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New photos of the Chinese fighter Chengdu J-20


In the blog "Chinese Military Review" were published new photos of the Chinese fighter 5-th generation Chengdu J-20. The pictures were taken in the first week of February 2012. The photographs show the aircraft with the 2001 tail number. To date, the prototype J-20 performed already sixty test flights, which were announced officially.

Tests of Chengdu J-20 (by the way, the Chinese military attributed this fighter to the fourth generation) started at the end of December 2010. The first flight of the fighter performed 11 on January 2011. 2. The combat tasks that the fighter will perform are not disclosed. As expected, this aircraft will be equipped with anti-ship missiles and is designed to combat surface vessels, including aircraft carrier groups.

Fighter J-20 is made by the aerodynamic scheme "Duck" with a highly located in the plan triangular wing, coupled with the fuselage. The whorls of the Chinese aircraft have a large angle of collapse from the longitudinal axis. Fighter jet nacelles are located on the sides of the fuselage, under the wings. The length of Chengdu is 21,3 m, the height is 4,5 m, and the wingspan is 12,9 m. All the technical characteristics of the fighter are classified.

It is estimated that the mass of an empty Chengdu aircraft is seventeen tons. Presumably, the J-20 reaches speeds up to 2,5 Mach number (this is 2,9 thou. Km / h). At the same time, the cruising speed of his flight probably amounts to 1,83 Mach numbers. The J-20 combat radius is estimated to be 2000 km with a practical range of 5000 km.

New photos of the Chinese fighter Chengdu J-20


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  1. Vrangel
    Vrangel 8 February 2012 13: 40
    It should be noted the similarity of the Chinese J-20 fighter and the experienced Russian 1.44 fighter developed by the MiG Design Bureau in the mid-1990s. It remains to be wondered if China itself "hacked", or Rosvooruzhenie helped :)
    1. urzul
      urzul 8 February 2012 13: 48
      Yes, here you can also see the F-22 in the front part, I’m wondering what engines they have.
      1. Vrangel
        Vrangel 8 February 2012 13: 52
        China says that "its own" (although what should China consider its own, besides rice), American experts argue that the AL-31FN is worth, and for the J-20 it is rather weak.
        1. urzul
          urzul 8 February 2012 14: 18
          I hardly believe that their own, they would have to spend on 60 flights of engines 10
          1. Vrangel
            Vrangel 8 February 2012 14: 50
            What the hell is not joking, maybe their own, judging by the way they "smoke" :)
          2. Ivan Tarasov
            Ivan Tarasov 8 February 2012 22: 45
            Last year, information appeared that the resource of Chinese engines had been brought to an acceptable level (200 hours).
      2. KASKAD
        KASKAD 8 February 2012 14: 03
        Quote: urzul
        Yes, here you can also see the F-22 in the front part, I’m wondering what engines they have.

        engines su 27 others simply do not have them. Of course, a hat-type airplane looks like a log from the 70s, the fact that they stole the face with F22 does not make this a miracle. A modern airplane is a hat and a PR
        But our moths would also sleep ... to steal the lantern of the cabin f22 without any partitions built, but as always we have a fence in the lantern from the floors I forgot ..
        1. urzul
          urzul 8 February 2012 14: 19
          So they said that in a series without a migratory lamp will go.
        2. 77bor1973
          77bor1973 27 May 2012 18: 56
          there are good aircraft, but there are Chinese!
      3. Ivan Tarasov
        Ivan Tarasov 8 February 2012 22: 42
        Most likely there are R-79 engines (the initial afterburner traction of 15500 kgs may have been brought up to 16000 kgs), with a modified afterburner.
    2. KGB161rus
      KGB161rus 8 February 2012 14: 42
      Yes, there is such an opinion when Sukhoi was given preferences for the construction of a fifth-generation aircraft, KB Mig sold their achievements to China

      I think the way it is. . .
      1. Vrangel
        Vrangel 8 February 2012 14: 48
        If you carefully consider the photo session of the tests of the MIG 1.44 fighter, you can see how the Chinese "comrades" simply stuck around it :)
        1. KGB161rus
          KGB161rus 8 February 2012 14: 55
          Otherwise, where did they get the plane from in such a short time, they could not copy the S-300, the similarities are only visual, but here the whole plane. . .
      2. SlavaS
        SlavaS 8 February 2012 14: 56
        So similar
    3. timurpl
      timurpl 8 February 2012 21: 23
      Who else saw in our profile our PAK FA?
      -100% ours helped ... or they worked for us. The second is more accurate!
    4. 443190
      443190 8 February 2012 22: 09
      Well done Chinese !!! A little more and will be ahead of the rest !!! There is something to learn from them.
      1. Tsim
        Tsim 9 February 2012 11: 59
        Will not. Since if they are ahead of the rest, there will be no one to distort
  2. flukked
    flukked 8 February 2012 13: 40
    Beautiful pictures. Although the fact that the aircraft will correspond to its analogues, I have big doubts.
  3. and1975
    and1975 8 February 2012 13: 45
    China follows the principle of why do what you can when you can siphon off someone else's; but everything is supposedly legal and kind of licensed laughing
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 8 February 2012 19: 33
      five thousand plagiarized planes will win three four hundred original ones, even if it is bad plagiarism
  4. SlavaS
    SlavaS 8 February 2012 13: 47
    Smokes the couple have not warmed up yet, or what?
    1. KASKAD
      KASKAD 8 February 2012 14: 04
      Quote: SlavaS
      Smokes the couple have not warmed up yet, or what?

      This pilot's horror is reflected wink
    2. bob
      bob 8 February 2012 15: 53
      ignition junk or piston old)))
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 9 February 2012 07: 19
        The caps must be changed on time, here is the oil in the breather and whips! In short, it’s time for him to get into the pit, otherwise the dviglo will hit!
    PISTOL 8 February 2012 13: 47
    It is clearly traced that this is a mixed breed Mig and F-22)
    1. snek
      snek 8 February 2012 14: 29
      Well, the fact that the Chinese managed in captivity to achieve mating of overseas birds and extinct species is already an achievement.
  6. Yves762
    Yves762 8 February 2012 13: 48
    And the pictures with smoke are like afterburner on fuel oil ??? fellow
    But in general, it leaves a slight sense of deja vu: something with a glider really reminds us of our C-47 .... Interestingly bought, al stole.?. No.
  7. and1975
    and1975 8 February 2012 13: 55
    Media, the J-20 has Russian engines AL-41F1S, mounted on Russian Su-35S fighters, or WS-10 engines of its own production, however, it is reported that Russian engines for fourth-generation fighters AL-20FN are installed on the J-31; the Chinese military also massively purchased decommissioned engines of these brands. Most of the tactical and technical characteristics of the development remains a secret. Chengdu J-20 “Black Eagle” has a large number of similar and fully copied elements from the American F-22 and F-35 fighters and the Russian, which did not complete the test, MiG 1.44, such as a flashlight and nose, which are identical to the same elements on F-22, the location of air intakes having a design similar to the F-22 and F-35 and the rear fuselage, devoid of horizontal tail, having a pair of ventral fins and closely spaced engines, similar to MiG 1.44. The vertical tail is all-turning and has a similar geometry to the tail of the F-35 fighter.

    this is not accurate information
  8. gojesi
    gojesi 8 February 2012 13: 59
    even a cursory glance of a layman is enough to see that this device is crap! The two engines are close to each other, not separated, there is simply no place for weapons ... Yes, and the engines are Russian ... But now they have made the world's fastest supercomputer on their own element base, maybe in 10 years they will have a decent apparatus ...
    1. Irkit
      Irkit 8 February 2012 16: 53
      So I think that crap was blinded. But something must be scared :)
      1. 77bor1973
        77bor1973 27 May 2012 19: 05
        I understood why they bought the decommissioned engines — they were driven all the way in order to meet the characteristics of the 5th and they were thrown away after the flight!
  9. dima1970
    dima1970 8 February 2012 14: 00
    A strange impression. Maybe they like in their car industry, the main form? There is Mini, Corolla, Cayenne, and since other wealth, but only outside, and inside, the filling of the seventies. Garbage can garbage, but in front of poorly understood, you can piss.
  10. Helen
    Helen 8 February 2012 14: 02
    It doesn’t matter who copied what from anyone, it’s important who put it into service before!
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 9 February 2012 07: 29
      Helen, and the point is to put in troops yesterday. Overweight, centering problems, an unadapted engine, on the go, the chassis is also weak, it will load 5-6 tons (and I can hardly believe it) and break it in the lane .. Anyway, for what purpose will this shed work? Do not steal, do not guard!
  11. GODblessUSA
    GODblessUSA 8 February 2012 14: 02
    PAK-FA is time to wrap yourself in a white sheet and crawl into the cemetery.
    1. dima1970
      dima1970 8 February 2012 14: 05
      Show him the way.
      1. GODblessUSA
        GODblessUSA 8 February 2012 14: 14
        No one to show. Your PAK-FA is still a couple of prototypes that are likely to remain prototypes ...
        1. urzul
          urzul 8 February 2012 14: 22
          This is 3 flying and 3 prototype under construction, you have there that the rally of shards is organized
        2. SlavaS
          SlavaS 8 February 2012 14: 22
          and what's new with you?
  12. Vashestambid
    Vashestambid 8 February 2012 14: 07
    Samolet is a masterpiece, although it smokes like a steam engine !!
  13. and1975
    and1975 8 February 2012 14: 09
    Quote: dima1970
    and inside, the filling of the seventies. Garbage can garbage, but in front of poorly understood, you can piss.

    they do on quantity and not on quality everything is very simple for them now it is more priority smile
    1. VORON
      VORON 8 February 2012 18: 03
      China today!
  14. kPoJluK2008
    kPoJluK2008 8 February 2012 14: 12
    Only aerodynamic disgrace comes to mind!
    2v1 is about J-20 ............
    F-22 and MiG-1.44 - in one!
  15. Nechai
    Nechai 8 February 2012 14: 13
    So they do not relate it to the 5th, to create a correspondence to the 4th generation. And kerosene is clearly counterfeit. It can be successfully used for staging smoke curtains over the routes of military columns, the front edge of their defense. Same thing.
  16. red 11
    red 11 8 February 2012 14: 23
    They themselves are to blame for the fact that they sold the technical dock for Mig 1.44
    China is copying all the best.
    Create yourself expensive and long. And our thieves officials are ready to sell their homeland for a penny.
    Soon, with our bacon, we’ll get on our faces.
  17. dima1970
    dima1970 8 February 2012 14: 41
    GODblessUSACome in advance, lay down and wait for him there. If you get tired, you will leave the regrown gray hair to cut, if you do not freeze.
  18. taseka
    taseka 8 February 2012 14: 47
    From a sleeping tiger to sleeping geese! wink
  19. AlexiusKit
    AlexiusKit 8 February 2012 14: 56
    It seems that the F-35 tail is not fully rotatable ... belay
    1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
      Andrei from Chelyabinsk 8 February 2012 15: 23
      URRRA !!!
      At least someone noticed :))))
    2. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 8 February 2012 16: 02
      Which will negatively affect the control of the aircraft in supersonic flight mode.
  20. drossel81
    drossel81 8 February 2012 15: 10
    For me duck some kind of flying pan !! It cannot be compared with our T50 !!
  21. dred
    dred 8 February 2012 15: 19
    to f22 and f35 far and to our Pak fy even as to China cancer.
  22. Mujahiddin777
    Mujahiddin777 8 February 2012 15: 23
    The engines along the way are ours ... As the saying goes, "I blinded him out of what was!"
  23. fantast
    fantast 8 February 2012 15: 29
    Personally, I apparently do not like it at all - not beautiful and not proportional to some kind, or our aircraft matter - beauty and power! good
    1. plotnikov561956
      plotnikov561956 8 February 2012 16: 55
      The appearance evokes conflicting emotions .. He is far from a beautiful car, a hybrid in a word ...
  24. 43189
    43189 8 February 2012 15: 34
    Duck airplanes have a serious drawback called "dive tendency". Due to the slope of the flow behind the front horizontal tail (FGO), the angle of attack on the wing is less than on the FGO. This reduces the lift on the PGO, which is accompanied by the lowering of the aircraft's nose - "bite". Also located in front of the PGO contributes to an increase in the effective scattering area of ​​the aircraft, and therefore is considered undesirable for fifth generation fighters (examples: the American F-22 Raptor and the Russian PAKFA) and the advanced long-range bomber (PAKDA) being developed

    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 8 February 2012 16: 07
      Where does aerodynamics come from?
  25. maksim
    maksim 8 February 2012 15: 59
    Well done, the Chinese, although they make their own technology based on existing or prototypes of other countries, but still assemble and develop it for themselves, are about a dozen years old and will learn how to make high-quality airplanes and cars that are not inferior in quality to foreign analogs
  26. Bravo
    Bravo 8 February 2012 16: 16
    not a bad plane turned black gives it a certain formidable look
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 8 February 2012 16: 27
      Here's a black face to face:

      1. VORON
        VORON 8 February 2012 18: 17
        And the scoundrel is all to face!
  27. VORON
    VORON 8 February 2012 18: 12
    China today!

    Russia today!
  28. Rusal
    Rusal 8 February 2012 20: 07
    and where will the rockets fit there?
    and rockets for him still need to be done
    1. olegyurjewitch
      olegyurjewitch 8 February 2012 22: 42
  29. djsa1
    djsa1 8 February 2012 23: 28
    Something he is huge in size, pulls more on a bomber, for a fighter it hurts awkward
  30. recitatorus
    recitatorus 8 February 2012 23: 31
    About thirty years ago and it was impossible to imagine that China would build airplanes! .. The trend however ...
  31. Gavril
    Gavril 9 February 2012 03: 35
    Ugly plane won't fly
  32. 43189
    43189 9 February 2012 08: 21

    Yes, I'm just an aviation engineer by education and vocation. Currently, he graduated from the service as chief of the Army Engineering and Aviation Service.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 9 February 2012 11: 24
      Then a few clarifications.
      Quote: 43189
      bevel flow
      Probably meant stall flow? - is treated with the use of tips, aerodynamic ridges, a decrease in the profile of the cross section at the end of the wing (PGO).
      "Tendency to peck" is also not quite the correct concept. All modern fighters are built according to an unstable blood pressure scheme. The stability of an aircraft is determined by the position of its center of gravity relative to the focus of the aircraft. And if the focus of the aircraft is in front of the CMS, then the aircraft, regardless of the presence or absence of PGO, will "peck" up and down. (Which is successfully compensated by the EVM)
  33. Drcoks
    Drcoks 10 February 2012 14: 37
    Hmm, F-22 is somehow more simplicity not to mention PAK FA. A log with wings. The bomb bay is probably decent, but as I understand it, the main thing for such planes is speed and stealth, and bombers can also use the external suspension of the bomb.
    1. Ivan Tarasov
      Ivan Tarasov 10 February 2012 16: 37
      Most likely, in front of us is a marine attack aircraft (anti-ship).
      An impressive bomb bay, just sharpened by RCC.
      The task for such an aircraft is to sneak up on an aircraft carrier formation and attack.
  34. King
    King 16 May 2012 15: 16
    The Chinese are teasing with their plane, forcing Russia and the United States to no longer present secrets about their 5th generation aircraft. thus, the Chinaman will happily deploy on their aircraft