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“Russians are hindering Russia” ...

“Russians are hindering Russia” ...When this material was sent to me on “soap”, and I read it fluently, I did not immediately believe it. And in what is written, and that these words can be uttered publicly, and that they belong to the opposition - the so-called Russian "democrats" and the Russian "liberals" who today are crucified about the love of "freedom for the people", "human rights" , "The rule of law" and other beautiful phrases. And then I personally checked each link, and it became even worse, because some of them are not just represented on the political Olympus of neighboring Russia and are eager for power ...

One of them, perhaps the most noticeable, is still in the Russian government. Moreover, he was all forgiven and made responsible for the future of this country. This is Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of OJSC RUSNANO. What if he launches technical and scientific innovations to destroy his fellow tribesmen who do not want to “fit into the market”?

Who just was not Chubais on the Russian political Olympus over the past 20 with a little years. And for some reason they keep him there? What for? After all, what he said, we all know. They wrote about it, talked about it, gave proof, etc. He was afloat and afloat. And after all, not only he is included in the power of the country, whose people and even she does not love her herself. Many are susceptible to the “overflowing syndrome” - tendencies towards frequent throwing from power to opposition and vice versa, depending on the points of sitting, proximity to the feeding trough, which determine the conjuncture worldview ...

And what is surprising is that both Chubais and all the cited guys are listed as “democrats” in Russia, and they support the idea that this “demos”, whose power they allegedly defend, was ... as little as possible. Especially these “democrats” are annoyed by that “demos”, which not only does not fit into the market, but also does not vote for this fraternity. They would have forgiven the market for people, but the fact that they were thrown out of power, deprived of their posts and feeders - never ...

Those who picked up this stream of "free democratic thought" wrote that they leave it "without comment." Well, this is their Russian internal affair. But it directly concerns, alas, Ukraine. No wonder that few representatives of Ukrainian political forces go to protest rallies against the current Russian government. For example, it is known that representatives of Freedom visited the 4 rally on February 2012, and almost all Ukrainian so-called opposition forces supported him verbally and in his heart — from Yulia Tymoshenko sitting by the bucket to those rushing to Arseny Yatsenyuk’s feeding trough and attached to him in Alexander's train Turchinov, Anatoly Gritsenko, Natalia Korolevskaya, Boris Tarasyuk and other riffraff from other smaller and worthless losers and outcasts.

And if neo-Nazis and neo-fascists from “Freedom” can be understood (they will support anyone who helps them drench the “cursed Moskal”), then the closeness of other Ukrainian and Russian “democrats” is spiritual, ideological, ideological. They are “brothers” in their views on the country, on its politics and economy, on the people, in the end, of which “should be less, because in Ukraine it does not vote for such a“ democracy ”and for such“ democrats ”. Moreover, these "democrats" came to power in Ukraine for other people's money in 2004, and plunged the country into the five-year plan of "orange madness", from which the country cannot go so far. And to the Russian democrats, so far, he just arrived and denyuzhku was brought by an “engineer of color revolutions” with the rank of US ambassador to Russia, Mr. Michael McFaul. And he had already managed to call “demo oppositionists” onto the carpet and insert a wick for them to continue the struggle ...

However, the current government in Ukraine cannot do anything worthwhile with the consequences of the “orange madness”, because the current “Kermanychs” do not really want to “pokuschuvaty life vzhe year”. It seems to them, too, the people already "hinder" He asks for his children and takes care of them. And where is it going? And in this matter, Ukraine and Russia are sisters forever. In Ukraine, as nowhere else, “overflowing syndrome” is common among the staff ...

And, as they say, where should the poor Jew, the Russian, the Ukrainian, and representatives of other nationalities and nationalities, who are so maliciously and constantly “straining” the Democrats, go?

In short, I just left all the links in the text and wrote the names and positions of “speakers” with such a frank demo-hateful consciousness. The host country and the neighboring countries should also know their heroes, and that they can wait for them if the “heroes” win ...

So, what was sent to me and what I checked on the materials of the sites "Russians in Kazakhstan", "Eye of the Planet" and others. Not just an entertaining read. That's terrible…

Anatoly Chubais: “What are you worried about these people? Well, thirty million will die out. They do not fit into the market. Do not think about it - new ones will grow ”...

"Imagine that a truly fully democratic elections were organized in the country, based on the will of the workers with equal access to the media, to money ... The result of such elections would be an order of magnitude worse, and perhaps just disastrous for the country."

“I read all of Dostoevsky, and now I don’t feel anything but physical hatred for this person. When I see in his books of thought that the Russian people are a special, God's chosen people, I want to tear them to pieces. ”

Vladimir VORFOLOMEYEV (journalist of Radio Ekho Moskvy): “... It’s better to retain the corrupt (and not even the most bloodthirsty bureaucrats) in power (even through postscripts) than the coming of the Stalinists and dense nationalists to this power ...”

Valeria Novodvorsky (Russian politician, dissident, human rights activist, independent journalist, founder of the liberal party “Democratic Union):“ Russians cannot be allowed into European civilization with rights, they were laid at the bucket, and they did it right ”.

“The miserable, spiritually unfit, the cowardly sleep at the bucket and have no rights. If we give such rights, the general level of humanity will decrease ”...

“For example, I don’t care at all how many missiles Democratic America will launch in a non-democratic Iraq. For me, the more the better. Just as the unpleasantness of Hiroshima and Nagasaki does not terrify me at all ... ”

“Why is it that in America the Indians do not declare their sovereignty? It can be seen, at one time the white settlers have worked well on them. And we, probably, in the XVII-XVIII centuries. something with their "now wild Tungus" is not completed ".

“This is Chechnya’s freedom that worries me. Chechnya is beautiful, it is brave, it is noble. ”

"Apartheid is a normal thing."

“Civil rights exist for people who are enlightened, well-fed, well-mannered and balanced.”

"So apartheid is true, and some universal human rights are a lie."

“I personally nagged my fill with human rights. Once we (!), And the CIA (!), And the USA (!) Used this idea as a ram to destroy the communist regime and the collapse of the USSR. This idea has served its purpose, and stop lying about human rights and human rights defenders. ”

“Russia is not only a country of fools, but also a country of boors ... And in general, since 1917, we have been governed by boors in greased boots” ...

“We have never been properly broken. Shattered like Hitler "...

“In Russia, everything spreads and hangs like pasta from a spoon. The sixth part of the land was inhabited by an invertebrate protoplasm "...

“I never celebrate May 9 and do not advise anyone to do this ... All progressive humanity, if it wants, then modestly and without much chic is celebrating something. And only such complete losers who have blown through everything else, who need a myth, proving to themselves that they still mean something, can arrange such parades like ours ... ”

"If Russia dies, in general, in principle, I personally will not grumble" ...

“The Russian people have a place in prison, and not anywhere else, but just at the prison bucket ...”

"The Russian nation is a cancerous tumor of humanity!"

Alfred KOCH (now no one calls him "no way", but he was a "democrat-reformer" —the chairman of the State Property Committee (1996-1997) and in 1997, the vice-chairman of the Russian government): "I think in order to take away the atomic weapon, enough parachute division. One day, land and pick up all these missiles to hell. ”

“Nobody needs Russia (laughs), nobody needs Russia (laughs), as you will not understand! I do not understand what is so special about Russia? ”...

“The people are not adequate to their interests. The people who avidly loved Stalin cannot be considered adequate. ”

“In order to buy, you need to have money. Russian can not earn anything, so they can not buy anything. "

“The long-suffering people suffer because of their own fault. Nobody occupied them, nobody conquered them, no one drove them to prison. They knocked on themselves, imprisoned themselves and shot themselves. Therefore, this people is reaping what they have reaped from what they deserve ”...

Konstantin BOROVOY (Novodvorskaya’s associate, Russian entrepreneur and politician, general manager of the Russian Commodity Exchange): “When discussing the issue of infringement of the rights of Russians in the Baltic States, Konstantin Nathanovich took the openly misanthropic stance of the Nazis, endorsed the marches of the SS men in Riga, hiding behind the freedom of freedom of freedom of freedom of freedom of the Nazis in Riga, hiding behind the freedom of the freedom of freedom of freedom of freedom. In the course of the discussion, Borovoy blamed the country's top leadership on state anti-Semitism and called the Nobel laureate of the writer A. I. Solzhenitsyn "Russian fascist" ( during the recording of the TV program "Two against one").

Leonid Nevzlin (ex-member of the Federation Council of Russia from Mordovia, convicted for life of murder and financial crimes in the YUKOS case, hiding from Russian justice in Israel): “I consider the Jewish people to be the natural bearer of the liberal humanistic idea, both on the nationwide and on individual level. "

Mikhail KHODORKOVSKY (businessman, public figure, publicist. Currently he is serving a 14-year sentence in a general regime colony in Segezha in Karelia): “... It’s a shame not to steal such a state”.

“Corruption began with us, and it must end with us” ...

“Our attitude to the authorities? Just a few months ago, we considered power, which would not hinder us, entrepreneurs, as a blessing. In this regard, the ideal ruler was Mikhail Gorbachev. At that stage of our development, this was enough. Now that the entrepreneurial class has gained momentum and this process is no longer impossible to stop, our attitude towards power is changing. Neutrality towards us is no longer enough. The implementation of the principle is necessary: ​​whoever pays, he orders the music ”...

Vladimir BUKOVSKY (writer, politician and public figure, neurophysiologist, one of the founders of the dissident movement in the USSR) & Co: “Zakayev in an interview with Le Figaro named Bukovsky among those who make up the“ London group of Berezovsky. ” “Now, after the death of Sasha (Litvinenko), there are five of us left — too few to destabilize the situation in Russia,” Zakayev added. ”

"It is time to throw out the concept of" sphere of Russian influence "from the political dictionary" ...

"Russian troops must (?!) Withdraw from the North Caucasus."

"Well, why, for example, the Far East, Moscow?".

“Well, well done (Putin). We (!!!) puzzled what parts the country would fall into, he created seven regions, and now we know what parts it will fall into ... ”

Valery PANYUSHKIN (famous Russian journalist and writer): “It would be easier for everyone in the world if the Russian nation stopped. It would be easier for the Russians themselves if tomorrow they didn’t have to add their own national state to themselves, and it would be possible to turn into a small people like Vod, Khanty or Avars ”...

“I am Russian, but I seriously think that the logic that guides my people now is akin to the logic of a rabid dog. The mad dog is mortally ill, she has only three days left to live - a maximum of seven days. But she does not know about it. She runs, herself not knowing where, by a characteristic torn pace, she proceeds with poisonous saliva and attacks on everyone she encounters. At the same time, the dog suffers greatly, and its torment will end when it is shot. ”

Julia LATYNINA (journalist and writer): “I, for example, try to imagine Russia as a mental experiment, which will fall apart ... Suppose Vladivostok or Samara, or Sochi have disappeared. And in that case we would call Vladivostok, and there they would tell us: “Listen, we have done so well in Vladivostok, we have canceled the prohibitive duties on foreign cars, everything is fine with the export of fish, we now do not need customs to unload her on the dock before exporting. Everything was normal with the export of the forest. ”

Or we would call in Sochi, and we were told: “We are so good. We do not evict people who lived there for a long time from the Imereti Valley. We are no longer embarking on monstrous projects that should formally make happy the spectators of the Olympics, but really boil down to an endless price increase in Sochi and to the fact that Sochi is not transforming into a normal resort city. ”

Lev Ponomarev (ex-State Duma deputy, political and public figure, executive director of the all-Russian movement For Human Rights, member of the federal political council of the United Democratic Movement "Solidarity"): "The hemp march and gay parade should be allowed" ...

“People with democratic views and a high degree of civic activism will always find the strength and courage to support those who disagree, including supporters of the legalization of cannabis and gay parades” ...

“... I consider that the very topic of legalization of soft drugs is quite acceptable for the Russian society ... Therefore, my opinion is this: young people have the right to hold such demonstrations, rallies and“ hemp marches ”in order to draw attention to this problem” .

"Russian fascism is not a far-fetched phenomenon, it is rooted in the consciousness of the population."

Ksenia SOBCHAK (a TV presenter and a “social lion”, who suddenly felt a craving for democracy): “First 1917 year, then immediately 1937. Two consecutive destruction of the elite led to the fact that Russia has become a country of genetic trash. I would ban this country altogether. The only outlet for me here is the art galleries. And the circus "...

Tatyana TOLSTAYA (writer, publicist, TV presenter): “The country is not such as to conform to it! .. It must be dragged along, fool of a fat man, stagnant! Right now, maybe the leadership is trying to match, to be as fucking as the people, as stupid as the people, as backward as the people. "

Yury GUSAKOV (a prominent ideologue of United Russia, the founder of the official television channel “The country is inhabited by an animal-like rabble, which simply cannot be given the opportunity to freely choose. This rabble should moo in the stall, and not to break dirty hoofs in my cozy air-conditioned office. To do this, and invented "Our", "Molodogvardeytsy" and other bydloygend. Is it not clear that with free elections and equal access to the media, at least DPNI and other browns will win? It is necessary to bring down from the country not now, when “Ours” and other sovereign dollars ... would be marching. It is necessary to bring down from here precisely when it is all-like mass, when these animals are allowed to choose for themselves a worthy power of them. That's when I first break into the American Embassy. And now everything is fine - you can earn money, you can bark at the Kremlin on LJ, you can fly anywhere. And you do not need to change the Jewish name of the child to Russian, so that he entered the Moscow State University. There is complete freedom now ... ”

Igor YURGENS (Institute of Contemporary Development, close to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev): “What kind of innovations are there, what kind of industry! The fate of Russia - to export oil and other raw materials! Forget about the rest!

“Russians are hindering Russia — the majority of our compatriots live in the last century and do not want to develop ... Russians are still very archaic. In the Russian mentality, the community is higher than the personality ... Most of the (people) are in partial disqualification ... The other part is general degradation ”...

Vladimir POZNER (Soviet and Russian TV journalist, host of the Pozner program): “I think that one of the greatest tragedies for Russia is the adoption of Orthodoxy ... I think that Orthodoxy was a heavy burden for Russia” ...

“From marijuana, as many experts rightly point out, there is no misfortune at all. And it, of course, needs to be legalized. But I go further than the Dutch government, I believe that all drugs must be legalized. If we make it so that any drug can be bought at the pharmacy “for three kopecks,” then we will knock out the economic foundation from under the feet of the drug mafia. ”

“I am not a Russian, this is not my Homeland, I have not grown up here, I do not feel completely home here” ...

Yevgeny IHLOV (expert of the Movement for Human Rights): “... General Vlasov was right: the best fate for our country is to divide into ethnic states, the highest achievement of which will be integration into Western Europe as a difficultly educated younger brothers” ...

Lena HADIZ (Russian artist): “... I feel sick from morons, from RUSSIAN CHILDREN who have nothing for their hearts, except for talk and claims for“ greatness ”, you are insignificant cheap stupid freaks who are ashamed to even dirty their hands” ...

Sergey KOVALEV (Soviet dissident, a participant in the human rights movement in the USSR and the Russian Federation, chairman of the Russian Memorial Historical, Educational and Human Rights Society, president of the Institute for Human Rights): "Terrorists need to be understood, they have to act extremely cruelly."

Oleg Matveich (member of the commission under the Presidium of the General Council of "United Russia" on coordination of agitation and propaganda activities in the regions, spelling and punctuation of the original): "Do you know what I dream about? so that one day you all gather on the big Maidan, all screaming screamers, network hamsters, fighters against corruption, envious goats who count money in someone else’s feed, manipulated suckers and losers of all stripes accusing anyone of this just gathered themselves with all your banners with foam at rat and officials shouting at the lights !!! no corruption! power to the people! so that everyone gathers so that no one remains at home the main thing is that everyone gets out sorry only the area is not so in China, it was good Tien An Myn accommodates 1 million people and that’s when you all got out would leave tank the army and all the shit, all the shit of the nation would be wound on caterpillars, everything would be burned with hot iron, and then after Tianan mine in China, we would also have economic growth of 20 percent a year for 30-10 years in a row ”...

Gleb PAVLOVSKY (Russian political strategist, recently very close to the Kremlin): “... We discussed the likelihood and risk of liquidating the USSR with the help of a small number of people. I considered myself something of a Zen Marxist. ”

“Russia is the final flow historical missions ... We are dealing with a unique country that does not discuss any of its problems ... In theory, Russia can stop in order to recover in 10, 20, 100 years. When the rabble will pass retraining "...

Vladimir KULISTIKOV (General Director of NTV): “Russia, I think, takes the first place in the world in the number of“ holy places ”per square meter. The forest is noisy, the packages are lying around, the condoms used on the branches are hanging - a favorite resting place. "Shrine", understand? Next - a meadow. Pushkin ran through it behind Anna Petrovna Kern. There are traces left, you know, it is also impossible to touch. ”

Medvedev noted that television chief Vladimir Kulistikov does not like the Russian public. Kulistikov retorted: “I adore, what are you. This is cannon fodder for our talk shows, how can I not like them? ”

Oleg KASHIN (a Russian journalist who was recently crippled and the whole world was being treated under the supervision of the Russian authorities): “... I really hope that when Siberia becomes a different, separate state from Moscow (and I’m seriously convinced that Russia’s existence not for long), the border crossing regime will be visa-free. ”

Yury PIVOVAROV (historian, philosophers, director of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION RAS), President of the Russian Association of Political Science): “I am convinced that Russia will leave Siberia in the next half century: depopulation processes will be so strong that Russia will geographically narrow to Ural.

"... It is necessary for Russia to lose ... (do not be alarmed) Siberia and the Far East" ...

"Godmurzky Stalin created the disgusting cult of Alexander Nevsky."

“Could there be a decent life here, as in Europe? I think the old Russian history will end when Russia loses Siberia and the Far East ... ”

Boris STOMAKHIN (a Russian publicist convicted of inciting national hatred and calls for extremism, was released 21 March 2011): “Russia can only be destroyed. And it MUST be destroyed - it is a measure of the preventive self-defense of the human race from the savage devilry that Russia has been carrying since the time of the first massacres and executions for criticizing the authorities, since the capture of Novgorod and Kazan. Russian need to kill, kill, kill! Russians need to be killed, and only killed — among them there are no normal, intelligent, intelligent ones with whom one could speak and one would hope ”...

“Tough collective responsibility should be introduced for all Russians, all loyal citizens of Russia for the actions of the authorities they elect — for genocide, for mass killings, executions, torture, trafficking in corpses ... There should be no division of the murderers into peaceful and non-peaceful, conscious and involuntary from now on. Kill, kill, kill! Blood-fill the whole of Russia, not to give the slightest mercy to anyone, to try to arrange at least one nuclear explosion on the territory of the Russian Federation - that’s what the program of radical resistance, Russian and Chechen, and anyone should be! Let the Russians deserve what they have earned. ”...

Grigory Yavlinsky (politician, founder of the Yabloko party): “In the event of his coming to power, the leader of Yabloko promises first of all to“ bring the evil ”of Russian fascism throughout the country” ...

“... For us, national-Bolshevism, Russian fascism are fundamentally unacceptable, a lurch towards such a nationalist side of this movement, an attempt to find a political Russian nation, and so on. We treat this with great anxiety and wariness, because games of this kind are very dangerous ”...

“... We will unite all those civil organizations that are close to us in spirit - like, for example,“ green ”, human rights activists headed by Sergei Adamovich Kovalev. We think this is the most important thing. ”

Sergey IVANENKO (a democratic and liberal politician, one of the leaders of the Yabloko party): “... Fighting the brown threat in Russia, fighting Russian fascism is really one of the key tasks.”

Quote from the website of the Yabloko party: “... The Generalissimo had enough tricks not only to make an exception, but also hypocritically to announce a toast to the Russian people (and only!) At a reception in the Kremlin after the Victory Parade. Thus, he humiliated the other peoples of our country "...

"The splash of fascism in our country, first of all, was prepared ... by our school. It does not teach humanism, tolerance, and understanding of the value of multiculturalism. At the same time, our mentality, no matter how bitter, is characterized by the glorification and romanticization of terror and violence."

Artemy TROITSKY (rock journalist, music critic, one of the first propagandists of rock music in the USSR): “I consider Russian men for the most part to be animals, creatures of not even the second, but the third kind. When I see them - from the cops to the deputies, I think that they, in principle, should become extinct ... In fact, I don’t feel sorry for this breed at all. And if instead of that which will die out (and it will die out), a new growth of normal men will grow - clean, tidy, intelligent ”...

Roman DOBROKHOTOV (Russian public figure, leader of the youth movement “WE”, member of the federal political council of the Solidarity movement): “Two thirds of the population of Russia are xenophobes and latent criminals. If we now give them freedom, correct later, after a few years, it will be too late ”...

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  1. SL.Kocegar
    SL.Kocegar 10 February 2012 07: 32

    I wonder how these people are still in power. In any previous regime, they are at least shackled and hard labor.
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 10 February 2012 08: 45
      "Until now, in power" - that means they cannot kick them, especially Chubais. This one has played a dirty trick on Russia already on CHASTOKOL. He knows a lot, you can't touch him ...
      Think about it: the blind, deaf and stupid Putin doesn’t know all this, or knows (I believe more) but ... he’s been completely covered up.

      I knew that they were all moral traitors and moral, but I did not think to such an extent. And they are by no means harmless, as it might seem at first glance. They are like parasites inside the body. Yes...

      In short, such ... (and you will not name people) should be deprived of citizenship with a ban on entry into Russia, maybe even their children, this will be an example. Calm, quiet - goodbye forever ...
      1. Sokol peruna
        Sokol peruna 10 February 2012 09: 19
        Yes, the fact that it is smeared is understandable, not smeared would not have been put. Therefore, Chubais says that soon we will learn a lot about Putin. Stalin also sat and did not twitch until the onset of 1937, and then slaughtered in the USSR almost all of the revolutionary Jew Shobla and also serving haluevs. After all, none of the "human rights activists", liberals, figures of high culture remember Stalin's Holodomor in Ukraine (Here Ukrainians are yelling absolutely justifiably), Kazakhstan, the Volga region, dispossession of kulaks, decossackization, etc.
        Perhaps 2012 for Putin is like 1937 for Stalin.
        1. zveruga_zmey
          zveruga_zmey 10 February 2012 11: 45
          Well, you and the villain))) am
        2. ole
          ole 10 February 2012 13: 18
          All well-fed and happy, eat well and relax, talk about the future of the country, how to treat us, to teach us what we can and what cannot be, Stalin would have gathered all x together and cut down the woods in the labor camp and talk there.
      2. esaul
        esaul 10 February 2012 09: 42
        Greetings, buddy! With pleasure and joy I read your emotional "rebuke" yesterday on Mikhalkov's article. With pleasure - because - sincerely and competently! With joy - because it is pleasant to realize the indifference of young (and for some reason - it seems to me that you are young) people towards the fate of their country and their compatriots. You personified my words, in your commentary, with the name of Mikhalkov, but in vain.In my commentary, I said that the words about patriotism (and Mikhalkov, that's exactly what he said) - we really need now, no matter who they come from. Mikhalkov is an ambiguous personality and my attitude to his work has changed a lot due to his "creative findings", just in recent films. But let's not talk about that. For your comment, once again, thank you. Best regards, Esaul. drinks
        1. Z.A.M.
          Z.A.M. 10 February 2012 09: 56

          Thank you for responding.
          With the words, but rather, with the thoughts and ideas expressed by Mikhalkov, I certainly agree ...
          If 40 is young, you are right.
          Almost met. All the best, Z.A.M. drinks
        2. Uralm
          Uralm 11 February 2012 02: 16
          about Mikhalkov. "The attitude towards his work has changed a lot due to his" creative discoveries ", just in the last films." Yes. also endured 10 minutes. something like that. I didn't have enough for more
      3. Ascetic
        Ascetic 10 February 2012 11: 52
        Quote: Z.A.M.
        "Until now, in power" - that means they cannot kick them, especially Chubais. This one has played a dirty trick on Russia already on CHASTOKOL. He knows a lot, you can't touch him ...

        Why do you think that Chubais is in power and participates in the strategic management of the country? He is just the head of RUSNANO, an absolutely mythical and useless organization (where, by the way, Putin pushed him after removing him after the collapse of RAO UES) whose would-be specialists, as a rule, take imported developments and based on them design modern devices. For example, a new IR sight LLC "Progresstech" based on a French matrix or optical tweezers for micro-objects based on a German phase modulator ... etc and so on ... some energy-saving bulbs are worth something. And where are the rest of Yeltsin's "FAMILY" now and what do they really rule? Parashny liberal funds and over the hill are living out their days on golden toilets on "back-earned" in the 90s, our money.
        Why make a second Sakharov or Solzhenitsin — the next father of Russian democracy? Better serve as a living bugbear for naive people who believe in the values ​​of liberal fascist democracy.
        And sooner or later, ROSNAO will collapse and go further with a decrease in Skolkovo to Vekselberg and Medvedev to wipe Faberge's golden eggs and remember the golden 90s with the oligarch brothers.

        PS / Better to let Dunya Smirnov dryuchit and if he doesn't give it to "Dunya Kulakov" under the covers like a pimply accelerator
        1. sams
          sams 10 February 2012 15: 29
          The fact that Chubais will ruin RUSNANO without any doubt, and with the money allocated for the development of nanotechnology.
          Another thing is his official position, which allows him to have access to certain levers and which, in fact, is essentially nothing more than a cover for his main activities to undermine Russia. In this direction, for more than 20 years, it has been successfully (unfortunately) working.
          1. recitatorus
            recitatorus 10 February 2012 23: 54
            What I like about Chubais is that not one of his predictions came true. And all the sorcerers are magical, they prophesy ... So, if Tolik predicted a quick end for Russia, this means that everything is in order! drinks drinks drinks
      4. SL.Kocegar
        SL.Kocegar 10 February 2012 15: 51
        It seems that even the weather in Russia favors the opposition - the snow is white, and there is a lot of it!

        The “Voter League” has been organized, and in anticipation of changes it’s time to sing: “White color, bird cherry color - this is spring hi!”

        But here the question arises: what is “this”? A little less than a century ago, the masses proudly and relentlessly sang: “We will boldly go into battle for the power of the Soviets! And as soon as we die in the struggle for IT ... ”True, not all, but many, died.

        Then, when the Soviet government evaporated, taking with it the financial accumulations of citizens, Elena Hanga broadcast on television about it.

        What, after all, is “this”? And is it worth it to go into battle? And what a visionary hint carries S. Ya. Marshak’s nursery rhyme: “Who is knocking on the door to me with a thick shoulder bag? .. This is he, this is he, the Leningrad postman.” And what to do? Open the door? Or say loudly: "No one is home!"?

        In one, Zhirinovsky is certainly right: video cameras at polling stations are a waste of money. But then, perhaps, based on preliminary surveys, immediately, as once in hotels, hang a “No Place” sign on the Kremlin’s gate? Simple, economical and familiar to the older generation.

        The society is so perplexed that even Berezovsky wrote to the patriarch. A busy man, and cut a minute or two to teach His Holiness how to save Russia. Although the method of Boris Abramovich is well known: to sell, and then sue in London!

        Everyone advises! And that’s all based on personal experience. Gorbachev offers Putin to resign, because now he knows for sure: if he left on time, there would not be what is now!

        As always, Chubais did unexpectedly — he got married. Having made, perhaps, his best contribution to the democratization and prosperity of the Fatherland!

        But the most original way to prepare for the election on NTV. In a recent telecast, they so energetically raised the topic of the need to sell firearms to citizens that they immediately wanted to buy ... body armor!

        The fact that the oligarchs, ostentatiously luxurious, sawing the branch on which they sit, is understandable. But, sitting on a barrel of gasoline, to think, as if wanting to blow it up to put matches in, is really no way! Even in those new ones that some kind of domestic animal, not specifically named, has stared at in a folk proverb so as not to offend anyone.

        In Russia, people are mostly kind and trusting. They do not like to offend those who dig a hole for them.
        Victor Koklyushkin
        The writer is a satirist
      5. recitatorus
        recitatorus 10 February 2012 23: 48
        However, you’re kind! There, through the word - to kill, exterminate, destroy ... Who half of the country, who - two-thirds, and some even offer-at the root! ... I am simply struck by permissiveness and impunity. Is that freedom of speech? ?? And why did they get so messed up ??? This is already some kind of pathology .. Actually, nothing new, in the 90s it was much worse. So, Russia is recovering !!! Here are rats unreasonable; Siberia there, the Far East - here, Sochi - to hell, the Urals - to hell ... right now !!! Accelerated !!!
        But something really is not all right with Putin, because most of this kent's rat brigade! fool fool fool
        1. cool.cube2012
          cool.cube2012 27 May 2012 20: 32
          recitatorus you finally noticed that something is not right with Putin. We talked about this for a long time, and you called it marsh and orange. The whole trouble is that in Russia the power has been in the hands of the Jews for a long time. That's where the root of evil is who should fight and open people's eyes to this fifth column.
      6. does it
        does it 14 February 2012 19: 58
        (they are still in power "- that means they can’t kick them, especially Chubais. This one has played a dirty trick on Russia already on CHASTOKOL. He knows a lot, you can’t touch him ...) for the time being, the mayor of Moscow Luzhkov was considered the same not drowned and eternal, and how it turned out in the end for him, everyone knows ...
    2. rennim
      rennim 10 February 2012 12: 31
      In my opinion, everything is very simple and clear why they are not in shackles in hard labor ... In Belarus, they would have done so.
    3. Denis
      Denis 10 February 2012 16: 12
      Quote: SL.Kocegar
      their minimum in shackles and hard labor

      very minimal, all of these ... have long been successfully casted to hang a lantern
  2. domokl
    domokl 10 February 2012 07: 36
    It's nice to realize that not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine there are people who understand who is who .. Bravo .. I completely put the shit on the shelves ...
  3. Tersky
    Tersky 10 February 2012 07: 36
    Quote: SL.Kocegar

    It’s not they in power, but money ...
  4. Amur
    Amur 10 February 2012 07: 41
    For such a face it is necessary to beat, and the first anatolia in the red mug cartilage ....
  5. TRex
    TRex 10 February 2012 07: 46
    On the "H" day, close the borders, stations, airports and see with what howl they all rush out of the country that taught them, fed them, watered them and allowed their mouth to open ...
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 10 February 2012 09: 01
      TRex, no, it’s categorically dangerous to let these over the hill, and why? From them it is necessary to wipe out the loot, as it should be, according to the law, so that it would be clear to everyone for what, why and lope. And then, well, in principle, you know where ..., even the forest is not to let them fall, it will be too honorable. The islands are uninhabited in Russia, otherwise you can free a couple, eat a little, and there will be a lot of people, so let them show ingenuity, and when one resident remains, it will be possible to treat him with sneakers, if he doesn’t feel sick. Nothing personal, only democracy in a single place!
      1. TRex
        TRex 10 February 2012 09: 31
        Who said letting go? I indicated - "look" ... The border is locked ... Then count, rewrite, enter, so to speak, "accounting and control."
        And then - someone with jigsaws to the cutting area, someone just to the wall (for special services to the people). Ginger will arrange public television debates with the families of those killed in the hydroelectric power station, and appoint Kvachkov as his defender.
        In short: to all sisters - earrings!
      2. Ustas
        Ustas 10 February 2012 11: 34
        And then, well, in principle, you know where ..., even the forest is not to let them fall, it will be too honorable. The islands are uninhabited in Russia,

        No, the islands uninhabited for them will be too bold. It is necessary to shove them all together in an abandoned mine, and block the exit. Let yourself dig a path to freedom, not with a throat, but with your hands. And how they’re being bitten out from under the ground, so their back with a shovel.
  6. Dimani
    Dimani 10 February 2012 07: 48
    Cattle! ...... what else can I say. These statements are their political program.
  7. Scythian Turanian
    Scythian Turanian 10 February 2012 07: 52
    Jews ... the main danger to Russians in the Russian Federation

    1. sir
      sir 10 February 2012 08: 06
      Kim, by the way, is not a Jew wink
  8. Chuck-norris
    10 February 2012 07: 55
    The picture was well chosen laughing
    1. Scythian Turanian
      Scythian Turanian 10 February 2012 07: 59
      Hmm. Thank you. But still beware of the warriors of darkness Judah from Mossad

  9. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 10 February 2012 08: 03
    and how the Earth wears such ............... Joseph Vissarionovich would be extremely indignant! am and then - it’s really used on the square of one of the listed in the article (most likely) on the caterpillars ....... interesting - some kind of ... ebay support them! ???? to drive a filthy broom in a pendostan - if you can’t put him in prison!
  10. Ahmedpomoev
    Ahmedpomoev 10 February 2012 08: 05
    yes ... under Ivan the Terrible they would be sitting on a stake .. and this government apparently tacitly encourages their activities
  11. sir
    sir 10 February 2012 08: 07
    well, who would doubt it. on the count of them all am
  12. Brummbar
    Brummbar 10 February 2012 08: 09
    This is the color of our oppositional intelligentsia.
    1. mad_cat
      mad_cat 10 February 2012 09: 19
      There is nothing to be surprised at, read G. Klimov. "Nothing is new under the moon")
  13. Scythian Turanian
    Scythian Turanian 10 February 2012 08: 10
    "Virtues" of Russia

    1. Scythian Turanian
      Scythian Turanian 10 February 2012 08: 13
      In a word

    2. Scythian Turanian
      Scythian Turanian 10 February 2012 08: 18

      But I believe in Russians, they will find worthy ... to pass on all these frogs and frogs, whose croaking is eating up from the swamp

      1. Trudy
        Trudy 10 February 2012 12: 30
        It’s not for nothing that Babbler has an nickname in the internet - Toad.
    3. LTL70
      LTL70 10 February 2012 08: 49
      Yes, you must know the traitors of the people in the face! Good collage, even text en is necessary!
      1. esaul
        esaul 10 February 2012 09: 18
        Simple - awesome !!! Scythian, thanks, buddy! good drinks
  14. domokl
    domokl 10 February 2012 08: 14
    Guys .. This is called the ideological WAR ... We are still considered a cattle and belong to us accordingly .. Only the last rallies showed all these freaks who are hu .... and this is only the beginning ... They will run away after the election. .good Britain collects all the coves ... But we will stay and I'm glad that there are so many of us ...
  15. Che
    Che 10 February 2012 08: 14
    And these nonhumans will teach our people to live. No regrets to the wall.
  16. Uralm
    Uralm 10 February 2012 08: 34
    Choose Putin soon! And look at these freaks from across the ocean
  17. yorik_gagarin
    yorik_gagarin 10 February 2012 08: 36
    And, as they say, where to go to a poor Jew, Russian, Ukrainian

    There is a Russian man on top of the mountain ....... peering into the distance ..... a hand under the visor .... swearing ..... a Jew comes up to him .....
    (Hebrew) - Why are you this guy getting out there .....
    (Man) - Yes, I’m looking at a place to live well .....
    (Jew) - Hohosho where we are not ....
    (Man) - So I look where you are not ....
  18. nokki
    nokki 10 February 2012 08: 36
    I read all these statements of the satanic brethren with disgust and recalled the words of Christ, undoubtedly addressed to the Russian people: "... And you will be hated by everyone for my name; he who endures to the end will be saved ..." But let this gang know: God's judgment is for them - in heaven, here they are awaited by the merciless judgment of Mother Russia! I believe in it!
    1. esaul
      esaul 10 February 2012 09: 28
      Nokki, welcome! I read the same thing and was in the same shock as the author of the article. It does not fit in my head how this whole hop-company with a fascist ideology can position itself as fighters for tolerance, democracy and other "values" of the West! And how they are amazed and indignant at the growth of nationalist sentiments in our society! Themselves, with their outright lies, slander and not veiled Russophobia, these sentiments are fostered. You're right, buddy, about the High Court. It will take place! good
      1. Ribwort
        Ribwort 10 February 2012 09: 36
        Quote: esaul
        You are right, buddy, regarding the Supreme Court. He will take place!

        I support! This should not go unpunished. But I’m afraid that this will not happen under Putin.
  19. tank64rus
    tank64rus 10 February 2012 08: 40
    All this evil spirits, the "fifth column", were described by the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol in his story "Viy." The question is what do they do here and why they are fed to drink. It is strange that instead of bunks they go to the Canary Islands, although in those dearly loved and dear to them the United States for such deeds, they would sit on a bunk. In general, it is high time to take this dirty linen out of Nasha Izba.
  20. Brummbar
    Brummbar 10 February 2012 08: 47
    "Scythian Turanian" for pictures + you. Just did not understand why the shoulder strap is gray?
    1. Scythian Turanian
      Scythian Turanian 10 February 2012 08: 50
      I'm always in the consBrummbar,
  21. Gur
    Gur 10 February 2012 08: 50
    Not any "count" !! I am for !! In an hour "H", close the borders, collect all these scum on the square, read out to the people all their statements, condemn them in tavornyak, in the Kolyma (if they accept), build their bright state without Russians and Russia behind barbed wire. There is no limit to indignation! And we all listen and endure, keep quiet .. are we really who we are called here .. if we allow this with us ?? Pl and zn ets .... no need to believe, and gorge on God, that's enough !! We must do something ourselves. Up to terror, following the example of the People's Will. All abominations have lost their fear, they say and do everything without fear of the consequences. It seems to me that, otherwise, it’s not like, since the authorities are silent, most of the people are silent.
    P / S Ksenia Sobchak to leave in Moscow, to work in the circus ... as a horse in the arena, and in each performance to make jumping over the barrier and fire hoops.
    1. yorik_gagarin
      yorik_gagarin 10 February 2012 08: 55
      No need for terror. No need for revolution. We already walked along this path. Need evolution. To begin with, you just need not to thump .... even better not to smoke. Spend more time raising children. There will be order in the family there will be order in the country. Understand yourself and demand from others a Russian Russian brother.
      1. Gur
        Gur 10 February 2012 09: 12
        Do not take it as an insult .. take it for the truth "The fool gets richer with a thought."
        Do you really think that this "elite" will give you a normal life ?? I, too, am against drunkenness, debauchery and all sorts of not good excesses. Yes, without this you will have personal happiness and health, but how did you understand that you are already, by their definition, "cattle" and you should not live well, and even more so in your own country, which should not exist either.
        1. yorik_gagarin
          yorik_gagarin 10 February 2012 12: 53
          Gur you don’t think that I am liberal ..... I always thought that in the body a healthy cell should destroy cancer ..... the key to health. But the fact is when you and I will put them on the count ??? And you can stop thumping now .... and it will be another person ...... I can tell you a lot about this ....
          1. Gur
            Gur 10 February 2012 13: 11
            Dear !! Yes, I do not seem to abuse .. no, of course not an ardent teetotaler. The whole slave. I’ve been driving for a week and I’m talking with clients, not when to drink .. but tomorrow, for example .. my son is 18 years old ... so we’ll get together and note ... And about that "count", I wrote that I was also against it, too wasteful .. affairs in the country up to the neck .. let the stsuki work ... And about terror it is to individuals who have everything under control, both here and over the hill. He said crap, got in the face from the People's Will, did not understand then radically.
            1. yorik_gagarin
              yorik_gagarin 10 February 2012 13: 16
              Yes, I did not get personal ... I'm talking about alcohol consumption per capita ....
  22. LTL70
    LTL70 10 February 2012 08: 53
    Such unanimity suggests that we - the Russians will simply win the ideological war, in the end, and this treacherous cattle will disappear from the face of the Motherland !!!
  23. Neighbor
    Neighbor 10 February 2012 08: 57
    The most disgusting thing for me is this fat scary, like my life - bespectacled Toad, and a poodle unshorn. Jews are filthy. The Russians are at the bucket, their place at the bucket - apparently the author of these words himself for many years lived with her in an embrace! People that are not among wink us Killer - shoot all this scum, not for $ and so - from the heart wink We will pray for you day and night !!! drinks
    1. crane fox
      crane fox 10 February 2012 12: 24
      Let us not be cursed to be like the ones this article is about; to replace the essence of things as it is now fashionable with foreign words, Killer is a Russian killer. No need to kill anyone (you can cripple)
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor 11 February 2012 14: 43
        The fact of the matter is that you don't need to kill all this scum - you need to crush it, burn it out - at the root. Fight it like you fight against AIDS and tuberculosis. "Soak in the toilets."
  24. Ribwort
    Ribwort 10 February 2012 09: 04
    "We puzzled over what pieces the country would fall into, he created seven regions, and now we know what pieces it will fall into" Hmm ... And we thought who was to blame and whom to put up against the wall? And now, thanks to your statements, we know.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 10 February 2012 09: 09
      baskoy, did not understand your train of thought. There is no specific binding. More in detail.
      1. baskoy
        baskoy 10 February 2012 09: 32
        Well, what kind of a link is it, just look at their physiognomy. I remember how attractive Garik was once. And now? To look disgusting, and even more so to listen.
        1. Sergh
          Sergh 10 February 2012 11: 33
          Phew, I’m sorry, distracted me just now, the wrong nick hit:
          Quote: Sergh
          baskoy, did not understand your train of thought. There is no specific binding. More in detail.

          Instead of baskoy , to read Ribwort. Here I am an old grunt, mixed up everything.
  25. baskoy
    baskoy 10 February 2012 09: 06
    These are all "lowered" people, their morality is below the plinth. This is already a pathology and must be treated surgically.
    1. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 10 February 2012 10: 15
      Quote: Sergh
      baskoy, did not understand your train of thought. There is no specific binding. More in detail.

      Only those who have never slept beside her while serving time can say about "parasha" ... Although there is a hole in the old woman ...
      And if someone who was not in the cell nirazu and is unfamiliar with the relationship of the “closed” in it speaks about the “parasha”, then this is 3,14 drilo, whose turn to sleep near the “parasha” has always been and / or will be the first and only ...
      But these collectors of property do not need to be sent to Kolyma, it is better to take everything away and leave them to live on the streets of the cities in overalls with the inscription ...
      Let all nationalities from Russian to Jews understand the difference between a Jew and a Jew ...
      For me, a Jew or Russian, or a Tatar with grandmothers and power, and wanting power, the country where he grew up, the people in which he grew up, is a Jew (sparrow) ...
      A Jew or someone else at the machine, behind a combine harvester, etc.- it's just a Jew, just Russian, just a Tatar - a citizen of his country - and let the authorities say whatever he likes or doesn't like ...
      Is it naive? I agree. But I will not call on these people "from the people" to cut whoever can ...
      And in general, I think that the article, although true, calls for a general split of the people with the intelligentsia and, as they call themselves, the elite ... And tomorrow, part of the people will cease to separate Navodvarskaya from Leontyev, Navalny from Mikhalkov, etc. They will begin to cut everyone in a row ... And even those who suddenly defend themselves, i.e. one of us or you.
      I hope the result is clear ...
      1. ole
        ole 10 February 2012 13: 32
        Angry Tatar I really liked about the special clothes as amers think about Chubais walking, sweeping the yard and on the back I wrote the traitor to the homeland.
      2. DYMITRY
        DYMITRY 10 February 2012 14: 15
        Evil Tatar
        A very robust approach to the national question. +100 I am of the same opinion.
      3. Ivan35
        Ivan35 12 February 2012 21: 40
        Very correct comment - I support the Evil Tatar! Not all Jews are enemies - I myself know those who belong to Russia and the USSR without hostility.
        Unfortunately, a significant part of these people fell into the networks of Zionist propaganda - but not 100% sure.

        Yuri Mukhin, the editor of the (former) newspaper Duel, writes well about this. By the way, Y. Mukhin was completely unfairly declared almost a Nazi and the newspaper, as far as I know, was closed. After reading his books, I did not find anything Nazi - just a patriot of his people trying to revive the spirit and passionarity of the Russians - there would be more such "Nazis". Sorry for the ad - but I advise everyone to read something like "duel with evil spirits" and his other books.
  26. sichevik
    sichevik 10 February 2012 09: 14
    The whole list would be yes to Joseph Vissarionovich for signature. Yes, so that the investigators in the NKVD would work hard on them. Yes, an indicative process on them would be carried out ... But seriously, disgusting to nausea, read about this scum. Especially causing vomiting, this greasy, fleecy, Midsummer mug with pig eyes. I really want to put on my boots and stomp this mug with my feet. Hands reluctant to dirty ...
  27. mad_cat
    mad_cat 10 February 2012 09: 16
    Such cute articles can lead to a military coup, with all that it implies.
  28. Brummbar
    Brummbar 10 February 2012 09: 25
    In general, there was a good law in the USSR, according to which any malicious unreadable information could be deprived of citizenship and sent out. Maybe something like that should be returned. In general, I am glad that there are so many of us, and the bolt is rusty for them all.
    1. chistii20
      chistii20 10 February 2012 11: 50
      This will not help the wall of everyone, only first take the loot from him and relatives and then to the wall
  29. Persey
    Persey 10 February 2012 09: 32
    Well, as they say now, we and all sane people have a "raster list". It is interesting what Putin would say if someone asked him a question about the statements of these monsters on a direct line with the people.
  30. predator
    predator 10 February 2012 09: 33
    You have to answer for the market! Question: Why doesn't Putin remove Chubais? on the contrary, from one "grain" place, transplants to another! (from RAO UES to the nanotechnology corporation)
    1. mad_cat
      mad_cat 10 February 2012 10: 31
      But this is a five-point question. I'm afraid the answer will be sad and unpleasant. All the time the thought of the artificial nature of the opposition between the opposition and the authorities creeps in.
      1. rennim
        rennim 10 February 2012 12: 25
        Sound reasoning ....
    2. rennim
      rennim 10 February 2012 12: 24
      But is it not clear ..?
    3. 3412
      3412 27 May 2012 00: 20
      predator, but with this question, refer to esaulu.
  31. recruit
    recruit 10 February 2012 09: 36
    Good information for thought. But for some reason, the authority is letting this go by?
  32. aksakal
    aksakal 10 February 2012 09: 44
    I will bring my five cents.
    Most of the figures, of course, deserve severe condemnation for their words, and even severe punishment.
    But the author drew here Matveychev’s statements, which, with all the excessive emotionality and inaccurate wording due to this excessive emotionality as a whole, I support - hamsters, the so-called the fifth column, you need to shoot, this is unique.
    And the statements of Yavlinsky, whose political views I DO NOT SHARE, but here are his quotes - "In the event of his coming to power, the leader of Yabloko promises first of all to" bring out the evil spirits "of Russian fascism throughout the country ..."

    “... For us, national Bolshevism, Russian fascism, a roll towards such a nationalist side of this movement, an attempt to track down the Russian political nation and so on are fundamentally unacceptable. We take this with great concern and suspicion, because games of this kind are very dangerous. "
    ... - they are sane enough, it is difficult to disagree with them. And these arguments are not directed against the Russians, they are directed against tearing in Russia on a national basis, which can really lead to separatism and the collapse of Russia in the future. It is geopolitical opponents of Russia that it is profitable to play the nationalist card.
    Do not forget that the bulk was ignored from Apple precisely for such things. And it is bulk, a student of Yale, who is now the main destabilizer of Russia.
    He is a nationalist, but somehow very selective. To say about Caucasians "unkempt shepherds" he said, but why did he never speak out about the ethnicity of those to whom the most pathological, in the Russophobic sense, statements belong in this article? The question, however. I have no answer.
  33. serge
    serge 10 February 2012 09: 55
    We are still reaping the fruits of the post-October genocide, when the Russian elite was exterminated and replaced by a Jewish one. In the postwar years, Jews in the elite began to be replaced by Russians, but the process was interrupted after the coup of 1993, and now we truly have, as someone put it, "a Russian body with a Jewish head." And why should the Jewish elite love Russians? She understands that the genocide of the XNUMXth century will never be forgotten, and if the Russian government comes to power in Russia ...
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 10 February 2012 10: 56
      A Russian body with a Jewish head or a chimera state according to the great Gumilev - Well, this has not come to this. In systemically important areas - in the information, higher sectors of the economy and in the political sphere - Jews took key positions in only two areas - economic and information. They are represented in the political, but they do not play a key role. The key figure in the political sphere is Putin. The last bastion remained before the Russian body with a Jewish head. The attack is on now, notice how Russian Jews, especially actors, consolidated smile Vitorgan’s son went so far as to decide for his father, although his father, a famous actor, did not give his son’s consent. And all these clowns - Katz, Lazareva, Albats - the clowns are not bad, but they got into politics, where there are enough corundowns. With anti-Putin statements. Putin must be defended. And after standing still, do not calm down, you need a clear and competent national policy and you need to intelligently change the Russian elite to representatives of the titular nation. Competently means without genocide and persecution, by market methods, on the basis of winning in the competition. There is competition in the economy and in the information field.
      1. sams
        sams 10 February 2012 12: 22
        Quote: aksakal
        market methods, based on winning in the competition.

        What are you talking about!?
        No one has ever won against the Jews on the basis of a "competitive" struggle.
        Even under tsarism, Jews were not allowed into the merchants (in our medium and large business) for one reason only - they trade in cunning, bribery and deceit, which will ultimately lead to their complete domination of this sphere of activity.
        This is in old documents, including the tsar’s decree, approximately this is said.
        And somehow I don’t want to adopt such methods, although many have already adopted them.
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 10 February 2012 12: 53
          Quote: sams
          No one has ever won against the Jews on the basis of a "competitive" struggle.
          Even under tsarism, Jews were not allowed into the merchants (in our medium and large business) for one reason only - they trade in cunning, bribery and deceit, which will ultimately lead to their complete domination of this sphere of activity.
          This is in old documents, including the tsar’s decree, approximately this is said.
          And somehow I don’t want to adopt such methods, although many have already adopted them.

          Sams, we can agree with this - but there is one BUT ,,, Firstly, the times are not at all those that would allow open discrimination on a national basis. For some, unfortunately, for some, to joy, but it’s true, it’s a fact, and you can’t argue against him.
          The second - their cunning, bribery and deceit should be leveled by the unspoken support of the state according to the support of national cadres (or support of the national elite, the name does not matter). This unspoken policy should include a number of measures and procedures by the state that increase the competitiveness of the national elite. If anything, far from all the best students fall into Harvard, there are still criterias that are not announced.
          Quote: sams
          And somehow I don’t want to adopt such methods, although many have already adopted them.
          - And thirdly, you can live with wolves - live like a wolf, or you can not adopt these methods, but build up your professionalism and skill so that no tricks and bribes to Jews will help. True, this will require tremendous capacity from the national cadre, great effort and full dedication. But if you wanted to be a Russian elite, then be kind, answer.

          But this is all a technique. If you still rise to a philosophical level, then here I see it. In this behavior of the Jews we (all post-Soviet) ourselves are to blame. Jews are neither evil nor good. They are just bacteria that can be both useful if the body is healthy and the immune system is in order, and extremely harmful - in the case of a diseased organism. In this case, it is useless to beat the Jews - if you have a stomachache from this bacterium, then at least beat yourself in the stomach, there will be minimal harm to bacteria, but your intestines will be beaten off. Until 2000, Kazakhstan was ahead of Russia in terms of GDP per capita. Then they were expelled from the Republic of Kazakhstan - it was not difficult, given that the Jews did not have a narrow eye section wink . Russia has not expelled. The result - Putin’s merit at the same time, I also do not deny - Russia's GDP per capita is now more than Kazakhstan by $ 4000.
          So, in those days when the drivers (not taxi drivers) drove you along the way, and then they looked at you indignantly at the outstretched threefold, when the dean lightly kicked you out of the institute for the offer of a bribe, simultaneously hitting on the neck, and at the girl who got married by calculation, they ran to see the half-factory of the fair half, commenting at the same time: "how can you DO this with the unloved?" - then the Jews did not represent anything of themselves and sat in a research institute, performing an absolutely useful function of "moving" Russian (more precisely, Soviet) science forward.
          So the victory in the healing of the public organism. At the same time, I note that in the USSR, society was healthy, the elite fell ill from senility, well, there were a number of systemic shortcomings, and society was morally healthy. And no one will prove anything else to me. I lived there, I saw everything.
          Get well
          1. Ustas
            Ustas 10 February 2012 13: 52
            Good hello, Aksakal. I am amazed by your abilities to express what I’m talking in a language, but I won’t pick up such words. And I always read your comments carefully and gratefully. Good luck.
            1. aksakal
              aksakal 10 February 2012 14: 08
              Thanks, Eustace. Same to you smile
          2. serge
            serge 10 February 2012 14: 13
            Jews are neither evil nor good. They are just bacteria that can be both useful if the body is healthy and the immune system is in order, and extremely harmful - in the case of a diseased organism.
            -------------------------------------------------- ------
            The analogue with medicine is unsuccessful. If we compare Jews with bacteria, then these are bacteria that are not inherent in the Russian "organism". Normally, these bacteria are found in the Middle East. Here, these bacteria are pathogenic, therefore, treatment is required. You don't need to beat yourself in the stomach. Antibiotics must be used. And Jews were expelled from Kazakhstan only in the film "Borat".
            1. aksakal
              aksakal 10 February 2012 14: 50
              Quote: serge
              And Jews were expelled from Kazakhstan only in the film "Borat".
              - if you do not know, if not in the subject, then you do not need to say what you do not know.
              In the 90s, the most popular and influential newspaper with the largest circulation in the RK was the newspaper "Karavan". Owner and Founder - Boris Giller.
              Mashkevich - during privatization with the help of the notorious Cherny brothers (Trans World Group) he grabbed all the non-ferrous metallurgy of Kazakhstan, beside copper (Kazakhmys) lead-zinc - that is, aluminum, ferrochrome, GOKI and others, after which he threw the brothers.
              Blavatnik, Tovshtein - were prominent figures in the energy business.
              Belovich took the lead in the construction business - Bazis Corporation.

              Of all that remained, only Belovich remained in business, but he lost his leadership in the construction market.
              Hiller, after active attempts to rock the boat and make a revolution, barely blew his legs and now somewhere in your country he finds himself as a film producer.
              Mashkevich sold the business to Glencore and also wound him up.
              Blavatnik, Tovshtein is also somewhere in Russia.
              So they expelled the most odious, in fact, the rest are completely devoid of power ambitions and pose no danger.
              Google, everything is confirmed.
              Are you again trying to enter into a dispute without owning either a factual fact or a special mind? Last time it seemed a little? am
              1. serge
                serge 10 February 2012 17: 29
                If we switched to you. Let it be known to some woodpeckers that addressing strangers to you is extremely impolite or lack of knowledge of the language. I think in this case the second. Your stubborn desire to prove the absence of Jews in Kazakhia suggests that you, brother, yourself have relatives from this people. Did you forget about Sara Nazarbayeva? Your king's wife. It touches the desire to consider as Jews only those who have Jewish surnames. Are you really that smart or are you pretending to be a hose? By the way. The "factual fact" is "buttery oil". Learn Russian and then ham on Russian sites, Kazakh or Pindos.
                1. aksakal
                  aksakal 11 February 2012 01: 25
                  What makes you think that Sarah Nazarbayeva is Jewish? Well, share it, but it’s great to link to the studio. This time. As for the fact, it’s not butter, but is called a tautology, but I'm afraid you don’t know this term, so let the oil remain - you understand. But butter is used in a completely different meaning when they try to explain, well, very obvious things that do not need to be explained. Know and do not disgrace henceforth.
                  For a typo hooked - offset. Only I, Kazakh, definitely speak Russian better than yours. Maybe give you examples of your grammatical errors?
                  Two - the fact that she is the wife of Nazarbayev doesn’t matter at all, doesn’t go into politics, worships her Porfiry Ivanov, and her social activities end there. I did not prove the absence of Jews in Kazakhstan, we have them, and they work well. With us they know their place. And who did not know, I listed those. You don’t know their place at all, so don’t tear off your anger at me, it's not my fault.
                  And re-read my post where I pointed out that salvation is in the moral improvement of society, but your primitive, excuse my harshness, this is not rudeness, this is just harshness, I don’t have any sentiment to breed here, I just call things my by names, the guys are militarized, and there is no need for shattering here, and so, your primitive logic can tell you only one solution - to exterminate and evict somewhere in the Middle East, and immediately the birds will sing, the forest will turn green. Yes, you’re wrong. And teach the story. Where do you get such complexes from? It seems like a representative of a great nation, why complex something? Can share? Who beat? Who offended?
                  1. serge
                    serge 11 February 2012 10: 22
                    There is no more Jewish name than Sarah. There is nothing to prove.
                    "Oil oil" in this case is a direct analogy. You know the rules of Russian well, but you don't feel the language itself. You cannot tell the main from the secondary. You are forgiven, you cannot feel the nuances without being a native speaker.
                    Everyone "works well" for you. Russians, Jews ... Only the Kazakhs were not mentioned, which is strange. Probably only managers work well. But I have considerable experience in organizing my own production, mainly Russians (including Ukrainians, Belarusians) and Tatars worked so well. Asians are executive, but dull as boots. A Caucasian can only be hired by a suicide. Jews can work, but they don't want to, they just love to get money. All those who ran to knock me on others are Jews. This is their calling. So I don’t need to move who works.
                    As for the complexes - this is the Kazakhs sitting on Russian sites, they have it. Praise yours, but reach for the Russians. Ambivalence in stock. Take care of yourself, and you will reach a neuropsychiatrist. I remember working with this from Tashkent in Soviet times. Constantly - but in Tashkent it’s better, it’s better. So why did you leave there? Be-me. Sheep.
                    1. aksakal
                      aksakal 11 February 2012 11: 42
                      "There is no more Hebrew name than Sarah" - laughed for a long time. And we also fell in love with the French name Marat, there are many Marats in Kazakhstan, and they are all French laughing
                      And such names like Marlene (Marx-Lenin) and so on fell in love. Yeah, you have an argument laughing
                      Do not disappoint me.
                      And they gave the marks to everyone - well done!
                      Well, we know perfectly well the "edification words" of Abai without you, the feeling that he wrote them not a century and a half ago, but yesterday, therefore your advice will not help, and we ask you not to advise. There is such a weakness - to work as bosses - I admit laughing
                      You personally have such complexes - such hatred towards representatives of a different nationality, and even though you belong (well, you declare) to one of the greatest nations on the planet - I won’t be surprised if other Russians feel uncomfortable for you. Sorry for you
                      1. Ivan35
                        Ivan35 12 February 2012 21: 56
                        I myself am also from Kazakhstan - I wanted to confirm that the positions of Jewish big business have been greatly shaken - all the facts mentioned by respected Aksakal are absolutely true. We now have a much stronger example, the Korean oligarchic group - and the political influence of both Jews and Pendostan in domestic politics has decreased markedly

                        On the contrary, the influence of Russia (namely the government, and not any oligarchs) has increased many times (the same Kazatomprom - and Rosatomprom)

                        And the name Sarah happens to be with us - it is given - and it has nothing to do with the Jews. Perhaps the Kazakh name matches in sound
      2. serge
        serge 10 February 2012 13: 43
        Putin is Russian, but on the mother's side the surname is Shelomova. Lefty. Grassing periodically. On the other hand, in the Russian tradition, a Russian is the one who considers himself Russian and acts like a Russian. And Putin considers himself to be Russian, or at least declares so. As Stalin said, "Comrade Stalin is a Russian man." It seems that Putin is especially hated by the liberals for the fact that they passed him as their own if something happened. But he turned out to be a stranger. Let's hope for a tilt to the Russian side after the elections. No revolutions. The process has begun.
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 10 February 2012 14: 06
          Quote: serge
          It seems that Putin is especially hated by the liberals because he held them as his own, in which case. But it turned out to be a stranger. Let's hope for a roll towards the Russian side after the election. No revolutions. Process has begun
          - Well, so Berezovsky, counting on this, was dragging Putin into the higher echelons of power, probably. We will never know exactly about this.
          But you are right - Putin is a Russian man. For this, we are very hated by the elites of the West and Israel, and not only by the elites of Israel. Look at AB, which does not belong to the elite of this state - in order to lead it into a frantic rage, speak out in defense of Putin. This will be enough to make AB go hysterical with a beating of his head on the floor. I really like to observe such a feature of their behavior smile
  34. Brummbar
    Brummbar 10 February 2012 10: 00
    No, well, at stake or rastrel is a bust, not the Middle Ages. And as for the expulsion, it’s all right, and let there somewhere in London they organize a circle of interest and call oneself a government in exile.
    1. DikRoss
      DikRoss 10 February 2012 10: 10
      True to the stake, execution, even hard labor is "cruel" why make martyrs out of them. In the Russian tradition, to show mercy and contempt for various yapping trash. Tar, feather and whip to the American embassy.
      1. Gur
        Gur 10 February 2012 10: 22
        Nudes, nudes ... they’re gonna piss you off, and in general lime .. but you hit the nobility ... Do you think they won’t find application there ?? They with their own rot, will stink from there .. and even a hundred others .. they will infect in their likeness. And we will only send and make excuses for all the dirt and stink that they will pour on us.
        - ah, the old NKVDshnik lamented ... well, they must have shot the wrong people ..
        Now you can see who and what, and now we will not make a mistake ..
  35. neodymium
    neodymium 10 February 2012 10: 04
    Pleased with:

    "The final stage of liberalism is cannibalism.
    Therefore, before you fight for freedom, you should make sure that you are at the top of the food chain, and not at its bottom (c) " laughing
    "The worms must be removed.
    Worms should be taken out, and not fought for 'democracy'
  36. Russich
    Russich 10 February 2012 10: 57
    Vladimir POZNER (Soviet and Russian TV journalist, host of the Pozner program): “I think that one of the greatest tragedies for Russia is the adoption of Orthodoxy ... I think that Orthodoxy was a heavy burden for Russia” ...

    “From marijuana, as many experts rightly point out, there is no misfortune at all. And it, of course, needs to be legalized. But I go further than the Dutch government, I believe that all drugs must be legalized. If we make it so that any drug can be bought at the pharmacy “for three kopecks,” then we will knock out the economic foundation from under the feet of the drug mafia. ”

    “I am not a Russian, this is not my Homeland, I have not grown up here, I do not feel completely home here” ...
    .................................................. ...... Well, get down ... gov "oh with a shovel ... who is holding you ... Don't you feel at home here? And there you are .. nobody needs yhu angry
    1. chistii20
      chistii20 10 February 2012 11: 40
      wrote correctly
  37. Ustas
    Ustas 10 February 2012 11: 26
    Good little list. The first applicants for a hemp tie are publicly known to those whom they dislike so much.
  38. Brummbar
    Brummbar 10 February 2012 11: 31
    Is Pozner a Jew?
    1. sams
      sams 10 February 2012 11: 52
      Posner (German: Posner) - a Jewish surname meaning "native of Poznan" (German: Posen)
      Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2. Russich
      Russich 10 February 2012 11: 56
      Parhat is not there yes
  39. chistii20
    chistii20 10 February 2012 11: 38
    Such people are to be shot to hell, and what kind of people are I talking about)) non-humans have no right to live on our land, they must lie in it
    1. rennim
      rennim 10 February 2012 12: 28
      In my opinion, besides us, they do not bother anyone in the Russian Federation ...
  40. b904
    b904 10 February 2012 11: 45
    some statements seem to be taken out of context. but for the majority it is necessary to send not to London, but to some island beyond the Arctic Circle and let them build democracy or whatever they like. just don't let out am
  41. sams
    sams 10 February 2012 11: 45
    You can imagine the situation in the country if these famous personalities allow themselves such public statements, and those who openly oppose themselves are attracted by 282 and other Art. UK.
    And it didn’t happen yesterday.
    I am glad that at least people began to wake up and started talking about it.
    It's one thing when a person does not know. The other is when he is informed and can understand whose side he is on.
  42. Gurza
    Gurza 10 February 2012 11: 48
    Yes, I read and left the residue.
    We arm ourselves citizens, arm ourselves
  43. Lyokha79
    Lyokha79 10 February 2012 11: 57
    It is sinful to laugh at the sick (people cannot name their language), not in a Christian way, but I really want to. Novodvorskaya-driftwood is old, they are looking for it with lanterns in the next world, they put truancy in the cemetery, and it smokes all the air. Nemtsov-pubic curly. Yavlinsky is a toad-eyed toad. But, in general, they are all jo ... pagan. And these people quite seriously call themselves the elite of society. Stupid, they don’t understand that if what they call for happens, the people will be the first to raise them to the pitchfork. They do not need to be shot, bullets are more expensive than their filthy lives. Better, let’s work for the good of the country that they hate so much. I'd like to look at Kasparov or Navalny with a kyle in hand, at some sort of mine.
  44. KamikadZzzE
    KamikadZzzE 10 February 2012 12: 07
    We already know our "heroes". They throw mud at us and are not even afraid, but they can answer for the market.
  45. sams
    sams 10 February 2012 12: 50
    Thanks to the author.
    I re-read carefully and thoughtfully all the above statements again.
    I am already familiar with most of them, but I feel vivid.
    Even grateful to these creatures for their pearls.
    After all, it is such a rarity to hear the truth from the lips of such an insidious enemy.
    Everything must be placed in history textbooks.
    Who did not follow the links, I propose another quote:
    "The immediate social consequences of the accelerated market reform include: a general decline in living standards; an increase in the differentiation of prices and incomes of the population; the emergence of mass unemployment ... In these conditions, it is very important for the government to adopt the right tone in relation to society: on the one hand, readiness for dialogue on the other hand - no apologies or hesitation. ”It is necessary to envisage toughening of measures in relation to those forces that encroach on the main backbone of the reform measures ... During the reform (or at least its decisive stages), emergency anti-strike legislation will be required
    AB Chubais
    March 30, 1990 "
  46. Trudy
    Trudy 10 February 2012 12: 54
    And here is how Nikolai Starikov describes all our "democratic liberals".
    Goebbels Prize for Slanderers and Liars.

    Nikolai Svanidze.
    On August 31, in the program of the 5th channel “Court of Time”, Svanidze tried to create a false image of Russia-the USSR, our country, as an ally of fascist Germany. I would like to note that the award found a "hero". The new leadership of Channel Five refused Svanidze’s services as the host of the very program where he poured mud on Russia. I would like to hope that the good program “The Court of Time” will still not be closed, but will continue to go on the air.

    Valery Novodvorskaya
    Merit: Article “Explicit Society of Threes” (posted on “Grani.Ru” - the Internet resource of Boris Berezovsky) Link

    Reasons for nomination: a false claim that Russia “stole” the Kuril Islands from Japan following the results of World War II

    Юлия Латынина
    Reasons for nomination: repeated lies and manipulation of historical data, in order to discredit the Soviet Union and its leaders
    Lies number 1.

    Latynina: “... The war began on June 25, 1941, it was a war with Finland. It began so that on the eve of the Red Army declared that Finnish bombers, German bombers were bombing the city of Leningrad - and this was a lie, then no Finnish or German bombings fell on Leningrad. Oh, especially Finnish. The Finns were neutral at that time, and it would be most beneficial for Stalin that they continue to be neutral, that they do not get into this mess, that they do not threaten Leningrad ... Our bombers drop bombs ... And on June 26, respectively, the Finnish government, which is forced to to do everything publicly and is forced to somehow react to this bombing, says: "Well, we are declaring war on the Soviet Union."
    Lies number 2. Latynina: “Our bombers drop bombs, not on Finnish military targets, which would make maximum sense, but on Finnish cities, which has, basically, the maximum resonance.”
    Lies number 3. Latynina: “But on August 25 an even more incredible event takes place. And at that time on August 25 at 2 a.m. the Red Army crosses the border of Iran, and the operation begins to join, you see, the Azerbaijani part of Iran to Azerbaijan.
    To summarize:

    1. Latynina is lying that Stalin provoked Finland to fight. War would have begun anyway.

    2. Latynina is lying that the USSR bombed the city. The strike of our aircraft was delivered at airfields, they were the target. Possible hits in other objects were an accident.

    3. Latynina is lying that Stalin began an aggressive war against Iran. After the war, Stalin withdrew all the troops from there. The English stayed there.

    4. Latynina is lying, “forgetting” to mention that the entry of troops into Iran was simultaneous from the USSR and Great Britain and was carried out by agreement of the governments. Of course, England does not say a word about the "aggressive war" of Latynin.

    5. From its text, it seems that the USSR sovietized Iran and tried to annex it. It was impossible. Stalin did not set such a goal. The USSR and Great Britain did not trust each other, and the occupation of Iran was the first joint operation and mutual guarantee. Both sides took control of the Iranian adjacent to their oil-bearing areas. (British to Iraq - we to Azerbaijan).

    6. Soviet troops did not withdraw from Iran in 1942. To do this, just remember the famous Tehran Conference in 1943.

    Igor Yarkevich

    Merit: Interview with the Internet newspaper Vzglyad “Psychologists will save us from fear of power”; March 22, 2010
    “Russian violence in words, deeds and blood, says writer Igor Yarkevich,” reads the subtitle of his interview. I don’t know what was in the blood of Igor Yarkevich when he gave this interview. But in his knowledge there is a gaping void of ignorance.

    “Let's start with the fact that violence is a way of life for Russia. A state called Russia was originally created as a sadomasochistic project. A country where one part of the population can exist only if it hurts another. It began with the “Russian Truth”: if you have one ear cut off, you have the right to cut off the ear of the one who cut you off. And so on. ”

    Sergei Kovalev

    Merit: An article in the Novaya Gazeta Civil Intellectual Responsibility; March 12, 2010
    Reasons for nomination: slander of the Soviet people, insults to our mothers, fathers and grandfathers
    Phrase 1. "Of course, each of us, without Reagan, perfectly understood that we live in the Evil Empire, while worthy people should live in a different state."

    This is so, "flowers" ... a fairy tale will come.

    Phrase 2. "Otherwise, we all could not have come from the so-called" new historical community "of the Soviet people, which was selected and re-created by Stalin."

    Phrase 3. "The people are patient, subservient, suspicious, viciously despising reflections, which means intellectually cowardly, but with a certain physical courage, rather aggressive and inclined to go astray, in which anger and physical courage noticeably increase."

    Not a single good word, as they say. Here I ask you to pay attention to his tactics. First hit, and then pat on the head. Look, what a continuation of this phrase: "In fact, these properties are in any nation, the difference is only in severity."

    Feel the Jesuit approach? This is the manipulation of consciousness.

    And here he is a masterpiece:

    "Everything is very simple - the obstinate died or sat for a long time and did not give birth to children, and timid or vile gave birth."
    Phrase 5. “A list of examples of the cynical disregard of the international community for its own pompous statements would take volumes. Recall the carpet and atomic bombing of peaceful cities; half of Europe, given to Stalin's tyranny. "
    "I would very much like the ideology of" national (they are also state) interests "to be one of the first to lose ... I consider the hope of a victory of the ideology of supranational, universal human interests as inspiring."

    Russia has huge reserves of fresh water.

    Russia has huge reserves of oil, gas and the entire periodic table.

    Russia has a huge territory.

    This is unfair. Need to share. And with whom, as well as whether even the inhabitants of Russia will remain after this sharing at least, “supranational authorities” will decide.

    What can I say ... The idea of ​​the Fourth World Reich continues to live ...

    Nikolay Starikov's blog:
  47. yorik_gagarin
    yorik_gagarin 10 February 2012 13: 06
    Here's for consideration ....... which country in the world is the most racist ..... Let Tatar try for example to become an Israeli citizen .... reason for refusal .... you are not Jewish ..... What proportion of civil society in Israel are Turks ..... Armenians ...... Chinese .... 0%. But when Old Man Lukashenko raised the national question for some reason, all the Jews screamed from Brighton to Chukotka.
    COSSACK 10 February 2012 13: 06
    I propose to arrange TV debates all-Russian on TV. Call these bitches in the studio one at a time - quote them - and then watch how they get out in front of the whole world. After such a televised debate, their supporters will greatly decrease
  49. Trudy
    Trudy 10 February 2012 13: 20
    Julia Latynina - the face of hatred

    Among the irreconcilable and consistent enemies of the Russian people, there is a clear "division of labor" in the difficult field of undermining the foundations of Russian statehood. Someone is sitting in ambush on the mountain roads of the North Caucasus, sorting out beads from the polished bones of the Russian soldiers killed by him; someone is rushing to these hot regions with a “humanitarian mission”, nervously adjusting for his bosom bundles of dollars for starving bearded men; someone, leaning towards the monitor screen, paints a new, more effective program to destabilize Russia; someone, sitting in the silence of professors' offices, is developing new demographic concepts, ideologically substantiating the “necessity” of settling Russia with millions of migrants from Asia and Africa, lovingly fiddling in the pocket of the bill received from Freedom House the grant ...

    The army of destroyers and demolitionists is assertive, organized and united. Expressed in the language of the old Russian chronicles, "they have numbers, their name is Legion." At the very bottom of this pyramid, a large cohort of the so-called "Publicists" who are trying to sow devastation in the minds of people, bringing to the masses the ideas of "senior comrades" such as the "scientists" Tishkov, Vishnevsky and Shvydky. For such a simple job does not require serious knowledge or great talent. You need a whip pen, the ability to convincingly lie, distort ... and a pure, sincere hatred of us Russians.

    We present to the readers of KM a new character in the "Demoman" section.

    Julia Latynina is a journalist, publicist and writer. Born in 1964 in Moscow.

    Since 1997, a researcher at the Institute for the Economy in Transition under the leadership of E. Gaidar.

    Over the years, Yulia Latynina was an economic observer for the newspapers Segodnya, Izvestia, the magazine Expert, and the monthly magazine Top Secret. At present, she is the host of the Access Code broadcast on Ekho Moskvy radio station, an employee of Novaya Gazeta and Weekly Magazine, a columnist for Kommersant newspaper.

    Yulia Latynina is a member of the Democratic Choice of Russia Party and the 2008 Committee.

    Prize winner Golda Meir (1997), the Association of Russian-Speaking Writers of Israel (1997), the Gerd Butzerius Prize “Young Press of Eastern Europe” (2004), etc.

    Unlike such "well-deserved" demolitionists as Tishkov and Vishnevsky, Latynina does not focus on one important thesis, but spreads out a "thought on the tree" in the relentless search for opportunities for another spit in the Russian people. And since this Madame is very prolific and regularly spawns with new articles and books in which she writes a little about everything, I had to isolate several, in our opinion, the most important topics. We emphasize that this is only a small fraction of the examples of journalistic Russophobia and anti-Russian writings issued by her on the mountain. Almost any publication by Latynina contains distortions, distortions, lies, manipulations of the reader’s mind. Therefore, we successively investigate her caustic writings only on certain topics: American non-governmental foundations, demography, Ukraine, the Great Patriotic War, Khodorkovsky, the Middle East, and the Caucasus.

    1. Latynina's lie about American "humanitarian foundations":

    American non-governmental organizations that have developed active activities in Russia and the CIS are completely harmless and do not pose a threat to our national interests. Suspecting them of subversion is simply ridiculous.

    Purpose: To try to refute the numerous disclosures of the real subversive activities of American non-governmental organizations., To whitewash all kinds of Western funds engaged in subversive activities in Russia, to mislead readers about the real goals of such organizations, to ridicule the actions of Russian special services.

    Quote: (from an article in the Daily Journal (“E.Zh.”) dated May 13, 2005 “Patrushev found out what the American DOSAAF is doing”)

    “... at a meeting with American businessmen, a Russian political scientist said that he knows American organizations that paid Ukrainians money for the revolution. "ABOUT! Very interesting? And who?" - exclaimed some Texas businessman.
    Again, he didn’t mean anything bad: he only wanted to know about a useful organization that could be entrusted with a complex business. Suddenly needed - for some Nigeria or Ghana there?
    And then a Russian political scientist pierced. “Well, Freedom House,” he said weightily.
    And the Americans neighing. Because it’s as if it had been explained to a Russian person for a long time that in Russia there is a conspiratorial terrorist organization, which together with bin Laden organized on September 11th. "And who is it?" - I would be curious Russian. “DOSAAF,” they would answer him.
    I mean, it’s better not to tell Americans about American conspiracies. ”


    James Woolsey, who has headed Freedom House for the past three years and only recently left this post, said in an interview with Radio Free Europe that Russia is one of the main, if not the main target for its organization. “It is truly a great honor for us - President Putin, led by the government pushing Russia to fascism, criticized the activities of NGOs, including Freedom House, aimed at supporting the movement towards democracy in Ukraine,” he said.
    Note that he called Russia “fascist” several times during the interview. And here is how Freedom House formulates two main goals of its activities around the world: “The fight against hostile interests and values ​​of the US regimes; supporting political and economic freedom outside the United States. ” Woolsey himself, while still the director of the CIA, boasted on the pages of the Wall Street Journal that the National Security Agency had used its international ECHELON eavesdropping system to spy on European companies in order to provide large US corporations with a competitive edge. Under the leadership of Woolsey, Freedom House played a key role in the pro-American revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan - in the first approximation, their model was run in by secretly supporting the first “color” revolution in Serbia in 1999. According to an article in the Washington Post of December 11, 2001, entitled "An American Advisor Directed the Opposition to Milosevic," US-paid advisers played a key role in almost all aspects of the activities of Milosevic’s opponents. They organized quizzes, trained thousands of opposition activists, and helped organize a vital parallel vote count. US taxpayers paid 5000 spray cans used by student activists to print propaganda graffiti against Milosevic on walls throughout Serbia, as well as 2,5 million stickers with the slogan “End it,” which became the motto of the “orange” revolution in Serbia. Mark Ames, a well-known American journalist and editor-in-chief of The Exile, gave a murderous characterization of Woolsey’s activities and personality: “In fact, it’s almost ridiculous - the crazy right-wing schemers, the embodiment of black humor, bred in such numbers in the Bush era, that at the head of an NGO like Freedom House was the most dishonest creature (nefarious vertebrate) ever defiling America’s power structure. The appointment of Woolsey as head of Freedom House is not just a weird or comically sinister move, it is a deliberate move. Freedom House is just one of many effective tools used to enforce American politics. ”

    Summary: The American sources themselves, which in no way can be suspected of being pro-Russian, indicate that: Freedom House financed and organized the “orange” revolutions in Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Ukraine. All these operations were carried out by Freedom House under the leadership of James Woolsey, a former CIA director. Woolsey does not hide his hatred of Russia, repeatedly calling it "fascist." Woolsey himself is described as "the most dishonest creature (nefarious vertebrate) that has ever defiled America's power structure."

    Conclusion: Latynina lies completely shamelessly, because, being a grant recipient, she is well aware of the true goals of Freedom House and James Woolsey, about their activities against Russia.
  50. Tatanka Yotanka
    Tatanka Yotanka 10 February 2012 13: 40
    I watched somehow in the program
    like Novodvorskaya pi ... t
    he is not valeria-valery
    I mean, a simple hermaphrodite