Military Review

207 mln.

As the RIA News, the Cabinet of Ukraine decided to allocate 5,6 billion hryvnia (about 207 million dollars) for the purchase and modernization of weapons and military equipment in 2017 year.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak stated that the country's military budget for 2017 will reach record levels - 64 billion hryvnia (almost 155 billion rubles), which is 2,5% of gross domestic product. While considering the option of allocating 100 billion hryvnia (which is reflected in the graph).

207 mln.

In Russia, for example, 2017 is planned to be spent on defense in 2, 840 billion rubles. (48,5 billion.). The US defense budget is 622 billion dollars, China - 145, Saudi Arabia - 81, Great Britain - 60, India - 51.

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  1. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka 10 February 2017 10: 24
    Where are the pennies from?
    1. Rostov Papa
      Rostov Papa 10 February 2017 10: 52
      Where are they from, SMSki send and volunteers supply firewood and cowards.
      1. DanSabaka
        DanSabaka 10 February 2017 10: 54
        to convert firewood and cowards into pennies is a great art .... but to cut the junta of current and wipe the master .....
        1. bouncyhunter
          bouncyhunter 10 February 2017 12: 12
          Did Pedro plan to buy another hut somewhere in a puddle?
          1. DanSabaka
            DanSabaka 10 February 2017 13: 27
            So "somewhere behind a puddle" that is not Pedro, then Gomez .....
            And if In about Pedro pArashenko, that word “conceived” is not appropriate here, it’s not a royal thing to think about ........
  2. Kibl
    Kibl 10 February 2017 10: 24
    Here again they started cutting grandmas!
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 10 February 2017 10: 49
      Quote: KIBL
      Here again they started cutting grandmas

      Do not feed the horse!
  3. Chelentanych
    Chelentanych 10 February 2017 10: 31
    They collect everything on the fence at the border, they won’t beat it laughing
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 10 February 2017 10: 33
    Do not feed the horse. There, how many don’t pour - there the bottom was stolen and taken away ... To the cottage. laughing
  5. Smoked
    Smoked 10 February 2017 10: 35
    They are in Europe, the economy is booming, why not spend money on the army!
    1. P36M2
      P36M2 10 February 2017 10: 40
      The EU will provide Ukraine with € 15 million to fight corruption and personally for Petro - a box of vodka to fight alcoholism
  6. demiurg
    demiurg 10 February 2017 10: 35
    The country has gangster nineties. With all the consequences. Even the president is an alcoholic on hand. They still have to wait a long time until the phrase I'm tired, I'm a fly fly.

    So they are not up to the defense industry. They have a classic initial accumulation of capital.
    1. venik
      venik 10 February 2017 10: 52
      Quote: demiurg
      They have a classic initial accumulation of capital.

      What the "initial" ?? This was the "initial" in the early 90s !!! Since then they cannot stop! There are already a lot of "dollar" billionaires in the country, and everyone continues! And the people are all impoverished and impoverished! The bulk of the people (I mean PEOPLE and not these pass .. where the oligarchs and officials) have long NOT LIVED - have long SURVIVED!
      1. demiurg
        demiurg 10 February 2017 10: 58
        There were no nineties in / in Ukraine. Russia gave money, plants provided work. There were unmeasured arms depots, trade with Africa, richer slowly. Gas transit brought a pretty penny.
        The nineties came recently when they decided that Russia was short of cereals, and decided that Europe would feed a large scoop with a scoop.
  7. kolkulon
    kolkulon 10 February 2017 10: 38
    Someone is already looking after a mansion in Spain.
  8. Smog
    Smog 10 February 2017 10: 38
    Making a decision does not mean highlighting.
  9. P36M2
    P36M2 10 February 2017 10: 39
    When Alexander the Great was asked: -How is it to fight with the strongest army in the world? He replied: -Do not know, I did not fight with the Ukrainians.
  10. kolkulon
    kolkulon 10 February 2017 10: 40
    SchA Americans throw their rubbish at them.
  11. staviator
    staviator 10 February 2017 10: 44
    Well this is how many intercom cameras you can buy, it’s already terribly, fear the heaps.
  12. Berkut24
    Berkut24 10 February 2017 11: 02
    On the river boats and sweets for the personnel do not mind!
  13. Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 10 February 2017 11: 06
    In 2013, expenditures on the army and navy amounted to 18,8 billion hryvnias - this is at that rate 2,35 billion dollars. The military budget for 2017 is 64 billion hryvnias - at the current rate of 2,29 billion dollars. So there is no budget increase, on the contrary a decrease. And this is understandable - there is no money in Skakua Pig Besal.
  14. Moor
    Moor 10 February 2017 11: 38
    Judging by the above chart, under the “democrat” Poroshenko more money is allocated for the army’s needs than under the “tyrant” Yanukovych. That's interesting, but when did the Ukrainian military live better - then or now? Logically now. That would be to hear the opinion of ordinary war workers.
    1. fa2998
      fa2998 10 February 2017 14: 42
      Comrade Stalin has already answered you ahead (see above). They have a Hryvnia devaluation, but in terms of bucks, it turns out less. And do not pay a share in GDP, their GDP has decreased, they will soon spend 10%, 20% on defense -military is not easier on this! hi
      RS-and this driver that in the title photo gave a breath to the tube? Or in the parking lot you can sit behind the wheel with a hangover! lol hi
  15. megavolt823
    megavolt823 10 February 2017 14: 29
    207 million dollars to a large concern with subsidiaries and auxiliary enterprises for gifts to employees, corporate parties and no more. but the salary for bandforming is quite. hi
  16. gukoyan
    gukoyan 10 February 2017 15: 45
    They will grind while there is an opportunity))
  17. sergei1975
    sergei1975 10 February 2017 20: 18
    Modernization in the style of Yatsenyuk