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VAB Mark II armored personnel carrier

VAB Mark II armored personnel carrier

At the Eurosatory 2010 exhibition in France, Renault Trucks presented a new generation of VAB Mark II wheeled armored vehicles, an upgraded version of the VAB armored wheeled armored vehicles. The first generation of VAB armored vehicles (Vehicle de l'Avant Blinde) from Renault Trucks demonstrated high reliability, thanks to which more than 5000 VAB entered the French army in more than 30 versions, and several thousand more are in service in many armies of the world. In 2008, to meet the growing needs of the military and new threats on the battlefield, Renault Trucks Defense began developing an updated and improved version of the VAB armored personnel carrier. When designing the VAB Mark II, the experience of hostilities in Afghanistan was taken into account. As a result, Mark II VAB 4x4 and Mark II VAB 6x6 variants were developed, which also have improved protection against mines and improvised explosive devices (SVU).

The armored personnel carrier can be made in the version of a medical car, a mobile command post, a carrier of weapon systems, etc. The habitability and comfort are significantly improved due to the increase in internal volume from 9 to 11 m³. This was achieved by increasing the height of the ceiling. VAB is able to cope with extreme high and low temperatures. The car is equipped with a standard set of protection against weapons mass destruction (nuclear, biological, chemical), that is, air filtration system, waterproof case, allowing driving in the contaminated area. On the VAB Mark II installed special seats, absorbing the explosion. According to reviews, in spite of its Spartan interior, the armored personnel carrier is quite comfortable, driving over rough terrain is very soft, "resembling driving an expensive SUV." The disadvantages include an increased noise level in the compartment due to the lack of sound-absorbing coatings, but in a combat situation the infantrymen will be wearing helmets and headphones and the noise level will not be so critical (civilian journalists invited to the official show complained about the noise level).

At the request of the customer, the VAB Mark II can be equipped with various weapon systems, including a turret with conventional 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine guns or a remote-controlled 30mm caliber console. According to the manufacturer, after some minor changes, the VAB Mark II can also be equipped with a powerful turret with an 90-mm cannon.

One of the most significant improvements in the presented model was the level of its protection. VAB Mark II is equipped with a new welded armored case with a V-shaped bottom. As a result, the car reached the fourth level of ballistic protection. All windows (produced by St Gobain) in front and on the sides of the armored personnel carrier have the same level of protection as the rest of the vehicle. On the VAB Mark II installed seats that use the latest technology in terms of protection against an explosion.

The VAB Mark II comes in two chassis versions, with the 4x4 and 6x6 wheel formula. The 4x4 version is a lightweight vehicle with a maximum weight of 16.5 tons (empty 10.1 vehicle ton, 3 tons of additional armor, combat weight 15.8 tons, growth potential 0.7 tons), suitable for road use, patrolling and security tasks. The armored personnel carrier is equipped with a new more powerful six-cylinder diesel engine Renault DXi7.

Key Features:

Overall length: 5.9 m
Overall width: 2.5 m
Overall height: 2.2 m
Ground clearance: 0.4 m
Wheel base: 3 m
Number of seats: 12
Crew: 2 + 10 soldiers
Internal volume: 11.1 m³

The weight
Empty mass: 10.1т - 4х4, 11.5т - 6х6
Curb weight: 15.8т - 4х4, 17.2т - 6х6
Combat weight (max.): 16.5т -4х4, 18.5т - 6х6

Type: Renault DXi7
Specifications: Diesel - 6 cylinders
Compliance emissions: Euro III
Maximum power: 235 kW (320 hp) at 2300 rpm
Maximum torque: 1200 Nm

Drive: Permanently engaged four-wheel drive 4x4 / 6x6
Transmission: Automatic ZF 6 HP 502 (6 + 1 speeds)
Tires: 1400 R20 with a central paging system (Central Tires Inflation System, CTIS) and inserts for running in deflated condition
Brakes: dual-circuit pneumatic with ABS system
Generator: 100 A

Welded armored capsule
4 level as per standard STANAG 4569

Machine gun caliber 7.62-mm or 12.7-mm or 30-mm gun or 30-mm gun
Weapon system depending on the tasks performed or the customer’s wishes

additional characteristics
Maximum speed: 105 km / h
Power reserve: 1000 km
Overcoming trench: 1 m - 4x4, 1.5 m - 6x6
Water barrier overcome without preparation: 1.5 m
Overcoming vertical obstacle: 0.5 m - 4x4, 0.6 m - 6x6
Gradient: 60%
Bias: 40%
Fuel tank: 300 l
Transportability by air: A400M, C-130

Additional options
Arctic heating kit (-32 ° C)
Air conditioning
Amphibious option
Hybrid transmission
WMD Protection Kit
Fire extinguishing system
Hinged armor
Night-vision devices
Additional 330 A generator

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  1. grizzlir
    grizzlir 10 February 2012 11: 09
    I am always alarmed by the large area of ​​glazing. Glass is not armor, even if it holds a 14,5 caliber bullet, then one. The following hits will turn the driver into a chest target. Even several hits of a rifle caliber and bulletproof glass are not. Exiting the stern is a big plus, I still can’t understand why our designers on the basis of eighty can’t make an armored personnel carrier with a central or even front engine.
    1. Jupiter
      Jupiter 11 February 2012 19: 13
      Quote: grizzlir
      I still can’t understand why our designers based on eighty can’t make an armored personnel carrier with a central or even front engine.

      not one you cannot understand it! ;) I'm trying to ...
      waiting for Armata, and then we'll see
  2. dred
    dred 10 February 2012 14: 54
    France has always been able to do armored vehicles. Eligibility.
  3. Foamas
    Foamas 10 February 2012 16: 02
    Nice armored car smile
    Abgrate of the old model, clearly better than the new Renault AMC 6x6.
    By the way, Professor, again appears ...
    1. Foamas
      Foamas 10 February 2012 16: 27
      ominous amphibious kit ... belay
      But, here along the way easier, if you look at the predecessor ...

      Maybe the AMC is the same? In general, is it interesting that his body is sufficiently displacement for swims?
      1. Professor
        10 February 2012 17: 44
        Maybe the AMC is the same?

        Most likely, one-handed work.
  4. Passing
    Passing 10 February 2012 19: 49
    Do not understand, welded armored capsule? But where, point-blank I can’t see ?! The pictures clearly show that the entire machine is hung with armored panels mounted on bolts (round with two holes). So maybe some combination of welded armored capsule and hinged panels.
    In general, the level of armor protection at such a low weight is impressive. No other than in those hinged panels ceramics.
    1. Professor
      10 February 2012 20: 22
      Of course there is a welded armored capsule. Here's an example of what a Russian armored car looks like:

  5. Grin
    Grin 11 February 2012 15: 57
    Beautiful and comfortable, of course there are a lot of glass, but there will probably be options without it.
    But ours is still better and more beautiful, as soon as possible would go to the series.
  6. ymNIK1970
    ymNIK1970 12 February 2012 00: 12
    Excellent "panoramic" glazing - the place of impact of the RPG grenade. Let them be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan - they will die faster, to the delight of the aborigines.