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Ukrainian people's deputy Artemenko said that he flew to Moscow in coordination with the leadership of the SBU

Ukrainian deputy Andrei Artemenko, after voicing his “version of the settlement of the Crimean issue by leasing the Crimea to Russia for a period of up to 50 years,” became the object of attack from VRU colleagues. The Ukrainian non-fractional people's deputy was accused of having links with "Russian special services", as well as with "Vladislav Surkov and a number of Ukrainian politicians in contact with Moscow." The main argument is this: Artemenko flew to Moscow.

Today, the People's Deputy of Verkhovna Rada Artemenko commented on such statements. According to him, his visits to Moscow were coordinated with the Security Service of Ukraine, and with top management.

UNIAN cites Artyomenko’s statement:
Indeed, I confirm that I was in Moscow. All my trips were agreed with the senior management of the SBU.

When Ukrainian journalists asked Artemenko to share details, he said that he could not do this, since he had given a non-disclosure subscription.

After such a statement, the people's deputy in the Verkhovna Rada said that "we can talk about the anti-Ukrainian conspiracy, which involved the ranks of the SBU."

The head of the Radical Party of Ukraine, Oleg Lyashko, demanded that the Prosecutor General’s Office verify the statements and actions of Artemenko on the subject of "high treason".

Meanwhile, Artemenko himself, who was recently expelled from the Radical Party, said that it was Lyashko who was the person who prepared the "plan for the settlement of relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation." According to Artemenko, the "plan" was to lie on the table to the representative of the administration of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, after the inauguration.
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  1. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 27 February 2017 14: 00
    "SBU is closed for repairs. Knocking on the media and the Internet."
    1. 210ox
      210ox 27 February 2017 14: 03
      The toilet is closed .. Everyone went to the front ..
      Quote: B.T.W.
      "SBU is closed for repairs. Knocking on the media and the Internet."
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 27 February 2017 14: 13
        And before you leave and close ----- they cheated the entire toilet, they peered from head to toe, cheated competitors and classmates ....... they always will be.
        1. DanSabaka
          DanSabaka 27 February 2017 19: 20
          The plot is famously twisted .... "Santa Barbara" is resting ....
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 27 February 2017 14: 02
    Beat your own so that strangers are afraid. Atu him!
  3. cost
    cost 27 February 2017 14: 02
    Artemenko, who was expelled from the Radical Party not so long ago, said that it was Lyashko who was the one who was preparing the "plan for resolving relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation." According to Artyomenko,
    "plan" was supposed to lie on the table to the representative of the presidential administration Donald trump
    after the inauguration.

    "plan" was supposed to lie on the table to the representative of the presidential administration Donald trump. And together with him, Lyashko himself (well done guy - for his country he is tearing up a dupu). Yes, only byada - Trump turned out to be straight. It didn’t work out. Now they blame each other for failure.
  4. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 27 February 2017 14: 07
    Search for the guilty, and blame each other, look for external enemies, these are their methods that they have been using for 25 years. There will come a time, and if he remains alive, with the change of power, he will boast about this trip. Then it turns out that he acted on assignment of the GRU of Russia :) :) :)
    1. Tartar
      Tartar 27 February 2017 16: 01
      Search for the guilty, and blame each other, look for external enemies, these are their methods that they have been using for 25 years

      And what if it’s different with us? Russia is not much different from Ukraine. There and there the brothers are Slavs. Both countries - fragments of a great power - RI / USSR. Oligarchs, snickering officials, beggars, homeless people, cheap propaganda (kissel-TV), the pro-Western elite. All one. We only have a bigger lock.
  5. ded100
    ded100 27 February 2017 14: 08
    All would rent them the truth they say when a crest was born a Jew burst into tears It has long been necessary to forget about Crimea and calm down Crimea an integral part of Russia the question is closed!
    1. antikilller55
      antikilller55 27 February 2017 15: 21
      Well, for that matter, Russia's respected, with a capital letter.
  6. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 27 February 2017 14: 48
    It is unclear how they get along in this plague Rada at all - one Kremlin agent or another is constantly found there. Either Savchenko, then Artyomenko, or Groysman himself — in general, all of Putin’s agents are sitting in the Rada, only the unfortunate Onishchenko in the United States. laughing
  7. PValery53
    PValery53 27 February 2017 16: 17
    First, let this People's Deputy Andrei Artyomenko, together with his Bandera Ukraine, "plow" Russia for renting Crimea for 60 years, starting in 1954, the date of the decree of the city of Dava Khrushchev! - And then we'll see who rents from whom.
  8. Catherine II
    Catherine II 27 February 2017 16: 39
    Quote: Gormengast
    The Ukrainian extra-fractional people's deputy was accused of having ties with the “Russian special services”, as well as with “Vladislav Surokov and a number of Ukrainian politicians who have contact with Moscow.” The main argument is this: Artyomenko flew to Moscow.

    What an incomprehensible reprint. Their conjectures + errors (Surokov some instead of Surkov)
    The main argument is: Artyomenko flew to Moscow. "

    The Prosecutor General’s Office opened proceedings against MP Andrei Artemenko regarding 1 article 111 of the Criminal Code on high treason.
    People’s deputy is suspected of helping Russia carry out subversive activities against Ukraine. The reason for such actions by the GPU was a statement on the transfer of the annexed Crimea to the so-called “long-term lease”.
    For such actions, Andrei Artemenko is threatened with imprisonment from 10 to 15 years.
    In general, they mixed into the article every living thing on the spade. Now, for a trip to Moscow (there are a lot of people going to the train, to plant everyone or through one?) Is ridiculous ..
    in fact, everything is more prosaic
    MP Andrei Artemenko confirmed that he flew to Moscow, but claims that he did not coordinate his "peace plan" with Russian politicians.

    He said this at a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada of 27 on February.

    "Indeed, I was in Moscow, all my trips were agreed with the SBU, but I can’t say anything more," he said.

    In addition, Artemenko noted that he did not coordinate his positions on the “peace plan” with Sergey Levochkin, Yuri Boyko or Vladislav Surkov.
    “I have never met Mr. Surkov. Mr. Boyko, Mr. Levochkin are not related to the peace plan,” said Artemenko.
    Artemenko rejects charges of high treason and accuses the authorities of authoritarianism.

    "It is strange for me to hear that I have exceeded any authority, it is disgusting to hear allegations of treason," said the MP, noting that to take such initiatives was "included in his authority under the law."
    Artemenko criticized the Minsk format and emphasized that he favored negotiations to achieve peace in Ukraine in the Budapest format.
    He claims that his words in The New York Times were taken out of context, and there was no language about any “lease” of the Crimea occupied by Russia.
    "The peninsula cannot be leased. This is the territory of Ukraine. We can talk about the paid use of certain infrastructure facilities," the MP said.
    Artemenko indicated that he considers the proclamation of non-aligned status of Ukraine as a step to resolve the conflict in the east and advocated dual citizenship.
    “Of course, we need changes and the Constitution, we need a new social contract. The whole civilized world has the opportunity to use dual citizenship. About 17% of Ukrainians have dual citizenship. I am convinced that about 100 people's deputies have dual citizenship,” he said.
    Artemenko noted that he plans to visit Washington to "continue his work."
    "My task is to make political statements," the MP said.
    This is not a VO format at all — it’s internal political cuisine (investigations of harassment plans / attempts) of Ukraine.
    The layman may get the impression that in Ukraine they plant only for a trip to Moscow .....
  9. Wildfox
    Wildfox 27 February 2017 18: 22
    Purely Ukrainian fun to catch Kremlin agents. To be honest, generally xs who it is! Probably so PR, suddenly all the same re-election.
    I wonder how long did he pay Lyashko for the request to the prosecutor’s office and charge himself with the KGB agent? In our harsh time, deputies do not even write denunciations free of charge - a crisis.
    Seriously, it’s sad that such initiatives are either zeros or those who have faded. Rotten steering = mess in the country. hi
  10. Paste 84
    Paste 84 27 February 2017 19: 25
    Clowning) Tim and Bom again in the arena) Stoned only)
  11. sergei1975
    sergei1975 27 February 2017 19: 42
    Now the "Moscow spell" imposed on the deputy can be removed only by jumping on the Maidan with a pan on his head.
  12. APASUS
    APASUS 27 February 2017 19: 53
    For me, this is another topic for distracting idiots from problems!
  13. Mouse
    Mouse 27 February 2017 22: 01
    Another pearl from Svidomo:
    Ukrainian deputy Andrei Artemenko said at a press conference that the Soviet Union in 1954 handed over Crimea to Ukraine allegedly so that the peninsula would not fall to the United States. RIA Novosti

    Full nerd.
  14. annodomene
    annodomene 28 February 2017 07: 21
    Yes, what a rental! He would have to decide on the unconditional surrender of the Outskirts. Strictly IMHO.