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Shoigu reported on the development of the Eastern Military District

According to "Interfax", At a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, its head Sergei Shoigu outlined development priorities in the Eastern Military District:

In the future, the district will have to continue to provide troops with new and modern weapons, military and special equipment, test the anti-aircraft and sea-based cruise missile system, improve the mobilization deployment system, and build military infrastructure facilities.

Shoigu reported on the development of the Eastern Military District

The goal of these events, in his words, is to increase the combat capabilities of the district to ensure Russia's national interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin, commander of the troops of the Supreme Military District, noted in May 2016 that large-scale work was carried out within the district to develop the military infrastructure:

The Eastern outpost of Russia, in particular, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, provide unconditional guarantees of the security and territorial integrity of our state. Unprecedented development measures in the region are being taken to eliminate the occurrence of even the slightest threats. military infrastructure, the planned rearmament of formations and military units, the improvement of the social protection of all categories of military personnel and their family members.

Thus, in Vilyuchinsk in Kamchatka, a number of the most important facilities of the mooring front and coastal engineering infrastructure were commissioned to the arrival of the first Borey-class nuclear submarines.

On the Kuril Islands Iturup and Kunashir a number of new military facilities are being built, as well as social infrastructure: hostels for military personnel, cultural, leisure and sports centers. The total construction area reaches 400 thousand square meters. m, it is planned to build 392 buildings and structures.

In 2016, together with the Russian Geographical Society, the military conducted an expedition to the islands of Matua and Paramushir (belong to the Kuril Islands), during which they explored the possibility of deploying troops there. The participants examined the island's runway, deployed mobile airfield complexes and equipment to ensure the movement of aircraft. In the framework of the planned strengthening of the eastern borders, the Russian military leadership intends to create a new base station for Pacific forces on the island of Matua fleet.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 18 February 2017 17: 57
    Build and rebuild what has been destroyed before all the armed forces .. Which, in principle, is being done .. Maybe not as fast as we would like ...
    1. Zibelew
      Zibelew 18 February 2017 18: 03
      At least it is necessary to maintain, otherwise without berths at the Pacific Fleet, the moorings are drowning ... In the photo is the “flying Dutchman” Lazarev.
      1. Eugene-Eugene
        18 February 2017 18: 08
        Fresh photo?
        1. Zibelew
          Zibelew 18 February 2017 18: 37
          The crew of the Pacific Fleet’s nuclear-powered cruiser Admiral Lazarev remained without communication with the shore after flooding of the structures of the floating pier. The incident occurred in the Fokinsky urban district of Primorsky Krai, where the ships of the Pacific Fleet are based.

          As it became known to Fontanka, the floating pier began to sink at night on January 23 and almost completely disappeared under water by morning. As a result of the incident, no one was injured, but the sailors of the atomic cruiser were completely left without communication with the shore. This information was confirmed to our correspondent in the press service of the Pacific Fleet.
          1. cniza
            cniza 18 February 2017 20: 42
            Quote: 210ox
            Build and rebuild what has been destroyed before all the armed forces .. Which, in principle, is being done .. Maybe not as fast as we would like ...

            The most important thing is to reassure the Japanese completely, there will be no other.
  2. tihon4uk
    tihon4uk 18 February 2017 18: 04
    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree recognizing in the Russian Federation documents issued to Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the territories of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
    1. Eugene-Eugene
      18 February 2017 18: 09
      Already published
  3. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 18 February 2017 18: 06
    How many bayonets do we have now in the Urals?
    1. kouldoom
      kouldoom 18 February 2017 18: 41
      not enough
    2. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 18 February 2017 18: 59
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      How many bayonets do we have now in the Urals?

      Bayonets can in an emergency "fit" even by air ...
      But with the population - a mess! In total, 6 million people live in the Urals, and 860 thousand people in the Primorsky Territory. Well, what kind of resources can be found here if the thunder breaks out. Muscovites and Petersburgers, who ("naturally"!) Will not go anywhere from the capitals, have mostly taken to the Far Eastern hectare. And obviously they grabbed for resale ... and the buyers (through nominees) may be hongfuzy ... So here is an ambush!
      On the number of troops. The composition is detailed, but the number (for well-known reasons) is not indicated. In principle, knowing approximately the number of compounds, an accuracy of +/- 10-15% can be calculated. Another question: is it necessary to do this? drinks On the diagram - yellow - BBO
  4. basmach
    basmach 18 February 2017 18: 50
    BBO is not only Kamchatka and Sakhalin. It used to be how many districts - SibVO, ZabVO, FEB. They gathered a few troops in the appendix, but from the Urals to Blagoveshchensk. All that was destroyed, and even in this appendix it is completely destroyed. The same airfield Vozdvizhenka with the town. Already threw off a photo of what was left, and still in this state.
  5. Nehist
    Nehist 18 February 2017 22: 09
    I wonder how they will create a fleet base on Matua? There are no natural sources of fresh water there, with the exception of snow on the Sarychev volcano.
    1. Rushnairfors
      Rushnairfors 19 February 2017 05: 35
      In 2009 the withdrawal of the HSRF from Primorye was reminiscent of the flight of a convoy of equipment towards Khabarovsk, Vozdvizhenka was torn apart for six months, I recall with a pain in my heart
  6. PVOSV
    PVOSV 19 February 2017 10: 08
    Well, if he says so, then it turns out that Surovikin’s big top with visiting recruitment commissions of the CC of the BBO for the recruitment of reserve officers was successful? Is the district staffed?