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Project "ZZ". Reload # XXUMX, Senator McCain and Glock-4

Project "ZZ". Reload # XXUMX, Senator McCain and Glock-4

In the US, the discussion of the next "reset" with Russia began. Investors in the meantime say that Russia is alive, despite the screams of the spiteful critics and sanctions. And not only alive, but went uphill: American speculators have already “made bets” on Moscow. Investor interest is fueled by some warming between the United States and Russia, which arose after the election of Mr. Trump to the presidency. On the other hand, some people do not like it, and stories seem to appear on the net about Trump's likely murder on the net. One loser-killer, imported from Britain, is already in a US prison.

Amy myers jaffe in "The Conversation" points out that President Donald Trump is considering another likely "reset" in relations between the United States and the Russian Federation.

This will be the fourth such attempt to reset relations with Moscow, the author believes. The first were after the collapse of the Soviet Union: in 1993, 2002 and 2009 (the last attempt was the most famous in the newest stories). The result of all three is the same: the attempts failed.

How to deal with Russia to Trump, if he starts another "reset"?

The author recalls that Russia needs to achieve the lifting of sanctions. And if so, Trump himself should not offer mitigation measures to the Russians. Let Moscow first make substantial concessions on: a) nuclear weapons; b) cooperation in the fight against "IG" (prohibited in the Russian Federation); c) cooperation in Syria; d) clarify the dark story with hackers.

While analysts are talking about Russian political matters, investors are talking about Russian securities.

Channel Fox News informs its viewers that Russia today is the eighth economy in the world. Moscow also claims that “isolation” does not work. Moreover, the Russians set out to make friends with D. Trump. Moscow in general has plunged into “trampomania”, the channel notes.

Now in the USA there are a lot of skeptics who do not believe in the opportunities that the Russian market offers to foreign investors. Concerns about corruption in Russia and the rule of law persist. This discourages many potential investors. However, international organizations convincingly show the Russian upward trend.

For example, the World Bank said that Russia moved from 51-th place to 40-e in the business rating 2017 of the year, which covered 190 countries. Transparency International has “slightly improved” Russia's image in terms of the “Corruption Perception” indicator in 2015-2016. True, there are still Russians to go: far from Europe.

Experts claim that the time has come for Americans to invest in the Russian economy.

No matter how the haters of Russia raged, this country managed to survive Western sanctions, writes K. Rapoza in the journal "Forbes".

No matter how much oil fell in price (the price reached 35 dollars per barrel), Russia survived.

Two years of recession - and it was experienced by the Russians.

The observer believes that the economic team of V. V. Putin has coped with its task. And now the New York stock company Black Rock claims that the time has come to buy Russian securities.

Gerardo Rodriguez, the manager of the company, recalls that the main public attention in relation to Russia is now focused on the geopolitical situation. However, the economy can not be forgotten. Moreover, the situation here is amazing: the company where Rodriguez works has raised the rating of Russian stocks to a level “above the market”.

The submission also indicates that the Market Vectors Russia Small-Cap ETF fund has increased by 140% over the past 12 months. However, he does not trade and does not carry out financial activities in Russia.

Rapoza notes that Russian oil and gas companies, as well as the largest banks, came under sanctions in the summer of 2014 after the "March annexation of the Crimea." Later, Russia and Ukraine signed a peace agreement in Minsk, but the lifting of sanctions depends on a peace agreement on a cease-fire in the Donbas and in the Luhansk region.

Time runs. And now "the political noise about a bad boy named Russia" is no longer "in the way of investors."

Over the past two weeks, Russian securities have been “made heavy” by millions of dollars (according to the EPFR Global Foundation in Cambridge, Massachusetts).

Rajiv Jain, director of information technology at GQG Partners, is preparing to launch Emerging Markets Equity Fund, where Russian stocks will take a good stand.

Gerardo Rodriguez notes that it was always difficult to catch the tone Newscoming from Russia, and "after the annexation of Crimea, it became completely difficult to track reality, based on the headlines here." Investors chose not to focus on headings, but on market data. According to Rodriguez, finance ministers are “orthodox” in their approach to economics. Russia overcame the main difficulties a few months ago. If we take into account the possible rapprochement between Russia and the United States thanks to Trump, who does not mind making friends with Putin, then everything is in favor of Moscow.

In December, the observer reminds 2016 of the year, the dynamics of industrial production in Russia was quite amazing, but consumer demand in the country remains weak. The volume of industrial production in December increased by 3,2% compared with last year's figure. Growth in November was 2,7%. This doubled market expectations.

At the same time, retail sales fell by almost 6% due to a general decline and a fall in revenues. The Moscow investment company Renaissance Capital believes, however, that Russians' incomes will grow.

If the price of oil remains relatively high, 2017 will be a very good year for Russian stocks, the analyst concludes.

K. Raposa ends his article with the short phrase “Excuse me, senator”.

It is easy to guess that it is addressed to one American hater of Russia. That which calls itself "the friend of Russia".

Arizona Senator John McCain recently issued a statement in which he condemned Trump’s likely moves to lift the sanctions. Statement by Mr. Senator leads "New Republic".

Friend of Russia. Photo: Dan Bennett. Source

McCain hopes that “the widely held belief that the White House is considering lifting sanctions against Russia,” is speculation. According to McCain, "for the sake of America's national security," President Trump should "put an end to these speculations and abandon such a reckless course."

If Trump does not do this, then McCain and his colleagues will turn "sanctions against Russia into law."

Also, the senator tried to look into the story and said that the last three US presidents "had high hopes for building partnerships with the Russian government." And all their attempts ended in failure. This is “not due to lack of goodwill or efforts from the United States, but because Putin wants to be our enemy,” the senator explained. According to McCain, Putin "needs" the United States as an enemy. The leader of Russia "never" will not become a partner of the United States, including in the fight against "IG" (prohibited in the Russian Federation). And President Trump must remember this when he talks to Putin. “He must remember that the person on the other side of the line is a murderer and a thug (a murderer and a thug) who is striving to undermine American interests in national security at every turn,” McCain said.

However, McCain's “strongly worded” statement is simply powerless: in fact, the senator did not show a single drop of the desire to seriously oppose Trump. By the way, McCain is going to vote for the candidacy of state secretary proposed by Trump, for Rex Tillerson - the man who received the Order of Friendship from Putin himself.

Against the backdrop of incessant "trampomania" and Western news about the interests of speculators towards Russia in the foreign press surfaced - right now - the topic of Trump's possible assassination.

"BBC" told about a man who could "change the story."

Why is the British Broadcasting Corporation, not the American?

Because Trump's potential killer is British.

Video frame: BBC

The article “The Briton Who Tried to Kill Trump” reports on Michael Sandford, a quiet 20-year-old kid from Dorking town (Surrey). In June 2016, this young man really tried to shoot Donald Trump.

On that day, Trump spoke at a rally in Las Vegas. Michael approached the police and told the officer that he would like to get autographed by the presidential candidate. Suddenly, Michael rushed at the policeman and snatched the 17 Glock from his holster.

Later, Michael admitted in writing that he intended to "shoot and kill Donald Trump." There was also a reason for the murder: the boy wanted to shoot Trump because the presidential candidate was “racist” and he “deserves to be killed”.

Michael in handcuffs was quickly taken away. As one of Trump's supporters said, the guy "almost changed the course of history."

In the US, this young man lived 18 months. According to his mother, Michael moved to New York to meet a girl with whom he entered into a "romantic relationship" online. However, in the US, his behavior has become "unsustainable."

Michael's father is still trying to understand how a non-aggressive and quiet boy plunged into politics and became so “radical.” The father believes that there was someone's suggestion. Someone gave the boy an idea ...

Michael himself now relies on poor mental health. He asks for mercy, referring to his unstable psyche. He wants to be brought home, where he could be with his mom.

But then he says to his mother on a date: “I really tried to kill this guy [Trump], mother.”

By the way, in December 2016, the judge ordered the boy just a year in prison. The maximum penalty for such a case could be 20 years.

Soon the failed shooter will go to my mother.

And Trump and Putin will start a new “reset”. More precisely, a business reload.

Fear autograph lovers, gentlemen of politics!

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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 31 January 2017 15: 09
    And if so, Trump himself should not offer Russian mitigation measures. Let Moscow first make significant concessions on: a) nuclear weapons; b) cooperation in the fight against “IG” (prohibited in the Russian Federation); c) cooperation in Syria; d) clarify the dark story with hackers.

    It was clearly said by these cephalopods that no one would ask for the lifting of sanctions. If you want to negotiate, let their conditions and position of the rulers of the world shove deeper, and speak on equal terms.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 31 January 2017 16: 45
      Well, the rulers of the world have no equal! There was not, and never will be. Lord, that sounds proud. And to sit at the table on equal terms is a loss of face. Today with Russia, tomorrow with China ... Iran and to the Philippines. Did you understand what you said?
      It’s easier for them to bomb, than to admit that they need to negotiate.
      1. Evdokim
        Evdokim 31 January 2017 20: 11
        Well, the rulers of the world have no equal! There was not, and never will be. Lord, that sounds proud. And to sit at the table on equal terms is a loss of face.
        But when he starts to make fun of big money, you can forget about your face for a while, business and nothing personal. hi
        1. Mavrikiy
          Mavrikiy 1 February 2017 16: 32
          Read on parallel. Our former "Soviet" scientists have already proved: Politics defines economic interests.
    2. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 5 February 2017 06: 30
      Quote: NEXUS
      , and speak on equal terms.

      What are they equal to us? We at least stand one notch higher in evolutionary development.
  2. Pasha
    Pasha 31 January 2017 15: 59
    What difference does it make to us - Trump or not Trump,
    It's time to start our own country.
    If a provincial Russian cannot provide for his family, and goes to Moscow and St. Petersburg, then what does Trump have to do with it.
    Wait for the Americans to give money to be taken away. Duck of his money rampant, multibillion-dollar bribes.
    Created a system of Nightmare Capitalism.
    1. kit_bellew
      kit_bellew 31 January 2017 21: 57
      Quote: Pasha
      What difference does it make to us - Trump or not Trump,

      "To us" is this to whom?
      No one, I think, will argue that the population of Russia is divided into two unequal parts. The first part - very large compared to the second - busy with survival. From paycheck to paycheck, from retirement to retirement. From revenue to revenue. This is me about "small and medium-sized enterprises", about those who, contrary to harsh reality, think that they are capitalists and the counter-revolution of '91 benefited them. This part of the population really doesn’t care - Trump or not Trump, with the possible exception of those who were involved in the import of food.
      Another thing The second part - people at the helm and trough. Those who, precisely because they are at the helm and trough, are well aware of what Trump is, who is behind him, what actually will be the policy of their new curator. Holders of information that never will not become the property of the first part of the population. Here, they certainly do not care whether Trump or Trump, judging by the light and intensity with which they cover the media of every new president of the United States.
      With the destruction of the USSR and the capitalist world socialism system the elite there is no need to pretend that they are for their peoples. We returned, in general, to what happened a hundred years ago: exploiters on one side of the barricades, and working people on the other. The interests of the exploiters of the two countries are much closer to each other than the interests of the exploiter and the worker, even if they were born in the same country, are citizens of the same state and speak the same language.
      Quote: Pasha
      It's time to start our own country.

      From the point of view the second part population in the country, everything is going as it should. The trough is always full. Hold the wheel tightly. The electorate, despite the constant deterioration of life, believes that the next election will bring some relief, and therefore does not rebel (I'm not talking about white-collar workers who just wanted to break through to the helm and the trough). The blindness of those campaigning for the Communist Party is especially indicative in this regard.
      It was always interesting what percentage of the population believes that people are elected to the Duma. folk deputies. It was also always interesting how deeply it was necessary to immerse people in a known substance, so that he finally understood that it was pointless to wait for something good from the current elite, whose aspirations to creep into the international club of the arbiters of humanity at any cost, and took the fate of his country into your hands.
      1. Pasha
        Pasha 1 February 2017 10: 33
        Demagogy - sir.
        To us, these are the peoples of Russia!
        Why do those "who are at the trough" do not think about the "first part".
        The people need justice, but it is not.
        Why? Yes, by the fact that there are people who want to divide the people into two parts.
        It's my opinion! I live with him!
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 31 January 2017 16: 57
    Let Moscow first make significant concessions on: a) nuclear weapons; b) cooperation in the fight against “IG” (prohibited in the Russian Federation); c) cooperation in Syria; d) clarify the dark story with hackers.
    Yes, no problem. Trump for 4 years has come? Let it come to the end of the presidency (++ will be needed). And there we’ll look at nuclear weapons, cooperation .... By the way, the US can compensate our hackers for the losses incurred by us from sanctions. And the ends are hidden and US security will grow.
  5. Lelek
    Lelek 31 January 2017 17: 06
    (Michael himself is now hoping for poor mental health. He asks for mercy, referring to his unstable psyche. He wants to be lowered home, wherever he could be with his mother)

    Breaking has begun.
  6. Lelek
    Lelek 31 January 2017 17: 11
    (Fear autograph lovers, gentlemen of politics)

    Thank you, Oleg, for the timely advice, because the neighboring Chow Chow has become suspicious of me, whines and asks for a hand, just like something is up to. bully
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Wolka
    Wolka 1 February 2017 05: 49
    Trump is a man of business and is not used to putting things in a hurry; that’s all, he knows how much time he is in a hurry, he is courageous and moderately aggressive, apparently decided for himself to become his “Putin” for the USA, it’s a pity not many of the Yankees still have it do not understand...
  9. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 2 February 2017 17: 49
    Countless zombies massaged a kid