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Novorossiysk: the fight against hurricane

The damage inflicted on the Novorossiisk element is estimated at six hundred million rubles. Extreme frosts for Kuban, coupled with the hurricane wind, turned out to be the hardest for the citizens. Hundreds of houses have damaged roofs and broken windows. Many residents of Novorossiysk live without light. Power lines are broken by the wind. Now the help to the city is pulled from all over the region.

Novorossiysk: the fight against hurricane

Tsemess Bay turned into a maze of frozen water and tall ice mountains. From the pier and from the ships, the sailors chipped off the frozen storm waves. In one area of ​​the city the water supply pipe was broken. The breakthrough site, by the way, has become a popular background for amateur photographers. The Ice Sculpture Park, made up of icy trees, houses and pipes, is indeed a rare sight.

Winter frost, unusual for Novorossiysk, was in addition complicated by a very strong wind. The hurricane hit the eve of the Black Sea coast of Russia and Ukraine; its epicenter was precisely in Novorossiysk. From city streets they remove fragments of metal tiles and slate.

Metal shingles and slate were blown away by hurricane winds, like paper sheets. Residents of the upper floors are now freezing: it's cold outside, but the roof is not there. It will take a lot of time to repair after a hurricane, and besides, city residents are afraid of other blows from the storm.

In total, Novorossiysk damaged more than two hundred buildings. Not one hundred families are in a state of siege. Children lie under the covers for days on end, schools are closed. The townspeople curtain the broken windows with carpets or prick them with plywood. In many apartments there is no electricity.

Meanwhile, according to official sources, the power supply in the city has been fully restored. However, residents of several streets of Novorossiysk can not get through to the "hot line" in order to refute this information.

To the aid of the townspeople came the military. There are field kitchens in the city. Volunteers preparing for sporting events spread hot food to the apartments. If necessary, operational services are ready to open evacuation points.

Today there is no threat to people's lives. However, in the coming days, warming is not expected.

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  1. Faust
    Faust 10 February 2012 11: 31
    Article \ topic, somehow does not match the subject of the resource. request
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 10 February 2012 11: 54
      Well, why, in the perspective of deploying a fleet base there, it’s a very topic
  2. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 10 February 2012 13: 13
    Is this the famous "bora"?
  3. Sokol peruna
    Sokol peruna 10 February 2012 13: 16
    The cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov is handsome.
    1. Maroder
      Maroder 10 February 2012 17: 54
      Quote: Sokol Peruna
      The cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov is handsome.

      This is museum. there children are taken on an excursion. what

      two hurricanes in a month.
      Something often this year.
  4. in4ser
    in4ser 10 February 2012 13: 36
    quite a common occurrence for Novoross :) The northeast is always there, every year.
    Fells trees, sinks ships, turns the embankment into figures - everything freezes :)
    and the first photo shows my old house and the place of the old work work :) hometown
    Thanks for the photo
  5. ANTK
    ANTK 10 February 2012 17: 57
    You will have a good naval base since 2016.
    1. Aleks23
      Aleks23 10 February 2012 18: 43
      What will happen from 2016?
      1. in4ser
        in4ser 11 February 2012 01: 50
        we are starting to build a base for the Black Sea Fleet, since the lease term in Crimea is about to expire and the fleet must leave the territory of Ukraine - it follows that it will come to Novorossiysk.
        in 2010, we signed an agreement to extend the stay of the fleet until 2042.
        Despite all this, they decided to build a base in Novorossa.
        which, in principle, is absolutely true, because our brother-in-Ukraine Ukrainians have recently been fond of ***, either they are simply flinging gas to them or the prices for renting a fleet have been unleashed, and the roof is already blowing away from the western blockage.
        Give them free rein, they will also demand grandmas for free gas :))
  6. maksim
    maksim 10 February 2012 18: 29
    once again confirms the statement about how weak we are before the elements
  7. valery dv
    valery dv 10 February 2012 20: 48
    I sympathize with the inhabitants of Novorossiysk. I wish all of them to enter the normal track as soon as possible. We also have frequent hurricanes, people die, lose their homes and property. Give Novorossiysk my big hello, good city.