faterdom
    faterdom April 13 2017 18: 33
    Delay, is this from November 2016 or what? This is when they wanted to coincide with the election of Clinton? And in April they decided to open a humanitarian corridor?