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No evidence, no guilty

According to the head of the central board of the National Police of Ukraine in the Odessa region, Dmitry Golovin, a huge amount of evidence in the case of the tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014, was irretrievably lost.

Recall that the clashes of opponents and supporters of Euromaidan, which occurred two months after the so-called Revolution of Dignity, led to a fire in the House of Trade Unions, in which representatives of the Antimaydan movement took refuge. Then 48 people were burned alive and seriously injured more than 250 citizens.

No evidence, no guilty

Court hearings on this case were repeatedly postponed, and the course of the investigation drew criticism from both the Russian side and international organizations, for example the UN.

In July, 2016, the head of the United Nations human rights monitoring mission, Fiona Fraser, accused Kiev of political interference with the investigation and deliberately delaying the judicial process.

However, the reaction from the official authorities of Ukraine did not follow, which signals the unwillingness to conduct a full-fledged trial and a frank cover for the criminal inaction of the police and the state emergency service.

Of course, the case of the second of May can be considered symbolic. The incident openly demonstrated who was transferred to power after the coup d'état. It is also indicative of the demonstration of the work of the Ukrainian judicial system, the distinguishing features of which are not justice, impartiality and competence, but corruption, secrecy and bias.

The change of judges, the repeated absences of important witnesses, the accused, and their lawyers — this is how you can briefly characterize the course of the proceedings of such a resonant tragedy.

The results of almost three years of investigative work are zero. At the same time, for the curators of nationalist movements, the achievements are more than significant, because all activities were conducted in the opposite direction from identifying and punishing criminals.

This is where the evidence would be useful. But they are lost.

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 2 February 2017 06: 27
    Mind and conscience are lost ... What kind of "police" is this .. A collection of impotent people.
    1. Olgovich
      Olgovich 2 February 2017 07: 27
      Quote: 210ox
      Mind and conscience are lost ... What kind of "police" is this .. A collection of impotent people.

      Criminals themselves cannot and will not judge themselves.
      In this situation, only an international court (including the representative of Russia) could investigate objectively and achieve anything ...
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 2 February 2017 12: 33
      While there Avakov and Giletei, then the truth can not be found.
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 2 February 2017 14: 18
        Dear Charles XII, the battle of Poltava,
        Thank God, lost. As burry said,
        Time will show Kuz'kin’s mother, ruins,
        A bone of death after death with a taste of Ukraine.
        It’s not green - it’s visible, spent by isotope,
        The yellow-black-winged one flies over Konotop,
        Crafted from canvas, Canada has been stockpiled.
        It’s free without a cross, but Khokhlov is not necessary.
        Joseph Brodsky

  2. Nix1986
    Nix1986 2 February 2017 07: 04
    Knowing the level of corruption in Ukraine and Odessa in particular, I thought that there would generally be "spontaneous combustion" in the office of the investigator, and much sooner and everything would burn out.
  3. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 2 February 2017 07: 08
    Quote: 210ox
    Mind and conscience are lost ... What kind of "police" is this .. A collection of impotent people.

    No matter what, no matter how perverted the memory of the people you will not erase. A time will come, they will remember, and they will find everyone by name. Someone will remain alive of course. The Internet is a strong thing, there are lists of savages.
  4. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 2 February 2017 07: 32
    Dear, and who will hand over their associates then? To register in the book to the animal under the number of the last century is yes, forever. And pull out by the scruff, but under a wide court of public, neither, nor, nor, in no case ..
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 February 2017 07: 38
    The evidence may have been "lost," but memory cannot be erased. Sooner or later, the guilty will answer (some have already answered and gone).
  6. novel66
    novel66 2 February 2017 09: 42
    no court can condemn them except the popular one. kill quietly all this evil and say that it was so
  7. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 2 February 2017 16: 54
    No one expected a different outcome of the “affair”. Break up, lose evidence and evidence of guilt (no matter whose) - it was in this "case" was originally laid. It doesn’t matter - there are no people to blame, but there will be a people's court, sooner or later, these geeks will be finished if they do not escape to any Nigeria.
    CYBERNINJA 2 February 2017 17: 46
    Do not forget, take revenge!
  9. magosvel
    magosvel 4 February 2017 00: 49
    It is surprising that the house of trade unions still stands still.