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Russian arms exports. March 2017 of the year

News for the export of Russian weapons in March 2017, mainly related to the supply of various helicopters. Therefore, the company Helicopters of Russia, part of the Rostec state corporation, became the main newsmaker of the month. In particular, it was reported that in Novosibirsk until the middle of 2018, 30 of the Indian Mi-17-1В helicopters would be repaired; this year the first deliveries of Ka-52 combat helicopters to foreign customers will begin (Egypt); Belarus will receive 6 helicopters Mi-8МТВХNUMX ahead of schedule; and Iran is interested in a joint venture in which Ka-5 or Ansat light helicopters would assemble.

In 2017, Arsenievskaya aviation For the first time, the Progress company of the Russian Helicopters holding company will start exporting combat reconnaissance and attack helicopters Ka-52 Alligator. Combat helicopters are planned to be transferred, in particular, to Egypt. Earlier, in December 2015, Alexander Mikheev, the then head of the Russian Helicopters holding, spoke about the upcoming deliveries of 46 Ka-52 helicopters to Egypt. The implementation of this contract will begin this year. It is worth noting that previously the Ka-52 helicopter was also tested in Algeria. It is worth noting that this African country has long been actively acquiring the products of the Russian military-industrial complex.

Also in March, it was reported that India is ready, in accordance with the previously concluded contract, to carry out the repair of its Mi-30-17В helicopters at the Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant (NARZ). The Indian delegation arrived at the plant with an inspection at the end of February and was pleased with what they saw. Currently, the company is repairing the first batch of Indian helicopters (1 machines), they will be transferred to the Indian side in the summer of 5. In total, the repair was divided into 2017 batches of 6 machines, the last repaired helicopters will be handed over to the Indian military until the middle of 5.

Russia and Iran plan to organize a joint venture to produce light helicopters

At the end of March 2017, information appeared that the Russian Helicopters holding, Rostec State Corporation and the Iranian Industrial Development and Reconstruction Organization (IRDO) announced cooperation in the area of ​​the potential establishment of a joint venture in Iran production. According to information "Rosteha”, The signature under the memorandum of understanding was put by Andrei Boginsky, the general director of the holding company“ Helicopters of Russia ”and Mansur Moazami, chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian Organization for Industrial Development and Reconstruction. The document signed by the parties is aimed at developing cooperation between the two countries in the framework of the program for the modernization of the helicopter fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition, the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" intends to use the potential of cooperation with IDRO to develop its presence in the Middle East region as a whole.

Russian arms exports. March 2017 of the year

According to Andrei Bohinsky, Russia notes Iran’s high demand for light-duty helicopters, including for their operation by various civilian departments of the country. At the joint Russian-Iranian company it is planned to assemble light helicopters Ka-226 or Ansat. Currently, negotiations on this issue are continuing. The memorandum signed at the end of March assumes that in the very near future a full-fledged agreement on cooperation will be concluded between the parties.

It is worth noting that recently two ship-based Ka-226T helicopters were tested in Kumertau. It is reported that the helicopters are made in the "sea version". It assumes the presence of the folding rotor blades while stationary, as well as all the components and components of the helicopter are specially adapted to work in a fairly aggressive marine environment. This light helicopter is notable for its excellent handling and maneuverability, it has great power supply and is unpretentious in operation. The helicopter is able to solve a wide range of tactical tasks. All this contributes to the great demand for this model both in Russia and abroad.

Today, more than 50 helicopters produced in Russia are registered in Iran. The most popular here is the Mi-17. At the same time, almost the entire range of helicopters of this type is actively operated in Iran: Mi-17, Mi-171, and Mi-171Е, and Mi-17В-5, and Mi-8МТВ. These middle-class helicopters are used in Iran to combat organized crime and law enforcement. As in other countries of the Middle East region, domestic helicopters have proved themselves to be first and foremost excellent, reliable and unpretentious equipment that allows you to solve problems in high altitude and high air temperatures.

Belarus will receive the second batch of Mi-8MTV-5 helicopters ahead of time

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" in the framework of the contract concluded with the Ministry of Defense of Belarus for the supply of 12 helicopters Mi-8MTV-5 will deliver the second batch of 6 machines to the Belarusian military. Initially, the delivery of 6 helicopters of the second batch was scheduled for May 2017, but the Kazan helicopter plant is ready to transfer the cars to the Belarusian military in April of this year, 22 reported this in March press office holding "Helicopters of Russia".

The report says that the delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, which was headed by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the country Igor Lotenkov, visited the Kazan Helicopter Plant. The official visit of the Belarusian military to the Russian enterprise was associated with the completion of the contract for the supply of X-NUMX Mi-12-MTV-8 helicopters. During the company visit, representatives of the Belarusian delegation, accompanied by Andrei Boginsky, general director of the Russian Helicopters holding company and the management of the Kazan Helicopter Plant, familiarized themselves with the progress of work on supplying Belarus with the second batch of multi-purpose military transport helicopters Mi-5MTV-8. According to Andrei Boginsky, Belarus has always been and will be an important strategic partner for Russia.

During the visit to Kazan, the Belarusian military visited the sections of the bench-mount and slipway assembly of fuselages and units for the Mi-8 / 17, Mi-38 and Ansat helicopters. They also inspected a large-area section in the final assembly shop, where they presented the Mi-17В-5 and Mi-8МТВ-1 multi-purpose helicopters, as well as the small-series section where the Ansat light multi-purpose two-engine helicopters are assembled today. The Belarusian delegation showed genuine interest in these new Russian light multipurpose helicopters. At the end of the visit, the delegation of the Belarusian military presented to the KVZ leadership gratitude for the high professionalism and creative initiative, as well as the provision of comprehensive assistance in the development of the new Russian multi-role helicopter Mi-8MTV-5 by the flight personnel of the Air Force and the Belarusian air defense forces.

Mi-17B5 helicopter reaches Kenya

Russian Helicopters Holding has delivered a multi-purpose helicopter Mi-17В-5 to Kenya. According to information press service State Corporation Rostec helicopter will be used for the needs of the national police of the African Republic. The solemn transfer of a new helicopter to the Kenyan police took place in the capital Nairobi in the presence of the Minister of the Interior of Kenya. In addition to the delivery of the helicopter in accordance with the terms of the contract, the Russian side also conducted training for the customer’s specialists.

According to Alexander Shcherbinin, who occupies the post of Deputy General Director of the Russian Helicopters Holding for Marketing and Business Development, this is the first helicopter of this type delivered to Kenya. At the same time, the total fleet of Soviet / Russian-made helicopters in African countries exceeds today the 700 units, it needs to be constantly updated. Domestic helicopters have proven themselves in performing a very wide range of tasks in Africa. Therefore, the Russian company hopes for further fruitful cooperation.

Traditionally, African states are one of the largest operators of Russian helicopters. "High flight performance, the ability to use in a wide range of conditions and temperatures, reliability, versatility, and ease of maintenance and operation make domestic helicopters one of the best deals for the African market," the holding said. Currently, multi-purpose helicopters of the Mi-8 / 17 family are being offered to African customers mainly for use in the field of civil aviation - the transport of passengers and cargo, as well as VIP-persons, similar helicopters and security agencies of African countries are in demand.

Techmash handed over equipment to India and trained specialists to organize the production tank ammunition "Mango"

Concern Tekhmash, which is part of the state corporation Rostec, has entered the final stage of the transfer of a license for serial production of tank shots with an armor-piercing sabot projectile intended for T-90C tanks. The contract for the transfer of the license for the production of Mango, a subcaliber shells, was signed by Rosoboronexport as early as 2014, 16 March reports press office concern "Tehmash".

According to Sergey Rusakov, the general director of the Tekhmash concern, for the enterprise is a particularly significant project for the transfer of licenses for the production of their ammunition to other countries. Currently, Tehmash produced and supplied India with the bulk of equipment for the production of sabot shells, and also completed the training program for Indian partners. Now experts of the Russian concern together with their Indian colleagues are engaged in installation and commissioning of production lines directly on site. The head of the Concern “Tehmash” also stressed that “a tank shot with an armor-piercing piercing projectile is one of the most high-tech types of ammunition, which is also in demand in other states today. Today, the concern is delivering data shots to several foreign customers. ”

It is worth noting that India is the main operator of T-90C tanks, as of 2017, there are about 950 main battle tanks of this model in the country, respectively, they need a lot of ammunition. Therefore, the concluded agreement on licensing and moving the line for the production of tanker shells "Mango" seems to be a logical decision of the Indian military.

In March, the first photos of the MiG-29М2 appeared in the Egyptian air force

According to the information from the Algerian resource MenaDefense, 31 in March 2017, the first sample of the multipurpose MiG-29М2 fighter (tail number 811) was built, which was built according to the Egyptian order. The photograph of the fighter was taken in Zhukovsky on the territory of the Flight Research Institute named after M. M. Gromov. It is assumed that the first fighter of this model, Egypt will receive in the second quarter of this year.

The first fighter MiG-29М2, made for the Egyptian Air Force (tail number "811"), 31.03.2017 (с) Dmitry Terekhov / MenaDefense

According to the specialized military blog bmpdFor the first time in open sources, information on the negotiation of a contract for the supply of the Egyptian Air Force 46 multipurpose fighter jets MiG-29М / М2 appeared in May 2015 of the year. In particular, Alexey Nikolsky wrote about this in an article in the Vedomosti newspaper. 5 February 2016 was reported by the agency RIA Novosti that Rosoboronexport JSC in April 2015 signed a contract with one of the countries of North Africa (Egypt) for the supply of “over 50” MiG-29М / М2 fighters of new construction (single and double options). This was said by the Deputy Director General of the Russian Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation MiG, Alexei Beskibalov. At the same time, it was said that the first two fighters could be transferred to a foreign customer before the end of 2016, and the contract is fully planned to be completed before 2020. Given the size of this contract, it was determined and its value - more than two billion US dollars.

MiG-29М / М2 are multipurpose fighters of the “4 ++” generation with increased combat load, increased flight range and extended nomenclature of airborne weapons used. The fighters are part of the new unified family of combat aircraft, which was created on the basis of the MiG-29K / KUB ship-based fighter jets.

Mexican Federal Protection Service leased a Gorets-M armored car

According to the media in Mexico, the Federal Protection Service of the country (SFP - Servicio de Protección Federal) leased for a period of one year for the trial operation of a special Russian-made Gorets-M armored car. This armored vehicle is produced by the Moscow company OKB Tekhnika at the Institute of Special Equipment. The machine is based on the KAMAZ-43502 chassis with the wheel formula 4х4. The Mexican SFP service is under the authority of the National Security Commission (CNS - Comisión Nacional de Seguridad) of the Ministry of the Interior of Mexico. She is responsible for protecting the courts and government agencies, transporting important prisoners and valuable cargoes, performing the functions of bailiffs, etc., and is also involved in the fight against organized crime in particularly criminalized areas of Mexico.

Special armored vehicle "Gorets-M" in operation of the Mexican Service of Federal Protection (SFP) (c) Agencia Reforma

It is reported that in Mexico, Russian armored vehicles will be used under the designation Mamut ("Mammoth"). It is planned to be used for the transport of especially dangerous and important prisoners. Also in the lease will be assessed using this armored vehicle as a patrol in the zone of armed conflict. According to the blog information bmpd, in 2016, the Gorets-M armored car already acquired the Angolan Border Guard Service.

For the first time, this armored car was presented in the framework of the Army-2015 forum. The weight of “Gortsa-M” is about 12 tons. The armored vehicle is equipped with an 250 horsepower engine, which allows it to reach speeds of up to 100 km / h, while the cruising range on the highway is up to 1250 km. According to Alexander Savostyanov, Chief Designer of the Institute of Special Equipment, the Highlander M is a high-traffic vehicle armored in 6 class, its armor is able to withstand hitting 7,62-mm bullets with a red-hot core.
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