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"T-34": oh, how I want to return to the town ...

"T-34": oh, how I want to return to the town ...

March 16 celebrates the Day of the Legionnaires of the Waffen SS in Latvia. The other day, the Riga City Council received the first applications of organizations wishing to participate in the event.

This non-state holiday is celebrated in the former Baltic republic since 1994. Every year, several hundred people gather at the event, wishing to honor the memory of the soldiers of the Latvian SS Legion, who allegedly fell in battles for the freedom and independence of Latvia. “Celebration” is accompanied by a procession of “veterans”, youth nationalist organizations and the laying of wreaths at the Freedom Monument, located in the center of Riga. Recently, applications for participation were filed by the ultra-right organizations “Hawks of the Daugava” and “In support of national warriors”. So far, the total number of registered participants is about 150 people.

March 16 date is not chosen by chance. On this day in the distant 1944 year, units of the Legion first fought with units of the Red Army near Leningrad, near the Velikaya River. Today, the Latvian state ideology justifies the actions of its fellow citizens and presents them as some kind of fighters against the “totalitarian regime”. Note that both Russia and other sensible countries have repeatedly condemned the leadership of the republic for the glorification of fascism in the post-Soviet space.

However, the Baltic politicians tirelessly refer to the “Declaration on Latvian Legionnaires in the Second World War”, signed by the Seimas 29 of October 1998. In it, the main justifiable thesis of the authorities comes down to the fact that the unfortunate legionaries were forced to join parts of the SS, since Germany conducted almost violent mobilization of the civilian population. In addition, many young people joined the unit to fight the "bloodthirsty Soviet regime" and protect their families from possible "Stalinist repression" in the event of a Soviet victory.

Nevertheless, historical the facts suggest otherwise. In particular, the so-called “Winter magic” makes doubtful the declared hopelessness and holiness of Latvians. This code name was given to the German punitive operation, whose strategic goal was the creation of a “neutral zone” in the Belarusian-Latvian border. Thus, the Wehrmacht planned to prevent the spread of the activity of Soviet partisans in the territory of Latvia.

It is noteworthy that the shock core of the Nazi formations sent to the Drissensky, Osvejsky, Polotsk and Rosson regions of Belarus comprised seven (!) Latvian police battalions (3 / 4 of the total number of punishers). Summing up the preliminary results of the operation, German General B. Bremer, in his report to Berlin, wrote that the punitive forces destroyed 223 Soviet partisans, shot 3904 citizens suspected of “banditry”, were sent to concentration camps 7275 people. This is only in one of the four districts - Osveisk. It should be noted that it was during the “Winter Magic” that the formation of the Latvian SS Legion began, which mainly included the police battalions participating in the operation.

How justified, after the above, to talk about the "hopelessness" of the Baltic fascists and their "fear of Stalinist repression" raises a big question. If we take into account the ratio of killed partisans and civilians, then the answer to it is by itself.

Recall that it took a little more than a year after the events of "Magic" and the Red Army conducted four major front-line operations to liberate the Baltic states: Riga (September 14 - October 24 October 1944 of the year), September September (17 - 26), Moonsund (September 27 - November 24) ) and Memel (5 - October 22). In the course of those battles, more than 120 000 Soviet soldiers and officers died. Of these, 112 people were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, three - twice. This begs the question: did they give their lives for the Nazi marches through the streets of Riga?

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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 13 February 2017 06: 24
    "T-34": oh, how I want to return to the town ...
    there are "abrams" already ... so more serious machines are needed.
    1. kouldoom
      kouldoom 13 February 2017 06: 37
      T-90 stoy need
    2. Alex_1973
      Alex_1973 13 February 2017 08: 53
      Andrei Yurievich Today, 06:24 New
      "T-34": oh, how I want to return to the town ...
      there are "abrams" already ... so more serious machines are needed.
      For some reason, the words of the mayor of one small German town immediately came to my memory, I don’t remember the name. To the demand of a small "initiative" group to demolish the monument to our soldiers, he told them: what do you want them (Russians) to put T-34 on a pedestal instead of T-90 ...?!
      Prolonged and stormy applause, everything, curtain ...
      1. 13 February 2017 12: 44
        It was not in Berlin? Why is it remembered so
    3. private person
      private person 13 February 2017 20: 13
      Gauges are the most.
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. Bumblebee_3
      Bumblebee_3 13 February 2017 13: 23
      Why are you running into the Jews? What did they not please you with? S.Ya. Marshak, A.E. Nudelman (the list goes on), what was wrong with the USSR? For you personally?
      1. zulusuluz
        zulusuluz 13 February 2017 18: 37
        Because they remember the Holocaust only when MI is beneficial. Unfortunately, there are many.
        1. Bumblebee_3
          Bumblebee_3 13 February 2017 20: 39
          zulusuluz. But it’s impossible for all to be “under one comb”. And there was no talk about the Holocaust. Although about the "human rights defenders", with Izya top, I agree.
          1. zulusuluz
            zulusuluz 14 February 2017 06: 49
            And you look at how people treat people in the world: a couple of people have done something, and already all Romanians, Bulgarians, Germans, Americans, etc. (underline) almost monsters.
            But the Holocaust and fascism are words from one row, one era. There would be no Holocaust, if not for fascism.
  3. Damir
    Damir 13 February 2017 06: 57
    Somehow left-handed people can’t hear about the rights of “migrants”, that is, the Russian-speaking population ... as the march of SS veterans is so silence, “non-citizens” well, it’s normal to discuss something here .. so think a third of the population left out the brackets ...
  4. Wolka
    Wolka 13 February 2017 07: 40
    crawled out of holes burrows, and something to be proud of, well, yes, how gloriously received in the face from the Buryat and Kazakh guys ...
    1. volodya
      volodya 13 February 2017 07: 49
      Quote: Volka
      crawled out of holes burrows, and something to be proud of, well, yes, how gloriously received in the face from the Buryat and Kazakh guys ...

      1. your1970
        your1970 13 February 2017 18: 01
        I’m always confused by one question - how old are they? Even if by 1945 they were 10 years old, then they should already be at least 82 years old, if we take a combat-ready age - 18 - then generally 90 !!! -70-80 years. And two on the right / left - they have a maximum of 60-65 ..
  5. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 13 February 2017 07: 51
    And who is it in the photo in the center? Not Migalkin-Mikhalkov, not?
  6. cedar
    cedar 13 February 2017 07: 52
    From the Soviet Union to the European Union ... If in the Soviet Union the Baltic republics were in favor, they were provided for everything in the first place and developed dynamically, then in the European Union they were lowered to the plinth, but at last they were "free ..."
    And they called on their "freedom" to protect NATO. Or maybe everything is easier and worse. The time has come for real and real occupation, which is unbearably hard to admit even to ourselves ...
  7. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 13 February 2017 08: 02
    About Latvians Waffen SS remembered. At the Nuremberg trials, SS troops were charged with war crimes. In conclusion, members of the SS, including SS troops, were declared a criminal group by the tribunal. The UN Human Rights Commission condemned the glorification of former SS troops, and, in particular, the opening of monuments and memorials, as well as the holding of public demonstrations of former SS troops. And in Ukraine, no one pays attention to the unfinished ghouls of the SS and their followers ?! Are you all used to it? And it would be worth recalling again. For instance:

    The second left in the upper row (wolf hook) is the emblem of the SS Das Reich division. Currently, the emblem of the Ukrainian regiment "Azov".
    The third from the right in the second row (a lion on its hind legs and three crowns) - the emblem was used by the 14th SS Waffen-Grenadier Division Galicia (Galicia 1st Galician / Ukrainian). It is currently being shown openly by Natsiks.
    There is nothing to do with the SS atrocities overseas, but they forgot or "beat" them in the geyrop. Short memory to see!
    1. Pecheneg
      Pecheneg 13 February 2017 08: 59
      In the geyropa, masochists want to repeat the adventure in their own place.
    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 13 February 2017 16: 48
      Do not forget. It's just that they themselves participated in these atrocities. And again they want, really want !!! Just fear that the road will become asphalt, along with all of Europe.
    3. A.Lex
      A.Lex 15 February 2017 07: 37
      Remind me again? Tired of already ... Can solve the problem once and for all? Dramatically ....
  8. igordok
    igordok 13 February 2017 08: 06
    On that day, in the distant 1944 year, units of the legion for the first time entered into battle with units of the Red Army near Leningrad, near Great River.

    From Leningrad to the Great River - a little less than 300 km. The battle was southwest of the city of Ostrov. For the first time, our troops crossed the Velikaya River, but failed to gain a foothold.
  9. aszzz888
    aszzz888 13 February 2017 09: 02
    If we take into account the ratio of the killed partisans and civilians, then the answer to it is itself.

    Nobody remembers this from the Baltic states. So it’s more profitable to “keep” politics.
  10. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 13 February 2017 09: 02
    Poor Baltic republics. I am truly sorry for them. No conscience, no honor, no memory, no gratitude. At least the Finns would learn how to live with their neighbors.
  11. dedBoroded
    dedBoroded 13 February 2017 09: 25
    Why wonder? In Soviet films, the clearest SS men have always come from the Baltic states, you just can't hide genes ...
  12. sgapich
    sgapich 13 February 2017 10: 10
    I wonder why Israel is silent? Have you forgotten Judenfrei? Or, as usual, can we speak only at the direction of?
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Berkut24
    Berkut24 13 February 2017 11: 49
    No need tanks. Let them die out on their own. They are not worthy of a show with tanks and shooting at the cemetery.
  15. passing
    passing 13 February 2017 11: 59
    And "we will survive this trouble"! I just wouldn’t like to - when this whole mess ends and our "friends" begin to get an understanding of jo ... wrong things, our "elite" didn’t open their arms with a cry, we’ll forgive everyone, we will help everyone, aaaaa whole world brothers
  16. Pruss v
    Pruss v 13 February 2017 12: 31
    Still, what kind of fagots these Latvians!
    1. Ildar sh
      Ildar sh 13 February 2017 13: 47
  17. Almaty man
    Almaty man 13 February 2017 13: 14
    Looks like the root of fascism has remained unsolved ... not everyone was cut ..
    So let’s think about our future generations to which this weed will be waist-deep ...
    It is necessary to finish off the capitalists to take away from them all once and for all!
  18. verb
    verb 13 February 2017 13: 22
    I visited in the early 80s in all the capitals of these three Baltic states - Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius. Moreover, at the largest radio plants. And where are these plants now?
    Everywhere people were normal. I am silent about Riga, almost everyone spoke Russian there. 73% of Russians what you want. But in small towns, yes, they all speak their own language and it’s not a fact that they will answer the question. There is something in their own way, and go for a walk.
    I will never forget Jurbarkas (Lithuania), where I stayed in a hotel alone in a luxury room. It was winter and this hotel with 300 rooms lived for us, visitors, only FIVE "All business travelers. Director of the only factory producing boards for the Vilnius Radio Plant (remember probably Wilma?) apologized to me for his secret, who sent me to a bus stop that didn’t exist, taking half of the population of this shabby town to the entot factory.
    "Yes, we don’t really like Russians," he said. So it was already in 1984! What can we say about today's time.

    PS By the way, received enti so-called. "radio equipment adjusters" are almost 2 times more than I-regulator of the 6th category with a / o. And there were us, integrated system engineers for the Europe product, there were only 8 (eight) people in the entire Union! And I dare to assure you, our salary was very good. And at all the radio plants of the Great Baltic, it was like this: a shabby installer who can only poke with a soldering iron received more than me, Russian from Russia.

    PSS Let them disappear there all the abyss, small but proud PAWS! Not a bit sorry for them!
    1. iouris
      iouris 13 February 2017 13: 41
      Quote: verb
      the adroit installer, who can only poke with a soldering iron, got more than me, a Russian from Russia.

      Comrade, he did not set his own salary; Moscow set such a salary for him.
  19. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 13 February 2017 13: 37
    They will die out naturally. wassat There is no need to help the Baltic states now. The speed with which the population is decreasing can only be compared with war or genocide. am
    1. iouris
      iouris 13 February 2017 13: 44
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      They will die out naturally. There is no need to help the Baltic states now.

      Please note: in Russia, the process of "extinction" is not at a slower pace.
  20. Ildar sh
    Ildar sh 13 February 2017 13: 45
    Well, not for this, my grandfather in the Baltic states walked
  21. Dmitry Polishchuk_2
    Dmitry Polishchuk_2 13 February 2017 14: 36
    SMERSH did not modify it a bit, I think it will be fixed soon !!!!!
  22. Landing Station6
    Landing Station6 13 February 2017 15: 10
    units of the legion first entered the battle with units of the Red Army near Leningrad, near the Great River.

    Pskov, the city of the 76th Airborne Division, stands on the Velikaya River, 300 km from St. Petersburg.
    Celebrating on the day you receive the trandule from the Red Army is like this in Latvian!
  23. nnz226
    nnz226 13 February 2017 16: 29
    Hmm, the mass executions of this unfinished seam and their lasts would be relevant ...
    1. iouris
      iouris 14 February 2017 02: 23
      Let it be known to everyone that the Latvian SS-sheep (legionnaires) raised their heads in many ways, because Germany began to pay pensions to them in the early 1990s. It was a lot of money. Not all legionnaires were necessarily war criminals, but along with the heroization of the legionnaires, who were simply mobilized without any particular choice, the heroization of the SS and the ideological fighters of "resistance" took place. The same thing happened that we have in Little Russia, namely: Anti-Russian Ukraine - pro-German Banderostan - Nazi SS. "Europe" is the Fourth Reich, so the war is already underway.
  24. zulusuluz
    zulusuluz 13 February 2017 18: 40
    I remembered the joke:
    "- And my grandfather also died in a concentration camp ...
    - How?
    - Yes, the drunk fell off the tower ... "
    It’s a pity that not everyone “fell off”.
  25. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 13 February 2017 19: 34
    Quote: your1970
    I am always confused by one question - how old are they?

    Well, sometimes we also have some places where subbotnik participants appear, dragging a log with Lenin. yes
  26. 1536
    1536 14 February 2017 00: 12
    T-34 fulfilled its mission by 100%. But where were our, as they say, "competent" bodies in those years? And why, when the so-called "human rights activists" lie about repressions during the reign of I.V. Stalin, does not speak about the over-kindness of our bodies in relation to war criminals - fascists, Nazis, nationalists, who were left alone after the war? Recall a phrase from the movie "Resident's Mistake", said by a former policeman with whom the resident lived, regarding the trial of Nazi collaborators in the occupied territory: "Descendants have no right to condemn those who lived in those years when it all happened." These "victims of circumstances", to their last breath, have been harming, harming and will harm Russia so that they can live at least at the expense of it, just like the Baltic states have lived all the post-war years! They have such a psychology, such a genotype. Who was the scientific adviser of Grybauskaite when she wrote her dissertation at the Higher Party School? It is necessary to call this "hero" from education.
    Pros..if that country, USSR, pros..t and this one!
  27. Nitarius
    Nitarius 14 February 2017 10: 52
    that grandfathers didn’t have time ... we will have to finish it!