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Between the hamburgers and the caliphate

"If danger threatens the Serbian population, the Serbian army will be introduced into Kosovo." The words of President Tomislav Nikolic were uttered a lot of noise both in the media and in the political establishment of Europe in response to the refusal of the Kosovo criminal structures to skip the train with the words “Kosovo is Serbia”.

Their actions are quite understandable and predictable, unlike Nikolic's reaction. When asked to clarify the meaning of the above phrase regarding the prospects for the introduction of troops, the president replied: “If they kill the Serbs, then yes. And not only the army, we will all go. I'll go first, I'm not the first time. ”

What is this, just rhetoric, a vivid memory of the once-existing Yugoslavia - one of the strongest in the socialist bloc? Or something more serious? I think the second, and Belgrade has grounds for this. And there’s probably no other way out, if the Serbs, of course, don’t want to lose their cultural and national identity and turn into a faceless globalized mass of European men, designed to fulfill the aspirations of a significant mass of Middle Eastern and African immigrants without a murmur: don’t work and live well at the expense of others .

Let me remind you that the occupied Serbian territory at the present stage is a criminal enclave that carries out 80 percent of the supply of heroin to Europe and is the cheapest prostitution market in the Old World. Here, in Kosovo, the largest market of stolen cars, mass unemployment, the maximum on the continent, and an extremely low standard of living. Expecting that the situation will change for the better is the height of naivety, which is why Kosovo Albanians are fleeing to neighboring Macedonia. However, this is not about the socio-economic situation in the region, but about the prospects - or lack thereof - of a new war in the Balkans in the event that Serbia makes an attempt to forcibly return the territory belonging to it by right.

Present from Chernomyrdin

Between the hamburgers and the caliphateIn 1999, the United States, with its characteristic cynicism and contempt for non-American life, corrected the “Eisenhower mistake”, that is, fulfilled its long-timed dream since the Second World War: established control over the Balkans, killing over two thousand civilians and injuring twice as many . But for Washington this is nothing more than the cost of "democracy." The occupiers built Camp Bondsteel, the largest military base in Europe, in Kosovo. They don’t really care about the Kosovo Albanians, nor do they care about the “civilized” West. However, the Balkan success of the White House is not due to its military power. As is known, the barbaric bombardments did not give the USA and their NATO satellites the expected result: the Yugoslav army retained its combat capability, and the troops of the nominally strongest bloc in the world did not decide on a ground operation fraught with serious military losses and defeat, as it was in Vietnam, whose ghost did not give rest to the strategists of the alliance. There was no one to go in the first echelon, said Colonel General Leonid Ivashov. According to him, Turkey was to become the main cannon fodder. But now, for obvious reasons, the Turks are no longer forward, and the combat capability of their army, as evidenced by the events in Syria, is not as high as it seemed until recently. Assistance to the Americans came from Moscow in the person of the late Chernomyrdin. He presented the White House of Kosovo. As Leonid Grigorievich later recalled: “The mood of the Serbs was belligerent. If they felt that Russia was behind their backs, they would have gone to all ... When Chernomyrdin turned the talks over to the Americans, the Serbian generals literally with tears in their eyes would say to me: "We didn’t lose, why should we leave and surrender?" If the Yugoslavs had gone southward, the NATO members would still have buried their soldiers, because the Serbs are desperate and courageous warriors. NATO was bombed, bombed, and the Yugoslav army almost all remained unscathed. " This is the opinion of a professional, better than others, representing what the NATO military machine and the once-existing armed forces of Yugoslavia are.

But what happened happened. As evidenced by история, often generals win wars, and politicians lose them. Recall the 1877 – 1878 Russian-Turkish war or the Russian-Japanese war, when all the successes of the Land of the Rising Sun on the battlefields were virtually canceled out in Portsmouth thanks to the firm position of Nicholas II and Sergei Witte who followed his instructions.

At the present stage, NATO aggression in the Balkans cannot be repeated for several reasons. First, the geo-strategic situation in Europe has changed: Western countries will not fight. The experience of the Russian past testifies to the groundless concerns about the allegedly possible bombing of Serbia. In 1878, only the fear of repeating the scenario of the Eastern War did not allow Alexander II to make the Ottoman Empire a property forty years earlier than it actually happened. Although defeated by Prussia, France saw in Russia the only guarantor of its independence. Bismarck would also not fight with us, would rather take part in the division of lands of the once brilliant Ports. Broken in 1866 Moltke Sr., Austria-Hungary turned out to be too weak for a serious conflict with Petersburg and in the second quarter of the 19th century, it was more and more dependent on Germany. And the United Kingdom was not able to confront Russia alone, its fleet in the Sea of ​​Marmara did not pose any danger to us. And Trump's declarations show that he will not get involved in a full-scale military conflict in the Balkans.

Of course, in the problem discussed here, the position of Russia will be decisive, since it is the pivotal country for Serbia, following Huntington's terminology. In addition, the fault line between the Euro-Atlantic (Roman-German) and Orthodox civilizations runs exactly in the Balkans. Understanding the vulnerability for criticism of the term “Orthodox”, I will explain: it implies a common cultural, historical and religious Byzantine matrix for both Russia and Serbia. It is enough to cite as an example the influence of South Slavic book culture on the intellectual - in the widest sense - the formation of Kievan Rus. In turn, the Serbian culture developed under the enormous influence of the Byzantine. Let us recall at least the creation of Orthodox monasteries on Athos - the Russian Panteleimonov and the Serbian Hilandar with their bookishness and architecture.

Why the Balkans are not Europe

The need to shift the center of gravity of Russian geopolitics from an aging and rapidly Islamizing Europe to the East (“Back to Syria”) is obvious. But the latter would be wrong to consider only from a geographical point of view, as well as approach with the same yardstick to the West, which often include Japan and Australia with Canada. Serbia is precisely the East, only not in the Middle Eastern Muslim understanding of it, but in the Byzantine one. After all, the death of the empire in 1453 did not mean its death in spiritual and cultural terms. And from the point of view of the civilization code, the Serbs have a very indirect relation to the Old World. Many have written about this: both geopolitics and cultural scientists, for example, Vadim Kozhinov. In one of his works on the Second World War, he stressed that only Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece had real resistance to the Germans in Europe because of the “preserved deep patriarchal nature of these outlying European countries. They were alien to the orders established in them by Germany, and alien, perhaps, not so much as the Germans themselves, but the European ones, because these countries did not belong to the European civilization of the mid-20th century in their way of life (italics. - I. X. .) ".

Vadim Valerianovich was not alone in such assessments. Even Kissinger discreetly noted that the US aggression against Yugoslavia did not take into account the historical features of this country. In the book The Destruction of Yugoslavia, Professor Alexander Baryshev, recently departed from us, wrote that there were no grounds for believing that the requirements formulated in Rambouillet could have been accepted by Yugoslavia, which the author quotes further Kissinger: “Repeatedly fought with the Ottoman and Austrian empires, fiercely opposed Hitler and Stalin without any help from the Allies, ”and which“ would never agree to surrender to NATO power the historic territory in which there are sacred places for every Serb. ”

Note: Kissinger writes about sacred places for Serbs. And in Europe, as you know, they are connected with the opposition of foreign aggression, that is, they must represent something sacred for the whole of the Old World, like the Catalun fields or Poitiers, where Karl Martell stopped the Arabs in 732 year. One can cite as an example Vienna, under the walls of which Jan Sobieski put an end to the Ottoman expansion. But it is unlikely that anyone will argue that Kosovo is not an integral part of the cultural and historical matrix of Western civilization. This is something sacred for the Byzantine world, at the level of statehood revived - of course, with a number of essential reservations - in the Russian kingdom, and culturally and historically - preserved in the silence of the Serbian and Russian monasteries. Even Serbia, torn apart by the Habsburgs and the Caliphate, did not lose its Orthodox identity, remaining a stranger to the West, as Arnold Toynbey, another prominent thinker and philosopher of the past century, wrote about. Speaking about the reasons that brought the Austro-Hungarian empire to decay, he emphasized that in the second half of the 19th century “the task that the Habsburg monarchy could not solve was lurking in the Balkans. The inability to cope with the national movement in this part of their possessions eventually led the monarchy to a complete collapse. The old Danube shield of Western society, which withstood so many saber blows, was eventually defeated by Serbian bayonets (italics mine. - I. H.). ”

The Danube Shield was nothing more than a Romano-Germanic world hostile to the Serbs. But this was not understood by the pro-Western elite, who came to power in Belgrade at the beginning of the new millennium and surrendered Milosevic and Karadzic to their enemies. She very actively sought to integrate the country into Europe, that is, created, following the terminology of Lev Gumilev, a chimera, because, as a result of the civilization code I mentioned, Serbia cannot be part of the Western world. Otherwise, it will lose its cultural and religious identity. This is understood by the new leaders of the country in the person of Nikolic - in 2008, he, while still a candidate for the presidency, was not against the deployment of Russian military bases in Serbia, one of which may appear in the near future in the city of Leskovac.

Naturally, the question arises about Muslims who flooded Europe. Will they not rush to fight on the side of their Kosovo co-religionists if Serbia tries to return Kosovo by right? One of the most interesting domestic analysts, Yevgeny Satanovsky, believes that no: “The Islamists will not return to the Balkans, they have come to“ conquer ”France and Belgium, and they have no use for Kosovo. That is, those who are already in Europe, Europe and will learn. " But this concerns immigrants, and how Bosnian Muslims will behave is a question, especially considering that Bosnia, along with Albania, is one of the poorest countries in Europe. And yet: Albania is a member of NATO, will its army fight? In my opinion, hardly. The armed forces of this country have a little more than 21 thousands of people. Combat experience is missing. The Air Force - the old Soviet MiGs, which also sells Tirana. The number of Serbian army exceeds 100 thousands of military personnel, and the quantity and quality of its weapons is incomparably higher, especially if we take into account the increasingly strong military cooperation between Moscow and Belgrade. Yes, and the Serbs themselves, perhaps the best warriors along with us on the continent.

Triumvirate for Belgrade

Another problem formulated by the British journalist Mikhail Glenni during the disintegration of Yugoslavia: “The Balkans were again“ Balkanized ”on religious grounds. Now there are two axes, one of which is dressed in the robes of Eastern Orthodoxy, the second is dressed in an Islamic veil, and there is the possibility of an even sharper struggle for influence between the axis of Belgrade - Athens and the Albania - Turkey alliance. ”

The Alliance Belgrade - Athens is hardly possible due to the weakness of Greece and its dependence on NATO. Ankara and Tirana tandem are more likely. Although if Russia will provide diplomatic support to Serbia, Turkey is unlikely to intervene in a possible conflict. If only because it will not receive any benefit from acting on the side of the Albanian criminal structures in Kosovo. And the Americans will not want to share their sphere of influence in the region with the Turks. In addition, the time of the Ottoman Empire is long past, and Erdogan seems to be beginning to understand this.

Let us return to the question of Russia's position in a possible conflict in the Balkans. Of course, its participation can only be diplomatic, because, as Vadim Tsymbursky said: “The most dramatic moments in Russian history of the high-imperial phase turned out to be when Russia’s aspiration for Europe caused a response of state energy from Europe to the“ island ”.

Vadim Leonidovich wrote these lines almost a quarter of a century ago and, I think, at the present stage, the West, and in addition to the Balkans, has where to accumulate exhausted energy. In addition, France is on the threshold of a change of elites from pro-American to nationally oriented. Former Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic, Dominique de Villepin, once said: “Europe has lost its purpose and is guided by fear in foreign policy,” calling on the EU to regain independence and start a dialogue with Russia. Well, a pragmatic look, designed in a DeGoll style. Let me remind you that in 1999, the French were the number one satellite of the States. But even they accused Washington of acting “outside NATO”.

As for Germany, it is not clear where the German elite will drift in the post-Merkelean period. The complexity of the situation of this country is due to a number of factors: its occupation by American troops, the apparent decline in passion in the depths of the indigenous population, its inability to withstand the challenges of aggressive, full of strength and energy of immigrants. But the story is unpredictable, and Germany has repeatedly managed to rise from its knees. In this regard, I would like to recall the geopolitical concept of the outstanding German thinker Karl Haushofer on the creation of a single Eurasian union. By the way, geopolitics in their writings separated Serbia from the rest of Europe. It is unlikely that the current alliance is possible under the auspices of Berlin, which Haushofer saw in the 30s, but rather we can talk about the Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis. This is not about the Franco-German-Russian friendship, but about mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of common interests - possible, I repeat, only when nationally oriented elites came to power in Paris and Berlin. Belgrade, as a junior partner, could easily have joined this triumvirate, and most importantly, it is within its framework that Kosovo is returned almost painlessly. This idea is not as utopian as it seems at first glance. After all, France was able to rise thanks to de Gaulle. Although in Washington, through the initiation of student unrest, every effort was made to overthrow this man and reduce the Fifth Republic to the category of secondary powers. But the situation may change, and in any case, the West, tired of too unceremonious control by the American partners, especially in the face of its new elites, seems ready to at least neutralize Kosovo’s return to Serbia. The Old World is experiencing, in my opinion, disappointment about the steps taken to set up a European home taken at the turn of the millenniums: in the same Brussels, everyone was already tired of the Poles living the life of either NATO or the European Union, tired of the constant whining of the Baltic countries about the “Russian threat” . And then the West is beginning to see that the criminal structures brought to power in Ukraine are not going to build any democracy, but will beg for money indefinitely and weapon.

One should also take into account such a geostrategic reality, including the Old World, as the division of the world into tellurocracy and thalassocracy - the terminology of Karl Schmitt, which is actively used in Russia by Alexander Dugin. Germany, Russia and Serbia, as well as France, belong to the first one. At the present stage, their interests are to some extent infringed upon by the pillar of thalassocracy - the United States. And with the upcoming change of elites in Paris and Berlin, I do not exclude their rapprochement with Moscow on the ground of opposition to Washington. Of course, the Americans will not allow Belgrade to occupy a dominant position in the Balkans, we are not talking about the elimination of Camp Bondsteel, but with the tough positions of Russia, France and Germany, Washington will have to accept the status quo in the "soft underbelly of Europe."

In conclusion, I note, perhaps, the main reason for the Serbs reason to return Kosovo. From the point of view of their civilization code or, if you will, the archetype of consciousness, the Serbs are an imperial people. What is their mission? Serbian thinker of the past century, St. Nicholas Velimirovich believed that she was in spiritual unity with Russia. This is the first. Second: sometimes political elites follow in the wake of those whom I have repeatedly called passionaries: we recall at least the conquistadors. The same Cortez began his way to the conqueror almost as a state criminal, but it was he who later directed the actions of the Spanish crown. Drake was a pirate, but didn't he take the first step to the greatness of England? Will there be Cortes or Drake in Serbia? Will what happened to us near Stalingrad with the Serbs and was so talented described by the poet Yury Kuznetsov: “But the fathers moved in the ground, the dead rose from the graves, for incomplete reasons for leaving, shadow behind the shadow, the father behind him, the father , leaving to the beginning of the people ... "

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  1. vasilev
    vasilev 15 February 2017 15: 52
    The fact that the Kosovars create their own Armed Forces already gives the impression that Serbs in Kosovo are in danger.
  2. Yura
    Yura 15 February 2017 16: 30
    I have a very difficult attitude towards how and why Kosovo has become an allegedly independent state, but I think that I am still ahead and the Serbs will regain their real sovereignty over Kosovo, and the Albanians will have to get out of there.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 15 February 2017 16: 56
      Quote: Jura
      and the Albanians will have to get out of there.

      This is POSSIBLE to happen only if the support of the Albanian bandits from the EU (primarily Germany) and NATO (read the US through NATO) ceases. And this is not visible in the foreseeable future. yes
      1. Monarchist
        Monarchist 15 February 2017 18: 19
        Comdiv Lelik, you are right that the Albanians are there with the consent of Germany and the Americans. But what will happen next? Personally, I think a lot depends on the Karelian choice in France: the success of the NF and the possible exit of France from the EU will respond in any way in Germany and indirectly affect the Kosovars
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 15 February 2017 18: 37
          Quote: Monarchist
          a lot depends on the Karelian choice in France

          Hi, battalion commander "monarchist."
          Excuse the idiot for God's sake, but about the KARELIAN ELECTIONS IN FRANCE neither by sleep nor by spirit. I heard about the elections in Limpopo that were attacked by our IT employees from the American senator and from her about the Russian occupation of North Korea, and I'm sorry about the "Karelian elections". bully
          By the way, I'm not a division commander, but just Lelik (named Leo). yes
      2. Yura
        Yura 15 February 2017 18: 44
        Quote: Lelek
        This is POSSIBLE to happen only if the support of the Albanian bandits from the EU (primarily Germany) and NATO (read the US through NATO) ceases. And this is not visible in the foreseeable future.

        There is a feeling that in the foreseeable future the EU and particularly Germany, as well as NATO and the United States, will not be in Kosovo, their problems will grow in a snowball, internal contradictions arising from America's disregard for European states, as well as Brussels’s national interests of its members already disagreements that can lead to a split. Troubled times are approaching Europe, and Russia is not the same as it was in the nineties, and Serbia is beginning to feel real support and receive weapons from us.
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 15 February 2017 18: 58
          Quote: Jura

          Hey. Accepted, but I would not hurry with fanfare, "until the sun rises, the dew will eat my eyes."
          1. Yura
            Yura 15 February 2017 19: 06
            Quote: Lelek
            but I would not rush to fanfare, "until the sun rises, the dew will eat its eyes"

            I just have an offense for what happened to the Serbs, not on them, on us and for us. And you hi hello.
            1. Lelek
              Lelek 15 February 2017 22: 40
              Quote: Jura
              I just have a grudge

              I understand you, but you can’t help a fig in your pocket. The Serbs themselves must decide the fate of their country, and their government is not all clear: yesterday they wanted in the EU and NATO, and tomorrow they will beg: "Russia, save me." Does the story of the "bros" by the Bulgarians and Moldavians remind nothing? Something like that. stop
  3. Vasiliev Yu
    Vasiliev Yu 15 February 2017 16: 50
    Kosovo for Serbia to have without control that we would have today's Ukraine with all its gangs uncontrollable.
    Good luck to the Serbs.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. knn54
    knn54 15 February 2017 16: 54
    “If the Serb population is in danger, a Serbian army will be introduced into Kosovo.”
    To make such a statement, you must have the support of the Russian Federation and / or China ...
    "Albanian" from Greek is wild. Thanks to politics, Tito, who wanted to annex Albania to Yugoslavia, encouraged the resettlement of Albanians in Kosovo, delimiting the return of Serbs there. He received almost half a million Albanians. Considering the fertility of the latter, by the time of the collapse of Yugoslavia, the Albanians became the majority in Kosovo
    -Yura; and the Albanians will have to get out of there.
    ... to grandma Merkel
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 15 February 2017 18: 32
      Kamrad KNN54, you are absolutely right when you talk about Tito’s mistake. But let me just say: "The Albanians will have to get out of there to ..... Grandma Merkel," that is, to Germany, and there they have nowhere to put their dishonesty.
      The whole geyropa must say amicably: "thanks to the baboon that his relatives are hawking Europe.
    2. Yura
      Yura 15 February 2017 18: 54
      Quote: knn54
      to Grandma Merkel

      Maybe to her, in that year when the Kosovo Albanians started their war and some of them were scattered all over the world, and especially in the USA and France, in these countries every seventh dose of drugs was delivered by these Albanians, every seventh citizen of these countries died from drugs is the result of "hospitality", so let them get ready to receive guests.
  6. Monarchist
    Monarchist 15 February 2017 18: 51
    Perhaps I am mistaken, but at this historical moment, the well-being of the Serbs, the alignment of our relations with the West is in the hands of French voters: if neo-fascists (under the Union of PF Le Pen were considered pro-fascist) win and the French can say "EU adyu." Further, the domino principle: the right will begin to gain credibility with the voters. Now for some reason, all sorts of socialists, social democrats and part of the "communists" (Voronin in Moldova) just ran to the EU in a run, in every possible way supported gays. Definitely "Gods went crazy" (there was such a cool movie).
  7. Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 15 February 2017 20: 59
    I am for the Exterminatus of Albania! For it is lacking and foolish! am
  8. pytar
    pytar 15 February 2017 22: 27
    Before Kossovo left Serbia, 90% of its population was Albanian. Now it is already 99%! We are talking about 1,800 thousand. residents. We may or may not like them, but this is the generation’s people who have already lived there. For them, Kosovo is their homeland, and for the Serbs, this is just a historical area. And very few Serbs were born there over the past 70 years. 10 Albanians have a higher birth rate than Serbs! Kosovars are the youngest and fastest growing people in Europe! Let’s say Serbia decides to invade Kossovo and tries to return it. Kosovars wildly hate Serbs, and by that they are already accustomed to living, although not richly, in their independent country. There will be a more bloody war than in 1999. All the Balkans will sunbathe again! And what will happen to the local Kossov population? Where will Serbia draw them? Subordinate and will terorize in revenge? Expel? From their homes, how did the Kosovars drive out the Serbs, but in 10-times as big? Or in concentration camps send? On what basis? What was Kosovo once, Serbian? Yes, the Albanians quite rightly can say that all of Yugoslavia was once Ilirida and was theirs! In vain the author of the article fantasizes and composes some pro-Serbian unions. The Serbs actually repaired a lot, dirty tricks by their neighbors. Few people will help, but they will not even sympathize! Enough to inflame great-chauvinism! Because of it all the troubles of the Serbs come! The peoples of the Balkans want peace and I can agree if no one from outside intervenes. Nothing will change for the better if it is not mined with peace and cooperation. Serbia, now in a preview in many years of its history, has begun trying to make friends and cooperate peacefully with its neighbors. This is the only correct way, because everyone has a claim to Bolkanov.
    1. Yura
      Yura 15 February 2017 23: 23
      Quote: pytar
      We may or may not like them, but UTB people who have already lived there

      Sometimes this does not play a role and does not make the weather, as an example we can recall how many centuries and generations the Turks considered Bulgaria, Greece and other countries to be part of their country.
      1. pytar
        pytar 16 February 2017 10: 27
        Sometimes? How is that sometimes? What does it matter who once considered what territory their own? Which people live in this territory now, is not more important? Yes, it is half the current Serbia, was Bulgaria once! Even Belgrade was founded by the Bulgarian Tsar Boris I! So what??? Banish the Serbs from there? This makes no sense. Each of the Balkan peoples from time to time moved along the Balkans. And I can’t imagine how Kosovo will again become part of Serbia! No Albanian will accept this, and by virtue of them no one can force. So what to do? To exterminate? But this is genocide! Kick out? Where? Kosovo their homeland! For the Balkan peoples, the only reasonable and correct solution is not new wars and changes in borders, but peaceful cooperation and respect for the rights of all nationalities. If Serbia did not have chauvinism, then Kosovo would still be in its composition! Nationalism, chauvinism only harm! The very best option would be the unification of all Balkan peoples into a supranational political and economic structure like the EU or the CU.
        1. Moor
          Moor 16 February 2017 15: 12
          Dear, if you carefully read the statement of Tomislav Nikolic, published at the very beginning of the article, you should have noticed that the reason for the possible hostilities was clearly indicated, I quote literally: “If they kill the Serbs, then yes.” And chauvinism has nothing to do with it the mess in Kosovo started when frankly nationalist Kosovars began to slaughter the Serbs, and the entire "democratic" press raised a howl about the genocide of the "unfortunate Albanians" who are driven into concentration camps. Remember this famous fake, photos of refugees on against the background of barbed wire? The advantage of the Kosovars in quantity does not give them any right to the Serb genocide, that’s what we are talking about.
          1. pytar
            pytar 16 February 2017 22: 37
            Dear, I do not hold the country. The identification of this or that politician also doesn’t really bother me. I consider both the Serbs and the Lonely Albanians to blame. Guilty of allowing bloodshed and participating in it. As for chauvinism, you are absolutely wrong. Serbian chauvinism on the Balkans is proverbial. He was the catalyst and causative agent of Albanian chauvinism. Albanian / or rather Kosovar / chauvinism appeared in response to Serbian chauvinism. Albanians had never been famous with a particularly high national ethnic consciousness. These are persons of the people, where clan, clan ties are more important than nationwide. But this is already in the past. Now the Kossovars were recognized as a people precisely because of the threat posed by the Serbs. It is the Kossovo Albanians, who are much more united and realized as a people than those in Albania. This effect happened at different times, from almost all neighboring peoples on the Serbs. The author correctly said that the Serbs are an imperial people. This is how resistance to their conquering incentives began, all the neighboring nations moved away from them and became anti-Serb. There are almost no objective materials in the Russian media about Serbian chauvinism. Russians are extremely inadequate in perceiving the Serbs. But at the Balkans everyone is well known. Statia is intended for the Russian public with the traditional idealization of “good and fluffy” Serbs and “bad” / in case / Albanians! But there is one problem! In real life, only Serbs cannot dobrenskie, and all the rest are bad! Who is friends with the head, understands this! There is a positive! After so many wars and bloodshed, the situation reached the Balkans that all Balkan peoples are already aware of the charm of peace and cooperation! I am glad that already in Serbia they are aware of and are going in the right direction! Among the Balkan peoples, the essence is much more general than what it shares! Nobody wants a new war! And if external forces do not intervene, the Balkans will finally settle down and prosperity will come! A successful example already exists! Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia freed borders among themselves! People are free to move around and communicate with each other! They see that absolutely people live there, like all prejudices go away! And it is very good for the peoples of the Balkans!