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Why is there a circus in Kiev, and death in the Donbas?

Why is there a circus in Kiev, and death in the Donbas?

LDNR kill. Slow and methodical. They are being destroyed on both sides almost simultaneously - with massive shelling of peaceful cities and endless breakthroughs and provocations along the line of contact.

And cynical, calculated to the smallest detail, stabs in the back. I wanted to talk about the latter in more detail, because if earlier terrorist attacks and assassinations of Ukrainian mercenaries caused only righteous anger and a desire to take revenge, then recently the terrorist war has increasingly caused confusion and a lot of inconvenient and, moreover, ambiguous issues.

Everyone knows that the hero of the DPR, the commander of the Somalia battalion, Mikhail Tolstoy, better known as “Givi”, died. I think you should not retell the details, because at the moment there is more than enough information. I would just like to dwell on the murder itself.

The investigation confirmed that a shot was fired at the Givi office at Somalia’s headquarters from the Bumblebee rocket infantry flamethrower, which had already proven itself in Afghanistan. At that moment, Mikhail was in the room, so he had no chance of surviving. As a result of a powerful explosion, several floors of the building were completely burnt out.

The hype, of course, rose unimaginable. “Givi”, one might say, was a cult personality and a real hero for all residents of LDNR. During the three years of the war, he repeatedly proved his loyalty and devotion to New Russia. The Donbass naturally rages and is indignant, and the Ukrainian pseudo-patriots, young and old (I’m talking about the ranks now), mock and dance on the bones, as befits vultures.

The official preliminary conclusion of the investigation seems quite logical against the background of the dirty methods of war Kiev has been using for three years. Although many are trying to make fun of the version with the Ukrainian DRG, or at least subject it to serious doubt, unequivocally hinting at either internal disassembly, or the ubiquitous "hand of the Kremlin." That's what I wanted to talk about.

The actions of Moscow do not smell here and with a comprehensive review, because it is simply illogical due to the lack of motives. Givi was an iconic figure, but it was prudent not to get into politics and couldn’t prevent anyone other than the Ukrainian special services, whatever the representatives of the latter are now squealing about.

Kiev, more than ever, now needs an explosion and a total escalation of the conflict. Especially after the failure of the Avdeev adventure. The Donbass is being forced into war with all its might, and Poroshenko would most of all now suit another cauldron with thousands of dead warriors of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A full-scale offensive is now stopping the west, so bets are made precisely on the counterattack in response to the regular offensive of the LDNR army.
On the one hand, all the threads lead to Kiev.

On the other hand, the incredible success of a simple and uncomplicated operation is striking. The SBU, vaunted by patriots, cannot even more or less plausibly fake an attempted murder of a people's deputy (remember Gerashchenko) and makes a real booth around a pair of stabbed homeless people. All their “successful activities” revolve around the weekly capture of another party of “separatist-saboteurs” in pursuance of the quarterly plan. And only for beautiful (and idiotic) pictures on the TV.

I liked the objection of one of the couch analysts, saying that we should not forget that the SBU still lacks the “old men” of the old KGB school, who could have turned the more serious operation. In response, I would like to recall the so-called lustration. Independent racers for three years managed to completely clear their ranks of the so-called "old school", and at the same time and destroyed the remnants of professionalism in the department.

No, the SBU does not smell here. Circus performers cannot afford murder on foreign territory. They would bum women and old people in the occupied villages, but the plan for separatism should be handed over once a month. In this "heroes" have long been filled. So all statements about the involvement of the SBU, and even the Ministry of Internal Affairs have only a political color.

Well, how can the same Shkiryak plan and organize at least something other than his own muffled chatter about provocations and maybe a couple of actions under the Lukyanovka SIZO on the orders of the boss? Yes, Avakov would not trust him and keep a candle while they are sawing the budget with fellow hyenas (well, or something else, or someone else).

In Donetsk, worked DRG. Even, perhaps, consisting of foreign mercenaries. With the current income of Poroshenko, PMCs can easily afford, and even more than one, and there are enough “pocket” terrorists in Ukraine now. The same Turkish “Gray wolves” in Kherson would be perfect for such “work”. Clearly, there is little hope for their “cubs” from the power steering.

The main question of my sad narrative is not “Who and why” (although it seems to have dealt with this superficially), but how was such a thing allowed to happen at all? And for the umpteenth time. Literally four days ago in Lugansk, the colonel of the people's militia of the LNR Oleg Anashchenko, whom many considered the formal head of the defense ministry, was undermined. Not so long ago killed Motorola. The key fighters of the entire militia of the southeast are killed easily and naturally on the territory of the LDNR.

At the same time, for three years the Ukrainian team of screamers on TV has already developed a certain idiotic practice - to warn about the attempt in advance. Remember, before each high-profile murder, the Ukrainian media literally foams with the same temnyk: “mass purges are being prepared in the DPR”, “the Kremlin’s hand is getting rid of pawns”, etc. etc. So why the security forces of the republics every time are not ready for the assassination? Today, Basurin uttered just a brilliant phrase (really sensible, without any irony) - “It’s time for the DPR to think about a new security concept.”

As they say, less than three years. It turns out in the very fact that neither is literally ...

After the loud murder of Anashchenko, Poroshenko’s militants quietly drive up to the headquarters of one of the most effective and professional battalions and fire at the command center window from the RPO (roughly speaking). And, by the way, they are also quietly dumped from the scene of the crime.

Guys, sorry for the involuntary rudeness and possible disrespect, and you have a war there?

Headquarters, in theory, should be a secure facility under 24-hour security. And it turns out that Motorola was guarded at his house better than the headquarters of Somalia. After all, no one noticed the attackers, that is, they did not smell like a “perimeter”.

Also, which year already raises many questions to the Ministry of State Security. You have the fighters cleaned up under your nose, but everything ends up with loud accusations and the “Interception” plan. Difficult to argue, some terrorist attacks were prevented and operational actions bore fruit. But for some reason, as soon as the hunt for serious people begins, the security service rests. It is surprising that with this situation Zakharchenko himself is still alive. The guardian angel is simply impenetrable.

Today Basurin not only expressed the opinion of the majority, perhaps without understanding it himself, but literally flooded the security service of the republics. You have been killing your heroes for three years and confine yourself to serious statements that you need to do something about it. So maybe all the same time.

Why Kiev can not present anything except circus performances (especially the SBU), but in the Donbas manages to sow death?

I would like to apologize for some rudeness at such a bad time, but this is a purely personal opinion. Just boiling.

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  1. Vend
    Vend 10 February 2017 15: 23
    That something like this.
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 10 February 2017 16: 50
      Or so:

      War is War and it has no human face ...
      Each side interprets all events in a way that is beneficial to it, silent and not saying much ...
      1. FlyEngine
        FlyEngine 10 February 2017 19: 24
        The most unpleasant thing in this situation is that those who perish from our side perish - we grieve, ukry rejoice. But vice versa! Should something explode in Ukraine, everyone yells out how cool it is. And this means that both of them are the same. We need to learn a restrained reaction, otherwise what are we better?
        1. You Vlad
          You Vlad 10 February 2017 19: 57
          And overseas, rejoice in both cases rubbing sweaty little hands.
          1. Liberoid-
            Liberoid- 10 February 2017 20: 58
            Quote: you Vlad
            And overseas, rejoice in both cases rubbing sweaty little hands.

            These serial killings in the Donbass hit us in the soul subtly for everyone in Russia .... Stronger than all the sanctions and accusations for everything that can be ... Are we again wiped and silent, gritting our teeth?
            They are waiting for our reaction again ... smiling maliciously? There will be a reaction gentlemen ...
            So far, a wave has begun in the Donbass ... Our Liberian media, as always, invented a hash of some kind .. The Libertosta is complete, it sits there ... Eh
            Armen Gasparyan: Ukrainian media have a tantrum over the funeral of Givi
            The many-thousand farewell ceremony with Mikhail "Givi" Tolstoy caused a real hysteria in the Ukrainian media - the residents of Donetsk who went out to pay tribute to the commander in large numbers do not fit into the propaganda picture of Kiev refusing to comply with the Minsk agreements.
            “Mikhail Tolstykh was a true hero of the DPR and the whole of New Russia. He was born and raised there. This is extremely important, because if Arseny Pavlov was perceived as his own, but, nevertheless, not quite Donetsk, then Givi is a fundamentally different story. He himself was from Ilovaysk and was always proud of it.
            The fact that today so many people have come to say goodbye to their hero is absolutely natural, as well as the hysteria of the Ukrainian media about this. “State employees, they drove everyone in,” I even read that there were no Donetsk people there at all, but only people from the Rostov Region.
            ains ..

            In vain you svidomye Givi soaked ... Then you will regret for centuries to remember ... negative

            A lump in the throat is straight .. Forgive Givi ..!
            1. You Vlad
              You Vlad 11 February 2017 08: 01
              My opinion is the next stupidity of the junta! Michael is not there, but why did he die? By and large, defending Orthodoxy, he is a martyr.
        2. Tambov Wolf
          Tambov Wolf 11 February 2017 10: 55
          Dear comrade. We live with patience anyway. We constantly tolerate. Spitting and rubbing smelly foreign legs about us, mocking "our" rulers who violate everything and everything (laws, the Constitution, albeit circumcised). And you again urge to endure. tolerate, comrade. But the patience is not eternal either.
          1. You Vlad
            You Vlad 11 February 2017 11: 27
            We must do everything wisely, and not give gifts to our enemies! Ukraine has been idiologically torn from us for a hundred years! The war will only aggravate everything and push people away from us even more! We need time and resources to work with the population and the Ukrainian authorities! war, a lot of corpses, a long guerrilla war and we are the occupiers! And the horses on a horse, “and we told you about Putler!” This is not a victory for the Tambov Wolf, it will be our defeat! Since the main goal of our enemies will be achieved.
            1. Evgeniy667b
              Evgeniy667b 12 February 2017 04: 44
              And how do you imagine such work with the population of Ukraine? How are 25 thousand people in the 20-30s of the last century? Then thousands of workers from machine tools moved to the village, to bring the truth and ideas of communism. And you, exactly you, Vas.Vlad in these ranks!
              1. You Vlad
                You Vlad 12 February 2017 09: 08
                It's simple, the big word Russian, for most republics only words! But not for Ukraine, they are true Russians! They just infected them ideologically, do you think they will not figure it out? I'm sure yes, but it takes time.
                1. Tambov Wolf
                  Tambov Wolf 13 February 2017 18: 47
                  For such jumpers, not the WORD, but the Gallows will save.
  2. tomket
    tomket 10 February 2017 15: 39
    The idea of ​​the professionalism of the counterintelligence services of the LPR and DPR can be developed somewhat. Not only do they lose the SBU in the net, but our intelligence of all ranks loses to the SBU. If our counterintelligence does not oversee the situation in the LPR and the DPR, then it becomes very sad. Although, remembering the arrival of the FSB graduates at the Gelendvagen, it all becomes clear what condition it is in (we will not omit the obvious failures from the explosions and catastrophes of airplanes).
  3. igor67
    igor67 10 February 2017 15: 53
    . In this video, a volunteer from Donetsk talks about how Zakharchenko tidied up almost all of the business in Donetsk, prices are not available in his supermarket chains, people travel to the Rostov Region, maybe Sergei, he’s Sith, will tell the truth about his people, maybe in Donetsk circus?
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 10 February 2017 19: 27
      Quote: igor67
      maybe such a circus in Donetsk?

      So tell yourself, my dear, where did all this circus go to Ukraine? request and in the Donbass and in Zhytomyr and Ternopol, can you tell a colleague? While some idiots jumped on the Maidan, others squeezed property from others, and now they shoot a friend at each other for the interests of the powders and their owners. Well, well, and Sergei is a respected person, he lives in Donetsk and not respected to us to blame him from warm sofas. I apologize if I offended.
    2. Uncle Murzik
      Uncle Murzik 11 February 2017 07: 36
      igor67 it’s always visible from Israel forever! on the internet you still look for a lot of daughters and sons of officers there!
      1. igor67
        igor67 11 February 2017 12: 00
        Quote: Uncle Murzik
        igor67 it’s always visible from Israel forever! on the internet you still look for a lot of daughters and sons of officers there!

        Haha, look for me, I’m from Ukraine myself, all my relatives and friends live there, I regularly communicate
  4. Skeptic Self-Taught
    Skeptic Self-Taught 10 February 2017 16: 01
    place for hundreds of words - read here:
  5. krops777
    krops777 10 February 2017 16: 04
    SBU may be clowns, but the American instructors are probably pros, ours probably know who did it and the DPR is the same, infa as it were, without a hitch skipped, but it makes sense now to reveal the cards.
    1. Evgeniy667b
      Evgeniy667b 12 February 2017 04: 54
      Here I want to say the following. Sensitive to the sensation of the media, but it’s a sin to conceal, ordinary citizens, having seen what they do not need to know at all, immediately post everything on the Internet. With joy in my mouth, my breath stopped, this was the first I saw! Fools do not understand one thing, that someone’s lives are behind it.
  6. Altona
    Altona 10 February 2017 16: 07
    Quote: tomket
    Although, remembering the arrival of the FSB graduates at the Gelendvagen, it all becomes clear what condition it is in (we will not omit the obvious failures from the explosions and catastrophes of airplanes).

    We perceive any law enforcement agency as punitive. The desire to serve in the FSB is explained by the bad habit of "now I’ll bend anyone." Counterintelligence identifies spies and saboteurs, not repressions. But the bad little heads of parents and their offspring do not know this, they know what diploma they need to buy.
  7. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 10 February 2017 16: 48
    Because in Kiev, if the circus, then only with hellish clowns. am
  8. The comment was deleted.
    1. You Vlad
      You Vlad 10 February 2017 17: 15
      And who's talking? He’s saying Radio Liberty!
      Quote: Serge Serdyukov
      Novorossia project closed

      Whose project is this?
      Quote: Serge Serdyukov
      when the issue with Crimea will be resolved by Putin and Trump

      Putin has already decided it without a trump.
      1. Leonidych
        Leonidych 11 February 2017 00: 04
        Are you sure?
    2. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 10 February 2017 17: 29
      Quote: Serge Serdyukov
      Serge Serdyukov

      Like wood lice from under the floorboards, they started to climb out. Where do you come from, vanguards ?!

      1. You Vlad
        You Vlad 10 February 2017 17: 55
        B.T.V. Sorry, but I won’t fix you much, not vanguards, but provocateurs. hi
    3. netmag
      netmag 10 February 2017 19: 51
      Quote: Serge Serdyukov
      The Novorossiya project is closed, everyone who plays with it will be inevitably waiting for these figures, since these figures are not needed on the territory of Russia, when Putin and Trump decide the Crimea, then the need for Donbass will disappear by itself.

      You're right. As soon as Putin solves the problem with Trump and 50 small democratic states are formed in the United States, all that you predicted will happen. The Novorossiya project will be closed by joining Russia. No one will have questions about Crimea, and the war in the Donbass will also disappear by itself.
      1. Skeptic Self-Taught
        Skeptic Self-Taught 10 February 2017 20: 07
        And then mushrooms will start to grow in the mouth. milk rivers with sweet and sour banks will flow ...
      2. strprapor2009
        strprapor2009 10 February 2017 22: 09
        No one will let the states fall apart. They have so many weapons that they can really snatch everyone more than once.
        1. Evgeniy667b
          Evgeniy667b 12 February 2017 05: 35
          The USSR also had a lot of weapons. Did it help to save the country? But the consequences of the fact that it has spread everywhere are still felt and this is probably for a long time. In America, this is all ahead, but it will happen inevitably. Now it is still in force, such as when Rome was once. Then Rome became a waste material, so it will be with stripes. And the main enemy of Russia is ourselves. Having lost faith, the memory of our ancestors, the foundations of life, we have allowed cattle to bloom in all its glory and it is now in many ways the face of the country. For example: Russian pr ....... ki, Russian greed and a freebie ... But isn't it like that?
          1. You Vlad
            You Vlad 12 February 2017 09: 14
            Thank you for these lines. hi
      3. Leonidych
        Leonidych 10 February 2017 23: 47
        Brother You are not quite right. Crimea is Russia and this issue is not discussed. Putin and Trump will not even touch him. Trump Crimea as a dog stop signal. So is Ukraine. He has a near middle and a long distance on his KANIA. Obama has already given half to us. Trump will not want to give the other half away; there will be bargaining or war.
    4. Funnels
      Funnels 11 February 2017 13: 29
      With such a nickname you entered the wrong site. And even ensign is not "beloved" by the majority.
  9. libivs
    libivs 10 February 2017 18: 41
    “I liked the objection of one of the couch analysts, they should not forget that there are enough“ old men ”of the old KGB school in the SBU who could have cranked up a more serious operation. In response, I would like to recall the so-called lustration. Maidan horses for three years managed "completely clear their ranks of the so-called" old school ", and at the same time destroyed the remnants of professionalism in the department."
    You think so?
    Does the surname Malomuzh say nothing? Brief reference from pedia:
    Since December 1983, he served in the state security organs of the USSR and Ukraine in operational and managerial positions.

    From December 1998 to April 3, 2005 - Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of Ukraine for Religious Affairs.

    On April 3, 2005, by Decree of the President of Ukraine, he was appointed Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

    Lieutenant General (August 23, 2005) [1], Colonel General (December 1, 2006) [2], Army General of Ukraine (November 28, 2008) [3].

    On June 18, 2010, President of Ukraine V.F. Yanukovych was dismissed from his post as Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and was appointed a freelance adviser to the President of Ukraine. [4] [5]

    October 11, 2010 he was discharged from military service to the reserve due to health reasons with the right to wear military uniforms. [6]
    I’ll add from myself: the stubborn maidandir and the most visible Svidomo, who successfully worked against us in the era of Korosta, and as you can see, his people probably still work with us. Guys, why be surprised if the former member of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the head. sector on (think about it!) ideology is also the same stubborn? What kind of lustration there ... These are the characteristics of the population of Little Russia. If Putin comes to them tomorrow, the same contingent will go out for a puting with St. George ribbons, portraits of grandfathers and "the Russians don’t abandon their own." And if we assume that, for example, Zyuganov, the same ones will get red flags, portraits of Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Scherbitsky ... Oh, and we love to complicate the situation ...
  10. Maz
    Maz 10 February 2017 21: 17
    Because in Kiev fascists rule, and in the Donbass are half-bandits.
    1. Perdit monocle capra
      Perdit monocle capra 12 February 2017 00: 10
      Fascists, fascists, all around fascists alone ...
  11. strprapor2009
    strprapor2009 10 February 2017 21: 51
    EVERLASTING MEMORY! On such, People hold the State. There was once such a country-- RHODESIA. (Then, we were told that blacks were oppressed there, slavery and all that. Since 1979, slavery has not disappeared and the state is the same. In Ukraine, so far, neighbors have not eaten for dinner, but this is not so far away as in Zimbabwe.) She passed it a little earlier in South Africa and the USSR. It’s a shame to see men being handed over
  12. German Titov
    German Titov 10 February 2017 22: 57
    It is very good that the investigation of "author" confirmed - "Bumblebee" flew "ad intended". Today, Basurin simply uttered a brilliant phrase (really sensible, without any irony) - “It is time for the DPR to think about a new security concept.” I applaud while standing (Quintessence of journalism), - ours, "journalistic business is cockerel" - (crowed, but let it not dawn). Why run ahead of the locomotive? "Givi" (God bless the Soul), "deflected" with security measures.
  13. Leonidych
    Leonidych 10 February 2017 23: 32
    Hello everybody! I have been reading for 5 years and really love military review. a lot of analytics, a lot of comments. I like it. Baked. I want to. Speak out. I am 54. I am not from the former wars or the former, this is how the Lord rules. Givi, Motorola, Batyan, Bes. And other commanders and wars no less noteworthy of the press did not die in battle, but vilely, in the back. These are very respected people in New Russia. And everyone who died for the Donbass Heroes. but the fact after 2 or 3 maybe 5 months it will all slowly begin to be forgotten, new heroes will appear. Minsk agreements will be extended for 2 years more mother-in-law. Remember my words, nothing will budge until Odessa and Kharkov say no. Although I’m already old, I still have a gun in my hands. I can command a detachment, platoon, company, battalion, well, maybe even a regiment. (Well, very small) All of our comments and words are just dust.
    1. Perdit monocle capra
      Perdit monocle capra 12 February 2017 00: 08
      New Russia, where is it ???
  14. Normal ok
    Normal ok 11 February 2017 12: 38
    Even possibly consisting of foreign mercenaries

    I recall old jokes about blacks sent to the USSR.
    In general, inconspicuous and elusive Afro-Ukrainians are boundless in LDNR.
    1. Oilpartizan
      Oilpartizan 12 February 2017 17: 00
      The APU is unlikely to have such specialists, and the author’s assumption of a foreign DRG on the side of the APU should be developed by the theme that it consisted exclusively of American blacks who are dark as “miners” and cannot be seen in the dark.
      The author missed the plot,
      It would be better for Ukrainians to catch Givi and put it on display in a cage at Khreshchatyk in Kiev, where he was going with his "Somalis" to go, destroying Ukrainian cities along the way along with the population.
      Therefore, the version with the DRG is so-so.
      Flamethrower as a weapon of sabotage - idiocy.
      But if you want to "clear" the enemy for sure, then there is simply no better way.
      It seems that the Somalis themselves sentenced the Givi to a sentence.
  15. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 11 February 2017 17: 47
    While Zakharchenko once again chewing snot, he killed the best commanders. That's when they blow up at least one commander of the dill artillery unit firing at Donetsk, then I will respect Zakharchenko. But not earlier. Let the IDF go to the Jews in Israel to get acquainted with the experience.
  16. cyberhanter
    cyberhanter 12 February 2017 13: 13
    That's exactly what SBUshnikam and Kiev - this is not enough. They need such familiar figures to be with whom to fight, they need such figures to declare "do you want them to get into parliament?" , and do not care that neither he nor Motorola were eager for politics. Time after time, the ideological ones leave and each time the authorities stupidly blame the Ukrainian DRG, but in my opinion everything is inside. In this article, such as an attempt to analyze, there is no analysis of the possible DNR motives, the relationship between the leadership, because the author has no information. And she is needed. Unfortunately, the DPR is now a terribly totalitarian quasi-state and the cleansing of the dissent is a common thing. And since the consonants are too popular figures, you have to do it like this.
  17. Oilpartizan
    Oilpartizan 12 February 2017 16: 27
    "... DRG worked out in Donetsk. Even, possibly, consisting of foreign mercenaries ..."
  18. Oilpartizan
    Oilpartizan 12 February 2017 16: 48
    There is no New Russia.
    The growth of a security guard from a supermarket to a “lieutenant colonel" in two winters has no precedent.
    Only in the gang that seized power in Donetsk is this possible.
    Therefore, both he and his previously rested car washer and HELPFUL SOON trader in cut chicken with the "George Bant" claim only the title of "mummers".
    Any professional military man for years goes to these ranks, especially in Russia.
    And the hanging of the "iconostasis" on itself will only lead to the discrediting of the title of Knights of the Order of St. George.
    As for the elimination of Givi, there is no fundamental difference in who did it.
    He himself is to blame for the fact that his statements about the intention to destroy the Ukrainian cities on the way to Kiev made far from fans among Ukrainians immediately outside their habitat.
    He was probably stupid in language with his "Cossacks."
    And the bandits, as you know, can kill for a word "at a time."
    Zakharchenko has not yet understood how the last time Givi began to threaten Ukrainians.
    The result is predictable.