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Fuel Service Day

Fuel Service Day

February 17 Fuel Service Day of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The fuel service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is one of the youngest services of the Rear. It performs one of the important tasks in ensuring the combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces — it supplies the troops with fuel and lubricants and rocket fuel, ensuring the operation of military equipment and armaments both in parks and in training maneuvers and in real combat operations.

The structure of the Fuel Service consists of and constantly operates: special centers for providing troops with fuel and technical equipment; repair companies and services; numerous parts of pipeline troops; SRI; specialized laboratories and transport units.

History The fuel service began 81 a year ago, when, according to the Order of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR No. 024 from 17.02.1936, the Department for Fuel Supply was established.

The first head of the Fuel Supply Department was Nikolay Nikolayevich Movchin. Even before the official creation of the Fuel Service, he became one of the initiators of the formation of the fuel supply structure of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army (RKKA).

Mass equipment of the Red Army and the Navy fleet new models of military equipment increased the need for fuels and lubricants.

In 1937, work on the construction of fuel depots was successfully organized and a whole network of military and district warehouses was formed as part of the army.

During the Great Patriotic War, timely delivery of fuel often decided the outcome of hostilities, which in turn formed a unified picture of the defeat of Hitler’s army. The combat capability of the Soviet troops depended directly on how quickly their fuel supply would be organized. The servicemen who were part of the fuel service division often performed real feats by transporting fuel for military equipment directly to the front line.

During the defense of Leningrad, when the only way to the city lay through Lake Ladoga, officers and soldiers of the Fuel Service, having shown courage and heroism, working for bombing days, laid the 27-kilometer pipeline across the lake.

In total, during the blockade, over the Ladoga pipeline was pumped over 47 thousand tons of various types of fuel, which allowed to meet the needs of the troops and the civilian population, to survive the difficult years of the blockade.

During the war years, government awards received more than 1500 Service employees.

With the advent of nuclear weapons The Fuel Service was given new tasks to provide the forces and forces of the fleet with liquid rocket fuel. To address this issue, it took the development of new technologies and deep scientific studies. Therefore, the Research Institute of Fuel and Lubricants (Research Institute of Fuel and Lubricants) was opened in 1946, today the 25 State Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was opened.

Repeatedly, the employees of the Fuel Service had to carry out their activities in “hot spots”. For the provision of fuel and lubricants of the Soviet troops in Afghanistan for a long time field field pipelines were used. The transfer of fuel through the pipeline was carried out around the clock, and this despite the fact that it was one of the primary objectives for the so-called. "Mujahideen" (Dushmans). The fuel line was constantly undermined, swept, punched with picks. Specialists of the Fuel Service constantly had to eliminate the consequences of accidents and sabotage.

The total length of the pipeline in Afghanistan was more than 1200 kilometers, 5,4 million tons of fuel was pumped through it. In total, 6,8 million tons of fuel was supplied to Afghanistan.

In total, more than 6 thousands of Fuel Service representatives took part in the hostilities in Afghan territory.

In this context, one cannot ignore the page of history devoted to the Chechen campaigns. While providing troops with fuel in an armed conflict on the territory of Chechnya, military vehicles had to be fueled under the threat of militant fire attack. Therefore, it was necessary to improve the organization and speed of the Service, as well as strengthen the disguise. Despite numerous problems with the provision of the necessary forces and means, the servicemen of the Service fulfilled all the basic tasks assigned to them.

The fuel service once again showed its professionalism and high readiness to perform tasks while providing water for extinguishing 1972 fires of the year, while eliminating the consequences of the Chernobyl accident in 1986, while ensuring the supply of drinking water to the cities of Armenia destroyed by a terrible earthquake.

In 2010, the formation, formation and development of the Fuel Service began as a unified logistics system (MTO). In order to improve technical readiness and improve the material base in 2015, the refueling stations were upgraded and the fuel service technical equipment was purchased for 316 million rubles.

The Ministry of Defense, together with Russian fuel companies, commissioned 8 fueling complexes, the construction of another 4 is being completed, and in 2017, 11 of modern TZK will be built more than three years ahead of the main defense department.

Sergei Shoigu noted that the ministry has already received billion rubles from the oil companies 12. The total investment in all 23 filling stations will be at least 18 billion.

In 2010, the annual fuel turnover in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was about 8 million tons, at the moment this figure has grown by almost 50%. This suggests an increase in the intensity of the activities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which in turn gives rise to talk about increasing defense capability.

Today, the Fuel Service solves the tasks of storing and transporting fuel by land, sea and air. Specialists of the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carry out refueling operations, servicing hundreds of warehouses, automated fuel delivery points, filling stations, bases of various subordination and are constantly on full alert.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 17 February 2017 06: 12
    Although a "young" holiday, nevertheless ALL involved in the holiday! So that the fuel tanks are always full and do not dry out !!! drinks
    1. Finches
      Finches 17 February 2017 06: 17
      Happy Holidays! drinks

      As my nachges said, to myself and my colleagues - half of us are in ladies, and half are sitting ... I wish everyone to be in the first half! laughing
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 17 February 2017 06: 49
        Fuel Service Day
        army mixture 50/50 kerosene with gasoline and ZIL is almost like an airplane ... smoke ... laughing with a holiday, fuel and lubricants! (get drunk, do not smoke at the gas station!) laughing
        1. Svarog51
          Svarog51 17 February 2017 09: 25
          Enlighten the illiterate! Do they also fuel airplanes with alcohol? request drinks
          1. Andrey Yuryevich
            Andrey Yuryevich 17 February 2017 11: 37
            Quote: Svarog51
            Enlighten the illiterate! Do they also fuel airplanes with alcohol? request drinks

            No, technology ... and the soldiers are merging from the guard company! laughing drinks
            1. Svarog51
              Svarog51 17 February 2017 12: 29
              This is for sure, especially from the duty couple in the morning and for lack of capacity - to the helmet. repeat repeat repeat drinks
            2. Svarog51
              Svarog51 17 February 2017 12: 36
              And yet, for a numbered screwdriver found, they require a can of alcohol from techies. For the only way I can punish him is that without corrective sanctions, without engine overhaul and for the benefit of the service! wink
  2. bald
    bald 17 February 2017 06: 13
    I heartily congratulate the breadwinners, our military equipment!
  3. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 17 February 2017 06: 14
    Fuel Service Day, LVH Service Day. . Day rear service, so it was and is right! good The rear guards! soldier Happy holiday to you! drinks soldier good
  4. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 17 February 2017 06: 34
    There was a time when buckets gave fuel for training. Then they looked at them like gods. I hope this horror is a thing of the past. They have a lot of holidays. There is another day for oil and gas industry workers. This is also their holiday. Especially when alcohol is available. It is also fuel !!!!!!!!!!!!! fuel steers! Happy holiday.
  5. dnestr74
    dnestr74 17 February 2017 08: 15
    Nachprod, nachchevs and the beginning of fuels and lubricants did not meet honest
  6. Buffet
    Buffet 17 February 2017 08: 46
    I remember how in our battalion exercises 20 tons of tanning salons were allocated. In fact, only once did all the equipment run and the rest went to the side. Naturally, 90% of ensigns and officers have diesel cars ...
    1. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow 17 February 2017 09: 11
      Do not equal everyone in your opinion. The one who screams more about the fact that everyone is stealing has left not far from this.
      1. dnestr74
        dnestr74 17 February 2017 10: 14
        Yeah, the head of fuel and lubricants 276 SMEs was caught in Ossetia in the second company when selling a full fuel truck.
        Quote: serezhasoldatow
        Do not equal everyone in your opinion. The one who screams more about the fact that everyone is stealing has left not far from this.
  7. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 17 February 2017 09: 10
    Happy holiday, colleagues!
  8. Not served
    Not served 17 February 2017 10: 21
    In the photo PMTP-150, as I understand it! Had a pleasure to "communicate" with this device)))))
    Happy Holidays!
  9. faterdom
    faterdom 17 February 2017 12: 32
    By the way, those who are real, and not on TV, were the last to leave the DRA. While all the rest of the columns were on, the fuel and lubricants service worked on the routes, including already not covered by any of the combat units. But she completed her tasks. Happy holiday, veterans!
  10. MPK105
    MPK105 18 February 2017 10: 45
    Interestingly, I didn’t know about the existence of such a holiday ... Congratulations, the flammable blood of the war. Without you, nobody will go anywhere
  11. Koshak
    Koshak 19 February 2017 19: 28
    Totally crazy with these newfangled holidays. After all, there is a day of rear services. Then why not establish the Day of Bolts and Nuts, and the Day of Meat Products. Soon it will reach insanity. There used to be one general “Aviation Day” (August 18). Now there’s a type sharing (long-range, assault fighter). We will soon celebrate “Su-27 Day” and “BMP-3 Day” and “Lifeboat Day”