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Self-propelled anti-tank gun "Octopus-SDM1" will begin to enter the Airborne Forces in 2017 year

According to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"According to the chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, the former commander of the Airborne Forces Vladimir Shamanov, a new self-propelled anti-tank gun"Sprut-SDM1"will begin to enter the Russian Airborne Forces this year.

At this stage, completed testing of the machine and soon it will be put into service. Previously it was assumed that the mass production of the modernized "Springs" will begin in 2018.

In the summer of 2016, the paratroopers had already got acquainted with the new self-propelled gun on the shooting at the Struga Krasny landfill in the Pskov region, appreciating the fighting qualities of the new weapons.

A modified version of the Sprut-SD self-propelled gun was developed at the enterprise of the Tractor Plants concern. The first prototype was built in 2015 year and was shown to the public at the Army-2015 International Military-Technical Forum.
The rate of "Sprut" is seven volleys per minute, a powerful engine allows you to move at a speed of 70 km per hour. In addition to the possibility of parachute landing, the gun is capable of independently floating at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour with an excitement of up to three points.

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  1. Sergey F
    Sergey F 30 January 2017 10: 06
    Paratroopers, respond!
    Who saw this gun in action?
    What can you say?
    1. himRa
      himRa 30 January 2017 10: 09
      What business? why are you interested in this !?
      She is not yet in the army will begin to arrive this year
      But you can believe Shamanov to the marrow of the bones of the airborne troops!
      1. Sergey F
        Sergey F 30 January 2017 10: 24
        I believe in Shamanov! Precisely because
        Quote: himRa
        he is to the bone marrow of the airborne squad!
        1. electrooleg
          electrooleg 1 February 2017 01: 24
          I’m not an Airborne Trooper, but I think the barrel is cool. A light tank, in fact, just floats.
    2. 113262a
      113262a 30 January 2017 10: 29
      I don’t know how the paratroopers, given that the cannon is ... in short, d-81 (whatever you say!), With which the T-80b jumps to 2 tracks when fired from a place, and if you don’t snuggle up to the forearm, get a little concussion, what about the magnesium tin! Crews can be immediately presented to the BZ. And, it seems, at first there was a conversation about a two-plane stabilizer. Even the promo video was shooting at once.
      1. Vz.58
        Vz.58 30 January 2017 11: 21
        Designers and generals could think of a muzzle brake.
        1. 113262a
          113262a 30 January 2017 12: 38
          With a muzzle and unmasks, and blinds optics.
        2. alexmach
          alexmach 30 January 2017 20: 52
          They didn’t listen to your advice and thought only of the recoil device.
    3. igordok
      igordok 30 January 2017 13: 49
      Quote: Sergey F
      Paratroopers, respond!
      Who saw this gun in action?
      What can you say?

      At the window dress 1 of August 2015. 76 DSD. Not yet upgraded.
  2. himRa
    himRa 30 January 2017 10: 07
    But a little barrel! wow th .. Airborne Forces all will fall under the Airborne Forces! wassat with such a trunk!
    1. 210ox
      210ox 30 January 2017 10: 28
      By the way, what is heard about the "Vienna"
      Quote: himRa
      But a little barrel! wow th .. Airborne Forces all will fall under the Airborne Forces! wassat with such a trunk!
  3. barclay
    barclay 30 January 2017 10: 13
    The rate of "Octopus" is seven volleys per minute, belay
    Only here, the rate of fire is measured not in volleys, but in Shots.
    The author needs to be more literate.
    I hope that the chassis will cope with the loads. From a shot of a gun of this caliber, the load will be very serious. As far as I heard, there were restrictions on the turret turret for direct fire (to prevent the vehicle from tipping over).
    1. himRa
      himRa 30 January 2017 10: 21
      I agree + she still has to drop ..
      all modern technology looks like it ....... but probably there is a reason we will change more often!
      But I think modern design tools allow us to pass various tests at the project stage
      Quote: barclay
      I hope that the chassis will cope with the loads. From a shot of a gun of this caliber, the load will be very serious.
  4. Maz
    Maz 30 January 2017 10: 20
    I wonder how they will clean this gun? And what?
    1. barclay
      barclay 30 January 2017 10: 23
      As usual - BANNIKOM. wink something like this...
    2. 113262a
      113262a 30 January 2017 10: 32
      As usual, a bannik! Compound, 30 frictions for every half meter!))))
  5. volodimer
    volodimer 30 January 2017 10: 39
    I think that for the conditions of Russia, where roads are a kind of off-road, an "octopus" is, nevertheless, much more preferable than different wheeled "centaurs". Wheel equipment has an advantage only in Europe, where there is a high density of roads of good quality, which allows it to realize its advantages.
    1. tlauicol
      tlauicol 30 January 2017 11: 05
      And what, our generals ordered such a machine to drop it on the vast expanses of the motherland? I’m wondering what kind of war they were thinking about when building the Octopus. And where and how will he have to fight in the end, based on modern realities? Dear idea, a toy for fairy landings
      1. summer
        summer 30 January 2017 11: 15
        They will land a part in the rear or go on a breakthrough. And there is the Abrams Sep 3 tank with the Kaz trophy, which will bring down any bird. Or k2. How then to knock out tanks? Only a tank gun.
        1. tlauicol
          tlauicol 30 January 2017 11: 39
          Those. let’s retreat to Don and Vyazma to land again? For that and ordered? No, these machines will only be used as LTs, albeit gold ones. There will be no landings against the Abrams
          1. dvina71
            dvina71 30 January 2017 12: 40
            Quote: Tlauicol
            There will be no landings against the Abrams

            During WWII, towed barreled artillery managed to maneuver, go into the flanks .. and then on a self-propelled, floating chassis, with an excellent gun .. All that is needed is competent command and ingenuity ..
            1. tlauicol
              tlauicol 30 January 2017 13: 42
              then why is the airborne landing possible in the car? to deprive her of protection, part of the ammunition, autonomy? Having spent 20 years creating a golden toy that will be used as a cheap LT (at best, at worst, she will ride the guys on the armor).
              1. volodimer
                volodimer 30 January 2017 14: 01
                With this approach, we in the Second World War instead of t34 had to do the mouse.
                1. tlauicol
                  tlauicol 30 January 2017 14: 06
                  with this approach, it was necessary to rivet T34 before the war, not BTshki. And instead of landing corps, motorized rifle
              2. Glory1974
                Glory1974 30 January 2017 15: 09
                Why does the vehicle have the possibility of landing?

                Our concept is this: To quickly build up the grouping of forces and assets in the threatened area, you must be able to quickly deploy troops. The basis of these airborne troops. But they do not have heavy weapons, which does not allow them to effectively conduct military operations. Therefore, such a technique appears.
          2. summer
            summer 30 January 2017 13: 20
            why don and Vyazma. The technique is specific, but there is an application for it.
      2. volodimer
        volodimer 30 January 2017 13: 43
        Well this is Fri, the main task is to quickly advance to a dangerous direction and stop the enemy. And the ability to drop it allows you to do it faster. Our policy is purely defense. Well, if God forbid, of course (,,,,, put the commas in place), the airborne forces with her and the offensive will be more confident. At the expense of the fact that dear, it’s not more expensive than a tank.
  6. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 30 January 2017 10: 52
    For any enhanced engine, a more powerful gun and fire control system, with all the options .... I think the car is just right for the Airborne Forces, and the paratroopers will appreciate it. The shaman can be trusted.
  7. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 30 January 2017 11: 15
    Somehow sparingly about the Octopus. What are the sights, caliber and range?
    1. barclay
      barclay 30 January 2017 11: 24
      So there was the same material:
      The “main caliber” of the vehicle remained the same - the 125-mm gun 2А75, which represents the development of the tank system 2А46. A gun with a barrel length 48 calibers mounted on a stabilized system and can be induced in the horizontal plane in any direction. Elevation angles vary from -5 ° to + 15 °. The gun is equipped with an automatic loader, which independently feeds into the chamber a separate-loading ammunition of the required type. The “Sprut-SDM1” ammunition, like its predecessor, consists of 40 shells of various types.

      Due to the updated fire control system "Sprut-SDM1" retains the ability to use the existing range of ammunition. In addition, compatibility with programmable fuses of remote blasting on the specified part of the trajectory is ensured. Self-propelled guns can also use several types of guided missiles, launched from the trunk of the main gun.

      There is also about the combined sight. etc.
  8. chenia
    chenia 30 January 2017 11: 19
    It is also necessary to make a tank destroyer for the reserve reserve of the regiment and division (at the end of 90 there was the SPRUT SV project, but it died out). Cross object 775 with SPRUT.
  9. Bursan
    Bursan 30 January 2017 11: 54
    A cool thing, you can’t throw a full-fledged tank from an airplane, and those calibers that the paratroopers had with 125 mm. do not go to any comparison. Now there’s a breakthrough where to shut up or to throw the very thing behind! it also forces water barriers on the move without preparation, and the lethal force of the gun is full-fledged like a tank. Definitely the right thing. good
  10. Zomanus
    Zomanus 30 January 2017 13: 37
    I always thought that a volley is when of at least two barrels at the same time.
    And probably a shot from one table. Well, the gun is good,
    especially if he knows how to work according to external target designation.
  11. hezbola
    hezbola 30 January 2017 18: 40
    Why load a lot of cars in IL76 and BDK that won't last an hour on a TVD? maybe it’s better to load less but universal ones that are almost unbeatable?
    Compared with foreign counterparts, our new octopus, BMD and tanks look certainly cool in terms of performance characteristics and everything, but this modern infantry fighting vehicle with the participation of technically advanced countries will not last an hour. The troops were stepped into the next mass grave of the landing / infantry.

    The gun is good, but how will it detect 5km targets in a hilly / mountainous area without direct line of sight? in fjords for example.

    2. if even some kind of blah or scouts give target designation, how will it get without direct line of sight?

    3. how will this satellite / tank defend itself and withstand a 2mm self-propelled 120-barrel mortar such as the Swedish amos that stops only to fire. from correctable mines that fall from the first try. even than it will answer in a duel with PDO. The 120-type adjustable cannon cannon can’t shoot, although it could.

    4. It does not have anything from mid-range UAV strike and air attack, not a single MANPADS missile, it even doesn’t have a KPV in a separate robot tower, it doesn’t even have a minimal radar like that of the T14 for detection.

    5. does not have a determinant of enemy sniper optics. Does not have 3D radar for flying mines and shells. I don’t even mention about infrared, magnetic and thermal imaging invisibility.

    6. if only she could swim like efv then it could be called seaworthiness.

    7. protection against modern domestic and foreign RPGs and anti-tank systems no. the tower is in no way protected from 120 mines and TOW2B which is beating from the top into the tower.
    3 RPG30s and one good sniper. 338 / .50 carry this tank / bmp: a sniper kicks out cameras / visors / all the windows and RPGs at the same time rpg from different directions and some kaz won't help a blind bmp. In the first Chechen antenna, BMPs in the city were cut off by an ordinary SVD. From .408 and the machine gun .338 hk no protection, in general I am silent about 12,7 or more. no rf suppressor for radio-controlled landmines.

    8. There is no all-round view in different wave spectra.

    In general, there is an opinion that BMP builders do not produce universal products not because they are such stupid sofas and are not aware of all the world novelties and trends, but because it is much more profitable to sell many different items, 1 type of BMP for shooting by a canopy, another type for direct aiming.
    By the way A similar situation in the shooter, in particular in Raspilmash, do you think they can’t make an analog of scarH, acr massoud, hk417 which can change the trunk 3x long, caliber, magazine in the field? new skar are generally adaptable for 762km and accept Akm shops. They can but it is not profitable, much more profitable when the army purchases many different names, types and subtypes.
    RPK16 is a semblance of Ares16 which was invented about 4 years ago and Ares has the possibility of power supply in addition to the store one. This is probably the first time that the VPC factory has released something universal, even after overdoing the idea. And the new svd sawmill externally scarH does not resemble? Only functional they are very different ..
    In general, our military-industrial complex began to resemble Muirian, only the scale of kickbacks and other things are different.
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 30 January 2017 20: 01
      again a stream of consciousness ... have you tried to study as a designer engineer?
    2. MORDVIN13rus
      MORDVIN13rus 30 January 2017 20: 32
      Objections by points:
      1. There is no universal equipment, there was not and will not be !!!
      2. And what can tanks only shoot in line of sight? I always thought that with proper target designation it’s possible to play pranks on closed ones too, but for this the Airborne Forces have NONA-S.
      3. Do not believe in advertising brachurki. You can write anything. Art support is the task of a different technique. YES and how many Swedes have these "homing" mines ??? And even more so, the tasks of the Airborne Forces are to capture bridgeheads behind enemy lines, and a tank gun is by no means mortar, although Octopus can use the entire range of shots of tank guns of the Russian Armed Forces.
      4. And what modern technology equipment has protection against all of the above, there is no answer, except for the T-14 and what is installed on it is not a panacea. To detect a drone, storm. aviation and other things are air defense means of divisional and brigade subordination.
      5. See item No. 4
      6. Do not compare a specialized floating conveyor, which is essentially a boat with the ability to ride on the ground and self-propelled VET. We and they have different concepts of landing from the sea, and the declared characteristics for the Octopus are full enough, the river there to swim on the move or from the ship to the shore. And by the possibilities of transportability and landing with a parachute, it has no equal so far.
      7. See the concept of the use of Russian airborne. And which of the foreign airborne airborne BTT weighing up to 20 tons, has at least some protection from all of the above?
      8. What do you mean by a circular overview of different wave spectra? No BTT has this horizons. This is not a radar with AFAR and especially not an optical station !!!

      And for universality: see paragraph 1, or I will repeat. There is no universal technology and never will be. Yes, even if it were, the universal would always lose to the specialized, since it is not possible to grasp the immensity.
      Regarding the shooting. Only the lazy does not relish this topic in. Well, there is no real use in the army of the modularity of the rifle, just not. The change of trunks and ammunition, it’s just fine on a piece of paper, but in practice it’s such a crap. Different ballistics of long, medium and short barrels, different ballistics of the ammunition itself, and the sight is only one, when to shoot then this whole thing in battle ??? Many will argue that this is done on a base, but isn’t it easier to take specialized weapons sharpened for a specific task than to assemble lego. Yes, and in the unit, each has its own role, there is a machine gunner (machine gun-suppression), there is a shooter (automatic machine-gunner support), and there is a "sniper; or according to the Western Marxman (infantry sniper), a self-loading sniper rifle (elimination of commanders on the battlefield, calculations of group weapons, etc.). And about Aresa. And what is it adopted for service ??? I didn’t find such information anywhere. It is produced in a small batch for the commercial market and nothing more. And what does RPK- 16? RPK-16 is just the development of RPK-74M and nothing more. Which took into account the shortcomings of the predecessor. And now Mini has no advantage.
      But if your military-industrial complex resembles Amer’s, then these are your problems, and the Russian military-industrial complex is the Russian military-industrial complex and it certainly doesn’t look like amer’s. For sim honor I have !!! soldier
      1. not main
        not main 30 January 2017 21: 48
        Quote: MORDVIN13rus

        MORDVIN13rus Today, 20:32 ↑ New
        Objections by points:

        It is unfortunate that I can put only one PLUS!
      2. hezbola
        hezbola 2 February 2017 19: 50
        To detect a drone, storm. "aviation and other things, there are air defense systems of divisional and brigade subordination."
        - which air defense systems are you going to throw off from BTA behind enemy lines along with Octopus?

        - The military-industrial complex is too accustomed to the fact that historically in the Russian Federation it has been very resistant to drug losses.

        “And which of the foreign airborne assault troops with a mass of up to 20 tons has at least some protection from all of the above?”
        - With what kind of joy should we exclusively recklessly interact with someone else, do we have our own brains ??

        will shoot arrows: I advise you to study the experience of NATO Specialists in Afghanistan from the beginning of the 00th in more detail and not reading obliquely.
        1. MORDVIN13rus
          MORDVIN13rus 6 February 2017 19: 32
          Yes, at least the same IGLU or a new WILLOW. YES and in my koment there is not a word that air defense means are being dropped.
          Here about the loss of drugs can be more detailed and what does the defense industry? Losses in any army in the world are inevitable. And how FSA is reverent about their losses, the lazy current does not know, 30% seems, if more, then feet and tick.
          Well, if you have your own brains, then there’s nothing to blame for the mirror, if the mug is crooked !!!
          I read chronicles of the FSA from Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq (I owe it on duty) - as the KMP fought with the M4 and rarely even with the M16, it’s at war. And even more so, and if it bakes, they prefer the good old AKM, since it’s easier to go into raids with this machine, so as not to depend on the delivery of bk.
          1. hezbola
            hezbola 7 February 2017 20: 49
            M4, you would have compared the M16A1 with the AKM even in the Vietnamese times .. for a long time now the AK12 545 is compared to the KhK417 / Mk17 762x51, that is, the times of machines without glass are coming to an end, wake up, I can show you the video where FSB KhK417 is used in operations in Dagestan .
            In my opinion, too many elders still make up TK for the future warrior technique ..
          2. hezbola
            hezbola 8 February 2017 01: 27
            In a dream, someone wrote that the octopus / bmd did not have air defense missile defense tasks (not to be confused with the man-portable air defense system), and that’s the question of willows and needles2 Apart from the main forces that are closed by the air defense system, you don’t hit the drone in principle 6/7 km hit. you will not get anything from him from what you will have with you in an airborne operation behind enemy lines. This is so for a minute by the way, about the concepts of a warrior of the past for which all current military leaders are preparing ..
  12. dubowitskij.vick
    dubowitskij.vick 1 February 2017 10: 01
    Quote: himRa
    I agree + she still has to drop ..
    all modern technology looks like it ....... but probably there is a reason we will change more often!
    But I think modern design tools allow us to pass various tests at the project stage
    Quote: barclay
    I hope that the chassis will cope with the loads. From a shot of a gun of this caliber, the load will be very serious.

    At the stage of computer-aided design, theoretically, various calculations are possible to help layout and improve ergonomic properties. For example, since this thing floats, when developing a general view, immediately, automatically, according to the program, determine the center of gravity and metacentric height, which are essential for swimming. Otherwise, she, on the water will swim in the face or ass down. Manual calculations of these parameters are extremely difficult. But no design systems replace test. Only tests prove suitability and compliance with performance requirements.