Military Review

Trump and US foreign policy

Donald Trump believes that the invasion of the United States and its allies in Iraq is one of the failures in American foreign policy. "It's like throwing stones at a hive."


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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 30 January 2017 14: 39
    It seems to me that with the advent of Trump ... the United States will begin to bring down the EU ...
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 30 January 2017 20: 17
      Already knocked down.
      He has directly stated that all Europeans should follow the example of England
  2. Engineer
    Engineer 30 January 2017 15: 58
    Yeah, only something relocating armored vehicles in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia is going according to the plan outlined by Obama.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 30 January 2017 19: 17
      Money is everything