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An anaerobic engine submarine is being developed in China

According to the Internet portal, China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Corporation demonstrated at the international weapons exhibition IDEX 2017 a model of a S-26 submarine.

This modification is an export version of diesel-electric submarines of the Yuan type (Type 039B), produced in China from the year 1999. Earlier it was reported about plans to equip them with anaerobic (air independent) power plants.

The S-26 submarine model shown at the exhibition is equipped with a Stirling engine (a type of external combustion engine) that runs on diesel and oxygen. In the stern of the submarine is a large tank for liquid oxygen. According to the representatives of the developer, this type of power plant will significantly increase the time the submarine is underwater.

The basic version of the anaerobic S-26 submarine is 79,5 meters long and has a displacement of 2660 tons. The maximum speed of the submarine must be 18 knots, the range of throws is 8000 miles (at a speed of 4 knot), the maximum depth of the submarine is 300 m.
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  1. Freelancer7
    Freelancer7 22 February 2017 06: 32
    A model is not a series, theory is not a practice. But we must pay tribute - they have a dofig of money for the project and it will not necessarily be cut.
  2. MPK105
    MPK105 22 February 2017 06: 33
    Is this news ... And the fact that the Chinese will flood the world not only with consumer goods, but also with high-tech weapons, also does not surprise anyone ...
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 22 February 2017 06: 47
    Apparently the Chinese nadybal, from whom it is possible to clone ... lol
  4. Niko-zhukov
    Niko-zhukov 22 February 2017 06: 52
    For some reason, I thought all my life that anaerobic-it means oxygen free. And here it is clearly said about the supply of oxygen. So they would have written that instead of air they use pure oxygen.
    1. botuala
      botuala 22 February 2017 07: 12
      Correctly considered. But the headline should be loud and not entirely clear.
    2. alatanas
      alatanas 22 February 2017 12: 37
      It is possible without oxygen. You just need to heat Stirling with something (on the one hand) and cool with something (on the other). The greater the temperature difference, the more efficient the engine.
    3. Niccola Mack
      Niccola Mack 23 February 2017 11: 08
      that anaerobic means oxygen-free.

      Actually, it’s wrong - “aeros” is Greek for air, and, accordingly, “airless”.
      If the Chinese squeezed squeezed the air for food, it would be right - although for this concept (anaerobic engine) it is now implied that one does not need to rise to the surface of the water.
  5. P36M2
    P36M2 22 February 2017 06: 55
    As far as I know from what our developers know, last year the Chinese women have no success in anaerobic plants from the word “NO” (compared to even us, not like the Swedes and Germans). This year I will communicate with people at the “Maritime Industry of Russia-2017” in May and the Maritime College, I will especially take an interest, maybe something new is heard. Again, both Europeans and Chinese will be exhibited there.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. bald
    bald 22 February 2017 07: 01
    The Chinese do not cease to amaze. What happens - practice will show, the Stirling engine. Pluses, this type of engine is three times more.
  7. viktor.
    viktor. 22 February 2017 07: 09
    very dangerous OXYGEN + DIZ-fuel bully
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 22 February 2017 10: 04
      And put an oily rag next to it. smile
  8. Vladimir73
    Vladimir73 22 February 2017 08: 17
    They came up with an interesting idea ... as if there were not enough explosives on the boat to "explode" .... God forbid what an accident - how will the boats fight for survivability ?! recourse
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 22 February 2017 09: 15
      The Japanese are switching over to batteries from smartphones. On the one hand, modern batteries already make it possible to withstand the autonomy of the boat, that is, it is a real replacement for an air-independent installation.

      On the other hand, if at least one unit starts to burn, that’s all. Only not everyone will be saved. Well, or you need to make the entire battery pit discarded. There is no extinguish already + wild flame temperature.
      1. Vladimir73
        Vladimir73 27 February 2017 12: 18
        Here I am talking about too, and then there is also an oxygen cylinder to the heap ...
  9. gukoyan
    gukoyan 22 February 2017 09: 08
    Heh, the development of the Germans of the 40s is ready to still haunt))))
    True, if this design is not qualitatively assembled, it will be very beautiful to blaze ...
    1. alatanas
      alatanas 22 February 2017 12: 39
      Is this about the hydrogen peroxide project?
  10. Operator
    Operator 22 February 2017 09: 22
    Submarine anaerobic propulsion system - completely sucks.

    Now the trend is lithium-ion batteries, the largest producer of which is Novosibirsk "Liotech"

    1. donavi49
      donavi49 22 February 2017 10: 56
      Their security issue is not settled. If it lights up, then that's it. They burn without oxygen and are virtually impossible to extinguish.

      And yes, the first to abandon Stirling in favor of the batteries during the project (Soryu) are the Japanese. The French initially sawed a large battery - well, they actually have a boat like ICAPL.
      1. Großer feldherr
        Großer feldherr 22 February 2017 14: 36
        Yes schere they burn?
        For 20 years, we have been using lithium-ion batteries every day and have you ever burned them?
        I don’t have it, and I haven’t heard anything like it from my friends, and this is in the most difficult domestic operating conditions (the voltage in the network jumps, the charging / discharging cycle is not observed, the temperature is constantly changing, the phones are falling), on the Internet you can find cases of lithium-ion battery fire , but in all these cases there is a place to be a manufacturing defect.
        It’s ideal to use them on a submarine: the temperature is constant, there is a minimum of mechanical loads, the battery only discharges at the output, after which it returns to zero in the dock and is powered again from a normal source.
        You probably ask, why haven’t they been riveted before? - So it used to be expensive, lithium-ion batteries were an expensive pleasure until around the world they set up factories for their production, for a similar cost, a full-fledged nuclear reactor could be delivered to the submarines.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    CAT BAIYUN 22 February 2017 10: 40
    Of course, I wildly apologize, but anaerobic means that it is something working or living in the absence of oxygen. And in this case, the engine consumes oxygen specifically developed for it. A little more precise with the terms.
    Air-independent - well, somehow with a stretch and yes, but not anaerobic ...
    1. Operator
      Operator 22 February 2017 11: 18
      Aero translates to “air,” not “oxygen” (“hydroxy”).
      1. Großer feldherr
        Großer feldherr 22 February 2017 15: 52
        ANAEROBIC — existing or proceeding in the absence of oxygen (organism, process, etc.) (Explanatory Dictionary)
        1. Operator
          Operator 22 February 2017 17: 28
          This is not a dictionary, but a waste paper laughing
    2. Dormidont2
      Dormidont2 22 February 2017 12: 30
      a boat with VNEU, this means that it does not need air from the atmosphere, to charge the batteries, it does not need to float up and pull the pipe to the surface - unmask itself, there is enough oxygen in the cylinders for people and the Stirling engine
    3. alatanas
      alatanas 22 February 2017 12: 41
      Quote: alatanas
      It is possible without oxygen. You just need to heat Stirling with something (on the one hand) and cool with something (on the other). The greater the temperature difference, the more efficient the engine.
  12. Großer feldherr
    Großer feldherr 22 February 2017 13: 46
    If there is diesel fuel and oxygen on board, why not make a regular diesel generator?
    So that it does not rattle, it is possible to isolate it almost completely from noise and vibration, but the most important is the efficiency of internal combustion several times higher than external, and this is the time of autonomy, reliability, cost of operation, and production price.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. 23 February 2017 14: 48
        Reforming is our everything!
  13. san4es
    san4es 24 February 2017 11: 33
    request And where is the exhaust? overboard with bubbles or something?