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It seems it's time to throw ..... from American cities. Americans Comments

It seems it's time to throw ..... from American cities. Americans Comments

From the translator: due to the large amount of text, only the most interesting comments have been translated, insignificant and irrelevant articles have been excluded.

Eamon January 26th, 2012 at 2: 41 pm

Once upon a time it's time to leave. On the other hand, there is no place that remains unaffected by the consequences of what is happening. This is the long-predicted Great Cleansing and the whole world, and all of us here will go through such a purification that we cannot even imagine now. Houses in the village, mega-bunkers deep underground, well-equipped submarines - nowhere do you hide from what lies ahead. All we can do is better prepare ourselves and, most importantly, bring our minds and hearts into harmony with the One who gave them to us for much noble purposes than simply the existence or waste of our lives to receive money, sex or power. God help you and your loved ones in 2012 year and in the future.

Gay veteran January 26th, 2012 at 2: 41 pm • Reply

Our problem number is 1, that American jobs were given to other countries, such as China:

Why are you buying Apple products (and other Chinese-made things)?

mondobeyondo January 26th, 2012 at 3: 20 pm •

I’m sorry for the many millions of people who don’t have the opportunity - social, financial or any other - to leave major cities. When something really collapses, these people will be essentially trapped.

Not everyone has a car, or money to buy a bus ticket from the city, or gasoline for a car. A plane ticket from Dodge ... Are you kidding me? For you, maybe, yes, but not for the less fortunate among us. These people can hardly afford to travel by bus to get to the other end of the city! How can they afford a taxi, not to mention a plane ticket?

These people will be trapped in the ghetto and suburbs, without exiting, and they will be doomed.

John Blythe January 26th, 2012 at 3: 20 pm

Recently, indeed, there are many such cases throughout the country. I’m from Kern Valley, a small community in Lake Isabella, California, located about 30 miles northeast of Bakersfield; I live in Los Angeles some of the time, and every second weekend I usually travel to Lake Isabella. I grew up there and spent my entire life, and what was an incredibly friendly and peaceful community is gradually becoming a “preserve” of racism and hatred, “neo-Nazi white gangs”. I noticed last year that more and more vandalism, graffiti, and more appeared - windows in some businesses were painted with swastikas. In fact, my friend on Facebook recently, last week, posted a post about how his brother was robbed by a small group of skinheads near a pizzeria. These are things that you have never encountered in small rural communities like Lake Isabella / Kern Valley before. And this obviously becomes an epidemic in cities and towns across the country, and no one really pays attention to this.

Cinderella Man January 26th, 2012 at 3: 29 pm

Yes, Detroit is really hell. Just watch the show "Hardcore Pawn", and you will see the complete despair of poor people. These people become so evil when Les does not want to take their fake jewelry junk. It would be funny if it were not true. Yes, people, now is the time to get out of town. However, if you are not ready to survive in the wilderness or rural outback, you will not last long. When I read some of the posts that readers leave, especially such as one wrote: "When the time comes, I just go to the mountains with my gun and fishing rod, and everything will be fine." WRONG !! I think that most of you do not know or have forgotten that there are many dangerous animals in the mountains. The other day I heard a message saying that wolves are getting closer and closer to our ranch every day. Watch the film "Gray" and estimate whether you have enough courage to meet face to face with a pack of wolves. I highly doubt it. Secondly, the weather. You could live in a beautiful tent in the summer, in some community like hippies, but autumn and winter come and you are gone. The weather in the mountains is changing only this way. We had a wind in the mountains here yesterday almost 100 miles per hour. You will die. This is not the romantic West that you saw in the movies. This is a beautiful tough cruel world, not for wimps. Another item is gold. When the script BP (SHTF is a big f ...) your gold will be almost useless. We will not sell you beef for a brick of gold. Stock up on food, fuel and ammunition. Maybe the toiletries. You can't eat gold. Beat it in the head. So good luck to you city dudes, my heart will be touched by your sufferings, but we will be ready to die in our wilderness to protect ours, so that thieves have in mind you don’t know who you’ve contacted!

Ben dover January 26th, 2012 at 10: 51 pm • Reply

The most dangerous wolves are bipeds.

xander cross January 27th, 2012 at 8: 42 am • Reply

Amazingly, Forest is still doing business in Detroit. But then again, I'm starting to believe that the show is really a fake and script. The purpose of this show is to show that black people are desperate for money. After all, this is the same network that also shows the Jesse Ventura show. This is all invented.

mark January 26th, 2012 at 3: 31 pm • Reply

I moved to a ranch, away from the major cities of 11 years ago. This is the best I've ever done. We were able to produce water and eventually built several buildings. We have and we continue to build up the lowlands, put an additional fence from the deer around the gardens. We set up a large greenhouse in order to lengthen the growing season; we purchased and use equipment for harvesting and storing hay. This is a great life if you like silence and you do not need a lot of people around. Work can be hard, but hard work is good for me. Make sure that you have rights to water in your area, and if you can find a site with spring water, then this is a big plus, spring water is a big plus when there is no electricity. I could go on and on, but I have to go. Hope you find a nice place if you are looking for. PS I do not want to live where the earth becomes solid in winter, and I do not have to divert rainwater.

Mondobeyondo January 26th, 2012 at 3: 38 pm

These people do not want to live in rotting city ghettos. But their possibilities are limited. They have no money to move somewhere.

Do you really think they like to live in places like this? In no case.

“Hi, this is Scott Pelli from CBS News and, standing next to me Nathan, a resident of central Detroit. Nathan spent most of his 35 years in Detroit, so obviously he was his home. He went to high school in this city, but he couldn’t afford to get a higher education. He loves this place! The bracing shooting in the evenings, the opportunity to get a bullet from a passing car, a prostitute at every corner ... no other American city personifies the American dream as Detroit. Nathan, tell the American people about those hedgehog daytime adventures among which you live here ... "

Dr. Detroit January 26th, 2012 at 7: 03 pm • Reply

This is good old Michael again mocking Detroit.

First of all, the most important thing is that with Detroit everything is fine in the city center, where there are casinos and sports arenas.

The problem is how to get there, to those areas that are protected, where there are many policemen - nothing happens there.

Those people who come to watch the games, they come from the SUBURBAN.

And do not forget about racial tensions and clashes, but what do all those cities that Michael mentioned in his article have in common? They all have 80 and more percent black. As well as low-income population.

I live in downtown Detroit on the waterfront. There are areas in the city where people live with money.

REED RICHARDS January 27th, 2012 at 6: 01 am

Dr. Detroit

Could it be that Michael does not like a minority of the population? May be. Your point of view is clear. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep in mind the most important point that now the process of decline, social, economic, and political decline of the American Empire is underway in the country, although at a somewhat slower pace. But the deterioration continues. The American Empire will collapse, and the only question is when, not if. So enjoy the oasis in which you live, it will not last too long.

Ben dover January 26th, 2012 at 10: 54 pm • Reply

Politicians in these cities, it seems, did not miss a single party. In most of these cities, the buildings of urban municipalities are the most beautiful buildings in the city.

r.bitting January 26th, 2012 at 4: 25 pm • Reply

You cannot escape from God's judgment. Many people mistakenly believe that life in the countryside will be much safer. While this may be so, during the initial phase of an economic collapse, no one should be deceived because people will do everything to survive, including expanding their search for livelihoods. It manifests itself every day in the animal world, when animals that are territorial in nature cannot find enough food and water for themselves and their flock or flock or pride, they leave their territory in search of these essential things. And you people really believe that you do not have to fight to survive? I’m talking about 24 fighting hours a day, 7 days a week, constantly guarding my own, because someone will always try to take it away from you. Now, when the previously well-to-do middle class will have to fight with some new players, when it is put in an unfamiliar situation - to survive at any cost, and when there are children that need to be fed, all civilization will be rejected. I find it surprising and paradoxical that at the very beginning, when the settlers arrived, America was a huge desert. The founders of the nation, who were Christian sectarians from Europe, believed in the biblical God, and lived in accordance with his teachings, and in return, God made America the greatest country on Earth. Then America became proud, and in time became dull. She began to question the authenticity of the word of God and even removed it from the city squares. God, in turn, left them to reap the fruits of their own labors and today, in its current form, America is a morally bankrupt nation full of murderers, rapists, thieves, adulterers and the like, where any day you can find unbelievers who busy reading blogs about economic collapse, “how to stay alive” and make all the necessary preparations to RETURN INTO THE STATE OF WILDNESS so that they can avoid having to deal with the consequences of what they themselves have done. Yes, I know that this is the Judgment of God over a people who knew the truth and threw it away. From those to whom much is given, much will be asked. As I said, you cannot escape from God's judgment. Your only hope is repentance and return to God.

David January 26th, 2012 at 4: 48 pm • Reply

Go ahead, yes. I took this step last February, and in October I went even further. The only drawback is that I do not dare to go home with my "economical" light, because I can not get to the nearest gas station the next morning, but then I am sure that I am now far from the city and all the problems with crime.

Aurelius 7 January 26th, 2012 at 5: 33 pm • Reply

Leave big cities? Try to leave the country. I have already left.

William January 26th, 2012 at 5: 48 pm • Reply

Well, you can't run away from yourself. Nevertheless, there are places where laws operate and conservative values ​​(not in the political sense of the word) are preserved. I am thinking of moving from a city with a population around 65000, further south in a city with a population around 13000.

an4 January 26th, 2012 at 5: 51 pm • Reply

I never knew this before, before the crisis at the Japanese nuclear power plant in March, but this is very disturbing:

116 Millions of Americans live 50 miles from nuclear power plants and our plants are getting old!

Here is an excellent site about the atomic crisis in Japan and, like this, affects the USA:

(I am not associated with this site, it is just one of the few sites that talk about the crisis in Japan, which is still very far from complete)

Did you know that radiation from Japan was found in the air, milk, drinking water in the United States?

Danshaw January 26th, 2012 at 6: 16 pm • Reply

Now is the time to find friends or family members who live in the village, who share your values ​​and who know that bad times are coming. Strength in numbers.

While strength is in numbers, there is also a need for food and shelter. So do not expect to come to your mom / dad's home with nothing but hunger.

Many families work together to create things that everyone can support. Time to do it now.

If you can not leave, then on the Internet there are several courses that will help you prepare to survive where you live now. Just google “survive in place”.

El pollo de oro January 26th, 2012 at 7: 55 pm • Reply

The American Banana Republic (the bloody hole of the Third World, which Los Estados Unidos used to be) continues to rot and decay economically, its cities will become increasingly dangerous. If you want to look at the brutal future of ADB, look closely at Caracas, Ciudad Juarez, Johannesburg or Port Moresby, this is what the ADB cities will look like. The rich will live in gated communities with armed bodyguards; the poor majority will live in ghettos and slums. Blood will flow through the streets.

The population density of major cities in ADB will make them very dangerous; the poor, armed with guns and knives, will be ready for anything. And for those who believe that small cities and rural areas will definitely be safe, think again. Think of the pandemic of methamphetamine in small cities in America, and that talking about a white drug addict is less dangerous than color is a racist myth spread by neO-CCones, fascists, white Shoe Boys. Poor, hungry, desperate people are still poor, hungry and desperate people, regardless of whether they are black or white, urban or from the countryside.

Further, in the north of Mexico there are many small towns, living in which is actually much more dangerous than in Mexico City, which says a lot. So rural is not necessarily safer than urban, when despair is so widespread. Whether you're urban or rural, keep your gun loaded and know how to use it when you need it, when this damn Third World hole called the American Banana Republic rolls from bad to much, much worse. What dark, dark times we live

Gary2 January 26th, 2012 at 8: 30 pm

This is because there is a huge disparity in the distribution of wealth and income in the country. 6 Walton Family Members (Walton - owners of the Wallmart supermarket chain, translator's note) richer and have more income than the lower 30% of the population. 6 people have more than 90 million keys. WTF ???

Hard tax ********** the rich and distribute it ************* wealth!

Jack January 26th, 2012 at 10: 32 pm • Reply

The solution may not be to “grab bags and run” to another area, but learn how to grow food where you live. In a small area you can grow a lot of products. Victory Gardens was a response to famine after World War II in most European countries. Small groups of people work together to plant, grow and protect a garden that will meet the needs of their families.

Take children from the street into the garden to learn and teach. Public kitchen, where everyone brings something to the common table, and not just comes with an empty cup.

Each family grows one vegetable each day, which will go to a common large pot.

The resulting information shows that the problem has several solutions, and not just run away somewhere. Reach out with information that will help people take advantage of the resources that exist where they are, and not flood other areas that may themselves be on the verge and, with an additional influx of “runners”, can simply drown.

Ed_b January 26th, 2012 at 11: 06 pm • Reply

"You can not eat gold"

if I stop hearing this idiotic phrase, it means that it will happen very ****** soon! I can't eat my truck, boots, chainsaw, cultivator and hundreds of other things either, but I can use them all. The same will happen with gold and silver, at the right time and in the right place. Nobody knows when a collapse will happen, not to mention how it will be. It is best to be prepared for different situations and barter things will be one of them. If nothing happens, you can protect all the wealth you own through precious metals. We KNOW that inflation pushes the dollar to zero, as we say. shows that inflation is somewhere in the 8-10% range, not 3,5%, as the Fed breaks about this. I do not say that we do not need anything other than gold or silver, I say that in addition to products, weapons, ammunition, medicines, tools, etc., each should have a little gold.

Options January 26th, 2012 at 11: 47 pm • Reply

Fell out of town? Damn, you have to throw out of the country! The world is big and there are a lot of beautiful places to live in it, if you are adventurous, or you have saved enough money to "start all over again." People have been doing this for centuries. The Second World War brought countless immigrants from all over Europe to this country, and before that we had refugees from hunger, etc. Of course, learning Spanish or Thai may be a problem, but if you find a good safe place to live away from the overly annoying and curious eyes of the US government, then why not?

Airborne71 January 26th, 2012 at 11: 58 pm • Reply

In the case of the arrival of the BP, do you have a plan how to get out of the city? Have you traveled this road before? How about driving at night in conditions of limited visibility, in rain or fog or snow? Do you have topographic maps? Where ALL roads and even paths are shown. What about the alternative route, if the principal is blocked or closed by the police and the military to make you and your loved ones prisoners in your city? If your car is taken away, or it does not start, do you have any other means of transportation? IT'S TIME TO DETERMINE ALL THIS, AND TO PRACTICE HOW TO GET OUT OF THE CITY. Time is running fast, and a little of it is left to do all this and more. Better start now.

Mike January 27th, 2012 at 5: 23 am

We live on 62 acres in the countryside and we like it, no hard times are coming! They are already here! There is someone who still does not think that you need to get your head out of the sand! it's time to pray for the best, but prepare for the worst. Take care of your safety!

Ol 'gray ghost January 27th, 2012 at 6: 25 am • Reply

Do not move to small cities (smaller than 20 000), which are located on any of the main highways. If you can get there in a matter of minutes with the help of a modern network of roads, you can also make scum, which will follow you from big cities.

And if you want to run to rural America when everything collapses, now is the time to start making friends in these areas. When the BP happens, the rural guys will not easily distinguish you from the evil spirits from which you run and many of you will get a charge of canister ...

Jim January 27th, 2012 at 8: 17 am

Report: Chicago - 70 large gangs that include 68000 people.

This was published in today's Chicago Tribune:


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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 6 February 2012 07: 41
    1. Hans grohman
      Hans grohman 6 February 2012 13: 06
      If you have paranoia, this does not mean that no one is following you. (this is me about the article).
      Quote: tronin.maxim

      Nothing to add, plus!
  2. Igor
    Igor 6 February 2012 07: 47
    Quote: tronin.maxim

    Exactly !!! Then they will create a sect and will shoot back from everyone, the Pindos already had this.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 6 February 2012 08: 15
      The other day I read this article, only on another blog. Yes, amers, some are already in a panic state, not all of course, they will eat ham hamburgers with fat wallets for a long time, but most people are already without housing and money, and this is criminality and it is progressing. Moreover, nightly military maneuvers have been noticed in many cities, polygons, concentration camps are being built, and for the fat, a refuge.
      In short, money magnates have long calculated and calculated everything, which means it will be so, they rarely make mistakes.
      1. Kyrgyz
        Kyrgyz 6 February 2012 10: 21
        Yes, the marginals are somehow IMHO, and we probably have such ones, we need to do our own farming and let them even walk on their heads
  3. Chuck-norris
    Chuck-norris 6 February 2012 08: 12
    Here you have the beginning of the third world war, so to speak, its embryo.
  4. nokki
    nokki 6 February 2012 08: 14
    American "civilization" has always been characterized by paranoia. Abandonment by God - that's what it is! When the "golden calf" becomes the idol of an entire nation, and other peoples pass into the category of "barbarians", goyim, etc. , moral and state degradation is inevitable.
  5. maksim
    maksim 6 February 2012 08: 18
    this is what democracy has done to people, they are afraid to live in their own homes and don’t know where to hide a mystical enemy, probably they also add dried mushrooms to their food besides GMOs wink
  6. vel77
    vel77 6 February 2012 08: 26
    If all this is true, then it's time to save the pendos from their government, they are saving us .... we will help the "suffering" ....
    1. alexng
      alexng 6 February 2012 18: 56
      But I wonder where the minus irrigators of Russia have gone. Or, if something bad comes up about their shrine - americosia, then right into the bushes.
  7. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 6 February 2012 08: 30
    Already heard from an American friend that everything is bad in the USA ...
    But that would be so ...............
    Here they are, they lived ...

    So that's why they are talking about our Siberia ... They want 1 person. per 1 square. km laughing fool
    Well, how they got each other out there, poor things ...
    Massive depression, probably right?
    It is a pity who strongly believed in the American dream called the USA ...
    Only war can save them, as a country.

    Separately, about gold and silver. I liked ...
  8. DikRoss
    DikRoss 6 February 2012 08: 35
    Still to support at the government level their marginals and separatists - politically and financially And that’s all! Amer Pipitz smile
    1. alexng
      alexng 6 February 2012 19: 00
      America, America, that's all. Sailed.
  9. Dimani
    Dimani 6 February 2012 08: 40
    feel the difference!!

    ZvonarevVassiliy: "Occupation of Georgia!"
    21/04/2010, 11:52
    Georgia? I don’t know where the Soviet troops are in Georgia. - These are all the results ...
    As evidenced by the bulletin board on Yahoo! News, they were most interested in the question of what the Russian troops are doing in Georgia. "What are the Russian troops doing in Atlanta (the state capital)?" - ordinary Americans are perplexed. "I need answers, dammit," one demanded. "The Russians are out of the USA," another responds. "This is really awful, God willing, they will leave," a third tries to reassure. Another, apparently not fond of the state of Georgia, exclaims: "So this means the Georgians have sold out to the commies? Let's strike them with a nuclear strike!"

    Panic is being actively whipped up by Russian-speaking Internet users, who, disguised as Americans, are reporting the fall of cities in Georgia under the blows of Russian connections. Some Americans believe. "My sister lives in Columbus (a city in Georgia. - Kommersant). I hope she's fine," one of them writes.

    - Georgia? I don’t know where the Soviet troops are in Georgia.
    “These are all the results of the political game that Bush started.”
    - But Carter would never let Russian units into his native state.
    “I wonder when Clinton let Russian troops into Serbia, was that a better idea?”
    - If the Russians withdraw their troops from Georgia, terrorism will begin to rise there and American forces will have to be sent to fight it. And this is again the victim.
    - Russians, get out of the USA immediately !!!!
    - Georgia today ... who is next? Florida? And then?? This must be stopped !!!!
    - Listen, when was the last time you defined your i-c?
    - What do you think is like a moron ???
    - Why are Putin’s troops in Atlanta? Just shizeyu, how terrible it is! ..
    - Russian troops must be withdrawn to New Mexico and Arizona, to defend our borders. In Georgia, they are no longer needed.
    - Why the Russian army in Atlanta? I'm waiting for an answer, damn it!
    - I won’t know why Russia is holding troops in Georgia. This is really terrible, it would be better if they left.
    - Our senator said that the Russians promised to withdraw the troops in three years, but he would not give a broken cent for this promise.

    - American troops in Europe, and Soviet troops in the USA. This is destiny.
    “As far as I remember, Bill Clinton let them in.” !
    - Americans, are you stupid? Do you seriously think that in the article about Georgia in the USA?
    - This opens up Georgia for invasion. They will invade Florida from the south, and Tennessee and South Carolina from the north. Without Russian troops, Atlanta will fall, as Athens fell. The era of a new reconstruction of the world begins.
    “Bush, how dare you!” How did you decide to give Georgia to the Russians?
    - Oh no!!! I hope they do not attack Atlanta !!!
    “My sister lives in Georgia.” In Columbus. I hope that she will be all right.
    - Send attack aircraft to Atlanta! Breast Protect Georgia!
    “Why Georgia?” Is this a new cold war with the Russians? And why exactly Georgia? I also understand - New York, but Georgia?
    “Why didn't they tell us anything?” No one said a word that the communist soldiers settled in one of our southern states. And how to get them out of there now?
    - I went to Atlanta. I hope to find some Russian troops intact there before they get out.
    - My heard, Georgia is Russia. Sometimes.
    - Atlanta is ready - serve Russians here! We will lower the crowds of our barbs on their asses !!!
    “Georgia first, Alabama tomorrow!” We must protect ourselves. Russians are coming!!!
    “Why did we allow one of the states to do this?” All international treaties must be approved at the federal level!
    - North Carolina is also in a panic.
    - It is possible that Russia will attack Crawford.
    - Gee! Just think, the Americans got pierced with Georgia. I would never have thought. They probably will not find Georgia on the map of the USA. To giggle.
    “Running into Georgia means running into all of us.” Here are the United States, my Slavic friends! We will all be at one with our fraternal staff!
    - Russians are good people. Just like the Chinese, North Koreans and Venezuelans. Long live the liberation! Long live Che Guevara! Long live sex minorities!
    - Read to all stupid asses. They write about the Republic of Georgia, which separated after the collapse of the USSR, and not about the American state. Try to rise above the fifth grade.
    - I can understand if Russia went to Alabama. But what kind of straining was it with Georgia ... what did these peace-loving Persico-eaters do to Russia?

    - The Russians were once allies of the southerners. Perhaps they again want to push them with the northern states.
    - What does it mean - southerners with the Communists?
    - Glory to Russia! Today it is the only country that does not allow the world to be plunged into the American Gulag!
    - Throw a bomb at Georgia! Atomic! They caved in under the Russians! Destroy all (censored) !!!!
    - Good morning. They say invites are being distributed here? May I have one?
    - Georgia is not the state of the USA! Georgia is a country in Europe!
    - Here Russian wrote something in his own language. Can no one translate?
    - I tried to learn the Russian alphabet, but did not master. It has too many letters. Almost like in Chinese.
    - Every American urgently needs to buy an American globe.
    - Dear fellow Americans. You do not worry. Our troops are in Georgia because there is an agreement between our countries. There are a lot of our tanks in Georgia. We treat the civilians very well, but in the event of attacks on our troops, we are always ready to give a proper rebuff. Not much will seem. Thank you for the attention.
    - Man, you read what these write !!! They think the troops in Georgia !!!
    “Why are we leaving Georgia?” I am a schoolboy from Moscow, Russia. I don’t understand why to leave Georgia. These are our troops, and we will withdraw them when necessary. This is none of your business. Sorry, imperfect English, I started learning recently.
    - They won’t understand again. Well they are stupid to impossibility, they zombied them to the fullest.
    - All clear. The Russians are not going to leave Atlanta. They have an order.
    - Yes! Yes! Yes! You're right!!! And Florida is next! We are conquering the USA! Save yourself who can! Ahhhhh !!!!
    “I am a Russian officer.” Now my soldiers and I are building a base in Atlanta, but I can say that in three months we will come to your state. Have a nice weekend. Art. lieutenant. I. Vanko. In short, krants to you.
    “The people ... to whom are you explaining?” They still do not let God think that the government hid from them for a prefigak time, that their Georgia was a Soviet republic !!!
    - Americans! We love you! But the Georgian authorities stop four of our soldiers and illegally put them in jail. Now they need to be freed. It does not take much time.
    - I’ll tell all Russians in Georgia: racial segregation today, racial segregation tomorrow, racial segregation forever.
    - Now they transmitted - Russia is closing the message with Georgia! Yankee, you're done! Russians made you! Save your asses!
    - Wow! No way, Bush has already become a communist and is teaching the anthem of the Union of Soviet Socialist States!
    - Says the headquarters of the Peach Revolution in Atlanta. Rise, the inhabitants of Georgia! Fight the Russians until you kick them out of the city. No matter what it costs us, we will fight to the last man, to the last bullet, to the last peach. Remember Kiev Maidan!
    - Russians! Stop bazaar! Go to Florida!
    - Help! Russian soldiers at my house! Oh god Oh god I noticed several Russian soldiers at my cottage in the forest! Help! A bear with a balalaika comes with them !!! .. Oh damn, now they will believe in it ...
    - All this is a Russian provocation. You are being fooled to hide the truth. Russians are advancing on Atlanta, Georgia. We received the official appeal of the American government to all the people - seek refuge, take with you only the necessities, especially Coca-Cola and hamburgers. May God be with you. We will pray for you!
    - Fools! Americans are just joking! Yes! Yes! Yes!
    - There is no Russian army in the USA! What are you stupid ... but look on the Internet, there is also another country that you call "Georgia", it is very far from the United States, so there are no Russians in your state ...
    “I'm a PLA officer.” Chinese troops are already moving along highway 66 to help the Russian brothers.
    - Bush, (censored), unleashed the Third World War. Traaandean !!!
    - Russian soldiers captured my neighbors. I hear screams of horror from their house. I tried calling 911, but the cable was cut. Help someone! And I just saw a commissar in a leather jacket on the street and near a bunch of spent cartridges.
    - I just called my friends in Atlanta, they did not confirm this. Everything goes on as usual there. All institutions continue to work. Maybe something happened, but Atlanta has not yet reached. In any case, it is scary! What are they doing there? Who sent them? Where the hell is our president? Well, why Georgia? A whole bunch of questions and not a single answer.
    - Good afternoon, dear residents of the state of Georgia! We hasten to assure you that the occupation of Georgia will last no more than three or four years. This is necessary to find the hidden chemical weapons. Of course, it is necessary to clarify: our soldiers will select money, jewelry, beautiful women, televisions and more. We will be good neighbors!
    “Can anyone tell me something?” Where are they? Where are our troops? Where is the president? And why the hell no one knows anything about Russian troops ???
    - You know, it turns out that the Russian president is from St. Petersburg! That explains a lot: it's nearby in Florida.
    1. mitya
      mitya 6 February 2012 09: 45
      Begging, grinned, thanks buddy !!!!
    2. Charon
      Charon 6 February 2012 10: 21
      Great there, our people had fun.
      Why not remember Zadornov!
      A good mood for the whole day is provided.
    3. Syrdon
      Syrdon 6 February 2012 11: 01
      “I'm a PLA officer.” Chinese troops are already moving along highway 66 to help the Russian brothers.

      after that I couldn’t get out from under the table))))
    4. PSih2097
      PSih2097 6 February 2012 12: 28
      Laughing to tears ....
      1. Hans grohman
        Hans grohman 6 February 2012 13: 10
        He barely crawled out from under the table. PPC
    5. dimitriy
      dimitriy 6 February 2012 12: 56
      Wow, they read the whole team (happy lunch break), they all cried !!! Class! I’ll go to learn English and I will shove pendos desu !!!!
    6. alex popov
      alex popov 6 February 2012 13: 32
      Quote: Dimani
      - You know, it turns out that the Russian president is from St. Petersburg! That explains a lot: it's nearby in Florida.

      This is the most lethal.)))) RZHAL.)
      1. Dimani
        Dimani 6 February 2012 13: 39
        No, obviously this American was talking about St. Petersburg, which is located in America. The city of the same name, but in America. In my opinion, even Moscow is there. Just do not know in what states they are. smile
        1. Lyokha79
          Lyokha79 6 February 2012 20: 30
          Yes there is, a small, provincial town. THANKS, I didn’t laugh like that for a long time !!!
          1. wall
            wall 6 February 2012 21: 34
            There is its own Paris. Karoch, everything you need for life. Cosmopolitan, damn it.
        2. recitatorus
          recitatorus 6 February 2012 21: 59
          In my opinion they have at least 14 cities named Moscow !!!
        3. VlaStar
          VlaStar 7 February 2012 13: 05
          Yes, in the USA there are both St. Petersburg and Moscow. But the main thing is that the Americans are stupid to the fullest. Full confidence that they did not see the world map in their eyes
    7. CEO
      CEO 6 February 2012 14: 25
      I, too, + 100. He died of laughter)))))))
    8. 6 February 2012 17: 34
      +100500 good
    9. wall
      wall 6 February 2012 21: 47
      Yes, a funny thing. But dupe. First appeared on foreign media, in my opinion. And as far as I remember it appeared after the war in Georgia.
      In my opinion, many amerikosy in this topic (not all of course) just too mock in black, just playing along, as in any more or less normal forum. Among the Americans, of course, there are a lot of zombied comrades, propaganda is not good, but there are also very many quite adequate people. He himself communicated with ordinary Americans and did not find any difference with the Russians. Human values ​​are the same everywhere. And fools are the same everywhere. And when you communicate directly with simple and normal guys from across the ocean, you begin to understand how much we all got divorced. Both them and us. So laugh at them, of course, not bad, but let us periodically pull our logs from our eyes. wink
    10. recitatorus
      recitatorus 6 February 2012 21: 55
      Send Zadornov, let the country be pleased good good good uh, amuse!
    11. VlaStar
      VlaStar 7 February 2012 12: 59
      Thank you, I heard about this morazma, I didn’t have a chance to read it, and now I neighing from the heart! + With pleasure
  10. Ascetic
    Ascetic 6 February 2012 08: 40
    The USA is a completely monstrous, thoroughly deceitful state. Her whole existence is based on myths, on promises made up for the sake of fooling her own population. Let's consider some of them:
    1. America is the Land of Freedom. The first settlers (of course - the Anglo-Saxons from the Mayflower) brought to the new continent the spirit of Freedom, which was not needed by the despotic monarchical Europe, so the United States was founded by free people for free people.
    It is a pity that the indigenous inhabitants of America did not know anything about this - Indians who suffered ruthless genocide. As well as black slaves, the hard labor of which was used by several generations of free people in a free country.

    2. America is a country of honest people. For the United States, honesty and openness are the best policy.
    A certain political isolation, into which the United States is falling more and more, is also due to the fact that the number of international treaties violated by "honest people" is in the hundreds.
    Honestly, even US officials are worth absolutely nothing. For example, the promise of US Secretary of State James Baker to Gorbachev in 1989: "NATO will not move an inch to the East."

    3. America is a country of the elect, a country of victory. In all the wars imposed by various villains on the peace-loving USA, the Americans inevitably won.
    In reality, America often lost not only wars (including the obviously weaker enemy - remember the colorful flight from Saigon), but also technological competitions, recall only the standard exchange - five Shermans for one German "Tiger" and the Russian word for "satellite" ... At the level of special operations, the number of failures and defeats of the US special services and units of the American special forces of the "Delta" type is such that it is not clear why these structures were created at all. The obligatory "happy end" is a propaganda trap that America fell into at the beginning of the XNUMXth century.

    4. America - New Rome. Claims for the continuity of imperial style and culture are emphasized by numerous borrowings, for example, architectural (heavy buildings with colonnades), the presence of the Senate, the Capitol, the inauguration, and so on and so on.
    In fact, the USA is a country without history, founded not by heroes and warriors, but by outcasts and small shopkeepers. The lack of historical tradition is compensated by the hypertrophied perception of one’s own, often very insignificant, by European standards, historical events. The lack of cultural traditions also leads to a wild eclecticism in architecture, to the fact that the US culture is primarily kitsch in all areas of art.

    5. America is the birthplace of the new, American Nation. There are Americans of Anglo-Saxon descent, there are German, Polish, Italian, but all of them, first of all, are Americans who are faithful to the Star-Striped flag.
    Today on the planet, perhaps, there is no society more segregated according to nationality and religion than the American. Separate Chinese, Mexican, Italian and Jewish quarters are not an exception, but a rule. Whole states, such as Mormon Utah, are actually a state within a state, and the Latin American minority is almost openly calling for the return of some of the states to Mexico. Texas and California have suffered from severe separatism throughout their history. The federal government is well aware that the so-called "American Nation" is a myth. Therefore, during the Second World War, all Americans of Japanese descent - three hundred thousand people - were interned (sent to concentration camps).

    6. America is a democratic country and an unbending stronghold of democracy throughout the world.
    There is even nothing to comment on. The whole world knows what "American-style democracy" is. These are prolonged "humanitarian" bombing, destruction of infrastructure, destruction of the social foundations of civilization, hunger, cold, chaos and anarchy. American democracy - the power of the Profit and the military-industrial complex - has turned into ruins many areas of the United States. As a result of de-industrialization caused by the fact that it is more profitable for Capital to transfer production to third world countries, many parts of the United States have fallen into a hopeless depression and look little better than the bombed Tripoli.

    7. Americans - the most industrious nation, America's welfare is created by honest labor.
    There is no doubt that 50 years ago, the majority of the US population were hardworking people - farmers, workers, engineers, etc. But there is also no doubt that three grand robberies underlie the national wealth of the United States.
    The first robbery is North America, which the founding fathers took from its native inhabitants, the Indians.
    The second is the economic robbery of warring Europe in the First and Second World Wars.
    And the third robbery, which continues to this day, is the criminal activity of the Federal Reserve System, as well as the system of neocolonial relations built by the United States with most third world countries.
    For one honestly earned dollar in US history, there are three looted, if not more.
    1. KamikadZzzE
      KamikadZzzE 6 February 2012 08: 57
      You are in your repertoire. You +++
  11. Dimani
    Dimani 6 February 2012 08: 41
    - The latest news of the occupation. The Russian peacekeepers seized the Capitol, Disneyland, Martin Luther King Memorial, CNN Studio and Microsoft, after which all previously issued windows licenses are declared invalid. Be good boys and girls and we won’t harm you.
    “You are not out of your mind.” Georgia is a part of Russia !!! Forty years ago, I left Zhmerinka for Israel, but I still remember.
    - What are the Russians going to do next? I'm very nervous in Alabama. I hope they move south or east.
    - Comrade Commander! Seattle is in control. The military commissariat of the Seattle region begins to operate. Colonel Isaev.
    - Russia will not get a single inch of Georgia! Never!
    - Georgia is not a state, you downs. Here, read on the website of the CIA, Georgia in the Caucasus. Well, how can you be so stupid? No one is going to send troops to your lousy country. While the whole of France is arguing whether there will be a war between Russia and Georgia, you are sitting on your island of so-called freedom and the whole world is laughing at you.
    - Georgia is not a state? And then where is Atlanta?
    “I demand that the Soviet troops and military bases be immediately expelled from Atlanta and Georgia!”
    (On one of the American forums during the war 080808)
  12. KamikadZzzE
    KamikadZzzE 6 February 2012 08: 42
    Here's the answer to why they are building mock-ups of cities and conducting military exercises there. It seems that they realized that everything is not so good in their kingdom. In order to distract the people, they definitely need war, they need it like air, they need it to give people work. Otherwise, the crisis and, as a consequence, a war with their own people, armed
    Nevertheless, Marx was right when he said (this is not a quote) that capitalism is ready for anything for profit. Capital goes to where profit can be made, and in China they earned super-profits at the expense of cheap workers, thereby creating the Economic Giant, which they themselves are now forced to fight
    It seems, friends, we have a chance to witness the collapse of yet another empire
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 6 February 2012 23: 45
      Shooting "Downs" in the USA will begin soon.
  13. Tolia
    Tolia 6 February 2012 08: 45
    Negro snot or losers white trash (white trash) ..
  14. mitya
    mitya 6 February 2012 09: 57
    And by and large, I still feel sorry for them. Also, probably among them there are normal, sane people. And that's probably where the revolution will be, so it is with them, and probably even worse than we have in the 17th. Moreover, they have so many weapons on their hands there that "Mama don't worry."
  15. Rashid
    Rashid 6 February 2012 09: 57
    It is necessary for our "survivors" to establish contact with amerskie to exchange experience, let them tell them which canned food is stored longer, how best to hide supplies in the forest, etc. Maybe those who tell our people will remember the scout times.
  16. mitya
    mitya 6 February 2012 10: 00
    And what is it written in the picture at the beginning of the article?
    "Pease ..... ets American Dream"?
  17. Slayer
    Slayer 6 February 2012 10: 59
    Damn what kind of helpless zombies they are, because they are not adapted to life at all for so much dependence on the media in their brains that they have the main aspects in reasoning, this was shown in such a show, and in such a film I saw, they have such an understanding of the world shown on TV. It’s really scary what television makes people ....
  18. dred
    dred 6 February 2012 12: 16
    Yeah, the Americans will dump.
  19. sichevik
    sichevik 6 February 2012 12: 32
    This is just the beginning. Beginning of the End. Not as fast as we would like, but Pindosia is slowly but surely crumbling. Soon, protests will begin, smoothly flowing into mass street riots, and there are not far from armed clashes, there are a lot of weapons in the hands of the population. The beauty!!!
  20. Tyumen
    Tyumen 6 February 2012 14: 19
    Comment number 2.
    Gay veteran January 26th, 2012 at 2:41 pm
    Who about what, and blue about junk.
  21. serg792002
    serg792002 6 February 2012 14: 58
    There is an exit. Arm yourself citizens. Give a revolution. We will not be worse than our friends from Syria, Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. The distant anti-democratic regime of Obama-Liberman. Defend our freedom. Hurray FRIENDS.
  22. Nika
    Nika 6 February 2012 15: 40
    Do not forget that such exercises have already taken place in Russia, remember last year's "Center-2011", where "anti-terrorist" actions were also practiced in a whole town. According to legend, the town (village?) Is captured by an organized formation of terrorists, and they were knocked out of there not only with the help of special forces, but also UAVs and tanks. And what are we preparing for in this case?
    1. SSR
      SSR 6 February 2012 16: 43
      I am very worried about our exercises in the past (or the year before last) year ... when the aircraft made a non-stop flight from the European part of Russia to the Far East ... and the ground forces imitated a retreat followed by the detonation of a nuclear mine ...
      (I don't remember exactly the year, either 2010 or 2011). the very fact of "undermining" is annoying ....
      it means that not everything is so simple in the world .. and they consider all possible scenarios ... something like that .... and America .. just doesn’t fall apart .... it will play on the track like that ... in general, you need to watch )))
      1. ivachum
        ivachum 6 February 2012 18: 15
        None of the exercises "Vostok-2010" or "Center-2011" WAS THIS. Yes, the topic of the exercises raises questions, and the results force us to think about a lot (especially "Vostok-2010"), but the use of nuclear weapons of mass destruction was not practiced either by us or by the "fictitious enemy". H The "anti-terrorist" theme was officially declared, although to crush terrorists with the help of a tank brigade .... am
        1. SSR
          SSR 6 February 2012 21: 37
          in fact of the matter what happened ..... on the last day of the exercises ... and then quietly ....
          Understand correctly .. I do not need such .. "teachings" that I heard on the last day. That sank and worries .... let me be mistaken a hundred times ... or even better if our strategists will foresee everything 10000 times. and point.
          PS. Hope for God but don’t be too bad yourself .. how to bask.
          1. ivachum
            ivachum 6 February 2012 23: 31
            Where is such awareness from?
    2. ivachum
      ivachum 6 February 2012 18: 22
      And what are some "groups of citizens" preparing for from the national republics (Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Dagestan, etc.) within the Russian Federation, in the so-called "religious educational institutions" in Turkey?
  23. Vasilisk
    Vasilisk 6 February 2012 16: 55
    On the one hand, the desire for a fair retribution and collapse of America, on the other hand, the threat of expansion of China, economically tied and restrained by the same America. Alas, now a half-polar world is beneficial to us. Read Tsymbursky.
  24. TROYAN
    TROYAN 6 February 2012 19: 00
    1. Roman 75
      Roman 75 6 February 2012 19: 44
      And why did everyone so joyfully drool out, interesting? Some part of Americans (in the article the opinions of less than thirty people are given) are panicking? For God's sake!
      Have you read the branches of the survivalists on "Hansa" for a long time? Maybe compare the views of our citizens with the Americans? Very instructive ...
      Looks like this is a global trend.
  25. figwam
    figwam 6 February 2012 22: 40
    Pindosia has one way out, to water the rest of the world, then there is a chance of survival.
  26. doctor3006
    doctor3006 6 February 2012 23: 00
    Guys, do you not know that you didn’t give up on the hell with US citizens? And that’s all they think about Russia, they don’t sleep, the poor, at night .. Develop your eyes. We follow the path of North Korea, with the great, Mlyn, helmsman. If there is any military conflict, we’ll just be stupidly cut off food (and that’s all. Http://
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 6 February 2012 23: 24
      "If there is any military conflict, they just stupidly cut off our food"

      Yes, a tragedy .... Instead of rallies, you have to process potatoes on weekends at the cottage. am If in Russia you are afraid of being left without DUTCH potatoes and tomatoes ... And you also cannot imagine life without yogurt in the morning ... Change your country of residence. Here, in Russia, such "citizens" are not needed.

      In the US Army, diapers are given to tankers ... laughing
      1. doctor3006
        doctor3006 6 February 2012 23: 59
        Yeah, the argument is deadly. Apologist for idiocy. Amen.
  27. maratenok
    maratenok 20 February 2012 14: 16
    Americans would send in the 90s)) through which the CIS passed. then it would be more interesting))