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China strongly protests

The Chinese side strongly protests the publication by the US Department of Defense of a report on the development of the PRC-2010 armed forces, which "ignores objective reality, condemns China's normal defense and army construction, inflates the so-called" military threat "of mainland China against Taiwan and accuses the Chinese side that it suspended the exchanges of military delegations and thus created an obstacle to the development of cooperation between the armies of the two countries. " This statement was made by 18 August, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of China, Gen Yansheng.

China, he stressed, has consistently taken the path of peaceful development, firmly adhering to the defensive nature of the policy in the sphere of national defense, does not provoke an arms race and does not pose a military threat to any states. The rates of development of the Chinese armed forces, he noted, prove to be quite rational and relevant the goals of protecting the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the state, and are also necessary so that the army can keep up with the new world process of military transformations and rapid development. Geng Yansheng stressed that the Chinese army carries out active exchanges and cooperation with foreign colleagues, is committed to protecting world peace and regional stability.

Invariably attaching serious importance to military relations with the United States, the Chinese side is making unremitting efforts in this direction, the representative of the military department continued. He made it clear that the report published by the US Department of Defense does not benefit the improvement and development of relations between the armies of the two countries. "We urge the American side to take an objective and fair approach to assessing the defense and military construction of our country, to abandon statements and actions that adversely affect relations between the two countries and mutual military confidence, to stop publishing such reports and work to create an atmosphere and conditions favorable for improve and develop relations between the armies of our countries, "said Gen Yansheng.
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  1. XFactor
    XFactor 24 March 2011 06: 04
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    1. slas
      slas 11 February 2012 20: 59
      A sho movie about a Chinese protest? Fresh hope. Well then I have a couple laughing
  2. Aleksey67
    Aleksey67 11 February 2012 21: 10
    It's funny when a country spending on its army and navy most of all blames another country for strengthening the armed forces smile
  3. slas
    slas 11 February 2012 23: 40
    Wow, it got colder