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Suicide games. Chronology of Armageddon

After Donald Trump's announcement of the use of nuclear weapons the hands of the Doomsday clock, reflecting the level of danger of a nuclear war, have stepped forward 30 seconds. The decision was taken after analyzing the new risks. This suggests that in America they realize the possibility of such a development of events and want to protect themselves as much as possible against time trouble.

Nuclear conflict may begin due to unforeseen developments in Ukraine, the Caucasus, Central Asia, during US military maneuvers near the borders of the DPRK. We take this scenario as the most likely.

Korea - Southeast Asia Hot Spot

Pyongyang conducted five nuclear tests: in 2006, 2009, 2013 and 2016-m, and last year - two. After that, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions against the DPRK and issued resolutions prohibiting it from developing nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. In Pyongyang, these documents are not recognized.

According to the military-strategic plans of the US Department of Defense, there are possible options for the use of US forces in Southeast Asia, including to help South Korea in exacerbating the situation. In particular, two constantly adjusted plans of conducting combat operations in Asia with the use of nuclear weapons (NW) were created in the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces. One concerns participation in the defense of South Korea against possible intervention (OPLAN 5027). The other is designed to protect the Korean Peninsula from the invasion of troops by potential adversaries in the event of any other emergencies and events that may occur there (OPLAN 5077).

China is another US headache. In January, Beijing relocated DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missiles to the northeastern part (Heilongjiang Province), which borders on the Russian Primorsky and Khabarovsk territories (the “China nuclear missile warning”). DF-41 starting weight - about 80 tons. For comparison: the weight of the Russian mobile-based ICBM Topol-M does not exceed 46,5 tons. DF-41 can carry up to ten split 150 kilotons of warheads each or have a single-unit warhead of more than one megaton. Flight range - from 12 to 15 thousands of kilometers. The redeployment demonstrates the need of the Chinese armed forces to provide a strike against the continental United States. The positional region of Chinese ICBMs is closer, for example, to Chicago, rather than to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Taking into account the geostrategic priorities of the team of the new American president, which has already been put into practice, which called China the main threat, Peking’s military preparations take on a completely different color. In the near future, the PRC may well face unfriendly, or even openly hostile, actions of the United States, and not only of an economic nature. The number of alleged anti-Chinese steps Trump may fall escalation of tension around Taiwan and return to the question of the legality of the presence of the PRC on the disputed islands in the South China Sea. Washington can easily use these weakest points of Beijing’s foreign policy to solve the “Chinese question”.

Chronology of Armageddon

The Americans have very specific plans to unleash and conduct modern wars, taking into account the practice of using two nuclear bombs in the Second World War, as well as analyzing the results of exercises using nuclear weapons. There are command and staff games in which numerous scenarios composed by research institutes (like the Brookings Institution) and centers (Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University) are rehearsed. And everywhere in the final part - nuclear war. Moreover, two specific variants of its beginning in 2019 and 2020 are considered, despite the fact that the final result is the mutual destruction of the warring parties. The alleged enemy is a coalition of Russia and the PRC.

How events will develop, analysts in the United States and Russia have calculated using the supercomputer by hours and minutes.

August 2019 of the year. Beijing claims to have military might and can stop any attempt by Taiwan to declare independence. Warns that his nuclear weapons arsenal can be used against US aircraft carrier strike forces if the Americans intervene in the internal affairs of China.

March 2020 of the year. The new leadership of Taiwan through the elections removes the ruling nationalist party from power. At the helm in Taipei - Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

April 2020 of the year. The People's Republic of China signs an agreement with the Russian Federation on the joint use of the GLONASS navigation system. It gets an opportunity to install its elements on warships and other weapons systems, which significantly increases their combat capabilities and guidance accuracy.

May 2020 of the year. In Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian was inaugurated as president of Taiwan. In his first speech, Chen denounces the agreement with China "Two countries - one nation" and declares that during his tenure he intends to build up the country's policy as independent of the PRC.

June 2020 of the year. China breaks all contacts with Taiwan. News Mr. Chen’s presidential speech is being conveyed to the PRC public, and this is causing concern inside the country. Chinese officials have hated the United States since the period of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the war in Kosovo.

August 2020 of the year. The United States is beginning to supply Taiwan with the weapons needed to create an anti-missile shield on the island, in particular the Patriot PAC 2.

September 2020 of the year. Chinese fighters are being transferred to Fujian Province, located near Taiwan.

October 2020 of the year. The US is directing the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier with a group of escort ships to Sydney, hiding behind the “goodwill” mission there. Beijing is deploying several ships of its naval forces in the area of ​​conflict. The US government declares its determination to protect Taiwan from aggression.

November 1 2020 of the year. The ECHELON Australian communications and communications intercept system, located in Pine Gap (ECHELON communication intercept system), records an increase in the intensity of military communications between Beijing and the militant group in Taiwan.

4 November 2020 of the year, 4.00. China launches the CSS-7 SRBM, equipped with an 250-kiloton nuclear warhead, against well-protected Taiwanese facilities. At the same time, a nuclear device emitting a powerful electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) is being undermined at high altitude over Taipei. The main radio-electronic equipment, control and monitoring systems of the Taiwan Armed Forces are being disabled. Soon after the bombing of the HEMP, a significant number of cruise missiles launch against the main military facilities located on the island. They disable most of the country's 400 combat aircraft. The armada of Chinese warships is blocking the main ports of Taiwan.

November 9 2020 of the year. American fighters are attacking the enemy in mainland China, and in this chaos, the plane of the Russian president, who by then accidentally turned out to be over one of the NATO countries, is being forced into a forced landing, but he is attempting to return to his homeland. Russia as an ally of the PRC declared war.

Dive into chaos

November 11 2020 of the year. Russia is attacking US military satellites: two ground-based laser systems are used to disable reconnaissance vehicles flying in low orbits around the Earth. Interceptors are launched designed to destroy or destroy spacecraft in other orbits. Part of the Russian civilian population is hiding in bomb shelters and subway tunnels, being taken out of cities to towns and villages.

November 12 2020 of the year. Fighting global scale with the use of nuclear weapons will begin when the Russian Federation performs a disarming nuclear strike (as Russia launches a preemptive strike). Over a thousand Russian missiles, on which 5400 warheads are located, are launched as a launch and counter strike (strike) against the United States and its NATO allies.

12.05 PM CDT. Nuclear explosions occur on several Russian satellites in low orbits while passing over the territory of the United States. Most of the unprotected computers and related equipment break down, the communication systems, information stored in storage devices, and power supply systems on a national scale are destroyed. Vehicles using electronic equipment fail. Observed civilian and military casualties. Disabled many civilian systems and structures in the continental US.

US strategic bombers take off from permanent air bases. The air force includes twenty B-2 and five B-3 in the state of Texas, four of which rise from the Bergstrom airbase, located near the city of Austin. 25 airplanes carry 400 nuclear bombs and missiles.

12.10 PM CDT. The NATO rockets "Pershing II", "Griffin", deployed in Europe, are launched against targets in Russia and the CIS.

Russian submarines armed with ballistic missiles strike at designated targets in the United States. The 55 warheads from the 76 missiles launched from the SSBNs reach their targets. Each explosion forms a fireball, emitting intense light radiation with a duration of about 10 seconds. All combustible materials and objects at a distance of three to nine kilometers, ignite. People and animals that are in the 6,5 – 18,5 kilometer receive second degree burns. The atmospheric shock wave from each nuclear explosion causes the complete or partial destruction of all buildings within a kilometer 1,5 – 4,5 radius.

12.50 PM CDT. The massive attack of American missiles launched from the SSBNs overcomes the missile defense system around Moscow. SLBMs of the United States, Great Britain and France are involved in a nuclear strike. Around 200 missiles reach their designated targets (around 49 are destroyed by Moscow’s missile defense system). Most of the leaders of the Russian leadership, while in underground shelters, remain alive, but a significant part of the civilian population who were in the tunnels of the metro and other shelters, dies within a few hours. The total damage area is about one hundred thousand square kilometers. There is nothing alive here.

In the US, about 800 killed thousands of people, up to three million injured or injured.

1.00 PM CDT. The third wave of nuclear strikes reaches targets in the United States; 146 warheads fall on the territory of the United States. In the valley of Rio Grande Valley (In the Rio Grande Valley), one 350-kilo warhead exploded over Brownsville (Brownsville), three 350-kiloton warheads - in the area of ​​McAllen town, 550 warheads-kilotonn - in the ground in Harlingen (Harlingen) and at the airport of Cameroon County. Mass fires.

The total power of all nuclear explosions was about 128 megatons (40 times more than all the exploded ammunition and conventional bombs and shells used during the Second World War). In Texas, about three million five hundred thousand people were killed.

2.00 PM CD. In the United States, about 700 thousands of square kilometers burn, in Russian territory - up to 250 thousands, about 180 thousands of square kilometers - in Europe. Continuous or intermittent and extinguishing flames are observed in a third of the territories of the US states - North Dakota, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Since major dams and dams were destroyed as a result of nuclear explosions in the United States, water flows from reservoirs into the valleys, the beds of the largest rivers such as Missouri, Colorado and Tennessee, will suffer the most.

Results and consequences

5.00 PM CDT. Clouds formed after a series of nuclear explosions at heights from 100 to 300 kilometers move by winds, forming huge formations of smoke, ash and dust. In the dark, under the clouds formed, the air noticeably cools.

Evaporations from the surface of the earth are mixed with the radioactive remnants of nuclear explosions, are deposited in the places over which the clouds pass. Radiation from precipitations of such power that causes military personnel and civilian radiation sickness to survivors of a nuclear explosion. Black rains coming from the clouds are radioactive - in some cases they are quite enough to cause skin burns.

The smoke generated during the burning of urban buildings, also radioactive and life-threatening. Explosions and fires destroy 70 percent of the global industrial potential.

12.00 nights CDT 13 November 2020 of the year. The exchange of nuclear strikes ends. 5800 nuclear warheads with a total power of 3900 megatons explode in the United States. Russian nuclear weapons successfully used in Europe. About 6100 YAGCH total 1900 megatons exploded in Russia. In the course of a global nuclear war, about 50 percent of all strategic and tactical nuclear weapons were spent.

About 10 percent of all the ammunition launched against targets and targets did not reach the targets, 30 percent were destroyed on the ground. In total, during the Third World War, 18 thousands of NGTs were undermined with a total 8500 megaton capacity. In view of the tactical nuclear weapons in the world, there were 67 thousands of nuclear weapons.

In the US, a total of 110 killed millions of people. In Russia - 40 million. Hundreds of thousands of victims in a number of CIS countries. On the territory of mainland China, there were about 900 of millions of people killed out of a population of two billion people.

As for the victims of nuclear war in other countries, in the UK 20 million people were killed (from 57 million), in Belgium - two million (from 5100 million people), in Australia - three million (from 16 million people), in Mexico - more than three million, most of which lived in cities bordering the United States.

The total number killed in a nuclear war is about 400 millions.

9.00 AM CDT. People who survived after exposure to the damaging factors of nuclear explosions have little chance of medical care. In the US, there are only 80 thousands of beds in special hospitals, while in the country there are about 20 millions of injured and injured. About nine million people suffered severe body burns, while only 200 beds were kept in hospitals where they could help people who received burns of varying degrees. There is a fairly large number of victims of electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Fires continue, people receive additional radiation from induced radiation and other damaging factors.

18 November. Clouds of smoke in the northern part of the hemisphere spread and form a kind of plume around the earth, covering mainly the countries involved in the conflict. Huge amounts of smoke and dust in the atmosphere include about 1500 million tons and they, absorbing sunlight, cover the sun.

20 November. The average dose of radioactivity in the United States after a nuclear attack is about X-ray 500. For comparison: the dose in 100 X-rays obtained during the week causes illness in half of the people exposed to radiation. Up to 50, the percentages of people who received a dose of 450 X-rays will die within 30 days in a short time. With the received dose of 1500 X-ray radioactivity, almost everyone will die in 10 days.

People who have been indoors for one week, reduce the dose of radiation to about 70 percent.

For all of the US, the average dose of radiation in open areas is 1200 X-rays. For Russians, who are in about the same conditions, 150 is an x-ray. The difference is that in Russia nuclear weapons are more powerful, and the territory is larger. In European countries, people in open areas can receive an average dose of X-ray 500 radiation. Radioactive fallout falls to the ground completely unequal in density and volume: in the US, doses of infection more than 1800 X-ray are in eight percent of rural areas, radiation doses more than 500 X-ray in Russia cover only one percent of the territory.

20 December. In the Northern Hemisphere, smoke in the lower atmosphere begins to dissipate, while at high altitudes it still absorbs sunlight. There are strong winds in some coastal areas. Fogs envelop the coasts of the oceans, and smoke envelops North America and Eurasia. A large number of civilians and personnel suffering from large doses of radiation, additional symptoms of radiation sickness appear: hair loss and leukopenia.

25 December. The smoke in the northern part of the hemisphere closes most of the sunlight and due to the fact that it penetrated the atmosphere, most of the ozone hole moved to the southern hemisphere.

Fighting at sea between fleets NATO and Russia have weakened. In the US Navy, out of 15 aircraft carriers by Russian submarines, three were destroyed on the first day of the war, another five - in ports a little later.

Disabled most civilian satellites. In the orbits, other spacecraft are damaged by shrapnel, radiation from exploded nuclear weapons begins to orient with the magnetic lines of force of the Earth, turning the space around it into a dead zone for many years ...

These are the projected estimates of the development and consequences of the nuclear apocalypse. I would not like this gloomy scenario to ever become a reality. But he is a serious reminder that the likelihood of a nuclear global catastrophe is very high. Therefore, in the near future, the leaders of the United States, Russia, China and other countries should take comprehensive measures to save humanity from falling into the abyss.

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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 17 February 2017 05: 54
    the Yankees themselves muddied ... with feminine logic ..- "she came up with, she was scared, she was offended ..." here's a toy for you to play:
  2. apro
    apro 17 February 2017 06: 09
    Again the apocalypse ..... tomorrow ..... or yesterday ?????? Tired of these fictions or fantasies of fans of a big schucher. A large nuclear war will not solve any problems, and even the threat of use is dubious, how can you imagine a blow to financial centers where the right people have money earned by overwork? Or a blow to China's factories of the world and Economic SGA is no less dependent on the Chinese, North Korea also needs SGA to justify its presence in the region, there is always a scarecrow at hand. The world is too small in our highly integrated time and everyone’s dependence on everyone Yaba. In addition, the SGA are very successfully using other methods of war and very successfully to advance their goals, so that it was all too early to scream.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 17 February 2017 06: 30
    Nuclear conflict may begin due to unforeseen developments in Ukraine, the Caucasus, Central Asia, during US military maneuvers near the borders of the DPRK. We take this scenario as the most likely.

    and the mericatos act in this role as arsonists, and as carriers of gasoline to the fire ... angry
    1. novel66
      novel66 17 February 2017 06: 47
      Ideally, even with firewood
  4. Olgovich
    Olgovich 17 February 2017 06: 34
    A nuclear conflict may begin due to unforeseen developments on Ukraine, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, during US military maneuvers near the borders of the DPRK

    ALL items are near the borders of Russia. It would seem, where does the United States ?!

    Because of something located inand tens of thousands of kilometers from the United States to destroy half of their country is incomprehensible to the mind.
    Next, Lavrov.
    1. novel66
      novel66 17 February 2017 06: 48
      Why half, all, ultimately
  5. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 17 February 2017 07: 53
    What year scenario? Pershing-2 in Europe and BGM-109G Gryphon are banned by the INF Treaty, which means the United States began to place outdated and disarmed media in violation, but we didn’t react at all? The percentage of warheads across the United States is greatly underestimated, the losses in Europe are also a clear nod of "analysts" in favor of complacency, as well as the preventive strike of Russia - the State Department’s agitation. It seems that the script of 1970 was taken, the USSR was replaced by Russia, the names of the YaBCh carriers were renewed (the Pershing only missed, nonsense), and they shoved China there. It turned out a bowl of vinaigrette in continuation of the theme of "apocalypse" on a weekly TV broadcast.
  6. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 17 February 2017 08: 12
    What kind of fantasy is this? The arrest of the President of Russia, laser attacks on satellites, nuclear satellites in orbits, but the consequences of attacks on nuclear power plants and SNF storage facilities have not been taken into account! The use of supposedly trouble-free missile defense is mentioned only in passing (and how many hopes!).

    But, the main thing is not taken into account! Everywhere in the world, the subject of Main Amher Risks is being destroyed - democracy. Democracy cannot function in such conditions. And nowhere will there be neither sodomy, nor juvenile, nor tolerance, nor multiculturalism. The western world and the western way of life will die.

    It is taken into account that the territory of Russia, due to the larger size and dispersal of the population, will suffer less; this is a common place in any planning of nuclear weapons (this is a guarantee of its avoidance). But, again, it was not taken into account that the surviving, luminous a-measures and geyropets, will have the worst. They are used to the stolen highest standard of living! The higher you climb, the more painful it is to fall. A-measures will scratch the ass with newspapers, as there will be no toilet paper (the Symbol of Democracy that defeated the USSR). There will be no anal lubrication. Geyrovtsy will suddenly find that potatoes are harvested from the ground, and not from plastic packaging.

    ... And then the a-measures and the Geyrovites will bitterly cry, and they will cry out (not to the pasta-monster god, but to the Lord), crying "Why didn’t we give Ukraine Ukraine, Eastern Europe to Russia, impose sanctions, harass and provoke them"But there will be no answer. The Lord does not answer the Satanists.
    And the revival of the Earth will begin from Russia.
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 17 February 2017 08: 55
      Quote: Gormengast
      It was taken into account that the territory of Russia, due to the larger size and dispersal of the population, will suffer less; this is a common place in any planning of nuclear weapons (this is a guarantee of its avoidance).

      Is resettlement uniform in Russia? The Siberian taiga and areas of the endless North, of course, will not be affected. But this is not easier for us, since the entire population is mainly in the western and central regions! Therefore, it’s ridiculous to expect that “me” will not hurt. They will not beat in the territories, but where they need to.
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 17 February 2017 09: 03
        The fallout will hurt everyone.
      2. Gormenghast
        Gormenghast 17 February 2017 09: 19
        Is resettlement uniform in Russia?

        Concentration is less.

        Therefore, it’s ridiculous to expect that “me” will not hurt

        No one counts. sad But it is not for us, and not for Putin, to decide, but for aggressive democracies.
    2. zoolu300
      zoolu300 17 February 2017 21: 20
      Here is a robust post. Only I would focus not on the satisfying life of Western cattle, but on the EXCELLENT life of the Fed owners and their power over the world, provided by printing green paper and the military-industrial complex of secondary schools. Absolute power for the sake of some probalts, Velikoukrov and Poles is foolish for the owners of the Fed. Therefore, Trump can arbitrarily rotate the Doomsday clock with his tongue, because dare he touch them even with a fingernail he will die quickly and may not be elegant.
      1. Gormenghast
        Gormenghast 18 February 2017 06: 53
        some probalts, Velikoukrov and Poles

        Set what you need! laughing
  7. basmach
    basmach 17 February 2017 08: 23
    Of particular interest is the passage of the suspension of all the B-52s and it seems that it’s not for one purpose .. But judging by the forecasts, the Chinese will completely dislike something strongly. But in the Second World War, none of the parties dared to use chemical weapons even in the most desperate situation, when there was nothing to lose either .. Hope for survival, however.
  8. Vadim237
    Vadim237 17 February 2017 09: 02
    Thank you for the text, very funny - "More than a thousand Russian missiles with 5400 warheads are launched as launched as a counterforce strike against the United States and its NATO allies." This is when we had so many missiles with warheads?
    1. Gormenghast
      Gormenghast 17 February 2017 09: 23
      More than a thousand Russian missiles, on which 5400 warheads are located, are launched as a retaliatory strike

      They, apparently, consider all missiles, including the Iskanders; maybe Caliber and McCain’s recent mythical RSMD.
      1. De laert
        De laert 17 February 2017 23: 21
        It is understood that by 2020 there will be a thousand.
        1. Vadim237
          Vadim237 18 February 2017 11: 21
          "It is understood that by 2020 there will be a thousand." What is a thousand - ICBMs?
  9. Vadim237
    Vadim237 17 February 2017 09: 14
    "The fighting at sea between the NATO and Russian fleets has weakened. In the US Navy, out of 15 aircraft carriers by Russian submarines, three were destroyed on the first day of the war, five more in ports a little later." Here the situation will be more likely this - the entire fleet of Russia will be completely or partially destroyed, and the losses at the US Navy will be about 50%.
  10. verb
    verb 17 February 2017 09: 57
    When is the movie coming out? And who is the screenwriter? I already begin to be horrified in advance ...
  11. NEXUS
    NEXUS 17 February 2017 10: 32
    Hmm ... Harrison and Belyaev smoke ... the author the question is, what did you smoke when you wrote this masterpiece?
    For some points ...
    Question Number One - How Much Does China Have ICBMs?
    Question number two-A in a nuclear conflict only the Russian Federation, China, the United States and France will participate? Koreans, Indians and Pakistanis will probably stand aside, smoking that rubbish like you.
    The third question- Will the planet calmly watch how nuclear weapons are hammering on it? Or does it not reach you, the author, that the planet will be the main and decisive side of the nuclear conflict? Volcanoes won't wake up? Will there be no tsunami? Floods, typhoons, fires, acid rain ... all this will not happen?
    Comrade author, stop smoking all sorts of rubbish and don’t litter the brains of people with such scribble.
  12. Almaty man
    Almaty man 17 February 2017 10: 39
    Article is cheap ... cinema ..
    Here is my scenario: a pre-emptive global disarmament strike is launched on the NATO block with new hypersonic missiles and Balistic missiles ... all US satellites are being shot down simultaneously ..
    Managed to take off obsolete enemy missiles are destroyed in space ... Not a single missile reaches the target ...
    The whole planet is on fire except for the CSTO countries
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 17 February 2017 19: 11
      Quote: Almaty man
      Managed to take off obsolete enemy missiles are destroyed in space ... Not a single missile reaches the target ...
      The whole planet is on fire except for the CSTO countries

      And you, my friend, is an optimistic strategist. wassat
  13. Sashka
    Sashka 17 February 2017 10: 58
    China recorded about 900 million people killed from two billion people in the country ...
    The total number killed in a nuclear war is about 400 millions.

    The author did not mess up anything ?! There, only China has under billion.
    All in all, very realistic! Moreover, even simulating on a computer they lay parameters of the type:
    The USA attacked China, interceding for Taiwan, and without warning attacked Russia, because It does not conflict with China. Freudian slip?! Or simply they no longer hide the fact that the instigators of a large schukher will be RAINBOW BOYS ?!
    Good day!
    RUSOIVAN 17 February 2017 11: 52
    And will Yellowstone be beaten from above with boards?
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 18 February 2017 11: 22
      "And Yellowstone" - And Yellowstone will be hit on the drum by all these attacks - it does not depend on the human factor.
  15. cedar
    cedar 17 February 2017 12: 30
    "... A nuclear conflict may begin due to unforeseen developments in Ukraine, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, during US military maneuvers near the borders of the DPRK. We will take this scenario as the most likely."

    Once such a booze has gone, let's take the most incredible .. when the US debt reached 20 greens.
    The White House turned yellow and defaulted ...
    The whole world economy after him turned into one crazy house ...
    Read the author further.

    P.S. REMAINING $ 24 ...
    See the root.
  16. kouldoom
    kouldoom 17 February 2017 13: 20
    Good scripts for the movie
  17. Operator
    Operator 17 February 2017 13: 39
    Some kind of crazy scenario.

    First, the plane of the Russian president in the midst of the US military conflict with China for some reason is not only outside the borders of the Russian Federation, but also over the territory of the NATO country, and this alliance, in turn, is eager to drag Russia to China’s side by capturing the Russian the president.

    Secondly, Taiwan in FIG does not need self-destruction as a result of the breakdown of the “two countries - one nation” treaty with China, so there is no reason for a nuclear war.

    Thirdly, no one will stand up for communist North Korea, on the contrary, they will also add cuffs from China and Russia in the event of a North Korean communist conflict with the United States.

    Fourth, the point of military confrontation between the United States and China has already been voiced by the new American administration in the form of extending Japan’s military guarantees to the zone of disputed natural islands in the South China Sea, despite the fact that these islands are already supplemented with artificial Chinese islands with naval and air bases on them.

    Fifthly, in the event of a Sino-American war with the use or non-use of nuclear weapons, Russia will remain aloof until the last while carrying out understandable strategic nuclear forces operations, dispersing the population, mobilizing the armed forces and moving military units to their original positions. Russia's entry into the Sino-American war will be carried out as planned.

    Sixth, it is not a fact that the European countries of NATO will support the United States in a nuclear conflict with China. The more likely scenario is that they will take a neutral position, formally covering themselves with an article of the NATO Charter on mutual protection only in the North Atlantic zone.

    In the bottom line, the US attempt to unleash a global nuclear conflict will result in an exchange of nuclear missiles between the US (on the side of which Japan, South Korea and Canada will act), on the one hand, and China and Russia, on the other hand, which will lead to the destruction of North America , China, Korea and Japan.

    The only question that remains unclear is the chances of the Russian Army taking over Europe and the Middle East without the use of nuclear weapons (but under the threat of their use).
  18. MoJloT
    MoJloT 17 February 2017 15: 33
    This scenario does not look like an apocalypse at all, in the end 110 + 40 + 900 = 1 billion 50 million will die immediately, another 20% from the disease and burns 2 billion 10 mil., Out of almost 8 billion. Even considering that 70% of world production will be destroyed, the remaining 30% can provide 2,5 billion people. This is about the same as in 1950.
    1. De laert
      De laert 17 February 2017 23: 30
      I think I think .... somewhere you lost several billion people before they could be fed 30% of the production
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 18 February 2017 11: 24
        And that in other countries, production will disappear?
  19. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 17 February 2017 18: 14
    Horror story with figures far-fetched. Stupid and untimely.
  20. passing
    passing 17 February 2017 19: 41
    in this chaos, the plane of the Russian president, by then accidentally finding himself over one of the NATO countries, is forcing an emergency landing,
    Well, how could it be without it! How do they piss this man
  21. Old26
    Old26 17 February 2017 21: 47
    Quote: Vadim237
    Thank you for the text, very funny - "More than a thousand Russian missiles with 5400 warheads are launched as launched as a counterforce strike against the United States and its NATO allies." This is when we had so many missiles with warheads?

    Besides delusional. The numbers are not clear where they came from. Well, it would be clear if this hypothetically happened in the mid-80s ....
    And so many rockets we had in the mid-80s ...
  22. Brigadier
    Brigadier 18 February 2017 02: 35
    Yes to hell with them! Let them attack! We have enough to answer than to make the "free world" turn to ashes!
    And this threat is very real, contrary to all our “chat callers”, who insist on the impossibility of nuclear war! Then in the grave let them remember their “there will be nothing” ...
    The main thing here is that at the time of “Ch” our ub-human-liberal politicians, who are now entrenched around Putin, who for some reason do not touch them (I wonder why?), Do not remember that in the West they have stolen millions of banks and they didn’t try to somehow restrain our response to save their money by holding various votes and meetings ...
    Then the scribe will come to us, and no “Perimeter” will help, because it is not designed for betrayal!
    Now the main thing is that Putin has cleared the Government and the Central Bank of the creatures that transfer money to the West and develop it, instead of investing them in our economy!
    Is it really not clear to the GDP that this is done by the traitors of the country whom they had long bought in giblets, like the Marked One?
    If it is still not clear to him, then we need to begin to gradually get used to the earth ...
  23. Brigadier
    Brigadier 18 February 2017 03: 32
    My mistake in the first comment: "Now the main thing is that Putin has cleared the Government and the Central Bank of the creatures that transfer money to the West and develop it, instead of investing them in our economy!"
    I wanted to write: "Now the main thing So that "Putin has cleared the Government and the Central Bank of the creatures that transfer money to the West and develop it, instead of investing them in our economy!"
    That will be right!
  24. Vadim237
    Vadim237 18 February 2017 12: 14
    Some dry data, at the moment, Russia and the United States have 3360 strategic nuclear warheads. Russia has a total of 890 Megatons, the United States 1400 Megatons. From the physics of a nuclear explosion - a ground explosion of one megaton raises about 280000 tons of dust into the air, 5000 tons of CO2 are released during the explosion. The area in the vicinity of the explosion site unsuitable for living with a dose of 4184000000000000 Gy per year is 0,02 km²; the area of ​​the territory dangerous for a long stay with a dose of 15 Gy per year 000 km² - during the year after the explosion, that is, 1 megatons will create an area unsuitable for life - 130 square kilometers, during the first year, in the United States and Europe and 890 Megatons - 13465700 square kilometers in Russia - the whole territory of Russia will be unsuitable for life during the year, but this does not take into account the fact that the radioactive traces will overlap each other - in this case, the area of ​​contamination of the territory will be less - but still it will be significant, in subsequently, the area of ​​pollution will decrease, with each subsequent year. After 1400 years, it will be - 21182000 5 square kilometers in the United States and Europe and 80100 square kilometers in Russia. And the whole world within two weeks after a nuclear war will have to take iodine and walk in gauze bandages or respirators - for a year.
  25. DMM2006
    DMM2006 18 February 2017 14: 00
    Quote: Gormengast
    And the revival of the Earth will begin from Russia.

    Could put you a hundred pluses would do! Well, since this cannot be done, accept my deep bow, you literally expressed my own thoughts regarding what is happening!
  26. vitalm
    vitalm 21 February 2017 20: 17
    Sometimes you read the news, and then you think: “To dig or not to dig the shelter?” It seems that I live in Minusinsk, and Abakan is near industry, Uzhur and Voivod are standing. As they say - you scratch your turnips! He lived in Tuva - there no one needs you laughing