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The scale is impressive: what and where the Russian army is building

The scale is impressive: what and where the Russian army is building

The construction of the science center Tsiolkovsky near the Eastern Cosmodrome

The scale of construction of facilities for the Ministry of Defense of Russia reached the level of the postwar period. In the interests of the Ministry, around 2 thousand facilities are being built, in 2016, 2,5 thousand buildings were built. This was “Kommersant” said Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov. He specified that "these are radar stations, hydraulic structures, airfields, medical facilities, residential buildings, schools and kindergartens, cadet schools, military camps, training grounds and moorings."

The total area of ​​buildings is 2,7 million square meters. The construction rates achieved by 18% exceed the 2015 indicators of the year and more than 10 times the 2010 – 2012 period, when only 210 objects were entered. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke about the plans for military construction and the creation of the necessary infrastructure for the army at the final board of the defense ministry in December 2016.

According to him, at the moment, the total need of the army for infrastructure, taking into account the depreciation of funds, is 30 million square meters. In 2017, it is planned to commission 3290 buildings and structures.

As noted in the military, the use of modern technology has halved the time needed to build shelters for equipment and barracks and housing facilities and to achieve the construction cost of 1 square meters. m objects of the Ministry of Defense, not exceeding 30 thousand rubles, which is lower than in the country as a whole.

The measures taken in the development of the military-construction complex made it possible to synchronize the creation of the infrastructure with the timeframe of the weapons and military equipment entering the troops
Sergey Shoigu
Russian Minister of Defense


Naval base in Vilyuchinsk

In Vilyuchinsk in Kamchatka, a number of the most important facilities of the mooring front and coastal engineering infrastructure were commissioned for the arrival of the first Borey-class nuclear submarines.

Currently composed fleet three submarines of project 955. In total, eight such missile carriers are planned to be built by 2021, five of which are of the modernized project 955A. In December 2016, the eighth submarine of this project was laid down at Sevmash.
In the south of the country, a mooring front for submarines of the 636 project was built in Novorossiysk. These are the newest diesel electric submarines of the Varshavyanka type. Six submarines are already serving in the Black Sea Fleet.

In the Southern Military District, the arrangement of the military camps of two missile brigades equipped with operational-tactical Iskander-M missile complexes was completed. Also completed arrangement of the missile brigade in Shuya (Ivanovo region). In 2016, the Ground Forces received two brigade sets of this complex.

The infrastructure facilities of the first regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces, equipped with Yars mobile and stationary missile systems, were commissioned. In 2016, mobile complexes arrived in the number of 23 units in the regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces in Teikovo, Nizhny Tagil and Novosibirsk. In the 2017, mobile and mine "Yarsy" will also continue to flow into the Kozelsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk missile formations.


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is developing the Arctic territories in a complex. By the end of 2017, more than 100 infrastructure will be built. The objects to be handed over are located on the territory of the Arctic military bases deployed on Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, the Sredny and Kotelny Islands, Cape Schmidt, Wrangel Island.

On the island of Alexandra Land (Franz Josef Land Archipelago), more than 30 objects will be erected by the end of the year, including the Nagurskoye airfield. Currently, builders have completed clearing the site, the device of temporary roads. After completion of the modernization, the airfield will be able to receive most types of military transport aircraft throughout the year.

As noted in the military department, "the construction of the administrative complex" Arctic Trefoil ", which is the only capital construction object in the world erected at the 80 degree of northern latitude, is under way.

In the village of Rogachevo (Novaya Zemlya archipelago) the construction of technical positions and social infrastructure, as well as an airfield.

At Cape Schmidt (Chukotka Autonomous Region), by the end of the year it is planned to commission more than 30 objects of military and social infrastructure. The construction of stationary objects of the radar department and the guidance point continues aviation.

More about 30 capital construction projects will be completed by the end of this year on Wrangel Island.

A number of objects intended for delivery in 2017 year, located on the island of Sredny (Severnaya Zemlya archipelago).

In 2016, within the framework of the environmental cleanup of the Arctic, units of the Russian army collected 6054 tons of scrap metal, of which 4778 tons were exported to the mainland. The total area of ​​the cleaned area was 161 ha.

Construction in the Arctic is unique in the organization of logistics, delivery, construction and installation work project. First time in stories Modern Russia is conducting such large-scale work in the conditions of the Far North
Timur Ivanov
Russian Deputy Minister of Defense

According to the Defense Ministry, today at the design stage and at the preparatory stage - the creation and modernization of a number of airfields in the Arctic zone, such as Tiksi, Anadyr, Vorkuta, Pace and others. Work on the arrangement of the units of the Ministry of Defense in the Arctic will continue until 2020 year.


View of the runway from the slope of a volcano on Matua

On the Kuril Islands Iturup and Kunashir a number of new military facilities are being built, as well as social infrastructure: hostels for military personnel, cultural, leisure and sports centers. The total construction area reaches 400 thousand square meters. m, it is planned to build 392 buildings and structures.

In 2016, together with the Russian Geographical Society, the military conducted an expedition to the islands of Matua and Paramushir (included in the Kuriles), during which they studied the possibility of stationing troops there. Participants carried out a survey of the island’s runway, deployed mobile aerodrome complexes and equipment to ensure the movement of aircraft.

As part of the planned strengthening of the eastern frontiers, the Russian military leadership intends to create on the island a new basing point for the Pacific Fleet forces.


Baltic Naval Base

In the interests of the Baltic Fleet, it is planned to build barracks and canteens in the military towns of Sovetsk and Baltiysk, as well as shelters for armament in the park areas of the military towns of Chernyakhovsk and the village of Donskoye.

The plan is the reconstruction of the fleet's base in Baltiysk. Work on the mooring complex began in the 2012 year after an engineering survey revealed the emergency condition of the facilities that had been in use for 60 for years without proper maintenance.

It is expected that, as a result of the reconstruction, the fleet's base station will be recreated, capable of providing the parking and maintenance of the most modern ships currently in service and in the long term.

In total, within the framework of the further development of the Baltic Naval Base, a wide scope of work is envisaged for a period up to 2020.


Railway troops continue building the Zhuravka-Millerovo railway section, bypassing Ukraine. Roadbed ready. The scope of work amounted to 9 million cubic meters. x. laid 23 km of railway from 84. It is planned to complete construction by September 2017.

Thus, the task set by the President of Russia to build the railway by the Railway Troops and Russian Railways OJSC will be completed ahead of schedule, more than a year before the deadline
Dmitry Bulgakov
Deputy Defense Minister, Army General

Earlier, Bulgakov reported that the railway, bypassing Ukraine, will begin to operate on August 15 2017. According to him, six new stations are to be built on the site and two existing ones will be reconstructed.


From the beginning of 2016, the Ministry of Defense switched to the planned permanent housing regime. The high rates of providing servicemen with service housing are also maintained. In 2016, the apartments received 28 500 people. Additionally, 12 100 residential premises are included in the specialized housing fund of the Ministry of Defense.

As reported in the military, taking into account the decisions taken to increase the amount of compensation for sublevel to the real level, the problem of service housing has been resolved.

As Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov told Kommersant, in 2017, the remaining residential buildings will be transferred to 8 in Moscow - more than 85 thousand apartments. This will provide a solution to the problem for XNUMX% of military personnel who have chosen Moscow as their place of residence.

The remaining soldiers waiting for an apartment in the capital will be provided through housing subsidies. In 2017 – 2019, the federal budget allocates 37,78 billion annually to it.


In 2016, in just five months, the Tula Suvorov Military School was built from scratch. Erected in the southeast of the city by the forces of Oboronstroi and the General Directorate of Arrangement, on September 1, it adopted 240 fifth, sixth and seventh grade Suvorov students.

The decision to rebuild the school was adopted last March by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is expected that after the completion of all construction phases in it will live and learn about the order of 560 children.

The construction of the Petrozavodsk Presidential Cadet School began. The work is carried out on its own in the amount of approximately 30 thousand people. The cost of the whole complex of works on the creation of the school is 4,1 billion rubles.

The decision on its creation was made by the President of the Russian Federation on the proposal of the State Commission for the preparation of the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the founding of Karelia. The place was chosen in the military camp No. XXUMX, located on Komsomolsky Avenue in Petrozavodsk. In September of this year, the school should open its doors to new students.

According to the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Timur Ivanov, the creation of such educational institutions and the revival of the glorious traditions of cadetism is a priority strategic task for the Ministry of Defense.

We have experience in the construction of such facilities in a short time. In just four months, two schools were built: in Sevastopol and Kyzyl. In 2016, for the same period, the Suvorov School in Tula was built, so we are sure that in 2017, the first 360 students will begin their studies
Timur Ivanov
Russian Deputy Minister of Defense


The Vostochny Cosmodrome is the first Russian civilian cosmodrome located in the Amur Region near the future science town Tsiolkovsky. The construction, which began in 2012, took less than four years: in April, 2016, the first successful launch from the launch site with the launch of three satellites into orbit. On 2017, the construction of the second phase of the Eastern one is planned.

In December, 2016, it became known about the abolition of Spetsstroy Russia. Instead, it will create eight federal state unitary enterprises that will build only special objects of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The reason for the liquidation was the numerous claims of customers and authorities to the terms of performance of work and financial discipline under the agency of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise, in particular, discontent was caused by a large number of violations on the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome.

The FSUE Center for the Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities (TsENKI) will complete construction of the launch and technical complexes, as well as water intake facilities to ensure launches from the Vostochny space center in 2017 year. TSENKI has already concluded eight contracts with subcontractors.


In the Western Military District, a large-scale reconstruction of landfills began. Unions and military units in the Leningrad region will receive updated tank directors and military shooting ranges, and the training grounds of the Nizhny Novgorod and Voronezh regions - new tankodromes.

Troop shooting ranges and tank directors will be equipped with tactical kits to create a remotely controlled target environment and computer simulators to simulate any combat training situations.

As the military asserts, “new tankodromes will meet modern requirements for the training of tank mechanics of various modifications,” and the reconstruction of landfills and the construction of new facilities will significantly shorten the training time for specialists and the combat interaction of units.


The General Directorate for the construction of roads and airfields has contracted for the second stage of the reconstruction of the Akhtubinsk airfield in the Astrakhan Region. The Valery Chkalov State Flight Test Center is based at this airfield.

The construction of new facilities at this airfield is planned to be even more ambitious: several specialized sites, buildings, heating, sewage, and power supply systems. The construction of a network of roads and other objects is envisaged.


The troops of the Southern Military District this year will build eight mountain passages in Chechnya and Ingushetia to develop tourism. They will be used to deliver building materials to the highlands where tourist zones will be created.

Transitions are built through mountain streams and rivers that do not allow climbing the mountain plateaus. We are planning five transitions in the Chechen Republic and three transitions in Ingushetia. This will allow republican organizations to enter construction sites in hard-to-reach areas at altitudes up to 2,6 thousand meters, where construction of mountain tourist clusters will be launched
Konstantin Smeshko
Chief of Engineers of the Southern Military District, Major General

According to his Smeshko, construction has already begun in some areas. In some cases, the military use pack animals, such as horses and donkeys, to deliver materials and food. After construction, these transitions will be transferred to civil organizations.

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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 29 January 2017 06: 57
    Of course, a lot of money goes to re-equip the army and build infrastructure, but nothing can be done. The country needs a modern and efficient army and navy.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 29 January 2017 07: 07
      Quote: Spartanez300
      Of course, a lot of money goes to re-equip the army and build infrastructure, but nothing can be done. The country needs a modern and efficient army and navy.

      and still need new millionaires who "rise" at these "construction sites", and so skillfully that only a few "fall" ...
  2. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 29 January 2017 07: 08
    Quote: Spartanez300
    Of course, a lot of money goes to re-equip the army and build infrastructure, but nothing can be done. The country needs a modern and efficient army and navy.
    The main thing is to complete what we started, and then not bring to the point where we started. Otherwise, our rulers love the slogan, we will destroy the whole world, and then they will collapse and restore, and we will restore the same generals and officials .. Good article. With facts and examples. Thanks!
  3. bistrov.
    bistrov. 29 January 2017 07: 13
    It’s impressive, but I don’t think that today's volumes of military construction are comparable to similar volumes in the former USSR. For example: the 19th missile division was then serviced by the UIR (Department of Engineering), in fact, also a division, only a construction one, and the number of personnel in it was much larger, apart from highly qualified civilian specialists. UIR had its own factories for the production of reinforced concrete, joinery and other production infrastructure. A large number of specialized subcontracting organizations were involved. Construction in the interests of this division was carried out continuously by the UIR for more than 29 years, almost until the moment of its dissolution.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 29 January 2017 10: 58
      "I do not think that today's volumes of military construction are comparable with similar volumes in the former USSR" ////

      And thank God! In the USSR, they got to the point that they went bankrupt.

      Of course, officers need apartments, soldiers need good comfortable barracks.
      And technically equipped modern landfills.
      But there are proportions with the country's income.
      I’m afraid to turn out to be an “evil prophet,” but investments in the Arctic are a waste of money.
      I say, following the example of the United States and Canada. They have money in bulk, but military development of the Arctic is considered
      too costly. Maintaining facilities is too expensive.
      1. bistrov.
        bistrov. 29 January 2017 11: 25
        Quote: voyaka uh
        And thank God! In the USSR they got to the point that they went bankrupt

        The USSR was ruined not from the construction that was carried out on its territory, a lot of things were built by the military building, including housing, public infrastructure, roads, ports, spaceports, etc., but from thoughtless financing of the so-called "countries of people's democracy" in Europe and other regimes, as they said then, "following the path of socialist development", of which there were half the world. According to statistics, meat was produced 50 kg. per capita, it turned out almost half a day for each, and there were kilometer-long queues for sausage .. Each collective farm had 300-400 livestock, plus as many in the private sector, where everything went, and now one and a half cows and a half pigs and shops are clogged. Miracles in the sieve ....
  4. Andrey591
    Andrey591 29 January 2017 11: 05
    You can build more, but steal too much!
  5. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 29 January 2017 12: 11
    The scale is impressive ...
    From 1933 to 1941 Germany has become the strongest state in Europe in an economy that has grown several times. The USSR practically at the same time, from 1932 to 1941, for 9 years has grown several times in the economy, and this helped to win the war. What happened to the Russian economy over 25 years, or at least over the past 16? The number of dollar billionaires has grown several times, not to mention millionaires! That's where the scale is!
    1. 73bor
      73bor 25 February 2017 17: 18
      Well, name at least one new billionaire! The article does not show you “Potemkin villages” —this is real objects and far from all that they steal agree, but where they do not steal ?!
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 7 July 2017 20: 09
        Quote: 73bor
        Well, name at least one new billionaire

        Well, of course, the billionaire was bent, but there’s a dime a dozen millionaires, here’s Sergey Ostrovsky’s example
        According to the investigation, Ostrovsky, using the patronage of officials of Roscosmos, did not do anything by December 2013. He organized the signing of fraudulent acts of acceptance of project documentation, on the basis of which in January 2014 he received 70 million rubles into the account of PSK Mikos.

        And there were few such Ostrovsky only at the spaceport
  6. Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 29 January 2017 14: 25
    The army is raking the mess of the 90s and putting itself in order, and where the order is there and live cozier. Good news
  7. Siberian
    Siberian 29 January 2017 17: 37
    The army should become a testing ground for new technologies in construction - namely, new materials and automation. Now there are construction robots that are capable of building a house of brick in a day without the participation (or with minimal participation) of a person. Or 3D printing technology. Well, the Chinese experience also needs to be tried - ready-to-install high-availability panels allow you to erect multi-storey buildings in a matter of days (if you have a foundation and communications).
    1. 73bor
      73bor 25 February 2017 17: 23
      The army is designed to defend the country, and new technologies in construction are produced by several other structures. 3D printing and construction is so far from each other - you still suggest printing bricks, but we can teach the Chinese ourselves!
  8. panfil
    panfil 10 March 2017 12: 02
    Need more Suvorov and cadet schools. This is the future of the army, this is a good education and physical fitness. From cadets and Suvorov brilliant officers can grow. So the increase in the number of such establishments is welcome.
  9. cedar
    cedar 13 August 2017 17: 43
    Quote: voyaka uh
    "I do not think that today's volumes of military construction are comparable with similar volumes in the former USSR" ////
    And thank God! In the USSR they got to the point that they went bankrupt.

    We don’t need to curl pace. Unnecessarily.
    "... The Soviet Union suffered the most severe losses in the Great Patriotic War. 1710 cities, 70 thousand villages and villages, 32 thousand industrial enterprises, 65 thousand kilometers of railways, 98 thousand collective farms and 2890 machine and tractor stations were wiped off the face of the earth.
    Direct damage to the Soviet economy amounted to 679 billion rubles (comparable to the total capital investments of the USSR for the first four five-year periods). The total damage, including the costs of reconstruction of factories and the conduct of war, is estimated by economists at 2 trillion. 596 billion rubles And this despite the fact that the budget revenues of the USSR in the 1940s amounted to 180 billion rubles ... The national economy, metallurgy, agriculture were thrown back 10 years ago, to the levels of the 1930s ... "
    This ruin was in the trash ... And it was caused by the forces that caused the Nazi invasion of the USSR, well known to you. BUT ... Everything was restored during the 4th five-year plan of 1946-1951, which no one canceled. Despite the crop failure and famine of 46 years, although the card system was canceled with a delay. At the same time, child mortality decreased more than 2 times, the number of medical personnel increased one and a half times, the number of scientific institutions increased by 40%, the number of students by 50%. Being a scientist has become prestigious. A space program was launched, and the previously launched nuclear program culminated in the creation of nuclear weapons and energy.
    Today we do not even dream of such a scale of state-building and the level of its organization, although the achievements of military builders are certainly pleasing.
    Once again, the Naglosaksi were convinced that we couldn’t take anything from us, and began the XB to undermine and starve, relying, among other things, on their own agents and the agents inherited from the Nazis .. which crowned them with victory and our defeat in 1991. The fact that the trap is intensely and successfully blotting out its media. Many believe them that the Union "collapsed, torn, ruined" ...
    Now the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU Gorbachev in rewards from the trap, like a Christmas tree. From the Americans, the medal “Freedom”, etc., from Israel, “Star of David” ... “I’ve dreamed of banging communism all my life”, and I banged the country and the lives of hundreds of millions of former Soviet people and not a single hair from his bald head and his accomplices did not fall, although Putin clearly recorded - "The destruction of the USSR is a disaster." You probably won’t dream of Netanyahu in a nightmare, the government and the rabbis who surrendered Israel and its people to Palestine and Iran ..? But for us it is a reality.
    While Izrail and the trap have a noble gesheft from robbing a defeated enemy, we can talk about "ruin", but the lafa ends and you have to face the undeniable fact of the disaster ...
    1. your1970
      your1970 1 November 2017 14: 03
      Quote: cedar
      Everything was restored during the 4th five-year plan of 1946-1951, which no one canceled.
      - “Dead” railroad was abandoned almost instantly after Stalin’s death WHY? Wasn’t it needed right away (nobody was shot like that) or was it no longer needed? Tunnel to Sakhalin?
      And such facilities - which they started and abandoned (having swollen crazy resources !!!) - there was a breakthrough in the country under the temporary detention facilities, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev. Factories, ships, planes, railway lines - still stand some monuments of the meaninglessness of the use of funds, including during the wild post-war devastation ..