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NATO wants to move faster to the borders of Russia

The Baltic countries on Wednesday signed a political agreement on the rapid and simplified movement of NATO forces in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, reports with reference to the press service of the Estonian Defense Ministry.

The joint communiqué aims to achieve by June the capacity to take on NATO rapid response units during 24 hours and pre-deployment parts within 48 hours,
said the signing of the Minister of Defense of Estonia Margus Tsahkna (Margus Tsahkna).

He stressed that "the bureaucracy and borders of the allied states should not become an obstacle to the readiness and rapid movement of NATO allied forces."

According to the deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin, this technical agreement is “the Baltic countries have been in the alliance for 13 for years, and now they will actually fulfill what they are in NATO for.”

In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, NATO bases have never been, the entire infrastructure there is not ready for this. That is, if today it is necessary to transfer troops to the Baltic countries for a quick response to the “Russian threat”, they will not be able to accept them. Previously, it was all at the level of theory. Obviously, the appropriate infrastructure will now be developed. That is, this procedure will be launched,
said the expert.
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Mindaugas Kulbis / AP

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  1. mig29mks
    mig29mks 16 February 2017 16: 18
    The Baltic countries sign everything !!! All that the owner wants !!!! Already not even funny !!!
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 16 February 2017 16: 21
      Calm, everyone is ready for the visit of the new NATO, although they are straining near the border ...
      1. cniza
        cniza 16 February 2017 16: 27
        Let them buy more Vaseline, otherwise it will not be possible to speed up the troop deployment without it.
        1. bouncyhunter
          bouncyhunter 16 February 2017 16: 35
          I would better advise everyone to pass the test with an umbrella inserted in the ass. And then reveal it! It will save vaseline, at the same time and the new arrivals will know that there is a shell in the zope! am
        2. Ampere
          Ampere 16 February 2017 17: 51
          Especially in Estonia, there is vasilin
      2. Political department
        Political department 16 February 2017 16: 42
        Quote: bouncyhunter
        Calm, everyone is ready for the visit of the new NATO, although they are straining near the border ...

        Always ready! We are not the first to expect from this party “guests” .... We will meet, as always!
        1. corporal
          corporal 16 February 2017 17: 15
          Quote: Political Department
          .. Let's meet, as always!

          belay Shaw .. again to the Volga will you drape? And to the Siberian divisions again to save your ass?
          Oh, these political leaders ........... recourse
          1. Political department
            Political department 16 February 2017 17: 52
            Quote: Corporal
            Quote: Political Department
            .. Let's meet, as always!

            belay Shaw .. again to the Volga will you drape? And to the Siberian divisions again to save your ass?
            Oh, these political leaders ........... recourse

            This time, "drape" is useless .. All will be covered right away! But I’ll have to keep the defense ... I don’t know how Siberia is, but the Urals will survive, we have nowhere to run ... soldier
          2. Alexander Abdrakhmanov
            Alexander Abdrakhmanov 16 February 2017 18: 36
            To get to the Volga - you must first cross the Russian border. In modern warfare, there are a lot of 24 and 48 hours, it’s like the moon. They scare not Russia but themselves. What the Russian VKS did against the IGL, there was still paradise for them. Here it wakes up a solid HELL - tongue scratching one thing, in practice it will be very difficult for someone. Today, a tank, in modern combat, is an iron coffin.
          3. mr.redpartizan
            mr.redpartizan 16 February 2017 21: 52
            This time, the Siberian missile divisions will be work.
    2. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 16 February 2017 17: 30
      Finland and NATO ..
      On February 16, 2017, NATO and Finland signed the political framework for a cyber defense cooperation agreement.
      “We look forward to expanding our situational awareness and sharing best practices with Finland, including through dedicated points of contact for the rapid exchange of information on early warning information and lessons learned,” said Ambassador Sorin Dukaru, NATO Assistant Secretary General for New Security Challenges .

      "This agreement is a good example of cooperation between NATO and Finland - it is practical, substantial and at the same time mutually beneficial. Finland sees many opportunities for expanding cooperation, for example, in conducting training and training in the cyber field," said Mr. Jukka Juusti, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Finland.
      Finland actively cooperates with NATO on a number of cyber defense activities, including participating in the annual NATO cyber defense training - Cyber ​​Coalition and training. NATO Crisis and Situation Management - NATO's Crisis Management Exercise. ""
  2. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 16 February 2017 16: 18
    Yes, we are ready for this, so let us not rush. With the introduction of foreign troops, these dwarf states have finally buried their identity.
  3. kouldoom
    kouldoom 16 February 2017 16: 20
    Baltic countries are a symbol of world political prostitutes.
    1. mig29mks
      mig29mks 16 February 2017 16: 34
      This is how you should be omitted?
      1. kouldoom
        kouldoom 16 February 2017 16: 35
        Some people like to crawl before the stronger
        1. Prisoner
          Prisoner 16 February 2017 16: 47
          In-in. Sadomasochists and only.
  4. Andrey160479
    Andrey160479 16 February 2017 16: 23
    Balts are like a very lustful woman, come on without conventions, take me and quickly. Where there is logic, they are for independence, and here the direct voluntary occupation itself. Nonsense.
  5. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 16 February 2017 16: 25
    You just need to replace the local bureaucrats in the extinctions with American -one jester to the owners of the colonies sooner or later, but you will have to introduce total democracy in all local authorities.
  6. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 16 February 2017 16: 34
    D-a-ah-money for infrastructure-o-o-o-o-o. laughing

    For ten years and three years the Baltic Ilya Muromets sat on the stove. Right now, the kaliki passers-by, in the person of the NATO bureaucrats, will come and he will straighten his mighty shoulders. laughing
  7. jovanni
    jovanni 16 February 2017 16: 43
    NATO wants to move faster to the borders of Russia

    Be careful. With overclocking on the border right into the damp country you can please. If you do not have time to slow down ...
  8. Prisoner
    Prisoner 16 February 2017 16: 46
    And according to the mind, NATE would move faster FROM the Russian borders.
  9. viktor.
    viktor. 16 February 2017 16: 47
    dream quickly DIE?
  10. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 16 February 2017 16: 53
    All these are elements of a system of rapid global attack on Russia and they continue to be deployed on our borders, and not only on the western ones. Nobody is even going to abandon the plans for enslaving and dividing Russia, with the advent of Trump-pa, the financial burden on Europe will simply increase in terms of NATO content, but the concept of destroying Russia will not change. And all their peaceful assurances, as they were 200 years ago, the smokescreen of preparations for aggression, so they remained! stop
  11. twincam
    twincam 16 February 2017 17: 03
    I watch many here sparkle with vigorous speeches, but they don’t see the real situation in the bud.
  12. Dormidont2
    Dormidont2 16 February 2017 17: 11
    all the same, Iskander flies faster with the apple, the NATO team will not have time to crawl to the border of the Russian Federation
  13. To be or not to be
    To be or not to be 16 February 2017 17: 15
    On February 15, 2017, at the winter session of NATO defense ministers, it was decided to create a new regional center for the South on the basis of the NATO Joint Command in Naples. The center is part of the alliance’s response to threats from the Middle East and North Africa. . It will help to deeply understand regional challenges.
    On February 15, 2017, defense ministers from Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic signed agreements to deepen defense ties.
    4 Czech Rapid Deployment Brigades and 4 Romanian mechanized brigades will work closely with Germany’s 81th Armored Division and the Special Operations Forces Rapid Response Division
    Germany (Germany's 10 Armored Division and Rapid Response Forces Division.)
    This is part of the new concept of NATO on the integration of parts and formations of "smaller" countries with the connection of the armed forces of the "large" NATO
    February 16, 2017 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg - the alliance will strengthen its air and sea presence in the Black Sea region. . (land. air and sea components.) There will be a permanent presence of NATO in the World Cup ...
    The Secretary General also said at a press conference that NATO will modernize the NATO Allied Air Force Management Structure in response to new security challenges.
    On February 16, the issue of mixed special operations command (C-SOCC) was considered ((Letter of Intent on Composite Special Operations Component Command (C-SOCC)))
    February 16 Cybersecurity Plan approved
    Issues on the deployment of a multinational force in Estonia. Lithuania. Latvia and Romania. - Multinational framework brigades. Full readiness until July 2017.
    Increased defense spending of NATO countries
    1. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 16 February 2017 17: 43
      On February 16, 2017, Vladimir Putin took part in the annual expanded meeting of the FSB board, dedicated to the results of the agency’s activity over the past period and priority tasks in the field of ensuring national security for the future.
      "" The military-political and economic rivalry between global and regional centers of influence and individual states intensified. Look: in some countries of the Middle East, Asia, Africa bloody conflicts continue. They are actively involved in international terrorist groups, and in fact - terrorist armies that receive hidden, if not explicit support from some states.

      At the NATO summit last July in Warsaw, for the first time since 1989, Russia was recognized as the main security threat to the Alliance, and its deterrence was officially proclaimed a new NATO mission. For this purpose, a further expansion of the block is carried out. Actually, it was carried out earlier, but now they have found another, as it seems to them, more serious justification. The deployment of strategic and conventional weapons beyond the national borders of its leading states has accelerated.

      They provoke us every now and then, in fact, constantly provoke us and strive to drag us into confrontation. Attempts to intervene in our internal affairs with the goal of destabilizing the socio-political situation in Russia itself do not stop.

      We see a serious aggravation of the situation in the south-east of Ukraine in recent times. The purpose of this aggravation is obvious - to break the Minsk agreements. Today’s authorities in Ukraine are clearly not ready for a peaceful solution to this most complicated problem and are relying on a forceful solution. Moreover, they are openly talking about the organization of sabotage and terrorist, subversive work, including in Russia. It cannot but disturb us.
      The FSB, together with other law enforcement agencies, with the coordinating role of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, prevented 45 terrorist crimes, including 16 terrorist attacks.
      According to operational data, it can be seen that the activity of foreign special services in Russia is not declining. Last year, 53 cadre employees and 386 agents of foreign special services were suppressed. "
  14. Colleague
    Colleague 16 February 2017 17: 20
    Act of full occupation
  15. Iline
    Iline 16 February 2017 17: 25
    Guys! Take your time, then. The modern weapons of Russia will reach you anywhere on the planet Earth. soldier
  16. Alex_Tug
    Alex_Tug 16 February 2017 18: 28
    P ... some. No one will ask the Baltic states once they were asked by NATO battalions in the Baltic states.
  17. Evgeny_711
    Evgeny_711 16 February 2017 18: 40
    I think so, to plant anti-tank seeds with a km wide along the border with the Baltic, suddenly the "emigrants" will trample!
  18. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 16 February 2017 19: 15
    accept NATO rapid response units within 24 hours and pre-deployment units within 48 hours

    Sounds wrong.
    ... NATO rapid reaction units must flee within 24 hours and preliminary deployment units must not reach at all ...
  19. Charond
    Charond 16 February 2017 19: 54
    Russia needs to speed up work on the creation of the BZHRK and stop spending money on all sorts of Kyrgyzstan and failed projects, such as the Redut air defense system and trough 22350 (Pot)
  20. volodya
    volodya 16 February 2017 19: 58
    And do these non-states consider themselves independent? They have long been occupied!