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USA and World War I

USA and World War I

After the start of a major war in Europe, Washington declared the United States neutral. The government of Wilson was complex. For Washington, the complete and quick victory of one of two military-political coalitions was unprofitable. America was benefited by a protracted, long war of attrition, which would weaken all powers as much as possible and destroy Europe, create conditions for the collapse of the old empires - German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian, and exhaust France and England. This allowed the United States to raise its value to a qualitatively different level, to become the economic and military leader of the planet.

The victory of the German bloc was dangerous for the United States. She led to the hegemony of Germany in Europe. Relying on the resources of Central Europe and the Balkans (Austria-Hungary lost much of its independence during the war, caving in under the Germans), crushing a historic enemy - France, weakening Britain through submarine warfare, and subordinating Russia (defeated or separate peace), Germany could claim to world leadership. The Americans feared the colonial plans of Germany in Latin America, which she considered as the periphery of the American empire, of the economic penetration of the Germans into this region. For example, to Brazil. In addition, in the long run, the possibility of a union of Germany with Japan (which eventually happened) could appear. Japan has almost exhausted the potential of an alliance with Britain and the United States in the Asia-Pacific region. Further promotion of the Japanese in the region was confronted with the military-strategic and economic interests of Britain and the United States. In particular, the Anglo-Saxons could not allow Japan to establish control over most of China. To continue its expansion in the Pacific, the Japanese needed another ally, who was relatively indifferent to the islands of the Pacific, Indonesia, China and South Asia.

At the end of 1915, Colonel Edward Howse, a protege of backstage forces under President Wilson, said of Germany’s possible victory: “The United States cannot accept the Allies to be defeated. Germany must not be allowed to establish its military dominance over the whole world. We will, of course, be the next target of the attack, and the Monroe Doctrine will be less than a piece of paper. ”

Therefore, the United States relied on the Entente. But here, not everything was smooth. Washington did not need a quick victory for England, France and Russia. In particular, the struggle for the place of the “senior partner” continued between the USA and England. They had contradictions regarding the freedom of the seas, trade, the penetration of American capital into the English colonies, and rivalry in Latin America and other regions of the planet. Young American predators gradually crowded the British, but they still had a strong position. The US needed a long war in Europe, which would lead to the defeat of Germany, the destruction of the old people's aristocratic empires, the weakening of Britain and France, which would allow America to firmly stand in Europe, putting England in the position of "junior partner" in the "new world order." There were special plans for Russia - the United States required enormous resources of the Russian civilization. At the same time, Washington covered its imperialist, predatory goals with democratic-pacifist slogans. President Woodrow Wilson was a great master of this business.

Under the sound of war, the United States was solving strategic tasks. First of all, they strengthened their positions in Latin America, which, according to the US owners, should be a raw materials appendage, a sales market for American goods, a semi-colony entangled in financial and economic fetters. Even before the start of the war in Europe, the United States, following Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic, established de facto control over Honduras and Nicaragua. In 1914, the US Marines occupied Haiti. At the same time, the Americans took control of Mexico. With the help of Americans in February 1913, President Madero was overthrown there. The country was established dictatorship Worthy. The people responded with an uprising, a civil war began. Soon after the Americans became disillusioned with Worth, he became close with the British. In the spring of 1914, limited American intervention in Mexico began. In the spring of 1916, American forces under the command of General Pershing crossed the Mexican border and began advancing inland. Mexico protested against the violation of national sovereignty. However, the "great humanist" Wilson did not pay attention to it. Only the fierce resistance of the Mexicans who hated the Yankees and supported their army forced the Americans to retreat. In addition, America during this period focused on preparing for war in Europe (the decision was already taken), so the invasion of Mexico was postponed.

Secondly, the United States profited from military supplies, turned from a world debtor to a creditor. After the 1914 campaign of the year, it became obvious that the war would be protracted and it would require a huge amount of weapons, ammunition and various equipment. In November, 1914, a representative of Morgana went to London to negotiate with the British government on the financing of Allied military orders in the United States. From the beginning of 1915, military orders of the Entente countries began to pour in abundantly in the USA. American capital got a huge new market. Germany, however, could not place large orders, since it was blocked from the sea. The main stream of American military products, raw materials and food came to the ports of the Entente.

At the same time, American capital poured a powerful stream into the countries of the Entente. The United States was profitable to give loans to the warring powers in order to increase its own production. The countries of the Entente were borrowed from the United States, the same funds were used to buy weapons, etc., that is, they were returning to America. In 1915, England and France made the first large loan of 500 million dollars. It is clear that this loan was not enough to pay for giant supplies to the Entente countries. New loans followed. The British with the United States paid off, mainly selling American securities there, which before the war were in large numbers with the British. As a result of this massive transition to American American funds, the United States was freed from the position of the debtor of Great Britain and turned America into a major creditor. “American billionaires,” noted Vladimir Lenin, “... profited the most. They made their tributaries all, even the richest countries. They have grabbed hundreds of billions of dollars. ”

Third, The United States, while maintaining neutrality, were in full swing becoming the most powerful naval power that could claim world domination. Under the guise of moral and pacifist sermons that Wilson read both to the warring countries and the American people, America was intensively preparing for war, for the position of the “world gendarme”. So, by March 1917, the United States had a very small contract army for the 105-million country — about 190 thousand people. In this case, rather poorly armed and poorly trained. There was also a reserve in the form of the National Guard - 123 thousand people, even worse prepared than the army. In just the next few months, Washington has increased its army almost 20 times! Transforming the US military into one of the most powerful combat vehicles in the world (especially considering the future defeat and demilitarization of Germany and the collapse of the Russian Empire).

At the same time, the American elite gradually prepared the ordinary American man in the street for the idea that the United States should enter the war in the name of freedom and justice. The most important role in anti-German agitation was played by an information campaign on the topic of merciless submarine warfare. The American elite placed its main hopes on this war in drawing the US into the European conflict. “It seems strange,” wrote American Ambassador in London, Paige to Colonel House, the closest adviser to President Wilson, in 1915, “but the only solution would be a new insult, like Lusitania, that would force us into a war.”

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Advisor Edward Mandel House

Federal Reserve and World Wars

It is worth noting that just before the start of World War I, the “financial international” (the “golden elite”) was able to enslave the American people by creating the Federal Reserve System (FRS). With the help of the Fed, bankers established their control over the American state and people. The financial revolution in the United States has become the most important prerequisite for the start of the First and Second World Wars, as well as all subsequent major conflicts, including the Cold War (in fact, the Third World War) and the modern Fourth World War. “Financial International” kindled wars, set off nations and countries in order to gain profit, seize and plunder other people's resources, secure financial noose on the neck of humanity, creating a global slave civilization (“new world order”).

Previously, the banks of the states that released all the money entered as the US banking system. This money was secured by gold, not debt or paper obligations. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to convince the Americans of the need to have a central bank, and for this a series of wars, including the Civil War, international bankers changed tactics. They began to “persuade” American society to create Central Bank with the help of artificial depressions, economic downturns, crises and banking panics, when citizens succumbed to specially spread rumors and massively withdrew deposits from the bank (or banks) striking the entire system. The first serious panic was organized in 1893.

One of the agents of international bankers (financial international) was Colonel Edward Mandel House, who in the 1912 elections of the year ensured the election of a new president, Woodrow Wilson. Wilson became a student of House. And he became so close to Haz that later Wilson said: “House and mine’s thoughts are one and the same”. It is also worth noting that House not only created Wilson, but also influenced the development of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt program.

Another large-scale panic was organized by D. Morgan in 1907 year. At the beginning of the year, he spent several months in Europe, plying between London and Paris, where two branches of the Rothschild family were based. When he returned, he immediately began to spread rumors that Nikerboker Bank in New York is insolvent. Panic began, depositors of the bank were sure that Morgan, a reputable banker, was right. A chain reaction began - a massive withdrawal of deposits in other banks. The Morgan group dealt with the competitors and consolidated the superiority of the banks that were part of Morgan’s business. At the same time, an information campaign began that banks cannot be trusted with US financial affairs. It was argued that the need for a central bank was overdue. In particular, the same Woodrow Wilson, who was at that time the rector of Princeton University, appealed to American society and said: “All these troubles could have been prevented if we had appointed a committee of six or seven people, driven by concern for the interests of society - such as J.P. Morgan, to manage the affairs of our country. "

It turned out an interesting picture. Morgan organized a banking panic in the country. And Wilson offered to entrust the financial affairs of the state to the person who was the cause of the crisis! The main emphasis was placed on the fact that the American people need a strong Central Bank to prevent the abuse of "Wall Street bankers."

As a result, a group of financiers and bankers (Nelson Aldrich, bankers Paul Warburg, Frank Vanderlip, Harry Davidson, Benjamin Strong, Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Piatt Andrew) associated with Morgan, prepared the relevant law. December 23 The Federal Reserve Act was enacted, which established the Federal Reserve System and authorized it to issue Federal Reserve System banknotes (hereinafter converted into US dollars) and Federal Reserve Bank tickets used as legal tender of the United States. Thus, an “invisible government” appeared in the United States, which controlled the United States (and then a significant part of humanity) with the help of the power of money.

As Congressman Charles Lindberg noted: The Federal Reserve Act “established the largest trust in the world. When the president signs this law, the invisible government by the power of money ... will be legalized. The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want it. From now on, depressions will be created on a scientific basis. ” Not surprisingly, Benjamin Strong of the Morgan Trust Company was the first manager of the New York branch of the Federal Reserve. The first head of the Board of Governors was Paul Warburg, a partner at Kun House, Loeb & Co.

The “federal” reserve system was not really federal. This is a private shop where participating banks owned all the shares for which they received dividends free from taxes, its employees are not in the civil service, etc. Thus, the “financial international” created the “second government” in the USA. The Fed received state financial authority, but it remained a “private shop” run by representatives of the “golden elite”. The private-owned Federal Reserve manages the US money supply and can, at its discretion, cause inflation and deflation. So, in the 1913 year, when the Fed created, the money supply per capita was about 148 dollars. By 1978, it was already 3691 dollar. Thus, the “financial international” enslaved the American people and gradually intercepted the US administration (this is the essence of the current conflict between Trump and a significant part of the American “elite”, the new president promised to “nationalize” the state and return it to the people).

Since its creation, the system has lent the federal government huge sums. The United States began to drive in debt bondage. During World War I, the federal system lent large sums of money to the US government. As noted in the book of Ralph Epperson (political science specialist) “The Invisible Hand or an Introduction to history as a conspiracy ":" In addition to the ability to create interest-bearing debt, the Fed is also able to create "economic cycles" by increasing and decreasing the amount of money and credit. The first serious opportunity to create depression in this way was presented in 1920, when the Federal Reserve gave what became known as Panic 1920 ... The process proceeds as follows: The system increases the money supply (from 1914 to 1919, the amount of money in the United States is almost doubled). Then the media inspire the American people to borrow large amounts of money. As soon as the money goes into debt, bankers reduce the money supply, and at the same time they begin to demand the return of unpaid debts. ”

Overall, this process was shown by Senator Robert L. Owen, Chairman of the Senate Commission on Banks and Money Circulation, who himself was a banker. He noted: “At the start of 1920, farmers flourished. They paid off mortgages in full and acquired a lot of land; at the insistence of the government, they borrowed money for this, and then, because of a sudden credit cutback that occurred in 1920, they went bankrupt. ”

The panic of 1920 was successful, and its success prompted the “financial international” to plan another one: the collapse of 1929, or the Great Depression. In turn, the Great Depression became one of the main prerequisites of the Second World War, which was also organized by the masters of the United States and the West as a whole, who could not realize all the goals of the First World War (in particular, to finally solve the “Russian question”).
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  1. Cartalon
    Cartalon April 7 2017 05: 50
    Why these dark forces could not support Wilson during the ratification of the Versailles Peace Treaty and he died a loser, Mr. Samsonov’s admiration for the old Jews reaches dangerous limits, maybe he put himself in his articles and makes it clear that the struggle is useless, the massively omnipotent and omnipotent people.
    1. venaya
      venaya April 7 2017 10: 47
      Quote: Cartalon
      Mr. Samsonov’s worship of old Jews reaches dangerous limits

      Personally, I do not see anything shameful in the sincere recognition of the fact that in reality it is money that rules the world, I would even say big, even very, very big money, namely the Fed. Other power structures of world politics simply pretend to be (foolishly) that they have some power, but in reality it’s all fiction, in real life they are “gnol, moth and poverty”. So the truth, the true truth, is older than unreasonable emotions. It is advisable to recognize real life “in all its glory”, without embellishment, and not invent endless stupid fakes that confuse everything and everyone.
      1. cost
        cost April 7 2017 14: 56
        But what about ideals, faith in goodness, faith in God, love in the end? Is it really money that rules the world, I would even say big, even very, very big money. Is the true truth really wealth, and not Tolstoyevsky, Pushkin and Korney Chukovsky. How cruel and cynical this world is, confusing everything and everything. Sadness belay
        1. venaya
          venaya April 7 2017 16: 21
          Quote: Rich
          Tolstoyevsky, Pushkin and Korney Chukovsky

          For spiritual pleasures, "Hollywood" was actually created. While the "cunning" financiers are robbing the pockets of gullible citizens, people are methodically lowered into the "world of dreams", it is very profitable and does not hurt at all. How nice not to think about anything!
  2. parusnik
    parusnik April 7 2017 08: 08
    At the same time, Washington covered its imperialist, predatory goals with democratic-pacifist slogans.
    ... Duc ... nothing has changed to the present ...
    1. Cartalon
      Cartalon April 7 2017 08: 22
      No better than Kaiser with his Huns and Ludendorff with theories that a nation is destined for war
  3. ukoft
    ukoft April 7 2017 08: 45
    the theme flowed smoothly into finance. Well, how can you do without them.
    it is an economic issue subordinating the central bank to the government. The international economic scientific elite says that banks should be independent - national banks that issue national currency. in fact, central banks are subordinate to the government everywhere and in the same usa. You can call it differently FRS National Bank and so on. but completely independent in fact, he never was a fact. and the fact that the FRS lends to the government does not say anything. So there is an internal dollar for the United States and an external one for the world. FRS in fact works in the interests of the states.
    the question is how much and how do they defend these interests. the fact that they throw their inflation around the world is good for the states, that they call the cost of the dollar harms the local producer, but is beneficial for investments, which are also useful
    1. venaya
      venaya April 7 2017 09: 49
      Quote: ukoft
      in fact, central banks are subordinate to the government everywhere and in the same usa

      I think that you are completely wrong here. In practice, it turned out exactly the opposite. It is generally believed that for the first time the “central bank” passed into private hands in England by the creation of a non-state private “Bank of England”, which further contributed to the development of the British Empire. The creation of the Fed also contributed to the economic development of the United States, perhaps due to the fact that private banks are not subordinate to any state. laws and live by their own laws not controlled by anyone at all.
  4. venaya
    venaya April 7 2017 09: 38
    23 декабря 1913 года the Federal Reserve Act was passed ... ... an “invisible government” appeared in the USA that controlled the USA (and then a significant part of humanity) with the help of the power of money.

    When we all talk together about US power over the world, we must always remember that we must bear in mind the power of the Fed itself, which almost completely occupied power in the United States itself and in the future power in almost the rest of the world. Such is the reality, the power of the “sacred printer” turned out to be stronger than all the remaining branches of power.
  5. V.ic
    V.ic April 7 2017 11: 14
    I immediately remembered that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is controlled by the US Federal Reserve. Is the RF independent, as we used to think?
  6. Curious
    Curious April 7 2017 11: 21
    The author floats on the surface in matters of the search for universal evil. All this is nonsense. In fact, everything is much deeper and older. and worse.
    It all started on May 1, 1776, when the University of Ingolstadt, professor of law Adam Weishaupt, created the Bavarian Illuminati Society.
    The Illuminati adhered to strict conspiracy in combination with a rigid hierarchical - "pyramidal" - structure.
    The core of the Illuminati society was the “Areopagus” of the twelve members closest to the head of the order.
    In its almost original form, the lodges also fell across the ocean - into the British colony, from which the USA would later grow.
    This is where it all started.
    This organization is omnipotent. He uses the most sophisticated methods to spread his influence.
    They control the Vatican. The Illuminati have always been associated with the Catholic Church. It is suspected that members of this secret society conduct specific rites and sacrifices. How else can you influence large masses of people, if not through religion? For several centuries, many have believed that the Vatican and the Catholic Church are directly related to the Illuminati.
    The Illuminati do not disdain relations with the Devil himself. Satanists are considered part of the Illuminati society, and Satan himself controls this society.
    The Illuminati are not limited to existing religions. They created a new world religion, such as the New Age, which involves the creation of a world government to control all people.
    They have not forgotten the ideas of Nazism. Those who preach the idea of ​​the Fourth Reich are direct supporters and allies of the Illuminati. The goal of governing the whole world is common to them.
    I can’t but mention Wall Street. Everything that happens on Wall Street is controlled by the Illuminati. Financial ups and downs, crises - the fruit of a secret society. After all, they want to own not only minds, but also finances. Who owns Wall Street owns the world.
    Oil. The blood of civilization. In addition to control over world finances, control over world reserves of energy resources, including oil, will not interfere. No matter how ridiculous it may seem, all the largest oil producers in the world are in collusion with each other and under the control of the Illuminati. Their goal is to act together and control oil prices, creating panic in some or causing patriotism in others.
    Pharmacy. One of the easiest ways to control people is with medication. Doctors come up with new diseases and actively treat millions of people from them. This is one of the links in the world conspiracy .. People become dependent, and, therefore, weak and subject to influence.
    The global Jewish conspiracy and world Marxism are actually manifestations of the Illuminati’s activities and links in one chain.
    The Bohemian Club, the Yale Skull and Bones Society, the Order of the Oriental Templars, the CIA, free masses are all Illuminati organizations.
    Therefore, I propose that the author quit doing trivia and focus his efforts and talent on really serious topics.
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 April 7 2017 18: 04
      Therefore, I propose that the author quit doing trivia and focus his efforts and talent on really serious topics.

      wassat laughing laughing laughing Ernst Muldashev would not say better! You categorically have a satirical talent! Naturally, this passage is especially dear to me: "Doctors come up with new diseases and actively treat millions of people from them. This is one of the links in the world conspiracy." Illuminati brother! You and I are of the same blood, you and I!
    2. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh April 8 2017 01: 39
      You dug deep ... yes, but not deep enough.
      And who is behind the Illuminati? - right, world government.
      And who is behind the world government? - right, Jewish bankers.
      And who is behind the Jewish bankers? - That's right, reptilian aliens.
      And who will defeat them all in the end? - right, Russia.
      Here and the fairy tale ends, I was drinking honey beer ... smile
      1. Curious
        Curious April 8 2017 01: 52
        I began to write about reptiloids, but I received an anonymous tip by e-mail that it is advisable not to mention them.
        1. avva2012
          avva2012 April 8 2017 05: 09
          Late, they are already coming to you!
  7. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh April 8 2017 01: 32
    "The financial revolution in the United States became the most important prerequisite for the outbreak of the First and Second World Wars, as well as all subsequent major conflicts, including the Cold War (in fact, the Third World War) and the modern Fourth World War." ////

    They recognize a bird by its flight ... Samsonov-geopolitician flies high ...
    He flew to the Fourth World War.
    It is clear to the reader that the Seventh and Eighth World Wars will be unleashed, the children "... who?"
    Children, Mansion: "USA and their Federal Reserve."