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Army universities will take charge of the Suvorov schools

Higher educational institutions of the Ground Forces will take charge of the Suvorov schools and cadet corps of this type of Armed Forces, reports Interfax-AVN a message from the Ground Forces Commander Oleg Salyukov.

Army universities will take charge of the Suvorov schools

Today we discussed the issues of patronage over our Suvorov schools and cadet corps. Certainly, the courses of our Moscow Higher Military Command School, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Blagoveshchensk Schools have already been assigned to certain classes of Suvorov and Cadets,
said Salukov.

He noted that "a personal example of cadets and graduates of military universities will be one of the main arguments for the younger generation in favor of further service in the army."

“Moreover, if the guys express a desire to enroll in flight schools, go to the fleet, we will not mind. We all serve the same cause, and our task is to give the next generation a motivation for military service, ”the general emphasized.

He also offered to provide graduates of the Suvorov schools and cadet corps with certain privileges when entering military schools.

If suvorovtsam and cadets can not enroll in universities without exams, they should be given certain preferences when entering military universities. The years that the guys spent in the schools should not be in vain,
- said Salukov.

He promised to discuss this issue with other commands. “I think the commanders will support me. We are committed to giving the green light to graduates of our pre-university institutions, ”he said.
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  1. Laksamana besar
    Laksamana besar 2 February 2017 16: 42
    Good deal. I did not even know that the pupils did not have preferences for entering military universities, I thought this for granted. winked
    1. cniza
      cniza 2 February 2017 17: 06
      That's right, you need to select future cadets.
    2. Liberoid-
      Liberoid- 2 February 2017 17: 17
      Quote: Laksamana Besar
      thought it for granted.

      He always thought the same way, in the days of the USSR it was in the order of things ... In theory, every cadet in Suvorov should be a son, some regiment, etc. I don’t know how it is now, but before, children from orphaned families studied in Suvorovsky etc. And from these they brought up real officers devoted to their homeland and their work ..
      1. Laksamana besar
        Laksamana besar 2 February 2017 18: 39
        Now the same thing as in Suvorov, in the presidential cadet:
        Preferred admission to the school, subject to the successful completion of entrance examinations, are used by:

        - orphans and children left without parental care;
        - children of military personnel undergoing military service under a contract;
        - children of state civil servants and civilian personnel of federal executive bodies, in which military service is provided for by federal law;
        - children of citizens who are dismissed from military service after reaching the age limit for military service, due to health reasons or in connection with organizational and staffing events and whose total military service is 20 years or more;
        - children of military personnel who died in the performance of their duties of military service or who died as a result of injury (injury, trauma, shell shock) or illness received in the performance of duties of military service;
        - children of Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full knights of the Order of Glory;
        - children of employees of internal affairs bodies who have died or died as a result of injury or other damage to health received in connection with the performance of official duties, or as a result of a disease received during the period of service in the internal affairs bodies;
        - children dependent on these persons;
        - children of prosecutors who died or died as a result of injury or other damage to their health received by them during their service in the prosecution authorities or after dismissal due to injury to health in connection with their official activities;
        - other persons in cases established by federal laws.
        1. Liberoid-
          Liberoid- 2 February 2017 20: 32
          There is little doubt ... though! No matter how this school turns into a sort of elite oligarchic center with arrogant and rich children of oligarchs, where teachers are "built" by educators ... And I think so, it really is! negative it’s not casual, as this general succumbedly declared ... Everyone will vulgarize the bastards!
  2. cap
    cap 2 February 2017 17: 05
    He promised to discuss this issue with other commands. “I think the commanders will support me. We are committed to giving the green light to graduates of our pre-university institutions, ”he said.

    If there is a desire, there’s nothing to even think about. I didn’t imagine that there were obstacles. What exams to the demon, they didn’t pass any exams in our time. Suvorov’s whole life went to that school, which they themselves chose! They usually study well and excellently.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 2 February 2017 18: 22
      Suvorovites yes — but in our MOOSHI with PLP — you have been living in the barracks for two years (I managed to become a captain at 16)) - you follow the charter - you learn morse code in lessons - you fold a parachute for a while - - you study the structure of the glider, engine and all systems Yaka-52, in practice - someone with a parachute, someone on the Mi-2 for 30 hours, someone on the Yak-18 as well for 30, and after 2 years no official benefits for admission to the same Krasnodar

      for the system, it's just an ordinary school. Although our training there for the state was worth a lot of money

      Although there were such benefits - there is an all-Russian competition among such cadet corps - the Cosmonaut (in my opinion, it has long been) - this is the way the winning team goes to any school in my opinion.

      To enter the contest - you must be among the 12 best cadets - well, then your team must win.
  3. yura9113
    yura9113 2 February 2017 17: 09
    Good day to all. I don’t know about the cadet corps, but graduates of Suvorov schools always had preferences, privileges for admission, a reduced number of exams for admission, or if he graduated from a cadet with honors, they generally accepted without exams. Itself passed))). A couple of years ago I was at my school in Ulyanovsk, so there the airborne troops took patronage, the majority of graduates went to the Ryazan school, and the discipline was precisely for this kind of troops, special parachute training. I support the idea of ​​Moscow. All the best.
  4. Liberoid-
    Liberoid- 2 February 2017 19: 26
    reports Interfax-AVN message of the commander of the Ground Forces Oleg Salyukov.

    Chatterbox in my opinion ... At first I would have done it. And then I reported! Everything is clear with the Suvorovites, how many patriotic clubs are in schools, why not invite them on a “field trip” to military schools and really show everything ... You just invite them, but we’ll collect the money for this business from the world ... It's the same for the boys there will be an unforgettable experience and will probably affect their future and a sense of patriotism ..! And then they chat and that's it ... soldier
  5. Vitalson
    Vitalson 3 February 2017 09: 38
    But sho before this did not guess ?????????
  6. Captain Angry
    Captain Angry 4 February 2017 05: 12
    Yes, many readers of the site are terribly far from the real situation in the army. Graduates of IEDs from the end of the 90s enter military schools on a common basis. There are practically no benefits, unlike in Soviet times, when Suvorov students, depending on how they graduated from the cadet, were assigned to universities and passed only professional selection and physical training. From a citizen to some schools it was difficult to enter, for example, up to 240 Suvorov students arrived at the 2 places (80 companies of cadets) by the end of July - all of them were guaranteed 100% admission, and this was correct, not in vain spent in years in IEDs. And now things do not go further than chatter, because universities are turning into a certain caste feeder. The right candidates are coming in (which, of course, speaks of raising the prestige of military service after the Yeltsin era). And Oleg Ludoedych is still that “commander”.