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Negotiations on the purchase of a Snea Lanka patrol ship project "Cheetah 5.1"

According to the blog bmpdThe two-year negotiations of Rosoboronexport JSC and Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M. Gorky "on the supply of a patrol ship project" Cheetah 5.1 "to Sri Lanka. Interest in the patrol appeared in South Asia (Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bahrain) after the operation in Syria. Apparently, the payment will be made through a loan from Russia to Sri Lanka for the purchase of military equipment (a total of $ 300 million with repayment before the year 2020).

Tight negotiations on the construction of the 5.1 Cheetah for Sri Lanka are now being completed: this will be an ocean patrol ship developed by ZPKB on the platform of a classic frigate "Cheetah 3.9". From the usual patrol vehicles "Cheetah 5.1" differs layout superstructure: instead of the missile complex "Caliber-M" it will be equipped with artillery weapons, as well as a take-off platform with a hangar for a helicopter. It is expected that in the first half of this year, Rosoboronexport and we, as a manufacturer, will sign a contract for the supply of one frigate. As part of the terms of reference, we have formed a price, now it is being considered in Sri Lanka. In the version of the patrol ship "Cheetah" a little simpler than what we have done and are doing for Vietnam: this is not a rocket ship - only artillery and near-air defense systems.

- explained the general director of the Zelenodolsk plant them. A.M. Gorky Renat Mistakhov.

The project of the frigate "Cheetah 3.9" was developed by Zelenodolsk design bureau. The first contract was signed with the Navy of Vietnam in December 2006 of the year for the completion of two patrol ships. Both sentries were handed over on time. At the end of 2013, the plant commissioned the construction of two more 3.9 Cheetahs with a total value of $ 700 million. At the moment, they are undergoing tests, the transfer to Vietnam is expected in 2017 — 2018.

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  1. Damir
    Damir 21 February 2017 11: 00
    what !!!!! No, of course, it’s pleasing .... but when we start to worry about ourselves ???? we do not have an infinite number of slipways and by taking up the slipway under an export contract we lose the opportunity to lay a ship for ourselves ..
    1. Zibelew
      Zibelew 21 February 2017 11: 09
      All the same, there are no engines for them.
      The equipment of the Cheetah-3.9 frigates includes the main gas turbine units (GGTA) M44E, the supplier of which is GP Zorya-Mashproekt, Nikolaev, Ukraine.
      Perhaps a customer from Sri Lanka will find another engine supplier.
      Tatarstan shipbuilders will no longer do business with Nikolaev engine builders. Judging by the reports of the plant to them. Gorky, the engines of the Ukrainian company Zorya - Mashproekt arrived in Zelenodolsk with a delay of 15,5 months for the first frigate and 10,5 for the second. As a result, the factory will transfer the first ship to the customer 51 months after the start of construction (if the contract stipulates a period of 42 months), the second - after 54 months (46 under the contract). “BUSINESS Online” proposed clarifying the situation to the General Director of ZPKB Vitaly Volkov. “Ukraine simply frankly refused to supply engines,” he said. - The situation was dramatic! And many thanks to the Vietnamese for solving this issue. We would technically decide too, but that would be considerable costs. ”
      When asked which turbines will stand on the third pair of Cheetahs, if Vietnam orders it, Volkov answered: “Today we are not talking about the supply of engines from Ukraine, these will be other engines. Which ones is too early to say. ” But, in his opinion, a third pair of ships will be. “Today, the Vietnamese presented a revised draft, received approval,” said the general director of the ZPKB.

      More information on BUSINESS Online:
      1. Damir
        Damir 21 February 2017 11: 14
        Good afternoon!!!! Yes, I also read this note ... but as far as I understand, the sanctions apply to the enterprises of our defense industry when working for the Russian Federation in their native state !!! when working for export, sanctions on engineering products do not apply ... that is ... to Cheetahs that 3.9, that 5.1 will be sold without sound ... you just need to find a supplier more reliable than ukrohunta ...
        1. Zibelew
          Zibelew 21 February 2017 11: 44
          Most likely, the future Cheetahs will be equipped with German MTU diesels, instead of Ukrainian ones.
          CODAD twin-shaft diesel-diesel plant, consisting of 4 MTU diesels with a capacity of 4700 hp. or a combination of 2 x 3300 hp + 2 x 6500 hp diesels working through complex gearboxes on two shafts and two fixed-pitch propellers (VFSH).

      2. Dormidont2
        Dormidont2 22 February 2017 12: 36
        and it’s impossible to replace gas turbines with diesel generators?
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 21 February 2017 11: 46
      Navy cheetahs are not needed. At the same time, in Zelenodolsk they got used to the oven quickly. Why not sell?

      Moreover, Sri Lanka does not know where to attach a loan. And if it burns out, then there is nothing good, and China is nearby, it can also seduce with credit.

      Well, there will be a power sanction diesel (this will be an ocean-class patrolman) - with MTU. Or an old diesel + turbine.
    3. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 21 February 2017 12: 35
      Hi!! Who said that. On the contrary, it becomes possible to technologically equip the plant itself. You shouldn’t be so. For ourselves, we build completely different ships. And there is one moment the plant picks up the pace of construction. The matter is only for suppliers of weapons systems. Yes, and the factory workers also need to keep their salaries at the level. This is just great.
  2. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 21 February 2017 11: 15
    That is not. The slipways are just empty enough. The funny thing is, and some of the old stocks are still alive, and there is still a desire to work in the profession. There are factories, what a disaster. A chartered ship-gatherers-on shabashki who go to what much. I- for construction sites, for example. You have to live somehow, feed your family ...
  3. asadov
    asadov 21 February 2017 12: 45
    And what is more pleasing - again on credit. When will we start trading normally? They have nothing to pay for? Or do we have nothing to take there? No money let barter. Or don’t they drink tea in our army?
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 21 February 2017 19: 08
      Quote: asadov
      Or don’t they drink tea in our army?

      Yes, for that kind of money, “you can piss!” - we won’t drink so much !!! laughing
  4. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 21 February 2017 12: 48
    And what the hell is Sri Lanka an artillery frigate, even if it’s armed with a missile system.
  5. kefan
    kefan 21 February 2017 18: 20
    Well, we are selling to Vietnam, now they are going to build and sell to Sri Lanka, but what about our surface fleet? Built new ships and so do the crumbs.
    1. MPK105
      MPK105 21 February 2017 19: 58
      Well, it’s been exaggerated here more than once ... Do not pour salt on the wound ...
  6. Free Shooter
    Free Shooter 22 February 2017 01: 16
    Oh, Russia would have such ships.