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Russian Navy will receive the Undaunted patrol ship in 2017

As the TASS, in November of this year, the Baltic Fleet will receive a patrol ship 11540 project "Fearless", undergoing repairs and modernization at the Baltic shipbuilding plant "Yantar".

Pass Undaunted the fleet due in November.

- explained the press secretary of the company Sergey Mikhailov.

Russian Navy will receive the Undaunted patrol ship in 2017

A few days ago, after undergoing repair of the hull and hull structures, the sentry was sent to the dock for about four months "for mounting the shaft line and performing hull works."

Previously it was expected that "Fearless" will be transferred to the Russian Navy at the end of 2016. But there were difficulties with the work, as stated by the main builder of the enterprise for ship repair Denis Zabaluev:

The detection revealed a large list of additional works, and an agreement was signed with the customer, according to which the deadline for the transfer of the ship to 2017 in November was set.

Fearless - the 11540 "Hawk" patrol ship, built on the Yantar in 1993. Designed to search, detect, track and destroy enemy submarines, for anti-ship and anti-submarine defense of warships and ships at sea, attack submarines and surface ships and vessels at sea and bases, support ground forces combat, provide landing, cover forces amphibious assault forces.

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  1. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 17 February 2017 08: 52
    And what about his weapons, so to speak, now, as a combat unit, will he fulfill his functions? Specialists, ay !!!
    1. Berkut24
      Berkut24 17 February 2017 09: 58
      According to modern requirements, it’s already dead, but as a guard, it will still serve. It is necessary to reach the manning of the BF with new ships. In neighboring Poland, the crew is still much older and dead.
      1. alexmach
        alexmach 17 February 2017 10: 21
        Where is it a bit cold? Uranus + Dagger + Waterfall + Helicopter. 20380 is not inferior to anything, and even superior in anti-submarine weapons. HOOK only nodding, towed no. But there is a helicopter, probably with a normal supply of fuel and weapons.
        1. Panikovsky
          Panikovsky 17 February 2017 12: 07
          Quote: alexmach
          Uranus + Dagger + Waterfall + Helicopter. 20380 is not inferior to anything corvettes

          There is no uranium on Undaunted, correctly said Berkut24, as a guard, will still serve, but essentially yesterday.
          1. Zibelew
            Zibelew 17 February 2017 13: 37
            Undaunted at the factory September 2016. Photo from the air base ...
      2. Izotovp
        Izotovp 17 February 2017 10: 36
        Nobody especially perceives Poland as a naval thunderstorm in that area, but the Fritz are being actively updated and it is necessary to compare them.
  2. jovanni
    jovanni 17 February 2017 08: 58
    Well here again! They will receive, develop, build, transfer, and generally increase and increase ... It would be in this news the present, not the future! And the past is better ... And then it’s just right to start another heading in VO - “dreams” ...
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 17 February 2017 09: 33
      It was previously expected that Undaunted would be handed over to the Russian Navy at the end of 2016. But there were difficulties with the work, as stated by the chief builder of the ship repair enterprise Denis Zabaluev

      Twenty-five again ... Something a long time ago there were no reports that the equipment had entered the troops ahead of schedule ...
  3. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 17 February 2017 09: 00
    The composition of the weapons of the Undaunted corresponds to its multi-purpose purpose. Artillery weapons include the AK-100 single-gun automatic 100-mm universal gun mount located on the upper deck in the bow of the ship, and the Kortik anti-aircraft missile and artillery system consisting of two combat modules with missile reloading systems and a command module with a target detection station. The Dagger complex strikes air targets with both 9M311 anti-aircraft guided missiles and AK-630M gun mount fire. The destruction range for missiles is 1,5-8,0 km, for gun mounts - 0,5-1,5 km. Reach in height - from 5 to 4000 m.
    Along with the Dagger complex, anti-aircraft and missile defense are provided by the multi-channel Dagger anti-aircraft missile system, which includes an under-deck launcher of four launch modules with eight missiles in each, as well as a control system that allows firing simultaneously at four targets, located at altitudes from 10 to 6000 m and at ranges from 1,5 to 12 km.
    The main strike weapon of the ship is the Uran anti-ship missile system, which includes four 4-charge launchers located on the lower tier of the superstructure behind the chimney. Complex missiles can hit surface targets at ranges from 5 to 130 km. Instead of the Uranus complex, it is possible to install the Yakhont missile complex with twelve anti-ship missiles or the Club-N missile complex with sixteen anti-ship missiles ZM-54E or ZM-54E1, which have great efficiency and firing range up to 300 km. anti-submarine weapons includes the Vodopad missile system with the Onega fire control system and six stationary single-tube 533 mm torpedo launchers for firing Vodopad-NK, 83-RN and 84-RN torpedoes or 53-65K torpedoes and SET-65. The range of hitting targets with missile and torpedoes is from 5 to 35 km, torpedoes are from 2 to 19 km.
    The RBU-12 213-barrel 6000-mm rocket launcher, firing deep bombs weighing 119,5 kg (high-explosive warhead weight - 23,5 kg) for a range of 5,7 km, is also designed to destroy submarines. The depth of hitting the target is 500 m.
    Data on anti-submarine weapons is provided by the Zvezda-1 sonar system with a telescoping and towed antennas. It provides:
    • search and detection of submarines;
    • determination of coordinates of targets;
    • recognition and communication with submarines;
    • classification of underwater targets;
    • detection of torpedoes;
    1. Banishing liberoids
      Banishing liberoids 17 February 2017 09: 08
      Alexey hi -Thank you for the information +
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 17 February 2017 12: 50
        Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
        Alex hi -Thank you for the information +

        Exorcist hi
        Lesha simply misinformed you: they wanted, but did not put Uranus on him, unlike Yaroslav the Wise. The place was determined, and the developers of the complex came. But something did not grow together.
        So, SORRY! hi
    2. Ajent cho
      Ajent cho 17 February 2017 12: 15
      Quote: Alexey-74
      the possibility of installing the Yakhont missile system

      It seems that Yahont is an export version of Onyx? Why do we need a weakened rocket in the presence of the same, but more powerful?
  4. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 17 February 2017 09: 00
    Good day on Undaunted and left the following weapons. The artillery weapons on the ship are not impressive enough - only one AK-100 artillery mount, but this is not its main weapon. Undaunted has powerful anti-submarine weapons: the 2 of the Vodopad-NK installation, and a rocket-propelled bomb. RBU-6000, as well as two torpedo tubes in caliber 533-mm. To protect against airborne threats, the ship has four Dagger installations, as well as the Dagger anti-aircraft artillery system. The ship also has protective equipment against chemical weapons, heat-guiding missiles, protective equipment against radiation and biological weapons. Also on the deck of the ship is one Ka-27 helicopter, which is capable of engaging in battle as soon as possible when needed. There is one thing but: There are no electronic warfare facilities on the ship. In other words, alas, it will not be possible to deceive the enemy with the help of electronic warfare. Well, like this. The average among the same type of ships of any sea power. But somehow, our alas, an old fleet is still holding onto such middle peasants. We are waiting for replenishment.
    1. Banishing liberoids
      Banishing liberoids 17 February 2017 09: 09
      Your namesake is from me too +! hi
  5. NEXUS
    NEXUS 17 February 2017 10: 14
    The ship was under repair since January 2014 ... that is, 3 years! repair work was carried out. During this time, it is possible to build a new ship in essence of this class ... but they will regularly report, it will be, soon, before, of course, and of course there is no tax in the world.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 17 February 2017 16: 44
        Quote: rudolff
        Compared to submarines, which are 10-15 years old in anticipation of repairs and repairs, this is not just fast, but it can be said lightning fast! And they laughed at the Estonians ...

        Rudolph, friend, welcome! hi
        We have been building nuclear-powered icebreakers in three years with a displacement greater than that of Petit ... And here we are processing a 2000-ton file and proudly reporting that we are handing it over ... I generally will not say anything about 20385, as cultural pretexts are.
        1. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 17 February 2017 21: 04
          Quote: NEXUS
          .And here we are processing 2000 tons of files ....

          Nuuuu, I didn’t expect such "negligence" from you !!!
          11540 at least under 4,5 CT draws that it’s 2 times bigger and quite seaworthy ... I dare to recall that after the era of standing at the pier in 90, it was Undaunted who opened the new era of the Navy's visits to 2004 by making an official visit to Cartagena as part of the BF ship detachment.
          Yours faithfully, hi
          1. NEXUS
            NEXUS 17 February 2017 21: 10
            Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
            Nuuuu, I didn’t expect such "negligence" from you !!!
            11540 at least under 4,5 Kt pulls, which is 2 times more and completely seaworthy ...

            I agree, I was careless ... just at the same time the article was about 20385, and simply confused, which is not permissible. Here you are absolutely right. About the history of the Undaunted and track record, I am in the know.
            Just from article to article, only promises, Wishlist, shifts in terms, slogans ... tired of it.
            I sincerely believe that out of all the representatives of our armed forces, sailors should erect monuments during their lifetime, and especially submariners.
            Thank you for noticing my negligence. I will try to continue to be more careful. hi
    2. kirieeleyson
      kirieeleyson 17 February 2017 11: 55
      Deputy Dean Yantar spoke about the difficulties, in particular, he mentioned extremely low seriality and many minor improvements for modernization. In practice, the work is equivalent to the construction of 70% of the new lead ship of the project, but since the decision was made, they, as contractors, are required to fulfill the contract. Of course, it’s a pity that there are no such capacities as they were during the period of general cooperation, and two ships of this series are handsome, one of the most beautiful ships of our fleet, I note that when Yaroslav the Wise goes on a campaign, a lot of people take pictures against his background, I would also wanted by the way.
    3. g1v2
      g1v2 17 February 2017 15: 27
      The problem with the repair of Ukrainian engines. request They learned to repair them only last year in Samara. Yaroslav was handed over last year - he was the first to be repaired. But there it was a turn for repairs. Undaunted - the next one was and one of the BPCs was also waiting for the repair of Ukrainian engines. By the way, the repair involved involved Ukrainian engineers and workers, who were given Russian passports last year.
      1. kefan
        kefan 17 February 2017 19: 20
        Quote: g1v2
        By the way, the repair involved involved Ukrainian engineers and workers, who last year

        But this is also good news.
  6. bald
    bald 17 February 2017 11: 19
    It seems there will not only deal with the body. The armament will be replaced with more modern models, which is something in the antenna economy, therefore, the repair will be delayed.
  7. Wolka
    Wolka 17 February 2017 13: 40
    ladies and gentlemen, where does this awareness of the repair and modernization of the famous watchman come from, it's actually classified information, but here it’s all on the street, don’t go to the grandmother’s yard, you want to find out something, buy seeds and go outside to treat grandmothers seeds, the mass of all information is guaranteed, but a competent person will be able to separate the seeds from the chaff ...
  8. Rabinowicz
    Rabinowicz 17 February 2017 14: 11
    Funny name.
    1. The Little Humpbacked Horse
      The Little Humpbacked Horse 17 February 2017 17: 03
      Quote: Rabinovich
      Funny name.

      It happens and funnier

  9. kefan
    kefan 17 February 2017 19: 08
    The news is of course good, well, something drastically tightened up with the repair.
  10. krabe2016
    krabe2016 25 March 2017 12: 09
    and turbines from the Undaunted have been gathering dust in Samara since 2014. workers have fired. there is no one to work .. thanks OPG Novik and State Duma deputy Lyashchenko A.V. for non-payment of salaries from May 2016