Military Review

St. Petersburg company. 1 part


No one now remembers that in 1995, the naval tradition of the Great Patriotic War was revived - a company of marines was formed on the basis of more than twenty divisions of the Leningrad naval base. Moreover, this company had to be commanded not by a marine officer, but by a submariner ... Just like in 1941, the sailors were sent to the front almost directly from the ships, although many of them held the machine in their hands only on oath. And these yesterday's mechanics, signalmen, electricians in the mountains of Chechnya engaged in combat with well-trained and heavily armed militants.

Baltic sailors as part of the Baltic Marine Corps Battalion fleet won back in Chechnya with honor. But out of ninety-nine fighters, only eighty-six returned home ...

servicemen of the 8 Marine Corps Company of the Leningrad Naval Base who died while fighting in the Chechen Republic during the period from May 3 to June 30, 1995

1. Guard major Yakunenkov
Igor Alexandrovich (23.04.63– 30.05.95)
2. Guards Senior Lieutenant Stobetsky
Sergey Anatolyevich (24.02.72 – 30.05.95)
3. Guard sailor to / s Egorov
Alexander Mikhailovich (14.03.57 – 30.05.95)
4. Guard sailor Kalugin
Dmitry Vladimirovich (11.06.76 – 08.05.95)
5. Guard sailor Kolesnikov
Stanislav Konstantinovich (05.04.76 – 30.05.95)
6. Guard sailor Koposov
Roman Vyacheslavovich (04.03.76 – 30.05.95)
7. Guard foreman 2-th article Korablin
Vladimir Ilyich (24.09.75 – 30.05.95)
8. Guard junior sergeant Metlyakov
Dmitry Alexandrovich (09.04.71 – 30.05.95)
9. Guard senior sailor Romanov
Anatoly V. (27.04.76 – 29.05.95)
10. Guards senior sailor Cherevan
Vitaly Nikolaevich (01.04.75 – 30.05.95)
11. Guard sailor Cherkashin
Mikhail Alexandrovich (20.03.76 – 30.05.95)
12. Guard Senior Sailor Shpilko
Vladimir Ivanovich (21.04.76 – 29.05.95)
13. Guard Sergeant Yakovlev

Oleg E. (22.05.75 – 29.05.95)

Eternal memory to the dead, honor and glory alive!

Captain 1 rank V. tells (call sign "Vietnam"):

- I, the submariner, became the commander of the company of the marines. In early January, 1995, I was the commander of a diving company of the Baltic Fleet, at that time the only one in the entire Navy. And then suddenly came the order: from the personnel of the Leningrad Naval Base to form a company of marines to be sent to Chechnya. And all the infantry officers of the Vyborg regiment of antiamphibious defense, which should have gone to war, refused. I remember the command of the Baltic Fleet then threatened to put them in prison for this. So what? They put at least someone? .. And they told me: “Do you have any military experience? Take the company. Answer for her head. "

On the night of the eleventh to the twelfth of January 1995, I accepted this company in Vyborg. And in the morning you have to fly to Baltiysk.

As soon as he arrived at the barracks of the company of the Vyborg regiment, he built sailors and asked them: "Do you know that we are going to war?" And then half the mouth falls into a swoon: "Ka-a-ak? .. What kind of a war! ..". Then they understood how they were all deceived! It turned out that some of them were offered to enroll in the flight school, someone was driving to another place. But what is interesting is that for such important and responsible cases, for some reason, the very “best” sailors were selected, for example, with “aerial attacks” of disciplinary or even former offenders.

I remember a local major rushing up: “Why did you tell them that? How will we hold them now? ” I told him: “You shut your mouth ... We'd rather collect them here, than I would later put them there. Yes, by the way, if you do not agree with my decision, I can change with you. Any questions?". The major had no more questions ...

Something unimaginable began to happen with the personnel: someone was crying, someone had fallen into a stupor ... Of course, there were just overpants. Of the one hundred and fifty, there were about fifteen people. Two of them even rushed out of the unit. But I don’t need these, I wouldn’t take these myself anyway. But most of the guys were ashamed before their comrades, and they went to war. In the end, ninety-nine people went to war.

The next morning I built a company again. The commander of the Leningrad Naval Base, Vice Admiral Grishanov, asks me: "Do you have any wishes?" I answer: “Yes. Everyone here is going to die. ” He: “What are you talking about ?! This is a reserve company! .. ”. I: “Comrade Commander, I know everything, it’s not the first time I see a marching company. Here, people still have families, but no one has apartments. ” He: "We did not think about it ... I promise, we will solve this issue." And then he kept his word: all the families of the officers of the apartment received.
We arrive in Baltiysk, in the brigade of marines of the Baltic Fleet. The brigade itself at that time was in a half-collapsed state, so that the mess in the brigade multiplied by the mess in the company resulted in a mess in the square. Neither eat well nor sleep. And after all, this was only the minimum mobilization of one fleet! ..

But, thank God, by that time the old guard of Soviet officers remained in the navy. They started the war on themselves and pulled out. But in the second "walk" (as the Marines call the period of hostilities in the mountainous Chechnya from May to June 1995 of the year. - Ed.), Many officers from the "new" already went to war for apartments and orders. (I remember one more officer in Baltiysk asking for my company. But I had nowhere to take him. I then asked him: “Why do you want to go?” He: “I don’t have an apartment ...”. Me: “Remember : they don’t go to war for apartments. ”Later this officer died.)

The deputy commander of the brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Artamonov told me: "Your company will fly to the war in three days." And I had to take the oath of one hundred twenty people without a machine gun! But those who had this machine gun also left not far from them: almost no one knew how to shoot anyway.

Somehow settled, went to the landfill. And at the landfill of ten grenades, two do not explode, out of ten rifle cartridges, three do not shoot, just rotted. All these, if I may say so, ammunition were the 1953 release of the year. And cigarettes, by the way, too. It turns out that the oldest NZ was raked for us. With guns - the same история. In the company they were still the newest - 1976 release of the year. By the way, the captured machines, which we then took from the "spirits", were produced by 1994 of the year ...

But as a result of “intensive training”, on the third day we held classes in the combat firing of the department (under normal conditions it is necessary to do this only after a year of study). This is a very difficult and serious exercise, which ends with a combat grenade launcher. After such a “study,” all my hands were broken by shrapnel - this is because I had to pull down those who got up on their feet at the wrong time.

But studying is still half the trouble ... Here goes the company for lunch. I spend the "Shmon". And I find under the beds ... grenades, explosives. This is the guys eighteen! .. Weapon for the first time saw. But they didn’t think at all and didn’t understand that if it all exploded, they would have blown the barracks to pieces. Later, these fighters told me: "Comrade commander, we do not envy you, as you had to do with us."

From the landfill we arrive at one in the morning. Fighters unfed, and no one in the brigade especially to feed and is not going to ... Somehow still managed to get something edible. And so I fed officers in general with my own money. I had two million rubles with me. It was then a relatively large amount. For example, a pack of expensive imported cigarettes cost a thousand rubles ... I imagine what a sight it was when we, after a training ground with guns and knives, fell into a cafe at night. All in shock: who are they? ..

Representatives of different national diasporas often started to redeem their fellow countrymen: give up the boy, he is a Muslim and should not go to war. I remember those approaching on a Volkswagen Passat, calling in the command post: "Commander, we need to talk to you." Came with them to the cafe. They ordered such a table there! .. They say: "We will give you money, give us the boy." I listened to them carefully and answered: "No money is needed." I call the waitress and pay for the whole table. And I say to them: “Your boy will not go to war. I don't need such figs there! ” And then the guy became uncomfortable, he already wanted to go with everyone. But I told him clearly then: “No, I don’t need this one for sure. Free ... ".

Then I saw how common misfortune and common difficulties bring people together. Gradually, my motley company began to turn into a monolith. And then in the war I did not even command, but simply threw a glance - and everyone understood me perfectly.

In January, 1995, at the military airfield in the Kaliningrad region, we were loaded onto a plane three times. Twice the Baltic States did not give permission for the passage of aircraft over their territory. But for the third time, they still managed to send the “Ruevskaya” company (one of the mouths of the brigade of the marines of the Baltic Fleet. - Ed.), But we are not here again. Our company was preparing until the end of April. In the first "run" on the war from the whole company I got one, went for a replacement.

On the second “run,” we had to fly 28 on April 1995 of the year, but it turned out only 3 in May (again, because of the Balts, who did not let planes pass). Thus, the "TOFIKI" (Pacific Fleet Marines. - Ed.) And the "Northerners" (Northern Fleet Marines. - Ed.) Arrived before us.

When it became clear that we are facing a war not in the city, but in the mountains, in the Baltic Brigade, for some reason, the mood was so high that there would be no more dead - they say, this is not the terrible January 1995 of the year. There was some kind of false impression that a victorious walk in the mountains was ahead. But for me it was not the first war, and I had a premonition of how things will actually be. And then we actually learned how many people in the mountains died during shelling, how many - during the shooting of the columns. I really hoped that no one would die. I thought: "Well, the wounded will probably be ...". And I firmly decided that before sending I would definitely take the company to the church.

And in the company, many were unbaptized. Among them is Seryoga Stobetsky. And I, remembering how my baptism changed my life, really wanted him to be baptized. I myself was baptized late. Then I came back from a very scary business trip. The country collapsed. My family has broken up. It was not clear what to do next. I found myself at a dead end in life ... And I remember well how after baptism my soul calmed down, everything fell into place, and it became clear how I would live on. And when later I served in Kronstadt, several times I sent sailors to help the abbot of the Kronstadt Cathedral of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God clean up the garbage. The cathedral at that time stood in ruins - after all it was blown up twice. And then the sailors began to bring me the royal gold pieces of gold, which they found under the ruins. They ask: "What to do with them?". Imagine: people find gold, a lot of gold ... But it was never in their minds to take it for themselves. And I decided to give these gold coins to the abbot. And it was to this church that I then came to baptize a son. At this time there was a priest, Father Svyatoslav, a former "Afghan". I say: “I want to baptize a child. But I myself am a little believer, I don’t know prayers ... ”. And I remember his speech literally: “Seryoga, were you under water? Have you been to war? So you believe in God. Free! And for me this moment became a turning point, I finally turned to the Church.

Therefore, before being sent to the “second run,” I began to ask Seryoga Stobetsky to be baptized. And he firmly answered: "I will not be baptized." I had a hunch (and not only me) that he would not return. I didn't even want to take him to the war at all, but I was afraid to tell him about it - I knew that he would go anyway. Therefore, I worried about him and really wanted him to be baptized. But nothing can be done here by force.

Through local priests, I turned to the then Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Cyril with a request to come to Baltiysk. And, most surprisingly, Vladyka Cyril left all his urgent business and came specifically to Baltiysk to bless us for the war.
Just went Light Week after Easter. When I talked with Vladyka, he asked me: “When are you going?”. I answer: “In a day or two. But there are unbaptized in the company. ” And about twenty boys who were unbaptized and wanted to be baptized, Vladyka Cyril personally baptized. Moreover, the guys had no money even for crosses, which I told Vladyka about. He replied: "Do not worry, everything is free for you here."

In the morning, almost the entire company (there were only those who served in the guard and in dresses) was with us at the liturgy in the cathedral in the center of Baltiysk. The liturgy was led by Metropolitan Kirill. Then I built a company at the cathedral. Vladyka Cyril came out and sprinkled the fighters with holy water. I also remember asking Metropolitan Kirill: “We are going to fight. Probably a sinful thing? ” And he answered: “If for the Motherland, then no».
In the church, they gave us icons of St. George and the Mother of God and crosses, which were put on almost everyone who did not have them. With these icons and crosses a few days later we went to war.

When we were escorted, the commander of the Baltic Fleet, Admiral Yegorov, ordered us to lay the table. A company was built at the Chkalovsk airfield, the fighters were given tokens. Lieutenant Colonel Artamonov, the deputy commander, took me aside and said: “Seryoga, come back, please. Will you have cognac? ” I: “No, not necessary. Better when I get back. ” And when I went to the plane, I rather felt than I saw Admiral Egorov cross me ...

At night, we flew to Mozdok (military base in North Ossetia. - Ed.). There is a mess. I gave my own command to put a safeguard just in case, get sleeping bags and go to bed right next to the takeoff. The guys managed to get a little nap before the upcoming restless night already in positions.

4 May we were transferred to Khankala. There we sit on the armor and the column go to Germenchug under Shali, at the position of the battalion "TOFikov."

We arrived at the place - there is no one ... Our future positions more than a kilometer in length are scattered along the Dzhalki River. And I have only a little more than twenty fighters. If then the "spirits" attacked immediately, then we would have to be very hard. Therefore, we tried not to detect ourselves (no shooting) and began to slowly settle down. But it never even occurred to anyone to sleep this first night.

And rightly so. That night, the sniper fired at us for the first time. We hid bonfires, but the fighters decided to smoke. The bullet passed only about twenty centimeters from Stas Golubev: he was standing in a trance for some time with his eyes in a tint, and his ill-fated cigarette fell on a bronik and smoked ...

In these positions, we were constantly bombarded from the side of the village and from some unfinished factory. But the sniper at the plant then we from AGSa (automatic grenade launcher. - Ed.) Still removed.

The next day the entire battalion arrived. It became like fun. Engaged in additional equipment positions. I immediately set the usual routine: lifting, charging, divorce, physical training. Many people looked at me with great surprise: in the field, charging looked somehow, to put it mildly, exotic. But after three weeks, when we went to the mountains, everyone understood what, why and why: daily exercises gave the result - on the march I did not lose a single person. But in other companies, fighters who were not physically prepared for wild exertion simply fell from their feet, fell behind and were lost ...

In May, 1995 was declared a moratorium on the conduct of hostilities. Everyone paid attention to the fact that these moratoria were announced exactly when the “spirits” needed time to prepare. There were still gunfights - if we were shot, we would answer. But we did not go forward. But when this truce was over, we began to move in the direction of Shali – Agishty – Mahkety – Vedeno.
By that time, there were data from both airborne reconnaissance and short-range reconnaissance stations. Moreover, they turned out to be so accurate that with their help they managed to find shelter in the mountain for tank. My scouts confirmed: indeed, at the entrance to the gorge in the mountain, a shelter with a meter layer of concrete was equipped. The tank leaves this concrete cave, shoots towards the Grouping and leaves back. It is useless to shoot artillery on such a structure. We got out of this situation: they called Aviation and dropped some very powerful aerial bomb onto the tank.

24 May 1995, artillery preparation began, absolutely all the trunks woke up. And on the same day, seven minutes already flew to our location from our same "non" (self-propelled mortar. - Ed.). I can’t say exactly for what reason, but some mines, instead of flying along a calculated trajectory, started to tumble. A trench was dug along the road at the site of the former drainage system. And the mine gets right into this trench (Sasha Kondrashov is sitting there) and explodes! .. I think with horror: there must be a dead body ... I run up - thank God, Sasha is sitting, holding on to his leg. The splinter broke off a piece of stone, and with this stone a part of the muscle on his leg vomited. And this is on the eve of the battle. He doesn't want to go to the hospital ... They sent me anyway. But he caught up with us under the Oak-Yurt. Well, that no one else hooked.

On the same day a “hail” comes to me. A captain of the Marine Corps runs out of it, “TOFovets”, asks: “May I stay with you?”. I answer: "Well, wait ...". It never occurred to me that these guys would start shooting! .. And they drove off about thirty meters to the side and were launching a volley! .. It seemed to me that I was hit with a hammer in my ears! I told him: "What are you doing! ..". He: "So you allowed ...". They themselves laid cotton wool ears ...

On May 25 almost all of our company was already at the TPU (rear control center. - Ed.) Battalion south of Shali. Only the 1 platoon (reconnaissance) and the mortar bombers were pushed forward close to the mountains. Mortars advanced because the regimental "nony" and "Acacia" (self-propelled howitzer. - Ed.) Could not shoot close. The "spirits" used this: they would hide behind the near mountain, where the artillery could not reach them, and made forays from there. It was here that our mortars came in handy.

Early in the morning we heard a fight in the mountains. It was then that the "spirits" bypassed the 3 th amphibious assault company "TOFikov" from the rear. We ourselves feared such a detour. The next night, I did not go to bed at all, but walked in circles in my own positions. On the eve of us came the fighter "northerner", but mine did not notice him and missed. I remember being terribly angry - I thought that I would just kill everyone! .. After all, if the “northerner” calmly passed, then what about “spirits”? ..

At night, I sent sergeant Edik Musikayev's castle guard with the guys ahead to see where we were supposed to go. They saw two downed "spiritual" tanks. The guys brought a couple of captured automata with them, although usually the “spirits” were taken away after the fight. But here, probably, the skirmish was so fierce that these machines either abandoned or lost. In addition, we found grenades, mines, captured the "spiritual" machine gun, a weapon from the BMP smoothbore mounted on a self-made chassis.

26 May 1995, the active phase of the offensive began: "TOFIKI" and "Northerners" fought forward along the Shali gorge. The “spirits” prepared very well for the meeting of ours: they had equipped layered positions - dugout systems, trenches. (Later we even found old dugouts from the times of the Patriotic War, which the “spirits” converted to firing points. And here’s something else was especially bitter: the militants “magically” knew exactly the time of the start of the operation, the location of the troops, and preemptive tank artillery attacks.)

It was then that my fighters for the first time saw the returning MTLB (multi-purpose light armored tractor. - Ed.) With the wounded and the dead (they were taken right through us). They matured in one day.

"TOFIKI" and "northerners" rested ... They did not fulfill the task for this day even by half. Therefore, in the morning of May 27, I receive a new team: together with the battalion, advance to the area of ​​the cement plant under Duba-Yurt. The command decided not to send our Baltic battalion across the gorge to the forehead (I don’t even know how much we would have left under such a development of events), but to send it around to go to the “spirits” to the rear. The battalion was given the task of passing through the right flank through the mountains and first taking Agishty and then Mahket. And it was precisely to such actions of ours that the fighters were completely unprepared! And the fact that they were already in the mountains in the rear would go as much as a whole battalion, and in a nightmare they could not dream! ..

By thirteen o'clock 28 in May, we moved to the area of ​​the cement plant. Paratroopers from the 7 division of the Airborne Forces also approached here. And here we hear the sound of "turntables"! In the gap between the trees of the gorge a helicopter appears, painted with some dragons (this was clearly seen through binoculars). And everyone, without saying a word, opens fire from grenade launchers in that direction! It was far to the helicopter, about three kilometers, and we could not reach it. But the pilot seemed to see this barrage fire and quickly flew away. More we did not see "spiritual" helicopters.
According to the plan the scouts of the paratroopers were to be the first to go. They are followed by the 9-I company of our battalion and becomes a checkpoint. For 9, our 7 company is also becoming a checkpoint. And my 8 company must go through all checkpoints and take Agishty. For reinforcement, they gave me a "mortar", a sapper platoon, an art corrector and an aircraft manufacturer.

Seryoga Stobetsky, the commander of the 1 reconnaissance platoon, and I begin to think about how we will go. Began to prepare for the exit. They gave extra classes on “Fizo” (although we already had them every day from the very beginning). We also decided to hold a speed shop competition. After all, with each fighter with ten to fifteen stores. But one shop, if you pull the trigger and hold, takes off in about three seconds, and life literally depends on the speed of reloading in battle.

At that moment, everyone already knew very well that what lay ahead was not the skirmishes that we had the day before. Everything spoke of this: around the burnt wrecks of tanks, wounded people come out through dozens of positions, take out the dead ... Therefore, before reaching the initial one, I went to each fighter to look into his eyes and wish good luck. I saw how some people twisted their stomach with fear, someone pissed off at all ... But I do not consider these manifestations to be something shameful. Just remember well your fear of the first battle! In the area of ​​the solar plexus, it hurts as if you were hit in the groin, but only ten times stronger! It is both acute and aching, and dull pain ... And you can’t do anything with it: at least you walk, you even sit, and it hurts so much under your thumb! ..

When we went to the mountains, I had about sixty kilograms of equipment — a bullet-proof vest, a machine gun with a grenade launcher, two BK (ammunition sets - Ed.) Grenades, one and a half BK ammunition, grenades for the podstvolnik, two knives. Fighters are loaded the same way. But the guys from 4-second grenade-machine-gun platoon dragged their AGSs (automatic grenade launcher. - Ed.), "Cliffs" (heavy caliber machine gun NSV caliber 12,7 mm. - Ed.) And plus each two mortar mines - another ten kilograms !

I build a company and determine the order of battle: first, the 1 reconnaissance platoon goes, then the sappers and the “mortar”, and the 4 platoon closes. We are walking in complete darkness along the goat trail, which was marked on the map. The trail is narrow, only a cart could pass through it, and even with great difficulty. I said to my own: "If someone shouts, even if wounded, I will come and strangle myself ...". So we walked very quietly. Even if someone fell, the maximum that could be heard was a muffling.

On the way, we saw "spiritual" caches. Fighters: "Comrade Commander! ..". I: “To leave, do not touch anything. Forward!". And it is right that we didn’t get into these caches. Later we learned about the "two hundredths" (lost. - Ed.) And the "three hundredths" (wounded. - Ed.) In our battalion. Fighters 9-th company climbed into dugouts rummaging. And no, in order to first throw the dugout with grenades, but went stupidly, into the open ... And here's the result - the bullet-hitter from Vyborg Volodya Soldatenkovu bullet hit below the bulletproof vest. He died of peritonitis, he was not even taken to the hospital.

All the time of the march, I ran between the vanguard (reconnaissance platoon) and the rearguard ("mortar"). And our column stretched for almost two kilometers. When once again I came back, I met reconnaissance paratroopers, who were walking around with ropes. I told them: “It's great, boys!” After all, they went light! But it turned out that we were ahead of everyone, the 7 and 9 companies remained far behind.
Reported to the battalion commander. He says to me: "So go to the end first." And at five in the morning with my reconnaissance platoon I took a high-rise 1000.6. This was the place where the 9-I company checkpoint was supposed to stand up and accommodate the battalion's TPU. At seven o'clock in the morning my entire company approached, and at about half past seven scout troopers arrived. And only at ten in the morning the battalion commander arrived with a part of another company.

Only on the map we walked about twenty kilometers. Exhausted to the limit. I remember well how all the blue-green came from Seryoga Starodubtsev from the 1 platoon. He fell to the ground and lay for two hours without moving at all. And this guy is young, twenty years old ... What to say about those who are older.

All plans have gone astray. The battalion commander tells me: “You go forward, in the evening you occupy the height before Agishtami and report”. Come forward. Scout-paratroopers passed and moved further along the road indicated on the map. But the maps were of the sixties, and this path was marked on it without bending! As a result, we got off and went on another, new road, which was not on the map at all.
The sun is still high. I see a huge village in front of me. I look at the map - this is definitely not Agishty. I say to the aircraft carrier: “Igor, we are not where we should be. Let's figure it out. ” As a result, figured out what came to the Mahketah. From us to the village a maximum of three kilometers. And this is the task of the second day of the offensive! ..

I get in touch with the battalion commander. I say: “Why do I need these Agishty? I return to them almost fifteen kilometers! And I have a whole company, "mortar", and even sappers, we are two hundred people in all. Yes, I never fought with such a crowd! Come on, I'll take a break and take Mahketa. ” Indeed, by that time the fighters could not pass more than five hundred meters in a row. Indeed, on each - from sixty to eighty kilograms. The fighter will sit down, but he himself can no longer stand up ...

Combat: "Back!". The order is an order - we turn around and go back. The first went reconnaissance. And as it turned out, we were right on the spot where the "spirits" emerged. "TOFIKI" and "northerners" pressed on them in two directions at once, and the "spirits" departed in two groups of several hundred people on both sides of the gorge ...

We returned to the bend from which we went the wrong way. And then the battle begins behind - our 4 grenade-machine-gun platoon was ambushed! It all started with a direct collision. The fighters, bending under the weight of everything they were dragging on themselves, saw some “bodies”. Ours make two conditional shots into the air (in order to somehow distinguish ours from others, I ordered a piece of vest to be sewn onto the arm and the leg and agreed with my own on the “friend-foe” signal: two shots in the air - two shots in response) . And in return, we get two shots to kill! The bullet hits Sasha Ognev in the arm and interrupts the nerve. He screams in pain. Medic Gleb Sokolov with us turned out to be a fine fellow: “spirits” are beating him, but he is bandaging a wounded man at this time! ..

Captain Oleg Kuznetsov rushed to the 4-th platoon. I told him: “Where! There is a platoon commander, let him understand. You have a company, a “mortar” and sappers! ” I put up a barrier of five-six fighters with the commander of the 1 platoon Seryoga Stobetsky on the skyscraper, the rest I give the command: “Move back and dig in!”.

And here the battle begins already with us - this is from below they fired at us from the grenade launchers. We walked along the ridge. In the mountains like this: who is higher, he won. But not at this time. The fact is that huge burdocks were growing down below. From above, we see only green leaves from which pomegranates fly, and the “spirits” through the stems see us perfectly.

Just at that moment, the last fighters from the 4 platoon were walking past me. I still remember how Edik Kolechkov walked. He walks along a narrow ledge of a slope and carries two PCs (Kalashnikov machine gun. - Ed.). And then bullets start flying around him! .. I shout: “Get left! ..”. And he was so exhausted that he could not even turn away from this ledge, he just set his legs apart so as not to fall, and therefore continues to go straight ...

There is nothing to do upstairs, and with the soldiers I enter these damned mugs. Volodya Shpilko and Oleg Yakovlev were extreme in the chain. And here I see: a grenade explodes alongside Volodya, and he falls ... Oleg immediately rushed to pull Volodya out and at the same time died immediately. Oleg and Volodya were friends ...

The fight lasted about five to ten minutes. We did not reach the baseline just three hundred meters and moved to the position of the 3 platoon, which was already dug in. The paratroopers stood next to them. And here comes Seryoga Stobetsky, he himself is blue-black, and says: "Spiers" and "Bull" are not ... ".

I create four groups of four or five people, Zhenya Metlikin's sniper (nickname “Uzbek”) was planted in the bushes just in case and went to drag out the dead, although this, of course, was an obvious adventure. On the way to the battlefield, we see the “body” that flickers in the forest. I am looking through binoculars - and this is the "spirit" in a homemade armor plate, all hung with body armor. So, they are waiting for us. Come back.

I ask the commander of the 3-th platoon Gleb Degtyarev: "Your all?". He: "There is no one ... Metlikina ...". How was it possible to lose one in five people? This is not one of the thirty! .. I come back, go out on the trail - and then they start shooting at me! .. That is, the "spirits" were really waiting for us. I'm back again. I shout: “Metlikin!”. Silence: “Uzbek!”. And then he just rises from under me. I: “And why are you sitting, do not you leave?”. He: “And I thought it was the“ spirits ”that came. Maybe they know my name. But about the "Uzbek" just can not know. So I went out. "

The outcome of this day was this: after the first battle, the “spirits” I myself counted only sixteen corpses that were not carried away. We lost Tolik Romanov and was wounded in the hand of Ognev. The second battle - seven corpses of the "spirits", we have two dead, no one was injured. We were able to pick up the bodies of the two dead the next day, and Tolik Romanova only after two weeks.

Twilight has come. I report to the battalion commander: a “mortar” on a high-rise on the initial, I am over them in three hundred meters. We decided to spend the night at the same site where we were after the fight. The place seemed convenient: on the right in the course of our movement - a deep cliff, on the left - a smaller cliff. In the middle is a hill and a tree in the center. I decided to settle down there - to me from there, as if Chapaev, everything around was clearly visible. Were digging, set security. It seems everything is quiet ...

And then the reconnaissance major from the paratroopers began to make a fire. He wanted to bask near the fire. I: "What are you doing?". And then when he went to bed, he again warned the major: “Carcasses!”. And after all on this kosmerok mines in several hours and flew. So it happened: some burned the fire, and others died ...

Somewhere in three nights I woke Degtyarev: “Your shift. I need to sleep a little bit. Remain for a senior. If the attack from below - do not shoot, only grenades. " I take off my body armor and taxiway (backpack paratrooper. - Ed.), I close them and lie on the hill. In RD, I had twenty grenades. These grenades saved me later.

I woke up from a sharp sound and a flash of fire. Two mines from the “cornflower” burst right next to me (Soviet automatic mortar of 82 mm caliber. Cassette loading, four mines are placed in the cassette. - Ed.). (This mortar was installed on the "UAZ", which we then still found and blew.)

I immediately went deaf in my right ear. I can't understand anything at the first moment. Around the wounded moan. Everybody is yelling, shooting ... Almost simultaneously with the explosions, they started firing at us from two sides, and also from above. It can be seen that the "spirits" wanted to take us by surprise immediately after the shelling to take. But the fighters were ready and this attack was immediately repulsed. The fight turned out to be transient, lasted only ten to fifteen minutes. When the "spirits" realized that they couldn’t take us, they simply withdrew.

If I had not gone to bed, then perhaps such a tragedy would not have happened. Indeed, before these two damned mines there were two sighting shots from a mortar. And if one mine arrives, it is already bad. But if two - this means that they take in the "fork". For the third time two mines flew in a row and fell just five meters from the fire, which became a guide for the “spirits”.

And only after the shooting stopped, I turned and saw ... At the site of the mine explosions there were a lot of wounded and dead ... Immediately six people were killed, more than twenty were seriously injured. Look: Seryoga Stobetsky lies dead, Igor Yakunenkov is dead. Of the officers, only Gleb Degtyarev and I were left alive, plus the aircraft master. It was terrible to look at the wounded: Seryoga Kulmin had a hole in his forehead and his eyes were flat and flowed out. Sashka Shibanov has a huge hole in his shoulder, Edik Kolechkov has a huge hole in his lungs, a shard flew in there ...
RD himself saved me. When I began to pick it up, several fragments spilled out of it, one of which fell directly into the grenade. But the grenades were, naturally, without fuses ...

I remember very well the very first moment: I see Seryog Stobetsky torn. And then from my inside everything starts to rise to the throat. But I say to myself: “Stop! You are the commander, take everything back! ”. I do not know how much effort, but it turned out ... But I could only approach him at six o'clock in the evening, when I calmed down a bit. And he ran all day long: the wounded groan, the soldiers must be fed, the shelling continues ...
Almost immediately the seriously wounded began to die. Vitalik Cherevan died especially terribly. A part of his body was torn off, but for about half an hour he still lived. Eyes are glass. Sometimes something human appears for a second, then they become glazed again ... His first cry after the explosions was: "Vietnam", help! .. ". I was addressed to "you"! And then: "Vietnam", shoot ... ". (I remember how, at one of our meetings, his father grabbed my breasts, shook me, and kept asking: "Why didn’t you shoot him, well, why didn’t you shoot him? .. could ...)

But (here is the miracle of God!) Many of the wounded, who were supposed to die, survived. Sergei Kulmin was lying next to me, head to head. He had such a hole in his forehead that his brain was visible! .. So he did not just survive - he even had his eyesight restored! True, now walks with two titanium plates in the forehead. And Misha Blinov had a hole ten centimeters in diameter over her heart. He also survived, he now has five sons. And Pasha Chukhnin from our company has four sons now.

We don’t have water for myself, even for the wounded — zero! .. I had with me both pantacid tablets and chlorine tubes (disinfectants for water. - Ed.). But there is nothing to disinfect ... Then they remembered that the day before they were walking through impassable dirt. The fighters began to strain this dirt. What turned out to be very difficult to call water. Muddy slurry with sand and tadpoles ... But there was no other one anyway.

For a whole day they tried to help the wounded somehow. On the eve we crushed the “spiritual” dugout, which contained dried milk. They lit a fire, and this "water", extracted from the mud, began to be stirred with dry milk and given to the wounded. We ourselves drank the same water with sand and with tadpoles for a sweet soul. I told the fighters in general that the tadpoles were very useful - squirrels ... No one even had disgust. At first, pantacid was thrown into it for disinfection, and then it was drunk just like that ...

A group does not give the go-ahead for evacuation "turntables." We are in a dense forest. Helicopters have nowhere to sit down ... During the regular talks about the "turntables" I remembered: I also have an aircraft manufacturer! "Where is the aircraft carrier?" We are looking, we are looking for, but we can’t find it on our patch at all. And then I turn around and see that he dug a full-length trench with his helmet and is sitting in it. I do not understand how he took the land from the trench! I couldn’t even get through there at all.

Although helicopters were not allowed to hover, one commander of the "turntables" still said: "I will hang." I gave the sappers a command to clear the site. We had explosives. We blew old trees into trees, in three girths. They began to prepare three wounded to be sent. One, Aleksey Chach, a splinter hit his right leg. He has a huge hematoma, can not walk. I prepare it for shipment, and I leave Sergei Kulmin with a broken head. The nurse in horror asks me: "How? .. Comrade commander, why aren't you sending him?" I answer: “I will definitely save these three. But "heavy" - I do not know ... ". (For the fighters it was a shock that the war had its own terrible logic. First of all, those who can be saved are saved here.)

But our hopes were not destined to come true. We never evacuated anyone with helicopters. In the grouping, "turntables" gave the final retreat and instead sent them two columns to us. But our battalion drivers on the BTRs did not make it. And only in the end by the night came to us five BMD paratroopers.

With so many wounded and dead, we could not move a single step. And towards evening, the second wave of retiring militants began to seep through. They bombarded us from grenade launchers from time to time, but we already knew how to act: we simply threw grenades from top to bottom.

I got in touch with the battalion commander. While we were talking to him, some Mamed intervened in the conversation (the connection was open, and any scanner caught our radio stations!). I started carrying some kind of nonsense about ten thousand dollars, which he will give us. The conversation ended with the fact that he offered to go one on one. I: “And not weakly! I will come. " The fighters dissuaded me, but I came to the appointed place really alone. But no one has appeared ... Although now I understand well that for my part it was, to put it mildly, recklessly.

I hear the hum of the column. Gonna go meet. Fighters: "Comrade commander, just do not leave, do not leave ...". It is clear what's the matter: the dad leaves, they are scared. I understand that it seems impossible to go, because as soon as the commander left, the situation becomes uncontrollable, but there is no one to send more! .. And I did go and, as it turned out, I did well! The paratroopers got lost in the same place as we did when they almost reached Makhketov. We did meet, though with very big adventures ...

Our medic, Major Nitchyk (call sign “Dose”), the battalion commander and his deputy Seryoga Sheyko came with the column. Somehow driven into our little patch of BMD. And here the shelling begins again ... Combat: "What is it that you have going on here?" After the shelling, the “spirits” themselves have already reached. They probably decided to slip between us and our “mortar”, which was dug in about three hundred meters on a high-rise. But we are already smart, we don’t shoot from machine guns, but just throw grenades down. And then our machine-gunner Sasha Kondrashov suddenly rises and gives an endless queue from the PC in the opposite direction! .. I run up: “What are you doing?”. He: "Look, they have already reached us! ..". And indeed, I see that the "spirits" - about thirty meters. There were many, several dozen. They wanted, most likely, to pick us up and surround us. But we drove them away with grenades. They could not break through here either.

I walk with a limp all day, I can not hear, although I do not stutter. (It seemed to me so. Actually, as the fighters told me later, I even stuttered!) And I was not thinking at all at the time that this was a concussion. All day running around: the wounded die, you need to prepare the evacuation, it is necessary to feed the soldiers, shelling go. In the evening I try to sit down for the first time - it hurts. Hand touched his back - blood. Paratrooper: "Well, lean over ...". (This major has a great combat experience. Before that, I was horrified to see Edik Musikayev shred him with a scalpel and say: “Do not be afraid, the meat will increase!”) And with his hand he pulled a fragment from my back. Then such a pain pierced me! For some reason, it gave way to the nose most of all! .. The major gives a fragment to me: “On, you will make a key chain”. (The second fragment was found only recently during an examination at the hospital. He is still sitting there, stuck in the spine and just a little bit did not reach the canal.)

The wounded were loaded onto the BMD, then the dead. I gave their weapons to the commander of the 3 platoon, Gleb Degtyarev, and left him for the eldest. And I myself went with the wounded and dead to the regiment's medical battalion.

We all looked terrible: all killed, tied up, in blood. But ... while all in polished shoes and cleaned with weapons. (By the way, we have not lost a single trunk, we even found automatic weapons of all our dead.)

Twenty-five people turned out to be wounded, most of them seriously wounded. Passed them to the doctors. It remained the most difficult - sending the dead. The problem was that some didn’t have any documents with them, so I ordered my fighters to write each one’s hand and put the notes with the last name in their pants pocket. But when I began to check, it turned out that Stas Golubev had mixed the notes! I immediately imagined what would happen when the body arrived at the hospital: one thing was written on the arm, and another thing was written in the piece of paper! I juggle the shutter and think: I will kill him now ... I myself am surprised now with my rage at that moment ... Apparently, that was the reaction to the tension, and the contusion affected. (Now Stas does not hold any resentment towards me for this. Still, they were all boys and were afraid to approach the bodies at all ...)

And here the medical colonel gives me fifty grams of alcohol with ether. I drink this alcohol ... and I almost don't remember anything more ... Then everything was like in a dream: either I washed myself, or I was washed ... I only remembered: there was a warm shower.

I woke up: I lay on a stretcher in front of the “turntable” in a clean blue RB (single linen. - Ed.) A submariner and I were loaded into this “turntable”. The first thought: "What about the company? ..". After all, the commanders of platoons, offices and castle platoon either died or were injured. Only the fighters remained ... And as soon as I imagined what was going to happen in the company, the hospital immediately dropped for me. I shout to Igor Meshkov: “Stop the hospital!”. (It then seemed to me that I was screaming. In fact, he hardly heard my whisper.) He: “I have to leave the hospital. Give the commander! ". And the stretcher begins to pull back from the helicopter. The captain, who took me in a helicopter, does not give me a stretcher. "Bag" customizes its armored personnel carrier, leads on the KVTT "spinner" (heavy machine gun. - Ed.): "Give the commander ...". Those freaked out: "Yes, take it! ..". And it so happened that without my documents my documents flew into the MOSN (a special-purpose medical detachment - Ed.), Which then had very serious consequences ...

As I later learned, this was the case. Flip-flop arrives at Mosen. My documents are in it, and the stretcher is empty, there are no bodies ... And my torn pieces are lying next to me. In Mosen decided that since there is no body, then I burned out. As a result, a telephone message came to Peter addressed to the deputy commander of the Leningrad naval base, Captain I rank Smuglin: “The lieutenant commander such and such died”. But Smuglin knows me from the lieutenants! He began to think how to be, how to bury me. In the morning I called Captain I rank Toporov, my immediate commander: “Prepare the cargo for two hundred.” Toporov then told me: “I come into the office, take out cognac - they shake right next to my hand. Pour into a glass - and then the call. Fraction, set aside - it is alive! ”. It turned out that when Sergey Stobetsky's body arrived at the base, they began to look for mine. And my body, of course, no! They called Major Rudenko: “Where is the body?”. He replies: “What a body! I saw him myself, he is alive! ”

And that's what really happened to me. I took a submachine gun in my blue underwear of a submariner, sat down with soldiers on an armored troop-carrier and went to Agishty. Combat already reported that I was sent to the hospital. When he saw me, he was delighted. There is also Yura Rudenko returned with humanitarian aid. His father died, and he left the war to bury him.

I come to my. In the company mess. There is no security, the weapons are scattered, the fighters are "razgulyaevo" ... Gleb say: "What a mess?!.". He: "Why, our circle!" That's all for the relaxation ... ". I: “So relax for the fighters, but not for you!”. He began to restore order, and everything quickly returned to its former course.

Then just came the humanitarian aid that Yura Rudenko brought: bottled water, food! .. The fighters drank this sparkling water in packages - the stomach was washed. This is after that water with sand and tadpoles! I myself drank six bottles of water at a time. I do not understand how all this water in my body has found a place for itself.

And here they bring me a package that the young ladies gathered in the brigade in Baltiysk. And the package is addressed to me and Stobetsky. In it - my favorite coffee for me and chewing gum for him. And here such an anguish came over me! .. I received this package, but Sergey no longer ...

We got up near the village of Agishty. “Tofiki” on the left, “northerners” on the right occupied the dominant heights on the way to the Machat, and we were going backwards - in the middle.

At that time only thirteen people were killed in the company. But further, thank God, it was no longer in my company of the dead. Of those who remained with me, I began to re-re-form the platoon.

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 4 February 2017 08: 43
    Eternal memory to the dead, honor and glory alive!
    ..and do not comment too much ... Thank you to the author for an honest story ..
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    And all the infantry officers of the Vyborg Airborne Defense Regiment, who were supposed to go to war, refused.
    Only in ideological films, books and stories, are all faithful to duty and honor, fearless heroes and patriots of their homeland.
    But we see others! And not one, but many. Now they are probably telling their grandchildren about their military merits or are justified by the fact that “it was not the Russia that should be defended”! Where has honor and conscience gone over the years?
  4. Des10
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    Thanks to the Officer and Man.
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      In the north, companies were collected from the mouth of the warehouse guard ....
    2. RomanRVV
      RomanRVV 10 February 2017 13: 29
      The most interesting thing is that the astronauts apparently did not get it because of their small number. And so in 1995, at the Northern Cosmodrome, in all seriousness, comrades from the General Staff offered officers positions from the sites of the space forces in combat units. I have not heard about Baikonur, but I think they could not have done without it, because he is more Plesetskiy.)))
    3. Curious
      Curious 15 November 2017 21: 16
      Me and a guy from a neighboring front door left for the army on June 22, 87th. This was the last spring dispatch. We weren’t taken by the “buyer” for two and a half months ... Naturally we were in a battalion of the type of construction battalion. In terms of signalmen and construction battalion. So, this guy got a kick out of command of his reports about sending to Afghanistan. So got that he was sent there. Two years later they met, and he is a paratrooper! He earned the medal "For Courage"! In those years, everything was possible.
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    An honest story - but too many emotions.
    I hope that the author will tell you where he received combat experience before the first Chechen one.
    About BSO, of course, he turned down. No need a year. Navy - where he knows the land order.
    BSO is conducted through three quarters of a six-month study period. Then BSV.
    In the three-month "Afghan training" under the reduced program, BSO and BSV were carried out two months later.
    The moment with the guards ranks is still not clear - he was picking up a hodgepodge of sailors from all over the base. They spent a month in the 336th RPMM - and already the guards? Previously, it seemed like it took six months.
    Well, this Orthodox myth that the Lord in the war will save the baptized is somehow fed up.
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