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Bandera Ukraine is a mine for Europe


Looking through the forum "IN" under the article "When will Ukraine become Novorossia?", I could not help but pay attention to the question: why is Russia not trying to solve the "Ukrainian crisis", holding on to a non-working "Minsk", especially against the background of the "Syrian crisis" being resolved? This is an important question, especially since in the Donbass the Pitmen are paying for “Minsk” with their blood under the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because of the angle they are killed by the killers of the Security Service of Ukraine, the last victims are the famous Motorola and Givi combats ...

Indeed, why does Russia linger, pulls tires, does not stand up strongly for the Donbass? It helps, of course, physically and politically, but the Novorossiysk republics are still not recognized by Russia. I answered on the forum that Bandera Ukraine is only an instrument of our “western partners”. For the attack of the dog must meet its owners, you need to deal with them, having repulsed from the dog. Otherwise they will lower other dogs.

Russia fought off a Bandera dog and dealt with its owners, who brought Bandera to power in Ukraine, sanctioned the war in the Donbas (CIA director John Brennan was just passing through Kiev!) And pushed Bandera to war with Russia when Obama was in Washington. But the supporters, they are also caps, the adherents of simple solutions to complex issues, need to show political will and strength. According to the rule: there is power - mind is not necessary!

They point out that “by standing under the Minsk, Russia has already achieved a great deal. Who would have thought, just a year ago, at the same time, that “Putin’s friend” won the presidential election in the US, according to Western press assurances, Donald Trump, Britain would announce the withdrawal from the European Union, and in Europe European skeptics will go to power, demanding normalization of relations with Russia? But this is a tremendous strategic success of Russia, since it greatly strengthens its foreign policy positions, no matter what our Western and liberal “friends” may say about this.

Would these changes be possible in the West if there was a direct clash between Russia and Bandera in Ukraine? If Russia sent troops to the Donbass, as ardent patriots-riflemen demand? Obviously not! The anti-Russian McCain-Soros party would have received such trump cards that Trump's coming, as well as the growth of Euro-skepticism, would have been impossible. So the blood of Donbass is shed is not for nothing, especially since it prevents even more blood and destruction throughout Ukraine.

There is another side of Minsk. Now it is clear that the United States Obama and Europe Merkel hoped to use the Bandera nationalist regime as a ram against Russia, in order to euro-associate Ukraine, continue economic expansion into Russia through the open borders of the CIS, and solve their economic problems at the expense of Russia. Zbigniew Brzezinski once stated this openly: The West will solve its problems at the expense of Russia.

Vladimir Putin, in response to Euro-associative pressure, said that Russia would protect its market with tariffs, according to WTO standards. Here a sharp conflict with the West arose, after that he went to unleashing Euromaidan - a color revolution, and then a Bandera coup against the Yanukovych, and then a civil war in Ukraine, and sanctions against Russia, provoking pressure of Bandera Ukraine.

Russia "did not go to war" with Bandera, isolating itself with the Crimea and the flaming Donbas, and then the Minsk agreements, the "Ukrainian crisis" was still frozen. The other side of Minsk is, in general, that Moscow, as it were, “sends” Bandera to Europe.

In Europe, they are wailing that Russia is destroying the European Union. Moscow diplomatically refuses, but, in fact, Russia is indeed destroying the European Union, and rightfully so, since the European Union was striving and seeks to destroy Russia, weaken it as much as possible, and for that it torn off-euro-associate Ukraine.

However, how does Russia destroy the European Union? Is the introduction of the food embargo? No, the destruction of the European Union occurs through the split of “European values”. The cooperation of the European Union with Bandera is already visibly destroying these “values” in Poland, in Hungary and will certainly reach the main warehouses of European values ​​in Brussels, Paris and Berlin. The ideology of Bandera will certainly get to them when they give him a visa-free in the literal and figurative sense, and then these warehouses of "values" will jerk!

Without reacting to the failure of “Minsk”, Russia seems to bring this situation with Bandera’s neo-Nazi ideology in the middle of Europe’s left, socialist, in fact, to the point of absurdity, not without reason considering that Bandera will blow up Europe from the inside.

If you take a closer look, Europe is already collapsing ... In the west, after Brexit, Britain fell off, and Turkey fell off in the east, which today conducts joint military (!) Operations with Russia in Syria, Turkey’s army and special services are cleared of pro-Western officials today who supported the attempt to overthrow Erdogan, because the instigators of the coup were the United States and Europe. Plus "Turkish Stream". That is, Turkey is falling off from Europe both militarily and economically, its membership in NATO is becoming a formality.

Europe has already lost its flank, and ahead - political pre-election battles between Euro-Atlantists and Euro-skeptics. Moreover, the former lost their patron in Washington, and the latter acquired Donald Trump, who claims that “Brexit is great!” It feels like 2017 will bring us no less surprises than 2016 ...

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  1. inkass_98
    inkass_98 13 February 2017 06: 51
    As for mines under Europe, vague doubts swallow me. Europe, and Germany in particular, will elegantly shake off this rubbish and step aside, leaving the Ruin alone. And here the most interesting begins: metastases are expanding more and more in Belarus. Rygorych will have time to change his mind and crush this infection - well done, whispers - he may not reach Rostov. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that all the same, Russia will then rake up these problems, that are hypothetical among the syabrs, that the real among the non-brothers. And there’s no getting away from it, all the same, this “happiness” will not pass us by, simply geography will not allow it.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 13 February 2017 08: 50
      Rygorych will have time to change his mind and crush this infection - well done, flips - may not reach Rostov

      "Rygoritch" begins to quietly sail away from us. He led a 5-day visa-free regime. Moreover, and with those dysfunctional countries, we know them from where you can expect the barmaley. So in time we made a corridor between Belarus. EVERYTHING will be trampled on the campaign, including terrorists.
    2. Victor Kamenev
      13 February 2017 16: 07
      Europe does not shake, too much plunged, and we will help.
    3. Sidor Pyatnitsky
      Sidor Pyatnitsky 13 February 2017 18: 11
      Grygorich is unlikely to yank in the case of the Belarusian Maidan ... I suppose he himself will lead it! He parades with his best friends. He promised Parasyu, all possible help, with everything he could! Anadys declared that Vukrayna was fighting for her independence ... He just didn’t specify from whom independence. Who needs it, he understood it must be assumed! In a word, Grygorich has already filed enough grounds for his own Bandera reputation. In the past and the year before last, rabid bulbs were shaking their backs, like goats ..., cursed Russia, and promised to hang Russians on the knots. Grygorych, how he got water in his mouth! Help is driven to Vukraine, and Torchinov promised all the benefits from Belarus ... Such an ally has formed! His own, for his Bandera!
  2. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 13 February 2017 06: 53
    I would like to rejoice, but something is somehow sad and nothing.
    1. Vasiliev Yu
      Vasiliev Yu 13 February 2017 11: 44
      I am writing in the top, because for me the article is nonsense.
      Nadhergano several thoughts from everywhere and laid out under his vision of the world. Only in any way did the author think, it was noticeable in the disputes in the previous article, which he recalls.
      1. CONTROL
        CONTROL 13 February 2017 12: 08
        Quote: Vasilyev u
        I am writing in the top, because for me the article is nonsense.
        Nadhergano several thoughts from everywhere and laid out under his vision of the world.

        And so it is! This is its own, multipolar a vision of the world is completely different from yours European Union / Pro-American / Anglo-Saxon Unipolar![B] [/ b]
        I advise you to read carefully - in the transcript - Putin’s Munich speech.
        1. Vasiliev Yu
          Vasiliev Yu 13 February 2017 12: 32
          One more (((. No offense, try to learn about VPN.
          And by the way, if you want to know my opinion, go to that article.
      2. Senior manager
        Senior manager 13 February 2017 13: 21
        Vasiliev, Yu. And share your vision of the world, where you pull it from ... Wow, the author’s letters are all familiar, he’s also pulled somewhere, but try not to explain it in a soviet way, but specifically explain your position. And you will be happy.
        1. Vasiliev Yu
          Vasiliev Yu 13 February 2017 13: 23
          And the comments on the article “When will Ukraine become New Russia?” Are weak to look on your own?
          1. Victor Kamenev
            13 February 2017 16: 10
            But Newton said that he could look far, because he stood on the shoulders of giants. I take an example from Newton ...
            1. Vasiliev Yu
              Vasiliev Yu 13 February 2017 16: 18
              I respect you. Modestly. Especially where you and Newton walked on their heads and shoulders
              Do not be offended, it's pure humor. I just couldn’t calmly pass by.
      3. The comment was deleted.
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 13 February 2017 06: 55
    Not everything is so smooth in fact, but there are positive aspects to this process of boomerang flight, there is no arguing with the author ...
  4. 210ox
    210ox 13 February 2017 06: 55
    "Friend of Putin," the destruction of the EU? Don’t tell! Trump is no friend, but the EU has long been deadlocked, at least for six years .. It's all just political caution .. But people are killed with it, that's the most important thing !
    1. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow 13 February 2017 08: 29
      We will go to the Donbass will be the river of blood.
      1. Egor-dis
        Egor-dis 13 February 2017 09: 26
        Quote: serezhasoldatow
        We will go to the Donbass will be the river of blood.

        In order for Russia to "go to the Donbass" it is not at all necessary to go there physically. There were no Americans or NATO in Libya. But, nevertheless, they went there. The entire Donbass is accessible for overflights by Russian aviation, the entire Donbass (and most of Ukraine) is blocked by the same “Caliber” and “Points”, this would be enough to moderate the ardor of the nationally stubborn. And this is only militarily. And it would be possible to enter the political and economic sectors - officially recognize the documents issued by the LDNR, start cooperation within the framework of the Customs Union - allow duty-free import-export, instead of keeping territories on a humanitarian needle. And this would be the best showcase for Russia's geopolitics compared to all sorts of Euroassociations.
        1. Grbear
          Grbear 13 February 2017 15: 28
          Egor-disYou confuse the hot with the soft. Roll out military power is not a problem, but it is a war with the "world" community. Recognize passports or introduce vehicle rules for the Donbass - announce the annexation of the territory of a neighboring state. In geopolitics shop-window is of secondary importance. Controlled processes that move geo are important, and you can only see them "from above."
          Do what you must, and let it be, that will be.®
          1. Egor-dis
            Egor-dis 13 February 2017 17: 36
            Quote: GrBear
            Roll out military power is not a problem, but it is a war with the "world" community.

            I am not confusing anything. Because

            1) the so-called the international community best understands the demonstration of power. The same Syria showed it perfectly. No one was waiting for Russia there (with the exception of Assad), and when Russia entered there, there was a howl and barking in the "world community", but Russia did not get any war with this "world community".
            2) in the case of the Donbass, Russia will be blamed in any case (and blamed, although she did not show up for war) so there is nothing to lose here. Moreover, for this, in accordance with international law, Russia has an absolutely legal right. Ukraine has declared Russia a hostile state, prepares and commits terrorist acts against citizens of the Russian Federation, and arranges provocations with shelling of border settlements of the Russian Federation. The military response is quite natural.
            Quote: GrBear
            Recognize passports or introduce vehicle rules for the Donbass - announce the annexation of the territory of a neighboring state.
            What annexation is there at all? Recognition of documents is an agreement to recognize the territory where these documents are issued as an object of international law, again, in accordance with international law. And, in accordance with the same international law, no one forbids to conduct economic activity with the population of territories that another state has refused.
            Quote: GrBear
            In geopolitics, a showcase is of secondary importance.
            This showcase is designed for domestic consumption, it does not intersect with international and geopolitical processes.
    2. Victor Kamenev
      13 February 2017 16: 12
      This makes CNN and others laugh, they made Trump a friend of Putin and an enemy of democracy, how ridiculous it is!
  5. ImPerts
    ImPerts 13 February 2017 07: 10
    Borders must be equipped, the western borders of the Russian Federation. In order not to let this brown infection into the country.
    I hope that screenshots of pages and their photographs are available from the relevant authorities. Let Europe tick in general.
  6. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 13 February 2017 07: 29
    From a geopolitical (non-military) point of view, the five-day war operation looks attractive - the invaders have been kicked out of the annexed territories and there are still no shelling there; demonstrated the strength of weapons in the territories of indigenous Russophobia; no one was occupied quickly left.

    Negative consequences - diplomatic relations with Georgia are lost and, in fact, that’s all. The rest - either verbally, or on paper, or has already disappeared. laughing

    And what if we did the same with Bandera during their initial paroxysm of Russophobia and militarism in the summer of 14 years? You look, and Slavyansk would have remained in the DNI, and there would have been no heavy weapons on the border of the LDNR? am
    1. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow 13 February 2017 08: 30
      There were not 96% of those who agreed to "occupation."
    2. Senior manager
      Senior manager 13 February 2017 13: 32
      In the summer of 2014, if you remember, they were seeking from Russia military action. Russia did not come. But this is in the past. The subjunctive mood is counterproductive. But legally, Russia used the videoconferencing system in Syria, went to war, for the sane people of the world, who do not get distorted information, their authority has increased, and this is a lot.
  7. krops777
    krops777 13 February 2017 07: 50
    Without reacting to the failure of “Minsk”, Russia seems to bring this situation with Bandera’s neo-Nazi ideology in the middle of Europe’s left, socialist, in fact, to the point of absurdity, not without reason considering that Bandera will blow up Europe from the inside.

    Any gang groups, especially those with ideology, are funded by interested people, stop paying and all banderlogs scatter wherever you go, and only morally developed ones can die for an idea, it’s not flawed.
  8. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 13 February 2017 08: 21
    Yes, we will have to rake this Ukrainian guano. But you should not rush into this difficult matter.
    There is no need to fight with Ukraine. Ukraine has long been fighting. With myself. And with wild fury and frenzy. That is why it is littered with corpses, turned into ruins and wheezing in agony. There is no need to fight Ukraine, it just needs help in a holy struggle with itself. Ukraine does not need to win. She will defeat herself. It's unavoidable. "Paramogu is falling." Ukraine just needs to be given the opportunity to bite itself to death, help inflict a crushing defeat on itself.

    For Ukraine there is no more terrible enemy than ... herself. No one has done her more harm than the “parasitic Ukrainians,” going nowhere for their SUGS leaders. Do not touch the "Svidomo"! Do not bother them! After all, they are a collective resemblance of King Midas, only from their touch everything turns not into gold, but into manure.

    As far back as July of 2008, in the final conversation “UKRAINA: from myth to disaster” I emphasized:

    “The further the implementation of the Ukraina project goes, the wider and deeper the hyperactive rural element, acting as the main apologist and implementer of this project, will penetrate the pores of science, education, art, culture, economics, politics, the state, etc. the less chance Western Russia will have of entering world history as its full-fledged subject. After all, all these “woozy” and “sticks” here act as a kind of toxin for the state, the economy of culture, science, etc., that is, all that they, in fact, are alien and incomprehensible. [...] A village cannot have an aristocracy, a village cannot have an elite. But yesterday's slaves are not able to replace the aristocracy! There is even such a Little Russian proverb: “God forbid, from a slave to pan”! Culturally, they are forced to be imitators, and their political activity can only result in rebellion. Such is peasant psychology. Therefore, the project “Ukraina” is nothing more than a protracted peasant revolt, senseless and merciless, against everything that the simple, mundane peasant mind of “Svidomo” is not able to perceive. ” It is not difficult to notice that the further development of the Ukraina project fully and completely confirmed the accuracy of my assessment. The revolt of “Svidomites” from small towns, villages and farms, a revolt senseless and merciless, turned everything into manure in Ukraine without exception, destroying the state, society, economy, culture, medicine, education, science, etc. In the matter of emergency closure of the Ukraina project, SUGS patriots are irreplaceable. Nobody can cope with the complete destruction of Ukraine better than them. That is why the gangster-oligarchic regime ("under-patriotic") must be replaced by the gang-neo-Nazi ("super-patriotic") regime, so that instead of the current characters, new oligophrenics from the lower classes come to power in Ukraine: neo-Nazi Fuhrer; so-called "Activists"; huckster volunteers; public and political figures with certificates from psychiatric clinics; assassins, sadists and perverts of various stripes, sung as "heroes of the ATO"; "Experts" -doctrinaire from Facebook; corrupt journalists and thieves. It will be natural if, after Poroshenko’s departure, Parubiy, Turchinov, or, at worst, Pashinsky, become the head of Ukraine. That would be logical. However, Biletsky would have done well with the quick and final destruction of Ukraine. The more patriotic and nationalistic ukroelita, the better. Intellectuals and semi-liberals like Nalivaichenko are a palliative and an illusion of compromise. Ukraine no longer needs compromises. My logic is extremely simple: if you want to kill yourself, he does not need to interfere, he needs help. He wants to get into the electrical outlet with nails, let him climb; he wants to jump from the roof, let him jump; he wants to slurp acid, let slurp. Just do not dissuade him, do not persuade and do not stop. Let him get killed quickly. And then everyone will feel good. And to him, since he will stop his torment, and to those around him, whom he does not allow to live in peace. Any humanism must have its limits.
    Entirely here:
    1. Victor Kamenev
      13 February 2017 16: 04
      I read your articles, everything will be so, although it would not have been better .... Apparently, this is rock.
      Sincerely ...
  9. zoolu300
    zoolu300 13 February 2017 08: 39
    Children's article in the spirit of the HSP. Ukroreich is really an instrument of the Fed’s owners against Russia, but some conclusions are abnormal. In order to in 2013. there were no Ukrainian events, it was necessary in 2008. (reconnaissance by the owners of the Fed) to take Tbilisi and put Mishiko on the count. Now, so that the Kazakhstan Maidan does not arise soon, it’s necessary to put the ukrokhunt on stakes, then the candidates for the leaders of the Kazakh, Belarusian and other Maidan will not show due zeal, knowing that being an instrument against Russia in the hands of the owners of the Fed is mortally painful. And now future leaders of the Maidan, looking at Mishiko, Senya and Gunpowder, who have enriched themselves specifically, are eager to take an example from them.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      13 February 2017 16: 16
      Apparently, a patriot-rifleman, the sea is knee-deep and the blood is water ...
      1. zoolu300
        zoolu300 13 February 2017 16: 21
        Imperial socialist. Riflemen indulge in monarchism with all due respect. The sea off the coast can really be knee-deep. Blood is really a liquid substance and while the blood of our people (in the Donbass) is pouring, and not of our enemies.
  10. 13 February 2017 09: 09
    how did this fucking ohruin get with this banderlaj and banderlog! Already really just want to make this blevantino !!! Be-uh-uhhhhh !!! absolutely not interested in knowing about all these fool db that now they jump in the under-state 404 !!!
  11. Lelek
    Lelek 13 February 2017 09: 38
    (It helps, of course, physically and politically, but the New Russian republics are still not recognized by Russia.)

    IMHO, an act of recognition of the independence of the LPR and the DPR will in no way affect the "Minsk agreements." Russia has repeatedly warned Kiev that if the latter drags out the process of implementing the Minsk treatises and shells the cities of the republics, then it (Russia) will carry out the same recognition procedure, but it is still there. Bandera continues to shell and is not subordinate to the center, Kiev is not going to fulfill its obligations, Western curators are busy with their “domestic” affairs and the “Ukrainian question” is burdensome for them, overseas “overlords” are also busy with internal political intrigues and battles, and Russia argues: “but what will Princess Marya Alekseevna say there? " And people in the southeast of the former Ukraine perish and bury loved ones every single day of God. Oil painting, however.
    1. pussamussa
      pussamussa 13 February 2017 10: 54
      Quote: Lelek
      an act of recognition of the independence of the LPR and the DPR

      Correctly. Troops do not need to enter. We must recognize the DNI and LC. Conclude a mutual assistance agreement.
      Next, to stop the aggression from Bandera, use aviation and precision missile strikes.
  12. BAI
    BAI 13 February 2017 09: 53
    Too optimistic. Russia's foreign policy is characterized by two words - passivity and weakness. Go with the flow, not control events. Any active actions are taken when there is nowhere and nothing to retreat and yield.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      13 February 2017 16: 17
      Is it really? Why are democrats of all stripes hitting Putin Russia so much?
  13. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 13 February 2017 10: 09
    The author, Putin’s friend Trump, will bring us five more minutes of fun. Whoever comes to power in Geyrope will not be our friends. The West is the enemy, we must clearly understand And if you don’t have this concept, you can be sorry for utopian dreams. Three years ago, they screamed that Poros would be a khan in a year. Well, where is the khan? Maybe it’s time to end with “international friends and their laws.” They are a throat for us. We must write our own laws for the world and not look like their enemy writes us, you are our romantic.
  14. alavrin
    alavrin 13 February 2017 10: 15
    One could agree with all this, if one does not take into account the fact that Moscow itself has a party of compromisers with the EU, the USA and the "new world order" ... Strong and powerful. Their children study at European and American universities, the funds are hidden in offshore .... To serve in the Russian army? What are you? Not a lordly thing. (I remember Putin saying that only at Fradkov's sons they chose a military career in their homeland). So that the sons of Stalin, Mikoyan, but the same Khrushchev on the Western Front will no longer be ...
    1. Zheleznostop
      Zheleznostop 13 February 2017 10: 45
      And the children of Khrushchev have long been on the side of the western front. In any case, Nina Khrushcheva is actively pouring mud on Russia.
      1. alavrin
        alavrin 13 February 2017 12: 19
        Well, be that as it may, EVEN at the tyrant Khrushchev, the children fought and, as far as I remember, his son died (although under obscure circumstances)
  15. 0255
    0255 13 February 2017 10: 51
    Victor Kamenev, again you are trump PR If he is Putin’s "friend" or "agent", then why is he transferring troops and armored vehicles to Poland and the Baltic states, if the same "analysts" wrote that Trump will fight the EU and China, and stop the hostility with Russia? From brexita England will also be a friend to Moscow? Yes, and Ukraine continues the war, and still does not fall apart, although they promised that it was just a trumpet with Trump. The collapse of the EU and the US promise almost every day, and where are they?
    Would you live in Donetsk or Lugansk, but under shelling, what would you write about the "cunning plan" then? Seeing that, instead of independence, the Donbass received a war that is unclear when it will end, Novorossia is unlikely to arise, who wants to live in a war.
    The article is nonsense.
  16. Catherine II
    Catherine II 13 February 2017 11: 11
    Kamenev .. as far as I read, endless HHP and nothing needs to be done, everything itself resolves. All the problems. Lie on the stove for at least 33 of the year. True, there is a saying about stone and water ...
    Boyar Duma pre-Petrine change, we will think, change something dangerous and lack of time.
    The world of the 21 century can change in a couple of minutes! The matrix of consciousness from such statues changes even faster .. yes only to a primitive awareness of reality.
    1. 0255
      0255 13 February 2017 13: 29
      Quote: Catherine II
      Kamenev .. as far as I read, endless HHP and nothing needs to be done, everything itself resolves.

      Yes, Kamenev is already becoming a symbol of not smart propaganda
  17. Victor Kamenev
    13 February 2017 16: 01
    Yes ... it seems that cyber warriors of light appeared on the site, however, the depth of their comments, which is reduced to the screaming Maidan, is encouraging. Poland has already seen Bandera in Ukraine, the process, as one perestroika said, has gone, catch the following blows ...
    1. 0255
      0255 13 February 2017 18: 53
      Yes, people who have critical thinking do not believe your ury slogans. And you have enough brains to call the dissenters "maydanuty", "Svidomo", "guests from the censor." Better think about the quality of your slogans about Putin, Trump and Ukraine.
    2. Catherine II
      Catherine II 14 February 2017 15: 24
      Quote: Victor Kamenev
      cyber warriors of light

      all who disagree with the "party line" - automatically get Ukrainian citizenship? Or a Russian liberal grant? Or both?
      Listen - you sound too primitive. The world survived Ishchenko, the Yurusums, and they were much more diverse. Well, it's impossible to give society a black and white picture in the 21 century!
      Halva halva (proverb) And your halva from # Ukraine is already unsweetened for a long time, society needs a non-sugary KhPP # Ukraina
      As for Poland, they see a lot of things, and the EU and the Russian Federation "see". Everyone sees what he wants to see!
      In general, I'm sorry, but it is tiring to read for the hundredth time that everything is by itself, that's all. If you are writing articles, be nice to read and criticize. Blaming dissenting critics for citizenship \ grants \ standing on the Maidan \ Swamp \ workplace in Washington is interesting, but not for long.
  18. goblin
    goblin 13 February 2017 18: 20
    I read your comments and laughs like Russians, but they didn’t understand what 1 Crimea was an autonomous republic with its own laws and with its leadership it could decide who to be with Russia or Ukraine. 2 Syria, our troops were there at the request of the country's leadership and only asked Russia. 3 Donbass is not autonomy, which means that Ukraine, our invasion of Donbass will be regarded as an attack on Ukraine, in this case Parashenko may ask the alliance for help and then soldiers will enter Ukraine, which they all seek so far, and while there are no troops, then NATO it can’t because there is essentially no war and no one is attacking Ukraine.
  19. iouris
    iouris 14 February 2017 00: 50
    The idea of ​​the USSR is still alive. Banderostan is directed against this idea. The idea of ​​Ukraine is a German idea. The project "Ukraine", if this project is not timely destroyed, will inevitably be followed by another "Drang nakh Osten." Germany, behind which the United States and the rest of Europe will form and direct supranational structures, the basis of which will be the formations of Ukraine and Poland. In fact, the US administration has already given Europe a “face” command. No wonder Poroshenko dangled to Berlin. There is a suspicion that the aggravation of the situation and the first test of strength may occur just the other day. Therefore, troops were deployed in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
  20. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 14 February 2017 05: 27
    Boomerang ... ss !!!
  21. neoshef
    neoshef 18 February 2017 13: 53
    Geopolitics is understandable, but ordinary people always suffer.