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Nostradamus from the White House

Donald Trump spoke publicly about the problems in Sweden. The Swedes, the American leader explained, had “problems,” but such problems as “they could not imagine.” On the day Trump started this speech, there were no particular problems in Sweden. Suddenly, as if Trump had trouble, problems in Stockholm were formed.

Late in the evening, 20 February in one Stockholm district, riots occurred: dark personalities (it is assumed that these were migrants) set fire to cars, broke into small shops and made looting. The signal went to the police at 20 hour. 18 min.

Stockholm policemen managed to detain a wanted person at the metro station. The detention was not approved by the “local” - and then the real battle began. The policemen threw stones at one, they injured one hand. It was in the dark. The police opened fire, the Stockholm press wrote about warning shots. No one was injured, except the aforementioned policeman who was injured.

The representative of the regional command center of the Stockholm police Eva Nilsson confirmed the newspaper "Aftonbladet" wounded by a stone of a police officer.

The peak of events came on 22: 20, when "violent riots" began in the area. Approximately 30-40 people participated in the riots. It is not possible to accurately indicate their number: it was dark on the streets.

It is reported that seven or eight cars were set on fire. Showcases were broken several small shops. These shops robbed, the owner of one of them was beaten up. Another person was beaten. They both managed to go to the hospital on their own.

After midnight, the area was cleaned up. However, the police did not arrest a single offender that night. Not even the suspects.

Police report that incidents will be investigated.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump, speaking in Florida, allegedly hinted at the terrorist attacks in Sweden.

“We need to monitor security in our country. You see what is happening in Germany. You could see what was happening, last night, in Sweden. Who could believe? In Sweden! They took too many [migrants]. And now they have problems that could not be imagined before, ”he is quoted as saying. "BBC". And Mr. Trump mentioned the terrorist attacks committed by Islamists in Brussels, Nice and Paris.

In Stockholm, however, there were no terrorist attacks. Therefore, Trump's statements about Sweden were ridiculed by the world community. Former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bild, for example, suggested via Twitter that Trump was “smoking something before that.”

Then Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Leuven spoke. "We all have to take responsibility for the use of reliable facts and verification of information that we distribute," - he threw a stone in the garden Trump. The indefatigable Karl followed again. The former prime minister wrote on his Twitter account that in Orlando, Florida, where Mr. Trump spoke, there are "more 50% murders than in all of Sweden." Not lagged behind and the American press. “Sweden is far from being the first American-friendly country that has come into conflict with the new president,” the newspaper said. "Sight" A note in The New York Times. An evil, ironic message points out the unfortunate experience of Mr. Trump’s recent communication with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Australia.

Being indignant about Trump's speeches, the Swedish embassy in Washington officially appealed to the US State Department for clarification, RIA reports "News".

“The press service of the White House had to sweat a lot, explaining that Trump had in mind not a specific incident, but a general change in the crime situation in Sweden due to the influx of migrants. It was literally a couple of days, the scandal had not yet had time to forget, and riots happened in Stockholm. Of course, there were also some lovers of criminological versions who suggested that the American special services “had a hand” to provoke excesses and thus justify the unsuccessful utterance of their president, ”says Vladimir Ardaev on the agency’s website.

In fact, speaking of the situation in Sweden, Mr. Trump did not mean an event, but a documentary film aired on Fox News, notes "BBC". The fact is that Trump regularly watches Fox News, this is one of his favorite cable channels.

The President of the United States wrote on Twitter that he was not talking about terrorist attacks in Sweden, but he had sharpened the topic of migrants. “My statement regarding what is happening in Sweden was based on Fox News, which touched upon immigrants and Sweden,” he explained.

Fox News reported an increase in armed attacks and rape in Sweden after 2013, when large numbers of migrants from the Middle East and Africa began to arrive in the country. The American documentary Amy Horowitz, who commented on the decision of Stockholm to let in a large number of refugees in 2013, informed the television channel about this.

According to official figures, Sweden has already received about 200 thousands of refugees and migrants. This figure is the highest in Europe, if we bear in mind the ratio of arrivals to the number of local residents. In 2015, the number of people willing to receive refugee status in the country has greatly increased: more than 160 thousands arrived here. But in the 2016 year, the flow of refugees decreased: first, Sweden introduced border rules, which increased the time of inspections; secondly, Stockholm began to encourage materially those migrants who expressed a desire to voluntarily return to their abandoned homeland.

However, in Sweden restless due to migrants. A year ago, reminds the BBC, the country was shocked by the murder of 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher, who worked in a refugee detention center near Gothenburg. On charges of murder, the authorities arrested an 15-year-old refugee. The head of the Swedish police then asked for more than four thousand law enforcement officers to be involved in the fight against terrorism and the deportation of illegal migrants.

After throwing stones and shooting at Stockholm in February 20, Trump's statements stopped being funny. Some analysts even called his words prophetic.

On the other hand, the problem of immigrants in Europe is so acute that nostradamus can earn money by anyone.

According to Valeriy Zhuravel, a leading researcher at the Northern Europe Center of the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, indigenous Swedes are beginning to feel pressure from migrants, although they used to be tolerant of migration processes. Some migrants try to set their own rules. “All this causes the growth of nationalistic manifestations. Quiet Northern Europe begins to resist these processes. The saddest thing is if all this will lead to self-will over these people, ”the expert told the newspaper "Sight".

As for the statements of Trump, the American president had in mind not only Sweden, but also the whole of Europe, said Kirill Koktysh, associate professor of political theory at MGIMO. The expert recalled that "Trump has repeatedly said: the open door policy pursued by Angela Merkel is wrong, catastrophic, and will lead to negative consequences." “Now Sweden is a fairly timely illustration of what Trump is talking about,” said Koktysh.

* * *

The Swedish “rockfall” is an event, however, local. To give it the meaning of a terrorist attack or a new point of reference, after which euro skeptics will become popular in Sweden, is meaningless. The internal situation as a whole, including in politics, is stable, and the Swedes' desire for change tends to zero. In addition, new rigid border rules operate quite effectively, and the material “compensation” pushes other migrants to go back to their homeland.

On the other hand, the issue of migrants in Sweden will be exacerbated year after year. A once stable and prosperous country may be faced with the need to either abandon the idea of ​​accepting refugees or maintain a doubled police army whose task will be to protect civilians from non-peaceful ones.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Red_Hamer
    Red_Hamer 23 February 2017 07: 20
    Donald Trump publicly spoke about the problems of Sweden. The Swedes, the American leader explained, had "problems", and such, which "they could not imagine."
    "Have you had any accidents at a construction site?
    So they will be! "
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 23 February 2017 12: 00
      And what can you do! "It was dark"! request
    2. Astart
      Astart 23 February 2017 14: 59
      Not an unambiguous picture. As far as I remember, I was planning to organize these "accidents" myself, do you suspect Trump? )))
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Red_Hamer
        Red_Hamer 24 February 2017 06: 10
        Long-term goals for Uncle Sam, divide et impera! From the change of places of surnames (parties) in the White House, nothing changes.
  2. Fei_Wong
    Fei_Wong 23 February 2017 07: 24
    Let them enjoy globalization, what else can I say. Who are we to stop the European Union from digging our collective grave? "We can handle it." (c) Merkel. So let them cope.
  3. kepmor
    kepmor 23 February 2017 07: 34
    You might think that in Russia we have no problems with migrants and with “proud” Caucasian people ...
    1. Astart
      Astart 23 February 2017 14: 55
      I recall the situation of the late nineties when we really had problems with emigrants in our city. The "arrivals" settled down compactly creating their enclaves plus ethnic organized crime groups, and this is the finished ghetto with its own laws. I do not know all the intricacies of the work of the Police, Special Services and Administration, but in our city this issue was resolved. To say that everything is perfectly impossible (this is never the case in life), but there are no Ghetto in the Western manner
  4. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 23 February 2017 07: 39
    With such politicians as now, Europe is doomed. Merkel is the one who, in general, has moved off the coils — recently she has been annealing pearls worse than Trump, but in the opposite direction — she has blamed .... the Europeans themselves, you say you wanted priority of universal values ​​and that means you should accept any person, help to him, to share the last with him, and you snickered at the words for universal values, but in fact you do not want to give up a bit of your well-being for the sake of migrants who have lost everything in their homeland ... Type Europeans should not adhere to their traditions and habitual way of life and change along with the changed world and should not resist the changes that are necessary for the reception of millions of migrants, but should themselves go ahead of the government and should offer and do everything for themselves to make migrants feel at home in Europe. Well and further, in the same spirit ... In some right-wing German publications they maliciously notice that with such speeches old Merkel revealed herself - as she was a "nipple-hippie" in her youth with deformed views on morality and social relations, so she remains now .... and this manifests itself in everything, look only at how she dresses tastelessly .....
    1. kepmor
      kepmor 23 February 2017 08: 07
      Yes, in Europe, every second woman is so "tastelessly dressed" ... why is it surprising then ...
      And the old people there are still "hippy", especially on nudist beaches ... the sweet word is FREEDOM ...
      We don’t understand them ... they are doing their fun there, and our old people - THE FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL is called ....
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 23 February 2017 08: 16
        Yes, they do not “hippe”, but save, just like ours. In one coat, bought at a seasonal sale, the rest of their lives pass ... And on the beaches at cheap resorts in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, only those who are lucky enough to have a corporate pension in old age, and there are not many of those, believe me ... especially recently....
      2. FlyEngine
        FlyEngine 23 February 2017 13: 17
        That's where, where, and in Europe people just dress very tastefully. Do not fool around.
        1. Moor
          Moor 24 February 2017 00: 17
          The topic is actually not about fashion, but since they’ve started talking. My wife was at a conference in Munich in 2001. In addition to exported positive impressions, there was such a remark: “I can’t understand why, with such a variety in clothing stores, the Germans dress so HORRIBLY.” I think you can trust a woman in this matter.
          1. NikolaiN
            NikolaiN 25 February 2017 07: 24
            I confirm. My sister lives in Germany, they left in 2000. Two daughters, sometimes I send them clothes, jewelry for their birthday present ... So they say what bright, beautiful things you have, they don’t sell such things with us. Yes, and if they were selling, no one would have bought. We ask - why? They say that it’s not customary to dress brightly, beautifully, with taste. Accepted not catchy, gray, in calm tones. Like brightly dressed only women "with a low bar of social responsibility." And an ordinary girl can wear a bright beautiful dress, well, maybe on her birthday, and then for celebration in a close circle. Something like that...
  5. evil partisan
    evil partisan 23 February 2017 08: 32
    In vain he is. Right now it will also be to blame for everything that is happening in the world sad . Together with Russia. yes
    1. Alex_Tug
      Alex_Tug 25 February 2017 09: 48
      Right now it will also be to blame for everything that is happening in the world
      But he will understand how to be Putin.
  6. shinobi
    shinobi 23 February 2017 09: 35
    Yes, there is no need to be a seer, just an initial knowledge of Islam. For a Muslim, especially those poisoned by Sallafism, all those who do not recognize the Koran are infidels. And an infidel does not have any rights prescribed by Islam. You can do anything with him. Especially if there is no infidel forces. So the Islamic fire in Europe is purely a matter of time.
  7. kouldoom
    kouldoom 23 February 2017 10: 00
    Well, wait, the breivik will still seem to you a color
  8. Voucher
    Voucher 23 February 2017 11: 51
    After midnight, the area was cleaned up. However, the police did not arrest a single offender that night. Not even the suspects.

    It seems the Europeans do not quite understand what to do
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 25 February 2017 19: 54
      They understand everything, but they can’t do anything:
      1. Their executions, 600 years old, were taught in obedience (that's why they are fighting for their uncle with the dough).
      2. They know - hit the Arab, lock up. Then the Arabs will find (there are coordinates in the case), revenge.
      3. Cowardice is their predominant feature. Normal people are few there. Someone who can and wants to stand up for themselves is considered crazy.
  9. michajlo
    michajlo 23 February 2017 11: 56
    Welcome all!
    Problems with Muslim migrants from North Africa and BV and in European countries are just beginning and will continue for more years on 15-25!
    Moreover, it is worth paying attention to their MASS AND ORGANIZED ARRIVAL in Europe, as well as the fact that among migrants there are LOTS OF MEN young and middle-aged, often with one child, a boy who has arrived in Europe !?
    In my opinion, the true tasks of Muslim migrants in Europe will be revealed later.
    And Europe WILL NOT BE ABLE to send them all back to their countries, and for the time being, DOESN’T WANT TO!
    To assimilate and accept the RULES OF EXISTENCE in European countries, Muslim migrants Proudly firmly refuse!
    So the fate of European citizens, women and girls, in my opinion will be very sad, but it will all come true in reality for so many years through 20 and more ...
    Well, and besides, little today the West ALREADY blames Russia and the "evil Putin" for the fact that Russia is guilty of "organized migration" to European countries, although smugglers are organized crime and are not controlled from Russia ...
    And later, after 1-3 years, after various attacks or actions at nuclear power plants, chemical plants carried out by current migrants, the West will continue to accuse Russia of threats of “PEACEFUL TOLERANT LIFE” in Europe ...
  10. Lelek
    Lelek 23 February 2017 14: 45
    (... the issue of migrants in Sweden will be aggravated year after year ...)

    Costs of the activities of Messrs. Merkel, Hollande and the EU that joined them. Gratitude should be sent in writing to the European Parliament. bully .
  11. jovanni
    jovanni 24 February 2017 12: 00
    After midnight, the area was cleaned up. However, the police did not arrest a single offender that night. Not even the suspects.

    Swedish police standing ovation!
  12. Niccola Mack
    Niccola Mack 25 February 2017 07: 07
    The former prime minister tweeted that in Orlando, Florida, where Mr. Trump spoke, “there are 50% more murders than in all of Sweden.”

    The US knows how to deal with this and control it - but for Sweden this can be a disaster!
    However, if this continues - these politicians will soon be kicked out of their seats with a kick in the ass - others will come!
    1. Signore Tomato
      Signore Tomato 25 February 2017 19: 25
      Quote: Niccola Mack

      However, if this continues - these politicians will soon be kicked out of their seats with a kick in the ass - others will come!

      And the names of other ministers will sound like "Aziz", "Abdullah", "Jafar", etc.
  13. biznaw
    biznaw 25 February 2017 14: 30
    It’s correct to say that Trump is Kassandra, not Nastrodamus.
    Cassandra correctly predicted the death of Troy two days before the event, Trump also apparently had visions of the burning of Stockholm a couple of days before the pogroms.
  14. Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 25 February 2017 18: 11
    Trump correctly noticed everything. Europe is already head over heels in a substance of a certain color and smell. Further it will be even better - in quotation marks. But if the right-wingers come to power in Europe, then it will become really interesting!
  15. Free Shooter
    Free Shooter 28 February 2017 02: 06
    This is what awaits Russia if the FMS of the Russian Federation does not stop letting foreigners with Russophobia from the territories of the former USSR into the Russian Federation.