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How the SBU writes the history of Ukraine for schoolchildren

How the SBU writes the history of Ukraine for schoolchildren

Recently, on the pages of “Military Review”, an educational topic is often raised in which a program for a modern school is discussed (educational standards). Special attention is paid to teaching issues. stories. More precisely, not so much the teaching itself, as the directives that come from above. One of the topics of discussion is a single history textbook for schools, the idea for the creation of which was supported by the president. The topic is hotly debated due to the fact that, as it turns out, from supporting the initiative by the president to translating this initiative into reality is often an insurmountable abyss.

Against this background, it should be stated that the neighboring state, which calls itself Ukraine, decided to force the events, unlike us, and presented the concept of teaching history in Ukrainian schools with a simultaneous claim to use a single block of textbooks.

We here quite often talk about the economic crisis in Ukraine, about corruption wars, that the word “problems” is a synonym for Ukraine, but on the issue of the mentioned historical school concept, it seems that the Russian component of corruption is much broader and more multifaceted. What are we talking about? Yes, the fact that they warm their hands on the creation and implementation of numerous history textbooks, the materials of one of which are often diametrically opposed to the materials of the other, or they are completely refutations of the materials of the third, never want to lose the giant market. In Russia, everything is declaratively supported by a single line of history textbooks: from interested teachers to schoolchildren and their parents, and even to government leadership.

However, declaratively (in words) is one thing, but in fact quite another. And in fact, dozens of various publishing houses, which by definition are not ready to lose bread on the publication of materials on the school history course, find themselves. Those authors do not want to lose bread (not without the support “from someone from above”), who stamp one textbook after another, announcing a new edition, which in fact differs from the “old” one by changing the collage on the cover and attributing the co-authors.

It would seem, but what is the corruption? .. On the contrary - the market system works, which allows you to operate in different business segments, bringing considerable profits. Profit is great. But it is great only if you do not take into account what this profit grows on. And it grows on the preparation of future generations of Russians, for whom individual “friends of education”, hiding corrupt interests, represent the illusion of diversity in the choice of educational material. Yes, there is a mountain of materials, but most often there is no diversity, as some simply copy-paste others, or diversity is such that it’s not just a schoolchild - a teacher who can understand all this “diversity” can be very difficult. Moreover, it is also difficult to take into account the fact that profile structures often put down directives on recommendations to teacher’s work programs in such a format that some recommendations (like those textbooks) contradict others. To the ground, and then ... Well, in addition - the total kingdom of papers, in which any, even the most outstanding educational initiative, which is called on the ground, can get bogged down.

Well, so what's up with ho..that is ... Euro-Ukrainians? .. Where would it be without a neighbor ... Will it really come to that Russia will have to learn from the experience there in the system of historical education? In form - quite, only in Russian education there are enough professionals who can prepare everything without the help of special services. And so on the content, so deliver, God ...

The Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, together with the leadership of the so-called Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, recently presented a single concept of the basic academic subject (talking about the discipline "History") for high school students. So, about the content ...

The concept in this case will be put on the track of implementation in such a way that in the upper grades of the Ukrainian school the teachers will offer the integration of two courses at once. Until now, Ukrainian high school students have studied two subjects of a historical plan: “History of Ukraine” and “World History”. However, the chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance (UINP), Mr. Vyatrovich, who, according to Ukrainian journalists and political scientists, is a staff member of the SBU, did not satisfy two separate items because, in the course of World History, it turns out that Ukraine. " The fact that Ukraine in World History simply did not exist, as a separate subject, for centuries, Vyatrovich on the side. His task is to impose a lie in the minds of young people that Ukraine is something separate, independent and “authentic” that has always existed ...

After the courses have been merged, as Mr. Vyatrovich himself says, the Ukrainian theme in the new program and in the new (single) textbook will be about 70% of the volume. Sorry not 99 ...

The percentage is going to increase due to the “historically proven facts” of Ukraine’s location almost in the center of the civilization space. They say that we didn’t know before that no significant event in the world could not do without Ukraine - “klyats of Muscovites” distorted the “heroic Ukrainian history”, and now we know ... And we will tell the children ...

From the statement of the head of the UNPI:
Ukraine was at the epicenter of many crucial events in world history: the First and Second World Wars, the Holodomor and the Holocaust, the formation and disintegration of the communist totalitarian regime. Therefore, an integrated presentation will help our students better understand the history of Ukraine and the world.

Of the most concept:
The new concept of teaching history is aimed at developing students' interest in knowledge about the past of Ukrainians against the background of world history. An integrated subject promotes the development of schoolchildren's resistance to manipulations around history through the development of critical and creative thinking, integrated and contextual presentation of information.

In other words, young Ukrainians will be told that "Ukraine is one of the oldest states in the world," which, of course, "has nothing in common with Russia." The message of the WINS is understandable against the background of the statements by Vyatrovich that I will soon have to consider the initiative of the Institute to cross out the Victory Day from the calendar of holiday dates. Instead, on the calendar, special attention will be paid to 8 May, the name for which has already been thought up - “Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation.” Reconciliation with whom? With the Nazis? ..

It is clear who is going to grow the current Kiev "elite" with this approach to history. It is also clear that this is the extreme measure of the creation of the unity of the historical concept. However, this at this stage should be taken as an additional lesson for Russia. The lesson is that the creation of a single concept in the teaching of the same history is long overdue, and that from a single concept of teaching historical science at school it is simply by definition criminal to make a collection of dogmas and pseudo-historical frauds. But today neighbors, who are so eager to walk “through Paris” in lace shorts for foreign loans, are excitedly engaged in this ...
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  1. kouldoom
    kouldoom 15 February 2017 15: 10
    What else to say
  2. passing
    passing 15 February 2017 15: 45
    how our officials ignore the wishes and indications of GDP including 2012 is a horror! either he is a weak leader or all these instructions are given for the ears of the people who just hawala
    1. passing
      passing 15 February 2017 15: 47
      distracted! cartoon not bad, folk art at the height of +
  3. PatriotRU
    PatriotRU 15 February 2017 16: 00
    So, after all, we rewrite history according to Fomenko, turning the Gold of the Ordin khan-Genghisides into Russian tsars)) Nothing new, we do the same
    1. KaPToC
      KaPToC 15 February 2017 19: 35
      Quote: PatriotRU
      So, after all, we rewrite history according to Fomenko, turning the Gold of the Ordin khan-Genghisides into Russian tsars)) Nothing new, we do the same

      Everyone rewrites history and the younger the state - the more ancient they write it for themselves.
      1. PatriotRU
        PatriotRU 15 February 2017 21: 44
        You can’t argue with that laughing
    2. Perdit monocle capra
      Perdit monocle capra 15 February 2017 21: 21
      But Fomenko has a rational kernel. And I won’t be surprised if it turns out in the future that Fom-Nos is on the right track.
      1. PatriotRU
        PatriotRU 15 February 2017 21: 45
        I agree, but it is embarrassing that some authors write that the Russians built the Great Wall and the Pyramid) It is hilarious, but in general the prestige of our science falls because of them
        1. Perdit monocle capra
          Perdit monocle capra 15 February 2017 22: 51
          But the wall is full of questions, too.
      2. Maksus
        Maksus 16 February 2017 11: 26
        What they have??? Corn? Some kind of nonsense, especially when they compare the Moscow Kremlin with Jerusalem. And all would be fine - the number of towers and gates there, but with geography they have a complete seam - well, we have neither mountains nor deserts in Central Russian highlands ...
        1. KaPToC
          KaPToC 16 February 2017 21: 00
          Quote: Maksus
          Some kind of nonsense, especially when they compare the Moscow Kremlin with Jerusalem.

          In the process of multiple rewriting of history, many geographical names "walked" on the map. The most common example is Istanbul - it is Constantinople, it is Constantinople, which in fact has never been neither one nor the other.
          1. Maksus
            Maksus 17 February 2017 22: 37
            What are the name changes? There are no mountains in Moscow, but what is called the Vorobyovs doesn’t even pull on normal hills. And in more detail about Istanbul, who was he really?
            1. KaPToC
              KaPToC 18 February 2017 00: 30
              Quote: Maksus
              What are the name changes?

              There are many examples, one of the most striking is China, which is not China at all.
              Quote: Maksus
              And in more detail about Istanbul, who was he really?

              Why should I answer you if you rejected everything in advance?
      3. KaPToC
        KaPToC 16 February 2017 20: 57
        Quote: Perdit monocle capra
        But Fomenko has a rational kernel. And I won’t be surprised if it turns out in the future that Fom-Nos is on the right track.

        You are right, Fomenko has a rational kernel, but this loser right there, on the basis of the fact that he himself has just refuted, is building his version of the story, which is just as dubious as the official version
  4. izya top
    izya top 15 February 2017 16: 07
    I want the complete works of Professor Bebik recourse
  5. PatriotRU
    PatriotRU 15 February 2017 16: 22
    In the meantime, the Chechen prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against Ilya Maddison over a joke about the Qur'an. Strange Parallels
    1. kouldoom
      kouldoom 15 February 2017 17: 26
      Madison has a tattoo on his shoulder in the form of a cross of the 3rd Reich, I do not feel sorry for him
      1. PatriotRU
        PatriotRU 15 February 2017 20: 46
        But is it legal to threaten him with murder and go unpunished?
  6. Pasha
    Pasha 15 February 2017 17: 30
    - A generation of 20-year-olds who should soon change the country's leadership, that is, those born in the late 90's, the Lost Fund.
    -An approximate continuation of the "Euro integration", let it be another 5 years.
    -That is, the beginning of the possible rebirth brotherly people, not earlier than 2042.
    Those who forget history lose their roots. For many generations.
  7. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 15 February 2017 20: 05
    In the beginning was U-cr. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness was above the abyss, and the spirit of Uk-ra was rushing over the water. laughing

    When the sky was not named above, Solid Earth below was not named yet, Neither the original U-kr, their parent, nor Bandera, nor Shushkevich, who gave birth to all of them, had mixed their SUGs together. The hut was not covered with straw yet, marshy soil has not yet appeared. When there was no Muscovite yet, there were no names, their fates were not predetermined. It was then that the Great Ukrainians arose inside them.. laughing
  8. Perdit monocle capra
    Perdit monocle capra 15 February 2017 21: 19
    Actually, the SBU does not write textbooks for schools in Ukraine. SBU does not have such authority.
  9. Brigadier
    Brigadier 16 February 2017 05: 38
    In a couple of years, the young Bandera will state with full confidence the most truthful facts from the history of the Ruins:
    - The wheel was invented by the ancestors of ancient ukrov, having seen the shmat of fat rolling;
    - The ancient Ukrainians themselves dug the Black Sea under the personal leadership of the then leader - Bandera;
    - The Egyptian pyramids were built by their descendants, led by Shukhevych;
    - The Microsoft company and the Windows operating system were invented personally by Poroshenko, in between battles in the Southeast;
    - The VSE lunar base (which so far, alas, cannot be discerned due to weak telescopes) was founded by the famous Bandera pid ..., sorry, the scientist Lyashko;
    - The Milky Way galaxy will be colonized by them - the descendants of ancient ukrov, in the very near future ...
    wassat wassat wassat wassat wassat
  10. EngineerP
    EngineerP 16 February 2017 06: 54
    Damn, the Ukrainians were not lucky that the first astronaut Gagarin, as well as space exploration, attributed to themselves! smile
    1. Gormenghast
      Gormenghast 16 February 2017 07: 27
      Certainly not! laughing

      1. EngineerP
        EngineerP 16 February 2017 10: 31
        What is right from space ??? laughing
        1. Gormenghast
          Gormenghast 16 February 2017 11: 07
          First saw globe of Ukraine. laughing
  11. Alexfu
    Alexfu 16 February 2017 11: 35
    The upbringing of the younger generation lies with the responsibility of the state. And who in our state is responsible for this education? Yes, no one - hence the problems with education. No control over educational literature. In my opinion, a commission should work that checks the events and facts of the history of the state. And so it turns out, in textbooks you can lie, anything.
      CYBERNINJA 16 February 2017 11: 48
      Parenting is obliged, first of all, to engage in upbringing, to pass on their life experience and their knowledge .... Well, if you are not an orphan of course. This is another topic.
    CYBERNINJA 16 February 2017 11: 46
    Well ....... Their turning points in history can be suppressed with one decree on the cancellation of certificates of education received in Ukraine, as well as other courses, diplomas etc. received after 2014. It is cruel of course, but fair. Fools , as they say in our Russophiles, they teach ...
  13. maksmak11
    maksmak11 16 February 2017 21: 29
    Unbelievable, but true: Ukrainian local historian found a connection between Zaporizhzhya Cossacks and pharaohs
    Dill soon declare that one of their pyramids in Egypt lol laughing wassat