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Crimean cauldron. Part of 1. Brew from Chaly, Surgeon and the Ministry of Defense


In all normal media, the passions of the deferred Patriot Park project in the Crimea have already ceased, we have had enough time for Surgeon-Zaldostanov for his frankly incomprehensible shot put on Gaydarovsky skitter dissatisfied, but the questions nevertheless remained.

Since we are not quite the usual media and can afford not just yelling on the topic without it, but to carry out a calm and thoughtful analysis of what is happening, then I present to you the fruit of some kind of joint investigation of all that is happening.

In general, attempts to understand what is happening in the Crimea (well, except that “Krymniash”), I have been implementing for a long time. With varied success. But today there is a chance to understand the processes taking place. Mokei Rusinov, who has already been mentioned on our pages many times, who has been trying to set up his business in the Crimea for two years and who lives in Sevastopol, accepted my offer to help us understand the Crimean affairs.

I admit, I was extremely surprised by the fact that such a deeply patriotic organism, like Mokey, was completely unaware of what was happening with the Patriot in Crimea. Mokey was also surprised that they have scandals and intrigues there. And plunged into the investigation, the results of which pulled on several articles.

Perhaps, we will manage to organize a full-fledged video link with the Crimea, we are thinking about it, but for now, in text mode, I will hand over the word to Mokey Rusinov from Sevastopol.

- Dear readers of the "Review", this is not so simple, honestly. I repeat, even if I am not the daughter of a submarine officer. It happened as a result of my immersion in a topic that hadn’t really bothered me before. And I will tell you honestly, Sevastopol too.

During the romantic blackout (I write “romantic”, meaning also the love of the “brothers of mezhdlisovtsev” to the Crimeans, and the amazing atmosphere of the romance of the city without electricity and the Internet for lovers) in each queue, at each meeting more or less familiar people talked about topics "Near the light." Even during the detention of Ukrainian spies, the townspeople discussed the details and made terrible eyes. But, damn it, I did not hear a single word from Sevastopol about Mount Gasfort and Patriot Park! And I know why. Now I will try to explain.


For caring fellow citizens from the mainland of Russia, it will be interesting to learn about the everyday life of the social and political life of the Crimea, and in particular, Sevastopol, from the first mouth of a man who has lived in the hero city for two years.

There are two paradigms in our city: the power paradigm and the people paradigm. These are such essential states that live in parallel and do not overlap with each other. In simple language, the powers that be separately, the people - separately.

One of the clearest examples of political ping-pong in the power paradigm is the hype around a rally against the actions of the executive in 2015 in August, personifying the conflict of the then legislative assembly A. Chalov and then the governor S. Menyaylo. To calm agitated politicians at the time, the vice-speaker of the State Duma A. Isaev was sent to Sevastopol. And then, at all, by a strong-willed, imperious decision, S. Menyaylo was demoted to the plenipotentiaries and sent away from Sevastopol. This is all to the fact that issues with officials are solved only within the framework of the power paradigm. No one asks the people what they really want.

The paradigm of the people is simple: the life of the people is the work of the people, the power does not concern this. As the people of Sevastopol and guests of the city swam on the beaches in the bays, where non-disinfected drains from the sewage treatment plants flow, so they bathe. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm. FAS canceled the results of bidding for the design of sewage treatment plants in Sevastopol. The question hung in the air, dissolved in the smells of the coastal waters.

People do not care, include adminresurs!

So, as for the raised question about the Patriot Park within the framework of paradigms: the noise is in the power, the people are quiet. In the video, which will appear in the sequel to this article, there will be an interesting poll in the city center with equally interesting answers from Sevastopol residents. In three words, their answers can be formulated as follows: we do not care.

The fact that the issue with the park is solved in the power paradigm is indicated by the fact that only officials are butting. Some officials who want the park organize public hearings in support of their ideas. Others are hysterical in the media about the consequences of building the park, drawing grim prospects. Everywhere adminresurs.

This is very clearly seen in the substitution of concepts. When the opinion of three people give for the opinion of all of Sevastopol.

See for yourself. Hearings were held in the House of Culture in Balaclava. Link to the original:
Balaclava Protocol.

Note: Balaclava, which, although close to Sevastopol, but really is not, and the village of Eagle.

Although in the conclusion of the results of the hearings, Sevastopol is already indicated. Link to the original, everything is in order. Administrative resource worked:
About the results.

This is a curious nuance. Balaclava, which became a district of Sevastopol in 1957, is located in 15 km from the city. Among Sevastopol residents, the concept of “going to Balaklava” means visiting the neighboring city, which causes a corresponding responsible approach.

In short, no one from Sevastopol goes to Balaclava for no reason. According to the protocol on the website of the Public Chamber, 226 people came to the hearings in Balaclava. But at the same time, none of the ordinary citizens spoke there. And, as it is easy to guess, Sevastopol did not rush there in a rapid stream (I am sure, if the hearings were held in the center of the city, more people would come, patriotic clubs would lead the crowd alone). Everything went quietly, peacefully in the company of interested persons.

118 people came to the hearings in the village of Eagle. And among them, three ordinary citizens and a student took the floor (as these individuals are identified in the report of the public chamber), of which three supported the construction of the park.

That's all: from the paradigm of the people, three of the “representatives” of four spoke in favor of building the park. Winning lobbyists or just luck, as you see.

But in federal and regional the news it is said about the total support of the Sevastopol people (!) for the construction of the park. For example:

"Most Sevastopol residents do not just support the project of the Patriot Park proposed by the Ministry of Defense, they are looking forward to it."

About project support.

Most! Although it is clear to everyone that when using such an institution of civil society as public hearings, it is at least incorrect to use the term “majority”. If the question were worked through a referendum or telephone polls, then the representativeness would allow to talk about public opinion.

Gasfort Passion

Let's see what the intrigue of passion for Gasfort.

So, the Surgeon and the Ministry of Defense want to build a multifunctional patriotic center near Mount Gasfort.

Bikers who currently occupy this territory are “for”. Rear Admiral, a representative of the Black Sea Fleet, expressing the opinion of the Ministry of Defense, "for". Patriotic clubs "for". Even the majority of those 344 people (and not the majority of Sevastopol residents) who came to the public hearings in the park are also in favor.

Below is a scan of the conclusion, the link source


But, as we know from the news, the Ministry of Defense and the Government of Sevastopol decided not to locate Patriot Park at the Hasfort Mountain, which very upset the Surgeon. The question arises: how can this be, if all the interested "for"?

Search answer

We begin to look for the answer to this difficult question.

First, let's see who is against. Against: A. Chaly (deputy of the Legislative Assembly), O. Timofeyeva (ally of A. Chaly), E. Maiko (ally of A. Chaly), O. Nikolaev (ally of A. Chaly). Actually, everything, the other representatives of the power paradigm are either “for” or neutral and deal with other, more important issues.

Secondly, we read the words of I. Konashenkov that the Ministry of Defense will not allow “to drag itself into squabbles” around the construction of the Patriot park in Sevastopol.

Translated into ordinary language, the words of the major general mean the following: you already understand it in Sevastopol, and if everything is ready to do for people, then the Ministry of Defense is in, and if you put sticks in each other's wheels, we will wait.

Thirdly, the owner of the territory used by the Night Wolves unexpectedly showed up. This is Balaklava Mine Management. According to a spokesman for the BRU, this site was received back in 1977 for perpetual use. And in general, according to geological exploration, flux limestones lie in this area. At present, the Arbitration Court of Sevastopol is considering a BRU claim against the city government and the Night Wolves for regaining control over the GOK's territory.

And all this drama unfolds with complete popular indifference to the problem. The answer to a difficult question suggests itself. The city of Sevastopol is not ready for the implementation of truly large-scale projects. Not ready either morally (indifference of citizens) or ideologically (squabbles in power). That is why the Ministry of Defense, not wanting to sully its successful image with squabbles of a regional scale, hastened to leave the controversial object alone. As a result, we have what we have: for three years in the bank with scorpions still rustle and scuffling. So come back later ...

Here is an ad hanging now on the booth KP at the entrance to the territory of "Night Wolves."

This was the technical side of the issue of building near Mount Gasfort, in the next, more lyrical material I will tell you what this place is famous for, what it is and what role it played in stories Russia. A sort of excursion to understand what the bikers wanted, and why the authorities do not want it.

And there it will be possible to think on whose side to stand ...

Mokey Rusinov, especially for "Military Review" from Sevastopol

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 February 2017 06: 24
    An article is a vision of the situation of a certain group of people. And accepting one of the parties without hearing other opponents is at least legally illiterate. Yes, and dishonest. hi
    1. Crimean partisan 1974
      Crimean partisan 1974 7 February 2017 09: 57
      what is honestly dishonest there, in those places it’s full of quarries, but BRU, I’ll report to you that office, fucking up quarries in a historical place, that’s mean, cynical and just not human, BRU is a legacy of the outskirts, I remember Belogorsky the district was covered with quarries under the command of Hirow Ukrainians with the orders of the state-deych “For outstanding personal contribution to state building,” yeah, it’s exactly Agarmysh that they “ate” almost a quarter, and the Belogorsk reserves were covered with white dust from career work, it’s necessary to sort this barbaric order process
  2. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 7 February 2017 08: 26
    There are parks, memorials, memorial places at every step. What did the Surgeon want to leave his name in history, or to earn extra money on patriotism? Apparently there was still that rogue who was entrusted with the president’s confidence
  3. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 7 February 2017 09: 08
    Honestly, all these events are really deeply "deep down" to the people. I’m not getting out of Sevas for two years already - the first time I hear it at all. People have other problems - no where to work, salaries for which they will not last a month. Prices- tariffs are rising.
    1. Fotoceva62
      Fotoceva62 7 February 2017 10: 26
      It’s just unpleasant for me as a Sevastopol to hear “Sevas”, I’ll say more disgusting. Sevastopol residents are by no means indifferent to the problems of the aforementioned poekt, but you are absolutely right that in the struggle for survival in the foreground there are several other problems. The city is one big example of patriotic education. I think that all this fuss was started, as always, with the aim of drinking and theft, in general, the townspeople are shocked by the flood of swindlers that rushed to us from the mainland ...
      To combine museums and objects such as battery No. 30 in the Patriot structure would be correct and much cheaper. After the profanation of the opening of the park with a mockery of the marine uniform and the memory of the fallen (in my family my wife and I were in the first defense of 1854-1855, two men from my side in 1942), gopniks like the Surgeon should not be allowed to take such projects for a cannon shot. Let them engage in motor sports, they got it already: profanators. Words by A.N. Tolstoy about the city of Russian Military Glory ... It cannot be that, when you thought that you were in Sevastopol, your sense of courage, pride would not penetrate the soul, and that blood would not turn faster in your veins ... apparently these gentlemen are not familiar.
      1. lis-ik
        lis-ik 7 February 2017 12: 08
        Sometimes I read "Outpost-Sevastopol", I honestly tried to figure out what was happening with the "Patriot", but this resource is difficult to do, because all the discussions are constantly slipping into everyday problems or squabbles with officials. and also noted that “Outpost ...” is of a purely small-town character, significant news concerning the whole of Russia is not displayed there.
      2. Free wind
        Free wind 7 February 2017 14: 56
        It doesn’t seem like equating these biker bandits with motorcycle racers, it’s the same as equating a red-and-white monkey to Kin-Kong. After all, there are injuries in motor sport, it’s dangerous, and these unshorn montosklisty only love to milk money for their show-offs.
      3. Petrol cutter
        Petrol cutter 7 February 2017 22: 44
        I apologize for being hurt or offended. Sevastopol as a hero city, I respect without a doubt. But by the way, I heard about the squabble and division of portfolios of local leaders. Although he did not delve into the details (Theodosius himself), we have plenty of questions for us there.
  4. Crimean partisan 1974
    Crimean partisan 1974 7 February 2017 09: 29
    even I still didn’t understand the meaning of the article — the main idiologists are all “FOR” the park, only the Fleet has no money for ento, right, after the Okradinsky history the Fleet needs to be restored and restored, the territory itself has already been “populated” by activists, so nothing it doesn’t interfere with gathering the national cry, having provided a visual project to citizens, was wearing a hat, against, as I understand it, the quarry developers, it doesn’t stop them from moving again at the expense of public opinion, so this is Vaseline skating, we can offer the surgeon another good place -unfinished Shchelkinsk NPP on Kazantip, there is a very attractive territory, a bunch of potholes, swamps, impassable rose hips and olives, in short everything that is needed for extreme
    1. user3970
      user3970 7 February 2017 10: 26
      The Herurg, if he thoroughly shields himself as a real biker, then he should be on the knives with the Law, bargain with narcotics and engage in the protection of the illegal SMALL (large cops will not give him any cops or prosecutors!). And if he is of a different sexual orientation, then welcome to friends of the gdp. By the way, the security forces have long been waiting for the “fas” command to the surgeon under the article murder, but the latter is still hiding in the crowd of gdp friends.
      1. Zheleznostop
        Zheleznostop 7 February 2017 12: 11
        Puten everywhere! Even covers killer bikers. Although these characters in the attitudes of visitors to the "Blue Oyster" and absolutely American life-style are not cast into the role of defenders of the Russian land.
        1. Zheleznostop
          Zheleznostop 7 February 2017 12: 18
          At the expense of Putin, there was sarcasm.
        2. Crimean partisan 1974
          Crimean partisan 1974 7 February 2017 13: 41
          easier cornering. Bo you march in an uncontrollable drift pulls !!!! in the summer of Okradinsky, the youth movement in the Crimea at the place of the unfinished abandoned nuclear power plant on Kazantip once dried up, so this formation was called "Kazantip", in fact, it started a brothel-chapito every year, the participants are drug-sodomites, a local headache (and not only) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs forces for obvious reasons (after this coven, as a rule, 10 missing persons, a lot of statements about violence and robbery were complete monkey apes of the participants), there is a difference at the events organized by the "night wolves" there is no such sodomy. there is only a propaganda of healthy sports, extreme sports where there is no place for either alcohol or drugs, I have something to compare with, but along the way there’s nothing
    2. stew
      stew 7 February 2017 10: 32
      Money allocates 3 lard. Because running around, and on account of the article that no one knew and quietly in the city this is not true. The cry was collected when the admiral gave the land to the ball. Then there were court decisions, and now they want to transfer to any of the abandoned batteries belonging to the Moscow Region. And let the wolves go to Penza.
      1. goncharov.62
        goncharov.62 7 February 2017 10: 43
        Another mistakenly logged on to the site "daughter of an officer?"
        1. lukewarm
          lukewarm 7 February 2017 12: 30
          They wrote specifically for us that NO !!! Namely about the daughter of an officer.
        2. stew
          stew 7 February 2017 17: 07
          Who are you talking about?
      2. Crimean partisan 1974
        Crimean partisan 1974 7 February 2017 13: 54
        Money allocates 3 lard. --- Question to whom, on the development of infrastructure of the CCF? or to the budget of Sevastopol? which also needs urgent infrastructure measures, let’s do it without emotion and in fact, it’s not a cut, but a matter of residual evidence, we will get money after solving the problems of the CCF and Sevastopol, please pour them into the park, no. well then either wait, or you’ve always strained society, they want a really big park where you don’t come and enjoy sports, or according to figs where you plump and squander money, like the centuries-old drama "to be or not to be"
        1. stew
          stew 7 February 2017 17: 06
          To the patriot park
  5. nnz226
    nnz226 7 February 2017 12: 23
    Even under the USSR, the Balaklava Mining Administration was forbidden to develop and mine fluxes at Mount Gasfort for environmental reasons. The remains of the structures and the artificial lake there are the result of the cessation of mining operations due to the ban. The right to a land plot is also possible for the BRU, but it has no right to conduct activities there
  6. lukewarm
    lukewarm 7 February 2017 12: 30
    In general, with the arrival, Crimea, in the "native" harbor. I’m surprised if this topic has not yet been picked up by Ukrainian media. A smelly material would have turned out. I repeat in 2001. All that the hand of the market reached and business from gold turns into shit. Even the "Russian Spring" in Crimea ... Alas. It's a shame.
  7. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 7 February 2017 14: 29
    I respect the surgeon, there is a reason, but I would like to tell him: Let’s better come to the northern Urals, there are a lot of important things, I can even tell you some.
  8. SAA
    SAA 7 February 2017 21: 39
    Another paid supporter of the "Surgeon" showed up.
    First you need to tell how events developed.
    Xnumx ha of land were given to bikers for xnumx value. That is, for almost 297 ha 0,1 million rubles per year. Tell us where in Russia they make such gifts?
    The application for a permit was on one sheet signed by the "Surgeon". On this territory there is a reservoir of reserve water, a nature protection zone, a cemetery. After the ensuing scandal, the bikers provided a "justification" for the justification of the project (for the purpose of patriotic education of Sevastopol residents). It included hotels, markets, golf courses, an equestrian club and a pottery workshop (for the development of patriotism). The main developer was P. Lebedev, the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine. Tell us where else in Russia this is possible.
    After the scandal began, the bikers decided to attract the Moscow Patriarchate with the park. It’s just that the Moscow Region is building its small part of the park (though for 6 billions of rubles) and the remaining territories continue to be developed by developers of hotels, markets, shops and other happiness with virtually no land tax, in violation of environmental and water laws.
    Well, since here they talk about Chaly's interest, I show a document

    Until today, the lease agreement has not been brought into compliance with legal standards.
  9. SAA
    SAA 7 February 2017 21: 58
    The original land allotment document, in which "Patriot" and patriotism are absent.

    And where is what is now described.
    Sevastopol from the very beginning of this story was against, no one was silent.
  10. SAA
    SAA 7 February 2017 22: 06
    Well, tell us where in Russia they allot land to people signing applications with nicknames

    And so in Sevastopol everything is fine.
  11. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 7 February 2017 22: 36
    As to whether residents of Sevastopol are aware of this case, see, for example, a site such as The author, it seems, either does not know about its existence, or Zadostanov’s paid apologist, Heruga. A lot of people are against these bikers. Moreover, the approved plan for the development and development of the territory was never presented by bikers.
  12. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 8 February 2017 00: 12
    There are two paradigms in our city: the power paradigm and the people paradigm. These are such essential states that live in parallel and do not overlap with each other. In simple language, the powers that be separately, the people - separately.
    Here it is the essence of what is happening in Russia! And in my city like that! And in ALL settlements of Russia!
    And why do I need such a scanty power in the face of a liberal pack of marginals?
  13. Charond
    Charond 8 February 2017 04: 13
    Well what to say. The authorities are always trying to divide different clans among themselves, and this is not only in the Crimea, it is in mainland Russia as well as in the USA and, in fact, around the world. In the same Russia, there are people like Novalny and others like him who want to lie under the USA and get high. There are people like Putin who drag their own people into power, such as Serdyukov and seem to be doing something, but not too and more often for themselves and their loved ones. There are those who do not like all this and they do not fan either from Navalny or from Putin, because they have their own vision of the issue and their understanding of the buzz with the United States and Serdyukov and they have no desire to carry out the world socialist revolution. There is a desire for normal live in your own country according to the principle - you yourself live, let others live. It’s hard to say today what all of this will turn out to be - Wait and See.