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IL-18. With the hope of "taking off"

IL-18. With the hope of "taking off"

Our story today is about a veteran who this year will celebrate 40 years since his last landing at the airport in Monino. This is the IL-18, and I’m not afraid to call it one of the most remarkable aircraft in our aviation stories.

Our NATO "partners" at one time gave this aircraft in its classification a fairly accurate name - "Prostak." The Il-18 was really simple and unpretentious and could be used as you please: a passenger liner, a truck, a meteorological survey aircraft, a fish scout, a flying laboratory, an ambulance plane.

And the military service did not bypass the IL-18. It was produced as a paratrooper, flying class for navigators, an electronic warfare aircraft (Il-20), an air command center (Il-22), an ice reconnaissance aircraft (Il-24), anti-submarine (Il-38).

Even today, the IL-18 still fly where the normal tail plumage of a normal aircraft will curl.

After the end of life, many IL-18 took places on the podium as monuments. But, unfortunately, their fate was mostly not so fortunate on earth.

IL-18B was installed in the park to them. Gagarin in Simferopol. Was commissioned on the metal in 1990-s.

A monument to the Il-18 aircraft was installed at terminal B of Sheremetyevo-1 airport. In 2012, it was dismantled and moved to Khimki park near the railway station. Stood in semi-assembled condition on concrete blocks. An examination of the aircraft was made, as a result, a decision was made to parse it. This, by the way, on the topic of the transfer of such exhibits.

IL-18 was operated as a children's cinema in the city of Zaporozhye. In the last decade of July, the 1999 of the year, the body of the aircraft “successfully” burned down and was immediately disposed of as scrap metal.

IL-18 as a monument until 1993 was installed near the city park in the city of Kyzyl.

IL-18 was installed in the city park of Arkalyk (Kazakhstan) to organize a children's cinema. As a result of the fire because of the fire, divorced by adolescents inside, the plane was actually destroyed. Was taken to recycling.

30 May 1982 was opened in Penza, a children's cinema "Ilyusha", it was located on board the IL-18, on the bank of Sura, near the suspension bridge. Destroyed at the beginning of 90's.

In 1980-ies in Dushanbe, a cinema was opened on board the IL-18 aircraft installed in one of the districts of the city. Destroyed in the early 90-x during the civil war.

IL-18 from 1978 to 1992 It was installed in the Central Park of Krasnoyarsk, it housed the children's cafe "Carlson". Disassembled on metal.

Two IL-18 were in Krasnoyarsk ... Novokuznetsk ... Evpatoria ... Emelyanovo ...

The only copy, except for the museum in Monino, still stands in the Victory Park of the city of Stavropol. From 1981 year. Stavropol became a pleasant exception.

IL-18, which is located in Monino, is the oldest of all. It is still 60-s built. And also going through hard times. The drug addicts once entered the salon through a broken window and made a feast there that ended with a fire. Firefighters saved the plane, but the fire caused him considerable damage.

By the way, on our first visit we did not see the plane, it stands on the outskirts of the open area and there is no access to it for visitors. The plane gradually goes into the ground ...

But thanks to the dictates of the heavens, apparently, IL-18 had two patron / reducing angels. This is Julius and Vladimir Kudryavtsev, father and son. And the plans that they want to bring to life, cause a slight shock. It is nothing less than to restore the IL-18 to the 40 anniversary of the arrival at the museum and make on board it a mini-museum of this aircraft.

When you follow Julius after the burnt plane, you catch yourself thinking that this is some kind of madness. The plane burned out! Which museum?

Then this incomprehensible virus of confidence begins to enter the body, and you also start thinking that everything is not so bad. Burned all the seats in the second salon and there is no way to get the same? Yes, in the 70 editions, the chairs were already different. Nothing, in the cabin there will be an exhibition with unique photographs from the places where the IL-18 as a whole and this board in particular entered. Plus, a few chairs still dug somewhere.

And the chairs will be tightened, and the ceilings are completely cleaned ...

And the kitchen unit will bring to mind ...

And the panels were just there ...

And the wiring has already been restored, the lighting is working ...

And the curtains even found ...

And the flight attendant's place was restored ...

The cockpit looks creepy, but one wheel was given to the waist, then the second will be restored. And in the end, sooner or later, but the cabin will take the proper form.

Here it is.

Easy such madness. But when you understand from the story, how much work this couple has already done, naturally, not without the help of other caring people, you realize that this is not a dream, but a very clearly stated task. Which is quite feasible. And you also become infected with the certainty that this is exactly what will happen.

And that in the summer they will bring jacks, lift the plane, roll out the asphalt path so that it can leave this nook and cranny where it can be shown. And talk about him.

And for some reason we decided that the next time, when this door opens before us, there will be a completely different order and order behind it.

The confidence of the Kudryavtsev comrades is something ... strange and infectious. Confidence of people doing their own hands CASE. I can not believe it.

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  1. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 10 February 2017 05: 37
    We in Saratov stood like that. There was a shooting range, and a cinema, and then a cafe. It was blown up in the memorable nineties. Went to the metal ...
    Now near the airport An-24 put ...
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 10 February 2017 10: 47
      I flew it ten times in the 70s, being a schoolboy. I still remember how the propellers were gaining momentum.))) .... In front of the Baku airport there was such a plane in an eternal parking lot. I don’t know if it’s worth it or not. The airport was reconstructed 2 years ago
  2. cedar
    cedar 10 February 2017 06: 48
    Wonderful airplane. I had a chance to fly it with my father from Adler to Tashkent via Baku. What volunteers from Monino are doing today is certainly worthy of any overestimation. For me there was always an unforgettable event meeting with the Soviet Aeroflot. To restore Aeroflot and the fleet of domestic aviation in all its beauty and power is a worthy task for future generations. Russia itself burnt on communism requires the restoration of a powerful State, without it we cannot be and a museum cannot live in Monino.
  3. Gunxnumx
    Gunxnumx 10 February 2017 07: 08
    I also remember, in my childhood, such a plane was in Chimkent. As a movie theater, it seems
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 14 February 2017 22: 58
      I saw in Khujant in (Tajikistan)
  4. Alex_59
    Alex_59 10 February 2017 07: 14
    Well done guys. Good luck to them in the future.
  5. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 10 February 2017 08: 16
    Quote: AlNikolaich
    We in Saratov stood like that. There was a shooting range, and a cinema, and then a cafe. It was blown up in the memorable nineties. Went to the metal ...
    Now near the airport An-24 put ...

    In my service, this aircraft (IL-24) conducted constant “ice” reconnaissance along the coast of Alaska. Once I witnessed how he “accidentally” violated the US border in 1985, but managed to get into the neutral zone in time before it was intercepted by a couple F -15 / It was alarming to watch on the tablet how fast they were approaching him when he had not yet had time to get out. Trudyaga cost everything!
  6. tundra
    tundra 10 February 2017 08: 21
    They flew on it with the flight Andijan - Tashkent - Sverdlovsk - Leningrad.
    It was lucky, as a kid, to sit even in the cockpit, on the Tashkent-Sverdlovsk section.
    Then with security measures it was easier.
  7. tundra
    tundra 10 February 2017 08: 23
    And what’s interesting, the stewardess announced at what time we’ll fly,
    I took my father’s watch and all the flight stared at the porthole.
  8. candidate
    candidate 10 February 2017 09: 30
    Speak what you call
    So it will be
    You can’t find better sludges
    To be continued
  9. Old26
    Old26 10 February 2017 09: 45
    The only copy, except for the museum in Monino, still stands in the Victory Park of the city of Stavropol. From 1981 year. Stavropol became a pleasant exception.

    Nice to hear that. Almost 40 years worth it. Although in the 90s they still wanted to remove it, the park management managed to defend it. Now MIG-21 and some armor are added to the park. I’ve rarely been there recently, so I won’t say it. The only thing I know for sure is that the MIG’s cabin was protected from the inside with metal so that they would not

    Quote: cedar
    Wonderful airplane. I had a chance to fly it with my father from Adler to Tashkent via Baku.

    Yes, my first flight in my life was also on the IL-18. Letele from Tashkent to ... I don’t remember anymore, most likely to Moscow, since the final destination was Stavropol. But after some time the first engine failed at the car. The crew decided to land in Baku. Then they scattered all. Since it was more profitable for us to fly to Mineralnye Vody, we flew there on an IL-12 where, after 30–40 minutes of flight, something suddenly flowed out of the engine on the right wing. They stopped him. They sat in the Minvody. Then the airfield was still with a dirt strip, there were rains, I don’t remember how they taxied after landing, but I remember exactly what was transferred from the plane to the ZIL-157 body. So my first flight was unique - two failures.
    But subsequently he flew on business trips a lot and if there was a choice, he flew on IL-18.

    and such a fate befell not only IL-18. In Novocherkassk in the park stood AN-10 in the form of a children's cafe. So by the end of the 80s, the cafe was not operational. And in the 90s, he probably suffered the fate of the other brothers
  10. marshes
    marshes 10 February 2017 11: 28
    In Almaty, until the 90s, it was in the park on the 50th anniversary of October, now it’s a family park. The early ones also planned to turn it into a movie theater. But the kid robbed him, magnesium into explosive packets, and burned him.
    I managed to fly at 18 and 20.
    Good luck in the restoration, although there are still working boards in the CIS in Asia and Africa.
  11. potapych
    potapych 10 February 2017 11: 31
    good car! reliable, unpretentious, though noisy. Engines are a song!
  12. ruskih
    ruskih 10 February 2017 11: 36
    Nice plane. The plane of my childhood, I even find it difficult to say how many times flew, but if there was a choice, they really flew on it. Very good memories. In Brest, on Gavrilova Street in a children's town, I also stood, there was a cosmonautics museum at first, and then, unfortunately, like everywhere else. Now he is not there, taken to Minsk.
  13. Antares-610
    Antares-610 10 February 2017 11: 54
    Yesterday 40 years since Ilyushin died.
  14. Antares-610
    Antares-610 10 February 2017 11: 56
  15. cedar
    cedar 10 February 2017 12: 13
    Quote: Antares-610
    Yesterday 40 years since Ilyushin died.

    Aircraft designer from God.
    God rest his soul.
  16. sgr291158
    sgr291158 10 February 2017 12: 23
    As a child, I flew on an IL-18, a cool airplane and it is very unfortunate that there are fewer and fewer of them. The legend must be preserved.
  17. Medium
    Medium 10 February 2017 12: 56
    But the IL-18 turboprop with the Ivchenko AI-20 engines had a predecessor, the IL-18 piston with the ASh-73 Shvetsov engines. It was the first Soviet passenger plane with an airtight cabin. And its development began in 1945. At that time there was only one aircraft of this class - Lockheed L-049 Constellation, plus the DC-6 was developed.
    The aircraft was designed for 60 - 65 passengers, had to have a range of 5000 km, a ceiling of 7500 m and a cruising speed of 450 km / h.
    We even worked on a salon with 40 seats of increased comfort and 28 berths. There were then.
    The first flight of the Il-18 with the tail number of the USSR-L1789 took place on August 17, 1946.
    Unfortunately, the aircraft was let down by engines. In the summer of 1946, when the construction of the aircraft was completed, the development of the AS-73TK (later installed on TU 4) was not yet completed - engines without turbochargers were put on the prototype, which did not allow testing in full.
    In the early 1950s, work with the first IL-18 was completely discontinued. In 1949, the Finnish government showed interest in the car, but it was limited only by general intentions.

    If someone is interested in more: http: //
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 10 February 2017 22: 17
      Quote: Medium
      But the turboprop IL-18 with Ivchenko AI-20 engines had a predecessor, the IL-18 piston with ASh-73 Shvetsov engines

      The first flight of the Il-18 with the tail number of the USSR-L1789 took place on August 17, 1946. the crew was headed by Vladimir Kokkinaki, co-pilot Konstantin Kokkinaki, flight engineer Pyotr Kokkinaki. The fourth on board was A.P. Vinogradov is a leading piston testing engineer IL-18.
      Piloting the aircraft turned out to be easy, without heavy loads on the controls. Take-off and take-off took place calmly. At a speed of more than 250 km / h, the car flew steadily with control abandoned. With one engine turned off, the IL-18 could continue to climb, and with two - horizontal flight. The cockpit windows provided a good view. Comfortable seats in the passenger cabin with tilting backs, head restraints and footrests made it possible to change the position of the body in a long flight. The pressurization system ensured comfortable conditions in the cab up to a maximum height. The heating system worked flawlessly. The noise in the cockpit was significantly lower than that of the DC-3 / C-47, Li-2 or IL-12. A five-fold safety margin guaranteed safe flight in adverse weather conditions.
      The plane did not go into series, there were many reasons, and it’s not worth it. Nevertheless, the work of the Design Bureau of Ilyushin was not in vain. The developments and research carried out within the framework of this project made it possible, after a decade, to create one of the most popular and successful long-haul airliners. But already with turboprop engines.
    2. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 14 February 2017 22: 59
      Is it really on Tupolev? Based on the Tu-4?
  18. AlexVas44
    AlexVas44 10 February 2017 14: 00
    In Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) in 1977 it was installed in the IL-18 park. Having stood for a dozen years, he perished in the fire. In our country, and tanks could not stand such a "historical" life. It's a shame that so many exhibits are mediocre, with the connivance of the authorities, perished. And everything seems to go unpunished.
  19. kirgudu
    kirgudu 10 February 2017 15: 08
    In Africa, Korea, a bunch of IL-18 flies, can it be easier to drive from there?
    1. Antares-610
      Antares-610 10 February 2017 15: 57
      Of course, it is easier if someone buys a plane for the museum, draws up documents, drives him to Russia and puts him on the ruined strip of the Moninsky airfield. And then we can handle it)))
  20. Fitter65
    Fitter65 10 February 2017 17: 10
    In 2015, the IL-18 flew to Khurba. I stood in the parking lot of citizens arriving. I still cheer myself up. Was the Russian word swearing kindly a camera too lazy to take? !!!!!!!
  21. Old26
    Old26 10 February 2017 17: 40
    Quote: kirgudu
    In Africa, Korea, a bunch of IL-18 flies, can it be easier to drive from there?

    I'm afraid to buy African more expensive. My friend worked there for half a year. Cars with his words killed and it is not clear how they fly at all
    1. Antares-610
      Antares-610 10 February 2017 20: 43
      Yes, they still have flying in Russia, but now you will not find those who dare to put him in Monino.
  22. Bayonet
    Bayonet 10 February 2017 22: 07
    Something similar happened with the An-10 aircraft installed in the Soviet district of Rostov-on-Don. Abandoned and as a result of fire and disposal. Not given to us .... request
    By the way, it burned down and was disposed of, in the days of developed socialism - there were no liberalists yet smile
  23. gnol
    gnol 11 February 2017 00: 19
    I always looked at this plane with some reverence from childhood and I am very glad that it still stands in Stavropol! I remember there was at one time a room of crooked mirrors!
  24. Old26
    Old26 11 February 2017 01: 16
    Quote: Gnol
    I remember there was at one time a room of crooked mirrors!

    Actually, I don’t remember that there was such a room in Victory Park. She was in the Lenin Komsomol park (now Central Park). Although I could be wrong. About the Victory Park. But in the Central was definitely
  25. glasha3032
    glasha3032 11 February 2017 04: 16
    But isn’t it easier to take with the worked out resource from the Air Force, from the storage base?
    1. Antares-610
      Antares-610 13 February 2017 12: 24
      And even simpler - do nothing and wait for someone else to do everything.
  26. kva555
    kva555 11 February 2017 06: 47
    1971-1987 Chokurdah-Moscow. In winter, the village of Chersky ice strip.
  27. kimvladimiril
    kimvladimiril 11 February 2017 12: 02
    From Magadan to Moscow through Krasnoyarsk - 13 hours of clean flight .... Then another half day shakes you. And what a blessing it was when it was replaced with IL-62 - without landing, 8 hours!
  28. Boris Starikov
    Boris Starikov 11 February 2017 13: 11

    IL-18 on the banks of the Syr Darya in the city of Khujand (Leninabad) in Tajikistan. Still worth it.
    1. Vladislav 73
      Vladislav 73 12 February 2017 00: 13
      Quote: Boris Starikov
      IL-18 on the banks of the Syr Darya in the city of Khujand (Leninabad) in Tajikistan. Still worth it.

      Is it really worth it? belay And while I read the comments, thought, who will write about Leninabad? I remember him, the boys climbed there in the 80s, the place is called Chumchuk-Aral, there was a leisure park, a zoo and a botanical garden. By the way, there was also An-2 once, not in the know? Thanks for posting! good hi
      1. Boris Starikov
        Boris Starikov 12 February 2017 06: 49
        At the expense of the An-2 is not in the know. It was just passing through Khujand, I took a photo from a car.
        1. Vladislav 73
          Vladislav 73 12 February 2017 13: 44
          Well, maybe he already doesn’t have it, An-2 then. And the IL-18 used to be in a different place, much farther from the shore of the Syr-Darya. I don’t think that the river spilled so straight, rather, it surpassed. Although God knows. My memories from the 80s ...
    2. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 14 February 2017 23: 00
      So I saw him ... in 2016.
  29. RomanRVV
    RomanRVV 15 February 2017 11: 15
    In Gagra, this was in the early 2000s. In 2015, I have not seen.
    1. garri-lin
      garri-lin 15 February 2017 18: 20
      Gagra sailed to Turkey. In the form of metal. It's a pity. My friends and I sawed magnesium every summer from him. It's a shame that the istooic value of such monuments loses the commercial price of the metal of which they consist.
  30. Captain45
    Captain45 20 February 2017 19: 09
    At the beginning of the 2000's in the Khatang squadron, 2 Il-18 still flew, then in 2002 one seems to have crashed under Tver. And they were removed. I still found it, I flew to Moscow on them, 7 hours of flight. The airport is its Khatanga, the crews are also Khatanga, passengers only from Khatanga, the plane gained height, the seatbacks recline, turning into improvised tables, bags open and everything is so decorous, noble, poured, drunk, snack
    xia. Between salons, how to call it, a vestibule or something, a tin can is on the floor, you can smoke instead of an ashtray. While you fly and drink and get enough sleep 2 times, then the truth after seven hours shakes a little on the ground, not then from alcohol.
  31. Gamer
    Gamer 21 June 2017 18: 46
    A working copy was given to Germany (or sold?), Flew under its own power, in the 90s.
  32. vik669
    vik669 22 July 2017 00: 05
    Yes, I had to fly it almost all over the Union - the best memories, and I flew everything from AN-2 to IL-62 and to TU and Yak and Airbus and Boeing. But IL-18 is IL-18 !!!