Military Review

The work of the Military Police of the Russian Federation in Aleppo

Patrols of the Russian military police came to areas of Eastern Aleppo. Fighters of the special division of the Ministry of Defense keep order during humanitarian actions and guard the sappers, who continue to demine the city.


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  1. encarcelado
    encarcelado 1 February 2017 18: 00
    Here's a more complete video

  2. 501Legion
    501Legion 1 February 2017 18: 59
    better watch the video from AnnaNyuvs. there is a great report
  3. masiya
    masiya 2 February 2017 16: 44
    We are there in Syria all Western media poured mud on us, and are accused of all mortal sins ... and they bark and do not itch either to help or to restore, that through their fault was destroyed and destroyed !!!