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20-mm automatic gun iNkunzi Strike

iNkunzi Strike is a new 20-mm light automatic gun manufactured by Denel Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP), a division of Denel, a large state-owned South African defense corporation. Together with the cannon, small-sized shots of caliber 20x42 mm (weight of the projectile 110 grams, weight of the shot 160 grams) are used. New artillery system is quite compact. Total length - 850 mm (barrel length does not exceed 30 calibers), weight - only 13 kg. Lightweight 20-mm automatic cannon can be easily installed on standard machine guns caliber 7,62 and 12,7 mm.

According to the manufacturer, the iNkunzi Strike light automatic gun has a practical rate of fire of 300-350 per minute. At the same time, the effective firing range for “small targets” is 400 meters, for “large targets” - up to 600 meters, on squares (fire to suppress the enemy) to 1000 meters. In this case, the maximum firing range is 3000 meters. At maximum distance, you can use iNkunzi Strike to conduct disturbing fire on the enemy. High rate of fire automatic gun iNkunzi Strike provides a tape feed system ammunition (two-way). Externally, the design of a lightweight 20-mm automatic cannon resembles numerous large-caliber machine guns, including the famous 12,7-mm Browning M2.

iNkunzi Strike

Ammunition caliber 20x42 mm was created by engineers of the company Denel PMP and previously used in the serially produced by the company anti-personnel seven-grenade launcher iNkunzi PAW-20 Neopup. Its production began in the 2015 year. The automation of the PAW-20 Neopup hand grenade launcher was built on the principle of removal of powder gases. At the same time he received a pistol grip mounted on the right side weapons. You can fire from it only with single shots, the capacity of the 7 shots shop. On the grenade launcher, two Picatinny-type guides were installed, which can be used to mount an optical or collimator sight, as well as a night-vision device.

The PAW-20 Neopup anti-personnel hand-held grenade launcher provided firing with only single shots, while Denel Pretoria Metal Pressings was a fully-fledged automatic cannon, the firing capabilities of which are significantly higher. At the same time in the weapon used ammunition of one caliber. They were created on the basis of standard projectiles 20-mm automatic guns GA-1 (20 x82 mm), loaded into short cylindrical sleeves with a length of 42 mm.

PAW-20 Neopup

Currently, two types of basic combat shots have been created for the iNkunzi Strike light automatic gun — a semi-armor high-explosive incendiary and a high-explosive incendiary. Both shots are filled with Hexal P30 explosive (composition based on hexogen) and equipped with a contact fuse. The affected area of ​​the 20x42 mm ammunition is about two meters. There are also tracer ammunition. In the future, the manufacturer promises to submit at least two new training ammunition for his gun.

These ammunition can be used to destroy enemy infantry, located both in open areas and behind light shelters. Also, with their help, you can easily hit all types of unarmored combat vehicles, various cars, helicopters and airplanes located in open parking areas, light structures. The explosive Hexal P30 provides them with a high explosive incendiary effect, and the shortened size of the 20x42 mm ammunition against the 20x82 mm of the universal GA-1 automatic cannon provide less recoil when fired.

Ammunition caliber 20x42 mm

According to representatives of the South African company Denel PMR, their new lightweight iNkunzi Strike automatic cannon with a shot of 20х42 mm wins over the traditional automatic grenade launchers of the 30-40 caliber mm. So compared to the standard Western anti-personnel grenade launchers with 40x46 mm rounds, the new development of gunsmith designers from South Africa has significantly better accuracy due to the higher speed of the projectile and a more flat shooting trajectory. This allows you to increase and effective range. For comparison, the initial speed of a projectile from an 20-mm automatic gun iNkunzi Strike is 310 m / s, whereas the initial speed of a grenade from the Russian AGN-30 automatic grenade launcher is 17 m / s.

Currently, South African developers are working on options for installing their automatic cannon on various vehicles, including armored vehicles. It is possible that the iNkunzi Strike lightweight 20-mm automatic cannon will be integrated into the SD-ROW (Self Defense Remotely Operated Weapon) remote-controlled module, which until recently only used 5,56 and 7,62 mm machine guns. The integration of a light automatic gun into this module will seriously increase its firepower, allowing the module to be used as the main armament of armored personnel carriers.

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  1. Dekabrist
    Dekabrist 30 January 2017 15: 36
    For the iNkunzi Strike gun, several types of shells were developed: high-explosive incendiary shells (HEI), semi-armor-piercing HEI (SAPHEI), bullets (blanks), bullets with a tracer. In addition, two more training munitions should appear later.
    Interesting news, for half a year only came back. Almost fresh.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 30 January 2017 16: 15
      But there is no cumulative hour.
    2. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 31 January 2017 04: 14
      So, for someone like .... I, for example, knew about the 20-mm rocket-propelled grenade launchers, but about the gun-and-no!
  2. corporal
    corporal 30 January 2017 16: 29
    Repeat article July 19:
    u-20-mm-avtomaticheskuyu-pushku.html # comment-id-6
    Quote: Dekabrist
    Interesting news, only half a year later

    Mr. Yuferev has a late ignition wink
  3. sergo1914
    sergo1914 30 January 2017 16: 31
    Half-armor-piercing could be called non-armor-piercing. What is the penetration at 300 m / s?
  4. Jackking
    Jackking 30 January 2017 17: 13
    there is only one cant - the impossibility of mounted shooting :)
    1. self-propelled
      self-propelled 30 January 2017 18: 17
      Quote: Jackking
      there is only one cant - the impossibility of mounted shooting :)

      This is one of the jambs.
      - I am sure that a high-explosive (and fragmentation all the more) action on the target will be much less than the same 30-40 mm grenade launchers;
      - I do not think that the BZT 14.5x114 will yield to this “armor-piercing” undershot;
      so, another attempt to cross a bulldog and a rhino wink
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 30 January 2017 18: 38
        Quote: self-propelled
        I don’t think that the BZT 14.5x114 will yield in “armor-piercing” to this under-loading under-loading;

        Not only does not yield, but surpasses. 14,5x114 has an armor penetration of 20mm homogeneous armor with 500m, and here? request
        1. seos
          seos 31 January 2017 01: 59
          And here is 5-7mm ...
  5. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 30 January 2017 20: 21
    Horseradish knows that ... To the gun in this craft as to China in a knee-elbow pose! , A kind of COP-23, with tape power.
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 31 January 2017 04: 21
      And tell me about the German MG-15 / 20 machine gun (oh, I forgot how to call it right ...), comrade AlNikolaich?
  6. gladcu2
    gladcu2 30 January 2017 20: 34
    The trunk is short.

    By definition, a gun should have 40 calibres of barrel length. Judging by the photo, there are about 30.
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 31 January 2017 04: 26
      Nah ..... what you attacked the South African comrades? Did the Americans recently really want the 20-mm "machine tool" with the same handbrake? They barely persuaded them to 25-mm! Why Americans can be naughty, and the Yuarovts-no-z-z-ya?
      1. alex-cn
        alex-cn 31 January 2017 07: 44
        So they have an XM307 25 mm Airbursting Weapon, It was still developed in the 80s, and it seems even went into a series.
        1. Nikolaevich I
          Nikolaevich I 31 January 2017 12: 13
          Quote: alex-cn
          So they have XM307 25 mm Airbursting Weapon, It was still developed in 80's

          In the 80's, they started to sin with the 20-mm ...
  7. alex-cn
    alex-cn 31 January 2017 04: 38
    Judging by the indicators and the cartridge, they actually did an automatic grenade launcher.
  8. igorspb
    igorspb 31 January 2017 10: 19
    Well, the extreme Africans love the 20mm caliber))), then they have super-duplex screwdrivers with a accuracy of 0,5 MOA, now an awesome cannon - shoot bushes from a truck and run away Papuans .....
  9. beeper
    beeper 31 January 2017 11: 34
    This ersatzpushechka was not at all impressed, apparently the 20-mm grenade launcher did not go, and the ammunition was produced for it, there is nowhere to put it?
  10. Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 31 January 2017 15: 13
    For comparison, the initial flight speed of a shell from a 20 mm iNkunzi Strike automatic gun is 310 m / s, while the initial flight speed of a grenade of the Russian 30 mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher is 185 m / s.

    Also, I compared the shell from the AGS-17/30 weighing 280 grams and an explosive charge of 36 grams with a 110-gram shell and a charge of not more than 12 grams of explosives. This gun is a complete combination of compromises: it is not an automatic gun due to too low an initial speed, but it can be used as a gun against unarmored vehicles, it is not a grenade launcher because of the too small weight of a projectile comparable to a ShVAK (but it had though would have a speed of 800 m / s and successfully replaced a heavy machine gun), and can be used against infantry when hit at a distance of no more than a meter. In general, this miracle can not replace either a heavy machine gun or a 30/40-mm grenade launcher. The ideal goal for her is civilian cars without armor and civilian people without helmets, armor plates and not digging in. That is, to disperse the Maidan, this gun is the very thing.
  11. mercaptan
    mercaptan 25 March 2017 22: 44
    Of course, for South Africa, this is the superpuper newest gun! the impression is that when Africa finally invented the wheel, the rest of the world was already exploring space. and what kind of mass for the gun is 13 kg !? Can I have a Pulimiot?