A few questions to the authorities, fellow citizens and myself

A few questions to the authorities, fellow citizens and myselfBefore I share my views on the events and voice specific proposals for resolving the current political situation (heated to the limit), I will say a few words about myself and why I consider my opinion worthy of the attention of respected readers. I am Anatoly Nikiforov, political scientist, professional acmeologist and political psychologist. And I am a citizen of Russia and its patriot.

Feeling that I can no longer be apart from the processes taking place in my country, I decided to share my thoughts with caring fellow citizens, who, like me, have a civil position and consider it my duty to openly express it.

I’ll say frankly and openly: I really didn’t want to go to the political platform again after being vaccinated in 2000-2001. It was at that time that I became one of the developers of the most important topic for our state - youth policy. This project was originally conceived by us as a pillar, perspective, brilliant and progressive future of our country. The forge of what we lacked most of all: the new competent political personnel and ideas. And I, with my like-minded colleagues, proposed to create and implement it on the new political platform called “United Russia”.

Alas, our brilliantly conceived idea broke about the excessive ambitions, the strongest betrayal and militant unprofessionalism of the project curators from the same United Russia and the people who were in the executive branch and were responsible for youth policy. They simply blocked the development of this youth wing. They say that too much power ... And so far, after more than ten years, there is, in fact, no youth policy in Russia.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to create and get to work a civilian filter that could weed out the people who joined the party, who came into politics without any patriotic motives.

Even then, in my opinion, a promising project with a unifying brand and an application for the role of the party of power began to attract the attention of various kinds of speculators and people with a criminal past. And judging by their behavior in the party, and the criminal future. A large number of smart, decent and decent people were shifted to secondary roles, and some of them were completely removed from the party. I, too, was forced to leave this project, without joining this political organization (as time shows, and thank God, for even then it was infected with a virus of ideological, organizational and personnel decomposition).

I think that the processes that are now taking place in society are a fair reaction to the results of the unprofessional work of many members of the United Russia party, which in its present form and composition will soon appear to become a political corpse. And for people who believe in God, death is the beginning of life. New life. By the way, in the case of United Russia, its political death is not a tragedy at all, but a completely rational way out of the impasse in relations between the authorities and society, which for the most part no longer believes in the bright future of this party. Moreover, many will gladly celebrate the “commemoration” of it.
But to destroy is not an achievement. In order not to repeat the mistakes of the past, let us learn in advance to think which party of power we need and what specific proposals we are ready to voice to current and future rulers, in order not to be empty demagogues neither in their eyes nor in our own.
First, let's see what we lack. Here we can say about the paramount (security, security), and social benefits and guarantees, and household problems that require solutions at the state level.

But the main thing is, as the numerous (including world) practice shows, we lack confidence in the authorities. Not even to the ruler, but to those who represent power at lower levels. As a result, there is a lack of patriotism and a modern, viable ideology that can unite our vast, great and multinational country. If we want to make it prosperous and strong, it will have to do it seriously. And you know, as a professional psychologist and political scientist, I can say that this is possible.

I believe that the core of the effective activity of any political organization and executive structure is a professional - a person with knowledge, skills and experience in the activities in which he is engaged.

Now, when we are on the verge of political change, I would like to see new people in government. The society is clearly not enough, people are tired of shuffling the same people.

I think that in the “United Russia”, as well as in other political structures, among government officials, and in society as a whole, there are still smart, decent, honest and professional people in their work who must form the backbone of support and implementation of programs aimed at social, political and economic stability.

All in the same 2000 year, it was almost done. I was then a confidant of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin, at that time unknown to the general public.

Let's say frankly: many of us were hurt and ashamed to see as our leader a heavy drinking, decrepit wreck (Yeltsin). We are tired of its bloody and criminal regime, which has created chaos, civil war and the impoverishment of the population. Many at that time could not stand it and left the country, because there was practically no country.

Then, at the beginning of 2000's, we united around a new leader and the idea of ​​rebuilding our state. I myself traveled a lot and spoke in support of Vladimir Vladimirovich, especially in various youth audiences. Putin instilled in us confidence and hope for change for the better (that it is this man, young and strong, who will stop the collapse and plunder of Russia). Let's honestly admit that, despite all the problems, today we live in a completely different country and nobody wants to go back to dashing 90.

So, over the years 10 a giant, tremendous step has been made. But we are more than ever close to making two now, allowing destabilization.

I am confident that neither Putin nor the current President of Russia Medvedev had the idea to build such a bureaucratic pyramid of corrupt, non-professional officials who derailed all good undertakings. Having mired in numerous corruption scandals and openly robbing our already not very rich population, these officials are in essence the cause of the current popular unrest.

The current situation in the country reminds me of one sad history from childhood. I had a dog, she fell ill with the distemper and died. I was terribly worried, trying to somehow ease the agony of the dying dog. But I especially remember the picture, when on the body of a dog it was not clear where from (and I always kept it clean) parasites appeared, which began to suck the blood of an animal and deprive him of strength for further resistance.

So in our country in this difficult time (especially after the crisis) various “lice” and “fleas” and so-called shadows from the past jump out, offering nothing constructive, but only sowing chaos, disbelief and disunity. What all this can lead, we understand. But pretty lyrics and metaphors. What we shall do?

And again we return to the conversation that cadres decide everything. And our task (of society) is to control and govern the state through those mechanisms that today are more than sufficient for active participation in the life of the country. It remains to apply desire, faith in yourself and success.

I think (and strange as it may seem after the above), but Putin should be elected president. Taking into account all the processes that are happening now in the country, it was he who, having collected all his will and experience, should bring political and personnel order in the country, without which Russia cannot exist as a strong and powerful state. A state without which the people of Russia cannot be a civilization and become a raw materials appendage of the West.
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  1. +2
    14 February 2012 08: 10
    All the case, hold it.
  2. Igor
    14 February 2012 08: 13
    How much can you write about this Putin?
    1. grizzlir
      14 February 2012 08: 15
      Patience Igorko before the election. After everything will abruptly fade. Many have already noticed that there is not a word about other candidates on the site. Suggests certain thoughts.
      1. +14
        14 February 2012 08: 21
        Dear, specially the site does not promote anyone. This heading "Opinions" - this includes articles written and posted on the site by the site visitors themselves. Write about another candidate - it will get here if the article is adequate ...
        1. Igor
          14 February 2012 09: 57
          And why then lay out the same type of article about a good king and bad boyars.
          1. +4
            14 February 2012 11: 32
            And what about the bad king that few articles?
    2. -1
      14 February 2012 21: 04
      And let's talk about Babka-Hedgehog? Together.
      Ah, Igor?
    14 February 2012 08: 26
    Hmm, no matter how anyone treats Putin, there is simply no other alternative today, it's like reading in some magazine "if you choose between plague, AIDS, anthrax and hemorrhoids, the choice is obvious, not simple but obvious.
    1. Dust
      14 February 2012 15: 41
      Is Putin a speed or a plague? Then I’m for hemorrhoids - don’t scratch without any reason, and there will be less problems ...
  4. +5
    14 February 2012 08: 26
    Hmm ... It seems that everything is on the case, but I have some kind of nasty feeling ... Some officials are to blame, we are all so white and fluffy ... Comrade, you, it was you, who were behind most of the nasty things that happened .. The official is the performer, and the cowardly performer, shaking for his chair, for his ass ... This article reminds me of the Germans agitation of the beginning of the Second World War-Bid, the Jew of the Bolshevik, the muzzle asks for a brick ... Only fools are very few, even in the outback ...
    1. +6
      14 February 2012 08: 57
      Greetings, colleague! In some ways I disagree with you ... I agree that it is impossible to completely exclude the guilt of the first person in the outrages that have taken place, but reducing the "vile" bureaucratic people to the role of a blind executor of the highest will is not good. This people, who came from the 90s and was born, in the bulk, still from the USSR, in an irrepressible thirst for enrichment and the absence of fear of punishment (and even that - relatively strict, even in the USSR) in the era of the formation of a NEW society, was able to pervert any healthy thought and initiative, adjusting it for yourself! An example is Mr. Gryzlov, who was honorably dismissed from the post of Vice-Speaker! In his zealous zeal to serve the First, he crossed all the boundaries of reason, building the internal policy of the United Russia and suppressing the authority of other parties. For what they got: EP - a drop in the rating, Gryzlov - an honorary resignation. request And Putin, in many respects, is right, building a long-term strategy of his stay in the highest sweats. If it were not for the vertical, which has set everyone's teeth on edge, then today Russia would not have the economic potential that it does! And now the time has come to revise the architecture of the state structure with a focus on the person. God grant that this is so! Igor, well, what is "tired" is - the fact - absolutely full-fledged candidacy, as opposed to GDP - no! Well, his opponents have not grown to the same weight category as his! And lamentations about the fact that - he does not give value, there were enough earlier. Nobody bothers them! Vaughn Zhirik with Mironov and Zyugan are long-livers, and apart from populism, chatter (and in debates they prefer that they listen - only their loved ones. Looked, laughed ...) they didn’t get a shit. And what kind of charisma, in their attitude, can we talk about? ... laughing
      1. Born in USSR
        14 February 2012 11: 44
        I agree with Esaul, the psychology of people who came to power and formed in 90 is aimed primarily at solving issues of their own enrichment, for the benefit of the state according to the residual principle ... Clans were formed in which personal loyalty was valued (and these are, first of all, relatives and friends ), community of interests (related to enrichment), professionalism was already valued on a residual basis. It is extremely difficult to get into this circle of the elite from the outside, whether you are even Lomonosov or Kulibin ... The dissenters survived - as a result, the quality of management fell dramatically, the main task of officials was to preserve their feeding trough, all initiatives from above and below are slowed down and perverted, since they do not coincide with internal motivation ... To break this vicious circle, to find a large number of people who put the interests of the state at the head of their activities, who have sufficient knowledge and high moral principles (so that when they are at the helm, they would not rush to fill their pockets as well), bring them to power , to motivate for effective work is, in my opinion, one of the main tasks facing Putin. Otherwise, any good undertakings will be perverted and it will turn out "as always ..." In fact, the task is to significantly renew the elite and transfer it from the ideology of personal enrichment to the ideology of serving the Motherland ...
        1. -2
          14 February 2012 11: 57
          Born in USSR,
          Roman, I welcome you and thank you for the wonderful addition! Regards, Esaul drinks
      2. +10
        14 February 2012 12: 05
        Greetings, Valery! I think it became clear to everyone that a war was unleashed against Russia. This is very easily traced, for example, by the fact that Gorbachev was transferred from London to us and he again talks about perestroika 2.0; He already has experience in the collapse of the country, but he needs a companion, not someone who is active, who arouses good feelings among the people, who would be considered "our own." And this one came out of the bullpen not long ago. Navalny is very much like the early Yeltsin, when he was not yet fully drunk. Only Yeltsin "fought with privileges" and Navalny with "corruption" although they themselves that the other is mired in them from head to toe. Our ideological opposition, led by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, successfully merged the street with the liberals and nationalists for the Zyuganov amendment in the 25th century. Election Law. Now these "Banderlog" are "defenders" of the people's interests. Zhirinovsky, supported by "authoritative" voters from the Slavic organized crime groups, also defends in words the interests of the Russian people, in fact he is ready to cooperate with any government, About Mironov with Prokhorov .... just reluctant to hit the keys in vain. This is the situation before the elections. Now a few words about the "independent zomboy". All positive information is presented in such a way as to cause rejection or is skipped. The hand of Murdoch and his students is felt.
        Why do we learn about Putin’s achievements from Western news? Why the press service does not work normally and does not cover our national victories. Selling $ 9 billion worth of arms to Venezuela is a major blow to the United States. This is the same as if Georgia had bought as many weapons. Or the fact that Putin since December 2010 withdrew more than 40% of our money, which was stored in dollars, in the United States. Have you ever heard of this anywhere except the BBC or CNN? For example: none of our news agencies reported that our special forces took first place in the prestigious 29th Super SWAT International Round-Up - 2011, held in the United States. City of Orlando, Florida. http://rublogers.ru/2011/12/05/ni-odin-telekanal-v-rossii-ne-soobschil-o-pobede-
        We have already had a violent change of power twice. In 1917 (Lenin) and in 1988 - 1993 (Gorbachev - Yeltsin). the question is: did it become better for the people? After the revolution of 17, Russia was thrown back dozens of years ago, and without Stalin (who would not belong to him, but it is a fact that he raised the country and made it a superpower) we could cease to exist
        In 1988 - 1993, we were promised "freedom" and heaven on earth, but at first they destroyed the USSR, the greatest superpower, and then it was shamelessly plundered, humiliated and spat in the face of all citizens with their vouchers. And after that, they have the courage to again demand restructuring and a change of power? In the 90s, under Yeltsin, for our children, the ultimate dream was the snickers, and for the wives, the Chinese two-color down jacket, and the rest abroad was the lot for the elite. Now I envy my son-in-law for good, who serves in a remote garrison on modern technology and receives good money, and my daughter's problem is not how and how to feed the children, but a bad Internet and workload at school for some reason, there are more children and there are not enough teachers.
        Russia needs time and stability now, at least for 5-6 years, during this time it will be necessary to form an establishment, preferably a national one, which will take power into its own hands. Because if you look objectively now there is not a single worthy presidential candidate.
        And for those who are afraid that everything will remain as before, do not worry. The system has already changed. Putin now has only one way forward, otherwise on the chopping block. But United Russia has almost been disbanded in fact, they will be replaced by ONF. Deputies will wait their time, but this will be the crown of their political career.
        1. 0
          14 February 2012 17: 27
          Stanislav, I welcome you, pal. I was always pleasantly surprised by the depth of your comments, and this time I, too, was not deceived good In many ways, our positions with you are similar and this makes me happy! In addition to GDP, the candidates are reluctant to talk about other candidates - you are right.
          Quote: Ascetic
          Why do we learn about Putin’s achievements from Western news? Why the press service does not work normally and does not cover our national victories. Selling Venezuelan arms at 9 billion dollars is a major blow to the United States. This is the same as if Georgia had bought as many weapons. Or the fact that since December 2010 Putin has withdrawn more than 40% of our money, which was stored in dollars, in the United States. Have you ever heard of this anywhere except the BBC or CNN? For example: none of our news agencies reported that our special forces took first place in the prestigious 29 Super SWAT International Round-Up - 2011, held in the United States. City of Orlando, Florida
          On this occasion, I, too, am outraged no less than yours and, I think, something needs to be done with our media industry. I also know about the withdrawal of Russian assets from yusovskih portfolios and I think that many on this site, too. It's just the throats are always audible. Those who rant about the general chaos and collapse in the country - DO NOT WANT to see positive changes and try to push their interests. What would be surprised if the honored generals turn with teardrops to the Higher Will (Putin), having the intention to once again put pressure on the corn and position themselves as guardians for the good of the people. Here is the namend, Lieutenant General Titov, in an appeal to Putin, shed bitter tears about the failure of the reform in the army and made conclusions (analyzes!) That the reform was being carried out at the prompting of the Pentagon. The irresponsibility of such statements is amazing!
          I am glad that your comment, Stanislav, ends with optimistic conclusions, which I try to do more often. Thank you for your comments, they give confidence that everything will be fine with us! Good luck, buddy! Regards, Esaul! drinks
        2. -2
          14 February 2012 19: 00
          Stanislav, just information today appeared interesting in continuation of the topic of the media! -------- Gazprom Media "demands the early resignation of the board of directors of the radio station" Echo of Moscow "and the replacement of independent directors, the editor-in-chief said in his microblog on Twitter "Echo of Moscow" Alexey Venediktov.

          Gazprom Media (the controlling shareholder of the radio station - 66%) has demanded the early resignation of the Ekho Moskvy board of directors and the replacement of independent directors, "he wrote.

          Addressing the deputy editor-in-chief of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Vladimir Varfolomeev, A. Venediktov noted: "You and I are leaving the board of directors." At the same time, he recalled that the editor-in-chief is responsible for the editorial policy, and not the board of directors.

          Note that one of the demands of the "anti-orange" rally held on February 4 on Poklonnaya Gora was to stop sponsoring opposition media outlets by state corporations (in particular, Gazprom), including the radio station Echo of Moscow .---------- ----- The independent director of Ekho Moskvy does not rule out changes in the editorial policy of the radio station
          The change of the Ekho Moskvy board of directors may affect the editorial policy of the radio station, believes Alexander Makovsky, independent director of Ekho, deputy head of the research center for private law under the President of the Russian Federation, whose resignation was demanded by the controlling shareholder.
          "Of course, when two leading employees of Echo of Moscow leave the board of directors (editor-in-chief Alexei Venediktov and his deputy Vladimir Varfolomeev - IF), this may lead to a certain degree of change in editorial policy," Makovsky said.
          The interlocutor of the agency added that he learned about the demand of the controlling shareholder regarding his resignation from the Interfax correspondent.
          Makovsky noted that according to his information, the agenda of the next meeting of the shareholders of the radio station included the issue of the composition of the board of directors.
          At the same time, according to Makovsky, the initiator was not Gazprom-Media Holding, which owns 66% of Ekho Moskvy's shares, but "some of the minority shareholders, some kind of small company."
          Source: interfax
          ----------- First swallows?
  5. 0
    14 February 2012 09: 07
    It seems to me like an apology and an attempt to resuscitate this political corpse under the name EdRo. But since they are currently in the Duma (though not constitutional) but still the majority, they will have to try very, very hard to regain at least part of people's trust. And maybe this is good! You have to work for real!
    But we DO NOT agitate for GDP. The people have become smarter for a long time, and have learned to separate the grain from the chaff. What can’t be said about your party itself. The reality is that we have no such special choice.
    Rurik is not calling again for reign!

    I forgot to add, I still didn’t stop trusting Putin! No matter how naive it sounds.
  6. 916-th
    14 February 2012 09: 12
    The topic is really important - the leader (Putin), the party in power and power structures (government officials) and their relationships. But the author has a somewhat naive picture: the leader is good in himself, and all the troubles are from party and bureaucratic structures that are mired in corruption and hit hard. And Putin, in a vacuum, in isolation from them, is the leader and is in the clouds? It doesn’t happen that a leader is white and fluffy, and his team is overgrown with lice and fleas.

    It would be much more useful (and more honest) if the author revealed the hidden springs of the leader’s relations with party and power flea functionaries, his attitudes and principles for selecting his team members. You can even use the examples of the same Minister of Defense Serdyukov or Minister of Education Fursenko or other functionaries from the St. Petersburg team.

    As a professional, the author probably knows that in psychology there are separate areas, such as the psychology of personality and the psychology of personal relationships (social psychology). First of all, I would like to see an objective political and psychological analysis of the mechanisms of the leader’s relationship with the rest of the government structure.
  7. +4
    14 February 2012 09: 14
    A very subtle psychologically developed article. The author himself admitted that he is a professional psychologist. But it is also aimed at campaigning in support of Putin. If you think about the author’s words, he himself expresses himself in the inability of the GDP to manage the Russian Federation. Because he could not rid the country of this hydra ... And most importantly, he himself was mired in it ... Other people were needed. Or rather with other views. With a new team ... A shuffling of people from the environment of GDP will not produce results. The swamp is swallowing up the country more and more ...
    1. +2
      14 February 2012 09: 47
      The image of this swamp is actively warmed up by the media, in the same 90-e corruption was on a much larger scale. They stole and killed without embarrassment or fear of anyone! Putin leader worthy of respect!
  8. +10
    14 February 2012 09: 39
    The king is made by the retinue at all times, the king without the retinue is doomed, and the retinue does not change, if at all she allows herself to be replaced by any king. Changes are possible only if another group of people comes into power and not a person, and this group should be able to displace existing ones and not have any sins for which you have to compromise. The group should be strong and experienced, and not romantics hoping for lines in the constitution and the crowd in the square.
    1. aironfirst
      14 February 2012 13: 18
      That's right. This is the only way to create a group "underground", otherwise it will be strangled at the stage of formation - the retinue will not surrender without a fight. Or another option: at the time of its creation, the group should have such a big name and support among the overwhelming majority of the country's citizens that all attempts to remove it from the political arena would be pointless.
      1. -1
        14 February 2012 15: 01
        Quote: aironfirst
        This is the only way to create a group "underground", otherwise it will be strangled at the stage of formation - the retinue will not surrender without a fight.

        It is and always has been, everywhere, just many need to shake the noodles from their ears and understand that power is not a valuable resource even without a fight, and in elections, the issue is resolved if there are equal competing groups of elites (not all elite politicians)
        Quote: aironfirst
        Or another option: the group at the time of creation should have such a big name and support among the vast majority of the country's citizens that all attempts to remove it from the political arena would be meaningless.

        I don’t know, I think if, with the involvement of the people, this is chaos with redistribution and another pit in development
        1. Dust
          14 February 2012 15: 43
          And what is another option? I do not know this...
  9. serge
    14 February 2012 09: 41
    Two pages of water. Acmeological political scientist.
  10. Evil Tatar
    14 February 2012 12: 52
    But do not forget that Putin, as the leader of EdRo, the alien ...
    After all, he was never a member of this party, but he headed it at the call of the establishment, which neoanally (engaged in plundering the country), missed the moment of Putin’s birth as a Leader, and having recalled this whole elite crawled not to Vova Putin, but to Vladimir Vladimirovich ...
    In short, Putin beat THEM on a short stretch, while they choked on "Coca-Cola" with their heads thrown back and closing their eyes, satisfying the never-ending "thirst" ...
    I don’t understand why many people do not understand this or do not want to pay attention to this feature?
    Is it easier to blame without understanding or accepting the intricacies of the situation?
    1. +1
      14 February 2012 13: 05
      It seems to me that if a person is honest and stands on the firm ground of his principles, then he will never become a chameleon and an opportunist. And the behavior of GDP resembles just that. Something like that the CPSU is not popular - throw a ticket. ER is unpopular - leave the party ... In these steps, it is considered personal gain, not a solution to the problems of the STATE ... Or he doesn’t leave this party because he agrees with it postulates ...?
      1. -2
        14 February 2012 15: 03
        Quote: rennim
        It seems to me that if a person is honest and stands on the firm ground of his principles, then he will never become a chameleon and an opportunist

        in the country of 150 million people all have their own opinion and outlook on things if you want to, you have to maneuver, but the fact that you described the sign of the autocrat
      2. Evil Tatar
        15 February 2012 05: 08
        Quote: rennim
        Or does he not leave this party because he agrees with its postulates ...?

        There is such a simple concept - if you can’t defeat the mess, then head it ...
        And who cannot live without anyone, will judge TIME.
  11. 0
    14 February 2012 15: 00
    When I read the articles and comments of the current denunciators of vices and critics of the authorities, I think first of all that it was necessary to "turn them on", wake them up, show these vices. And having taken up the fight against vices alone, one would also have to prove to those who are now denouncing that measures are vital, and not voluntarism and dictatorship. Liberals stigmatize Putin for alleged dictatorship, the people "demand the blood" of officials, swindlers blame them for political and demand freedoms, appealing to "civil society." There were also defenders for both the Hodor and Luzhkov, even the marked one has more supporters. And how people are outraged by the increase in traffic fines -! And why is widespread corruption not eliminated with the already adopted laws? Everyone scolds, but on the sly continue this occupation? Imagine, there are countries where you can get a criminal penalty for throwing a cigarette butt - is it established there from above, or did people themselves realize the correctness and fairness of such measures? So, ripe, realized? Can we already count on support in establishing law and order and who will you decide to entrust?
  12. 3412
    14 February 2012 17: 01
    Here is the informative material http://forum-msk.org/material/fpolitic/8320570.html I will be glad if some Putinoids change their views.
  13. 0
    14 February 2012 17: 03
    Belief in the primitive Tsar of everything and everything is skipping for us. In order to effectively manage the Russian Federation, you need not only to be honest and firm in your position. You need to be a genius. I'm not talking about the identity of a single Putin, I'm talking about the position of the first person. - either the candidate defines these requirements for himself. From here - freedom of choice.
  14. slas
    14 February 2012 20: 36
    -----Friends! In recent days, this old photo has been passed off as a "photo of a rally against Putin." So, without hesitation, instead of Bolotnaya 2012, they slip the Manezhnaya of 1991 to people.
    Not everyone in the world knows Moscow well, and therefore thousands of reposts of the originals of this photo have already appeared throughout FB.
    I had to make an option with an explanation of this photo in Russian and English for better orientation on the ground. He also noted on it traces of the work of cloning people by the hands of an unknown Photoshop master, most likely dating back to the 91st year.
    No matter how many of you relate to Putin and what is happening in the country, but let us all together try to clear the history that is being done before our eyes from falsifications.
    Please share this information on your wall. Help save the story as much as it is. After all, our children will study it, but without it there are many puzzles --------- read and shared
  15. -1
    14 February 2012 20: 47
    Capacitively, figuratively, I especially liked the paragraph on blood-sucking parasites.
  16. -1
    14 February 2012 20: 59
    But Anatoly Nikiforov himself ... such a neurolinguistic programmer.
    What he said - how young we were, how we believed in ourselves ...
    Then someone came .. with criminality ..
    We were blown away ...

    It's all?
    Well, if so - the road is there for them. For whom to vote - we will figure it out for ourselves.
    (I, so I will vote for VVP - only because I don’t want to change horses ... at the crossing, without crossing. I want stability. Let then, maybe wash with bloody tears - but with others .. kandi-dai-tami I will wash without .. ."can"..)
    I did not like the article. Take a selection of comments - and it’s better to write an essay.
    1. vladimir64ss
      14 February 2012 23: 06
      Quote: Igarr
      But Anatoly Nikiforov himself ... such a neurolinguistic programmer.

      It looks like a message - For the Motherland, and as a result, death. Their practice. The harder it is for us to survive. No wonder Amers boast of their cyber weapons.
  17. islandpan
    14 February 2012 21: 36
    But the main thing is, as shown by numerous (including world) practice - we lack trust in the authorities.
    how to trust if the power is so divorced from the people?
    Not even to the ruler, but to those who represent power at lower levels.
    But isn't the ruler responsible for them?
    As a result, there is a lack of patriotism and a modern, viable ideology capable of uniting our vast, great and multinational country.
    we have ideology! power of money !!!
    If we want to make it prosperous and strong, this will have to be taken seriously.
    what did you do before that?
    And you know, as a professional psychologist and political scientist, I can say that this is possible.
    did you remember this before the election?
  18. kuzmich
    15 February 2012 00: 26
    And laughter and sin crying The state doesn’t put it on youth, it needs critics who are sick, and not healthy, clear-thinking youth. There are no healthy youth, there is no future. The generation of drug addicts and gays is growing up, there are no values, no morals, no health, and what is the strength of spirit they do not know at all. And such an overwhelming majority.
    SPORTS HEALTH NATION, I am for Great Russia angry

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"