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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. I promised to show you Kiev ...


Greetings to you, my dear readers and collaborators! I was pleased to read that some of you were so happy about my appearance. Well, I promised that as I improve my health, I will come back. Moreover, it was worth dumping from Kiev during the celebration of February 20, because in our country this is similar to the August 2 day you criticized.

Strangeness only noticed: your airborne fighters on this day all somehow aspire to plunge below the water level, and we have more and more earthly ones in the air ...

We, however, all relatively peacefully passed. Everyone got what they wanted. Someone was happy about another great time, someone was sad, someone was yelling “Gang get out!” ... Everything is as always, as a whole.

But today I will perform in a different incarnation in which I tried myself once before. And then, remember, I promised you a tour of my favorite places in Kiev? Here, since I am the right cockroach, I keep the promise.

Long thought that you would be interested to see? You must agree that my thinking apparatus is very different from yours (for the better, from my point of view, to be honest), but because tastes are such a controversial thing ...

In general, all my favorite routes look like this:

And I go, you know, at night. During the day, a normal cockroach should deservedly rest, not seek adventure on the seventh point. But only for your sake crawled out. So appreciate)))

Of course, unequivocally, our Maidan, Independence ... Past him not to go in any way, especially if the evening and you can carefully move to the Rada. Well, you understand me ... Let's start with the Maidan.

Independence with us, as you Arbat in Moscow. Already got my religion and paraphernalia. Everything that concerns spiritual food can be bought in a pair ... well, I don’t know how to properly name it. Not a shop, not a shop ... a half-back, that's it! But - all in the spirit of time in content. I think you will not need a translation.

Go ahead. I've been to 90 in Moscow, have been. And Old Arbat trampled. I remember this wall, where "Kino" and "Tsoi is alive!" Here we also remember. But - in the spirit of the times, again.

I will introduce you to the painting Maidan. And even work as a translator.

"All our life is war!" And on the picture in the helmet who did you find out? Not? Well, you're dull ... This is Ivan Franko! And his words.

"Whoever is free himself will be free!" This, if anyone does not know, in a respirator Larisa Petrovna Kosach-Kvitka. She Lesya Ukrainka.

Fierce fire does not take. Well, we only have one historical the character in the papakha is Taras Shevchenko.

Here ... we can! This is not "Choi alive!" We have some people in the ranks!

Yes, you do not think that we all have such art, no! We have a place to look at more elegant creations.

This is our museum. There is nothing for a normal cockroach to catch, just as a fact I give. And the fact that it is visited - too.

You do not think only that it is all to the 20-th number inflicted. No, not so bad. Flowers, though not by mountains, as before, but regularly appear in these places. From relatives, friends, relatives. Time will tell how useful the death of these people was to Ukraine, but death is always tragic. And memory is memory.

I don’t know how many flowers are on the graves of those who died in 91 and 93, but I also think that there are some. So we still have it.

And this is our fragment of the Crimea riding around the city.

And of course, my own home, in the sense that the place of work will not be ignored.

Beautiful! Bulk! The center, as they say, all of Ukraine. You understand that this is not the PP administration, but the Verkhovna Rada!

In general, simple people today can easily come up here and learn from the security guards the latest news. And they will answer. They still have nothing more to do.

Everything here and without translation is clear, in those pictures you can see where these masterpieces stand.

"Do not stand or jump, do not sing, do not dance, where construction is underway or a load is suspended!" - such an essence. There is no need to hang around where Ukraine is being built. Especially today, when everything is in limbo.

But the most interesting thing is if you go from the rear.

Everything is clear too, right? "First aid kit, fire extinguisher and 300 man (there are 4 trucks and 3 bus in fact) market extinguishers.

Protect lawmakers guardians with formidable power, and at the same time they make a plan for a coffee-kiosk. And all useful.

And these are the consequences of "Banduget" from 20.02. Lantern on the right see? And it happens in a fever.

What else? Well, here we have a strange monument. I will not comment on anything, it's good that it looks like this:

And the words on it seem to be correct. But let's see what will happen next. Maybe that fate will be different in the other way ...

So, for example ...

And I also have a favorite place, this is a port. The Dnieper is so ... big. And we have ports. And we love, you know, to look there. Summer. In winter, there is nothing to do.

And this could be our pride, but for the time being just a detail of the industrial landscape. Metro bridge.

And not far from it there is a very original monument. Monument to which access is closed.

This is a monument to the Black Sea sailors in general and the Danube flotilla in particular, the Zheleznyakov monitor. Why access is closed ... Think for yourself, I will not prompt. It's disgusting.

When I went, it already smelled in the spring with might and main, and the Dnieper was already waking up. Soon the barges will probably go ... Or maybe they won't.

But the penguins we have the same frostbitten, as in Russia. Sit ... regardless

You can, of course, tell about Kiev to infinity. And about how bad we are, and about how not everything is still bad. Yes, a lot of things we have in the rubble and devastation. Unfinished today and when it will be completed is unknown.

This is Kiev humor - a sign of infinity at the construction site of the bridge complex. But Kiev will not be bent, while the real people of Kiev are alive. I think so. And this infinity also applies to Kiev. It’s not so easy to ruin such a pearl of Russian cities.

Well, the last picture for a snack. It so happened when already crawling back.

You say, leave ... Well, yes, I thought. But you will come out this way, a little early, not in the dark, but at sunset, you look around ... Eh ... Well, leave everything, leave and leave my Kiev with this ... Do not ... we are still crawling. I want to see in addition to the magnificent sunsets and the most beautiful sunrise over this city.

And something tells me so that I will see more. But about this - in the following notes.

And let me, as always, wish you peace and harmony, and not only beautiful sunsets, but also joyful sunrises. And I still back to the Rada stomp. Work ... But after such days with tablets "do not walk" always, in addition to sandwiches with all kinds of things, there are also pieces of paper on the tables.

Well, you understand me, right?

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  1. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 27 February 2017 07: 01
    Thanks for the cockroach humor, for the urban landscape and optimism.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Kostya Andreev
        Kostya Andreev 27 February 2017 07: 54
        I did not understand your comment. Why not write? The cockroach man writes interestingly, easy to read! Or do you simply boast of erudition and well-read?
        Show an example of how to write!
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 February 2017 07: 40
    “Cockroach”, of course, many thanks for the work done, but when insanity is already behind the red line on the manometer and the safety valve is welded in the “country”, you don’t even want to not only look (read), but even think about what will happen tomorrow.
  3. midshipman
    midshipman 27 February 2017 07: 56
    Dear "Cockroach", the enterprises of Kiev would show. I had four enterprises there (1979-1989) (directors Larkov, Fedorov, Cherinko, Mikhalchuk). They are all destroyed, the stadiums are destroyed, specialists are fired, the Americans are trying to get something out of the ground there ...... And everything is calm, I don’t understand where the people of Kiev work, I have the honor.
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 1 March 2017 10: 57
      Quote: midshipman
      Dear "Cockroach", the enterprises of Kiev would show.

      Yes, he showed it well, he always wanted to go to Kiev, Odessa .... but did not have time before the first maydaun ... and after him I realized that I was not ready to go there as a tourist.
      Maybe when it happens she will be there as a tourist.
      1. silver_roman
        silver_roman 1 March 2017 12: 19
        Quote: Scoun
        . and after it I realized that I was not ready to go there as a tourist.

        Very interesting. And in the role of whom are you ready? )))
        And then they asked about the enterprises.
        Many are aware (yesterday in all the newspapers) that part of the bridge at the Shuliavskaya metro station KIEV collapsed. The bridge is in terrible condition, terrible cracks in the canvas, the ride is unrealistic sucks. The suspension is just crying. But that's not the point.

        The picture on the left shows the building-building of the former Bolshevik factory, which is now privately owned.
        Most of the buildings have been remade for a long time ..... in a super market with a good movie theater (was there on Friday) and a different shopping area. Who needs these stupid factories ??? wassat
        So they wanted to make a new denouement, but it was this building, which in fact no one is restoring, remodeling, interfering with the construction. Private trader sent everyone far and for a long time. In principle, this is a good otmaza for the authorities.
        Here are some interchange plans:

        I think this ye ... ok will not allow the case to develop:
        So the factories are now not just not needed, they are even interfering!
  4. vlad007
    vlad007 27 February 2017 08: 03
    It would be interesting to learn about life in Kiev - how much is the average salary, what is the cost - groceries, a bottle of vodka, transportation, etc.
    1. revnagan
      revnagan 27 February 2017 18: 00
      I won’t tell about Kiev, but in the province: pork (1 kg.) - 85 UAH, fat 40 UAH / kg-thin, 70-thick with sprout. A bottle of vodka 0,5, the cheapest-70 UAH. Travel by minibus-3 UAH.Z \ n at the enterprise ... well 3200 UAH. Although many people don’t get it either. The price for heating "dvushka" is 1800 UAH. And in Kiev the salary is from 5000 UAH and higher, but the prices are higher. Almost like in Poland.
      1. silver_roman
        silver_roman 1 March 2017 12: 21
        though the defense industry is not living badly now. My friend at the factory plows. Although there is an explanation. Ukraine does not wage war for life. But for death!
  5. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 27 February 2017 08: 08
    Maidan Poroshenko should have been closed for repairs for a long time ... indefinite, for which to dig and dig up with full-profile trenches, so that all kinds of quilted jackets would not run amok. There is nothing shamefully to hide bazaar extinguishers in the doorways. laughing

    A selection of books and samples of wall art amused. True, among the books I did not find speeches of the Big Friend of the Ukrainian people, by the name of Shilkgruber. laughing

    Portraits of the Leaders, as well as specimens of monumental (suspiciously imperial) art, look gloomy; for some reason, no rainbow triumph of democracy, visa-free travel, underpants, pensions of 1000 euros. sad
  6. Alexgs
    Alexgs 27 February 2017 08: 34
    As usual, everything is sensible and with humor! Thank!
  7. Scud
    Scud 27 February 2017 08: 46
    It’s a kind of moronism that we have reached, Ukrainians destroying monuments to soldiers of the liberators and therefore themselves. Talking about some kind of memory or morality of the population, though not all is pointless.
    Small bar poles sell products in particular to the Auchan hypermarket and are well aware of the address or registration of Auchan-Avenue Stepan Bandera.
    Ukrainians are clinical imbeciles.
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 27 February 2017 09: 51
    Hello cockroach!
    What kind of portraits did our ignoramuses hang out? I.Franko is a Ruthenian, and such a bastard, even during his life he was indignant that Ukrainians write him down, well, as he died, it can be written down in Ukrainian classics. L. Ukrainka - from Russian nobles. She had fun with ethnography, and now we disentangle, T. Shevchenko remained, although they also say that he wrote prose in Russian, well, at least our lad from the village, you will not find fault. Modern writers would be exposed. Here are those who are outraged that, according to surveys, 78% of Ukrainians want their children to study in Russian, and only 5% of Ukrainians do not use the language of the invaders. And the Hungarians do not teach him at all and do not understand him, as if they were soaped in Europe, and without us.
    Who was interested in prices here? Normally, we have prices, they grow every two weeks - Ukrainian bread, which is “social” - 11 grn. 40 kopecks., A pack of salt - 5 UAH., Sugar - 18 UAH, sausage - less than 45 UAH. Only her cats even refuse! Ungrateful! But the people are eating!
    Work in Kiev? There is! Factories and plants of Poroshenko! Well, and others clinging. All kinds of transport, bakeries, the press, TV channels, theaters with modern productions, all kinds of shops, schools and kindergartens (everything is in Ukrainian, but where are the patriots to be brought up?) Cafes and restaurants, and most importantly! Deputies, deputies, deputies ... .. in short, it seems like a capital city, but all is missing something. Either burning tires, or red flags. Well, we will survive!
    But salaries and pensions ... this is a great mystery. For how the same is paid for 2-3 thousand UAH. gas in the village and in the city for a communal apartment. Nothing! From March 1, tariffs will be raised again ... and we will reveal all the underground workers of thousands. And then they took the fashion from the gardens to live!
    1. revnagan
      revnagan 27 February 2017 18: 02
      You have sugar prices! In the province 15.30.
  9. BAI
    BAI 27 February 2017 10: 03
    Now the right policy. Articles should be spread in the morning, not in the evening.
  10. Served once
    Served once 27 February 2017 10: 38
    Yesterday I watched a video from a Ukrainian blogger. I asked people in the city center. Two questions: Is the Ukrainian army ready for a full-scale war in the Donbas? 90% said a firm DA. Second question: Can the Ukrainian army fight on equal terms and defeat the Russian army? 85 % are sure that D.A. people are different in age, gender, social status. That is, the war in their minds is considered a way out of this situation, they are ready to endure for the sake of victory, they believe in the Russian army on their territory. The war got into their blood and flesh, they are ready to kill, kill, kill ... This is what propaganda does. There are a few minor cockroaches there, as it is not regrettable.
  11. Buffet
    Buffet 27 February 2017 11: 28
    But who does the author work with?
    1. domokl
      domokl 1 March 2017 04: 54
      bully Probably a cockroach repeat Okoloradsky ... Only big-eyed tongue
  12. Archon
    Archon 27 February 2017 12: 58
    your city is cleaner than mine.
  13. svp67
    svp67 27 February 2017 14: 04
    hi My regards
    When I went, it already smelled in the spring with might and main, and the Dnieper was already waking up. Soon the barges will probably go ... Or maybe they won't.
    And here something did not understand. Ukraine, not so long ago announced yet another "breakthrough," seized from Austria about two hundred barges, even from the Soviet order ... What have they already resold them?
  14. Altona
    Altona 27 February 2017 15: 15
    Kiev, to put it mildly, in this form does not pull on the capital of the 40 millionth country. In general, he looks like Nizhny Novgorod, and this is the capital of the region with a population of 3 250 000 people. Well, the level of income is apparently comparable. In general, find a photo of modern Nizhny Novgorod, very similar to Kiev.
  15. orphan 63
    orphan 63 27 February 2017 15: 56
    If anyone is interested - Kiev is online, so to speak "live" - ​​15 web cameras

    This is camera No. 1 - Independence Square
    [media = http: // cam = majda

  16. Altona
    Altona 27 February 2017 16: 41
    Quote: Served once
    Yesterday I watched a video from a Ukrainian blogger. I asked people in the city center. Two questions: Is the Ukrainian army ready for a full-scale war in the Donbass? 90% said a firm DA. Second question: Will the Ukrainian army be able to fight on equal terms and defeat the Russian army? 85 % are sure that YES.

    All 60 Ukrainian combat aircraft and 15 helicopters take off. Overcoming the Russian air defense system. TOTAL-in 15 minutes Ukraine is left without aviation from the word at all. Go to the march all 300 Ukrainian tanks and 1000 different kinds of armored vehicles. TOTAL - after 15 minutes, the Iskander and MLRS systems will leave blazing iron trash from this armored vehicle. Valiant Ukrainian alcohol infantry troops are attacking. RESULTS - after 15 minutes, the electronic warfare systems will leave them unconnected and the valiant squirrel warriors will look for mom, dad or a bottle, well, or give up to the achressor. We won’t even write about the fleet. There will be just a circus on the water. Do they want such a war?
    1. revnagan
      revnagan 27 February 2017 18: 06
      No, they want to be “honest.” One on one. All of Donbass against ALL of Ukraine. “Two are fighting, the third do not bother!” Without Russia, they are not afraid of ten with ten. And when ten with ten against the “Twenty-six” is not fair, they are not so want to.
    2. Served once
      Served once 27 February 2017 20: 54
      I don’t know. It was interesting for me to listen to their opinion, I watched and listened for 18 minutes. So many people perceive the war as a "hussar parade" is their problem. I know one thing, the war is blood, dirt, guts and crap.
  17. artwin
    artwin 27 February 2017 17: 49
    "They formed me with a vital blood, called me a Ukrainian! I want to know everything, I’m Ruthenian."
    Ivan Franko
  18. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 27 February 2017 18: 55
    I can’t understand one thing - HOW ???? As Comrade Tarakan Okoloradsky manages to select words so accurately and capaciously. I just have no words.
  19. igordok
    igordok 27 February 2017 19: 14
    Thanks Cockroach. In Kiev, was a long time ago. You have a little disturbed memory. I once liked it. Perhaps its serenity, hatacrity. And here's how it happened.
  20. sergei1975
    sergei1975 27 February 2017 20: 53
    "Gnist" in Poltava. It happened like that but it became so
  21. sergei1975
    sergei1975 27 February 2017 20: 59
    Another "gnidnost" in Poltava monument of Russian glory. Monument to Lenin monument to Mazepa and where without dummies, This is a small sketch from the province.
  22. January
    January 27 February 2017 21: 47
    I walked around my hometown. Thank. Last time I was there in 11, who knows when I’ll get there now ....
  23. Petrov K.
    Petrov K. 28 February 2017 11: 13
    Thanks for the article.
    I wait and read, always with pleasure.
  24. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 28 February 2017 20: 19
    And forty years ago he was more modest, greener, kinder. Although the KP Lavra was still dilapidated by the Germans, where it was allowed to see the burial places of saints in the caves, including - Ilya Muromets. And in St. Sophia Cathedral to stand next to the marble sarcophagus of Yaroslav the Wise. Cozy places of 1970-1980, where my friends happily drove me to Boryspil, bought factory number 1 through the back door on Khreshchatyk factory No. 1970 ... And there was no madhouse. But already in the mid-2012s, among the Ukrainian cadets, our company was no, no, but Bandera slipped through. Under Gorbachev, nationalism began to turn into Nazism: bookstalls filled with posters, books, postcards, glorifying Bandera and humiliating the USSR (Russians were meant). And what a sense of superiority during the XNUMX European Championships! Cities looked so elegant, so in Europaisky! And so many wanted to become real Europeans!
    For 2013-2014 - ripe! The end!
  25. silver_roman
    silver_roman 1 March 2017 12: 08
    I’ll supplement the picture of infinity: this is an ouroboros — a snake devouring itself — a symbol of infinity.
    And much more symbolic for Kiev: "we destroy ourselves ... we devour."
  26. magician
    magician 5 March 2017 19: 47
    Thank you so much! But Kiev is beautiful! It is a pity that I will not visit soon. (((Many thanks to Cockroach!))))