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Regular problems of the Russian military-industrial complex: air defense system for new frigates

Agency "Interfax-AVN" ("Agency of the military News") reported that due to delays in the implementation of the Almaz Antey Concern of Aerospace Defense development work, the delivery dates for Admiral frigates are in jeopardy fleet Soviet Union Gorshkov "and" Admiral Makarov.

The lead frigate “Admiral of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” fleet built for the Russian Navy, the 23350 project, equipped with the leading model of the ship's anti-aircraft missile system 3K96-2 Polimen-Redut developed by PJSC “NPO Almaz”, during testing. Roslyakovo (Murmansk region), 19.03.2016. Source: avsky /

The Ministry of Defense in the person of the Deputy Minister of Defense, General of the Army Yuri Ivanovich Borisov, confirmed this sad fact.

“Due to the Almaz Antey concern’s late execution of development work on the Redut and Shtil element, the delivery times of the 22350 Admiral Gorshkov and 11356 Admiral Makarov projects are under threat of failure.

This statement was made by Borisov at the events of the Unified Day of Acceptance of Military Equipment, which took place on 24 in March of this year.

What was the reason for this very unpleasant fact?

According to Yury Ivanovich, “the main reasons for the late delivery were the low level of organization of their own work, delays in the supply of components, insufficient production capacity and the lack of qualified personnel.”

Just yesterday, we talked about problems in the field of space technology. And now the Navy is added to space? It really makes you think about many things at once.

Let's just start to try to deal with all the points of the Deputy Minister’s statement.

Low level of organization of own works.

Serious accusation of management. Especially, if the unavailability of the air defense missile system is the most significant reason for the entry of the ship into service. It is worth recalling that the Russian president last year announced the deadlines for the delivery of ships. November 2016 of the year. However, the cart, that is, frigates, is still there ... in the shipyards.

Before you go smoothly to the manual, it is worth looking back. AT history. This is sometimes useful.

The Polimen-Redut anti-aircraft missile system was developed from the Altair Marine Research Institute of Radio Electronics, 1991. Yes, it is this enterprise, and not “Almaz”, as many media outlets write.

Altair was created in the distant 1933 year, and in fact was the only and unique research institute that worked exclusively for the needs of the Navy. It was in the walls of MNIIR "Altair" were born such famous products as "Wave", "Mosquito", "Shtil", "Fort", "Blade" and less well-known, but no less significant. Two Orders of Lenin on the banner of the institute - the best evidence of this.

In our time, Altair was the leading domestic developer of medium and long-range air defense systems. Was.

22 December 2010 of the year as a result of the merger of JSC "Altair MNIIR", JSC "NIEMI", JSC "MNIIP" and JSC "NIIRP" created an interspecific lead developer of air defense systems GSKB "Almaz-Antey".

Let's return to "Polyment-Redoubt".

Since there is no point in telling how it was in 90's with financing, more precisely, as it was not, it is clear that the development was carried out at the expense of the enterprise's initiative. Hence, as if the long development time.

But other times came, and, as sources say, normal funding from the state began with the 2006 year, and the “process has begun”. Already in the second half of 2010, bench tests began with the planned installation time on the ship in November 2011.

And then 2010 struck the year, at the end of which Altair was incorporated into the Head Specialized Design Bureau (GSKB) of the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern (now PJSC Almaz Scientific and Production Association).

Many experts not even from among the “liberal” confidently believed that it was just a raider seizure of a strategic research institute.

What happened next was discussed on almost all Russian military sites, including ours.

And the modern classic script from "effective managers." Deprivation of financing, withdrawal of funds on accounts (“we will buy you everything and bring to the doorstep”), mass layoffs and reductions.

Who "flew" in the first place? Naturally, the "old guard". Director, Deputy for Research - Chief Designer, Deputy for Production, Deputy for Regime and Security, Deputy for Finance, full accounting from the chief accountant to the cashier.

Naturally, the “young effective” team from among the friends and confidants of the director of the new education Neskorodov immediately came to the vacant places.

Yes, yes, the one who was recently thrown out with a “wolf ticket” under the “loss of trust” clause.

But his “effective team” made his rotten business. I removed “non-core production assets”, actually eliminated production, changed middle managers.

Instead of a production workshop that had existed for decades, a subsidiary company, Experimental Production OJSC, was quickly welded up, with which they began to work under contracts.

And most importantly: for some reason, the new team decided to completely abandon development for the Navy, preferring to work in the land sector.

As I understand it, having pretty much rummaged in articles devoted to this topic, if no one has strained himself with “Poliment-Redoubt”, and the works have actually been curtailed.

Nevertheless, the "Admiral Gorshkov" from the same 2010 of the year was already launched and somehow, but was being built. And "Admiral Makarov", too. And by November 2016, according to Putin’s instructions, the ships were to be put into service.

Apparently, in the shipyards, the closer to the target date, the more “expressed concern”. But "defective" from "Almaz Antey" was not up to some sort of naval air defense system, it was already "not their subject."

But realizing that a kick from the customer (read Putin) would follow, I had to tense up and the air defense system for the frigates to dolep and send to the ships. But for some reason they did not work as they should.

The result is sad: Neskorodova was thrown out, “Polyment-Redut” does not work, the frigates were not commissioned. But it's not November 2016, it's like April 2017 is on the nose ...

And, what is most unpleasant, there is practically no one to bring the air defense system on frigates. "Defective managery" Neskorodova successfully dealt with those personnel who could do something. This year will be 7 years from the moment Altair ceased to exist. Who will build the air defense system, who will upgrade them - the question ...

Guided, in short.

What worries you most is that everything is done as a carbon copy. The scenario is the same for Moscow, for Voronezh, and for Omsk.

Recently, I sorted out the bones of what is happening today at KBCH, one of the pillars of space engineering. And here is an absolutely similar case.

Everything is the same: the arrival of a new leadership, who definitely understands in production issues less a locksmith from this production, but - “effective”.

How is Neskorodov different from Kamyshev (KBKhA)? Yes, nothing.

Kamyshev, a stunned specialist in the production of space engines, spent his entire career moving through banks and dubious structures (in the biography it says “and others”), directed by Rostelecom.

In the 1990 year, Neskorodov graduated from the Moscow Physical and Technical Institute with a degree in engineering physics, worked for three years as an engineer at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. P.I. Baranova, then moved to Tveruniversalbank, and from there to Almaz Antey.

"Effective" twins, is not it? We find. And the worst thing about it is that those who promote these miscarriages of the banking sector to such important positions are also found.

Neskorodov was dismissed by the board of directors of the company “for the systematic failure to comply with the instructions of the concern's management, omissions in work and loss of trust”

And now let's think about how it will help frigates? Yes, nothing.

Our fleet does not intend to abandon the Polymer-Redut air defense missile system, not because, by the way, there are no other options, but because the idea and execution were from knowledgeable and understanding people. “Polyment-Redut” is a great system, so that people don’t write there, especially “according to test results”.

The tests were carried out by interested people, but who prepared the air defense system for them and how competent these workers were is still a question. Personally, I strongly doubt these experts. Most likely, those who for some reason were still on the staff and were at least a little aware of it were sent “to hell”.

After all, experts in offshore development have long been no longer needed at Almaz Anthea, back in 2014, Neskorodov stated that "the development of land-based air defense systems will become the main focus of the concern's activities."
Of course, there is an effective sense in it. It is much easier to sell packs for full-fledged C-300 and C-400 dollars to everyone, than to bother with some frigates ...

I do not envy the new general director of Almaz, Gennady Bendersky. The man did not just fall into the fire, but in full. I am glad, however, that before “Almaz Antey” Bendersky was not sitting in a bank, but was in charge of the Lianoz Electromechanical Plant (LEMZ). I did not turn over credits, but by an enterprise that produced radar as well. Not air defense systems, but near.

And the career of Gennady Ivanovich began in the year 1982 guess where? Not in the bank? Guess it! On the same LEMZ, process engineer. And he worked at this enterprise until, obviously, he did not press. Steadily until the appointment of Almaz Antey. Not an “effective manager,” an engineer.

A good appointment, no doubt. But will it give fruit, given that the deadline for the delivery of ships has been postponed only to July of this year, and will you have to act under conditions that are not just time trouble?

Still, as it was stated at the official level, it comes down to the absence of qualified personnel dismissed and dismissed by the previous director. Yes, and his own "forge personnel" "Altair" also destroyed.

It remains only to wish Gennady Ivanovich success in solving this most difficult task, health and strong nerves. And to curse the "defective managers" team Neskorodova.

The situation may be reparable. You can optionally restore the "Altairov" frames. Even need. But here is a question to the top leadership of our military industrial complex and specifically to the curator Mr. Rogozin.

After all, in fact, it is precisely them who are responsible for the failure to fulfill the state defense order. And for the appointment of "effective managers" in the management of key enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

And forgive, but loud statements and dismissal of the guilty situation is not drastically improved. Yes, the situation will not make it even worse, of course, this is a plus. But if we want to see a real revival of our military-industrial complex, then competent specialists, engineers, and not former employees of banks must be in key positions.

It seems that Mr. Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin simply does not understand this. And to act today for the sake of tomorrow must be more effective, if, of course, we all want it tomorrow.

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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 29 March 2017 05: 44
    I think we need to wait with the delivery of ships if it so happened, let the fleet better accept the frigates fully armed. But it is also necessary to punish those who are to blame for the failure of the order.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 29 March 2017 05: 53
      It seems that Mr. Vice Prime Minister Rogozin simply does not understand this.
      hmm ...
      1. krass
        krass 29 March 2017 06: 05
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        It seems that Mr. Vice Prime Minister Rogozin simply does not understand this.
        hmm ...

        1. Egor. rustic
          Egor. rustic 29 March 2017 13: 46
          I don’t know the exact situation, but I know well that the fish rots from the head.
      2. 210ox
        210ox 29 March 2017 06: 46
        Why think, when you just need to crow ... Yes, and where does he come from? He is a SYSTEM worker ... And she's rotten ..
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        It seems that Mr. Vice Prime Minister Rogozin simply does not understand this.
        hmm ...
        1. rasteer
          rasteer 29 March 2017 08: 10
          It seems that Mr. Vice Prime Minister Rogozin simply does not understand this.
          And why, he is doing well. This effective manager has long been a regular Facebook troll on the salary of the deputy prime minister. The only time he shut up for a month after the fireworks for GDP at Vostochny did not take place. Extreme then quickly found, but questions remained. At least if the control cable defect was industrial or was it a sabotage of workers whose structures subordinate to Rogozin threw for money. When the whole affair surfaced, I remember hushed up the matter quickly and without global organizational conclusions. So do not ask neoChubais what yes why he is trying for "the people."
          1. Normal ok
            Normal ok 29 March 2017 11: 36
            Quote: rasteer
            This effective manager, has long been a regular Facebook troll, on the salary of the Deputy Prime Minister

            I well remember how the whole site sang the praises of Rogozin when he was appointed to oversee the defense. And how happy they were with his promises of "catching up and overtaking." Now it has become bad. You need to be more balanced and critical about information, especially promises, then there will be less disappointment.
            1. rasteer
              rasteer 29 March 2017 13: 05
              Well, I'm sorry I didn’t sing ... I didn’t exist on the site then laughing
              So I balanced and objectively beat him laughing
              It's time to look at Facebook and I’ll become vice prime minister wassat
            2. Awaz
              Awaz 30 March 2017 17: 16
              Can I be more specific? who and when? So normal people always had questions for Rogozin ...
            3. seos
              seos 14 February 2018 11: 24
              Rogozin in military technology understands worse than a schoolgirl) where should he supervise the defense ...
        2. bandabas
          bandabas 29 March 2017 08: 46
          Actually, we have the whole government, starting with the prime minister. What is pop, such is parish. Constantly continuous blah blah blah. By the way, something about Mr. Ulyukaev has long been completely silent. Maybe already in the Canaries under "house arrest," health "improves"?
          1. rasteer
            rasteer 29 March 2017 10: 56
            Well, everything is complicated with Ulyukaev, or do you seriously believe that he asked only 2 lyam for approving the deal approved by Putin. There are such white threads that you begin to believe that he was removed so that the king would not upset laughing
            1. bandabas
              bandabas 29 March 2017 15: 22
              Not at all. It’s not difficult and I don’t believe. There are just a lot of such show-offs and end in zilch. And the guarantor of the constitution continues to do a good face in a bad game. That's all. And there will be no change. Very tightly they were all stuck in this. At stake is freedom or a good life.
              1. rasteer
                rasteer 29 March 2017 15: 59
                I'm not talking about the fact that this guarantor will protect him from the machinations of his work. I’m talking about the fact that Ulyukaev somehow began to annoy the mash of butter, so they removed it, it’s just that the excuse is very funny and fabulous. By the way, I don’t consider him a saint wink
            2. bandabas
              bandabas 30 March 2017 14: 12
              Well no. Just had a word. Good luck to you !!!
      3. maxim947
        maxim947 29 March 2017 09: 01
        Thank you for the article,
        What worries you most is that everything is done as a carbon copy. The scenario is the same for Moscow, for Voronezh, and for Omsk.[i] [/ i] - noticed the same trend. In general, we have all the problems because of the impunity and incompetence of the leaders, and that’s a big deal. Who appoints them? How did it happen and continues to take place ?? No one knows, accordingly, there is no one to answer. And all sorts of balabola upstarts terribly annoying.
      4. 34 region
        34 region 29 March 2017 13: 38
        05.53. Yurevich! Understands. Does not understand. Or maybe the answer is on a slightly different plane? In the plane of responsibility. What and how do our effective managers respond to? Somebody knows? If the worker has screwed up the part, then the work will either not be paid for him or they will be calculated for the screw. And what about managers? What is calculated for the failure of the activity from the leadership? Or pay purely a minimum wage? What job guarantees does management give? Mortgages a million as a guarantee? Where do the failed professionals go? For a higher job, for a similar one, for a lower job? Something about such aspects of leadership is constantly silent. If you are in the clip of the manual, then only the elevator up. Defective ones are not allowed into the sewers. Everything is effective there. If there is money, then effective! But nothing that according to the results of the work about him can be said only with the phrase Lavrov-D B? But from this side (from the side of work efficiency, and not pumping dough for oneself), no one evaluates managers. I think all the problems we have just from this. There will be a demand, there will be a result. I can’t imagine what our effectiveness in case of war can be. Will efficiency be measured in the currency of the adversary? Judging by the current situation, it will be so.
      5. Skubudu
        Skubudu 29 March 2017 16: 28
        It seems that Mr. Vice Prime Minister Rogozin simply does not understand this.

        Rogozin is a populist and a complete Zero and Amateur in weapons construction, in a vision of what the weapon should be and the weapon itself. I would rate his work as a curator of the military-industrial complex as wrecking.
      6. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 30 March 2017 01: 42
        Rogozin is a “politician” appointed by a “techie”!
    2. Titsen
      Titsen 29 March 2017 06: 30
      Quote: Spartanez300
      But it is also necessary to punish those who are to blame for the failure of the order.

      Hands and feet chop!

      To the very neck!
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 29 March 2017 07: 44
      In some ways, the author is right, his soul hurts because of injustice. But there is an almost classical scheme of business income: 1 rupee to those who invented, 10 to those who embodied the idea in metal, and 100 to those who sold the finished product. Who do you think the "effective managers" work for? Right, for those who sell. Yesterday, the forum pounded against the reduction of the defense budget. But the point is not in its money supply, but where it really goes, i.e. in the distribution structure. How much of it goes to production and development, and how many to the crowds of stupid and greedy managers and their management? It is a pity there is no such open data. But with all the evidence of incompetent power, conclusions can already be drawn. hi
    4. RASKAT
      RASKAT 29 March 2017 12: 24
      Well, why are you surprised. The main problem is personnel and I’m not talking about designers and engineers, commonplace about technical specialties: welders, turners, milling machines, assemblers, electronics engineers, etc. Most enterprises took care of this only in the midst of sanctions, so consider that children are studying in 14 , until 17-18 years will be studied. In 3-5 years, to gain qualifications and experience, in 5 years, really cool specialists in 6-7 categories will grow. Which can be trusted to build high-tech That is, to 20-25 year. (I took the average calculations).
      Factories simply can not cope with volumes, this is the main problem, the same diamond-antaeus opened a plant in Nizhny Novgorod, and there are still so many vacancies on the site as if a couple of thousand are needed there.
      1. 1Leningrad
        1Leningrad 30 March 2017 19: 51
        Good evening. Received received, learned, but will not go to work. Why? With the third category, the new generation does not want to receive as a merchandiser and be constantly in oil. Everyone wants to be an IT professional. I work as a welder at a shipyard, only pensioners remained qualified, if I wanted to learn, I watched how people cook, I was interested. Now the frigates are standing against the wall, but there’s nothing new. Young people don’t see a single order even on paper. I look at our management every half a year, a new director, loading at the factory zero alterations of imperfection, that's all the work will be completed corvettes and then Zh..A. (SICK FOR THE NAVY).
      2. Uralsky
        Uralsky 30 March 2017 20: 39
        so that vacancies do not hang, you have to pay a normal salary
    5. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 29 March 2017 14: 44
      Hi!! Rogozin is not the main leader in the military-industrial complex. This is a minister without a portfolio, as our colleagues say. He is a coordinator between departments. I carefully listened to how decisions were made in Vladik on shipbuilding in Russia. The truth was there was one example. Zvyozdochka stood there for a year. Rogozin said then that it was hard to create an acceptable solution for this shipyard. Many ministries and departments were involved. But not everyone is in the first place with an asterisk each department has its own priorities for fulfilling demand from them. These are celestials with their own rules, and below there are also problems. Mama don’t cry. The chain constantly fails. And the Vice Prime Minister himself did not deny this in the program, which was not so long ago, but according to what has already been done in the production of products for the Russian Defense Ministry, success will be.
      1. rasteer
        rasteer 29 March 2017 16: 05
        Quote: igor.borov775
        Hi!! Rogozin is not the main leader in the military-industrial complex. He is a Minister without a portfolio.

        Post of credit ... this is your Minister without a portfolio = an irresponsible person with the salary of the Deputy Prime Minister. The question is, what nafih is it then we need us to broll the facebook bourgeois on Facebook? So we have free trolls run current whistles.
    6. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 30 March 2017 01: 40
      Yo mine! It is possible to punish, but there is no one to correct the Bardallero!
    7. Captain Pushkin
      Captain Pushkin 30 March 2017 20: 56
      At one time, the T-54 was launched into production before the completion of production preparation, with dubious test results, until the completion of the test cycle and refinement.
      After the delivery of the first series, comments rained down on the troops.
      Considered by Stalin. As a result, they changed the entire management of the plant and fired the gentlemen from the Ministry of Defense and the Armored Academy involved in the signing of the acceptance certificate.
      2 years were given for elimination of defects and completion of production preparation, during which T-54s were not produced.
    8. 3danimal
      3danimal 31 March 2017 10: 12
      "We do not want the repetition of the 37th year," you have not forgotten? These people are not subject to serious punishment, nobles, after all;)
  2. PSih2097
    PSih2097 29 March 2017 06: 11
    For some 37 of these managers, with all their families, they would expect specific problems, who have lead poisoning, who have the lifetime stigma of a "relative of the enemy of the people" and a wolf ticket ...
    1. creak
      creak 29 March 2017 10: 20
      Quote: PSih2097
      For some 37 of these managers, with all their families, they would expect specific problems, who have lead poisoning, who have the lifetime stigma of a "relative of the enemy of the people" and a wolf ticket ...

      And under Ivan the Terrible, in general, would be put on a stake .... am
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 29 March 2017 13: 51
      Quote: PSih2097
      For some 37 of these managers, with all their families, they would expect specific problems, who have lead poisoning, who have the lifetime stigma of a "relative of the enemy of the people" and a wolf ticket ...

      And who - further work in his post. smile
      Take the same story of the construction of the LK "Soviet Union" and KRT "Kronstadt". The construction of LC and CRT is under the control of Himself, and all those involved either break deadlines or refuse to sign contracts at all. One of the LCs was generally disassembled directly on the slipway due to mass scrap during riveting. There are no boilers on time. GTZA is only imported - the domestic plant refused to sign the contract. All terms for artillery are frustrated. There is no armor - domestic plants cannot make thick cemented armor, although they promised.
      Moreover, the People’s Commissariat of the shipbuilding industry at least began to build LC and KRT. But the aircraft carrier included in the construction program was unilaterally excluded from it - the NKSP refused to build it.

      By the way, the situation with naval air defense in the late 30s was about the same as it is now: a lot of promises - and something near-zero at the exit. No, there are guns themselves - but the control system either does not exist at all, or there are no its most important components. There is MPUOZO on the KRL - but there are no synchronous servo drives on the B-34, only manual guidance. At EM MPOISO it was promised - but in fact not (except for a few ships), plus 34-Ks have only manual guidance.
    3. Uralsky
      Uralsky 30 March 2017 20: 41
      at 37m even the chief designers had problems
    4. 3danimal
      3danimal 31 March 2017 10: 15
      The Russian Federation and the USSR are different states: in goals, priorities, economic and military power. And the attitude to corrupt officials and fraudsters in chairs. With this leadership and the structure of the country there will only be an imitation of the fight against them. Humble yourself.
  3. tlauicol
    tlauicol 29 March 2017 06: 51
    So was Kaptsov right when he wrote about the state of affairs in the navy? Or shout out hurray?
  4. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 29 March 2017 07: 24
    Everything is absolutely correctly written. Many knowledgeable people warned about this situation years ago.
    1. Mystery12345
      Mystery12345 29 March 2017 07: 53
      Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
      Everything is absolutely correctly written. Many knowledgeable people warned about this situation years ago.

      Yes, they wrote a lot more than once, but in response they received slippers from the scammers ... well, we can’t have something bad if everything is fine!
  5. Altona
    Altona 29 March 2017 07: 57
    If the system is rotten, then it is rotten everywhere. And then they believe that the king is good, and the servants are bad. Banks are bad and defense industry is good. Yes, if Anatoly Serdyukov-Impossible is appointed Director of Human Resources and Development at Rosvertol, then where is it any further?
  6. K-50
    K-50 29 March 2017 08: 02
    I have the impression that the "effective managers" are sent by Cossacks to the collapse of the Russian military-industrial complex and the space industry. Probably it's time counterintelligence beckon these figures. angry
    1. Chtononibrator
      Chtononibrator 29 March 2017 13: 29
      Quote: K-50
      counterintelligence time

      Well, yes, but in counterintelligence, brothers and matchmakers are effective.
    2. Captain Pushkin
      Captain Pushkin 30 March 2017 21: 01
      So, if only they sent the military-industrial complex and space to collapse, why did they at the same time ruin the auto industry, aircraft building, shipbuilding, machine tool building, science, education, health care, etc., etc. (the list is on seven sheets)?
  7. jetfors_84
    jetfors_84 29 March 2017 08: 27
    Yes, it's not about frigates. They’ll finish it anyway. The fact is what is happening at many enterprises and the military-industrial complex in particular. These "effective" managers just got it already. Only dust in the eyes can let management and intrigues in the team weave. And just working is not for them. They have dollars in their eyes like Donald Duck’s. Here is a measure of their effectiveness.
  8. borov
    borov 29 March 2017 08: 48
    Almaz-Antey turned into a monster that devours everything in a row, when it degrades itself. To imagine what is happening at the enterprise, it is useful to read the feedback from the people who work there. This is not Rogozin’s noodles on your ears ...
  9. Yuriy74
    Yuriy74 29 March 2017 08: 57
    The situation is exactly the same at the Chelyabinsk Radio Plant Flight since 2016, “cautious specialists” came to the management from various fields of activity far from radio electronics. All competent management lost their places, and those who still work are forced to write on their own. Everything is fine on paper , as they say, the mosquito will not smack the nose, but in fact the enterprise throws up production loading has fallen sharply. I got the impression that there is a natural sabotage in the country. Sticks are inserted into the wheels and really prevent people from working and creating things so needed by our state.
  10. manful
    manful 29 March 2017 09: 12
    To immediately recruit graduates of our prestigious universities. And then a man graduated from a university, and then works as a loader. It is necessary for young specialists to immediately arrange and offer them a job.
    1. sa-ag
      sa-ag 29 March 2017 10: 57
      Quote: Manful
      Would immediately recruit graduates of our prestigious universities

      Nowadays, financial and managerial universities are considered prestigious, not technical and technological in any way, most of all people are seeking officials, there they don’t need to strain their brains for this
  11. The comment was deleted.
    1. seos
      seos 14 February 2018 11: 36
      S-350 is being made on the basis of the already prepared South Korean system .... there is work there, only replace the electronics with the Russian one ....
      According to Morpheus, in general, the meaning is not clear for whom it is made with such characteristics ...
  12. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 29 March 2017 09: 28
    It seems that Mr. Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin simply does not understand this. And to act today for the sake of tomorrow must be more effective, if, of course, we all want it tomorrow.
    Roman, but who is Rogozin himself? - "International Department of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University". He was a pure humanist who had not worked a day in industry, and all his life, in fact, engaged in public affairs! The same Medvedev, only with a patriotic bias. This is not Beria, who organized the development of a nuclear program from scratch. hi
    1. The comment was deleted.
  13. A1845
    A1845 29 March 2017 10: 05
    December 22, 2010 as a result of the merger of Altai MNIIRE OJSC and NIEMI OJSC,

    NIEMI together with Tula, Izhevsk, Yoshkar-Ola and Vypolzovo was transformed into the NGO Antey. Hence the name ..
  14. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 29 March 2017 10: 13
    Bravo, Roman! As always - not in the eyebrow, but in the eye! ("What is there in Russia, Count? They steal-s !?"). Our people are wise: "What a priest, such is the coming!" And what did you expect from the "philologist" Rogozin?
    1. vanek77
      vanek77 29 March 2017 13: 14
      Most likely they should be given the eggs so that they do not breed like rabbits.
      1. 3danimal
        3danimal 29 March 2018 09: 36
        Quote: vanek77
        Most likely they should be given the eggs so that they do not breed like rabbits.

        And for such “radicals” like you, “they” have the Russian Guard and the FSB (
  15. DrVintorez
    DrVintorez 29 March 2017 10: 48
    the transfer of experience from the old generation to the new one was cut off. and broke off precisely in the years of the 90s. the consequences of this we will rake for a very long time. moreover, not only in the design and scientific link, but also in the labor link.
  16. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 29 March 2017 10: 51
    Somehow you can, albeit with great difficulty, understand with "Admiral Gorshkov." The lead ship, new weapons systems. And what is wrong with Admiral Makarov? The third ship in the series. The same weapons as on the two previous ships. I read that they are testing a new anti-aircraft missile with an active homing head, unlike the previous semi-active one. Can someone tell me in the topic?
  17. Damir
    Damir 29 March 2017 10: 53
    then in key positions must be competent specialists, engineers

    engineers and specialists in general .... to anyone .... not even to anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!! why the hell aren't needed .... because these bastards allow themselves to have their own opinion different from the opinions of effective managers !!!!!! and yet this bastard (specialists) have turned out to be right .....
  18. Normal ok
    Normal ok 29 March 2017 11: 29
    There are no engines for new frigates, no air defense. What plans and terms for the construction of new ships can we talk about?
  19. Dark_Filin
    Dark_Filin 29 March 2017 11: 43
    These problems are the result of decisions made a decade ago, in the 2007 year. Most likely, there simply was not a trifle. They worked with an ax, urgently creating single state concerns from the remnants of Soviet industry in directions in order to at least somehow start production of modern machinery and equipment, begin modernization and development of new designs.
    And the current situation, when more and more often they remove “managers” and put “engineers” from enterprise management, is more likely “work on mistakes”. The problem is that engineers who know how to lead normally and who are rooting for the job, and not just for their personal pockets, are in short supply. Young people of the 25 years were taught not that - here we have some bankers with traders at the exit ...
    1. ARS56
      ARS56 29 March 2017 15: 03
      There are no government officials by definition, since the manager, and even more so, the oligarch, are direct antagonists of the state.
    2. user3970
      user3970 29 March 2017 15: 23
      And let's see from below? From the machine? In Russia, today there are 5% of highly qualified personnel. 5% Carl! The rest are Vanka Zhukovs. And who will cook the hulls of the submarines so that the latter do not drown? Why are we surprised that rockets are falling? What is the matter with Vostochny? Will we call the Chinese to finish building? Do you read the forums how they throw money at oil and gas production for money? I will not be a demagogue: I have four higher sixth working ranks plus a higher technical education. How much should I get in rubles? 500 000 - 1 000 000? My father, the kingdom of heaven to him, had the 7th brigadier discharge of an electric welder. He received a little less or the same as the director of the plant. Who is more valuable to production? an effective manager or machine operator of the highest qualification? Here a funny incident was described in the blogs ... A freshly constructed brand new rather big wooden house was dismantled and taken to the neighboring region from the owner. I goofing! How can I make out a house? ! Can it be burned, broken, neo dismantled? ! He’s on the fly! These are special planed round sticks that fasten the upper and lower logs or bars together in three or four places. If the house is built, how to get to them? So the house was built without nagily? Lean against the wall of the house, the wall will collapse. He was a witness, five-walls (not 6 * 6 houses) were transported on sleds and did not fall apart during transportation. These are our carpenters. Elite expensive houses in Nerezinova go cracked immediately after construction, people in elevators die. What the hell missiles, destroyers, tanks, planes ... We have no workers. Smart guys in technical universities are looked after by smart managers from the West or China and immediately offer a salary of 1,5 - $ 2. In Russia, the former vocational schools remained, which gave the rudiments of the working profession? I worked at a brand new factory that manufactured primitive - beds for machine tools. Brand new foundry. Beds for machine tools. 000-50% of marriage! The plant was subsequently closed. He worked at the Electrotechmash plant, which made some terribly secret products for the Ministry of Radio Industry. The plant was shut down. And there were no homeless people working from the street! How much time and money does it take to prepare a highly skilled worker? What about an engineer? 60 years . We miss this year - lost. Does the president have such a desire? Does he see a problem? Is he ready to be modern Stalin? Brezhnev? Does he have people in mind like Beria, Kosygin, Ustinov? Well, finally. I would like to believe that those sitting on this forum have 10 education classes? Then solve in 8 minute the problem that peasant children have long been solving. Only honestly! In the mind and in one minute. Could you? Honestly Without a calculator?
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 30 March 2017 01: 56
        Quote: user3970
        Could you? Honestly Without a calculator?

        Smog. Without a calculator and in the "mind."
      2. War_Child_83
        War_Child_83 April 2 2017 02: 19
        Quote: user3970
        Could you? Honestly Without a calculator?

        I could, in a minute, in my mind, but not right away, I had to understand the algorithm)))
  20. Cynic
    Cynic 29 March 2017 13: 21
    It is interesting to read the comments and no one pays attention to the fact that the problems are solved and solved, but not by us. Hmm, maybe fortunately?
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 30 March 2017 17: 24
        Quote: rudolff
        especially for

        And what was said by me?
        If only, you are about my words "not us" ...
        This is not about Russia, but about those who HERE cry about its unfortunate fate and those who do not work in the military-industrial complex. drinks
  21. Betahon
    Betahon 29 March 2017 13: 46
    Do not be afraid of the Criminal Code! “Sabotage” is a strong constituent of a particularly dangerous crime, which, unfortunately, is almost never applied, but the situation forces us to begin to apply such a measure along with “Diversion” and “Theft on an especially large scale” (former article 93 * of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR) . These structures should provide for the application of the highest measure of social protection, then such problems in the defense sphere and corruption will be much less!
  22. agfa
    agfa 29 March 2017 13: 51
    I’ll insert my 5 cents.
    This is a direct consequence of the President's Program for NEW Management Personnel. If someone came across it remembers that somewhere in 2004, the country began to hiccup the "effective" HYPERoffice plankton. And who got into this program? In each region, only OWN - children of the former and current leaders of the regions and especially close children of the rich dad. And then, as it is written in the article, this "Plankton" tried to steer. The result is known. But those who are raking now are those who NEVER EVER AND WOULD HAVE EVEN BEEN in these "Super Teams of the PRESIDENTIAL RESERVE OF PERSONNEL", but they were real engineers and production workers, without the time and money for Pleasure to learn. But again, as soon as THEY ARE STORING THE AUGIAN STABLES, the "sons of Rogozin" will come in their place, having read EXPERIENCE in the Presidential Academies, having no idea about the formulas.
  23. Chtononibrator
    Chtononibrator 29 March 2017 13: 54
    Eternal cry for fool bosses. It would be better to write a detailed article on this Redoubt, what was planned there and what happened, otherwise one fragmentary information on the network.
    1. agfa
      agfa 29 March 2017 14: 04
      Dear WAIT! After all, he has not yet been accepted, but you want an article-opus about him. If only as with the SU-27 did not work. I was ready, but redid everything and got a PLANE!
    2. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
      Andrei from Chelyabinsk 29 March 2017 15: 09
      Quote: Chtononibrator
      It would be better to write a detailed article on this Redoubt, what was planned there and what happened

      Already something, but information about what was conceived on the Internet in bulk, starting with the ever-memorable wiki, which, by the way, didn’t write about Polement Redut in such a way that it was completely of poor quality. And about the radar, and about active seekers and about small missiles, incl. with IR GOS and other and other.
      And what happened ... it turned out a non-working complex, that's all. Of course, there is no exact list of problems, but there was an inability to "transfer" missile guidance from one radar "plate" to another + apparently there are some problems with the missiles themselves "fall on the 3rd second"
  24. agfa
    agfa 29 March 2017 13: 56
    Quote: VohaAhov
    Somehow you can, albeit with great difficulty, understand with "Admiral Gorshkov." The lead ship, new weapons systems. And what is wrong with Admiral Makarov? The third ship in the series. The same weapons as on the two previous ships. I read that they are testing a new anti-aircraft missile with an active homing head, unlike the previous semi-active one. Can someone tell me in the topic?

    Have you just been assigned to War Review Comrade Smith today? What if someone lebanon? Wait for the official release on the results of the adoption
  25. _NortoN_
    _NortoN_ 29 March 2017 14: 02
    the article looks like a custom one
    1. CT-55_11-9009
      CT-55_11-9009 April 1 2017 12: 30
      If the order, then from the person in the subject and with a conscience. Because such a story is happening (or has already happened) in many enterprises,
  26. WarriorWolf
    WarriorWolf 29 March 2017 14: 09
    Someone tell me what the Russian Federation has tasks for the Navy ??? Of course, I am glad to strengthen our troops, but we do not have foreign bases, what tasks are set today for the current fleet, can anyone swung for what they are preparing and strengthening our fleet ???
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 29 March 2017 20: 40
      Russia constantly has to repeat the old truth that a coastal fleet is needed for coastal defense, that sea trade and open access to world markets are the main source of wealth for the country, and that it all depends on the naval forces. Especially recently, due to the strong economic upsurge of all civilized nations, the sea lanes have acquired outstanding importance, and with them the sea defense. Rightquotes.png
      Chief of the Naval General Staff Rear Admiral His Grace Duke Lieven

      In short, Russia needs the fleet to solve the following problems:
      Ensuring nuclear missile deterrence - as of the 2010s, nuclear submarines are the least vulnerable of all carriers of strategic missiles. Compared to submarines, ground and air-based systems are much more susceptible to threats from precision-guided weapons, since they, like mine missile systems, are stationary and their coordinates can be determined in advance, or can be clearly seen from satellites, drones and other modern reconnaissance equipment .
      Ensuring freedom of navigation - only the presence of polite cruisers behind their backs often saves civilian Russian sailors from the tyranny of pirates and local authorities in remote and not very points of the oceans.
      The defense of the islands, coasts and internal regions of the country from an attack from the sea - only the presence of a powerful fleet is capable of driving away foreign aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and cruise missile launch vehicles away from our shores. Otherwise, bombers from aircraft carriers would have a chance to fly even to Moscow shortly after the start of a hypothetical armed conflict.
      Participation in the protection of marine and offshore natural resources, including in disputed areas - although this is mainly a task for border ships, in severe cases, arguments of a larger caliber are required. Russia has, to one degree or another, disputed areas in almost all the seas surrounding it: the Baltic, Black, Azov, Caspian, Barents, Bering, Chukchi, Okhotsk and Japanese.
      Ensuring the "projection of force" of the Russian army to any corner of the planet - although aviation can also partially do this, only ships can be present for weeks and months in a region far removed from the nearest base. They can also land strategic landings. A recent example is the demonstrative watch and exercises of the Russian fleet off the coast of Syria in 2013.
      Ensuring transport operations in conditions of war or military danger, breaking the blockade - see the recent example of 2014 - “Syrian Express” - the actions of the Russian fleet to deliver goods to Syria using military (landing) ships, in conditions when civilian ships and aircraft are different countries tried to stop and search.
      Implementation of operations to block the coast - this includes, for example, intercepting transports with weapons for terrorist organizations in the 2014th century; fresh examples include the blockade of Donuzlav in early XNUMX during the operation to ensure the security of the referendum in Crimea.
      Direct support for hostilities in coastal areas - support from the sea can easily be decisive in any ground operation in the coastal region, because, despite the development of field artillery and helicopters, they are very far from the density of fire that ships with huge ammunition and automatic artillery. Moreover, the ground forces, as a rule, lack both the means and experience of fighting ships that are at a distance greater than a direct shot, which is depressing - up to panic and flight - on the personnel. Likewise, naval tactical landings do not lose their significance. Http://
      1. WarriorWolf
        WarriorWolf 30 March 2017 17: 21
        Thank you for the answer, of course, but what is laid in our shipyards and what is planned to be laid, what to do with it? The shores are protected, and civilian vessels on such a scale are not built ... As an example, the fact that "our government" very easily abandoned the same "Mistral". If my sclerosis doesn’t change anyone with me, then these two boats would be very useful in Syria, they would have paid off very much and would have been tested to see if we need ships of this class or not. Those. my question is that Russia has many naval plans in a military format, but for what ???
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 31 March 2017 14: 29
          Quote: Warrior Wolf
          very easily abandoned the same "Mistral"

          Yeah, but how much to the address
          "our government"
          there was a hulking for this order? By the way, it did not refuse, the French were given the command to terminate the contract and they, like a circus poodle, carried out the HOST command from behind a puddle.
          As for the order, we needed technologies and they got them ... Putin’s insidious plan, screeched however ... Like
          1. WarriorWolf
            WarriorWolf 31 March 2017 15: 28
            I never hooted about this ... I was interested in the side of the Mistral’s use, then I assumed that one would be given to our peacekeepers in Transnistria, and the second in the Pacific Fleet, there were just Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, which is very convenient ... But in light of recent events in the BV and the Balkans (which, it seems to me, we’ll stick in anyway), then they would be very helpful ...
            1. Cynic
              Cynic April 1 2017 08: 38
              Quote: Warrior Wolf
              Never hooted about it ...

              Hint at mine possible transition to personality? God forbid!
              Talk about mixed reviews of the contract, very mixed.
              As for the use of Mistral at the Syria TVD training ground, they are unlikely to be ready for this deadline.
              Honestly, I stopped monitoring this, but I remember at the end of this event there was talk of the existence of a project already of OUR such media, essno taking into account OUR conditions. Honestly "Mistral" for warm waters. And this is the Black Sea ... For the conditions of the Far East, it’s already not so, you don’t have to stutter about the Northern Fleet, but the Arctic seems to be in the foreground now. drinks
              1. WarriorWolf
                WarriorWolf April 1 2017 14: 02
                The Arctic is of course an important topic, but not the main one! The highways, in my opinion, were ready in the years 15-16, it remained only to equip them with helicopters. So at the end of last year and the Kuznetsov’s campaign, they would be out of place. Although yes, the contract is ambiguous and smells bad, and at the time of its conclusion we needed them all the more in such quantities as the fifth wheel of the Cossack rabbit ... drinks
                1. Cynic
                  Cynic April 1 2017 14: 43
                  Quote: Warrior Wolf
                  we needed them

                  As far as I remember, it was mainly the French that were guilty of the French and banned the supply of ships because of the equipping of helicopter carriers BIUS and others with it the NATO standard. Black humor of the situation that these technologists, as stated, ours received. Therefore, the Mistrals, as such, were no longer needed, although they were finalized according to our requirements.
                  Moreover, the ship’s readiness for action is not determined by its readiness in iron ...
                  1. WarriorWolf
                    WarriorWolf April 2 2017 09: 11
                    Hmm, the rallying of the crew (and this is the most important thing in any hardware) would have happened during the operation when going to the coast of Syria ... And how would the saucy squeals when our helicopters would take off from them for the sake of coordinating interactions off the coast Aglions ... laughing
          2. WarriorWolf
            WarriorWolf 31 March 2017 15: 29
            Quote: Cynic
            Putin's Cunning Plan

            Well, I do not believe in this crap, judging by domestic politics ...
            1. Cynic
              Cynic April 1 2017 08: 49
              Quote: Warrior Wolf
              judging by domestic politics ...

              As far as I remember, it’s like the prime minister is responsible for our domestic policy ... The President is for foreign, are there any complaints to it?
              Seriously, in my opinion, Russia is walking along the edge of a knife. It should stumble and they will tear it to pieces, to the stormy applause of progressive piety (to them both our liberals and the like, relate). The sacking of Russia would give this piety another couple, three decades of a quiet life, like the destruction of the USSR. In Geyropenyam not in the house, if anything, then the EU is in line, but in fact, the first in line! Something is not visible desire of the GDP to give Russia to the flow and plunder! But in the EU such ... DB!
              1. WarriorWolf
                WarriorWolf April 1 2017 14: 07
                Quote: Cynic
                Quote: Warrior Wolf
                judging by domestic politics ...

                As far as I remember, it’s like the prime minister is responsible for our domestic policy ... The President is for foreign, are there any complaints to it?
                Who brought to power this manager ??? Who collects a team in the government? It’s just here that the president is recruiting ... But somehow it turns out that either not according to profile, or a pancake of relatives abroad, or Medvedev and the like ... What, isn’t that?
                1. Cynic
                  Cynic April 1 2017 14: 26
                  Quote: Warrior Wolf
                  It’s just here that the president is recruiting ...

                  In the choice of ministers, even, at one time, even the tsar-father was not free enough.
                  GDP is not king or ...
                  1. WarriorWolf
                    WarriorWolf April 2 2017 09: 07
                    Medvedev, Shoigu, Ulyukaev, Serdyukov, Ivanov, etc. tovarischi not stavleniki Putin, not ???
                    1. Cynic
                      Cynic April 2 2017 10: 32
                      Quote: Warrior Wolf
                      РЅРµ ???

                      So you still think that the GDP of the Central African Republic !!! Absolute MONARCH so ska-a-at!
                      Like there: Sitting high, looking far away! Do not sit on a stump, do not eat, pah, do not take ...
                      Why did you miss Serdyukov, but did you turn on Ulyukaev? ...

                      Eh hehe, we’ll soon begin to use the terminology of the thirties, such as REBORNERS, otherwise the werewolf does not sound ...
                      To be honest, I don’t have enough information about who is his protege ...
                      1. WarriorWolf
                        WarriorWolf April 2 2017 13: 48
                        Quote: Cynic
                        Why did you miss Serdyukov, but did you turn on Ulyukaev? ..

                        I did not miss))) there he is a ghoul, on the list ...
                      2. WarriorWolf
                        WarriorWolf April 2 2017 13: 54
                        Quote: Cynic
                        So you still think that the GDP of the Central African Republic !!! Absolute MONARCH so ska-a-at!

                        Essentially not a king ... An absolute monarch will not allow hostility and dislike for himself and his entourage ... dislike! We look at the ring at number 2 ...
  27. awg75
    awg75 29 March 2017 14: 24
    while Serdyukov and Co., as well as their ideological followers are at the helm, there will be no success in ANY AREA. How sad it is. Total impunity and nepotism.
    .......... "Ex-Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov, who is responsible for the aviation cluster at Rostec, is a member of the management bodies of companies engaged in aviation cooperation, a representative of Rostec told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

    Go to the photo bank
    Serdyukov controls the transparency of the reward system in UEC

    So, Rostec commented on the appointment of Serdyukov as chairman of the strategy and personnel and remuneration committee under the board of directors of the United Engine Corporation (UEC).

    "Anatoly Serdyukov is the industrial director of the Rostec aviation complex, so he is a member of the governing bodies of companies that are involved in industrial aviation cooperation, in particular, UEC," said the representative of the corporation.

    He recalled that Serdyukov also entered the board of directors of one of the structures of Rostec - holding Russian Helicopters ........ "
    And what do we expect from such managers ??? Personally, I do not expect anything.
  28. ARS56
    ARS56 29 March 2017 14: 57
    Interestingly, it will ever come to Putin that his favorite defective managers can only effectively break and steal, and they have no other skills and desires, have never had and never will.
    1. WarriorWolf
      WarriorWolf April 2 2017 13: 51
      Do you think he doesn’t know ???
  29. Buoy tour
    Buoy tour 29 March 2017 15: 22
    There is an excellent experience of UVZ, both the plant as a whole and in parts. The Almaz Antey company needs to work with staff, earn good money, you can invest 5% of the profits in education to open an institute at a factory, young people will go, you need motivation when a young employee knows that he can feed his family, get an apartment from the factory, he will live his work.
    1. Uralsky
      Uralsky 30 March 2017 21: 02
      Quote: Bui Tour
      There is an excellent experience of UVZ, both the plant as a whole and in parts

      Quote: Bui Tour
      5% of profits can be invested in education

      UVZ does not bring any profit. It was lucky that he did not become bankrupt.
  30. borov
    borov 29 March 2017 15: 57
    Quote: KudrevKN
    And what did you expect from the "philologist" Rogozin?

    The problem is not that he is a philologist, he is just an opportunist and certainly not ours:

  31. rasteer
    rasteer 29 March 2017 16: 03
    your site is buggy
  32. Tishka
    Tishka 29 March 2017 16: 04
    The affairs of Rogozin will still come back to haunt the country and the military-industrial complex in particular! You can’t create a name by raking there, all the companies, there must always be competition! There is a design bureau, and a plant for it, they gave the task, the design bureau designed, the plant built a prototype, and based on comparative characteristics, the customer chose the best option. And what did this “effective” manager Rogozin do, collected all the design bureaus, and MIG and SU, as a result, Sukhoi Design Bureau, received all the money, he pushed their products starting from the T-50 and ending with the Superjet, no competition, Only yours are always ahead! And as for the specialists, of course, while young people grow up and gain experience, more than a dozen years will pass, but you can go the other way, try to persuade those who have left again to come! Accordingly, we need a decent salary, and other benefits, but they do not need to be taught from scratch, they know and can do a lot, and young people are hard to go into production now, everyone wants to manage, even though their knowledge and abilities are zero! But ambition, that’s all go to the managers, not the turner and locksmith!
    1. edits
      edits 29 March 2017 20: 48
      Ineffective work of him will not be appreciated by anyone; we have a humane attitude to both thieves and hack!
  33. Sivasa
    Sivasa 29 March 2017 16: 42
    Gentlemen and comrades!

    Who is closer to the topic ... please explain - Polement-Redoubt designed crookedly? Or the manufacturer can not collect it?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  34. Dashout
    Dashout 29 March 2017 17: 41
    My head is spinning! Is such a mess in the defense ??? But the hope is that the defense industry will “pull out” the civil proceedings !!!
    I understand that it is necessary to reassemble the industry on a new intellectual production support system that provides ample opportunities for horizontal integration, designing, based on the vector base of support solutions with automatic cost formation. On the one hand, this will make it possible to implement a system of end-to-end defense defense order control, and on the other hand, it will enable the production of by-products. We need to more actively stimulate the production of by-products so that there is staff employment, there are means ...
    As for the "old cadres" - this is nothing but a diversion! I remember (from classes in Japanese management courses) in Japan, for example, by the age of 60, the specialist receives the highest salary! highest respect !!! And this is ... disgusting !!! This was with us in 90's ..
    Technological Knowledge Transfer System
  35. edits
    edits 29 March 2017 20: 45
    This is already the "berries" have begun to ripen ... And this situation is not the first, in 2007 the order of the Ministry of Defense was actually disrupted which was not fulfilled by 70% and by the way then no one was hurt. We have a very humane government. That is, you can drive hack work and get grandmothers this very relaxes and brings up parasitism, and maybe it has the usual origin with the name "sabotage" or sabotage. The military-industrial complex does not have the right to be a commercial structure by its nature, and if this happens then wait for such berries!
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 29 March 2017 23: 03
      That's it! Nationalization and planned economy. For starters, let it be only in the military-industrial complex and allied industries.
      1. Maalkavianin
        Maalkavianin 30 March 2017 09: 58
        Yes, no nationalization is necessary. Need control. And most importantly, the interest of the control. And without control, you can nationalize everything at least 100 times and enter plans - nothing will work. Here, people are adults and know how the majority of problems are solved with inspectors. Bathhouse, vodka, women, money. And then the inspector writes that everything is fine and goes on.
        1. unknown
          unknown 30 March 2017 20: 54
          Trump’s victory is, above all, the victory of the Chinese economic model: state capitalism with the admission of private capital to separate niches, but with state and party control.
  36. NordUral
    NordUral 29 March 2017 23: 01
    According to Yury Ivanovich, “the main reasons for the late delivery were the low level of organization of their own work, delays in the supply of components, insufficient production capacity and the lack of qualified personnel.”

    This is what the "perestroika" of the 80s sought. Nationwide.
  37. Dashout
    Dashout 30 March 2017 09: 45
    Wait to run into Rogozin! Here the situation is worse ... The fact is that it is necessary to assemble a new industry (after the collapse of 90's) on a new integration basis! Remember, in a planned economy, not a single enterprise could cooperate with another (especially from another ministry) of its own accord! Because of this, the enterprise was overgrown with auxiliary industries, striving for subsistence farming! Therefore - the price of the service (product) is high! The state order will not close all the problems of the enterprise! It is necessary to reassemble everything under the conditions of the greatest possible horizontal integration! In this case, 40-50% of the state order, and the rest - on the side! So the system should prompt the basic (fundamental) business issues: What? For whom? How much? Of what? How? How many? Question: why are the tasks of industrial re-industrialization solved solely by the appointment of managers ??? What can a manager do in such a situation? Never mind! It is necessary to solve systemic issues, not rearrange the beds!
    PS I also wanted to add about the old cadres: everything possible must be done so that these people remain in enterprises and work where they can bring the best return! They have great experience!
    1. Uralsky
      Uralsky 30 March 2017 21: 05
      Quote: Dashout
      They have great experience!

      Unfortunately, very often, vast experience is inapplicable when working with modern technologies and equipment. And very often old people with "vast experience" only hinder development, do not want to learn anything new. And what is most sad - they do not allow youth to develop. And this, by the way, is one of the reasons why young people do not want to work in such conditions at all. There are, of course, several others.
      1. CT-55_11-9009
        CT-55_11-9009 April 1 2017 12: 47
        Here it is not necessary here! Old people also come in different varieties and types. Those with conscience and not fools give youth work. Another thing is that there are not so many of them.

        But young people don’t want to work in their specialty because one can live on the salary of a young specialist only far beyond the Moscow Ring Road, and this is so-so. And where, beyond the Moscow Ring Road, for example, are the factories of the space industry? Well, Samara. Only there they teach and accept their own, newcomers are not needed there. Especially the Muscovites. Omsk, Tomsk? For residents of Central Russia - far away. And then where to go, say, to an MAI graduate, especially not a Muscovite? Either to survive in Moscow at work in the specialty (half the salary for a rented apartment, one fifth for travel, the rest for food, this is ten to twelve thousand, according to optimistic estimates), or to look for a job with a higher salary in order to live somehow. But at home, not in large cities, there is practically no work for an engineer. No question, you can get a janitor, go to Mac as a cashier. And then what? From melancholy to suppress a little white and die in 50 years from cirrhosis of the liver? No, thanks.
        1. Uralsky
          Uralsky April 2 2017 20: 48
          You yourself just answered why such a disaster with people.
  38. Dashout
    Dashout 31 March 2017 16: 32
    Quote: Uralsky
    And what is most sad - they do not allow youth to develop.

    You need to understand this, a young man with an education but without work experience wants to take the boss’s chair, but the chair is occupied by another, more experienced person. Consequently, the very fact of having a "living" boss does not allow youth to develop! So? But this is nonsense! Above in the article and comments, look at the effect of managing such “developed" youth by companies!
    Isn’t it better for these young people to propose their project, develop it and occupy a leading position by right?
    And yet, you know, children who take their parents to a nursing home at the end of their lives themselves find themselves there! Well, it won’t affect you - you think so ..
    1. CT-55_11-9009
      CT-55_11-9009 April 1 2017 12: 50
      Quote: Dashout
      Isn’t it better for these young people to propose their project, develop it and occupy a leading position by right?

      And what, the youth does not offer? Offers, and how. But the trouble is, they don’t give financing, they say: "Well done, come on, develop the topic." And that’s it! This is still a good option. More often (much) initiative and energetic, smart young people are simply not allowed to do this kind of work, they pull and break off.
  39. Victor Wolz
    Victor Wolz 31 March 2017 17: 11
    one word delete
  40. nogBogHuk
    nogBogHuk 31 March 2017 20: 30
    In Rostov-on-Don, they are trying to combine 2 bankrupt design bureaus with a design bureau afloat and all this under the brand name KRET (where Mr. Serdyukov was at the helm).
    We look forward to another failure now on the EW settings.
    Prospective youth scatter how to start not pay scanty salaries. In a word, merry life went gentlemen completely ruin the country
  41. Dashout
    Dashout April 2 2017 17: 58
    Quote: nogBogHuk
    In Rostov-on-Don, they are trying to unite 2 bankrupt KBs while the KB is still afloat, and all this is under the brand name KRET (where Mr. Serdyukov was at the helm)

    It’s useless to swap beds! It is necessary to change the whole system of integration and involvement of the existing technological potential (enterprises)! Otherwise, the rumors, assaults and scandals on the one hand and technological lag, on the other, will only increase! This is - do not go to the "grandmother!"
  42. Michael R
    Michael R April 3 2017 08: 50
    Dear Joseph Vissarionovich and Lavrenty Pavlovich! Oh, how you are missing now, so that such "managers" immediately sculpted the article "sabotage" and "wrecking" ...
  43. Romario_Argo
    Romario_Argo 23 December 2017 14: 25
    article full of "crap"
    "yesterday" tried to get into the territory of the Altair Research Institute of Radio Electronics at the address: Moscow, ul. Aircraft engine 57
    under the state contract, see the list, the admission did not pass, respectively, was not allowed.